1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

STEBNO, Julius - Grant, P84, R18, D125, H128
STECK, Albert - Rock, P183, R85, D165, H172
STECK, Ida - Rock, P183, R86, D165, H172
STECK, Delco - Rock, P183, R87, D165, H172
STECK, Annie - Rock, P183, R88, D165, H172
STECK, Ben - Rock, P183, R89, D165, H172
STECK, Dan - Rock, P183, R90, D165, H172
STECK, Toennis - Rock, P183, R91, D165, H172
STECK, George - Rock, P183, R92, D165, H172
STEEL, Charles H. - Floyd, P53, R21, D29, H30
STEEL, Albertine - Floyd, P53, R22, D29, H30
STEEL, Carrie G. - Floyd, P53, R23, D29, H30
STEEL, Allie F. - Floyd, P53, R24, D29, H30
STEEL, ??? - Floyd, P53, R25, D29, H30
STEEL, Charlie F. - Floyd, P53, R26, D29, H30
STEEL, Helen R. - Floyd, P53, R27, D29, H30
STEELE, C. R. - Center, P39, R28, D180, H180
STEELE, Margaret - Center, P39, R29, D180, H180
STEELE, William R. - Center, P39, R30, D180, H180
STEELE, Elizabeth - Center, P39, R31, D180, H180
STEENSMA, Wobbe - Orange City, P95, R60, D11, H11
STEENSMA, Kaatje - Orange City, P95, R61, D11, H11
STEFFEN, Albert F. - Lincoln, P110, R95, D20, H21
STEFFEN, Emma - Lincoln, P110, R96, D20, H21
STEFFEN, Ferdinand - Lincoln, P110, R97, D20, H21
STEFFEN, Hattie - Lincoln, P110, R98, D20, H21
STEFFEN, Louisa - Lincoln, P110, R99, D20, H21
STEFFEN, Wm. - Lincoln, P122, R93, D267, H272
STEFFEN, Annie - Lincoln, P122, R94, D267, H272
STEFFEN, Henry - Lincoln, P122, R95, D267, H272
STEFFEN, Anna - Lincoln, P122, R96, D267, H272
STEFFEN, Benj. - Lincoln, P122, R97, D267, H272
STEFFEN, Geo. - Lincoln, P122, R98, D267, H272
STEFFEN, Henry - Logan, P130, R42, D115, H128
STEFFENS, Nicholas M. - Orange City, P97, R92, D59, H60
STEFFENS, Jane G. - Orange City, P97, R93, D59, H60
STEFFENS, Mary E. - Orange City, P97, R94, D59, H60
STEFFENS, Isabella - Orange City, P97, R95, D59, H60
STEFFER, John - Floyd, P62, R54, D202, H204
STEGER, Lou M. - Logan, P126, R83, D41, H45
STEGER, Irving P. - Logan, P126, R84, D41, H45
STEGGEMAN, J. O. - Sheridan, P211, R77, D176, H176
STEGGEMAN, Mmattie - Sheridan, P211, R78, D176, H176
STEGGEMAN, Katie - Sheridan, P211, R79, D176, H176
STEGGEMAN, Lizzie - Sheridan, P211, R80, D176, H176
STEGGEMAN, Minnie - Sheridan, P211, R81, D176, H176
STEGGEMAN, Herman - Sheridan, P212, R52, D189, H189
STEGGEMAN, Katie - Sheridan, P212, R53, D189, H189
STEGGEMAN, Elizebeth - Sheridan, P212, R54, D189, H189
STEGMAN, Cateean - Sheridan, P203, R42, D9, H9
STEICHEN, Nick - East Orange, P47, R7, D94, H96
STEICHEN, Katie - East Orange, P47, R8, D94, H96
STEICHEN, Sophia M. - East Orange, P47, R9, D94, H96
STEICHEN, Katie - East Orange, P47, R10, D94, H96
STEICHEN, John A. - East Orange, P48, R88, D121, H123
STEICHEN, Annie - East Orange, P48, R89, D121, H123
STEICHEN, Mary M. - East Orange, P48, R90, D121, H123
STEICHEN, Agata A. - East Orange, P48, R91, D121, H123
STEICHEN, Anna S. - East Orange, P48, R92, D121, H123
STEICHEN, George - East Orange, P48, R93, D121, H123
STEIN, Mary A. - Logan, P126, R45, D31, H35
STEINBERG, Jake - Rock, P182, R76, D143, H150
STEINBERG, Katie - Rock, P182, R77, D143, H150
STEINBERG, Mary - Rock, P182, R78, D143, H150
STEINBERG, Andrew - Rock, P182, R79, D143, H150
STEINBURG, Wm. - Lincoln, P116, R79, D148, H153
STEINBURG, Annie - Lincoln, P116, R80, D148, H153
STEINBURG, Fred - Lincoln, P116, R81, D148, H153
STEINBURG, Harry - Lincoln, P116, R82, D148, H153
STEINBURG, Amy - Lincoln, P116, R83, D148, H153
STEINBURG, Ora - Lincoln, P116, R84, D148, H153
STEINBURG, Barbara - Lincoln, P116, R85, D148, H153
STEINBURG, Fred - Lincoln, P117, R89, D169, H173
STEINFORT, Emma C. - East Orange, P41, R70, D14, H14
STEINFORT, Magdeline - East Orange, P51, R24, D155, H157
STEINFORT, Margareta - East Orange, P51, R25, D155, H157
STEINFORT, Mary - East Orange, P51, R26, D155, H157
STEINVOORN, Fykje - Lincoln, P115, R43, D125, H129
STEINVOORN, Baby - Lincoln, P115, R44, D125, H129
STEK, Benjamin - Sioux, P194, R64, D27, H27
STEK, Benjamin - Sioux, P196, R45, D59, H59
STEK, Minnie - Sioux, P196, R46, D59, H59
STEK, Dirk - Sioux, P196, R47, D59, H59
STEK, Anna - Sioux, P196, R48, D59, H59
STEK, Howard - Sioux, P196, R49, D59, H59
STEK, Deles - Sioux, P197, R32, D71, H71
STEK, Benjamin - Sioux, P198, R69, D95, H95
STEKELENBURG, Jan - Orange City, P108, R18, D282, H287
STEKSLENBERG, Isaac - Floyd, P52, R88, D21, H21
STEKSLENBERG, Jifke - Floyd, P52, R89, D21, H21
STEKSLENBERG, John - Floyd, P52, R90, D21, H21
STEKSLENBERG, Sadie - Floyd, P52, R91, D21, H21
STEKSLENBERG, Sherman - Floyd, P52, R92, D21, H21
STELLINGWERF, John - Plato, P75, R50, D163, H164
STELLINGWERF, Fettje - Plato, P75, R51, D163, H164
STELLINGWERF, Melle - Plato, P75, R52, D163, H164
STELLINGWERF, Jennie - Plato, P75, R53, D163, H164
STELLINGWORF, ??? - Plato, P76, R79, D182, H183
STEMMONS, Gerrit - Floyd, P60, R75, D169, H171
STENGER, Frederick W. - East Orange, P41, R55, D11, H11
STENGER, Herman R. - East Orange, P41, R56, D11, H11
STENGER, Fredia E. - East Orange, P41, R57, D11, H11
STENGLE, Ludwig - Center, P37, R71, D154, H154
STENGLE, Mary - Center, P37, R72, D154, H154
STENGLE, Mary - Center, P37, R73, D154, H154
STENGLE, Rose - Center, P37, R74, D154, H154
STENGLE, Fred - Center, P37, R75, D154, H154
STENGLE, John - Center, P37, R76, D154, H154
STENKSLAYER, John - Rock, P191, R25, D291, H298
STENKSLAYER, Emma - Rock, P191, R26, D291, H298
STENKSLAYER, Mamie - Rock, P191, R27, D291, H298
STENSOAD, John - West Branch, P235, R99, D83, H85
STENSOAD, Jessie - West Branch, P235, R100, D83, H85
STENSVAD, Rudolph - Lincoln, P116, R22, D141, H156
STENSVAD, Lena - Lincoln, P116, R23, D141, H156
STENSVAD, Ingolph - Lincoln, P116, R24, D141, H156
STENSVAD, Baby - Lincoln, P116, R25, D141, H156
STENSVOLD, Alin - Rock, P181, R73, D114, H120
STEPHENS, Pearl M. - Lincoln, P114, R13, D93, H96
STER??VEN, John - Sheridan, P210, R60, D154, H154
STER?EN, Albert - Settler, P201, R83, D133, H134
STER?EN, Willehemina - Settler, P201, R84, D133, H134
STERAVAD, Annon - Floyd, P53, R96, D44, H45
STERKEN, Henry - Sioux, P194, R58, D27, H27
STERKEN, Henrietta - Sioux, P194, R59, D27, H27
STERKEN, Hendrika - Sioux, P194, R60, D27, H27
STERKEN, Herminia - Sioux, P194, R61, D27, H27
STERKEN, Garret U. - Sioux, P194, R62, D27, H27
STERN, Joseph - Lincoln, P119, R45, D199, H203
STERRENBURG, Dena - Orange City, P97, R86, D58, H59
STERRENBURG, Jennie - Orange City, P97, R87, D58, H59
STERRENBURG, Nellie - Orange City, P97, R88, D58, H59
STERRENBURG, Derk - Orange City, P97, R89, D58, H59
STERRENBURG, Nicholas - Orange City, P97, R90, D58, H59
STERRENBURG, Walter - Orange City, P97, R91, D58, H59
STERRENBURG, John - Orange City, P98, R52, D71, H72
STERRENBURG, Mary B. - Orange City, P98, R53, D71, H72
STERRENBURG, Jennie - Orange City, P98, R54, D71, H72
STEVENBERG, Will - Holland, P94, R12, D170, H170
STEVENS, James M. - Grant, P83, R82, D122, H125
STEVENS, Edward - Lincoln, P115, R27, D122, H126
STEVENS, Luan??a - Lincoln, P115, R28, D122, H126
STEVENS, Ida M. - Lincoln, P115, R29, D122, H126
STEVENS, John - Sioux, P194, R100, D35, H35
STEVENS, John - Sioux, P195, R8, D37, H37
STEVENS, Ellen - Sioux, P195, R9, D37, H37
STEVENS, Patrick - Sioux, P195, R10, D37, H37
STEVENS, Eva - Sioux, P195, R11, D37, H37
STEVENS, John - Sioux, P195, R12, D37, H37
STEVENS, William - Sioux, P195, R13, D37, H37
STEVENS, Maggie - Sioux, P195, R14, D37, H37
STEVENS, Thomas - Sioux, P195, R15, D38, H38
STEVENS, Sarah A. - Sioux, P195, R16, D38, H38
STEVENS, Cassie M. - Sioux, P195, R17, D38, H38
STEVENS, Irene - Sioux, P195, R18, D38, H38
STEVENS, Edmond - Sioux, P195, R19, D38, H38
STEWARD, ??? - Nassau, P148, R11, D78, H78
STEWARD, Maggie - Nassau, P148, R12, D78, H78
STEWARD, Theodore - Nassau, P148, R13, D78, H78
STEWART, Dora - Buncombe, P6, R13, D123, H123
STEWART, Marrie A. - Lincoln, P111, R77, D39, H41
STEWART, Robert Hamilton - Reading, P165, R29, D31, H31
STEWART, Clara May - Reading, P165, R30, D31, H31
STEWART, George Robert - Reading, P165, R31, D31, H31
STEWART, Willis Hamilton - Reading, P165, R32, D31, H31
STEWART, Ralph Irvine - Reading, P165, R33, D31, H31
STEWART, Daniel R. - Reading, P167, R35, D80, H81
STEWART, Alice M. - Reading, P167, R36, D80, H81
STEWART, Alberta prisilla - Reading, P167, R37, D80, H81
STEWART, Mary S. - Washington, P141, R38, D322, H335
STEWART, Neil - Washington, P141, R39, D322, H335
STHALLENGER, Joe - Plato, P72, R100, D125, H126
STHALLENGER, Winnie - Plato, P73, R1, D125, H126
STHALLENGER, Gertie - Plato, P73, R2, D125, H126
STHALLENGER, Syberen - Plato, P73, R3, D125, H126
STHALLENGER, Peter - Plato, P73, R4, D125, H126
STICKLE, Mary A. - Buncombe, P7, R82, D162, H162
STICKNEY, Estella - Orange City, P98, R99, D82, H84
STICKNEY, Estella - Orange City, P98, R100, D82, H84
STICKNEY, John M. - Rock, P192, R58, D313, H320
STICKNEY, Kate - Rock, P192, R59, D313, H320
STICKNEY, Stella - Rock, P192, R60, D313, H320
STICKNEY, Emma - Rock, P192, R61, D313, H320
STICKNEY, Earl - Rock, P192, R62, D313, H320
STICKNEY, Iven - Rock, P192, R63, D313, H320
STICKNEY, Maud - Rock, P192, R64, D313, H320
STICKNEY, Viva - Rock, P192, R65, D313, H320
STICKNEY, Florence - Rock, P192, R66, D313, H320
STILES, Henry - Buncombe, P1, R1, D1, H1
STILES, Sarah - Buncombe, P1, R2, D1, H1
STILES, Melissa - Buncombe, P1, R3, D1, H1
STILES, Bertha E. - Buncombe, P1, R4, D1, H1
STILES, Edna C. - Buncombe, P1, R5, D1, H1
STILES, Edith I. - Buncombe, P1, R6, D1, H1
STILES, Adelia M. - Buncombe, P1, R7, D1, H1
STILL, John W. - Lincoln, P115, R22, D121, H125
STILL, Luna - Lincoln, P115, R23, D121, H125
STILL, Mary - Lincoln, P115, R24, D121, H125
STILL, Hettie - Lincoln, P115, R25, D121, H125
STILL, Frank John - Lincoln, P115, R26, D121, H125
STILLMAN, Evalyn - Reading, P172, R84, D194, H196
STINTJAS, John - Sheridan, P203, R89, D20, H20
STINTJAS, Sielka - Sheridan, P203, R90, D20, H20
STINTJAS, T. J. - Sheridan, P211, R21, D165, H165
STINTJAS, Effie - Sheridan, P211, R22, D165, H165
STINTJAS, Joseph - Sheridan, P211, R23, D165, H165
STO?, ??LI E. - Buncombe, P1, R37, D10, H10
STO?, ???? - Buncombe, P1, R38, D10, H10
STO?, ??? - Buncombe, P1, R39, D10, H10
STO?, ??? - Buncombe, P1, R40, D10, H10
STO?, ??? S. - Buncombe, P1, R41, D10, H10
STODER, Henry - Lincoln, P124, R8, D288, H293
STODER, Freda - Lincoln, P124, R9, D288, H293
STODER, Fred - Lincoln, P124, R10, D288, H293
STODER, Dora - Lincoln, P124, R11, D288, H293
STOFFER, Frank - Logan, P135, R57, D211, H224
STOFFER, Elizabeth - Logan, P135, R58, D211, H224
STOFFER, Henry - Logan, P135, R59, D211, H224
STOFFER, Elizabeth - Logan, P135, R60, D211, H224
STOLE, Henry - Floyd, P58, R27, D119, H121
STOLE, Mary - Floyd, P58, R28, D119, H121
STOLE, Simon - Floyd, P58, R29, D119, H121
STOLE, Peter - Floyd, P58, R30, D119, H121
STOLE, Leo - Floyd, P58, R31, D119, H121
STOLE, Louis - Floyd, P58, R32, D119, H121
STOLE, Simon - Floyd, P58, R33, D119, H121
STOLL, Frank - East Orange, P51, R38, D157, H159
STOLL, Katie - West Branch, P236, R38, D90, H92
STOLTENBERG, Hans A. - Eagle, P33, R57, D84, H84
STOLTENBERG, Gansta - Eagle, P33, R58, D84, H84
STOLTENBERG, Albert P. - Eagle, P33, R59, D84, H84
STOLTENBERG, Edna C. - Eagle, P33, R60, D84, H84
STOLTENBERG, Maude W. - Eagle, P33, R61, D84, H84
STOLTENBERG, Harriett M. - Eagle, P33, R62, D84, H84
STOLTENBERG, Julia A. - Eagle, P33, R63, D84, H84
STOLTENBERG, Henry R. - Eagle, P33, R64, D84, H84
STOLTENBERG, George W. - Eagle, P33, R65, D84, H84
STOLZE, Maurice - Sherman, P216, R10, D55, H55
STONE, David O. - Buncombe, P9, R100, D215, H215
STONE, Genorzia D. - Buncombe, P10, R1, D215, H215
STONE, Merle R. - Buncombe, P10, R2, D215, H215
STONE, Opal O. - Buncombe, P10, R3, D215, H215
STONE, William - Logan, P131, R23, D134, H147
STONE, Irene - Logan, P131, R24, D134, H147
STONER, Sylvan - Lincoln, P115, R95, D135, H139
STONLEY, Jacob - Sheridan, P209, R39, D133, H133
STOR??, ??? D. - Buncombe, P1, R32, D9, H9
STOR??, Luc??? - Buncombe, P1, R33, D9, H9
STOR??, Ed??? - Buncombe, P1, R34, D9, H9
STOR??, W???? S. - Buncombe, P1, R35, D9, H9
STOR??, ????? - Buncombe, P1, R36, D9, H9
STORES, Elizabeth - Buncombe, P7, R83, D162, H162
STORIE, George - Buncombe, P2, R65, D45, H45
STORIE, Susan S. - Buncombe, P2, R66, D45, H45
STORR, Glenn - Rock, P191, R59, D295, H302
STORRS, Andrew D. - Buncombe, P9, R28, D198, H198
STORRS, Lizzie B. - Buncombe, P9, R29, D198, H198
STORRS, Arthur A. - Buncombe, P9, R30, D198, H198
STORRS, Herman R. - Buncombe, P9, R31, D198, H198
STORRS, Robert E. - Buncombe, P9, R32, D198, H198
STORRS, Ruth E. - Buncombe, P9, R33, D198, H198
STORRS, Juliet F. - Buncombe, P9, R34, D198, H198
STORTS, Alcinous - Buncombe, P1, R22, D5, H5
STORTS, John - Buncombe, P1, R23, D5, H5
STORTS, Lettie - Buncombe, P1, R24, D5, H5
STORTS, David - Buncombe, P1, R25, D5, H5
STORY, Fred - Lincoln, P115, R81, D134, H138
STORY, Fred - Lincoln, P116, R26, D142, H146
STORY, Aurelie - Sheridan, P203, R30, D7, H7
STORY, Ella - Sheridan, P203, R31, D7, H7
STORY, James - Sheridan, P203, R32, D7, H7
STOUP, John L. - Sioux, P194, R74, D30, H30
STOUP, Catherine - Sioux, P194, R75, D30, H30
STOUP, Gay - Sioux, P194, R76, D30, H30
STOUP, Walter - Sioux, P194, R77, D30, H30
STOUP, Pearl - Sioux, P194, R78, D30, H30
STOUP, Myrtle - Sioux, P194, R79, D30, H30
STOUP, daisy - Sioux, P194, R80, D30, H30
STOUP, Goldie - Sioux, P194, R81, D30, H30
STOWE, John R. W. - Logan, P129, R86, D107, H120
STOWE, Ellen M. - Logan, P129, R87, D107, H120
STOWE, Horace W. - Logan, P129, R88, D107, H120
STOWE, Jessie - Logan, P129, R89, D107, H120
STOWE, Marion - Logan, P129, R90, D107, H120
STOWE, Roswell W. - Logan, P129, R91, D107, H120
STRAKS, Nellie O. - Orange City, P95, R9, D2, H2
STRAKS, Jessie P. - Orange City, P95, R10, D2, H2
STRAKS, Charlotte H. - Orange City, P95, R11, D2, H2
STRAKS, Henry - Orange City, P95, R6, D2, H2
STRAKS, Priscilla N. - Orange City, P95, R7, D2, H2
STRAKS, John H. - Orange City, P95, R8, D2, H2
STRAMAN, Emry - Logan, P132, R21, D149, H162
STREFF, Mathias - Nassau, P159, R24, D275, H278
STREFF, Martin - Nassau, P159, R25, D275, H278
STREFF, Mary - Nassau, P159, R26, D275, H278
STREFF, Phelan - Nassau, P159, R27, D275, H278
STREFF, Aloysius - Nassau, P159, R28, D275, H278
STREFF, Peter - Nassau, P159, R81, D283, H286
STRICK, Tinna - Rock, P176, R33, D6, H7
STROETE, Gerrit - Floyd, P57, R49, D101, H103
STROETE, Alice - Floyd, P57, R50, D101, H103
STROETE, Susan - Floyd, P57, R51, D101, H103
STROETE, Roelofje - Floyd, P57, R52, D101, H103
STROETE, Henry J. - Floyd, P57, R53, D101, H103
STROETE, Anna - Floyd, P57, R54, D101, H103
STRONBERG, John H. - East Orange, P44, R33, D64, H66
STRONG, Stephen E. - Logan, P126, R16, D26, H28
STRONG, Lizzie B. - Logan, P126, R17, D26, H28
STRONG, Gaylord S. - Logan, P126, R18, D26, H28
STRONKS, John W. - Nassau, P150, R32, D119, H120
STRONKS, Jennie - Nassau, P150, R33, D119, H120
STRONKS, William - Nassau, P150, R34, D119, H120
STRONKS, Myrtle V. - Nassau, P150, R35, D119, H120
STRUCK, Joseph - Washington, P140, R31, D307, H320
STRUP, Frank - Sherman, P218, R14, D89, H89
STRUP, Maggie - Sherman, P218, R15, D89, H89
STRUP, Mac - Sherman, P218, R16, D89, H89
STRUP, Antone - Sherman, P218, R17, D89, H89
STRUP, Suerl - Sherman, P218, R18, D89, H89
STRUYK, Arie - Grant, P80, R34, D61, H62
STRUYK, Commerina - Grant, P80, R35, D61, H62
STRUYK, Cornelius - Grant, P80, R36, D61, H62
STRUYK, Mary - Grant, P80, R37, D61, H62
STRUYK, William - Grant, P80, R38, D61, H62
STRUYK, Leonard - Grant, P80, R39, D61, H62
STRUYK, Anna - Grant, P80, R40, D61, H62
STRUYK, Adrian - Plato, P70, R89, D13, H14
STRUYK, Adriana - Plato, P70, R90, D13, H14
STRYLAND, L. - Capel, P18, R37, D92, H92
STRYLAND, Gertie - Capel, P18, R38, D92, H92
STRYLAND, Henry - Capel, P18, R39, D92, H92
STRYLAND, ??? - Capel, P18, R40, D92, H92
STRYLAND, ??? - Capel, P18, R41, D92, H92
STRYLAND, Gysbert - Lynn, P20, R71, D131, H131
STRYLAND, Ella - Lynn, P20, R72, D131, H131
STRYLAND, Nancie - Lynn, P20, R73, D131, H131
STRYLAND, Te??? - Lynn, P20, R74, D131, H131
STRYLAND, Dora - Lynn, P20, R75, D131, H131
STRYLAND, Hattie - Lynn, P20, R76, D131, H131
STRYLAND, Bertha - Lynn, P20, R77, D131, H131
STUART, John - Center, P34, R51, D97, H97
STUART, Ann - Center, P34, R52, D97, H97
STUART, Donald - Center, P34, R53, D97, H97
STUART, Anna M. - Center, P34, R54, D97, H97
STUART, Kitty Jane - Center, P34, R55, D97, H97
STUART, George - Center, P34, R56, D97, H97
STUART, Eben M. - Logan, P125, R63, D15, H17
STUART, Albert - Orange City, P102, R7, D151, H154
STUART, William - Orange City, P102, R8, D151, H154
STUCKENBRUCK, Joseph C. - Plato, P75, R74, D167, H168
STUCKENBRUCK, Matilda M. - Plato, P75, R75, D167, H168
STUCKENBRUCK, Erma - Plato, P75, R76, D167, H168
STUCKENBRUCK, Alva - Plato, P75, R77, D167, H168
STUCKENBRUCK, Ethel - Plato, P75, R78, D167, H168
STUDER, Alexander - Garfield, P66, R85, D33, H33
STUDER, Rudolph - Garfield, P66, R86, D33, H33
STUDER, F. - Garfield, P66, R95, D36, H36
STUDER, Christina - Garfield, P66, R96, D36, H36
STUDER, Celia C. - Garfield, P66, R97, D36, H36
STUDER, Anna - Garfield, P66, R98, D36, H36
STUDER, John C. - Garfield, P66, R99, D36, H36
STUDER, Louis - Garfield, P67, R6, D39, H39
STULGMAN, Edward - Sheridan, P205, R5, D44, H44
STULGMAN, Emma D. - Sheridan, P205, R6, D44, H44
STULGMAN, Beulah - Sheridan, P205, R7, D44, H44
STURGIS, Milton W. - Washington, P141, R54, D325, H338
STURGIS, Nettie M. - Washington, P141, R55, D325, H338
STUTZMAN, Louis - Lincoln, P110, R55, D12, H13
STUTZMAN, Matie - Lincoln, P110, R56, D12, H13
STUTZMAN, Leona - Lincoln, P110, R57, D12, H13
STUTZMAN, Zella - Lincoln, P110, R58, D12, H13
STUTZMAN, Wm. - Lincoln, P110, R60, D13, H14
STUTZMAN, Josephine - Lincoln, P110, R61, D13, H14
STUTZMAN, Marvin - Lincoln, P110, R62, D13, H14
STUUROP, Lucy - Nassau, P160, R19, D290, H293
STUUROP, Hattie - Nassau, P160, R26, D290, H293
SUBER, Benjamin F. - Washington, P140, R67, D313, H326
SUBER, Kate - Washington, P140, R68, D313, H326
SUBER, Albert F. - Washington, P140, R69, D313, H326
SUBER, Elmer C. - Washington, P140, R70, D313, H326
SUBER, James P. - Washington, P140, R71, D313, H326
SUBER, Florence M. - Washington, P140, R72, D313, H326
SUBER, Joanna Irene - Washington, P140, R73, D313, H326
SUCAR, Anna - Rock, P189, R48, D261, H268
SUIER, Cora - Rock, P177, R47, D28, H31
SULLIVAN, Anna - Grant, P78, R10, D20, H20
SULLIVAN, Sabina J. - Grant, P78, R11, D20, H20
SULLIVAN, Alfred J. - Grant, P78, R12, D20, H20
SULLIVAN, Edward A. - Grant, P78, R13, D20, H20
SULLIVAN, William P. - Grant, P78, R14, D20, H20
SULLIVAN, Thomas - Grant, P82, R32, D93, H94
SULLIVAN, Mary - Lincoln, P122, R27, D254, H258
SULLIVAN, Anna - Lincoln, P122, R28, D254, H258
SULLIVAN, Johney - Lincoln, P124, R73, D301, H306
SULLIVAN, Mary - Lincoln, P124, R74, D301, H306
SULLIVAN, John - Lincoln, P124, R75, D301, H306
SULLIVAN, Nellie - Lincoln, P124, R76, D301, H306
SULLIVAN, Maggie - Lincoln, P124, R77, D301, H306
SULLIVAN, Lawrence - Nassau, P144, R6, D2, H2
SULLIVAN, Lillian - Nassau, P144, R7, D2, H2
SULLIVAN, Martin - Plato, P71, R21, D98, H99
SULLIVAN, Ellen - Plato, P71, R22, D98, H99
SULLIVAN, John - Plato, P71, R23, D98, H99
SULLIVAN, Annie - Plato, P71, R24, D98, H99
SULLIVAN, Carrie - Plato, P71, R25, D98, H99
SULLIVAN, Stella M. - Plato, P71, R26, D98, H99
SULLIVAN, Francis - Plato, P71, R27, D98, H99
SULLIVAN, Robert - Plato, P71, R28, D98, H99
SULLIVAN, Peter - Plato, P72, R71, D121, H122
SULLIVAN, Annie - Plato, P72, R72, D121, H122
SULLIVAN, Barnard - Plato, P72, R73, D121, H122
SULLIVAN, Martin - Plato, P72, R74, D121, H122
SULLIVAN, Joseph S. - Plato, P72, R75, D121, H122
SULLIVAN, Julia - Plato, P72, R76, D121, H122
SULLIVAN, Pat C. - Rock, P177, R73, D33, H36
SULLIVAN, Hannah - Rock, P177, R74, D33, H36
SULSER, William Ulrich - Reading, P166, R87, D67, H67
SULSER, Alice Anna - Reading, P166, R88, D67, H67
SULSER, William - Reading, P166, R89, D67, H67
SULSER, Clare Smith - Reading, P166, R90, D67, H67
SULSER, Bissell - Reading, P166, R91, D67, H67
SUMER, Wendell L. - Logan, P127, R9, D48, H53
SUMER, Florence M. - Logan, P127, R10, D48, H53
SUMER, James A. - Logan, P127, R11, D48, H53
SUMER, Manville - Logan, P127, R12, D48, H53
SUMMER, Nick - Sioux, P194, R56, D26, H26
SUMMERS, E. Mabel - Washington, P142, R26, D340, H353
SUMMERS, David - Washington, P142, R27, D340, H353
SUMMERS, Raymond - Washington, P142, R28, D340, H353
SUMMERSIDE, Georgia - Logan, P125, R5, D2, H2
SUMPF, Lenard - Lynn, P23, R73, D183, H183
SUNDEEN, Sarah M. - Logan, P126, R61, D34, H38
SUNDEEN, Andrew - Logan, P128, R62, D79, H89
SUNDEEN, Louise - Logan, P128, R63, D79, H89
SUNDEEN, Jearda S. - Logan, P128, R64, D79, H89
SUNDEEN, Lilly M. - Logan, P128, R65, D79, H89
SUNDEEN, Berthold V. - Logan, P128, R66, D79, H89
SUNDEEN, Sternly - Logan, P128, R67, D79, H89
SUNDLIN, Reta - Logan, P130, R39, D115, H128
SUNSINK, Garret J. - Capel, P13, R19, D6, H6
SUNSINK, Grace - Capel, P13, R20, D6, H6
SUNSINK, Gerrit - Capel, P13, R21, D6, H6
SUNSINK, Heiny - Capel, P13, R22, D6, H6
SUNSINK, John - Capel, P13, R23, D6, H6
SUNSINK, Henry - Capel, P13, R24, D6, H6
SUNSINK, Gertie - Capel, P13, R25, D6, H6
SUNSINK, Bert - Capel, P13, R26, D6, H6
SUNSINK, Hattie - Capel, P13, R27, D6, H6
SUNSINK, Josie - Capel, P13, R28, D6, H6
SUNSINK, John - Capel, P13, R29, D6, H6
SUTER, John M. - Sherman, P214, R17, D7, H7
SUTER, Allie - Sherman, P214, R18, D7, H7
SUTER, Rachel - Sherman, P214, R19, D7, H7
SUTER, William - Sherman, P217, R44, D78, H78
SUTER, Cary - Sherman, P217, R45, D78, H78
SUTER, Maggie - Sherman, P217, R46, D78, H78
SUTER, Emma - Sherman, P217, R47, D78, H78
SUTER, Charles - Sherman, P217, R48, D78, H78
SUTER, Anna - Sherman, P217, R49, D78, H78
SUTER, Edward - Sherman, P217, R50, D78, H78
SUTER, Emory C. - Washington, P142, R85, D349, H362
SUTER, Minnie - Washington, P142, R86, D349, H362
SUTER, M. Louise - Washington, P142, R87, D349, H362
SUTER, Migrettia J. - Washington, P142, R88, D349, H362
SUTER, Mattiam H. - Washington, P142, R89, D349, H362
SUTER, Emory F. - Washington, P142, R90, D349, H362
SUTER, William H. - Washington, P143, R67, D362, H376
SUTLIFF, Theodore M. - Buncombe, P8, R96, D191, H191
SUTLIFF, Ida L. - Buncombe, P8, R97, D191, H191
SUTLIFF, Ralph W, - Buncombe, P8, R98, D191, H191
SWAFFORD, William - Sherman, P216, R4, D54, H54
SWANSON, Fred J. C. - Buncombe, P5, R19, D105, H105
SWANSON, Georgiana - Buncombe, P5, R20, D105, H105
SWANSON, Lizzie M. - Buncombe, P5, R21, D105, H105
SWANSON, John F. - Buncombe, P5, R22, D105, H105
SWANSON, Ella M. - Buncombe, P5, R23, D105, H105
SWANSON, James - Lincoln, P120, R45, D218, H222
SWANSON, Gertrude - Lincoln, P120, R46, D218, H222
SWANSON, Henry - Settler, P201, R91, D135, H136
SWANSON, Lizzie - Settler, P201, R92, D135, H136
SWANSON, Pet? - Settler, P201, R93, D135, H136
SWART, Albert T. - Sherman, P214, R73, D21, H21
SWART, Sadie(Sijtske) - Sherman, P214, R74, D21, H21
SWART, Albert - Sherman, P214, R75, D21, H21
SWART, Hattie R. - Sherman, P214, R76, D21, H21
SWART, Effie - Sherman, P214, R77, D21, H21
SWART, Tho?s - Sherman, P214, R78, D21, H21
SWARTZ, Andrew - Buncombe, P4, R36, D86, H86
SWARTZ, Jennie A. - Buncombe, P4, R37, D86, H86
SWARTZ, Alphens - Buncombe, P4, R38, D86, H86
SWARTZ, Andrew S. - Buncombe, P4, R39, D86, H86
SWARTZ, Milton E. - Buncombe, P4, R40, D86, H86
SWARTZ, Gordon V. - Buncombe, P4, R41, D86, H86
SWARTZ, Henry - West Branch, P234, R26, D48, H49
SWARTZ, Garret - West Branch, P234, R74, D56, H57
SWARTZ, Mary - West Branch, P234, R75, D56, H57
SWARTZ, Winnie - West Branch, P234, R76, D56, H57
SWAT, Geo - Sheridan, P213, R27, D204, H204
SWDELN, Karl A. - Logan, P133, R22, D170, H183
SWDELN, Christina - Logan, P133, R23, D170, H183
SWEARINGEN, Frank A. - Logan, P128, R55, D77, H87
SWEETSER, Allen Y. - Logan, P130, R69, D120, H133
SWEETSER, Flora L. - Logan, P130, R70, D120, H133
SWEETSER, Eva M. - Logan, P130, R71, D120, H133
SWEGER, Robt - Lincoln, P114, R15, D95, H98
SWEGER, Mamie - Lincoln, P114, R16, D95, H98
SWEGER, Edgar - Lincoln, P114, R17, D95, H98
SWELS, Ten??a? - Capel, P14, R51, D31, H31
SWELS, Nellie - Capel, P14, R52, D31, H31
SWELS, Dellia - Capel, P14, R53, D31, H31
SWELS, Geber - Capel, P14, R54, D31, H31
SWELS, Walter - Capel, P14, R55, D31, H31
SWELS, Cornie - Capel, P14, R56, D31, H31
SWELS, Johnny - Capel, P14, R57, D31, H31
SWETS, Henry - Capel, P14, R63, D32, H32
SWIER, Dirck - Rock, P188, R40, D247, H254
SWIER, Alice - Rock, P188, R41, D247, H254
SWIER, Annie - Rock, P188, R42, D247, H254
SWIER, Gertie - Rock, P188, R43, D247, H254
SWIER, Effie - Rock, P188, R44, D247, H254
SWIER, Walter - Rock, P188, R45, D247, H254
SWIER, Alice - Rock, P188, R46, D247, H254
SWIER, Rena - Rock, P188, R47, D247, H254
SWIER, Cobie - Rock, P188, R48, D247, H254
SWIER, Cornelius - West Branch, P242, R69, D209, H211
SWIER, Gertie - West Branch, P242, R70, D209, H211
SWIER, Clara - West Branch, P242, R71, D209, H211
SWIER, Allie - West Branch, P242, R72, D209, H211
SWIER, Walter - West Branch, P242, R73, D209, H211
SWIER, Eddie - West Branch, P242, R74, D209, H211
SWIFT, Lana - Logan, P125, R1, D1, H1
SWIFT, Doris - Logan, P125, R2, D1, H1
SWIFT, Lovell - Washington, P138, R60, D274, H287
SWIFT, Mary - Washington, P138, R61, D274, H287
SWIFT, LeRoy L. - Washington, P138, R62, D274, H287
SWIFT, Rolla H. - Washington, P138, R63, D274, H287
SWIFT, Archibald - Washington, P138, R64, D274, H287
SWIFT, Elmer - Washington, P138, R65, D274, H287
SWIFT, Inez - Washington, P138, R66, D274, H287
SWIFT, Hiram - Washington, P139, R2, D282, H295
SWIFT, Nellie D. - Washington, P139, R3, D282, H295
SWIFT, Harry V. - Washington, P139, R4, D282, H295
SWIFT, Irving E. - Washington, P139, R5, D282, H295
SWIFT, Pearl M. - Washington, P139, R6, D282, H295
SWIT, Klaas - Sherman, P216, R70, D68, H68
SYLVESTER, Wm. G. - Buncombe, P3, R79, D74, H74
SYLVESTER, Emma S. - Buncombe, P3, R80, D74, H74
SYLVESTER, Fred W. - Buncombe, P3, R81, D74, H74
SYLVESTER, Maud - Buncombe, P3, R82, D74, H74
SYLVESTER, Lillie - Buncombe, P3, R83, D74, H74
SYLVESTER, Fay - Buncombe, P3, R84, D74, H74
SYLVESTER, Ethel I. - Buncombe, P3, R85, D74, H74
SYNHORST, John S. - Orange City, P96, R57, D30, H31
SYNHORST, Esther M. - Orange City, P96, R58, D30, H31
SYNHORST, Catharine - Orange City, P96, R59, D30, H31
SYNHORST, Jennie - Orange City, P96, R60, D30, H31
SYNHORST, Hugo - Orange City, P96, R61, D30, H31
SYNHORST, Frank - Orange City, P96, R62, D30, H31
SYNHORST, Maggie - Orange City, P96, R63, D30, H31
SYNHORST, Albert - Sheridan, P209, R87, D143, H143
SYNHORST, Mary C. - Sheridan, P209, R88, D143, H143
SYNHORST, Stephen - Sheridan, P209, R89, D143, H143
SYNHORST, Julia - Sheridan, P209, R90, D143, H143
SYNHORST, Sophie - Sheridan, P209, R91, D143, H143
SYNHORST, John A. - Sheridan, P209, R92, D143, H143
SYNHORST, Herman - Sheridan, P209, R93, D143, H143
SYNHORST, Vern - Sheridan, P209, R94, D143, H143
SYNHORST, Richard - Sheridan, P209, R95, D143, H143
SYNHORST, Garrett - Sheridan, P209, R96, D143, H143
SYNHORST, Marion - Sheridan, P209, R97, D143, H143

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