1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

TAALSMA, Henry - Welcome, P225, R15, D21, H21
TAGGART, Mary A. - Logan, P136, R57, D229, H242
TAGGART, James - Logan, P136, R58, D229, H242
TALCOTT, Frances I - Logan, P128, R17, D68, H78
TALCOTT, Margaret M. - Logan, P128, R18, D68, H78
TALEN, William - Sherman, P214, R20, D8, H8
TALEN, Lena - Sherman, P214, R21, D8, H8
TALEN, Louis - Sherman, P214, R22, D8, H8
TALEN, Evard W. - Sherman, P214, R23, D8, H8
TALEN, Anita - Sherman, P214, R24, D8, H8
TALSMA, Rose - Welcome, P224, R19, D6, H6
TAMMAN, Cornelius - Sioux, P194, R65, D28, H28
TAMMAN, Ellen - Sioux, P194, R66, D28, H28
TAMMAN, William - Sioux, P195, R68, D48, H48
TAMMAN, Anna - Sioux, P195, R69, D48, H48
TAMMAN, John - Sioux, P195, R70, D48, H48
TAMMAN, Reynold - Sioux, P195, R71, D48, H48
TAMMAN, Anna - Sioux, P195, R72, D48, H48
TAMMAN, Maggie - Sioux, P195, R73, D48, H48
TAMMAN, Henry - Sioux, P195, R74, D48, H48
TAMMES, Henry - Capel, P16, R23, D60, H60
TAMPLIN, Wm. J. - Lincoln, P112, R51, D56, H58
TAMPLIN, Mae - Lincoln, P112, R52, D56, H58
TANK, John - Plato, P73, R99, D141, H142
TANK, Cathrina - Plato, P73, R100, D141, H142
TANK, Alvina - Plato, P74, R1, D141, H142
TANK, Emma - Plato, P74, R2, D141, H142
TANTON, Clarence E. - Lincoln, P113, R2, D69, H71
TANTON, George - Logan, P129, R92, D108, H121
TANTON, Louise A. - Logan, P129, R93, D108, H121
TANTON, Clarence E. - Logan, P129, R94, D108, H121
TANTON, Ray G. - Logan, P129, R95, D108, H121
TANTON, Sydney E. - Nassau, P147, R51, D65, H65
TANTON, Madaline - Nassau, P147, R52, D65, H65
TANTON, Ma??in L. - Nassau, P147, R53, D65, H65
TARHORST, Jan - Holland, P92, R57, D137, H137
TARHORST, Henry - Holland, P92, R58, D137, H137
TARHORST, Phobie - Holland, P92, R59, D137, H137
TARHORST, Johanna - Holland, P92, R60, D137, H137
TARHORST, Gerritje - Holland, P92, R61, D137, H137
TASSELLEN, ?ristine - Rock, P181, R42, D109, H115
TASSELLEN, Frank - Rock, P181, R43, D109, H115
TASSELLEN, Francis - Rock, P181, R44, D109, H115
TATE, Frank - Rock, P181, R63, D114, H120
TAWGER, Charles N. - Floyd, P54, R43, D55, H57
TAWGER, Katie - Floyd, P54, R44, D55, H57
TAWGER, Bertha E. - Floyd, P54, R45, D55, H57
TAWGER, Charles O. - Floyd, P54, R46, D55, H57
TAWGER, Stuart O. - Floyd, P54, R47, D55, H57
TAWGER, Katie M. - Floyd, P54, R48, D55, H57
TAWGER, Henry L. - Floyd, P54, R49, D55, H57
TAYLOR, William - Center, P37, R77, D155, H155
TAYLOR, Olive - Center, P37, R78, D155, H155
TAYLOR, Floyd - Center, P37, R79, D155, H155
TAYLOR, Roy - Center, P37, R80, D155, H155
TAYLOR, Mary - Center, P37, R81, D155, H155
TAYLOR, Hilda - Center, P37, R82, D155, H155
TAYLOR, Bessie - Center, P37, R83, D155, H155
TAYLOR, Francis - Center, P38, R69, D170, H170
TAYLOR, Elizabeth - Center, P38, R70, D170, H170
TAYLOR, William - Center, P38, R71, D170, H170
TAYLOR, James - Center, P38, R72, D170, H170
TAYLOR, alice - Center, P38, R73, D170, H170
TAYLOR, Frank G. - Center, P38, R74, D170, H170
TAYLOR, Ida - Center, P38, R75, D170, H170
TAYLOR, Elizabeth - Center, P38, R76, D170, H170
TAYLOR, William J. - Grant, P83, R37, D113, H116
TAYLOR, Hannah - Grant, P83, R38, D113, H116
TAYLOR, Mary E. - Grant, P83, R39, D113, H116
TAYLOR, Grace M. - Grant, P83, R40, D113, H116
TAYLOR, William - Grant, P83, R41, D113, H116
TAYLOR, John - Reading, P170, R59, D155, H156
TAYLOR, Lucinda L. - Reading, P170, R60, D155, H156
TAYLOR, Cora E. - Reading, P170, R61, D155, H156
TAYLOR, Eli Henry - Reading, P173, R75, D210, H212
TAYLOR, Chas - Rock, P180, R4, D82, H85
TAYLOR, Lillie - Sherman, P215, R93, D51, H51
TAYLOR, Amos - Washington, P139, R82, D297, H310
TAYLOR, Gertie - West Branch, P243, R1, D215, H216
TAYLOR, Mary H. - West Branch, P243, R2, D215, H216
TAYLOR, Benjamin F. - West Branch, P243, R3, D215, H216
TEACH, Herman - Sioux, P193, R78, D12, H12
TEADN, Abraham - Capel, P15, R23, D42, H42
TEADN, Arie - Capel, P15, R24, D42, H42
TEADN, Nellie - Capel, P15, R25, D42, H42
TECHEN, Fred - Lincoln, P123, R96, D286, H291
TECHEN, Albert - Lincoln, P123, R97, D286, H291
TECHEN, Henry - Lincoln, P123, R98, D286, H291
TECHEN, John - Lincoln, P123, R99, D286, H291
TEERING, Evert J. - Orange City, P100, R95, D126, H128
TEERINK, Gerrit Jan - Capel, P18, R57, D96, H96
TEERLINK, John - Lynn, P27, R96, D244, H244
TEERLINK, Annie - Lynn, P27, R97, D244, H244
TEERLINK, John - Lynn, P27, R98, D244, H244
TEERLINK, Joseph - Lynn, P27, R99, D244, H244
TEERLINK, Herman - Lynn, P27, R100, D244, H244
TEERLINK, Louie - Lynn, P28, R1, D244, H244
TEERLINK, ??? - Lynn, P28, R2, D244, H244
TEGROOTENUIS, G. J. - Capel, P19, R45, D110, H110
TEGROOTENUIS, Helen B. - Capel, P19, R46, D110, H110
TEGROOTENUIS, Dena - Capel, P19, R47, D110, H110
TEGROOTENUIS, James - Capel, P19, R48, D110, H110
TEGROOTENUIS, Benjamin - Capel, P19, R49, D110, H110
TEGROOTENUIS, Ha??ne - Capel, P19, R50, D110, H110
TEGROTENHUIS, Evert - Floyd, P58, R3, D112, H114
TEGROTENHUIS, Gerardine - Floyd, P58, R4, D112, H114
TEGROTENHUIS, Jennie - Floyd, P58, R5, D112, H114
TEGROTENHUIS, D. J. - Holland, P89, R29, D78, H78
TEGROTENHUIS, ?ana - Holland, P89, R30, D78, H78
TEGROTENHUIS, Wm. - Lynn, P27, R39, D236, H236
TEGROTENHUIS, Hattie - Lynn, P27, R40, D236, H236
TEGROTENHUIS, Henry - Lynn, P27, R41, D236, H236
TEGROTENHUIS, Lena - Lynn, P27, R42, D236, H236
TEGROTENHUIS, Joseph - Lynn, P27, R43, D236, H236
TEGROTENHUIS, Dena - Lynn, P27, R44, D236, H236
TEGROTENHUIS, Harry - Lynn, P27, R45, D236, H236
TEGROTENHUIS, Andrew - West Branch, P242, R8, D201, H203
TEGROTENHUIS, Grace - West Branch, P242, R9, D201, H203
TEGROTENHUIS, Dena - West Branch, P242, R10, D201, H203
TEGROTENHUIS, Hattie - West Branch, P242, R11, D201, H203
TEGROTENHUIS, Cynthia - West Branch, P242, R12, D201, H203
TEGROTENHUIS, Garret - West Branch, P242, R13, D201, H203
TEGROTENHUIS, Henry - West Branch, P242, R14, D201, H203
TEGROTENHUIS, Art - West Branch, P247, R55, D213, H286
TEGROTENHUIS, Paullina - West Branch, P247, R56, D213, H286
TEGROTENHUIS, Garret - West Branch, P247, R57, D213, H286
TEIGEN, Sina - Plato, P70, R81, D12, H13
TELLER, Teodore - Rock, P183, R22, D154, H161
TELLER, Arvilla - Rock, P183, R23, D154, H161
TELLER, Eva - Rock, P183, R24, D154, H161
TELLER, Thomas - Rock, P183, R25, D154, H161
TELLER, Earl - Rock, P183, R26, D154, H161
TELLER, Irwine - Rock, P183, R27, D154, H161
TELLIER, Bertha A. - Lincoln, P113, R3, D69, H71
TENELLE, John W. - Floyd, P53, R78, D41, H42
TENELLE, Gertie - Floyd, P53, R79, D41, H42
TENELLE, Lillie M. - Floyd, P53, R80, D41, H42
TENHAAR, Garret - West Branch, P246, R34, D265, H267
TENHAAR, Johanna W. - West Branch, P246, R35, D265, H267
TENHAAR, John - West Branch, P246, R36, D265, H267
TENHAAR, William - West Branch, P246, R37, D265, H267
TENHAAR, Dora - West Branch, P246, R38, D265, H267
TENHAKEN, Albert - Lincoln, P116, R13, D139, H143
TENHAKEN, Dirkie - Lincoln, P116, R14, D139, H143
TENKLEY, Dick - Welcome, P229, R30, D90, H90
TENNAKEL, Evan - West Branch, P235, R40, D71, H73
TENNAKEL, Peitjers - West Branch, P235, R41, D71, H73
TENNAKEL, Herman - West Branch, P235, R42, D71, H73
TENNAKEL, Harm - West Branch, P235, R43, D71, H73
TENNAKEL, Henry - West Branch, P235, R44, D71, H73
TENNAKEL, Fannie - West Branch, P235, R45, D71, H73
TENNAKEL, Ralph - West Branch, P235, R46, D71, H73
TENSEN, Arie - Orange City, P107, R3, D257, H261
TENTH?, Fred - Sherman, P217, R35, D77, H77
TENTH?, Mina - Sherman, P217, R36, D77, H77
TENTH?, Arno - Sherman, P217, R37, D77, H77
TENTH?, Martin - Sherman, P217, R38, D77, H77
TENTH?, Eunis - Sherman, P217, R39, D77, H77
TENTH?, Emil - Sherman, P217, R40, D77, H77
TENTH?, Orie - Sherman, P217, R41, D77, H77
TENTH?, Alma - Sherman, P217, R42, D77, H77
TENTH?, Adele - Sherman, P217, R43, D78, H78
TEPASKE, Evert - Orange City, P96, R87, D37, H38
TEPASKE, Elizabeth - Orange City, P96, R88, D37, H38
TEPASKE, Allie - Orange City, P96, R89, D37, H38
TEPASKE, Arie - Orange City, P96, R90, D37, H38
TEPASKE, Sarah - Orange City, P96, R91, D37, H38
TEPASKE, Frances - Orange City, P96, R92, D37, H38
TEPASKE, John - Orange City, P96, R93, D37, H38
TEPASKE, William - Orange City, P96, R94, D37, H38
TEPASKE, Anthony - West Branch, P235, R88, D79, H81
TERBEEST, Emmie - Nassau, P148, R23, D81, H81
TERBEEST, Mabel C. - Nassau, P148, R24, D81, H81
TERBEEST, Mabel - Sheridan, P207, R14, D89, H89
TERHORST, Gerrit - Nassau, P158, R6, D251, H254
TERHORST, Clara - Nassau, P158, R7, D251, H254
TERHORST, Willemina - Nassau, P158, R8, D251, H254
TERNNANT, Dick - Sherman, P221, R30, D142, H142
TERNNANT, Gesina - Sherman, P221, R31, D142, H142
TERNNANT, Minnie - Sherman, P221, R32, D142, H142
TERNNANT, Garret - Sherman, P221, R33, D142, H142
TERPENNING, Edgar Ranson - Reading, P164, R91, D23, H23
TERPENNING, Amanda - Reading, P164, R92, D23, H23
TERPENNING, Harry Lawrence - Reading, P164, R93, D23, H23
TERPENNING, Edgar Fayette - Reading, P164, R94, D23, H23
TERPENNING, Ida Blanche - Reading, P164, R95, D23, H23
TERPENNING, Merl Eugene - Reading, P164, R96, D23, H23
TERPENNING, Eliza - Reading, P164, R97, D23, H23
TERPSTRA, Tjerd - Floyd, P57, R84, D108, H110
TERPSTRA, Gerrit - Holland, P89, R37, D80, H80
TERPSTRA, Peter - Holland, P93, R62, D159, H159
TERPSTRA, Hiltje - Holland, P93, R63, D159, H159
TERPSTRA, Retsche - Holland, P93, R64, D159, H159
TERPSTRA, Witsche - Holland, P93, R65, D159, H159
TERPSTRA, Ritchie - Lincoln, P113, R36, D78, H80
TERPSTRA, Schonel - Nassau, P162, R45, D326, H329
TERPSTRA, Katie - Nassau, P162, R46, D326, H329
TERPSTRA, Ritske - Nassau, P162, R47, D326, H329
TERPSTRA, Na??? - Nassau, P162, R48, D326, H329
TERPSTRA, Jelle - Nassau, P162, R49, D326, H329
TERPSTRA, Klaas - Orange City, P103, R64, D182, H185
TERPSTRA, Minke - Orange City, P103, R65, D182, H185
TERPSTRA, Johnnie - Orange City, P103, R66, D182, H185
TERPSTRA, Ritske P. - Orange City, P104, R17, D195, H198
TERPSTRA, Boukje - Orange City, P104, R18, D195, H198 (married before to Mr. Haagsma)
TERPSTRA, Annie - Orange City, P108, R22, D283, H288
TERRELL, Mary S. - Buncombe, P3, R66, D71, H71
TERRELL, Charlotte L. - Buncombe, P3, R67, D71, H71
TERRELL, Emily M. - Buncombe, P3, R68, D71, H71
TERWEE, Peter - Holland, P87, R84, D48, H48
TERWEE, Peter - Nassau, P157, R17, D237, H240
TESLA, Dora - Welcome, P228, R78, D73, H73
TESLAA, Garret - West Branch, P246, R50, D268, H271
TESLAA, Johanna - West Branch, P246, R51, D268, H271
TESLAA, Henry - West Branch, P246, R52, D268, H271
TESLAA, John - West Branch, P246, R53, D268, H271
TESLAA, Cynthia - West Branch, P246, R54, D268, H271
TESLAA, Hattie - West Branch, P246, R55, D268, H271
TESLAA, Dora - West Branch, P246, R56, D268, H271
TESLAA, Dorothy - West Branch, P246, R57, D268, H271
TESLAA, Garret - West Branch, P246, R58, D268, H271
TESLAA, Dinah - West Branch, P246, R59, D268, H271
TESLAA, William - West Branch, P246, R60, D268, H271
TESTER, Richard - Sioux, P198, R70, D95, H95
TEWECHEL, William - Grant, P83, R65, D116, H119
TEYNMAN, ??? - Rock, P188, R93, D254, H261
THAYER, Sidney - Plato, P72, R14, D110, H111
THAYER, Ed - Rock, P177, R86, D36, H39
THAYER, Jessie - Rock, P177, R87, D36, H39
THAYER, Stan - Rock, P177, R88, D36, H39
THAYER, Wayne - Rock, P177, R89, D36, H39
THAYER, Baby - Rock, P177, R90, D36, H39
THAYER, Millie - Rock, P188, R86, D254, H261
THAYER, Verna - Rock, P188, R87, D254, H261
THAYER, Faron - Rock, P188, R88, D254, H261
THAYER, Bert - Rock, P188, R89, D254, H261
THAYER, Harold - Rock, P188, R90, D254, H261
THEIS, John - Floyd, P63, R62, D221, H223
THEIS, Barbara - Floyd, P63, R63, D221, H223
THEIS, Johnnie - Floyd, P63, R64, D221, H223
THEIS, Peter A. - Floyd, P63, R65, D221, H223
THEIS, Maggie - Floyd, P63, R66, D221, H223
THELEN, John - Nassau, P148, R91, D95, H96
THELEN, Katie - Nassau, P148, R92, D95, H96
THELEN, Mary - Nassau, P148, R93, D95, H96
THELEN, Gertie - Nassau, P148, R94, D95, H96
THELEN, Katie - Nassau, P148, R95, D95, H96
THELEN, Josephine - Nassau, P148, R96, D95, H96
THELEN, John - Nassau, P148, R97, D95, H96
THELEN, Peter - Nassau, P148, R98, D95, H96
THELEN, Rosa - Nassau, P148, R99, D95, H96
THELEN, Micheal - Nassau, P157, R55, D244, H247
THELEN, Kathrine - Nassau, P157, R56, D244, H247
THELEN, Mary - Nassau, P157, R57, D244, H247
THELEN, Annie - Nassau, P157, R58, D244, H247
THELEN, Appalonia - Nassau, P157, R59, D244, H247
THELEN, Rozina - Nassau, P157, R60, D244, H247
THELEN, Paul - Nassau, P157, R61, D244, H247
THELEN, Valentine - Nassau, P157, R62, D244, H247
THIES, John - Holland, P92, R37, D134, H134
THILL, Lizzie - Nassau, P148, R70, D89, H90
THOLE, Henry - Floyd, P62, R55, D202, H204
THOMA, Harry J. - Orange City, P96, R99, D39, H40
THOMA, Mary - Orange City, P96, R100, D39, H40
THOMAS, Flossie - Eagle, P30, R92, D34, H34
THOMAS, Albert - Eagle, P30, R93, D34, H34
THOMAS, William - Eagle, P30, R94, D34, H34
THOMAS, Ernest N. - East Orange, P41, R26, D5, H5
THOMAS, Joseph - Garfield, P66, R79, D32, H32
THOMAS, J. Henry - Plato, P76, R65, D181, H182
THOMAS, Mary - Plato, P76, R66, D181, H182
THOMAS, M. Francis - Plato, P76, R67, D181, H182
THOMAS, Alma R. - Plato, P76, R68, D181, H182
THOMAS, Bertha J. - Plato, P76, R69, D181, H182
THOMAS, Isabel - Plato, P76, R70, D181, H182
THOMAS, James - Rock, P176, R95, D18, H21
THOMAS, Lottie - Rock, P176, R96, D18, H21
THOMAS, Alfred - Rock, P179, R51, D74, H77
THOMAS, Elizabeth - Rock, P179, R52, D74, H77
THOMAS, William H. - Rock, P179, R53, D74, H77
THOMASSEN, John - Holland, P93, R14, D148, H148
THOMASSEN, Isabelle - Holland, P93, R15, D148, H148
THOMASSEN, John - Holland, P93, R16, D148, H148
THOMASSEN, Jelle - Holland, P93, R17, D148, H148
THOMASSEN, George - Holland, P93, R18, D148, H148
THOMPSON, Cora - Eagle, P29, R48, D8, H8
THOMPSON, C. L. - Eagle, P30, R2, D19, H19
THOMPSON, A. V. - Eagle, P30, R3, D19, H19
THOMPSON, Nettie - Eagle, P30, R4, D19, H19
THOMPSON, Walter - Eagle, P30, R5, D19, H19
THOMPSON, James - Grant, P77, R64, D10, H10
THOMPSON, George J. - Logan, P127, R39, D53, H59
THOMPSON, Frank - Logan, P130, R41, D115, H128
THOMPSON, Whitfield Isaac - Reading, P166, R49, D57, H57
THOMPSON, Susan Ellen - Reading, P166, R50, D57, H57
THOMPSON, Woodman - Reading, P166, R69, D62, H62
THOMPSON, Jenefor - Reading, P166, R70, D62, H62
THOMPSON, Mary P. - Reading, P166, R71, D62, H62
THOMPSON, Maryann - Reading, P167, R100, D99, H100
THOMPSON, Larson - Rock, P188, R52, D249, H256
THOMPSON, Mary - Rock, P188, R53, D249, H256
THOMPSON, Oscar - Rock, P188, R54, D249, H256
THOMPSON, Millie - Rock, P188, R55, D249, H256
THOMPSON, Harold - Rock, P188, R56, D249, H256
THOMPSON, Curtie - Rock, P188, R57, D249, H256
THOMPSON, Roswell - Rock, P188, R58, D249, H256
THOMPSON, Clarence - Rock, P188, R59, D249, H256
THOMPSON, Newell - Rock, P188, R60, D249, H256
THOMPSON, - Settler, P201, R45, D128, H129
THOMPSON, Emma C. - Settler, P201, R46, D128, H129
THOMPSON, Cora - Settler, P201, R47, D128, H129
THOMPSON, Mellie - Settler, P201, R48, D128, H129
THOMPSON, Andrew - Settler, P201, R49, D128, H129
THOMPSON, Arther - Settler, P201, R50, D128, H129
THOMPSON, Elsie - Settler, P201, R51, D128, H129
THOMPSON, George - Settler, P201, R52, D128, H129
THOMPSON, Vivian - Settler, P201, R53, D128, H129
THOMPSON, Geo - Sheridan, P206, R17, D72, H72
THOMPSON, Mary Jane - Sheridan, P206, R18, D72, H72
THOMPSON, Sternsa - Sheridan, P206, R19, D72, H72
THOMPSON, James - Sheridan, P206, R20, D72, H72
THOMPSON, Edith - Sheridan, P206, R21, D72, H72
THOMPSON, Margeret - Sheridan, P206, R22, D72, H72
THOMPSON, Mary - Sheridan, P206, R23, D72, H72
THOMPSON, Grace - Sheridan, P206, R24, D72, H72
THORMAN, Tilla - East Orange, P42, R32, D28, H28
THORNTON, Serrill C. - Buncombe, P2, R15, D31, H31
THORNTON, Jenn??a - Buncombe, P2, R16, D31, H31
THORNTON, Scottie B. - Buncombe, P2, R17, D31, H31
THORNTON, Arthur H. - Buncombe, P2, R18, D31, H31
THORNTON, Lucy - Buncombe, P2, R19, D31, H31
THORNTON, Orphia H. - Buncombe, P2, R20, D31, H31
THORTON, Emily P. - Buncombe, P1, R51, D14, H14
TIBBALLS, Margaret - Buncombe, P2, R43, D36, H36
TIEDAN, John - Reading, P173, R33, D202, H204
TIEDAN, Elizabeth - Reading, P173, R34, D202, H204
TIEDAN, Henry - Reading, P173, R35, D202, H204
TIEDEMANN, B. - Sheridan, P212, R5, D180, H180
TIEDEMANN, Anna - Sheridan, P212, R6, D180, H180
TIEDEMANN, Henry - Sheridan, P212, R7, D180, H180
TIEDEMANN, Jacob - Sheridan, P212, R8, D180, H180
TIEDEMANN, John - Sheridan, P212, R9, D180, H180
TIEDEMANN, Lizzie - Sheridan, P212, R10, D180, H180
TIEDEMANN, Mary - Sheridan, P212, R11, D180, H180
TIEDEN, William - Center, P39, R83, D190, H190
TIEDEN, Vena - Reading, P167, R70, D90, H91
TIEKSTRA, Tjitscke - Lynn, P24, R77, D199, H199
TIEKSTRA, ??? - Lynn, P24, R78, D199, H199
TIEMENS, Gerrit J. - Nassau, P144, R28, D3, H3
TIEMENS, Aartjen - Nassau, P144, R29, D3, H3
TIEMENS, William - Nassau, P144, R30, D3, H3
TIEMENS, Jennie - Nassau, P144, R31, D3, H3
TIERNAN, John - Reading, P170, R69, D157, H158
TIERNAN, Margaret - Reading, P170, R70, D157, H158
TIERNAN, O. Eugene - Reading, P170, R71, D157, H158
TIERNAN, John F. - Reading, P170, R72, D157, H158
TIERNAN, Michael - Reading, P170, R73, D157, H158
TIERNCAS, William - West Branch, P242, R68, D208, H210
TIGH, Fred - Lincoln, P118, R48, D182, H186
TIGH, Minnie - Lincoln, P118, R49, D182, H186
TIGH, Fred - Lincoln, P118, R50, D182, H186
TILFORD, William Calvert - Reading, P168, R52, D116, H117
TILFORD, Nettie - Reading, P168, R53, D116, H117
TILFORD, Lelah Ann - Reading, P168, R54, D116, H117
TILFORD, John Calvert - Reading, P168, R55, D116, H117
TILFORD, Carlos Eddison - Reading, P168, R56, D116, H117
TILGNER, John - Logan, P130, R86, D130, H143
TILGNER, Mary M. - Logan, P130, R87, D130, H143
TILGNER, Clara W. - Logan, P130, R88, D130, H143
TILGNER, Arthur C. - Logan, P130, R89, D130, H143
TILGNER, Gretchen - Logan, P130, R90, D130, H143
TILGNER, Lottie S. - Logan, P130, R91, D130, H143
TILGNER, Hazel I. - Logan, P130, R92, D130, H143
TILLE, John - Sioux, P193, R30, D6, H6
TILLE, Cornelia - Sioux, P193, R31, D6, H6
TILLE, Daras - Sioux, P193, R32, D6, H6
TILLE, Engle - Sioux, P193, R33, D6, H6
TILLE, Peter H. - Sioux, P193, R34, D6, H6
TILLE, Victoria - Sioux, P193, R35, D6, H6
TILLE, John - Sioux, P193, R36, D6, H6
TILLE, Nellie - Sioux, P193, R37, D6, H6
TILLE, Celia - Sioux, P193, R38, D6, H6
TILLEMA, Cornelis - Floyd, P57, R72, D106, H108
TILLEMA, Triena - Floyd, P57, R73, D106, H108
TILLEMA, Jacob - Floyd, P57, R74, D106, H108
TILLEMA, Albert - Floyd, P57, R75, D106, H108
TILLEMA, Willie - Floyd, P57, R76, D106, H108
TILLEMA, Charles - Floyd, P57, R77, D106, H108
TILLEMA, Harry - Lynn, P27, R77, D241, H241
TILLEMA, Bell - Lynn, P27, R78, D241, H241
TILMA, John - Capel, P20, R31, D123, H123
TILSTRA, Gerrit - Garfield, P67, R40, D46, H46
TILSTRA, Kate - Garfield, P67, R41, D46, H46
TILSTRA, Clara - Garfield, P67, R42, D46, H46
TILTON, Fred E. - Logan, P131, R51, D136, H149
TILTON, Mary J. - Logan, P131, R52, D136, H149
TIMEN, Wm. - Lynn, P26, R99, D228, H228
TIMMEN, Ella - Lynn, P24, R72, D198, H198
TIMMER, Dirk - Garfield, P67, R24, D43, H43
TIMMER, Klaas - Orange City, P104, R93, D211, H214
TIMMER, Geertje - Orange City, P104, R94, D211, H214
TIMMER, Gertruida - Orange City, P104, R95, D211, H214
TIMMER, Jan - Orange City, P104, R96, D211, H214
TINKLENBERG, Dirk - Holland, P92, R25, D133, H133
TINKLENBERG, Tuinseke - Holland, P92, R26, D133, H133
TINNAN, John - Sherman, P223, R22, D174, H174
TINNAN, Kate - Sherman, P223, R23, D174, H174
TINNAN, Thomas F. - Sherman, P223, R24, D174, H174
TINNAN, Luke E. - Sherman, P223, R25, D174, H174
TINNAN, Mary - Sherman, P223, R26, D174, H174
TINNAN, Joseph - Sherman, P223, R27, D174, H174
TINNEMA, Tiebe - Floyd, P61, R99, D191, H193
TINNEMA, Tryntje - Floyd, P61, R100, D191, H193
TJERINGS, George - Sioux, P198, R84, D97, H97
TO??AN, He??y - Lynn, P27, R47, D236, H236
TOBIN, James - Lincoln, P118, R31, D179, H182
TOENJES, John C. - Reading, P171, R63, D172, H174
TOENSFELDT, Henry - East Orange, P50, R7, D140, H142
TOENSFELDT, Anna C. - East Orange, P50, R8, D140, H142
TOENSFELDT, John P. - East Orange, P50, R9, D140, H142
TOENSFELDT, Henry F. - East Orange, P50, R10, D140, H142
TOENSFELDT, William G. - East Orange, P50, R11, D140, H142
TOENSFELDT, Philomena D. - East Orange, P50, R12, D140, H142
TOENSFELDT, Ida C. - East Orange, P50, R13, D140, H142
TOERING, Herman - Orange City, P96, R96, D38, H39
TOERING, Engeltje - Orange City, P96, R97, D38, H39
TOERING, Hendrika J. - Orange City, P96, R98, D38, H39
TOFFSWALD, Edmond - Rock, P187, R38, D230, H237
TOFFSWALD, Maria - Rock, P187, R39, D230, H237
TOFFSWALD, Lulu - Rock, P187, R40, D230, H237
TOFFSWALD, Oyden - Rock, P187, R41, D230, H237
TOFFSWALD, William - Rock, P187, R42, D230, H237
TOFFSWALD, Alice - Rock, P187, R43, D230, H237
TOFFSWALD, Dohl - Rock, P187, R44, D230, H237
TOFFSWALD, Arthur - Rock, P187, R45, D230, H237
TOFFSWALD, Hazel - Rock, P187, R46, D230, H237
TOFFSWALD, George - Rock, P187, R47, D230, H237
TOFFSWALD, Leota - Rock, P187, R48, D230, H237
TOFFSWALD, Jennie - Rock, P187, R49, D230, H237
TOFT, Peter K. - Garfield, P66, R90, D35, H35
TOFT, Sadie - Garfield, P66, R91, D35, H35
TOFT, Stella R. - Garfield, P66, R92, D35, H35
TOFT, Kenneth E. - Garfield, P66, R93, D35, H35
TOFT, Ida - Settler, P201, R69, D131, H132
TOL, Henry - Lynn, P20, R62, D129, H129
TOL, Jennie - Lynn, P20, R63, D129, H129
TOL, Cora - Lynn, P20, R64, D129, H129
TOLSINA, Peter - Sioux, P196, R69, D63, H63
TOLSINA, Alice R. - Sioux, P196, R70, D63, H63
TOLSINA, Peba - Sioux, P196, R71, D63, H63
TOLSINA, Seba - Sioux, P196, R72, D63, H63
TOLSINA, Garrit - Sioux, P196, R73, D63, H63
TOLSMA, Edward - Nassau, P146, R84, D53, H53
TOLSMA, Nettie - Nassau, P146, R85, D53, H53
TOLSMA, Eddie - Nassau, P146, R86, D53, H53
TOLSMA, John - Nassau, P146, R87, D53, H53
TOLSMA, Minnie - Nassau, P146, R88, D53, H53
TOLSMA, Arie - Nassau, P146, R89, D53, H53
TOLSMA, Peter - Nassau, P146, R90, D53, H53
TOLSMA, Cornelis - Nassau, P146, R91, D53, H53
TOLSMA, Flora - Nassau, P146, R92, D53, H53
TOLTSMA, Geste - West Branch, P233, R59, D36, H37
TOLTSMA, Im?ge - West Branch, P233, R60, D36, H37
TOLTSMA, Henry - West Branch, P233, R61, D36, H37
TOLTSMA, D. Youka - West Branch, P233, R62, D36, H37
TOLTSMA, Gertie - West Branch, P233, R63, D36, H37
TOMPKIN, Walter J. - Logan, P125, R69, D17, H19
TOMPKIN, Sophia G. - Logan, P125, R70, D17, H19
TOMPKIN, Eline J. - Logan, P125, R71, D17, H19
TOMPKIN, Ralph H. - Logan, P125, R72, D17, H19
TOMPKIN, Mildred - Logan, P125, R73, D17, H19
TOMPSON, Swan - Sherman, P221, R78, D150, H150
TOMPSON, Mans - Sioux, P195, R31, D42, H42
TOMPSON, Maria - Sioux, P195, R32, D42, H42
TOMPSON, Martha - Sioux, P195, R33, D42, H42
TOMPSON, Paul - Sioux, P195, R34, D42, H42
TOMPSON, Reynold - Sioux, P195, R35, D42, H42
TOMPSON, Carl E. - Sioux, P195, R36, D42, H42
TOMPSON, Myrtle - Sioux, P195, R37, D42, H42
TOMPSON, Telma - Sioux, P195, R38, D42, H42
TOMPSON, Herman - Sioux, P195, R39, D42, H42
TOOHEY, Dennis - Lincoln, P111, R81, D41, H43
TOOHEY, Elizabeth - Lincoln, P111, R82, D41, H43
TOOHEY, Lorrane - Lincoln, P111, R83, D41, H43
TOP, Minnie - Center, P37, R69, D153, H153
TOP, Hendrik - Holland, P89, R10, D74, H74
TOP, Willempe - Holland, P89, R11, D74, H74
TOP, Gerrit J. - Holland, P89, R12, D74, H74
TOP, Hendrika - Holland, P89, R13, D74, H74
TOP, Carry - Holland, P89, R14, D74, H74
TOP, Reka - Holland, P89, R15, D74, H74
TOP, Annie - Holland, P89, R16, D74, H74
TOP, Bert - Welcome, P229, R9, D87, H87
TOP, John - Welcome, P231, R50, D122, H122
TOP, Lawrence - West Branch, P232, R75, D17, H18
TOP, Lammje - West Branch, P232, R76, D17, H18
TOP, Roloff - West Branch, P232, R77, D17, H18
TOP, Stephen - West Branch, P232, R78, D17, H18
TOP, Theodora - West Branch, P232, R79, D17, H18
TOP, Mary - West Branch, P234, R43, D51, H52
TOP, Rieka - West Branch, P234, R44, D51, H52
TOPPE, John B. - Rock, P178, R63, D56, H59
TOPPE, Kate - Rock, P178, R64, D56, H59
TOPPE, Anna - Rock, P178, R65, D56, H59
TOPPE, Lizzie - Rock, P178, R66, D56, H59
TOPPE, Josie - Rock, P178, R67, D56, H59
TORKELSEN, Nils - Garfield, P68, R50, D69, H69
TORKELSEN, Ingeborg - Garfield, P68, R51, D69, H69
TORKELSEN, Ole N. - Garfield, P68, R52, D69, H69
TORKELSEN, Edward - Garfield, P68, R53, D69, H69
TORKELSEN, Adolf - Garfield, P68, R54, D69, H69
TORKELSEN, Norman - Garfield, P68, R55, D69, H69
TORKELSON, Olof - Settler, P200, R4, D103, H103
TORNIS, Henry - Lynn, P21, R5, D136, H136
TORNIS, Katie - Lynn, P21, R6, D136, H136
TORNIS, Gertie - Lynn, P21, R7, D136, H136
TORNIS, Albert - Lynn, P21, R8, D136, H136
TORNIS, Gertrude - Lynn, P21, R9, D136, H136
TORWELLE, Henry - Center, P38, R17, D161, H161
TORWELLE, Henrietta - Center, P38, R18, D161, H161
TORWELLE, Charles - Center, P38, R19, D161, H161
TORWELLE, Mary - Center, P38, R20, D161, H161
TORWELLE, Henry - Center, P38, R21, D161, H161
TORWELLE, William - Center, P38, R22, D161, H161
TORWELLE, Otto - Center, P38, R23, D161, H161
TORWELLE, Augusta - Center, P38, R24, D161, H161
TORWELLE, Hattie - Center, P38, R25, D161, H161
TOSAKLEY, Albert - Rock, P192, R31, D307, H314
TOSTRUP, Frank - Floyd, P63, R83, D225, H227
TOSTRUP, Katie - Floyd, P63, R84, D225, H227
TOSTRUP, Henry - Floyd, P63, R85, D225, H227
TOSTRUP, ???tie - Floyd, P63, R86, D225, H227
TOSTRUP, Eddie - Floyd, P63, R87, D225, H227
TOSTRUP, Louisa - Floyd, P63, R88, D225, H227
TOSTRUP, Frank - Floyd, P63, R89, D225, H227
TOSTRUP, Lena - Floyd, P63, R90, D225, H227
TOSTRUP, Johnnie - Floyd, P63, R91, D225, H227
TOTT, Clarence - Orange City, P97, R7, D41, H42
TOTT, Julius - Orange City, P100, R97, D127, H129
TOTT, Aartie - Orange City, P100, R98, D127, H129
TOTT, Katie - Orange City, P100, R99, D127, H129
TOTT, George - Orange City, P100, R100, D127, H129
TOTT, Henry - Orange City, P101, R1, D127, H129
TOTT, Bertha - Orange City, P101, R2, D127, H129
TOTT, George - Orange City, P101, R3, D127, H130
TOTT, Herman - Orange City, P102, R70, D165, H168
TOTT, Nellie - Orange City, P102, R71, D165, H168
TOTT, George - Orange City, P102, R72, D165, H168
TOTT, Hubert - Orange City, P102, R73, D165, H168
TOTT, Willie - Orange City, P102, R74, D165, H168
TOTT, German - Orange City, P102, R75, D165, H168
TOTT, Emil O. - Orange City, P106, R38, D244, H248
TOTT, Johanna ?. G. - Orange City, P106, R39, D244, H248
TOTT, Frances - Orange City, P106, R40, D244, H248
TOTT, Arthur - Orange City, P106, R41, D244, H248
TOTT, Oscar - Orange City, P106, R42, D244, H248
TOTT, Carl - Sheridan, P210, R82, D160, H160
TOTT, Joanna - Sheridan, P210, R83, D160, H160
TOTT, Bertha - Sheridan, P210, R84, D160, H160
TOTT, John - Sheridan, P210, R85, D160, H160
TOTT, Anna - Sheridan, P210, R86, D160, H160
TOTT, George - Sheridan, P210, R87, D160, H160
TOWN, Hellen Louise - Reading, P165, R96, D45, H45
TOWNSEND, Will A. - Reading, P167, R29, D78, H79
TOWNSEND, Emma V - Reading, P169, R17, D78, H79
TOWNSEND, Fay - Reading, P169, R18, D78, H79
TOWNSEND, Nellie - Reading, P169, R19, D78, H79
TOWNSEND, John N. - Reading, P169, R20, D78, H79
TRAEGESER, Jacob - Washington, P142, R19, D339, H352
TRAEROLLE, Gerrit - Lincoln, P117, R66, D165, H169
TRAEROLLE, Clara - Lincoln, P117, R67, D165, H169
TRAEROLLE, Nettie - Lincoln, P117, R68, D165, H169
TRAGESER, August J. - Washington, P142, R97, D351, H364
TRAGESER, Henry - Washington, P142, R98, D351, H364
TRAINOR, John C. - Plato, P72, R48, D116, H117
TRAPP, Mathias - East Orange, P47, R69, D103, H105
TRAPP, Catherine - East Orange, P47, R70, D103, H105
TRAPP, Herman - East Orange, P47, R71, D103, H105
TRAPP, Henry - East Orange, P47, R72, D103, H105
TRAPP, Peter - East Orange, P47, R73, D103, H105
TRAPP, Catherine - East Orange, P47, R74, D103, H105
TRAUTMAN, R. W. - Eagle, P31, R21, D39, H39
TRAUTMAN, B. L. - Eagle, P31, R22, D39, H39
TRAUTMAN, Joy - Eagle, P31, R23, D39, H39
TRAUTMAN, Daniel R. - Eagle, P31, R24, D39, H39
TRAUTMAN, George Dewey - Eagle, P31, R25, D39, H39
TRAUTMAN, (blank) - Eagle, P31, R26, D39, H39
TREBON, Adolph - Rock, P186, R13, D212, H219
TREBON, Anna - Rock, P186, R14, D212, H219
TREBON, Effie - Rock, P186, R15, D212, H219
TREBON, Cristina - Rock, P186, R16, D212, H219
TREIBER, Jacob - Sioux, P195, R48, D44, H44
TREIBER, Philip - Sioux, P195, R49, D44, H44
TREIBER, Martin - Sioux, P195, R50, D44, H44
TREIBER, Peter - Sioux, P195, R51, D44, H44
TREIBER, John - Sioux, P195, R52, D44, H44
TREIBER, William - Sioux, P195, R53, D44, H44
TREIBER, George - Sioux, P195, R54, D44, H44
TREIBER, Ida - Sioux, P195, R55, D44, H44
TREUMER, Nick - Lincoln, P110, R45, D10, H11
TREVITHICK, Etta S. - Logan, P125, R37, D9, H9
TREVITHICK, Margaret Jessie - Reading, P164, R9, D2, H2
TREVITHICK, Emily Josephine - Reading, P164, R19, D4, H4
TRIPP, Edwin F. - Rock, P183, R47, D159, H166
TRIPP, Jessie - Rock, P183, R48, D159, H166
TRIPP, George E. - Rock, P183, R49, D159, H166
TRIPP, William D. - Rock, P183, R50, D159, H166
TRIPP, Elizabeth - Rock, P183, R51, D159, H166
TRITZ, Nicholas - East Orange, P47, R37, D99, H101
TRITZ, Annie - East Orange, P47, R38, D99, H101
TRITZ, Anthony N. - East Orange, P47, R39, D99, H101
TRITZ, Rose - East Orange, P47, R40, D99, H101
TRITZ, Flora K. - East Orange, P47, R41, D99, H101
TRITZ, Lawrence J. - East Orange, P47, R42, D99, H101
TRITZ, John P. - Nassau, P144, R47, D7, H7
TRITZ, Kate - Nassau, P144, R48, D7, H7
TRITZ, Mary - Nassau, P144, R49, D7, H7
TRITZ, Sylvester - Nassau, P144, R50, D7, H7
TRITZ, Lizzie - Nassau, P144, R51, D7, H7
TRITZ, Vincent - Nassau, P144, R52, D7, H7
TRITZ, Bertha - Nassau, P144, R53, D7, H7
TRITZ, Sara?? - Nassau, P144, R54, D7, H7
TROMP, Peter - Nassau, P163, R37, D342, H345
TROMP, Gertie - Nassau, P163, R38, D342, H345
TROMP, Fannie - Nassau, P163, R39, D342, H345
TROMP, Lizzie - Nassau, P163, R40, D342, H345
TRONSBSKY, William - Logan, P126, R97, D46, H50
TRONSBSKY, Sarah - Logan, P126, R98, D46, H50
TRONSBSKY, Samuel - Logan, P126, R99, D46, H50
TRONSBSKY, Simon - Logan, P126, R100, D46, H50
TRONSBSKY, Olzie - Logan, P127, R1, D46, H50
TRONSBSKY, Anna - Logan, P127, R2, D46, H50
TROUTMAN, Linnie - Orange City, P99, R63, D98, H100
TRUE, William - Settler, P201, R11, D121, H121
TRUEMER, Sine - Lincoln, P110, R46, D, H
TRUEMER, Bessie - Lincoln, P110, R47, D, H
TRUEMER, Edward - Lincoln, P110, R48, D, H
TRUEMER, Lena - Lincoln, P110, R49, D, H
TRUEMER, Amy - Lincoln, P110, R50, D, H
TRUESDALE, Myrtle - Logan, P132, R90, D164, H177
TRUESDELL, Myrtle - Logan, P126, R32, D29, H32
TRUESDELL, Lulu E. - Logan, P136, R76, D234, H247
TRUMAN, Peter A. - Floyd, P53, R3, D24, H25
TUAHEY, D. S. - Sheridan, P205, R16, D48, H48
TUCKER, Thomas - Lincoln, P120, R69, D224, H228
TUCKER, Libbie - Rock, P192, R68, D314, H321
TUCKER, Thomas - Rock, P192, R69, D314, H321
TUCKER, Mary - Rock, P192, R70, D314, H321
TUCKER, Amy - Rock, P192, R71, D314, H321
TUCKER, Clara - Rock, P192, R72, D314, H321
TUCKER, Mable - Rock, P192, R73, D314, H321
TUCKER, John - Rock, P192, R74, D314, H321
TUINSTRA, Dirk - Floyd, P61, R17, D177, H179
TUINSTRA, Dora - Floyd, P61, R18, D177, H179
TUINSTRA, Cornelius - Lincoln, P118, R58, D185, H189
TUINSTRA, Jennette - Lincoln, P118, R59, D185, H189
TUINSTRA, Ruth - Lincoln, P118, R60, D185, H189
TUINSTRA, Gertie - Lincoln, P118, R61, D185, H189
TUINSTRA, Bertha - Lincoln, P118, R62, D185, H189
TUINSTRA, Jacob - Sheridan, P208, R33, D111, H111
TUINSTRA, Jantjen - Sheridan, P208, R34, D111, H111
TUINSTRA, Peter - Sheridan, P208, R35, D111, H111
TUINSTRA, Maggie - Sheridan, P208, R36, D111, H111
TUINSTRA, Martin - Sheridan, P208, R37, D111, H111
TURNER, Joseph - Plato, P70, R74, D11, H12
TURNER, Emma - Plato, P70, R75, D11, H12
TURNER, Sadie - Plato, P70, R76, D11, H12
TURNER, John T. - Washington, P143, R18, D355, H368
TURNER, Annie L. - Washington, P143, R19, D355, H368
TURNER, Joseph S. - Washington, P143, R20, D355, H368
TURNER, Jacob R. - Washington, P143, R21, D355, H368
TURNER, Edgar F. - Washington, P143, R22, D355, H368
TURNER, Margie E. - Washington, P143, R23, D355, H368
TURNER, Susie - Washington, P143, R28, D356, H369
TURNER, Eugene - Washington, P143, R29, D356, H369
TUTJE, Evert - Grant, P77, R48, D9, H9
TUTJE, Etje - Grant, P77, R49, D9, H9
TUTJE, Jacob H. - Grant, P80, R65, D66, H67
TUTJE, Florence E. - Grant, P80, R66, D66, H67
TUTJE, Ett H. - Grant, P80, R69, D66, H67
TUTJE, Margaret F. - Grant, P80, R70, D66, H67
TUTJE, Christopher - Grant, P83, R5, D107, H108
TUTJE, Eke - Grant, P83, R6, D107, H108
TUTTLE, Wilson C. - Sheridan, P203, R21, D5, H5
TUTTLE, Zick - Sheridan, P203, R22, D5, H5
TUTTLE, Harry - Sheridan, P203, R23, D5, H5
TUTTLE, Edith - Sheridan, P203, R24, D5, H5
TUTTLE, Edward - Sheridan, P203, R26, D6, H6
TUTTLE, Sadie - Sheridan, P203, R27, D6, H6
TUTTLE, Zack - Sheridan, P203, R28, D6, H6
TUTTLE, Glenn - Sheridan, P203, R29, D6, H6
TWAIL, John A. - Grant, P82, R40, D95, H96
TWEEDY, Charles - Sherman, P215, R98, D53, H53
TWEEDY, Mary M. - Sherman, P215, R99, D53, H53
TWEEDY, Charles L. - Sherman, P215, R100, D53, H53
TWELLNANN, Louie - Washington, P140, R21, D306, H319
TWELLNANN, Zana - Washington, P140, R22, D306, H319
TWELLNANN, William L. - Washington, P140, R23, D306, H319
TWELLNANN, Freda G. - Washington, P140, R24, D306, H319
TWELLNANN, Martin - Washington, P140, R25, D306, H319
TWELLNANN, Zana E. - Washington, P140, R26, D306, H319
TWELLNANN, Henry M. - Washington, P140, R27, D306, H319
TWELLNANN, George G. - Washington, P140, R28, D306, H319
TWELLNANN, Martha M. L. - Washington, P140, R29, D306, H319
TWELLNANN, Adolph H. - Washington, P140, R30, D306, H319
TWILLMAN, William - Reading, P173, R88, D212, H214
TYLSTRA, Ryn - Lincoln, P118, R55, D184, H188
TYLSTRA, Effie - Lincoln, P118, R56, D184, H188
TYLSTRA, Peter - Lincoln, P118, R57, D184, H188
TYRRILL, Harry C. - Buncombe, P1, R92, D24, H24
TYRRILL, Edith M. - Buncombe, P1, R93, D24, H24


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