1900 Iowa Census Index

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S?? to SCHR

Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

S, Frank - Sherman, P216, R3, D54, H54
S??, ??? - Logan, P125, R10, D4, H4
S??, E??? - Logan, P125, R11, D4, H4
S??, Warren N. - Logan, P125, R12, D4, H4
S???, Geo S. - Buncombe, P1, R43, D12, H12
S???, ???a A. - Buncombe, P1, R44, D12, H12
S???, ???l J. - Buncombe, P1, R45, D12, H12
S???, ???ie C. - Buncombe, P1, R46, D12, H12
S???, A. - Orange City, P106, R2, D235, H238
S???, Gerritje - Orange City, P106, R3, D235, H238
S???TEN, ??? - Nassau, P144, R1, D1, H1
S???TEN, Grada - Nassau, P144, R2, D1, H1
S???TEN, ???t - Nassau, P144, R3, D1, H1
S???TEN, ???ie - Nassau, P144, R4, D1, H1
S???TEN, Walter - Nassau, P144, R5, D1, H1
SAEGER, Wm. - Lincoln, P118, R52, D183, H187
SAEGER, Hulda - Lincoln, P118, R53, D183, H187
SAEGER, Julius - Lincoln, P124, R12, D289, H294
SAEGER, Austena - Lincoln, P124, R13, D289, H294
SAEGER, Julius - Lincoln, P124, R14, D289, H294
SAEGER, Bertha - Lincoln, P124, R15, D289, H294
SAEGER, Clara - Lincoln, P124, R16, D289, H294
SAEGER, Benj. - Lincoln, P124, R17, D289, H294
SAEGER, Bertha - Sheridan, P203, R47, D10, H10
SALIE, Cornelius - Grant, P79, R43, D48, H49
SALIE, Grietje - Grant, P79, R44, D48, H49
SALIE, Tonie - Grant, P79, R45, D48, H49
SALIE, Jennie - Grant, P79, R46, D48, H49
SALIE, Lena - Grant, P79, R47, D48, H49
SALIE, Cornelius - Grant, P79, R48, D48, H49
SALSTROM, Charles C. - Reading, P173, R92, D213, H215
SAMSOM, Emery - Buncombe, P6, R14, D123, H123
SANDBULT, John - Plato, P74, R39, D148, H149
SANDBULT, Hanna - Plato, P74, R40, D148, H149
SANDBULT, Hanna - Plato, P74, R41, D148, H149
SANDBULT, Minnie - Plato, P74, R42, D148, H149
SANDBULT, Annie - Plato, P74, R43, D148, H149
SANDBULT, Hattie - Plato, P74, R44, D148, H149
SANDBULT, Dena - Plato, P74, R45, D148, H149
SANDBULT, William - Plato, P74, R46, D148, H149
SANDBULT, John - Plato, P74, R47, D148, H149
SANDBULT, Henry - Plato, P74, R48, D148, H149
SANDBULT, Herman - Plato, P75, R73, D166, H167
SANDERS, Carnell - Plato, P72, R35, D115, H116
SANDERS, Stenia - Plato, P72, R36, D115, H116
SANDERS, Joseph - Plato, P72, R37, D115, H116
SANDERS, Mary - Plato, P72, R38, D115, H116
SANDERS, John - Plato, P72, R39, D115, H116
SANDERS, Corneluis - Settler, P200, R19, D105, H105
SANDERS, Josie - Settler, P201, R80, D132, H133
SANDERS, Horace - Settler, P201, R81, D132, H133
SANDERSON, Elmer - Buncombe, P4, R27, D84, H84
SANDERSON, Elmer E. - Reading, P171, R38, D169, H171
SANDERSON, Edward - Settler, P201, R90, D134, H135
SANDERSON, Clara M. - Sioux, P194, R43, D24, H24
SANDSCHULTZ, Jas - Rock, P180, R32, D88, H91
SANDSCHULTZ, Francis - Rock, P180, R33, D88, H91
SANDSCHULTZ, Laura - Rock, P180, R34, D88, H91
SANDSCHULTZ, Agnes - Rock, P180, R35, D88, H91
SANDSCHULTZ, Florence - Rock, P180, R36, D88, H91
SANDSHUTTZ, Boney - Rock, P185, R29, D198, H205
SANDSHUTTZ, Mary - Rock, P185, R30, D198, H205
SANDSHUTTZ, Lizzie - Rock, P185, R31, D198, H205
SANDSHUTTZ, Francis - Rock, P185, R32, D198, H205
SANDSHUTTZ, Dora - Rock, P185, R33, D198, H205
SANDSHUTTZ, Josephine - Rock, P185, R34, D198, H205
SANDSHUTTZ, Evelina - Rock, P185, R35, D198, H205
SANDSHUTTZ, Annie - Rock, P185, R36, D198, H205
SANDSHUTTZ, Henry - Rock, P185, R37, D198, H205
SANDSHUTTZ, Leo - Rock, P185, R38, D198, H205
SANER, Henry - East Orange, P49, R88, D137, H139
SANER, Mary J. - East Orange, P49, R89, D137, H139
SANER, Ida R. - East Orange, P49, R90, D137, H139
SANER, Minnie M. M. - East Orange, P49, R91, D137, H139
SANER, John M. - East Orange, P49, R92, D137, H139
SANER, Hilary A. - East Orange, P49, R93, D137, H139
SANER, John L. - East Orange, P51, R49, D159, H161
SANER, Katie - East Orange, P51, R50, D159, H161
SANER, Katie - East Orange, P51, R51, D159, H161
SANER, Jacob - East Orange, P51, R52, D159, H161
SANER, Joseph C. - East Orange, P51, R53, D159, H161
SANSAM, Elythbath - Sherman, P221, R12, D138, H138
SANTEMA, Abe - Sherman, P216, R29, D61, H61
SANTEMA, Birtha - Sherman, P216, R30, D61, H61
SANTEMA, Harry - Sherman, P216, R31, D61, H61
SANTEMA, Tillie - Sherman, P216, R32, D61, H61
SANTEMA, Randolph - Sherman, P216, R33, D61, H61
SARGENT, Edith - Nassau, P152, R73, D168, H169
SARGENT, Morrison - Reading, P164, R1, D1, H1
SARGENT, Anna Elizabeth - Reading, P164, R2, D1, H1
SARGENT, Fred Hamilton - Reading, P164, R3, D1, H1
SARGENT, Charles Daniel - Reading, P168, R72, D121, H122
SARGENT, Carrie Belle - Reading, P168, R73, D121, H122
SARGENT, Vera May - Reading, P168, R74, D121, H122
SARGENT, Hazel Augusta - Reading, P168, R75, D121, H122
SARGENT, Royal Morrison - Reading, P168, R76, D121, H122
SARGENT, Ransom C. - Washington, P141, R15, D319, H332
SAS, Toarn - Sherman, P221, R50, D145, H145
SAS, ??? - Sherman, P221, R51, D145, H145
SASBARY, Christiana - Floyd, P64, R28, D231, H233
SATAMA, Peter - Lynn, P20, R100, D135, H135
SATAMA, Ida - Lynn, P21, R1, D135, H135
SATAMA, Eda - Lynn, P21, R2, D135, H135
SATAMA, John - Lynn, P21, R3, D135, H135
SATAMA, Helen - Lynn, P21, R4, D135, H135
SATERLEE, Philander F. - Washington, P138, R90, D280, H293
SATERLEE, Marianne - Washington, P138, R91, D280, H293
SATERLEE, Francis W. - Washington, P138, R92, D280, H293
SATERLEE, Herbert R. - Washington, P138, R93, D280, H293
SATRUM, Albert - Lincoln, P120, R87, D227, H231
SATRUM, Guishe?l - Lincoln, P120, R88, D227, H231
SATRUM, Antjor - Lincoln, P120, R89, D227, H231
SATTERLEE, John Wesley - Reading, P164, R80, D19, H19
SATTERLEE, Aabell - Reading, P164, R81, D19, H19
SATTERLEE, Albert - Reading, P164, R82, D19, H19
SATTERLEE, Edgar - Reading, P165, R81, D43, H43
SATTERLEE, Esther Leona - Reading, P165, R82, D43, H43
SATTERLEE, Orville Glen - Reading, P165, R83, D43, H43
SATTERLEE, Benjamin F. - Reading, P167, R86, D95, H96
SATTERLEE, Myron Nelson - Reading, P168, R16, D105, H106
SATTERLEE, Nellie Cornelia - Reading, P168, R17, D105, H106
SATTERLEE, Vesa Harriet - Reading, P168, R18, D105, H106
SATTERLEE, (not named) - Reading, P168, R19, D105, H106
SATTERLEE, Loren D. - Reading, P168, R65, D119, H120
SATTERLEE, Hulda A. - Reading, P168, R66, D119, H120
SATTERLEE, Ule J. - Reading, P168, R67, D119, H120
SATTERLEE, Elmer - Reading, P169, R39, D19, H19
SATTERLEE, Julius A. - Washington, P138, R83, D278, H291
SATTERLEE, Nancy E. - Washington, P138, R84, D278, H291
SATTERLEE, Anna - Washington, P138, R85, D278, H291
SATTERLEE, Burkette A. - Washington, P138, R86, D278, H291
SAUL, John - Garfield, P65, R8, D2, H2
SAVAGE, Dighton Oscar - Reading, P168, R5, D101, H102
SAVAGE, Clara L. - Reading, P168, R6, D101, H102
SAVAGE, Samuel - Reading, P172, R86, D194, H196
SAVAGE, David A. - Reading, P175, R27, D239, H241
SAVAGE, Estella E. - Reading, P175, R28, D239, H241
SAVAGE, Arthur S. - Reading, P175, R29, D239, H241
SAVAGE, Floyd - Reading, P175, R30, D239, H241
SAVAGE, (not named) - Reading, P175, R31, D239, H241
SAWYER, Mary L. - Lincoln, P114, R14, D94, H97
SAYER, John - Lincoln, P115, R45, D126, H130
SAYER, Katherina - Lincoln, P115, R46, D126, H130
SC??, Frank - Sherman, P217, R89, D84, H84
SCANLAN, Anna - Logan, P131, R40, D136, H149
SCANLAND, Lena L. - Orange City, P98, R46, D69, H70
SCANLON, Susan A. - Rock, P180, R46, D91, H95
SCANLON, Thomas - Rock, P180, R47, D91, H95
SCANLON, Willie - Rock, P180, R48, D91, H95
SCH???, ??? - Sheridan, P204, R84, D39, H39
SCHAACK, George - East Orange, P44, R14, D61, H62
SCHAACK, Huberta E. - East Orange, P44, R15, D61, H62
SCHAACK, John - East Orange, P44, R16, D61, H62
SCHAAP, Peter R. - Orange City, P95, R77, D14, H14
SCHAAP, Theodora R. - Orange City, P95, R78, D14, H14
SCHAAP, Cornie - Orange City, P95, R79, D14, H14
SCHAAP, Freeman O. - Orange City, P95, R80, D14, H14
SCHAAP, Jennie A. - Orange City, P95, R81, D14, H14
SCHAAP, Raymond - Orange City, P95, R82, D14, H14
SCHAAP, Maria A. - Orange City, P95, R83, D14, H14
SCHAAP, Antje - Orange City, P102, R13, D153, H156
SCHAAP, Cornelus - Orange City, P105, R14, D216, H219
SCHAAP, Nellie - Orange City, P105, R15, D216, H219
SCHAAP, Cornelia - Orange City, P105, R16, D216, H219
SCHAAP, Cornelus - Orange City, P105, R17, D216, H219
SCHAAP, Airie - Sheridan, P203, R72, D17, H17
SCHAAP, ??? - Sheridan, P203, R73, D17, H17
SCHAAP, Airie - Sheridan, P203, R74, D17, H17
SCHAAP, Ti?? - Sheridan, P205, R66, D60, H60
SCHAAP, ??ien - Sheridan, P205, R67, D60, H60
SCHAAP, Airie - Sheridan, P205, R68, D60, H60
SCHAAP, Gertie - Sheridan, P205, R69, D60, H60
SCHAAP, ?tt - Sheridan, P205, R70, D60, H60
SCHAAP, Peter - Sheridan, P205, R71, D60, H60
SCHAAP, Pa?? - Sheridan, P205, R72, D60, H60
SCHAAP, Minnie - Sheridan, P205, R73, D60, H60
SCHAAP, John - Sioux, P197, R90, D81, H81
SCHAAP, Elizabeth - Sioux, P197, R91, D81, H81
SCHAAP, Dani - Sioux, P197, R92, D81, H81
SCHAAP, dirk - Sioux, P197, R93, D81, H81
SCHAAP, Johannah - Sioux, P197, R94, D81, H81
SCHAAP, Peter - Sioux, P197, R95, D81, H81
SCHAAP, John - Sioux, P197, R96, D81, H81
SCHAAP, Jennie - Sioux, P197, R97, D81, H81
SCHAAP, Maggie - Sioux, P197, R98, D81, H81
SCHAAPMAN, Henry - Orange City, P100, R96, D126, H128
SCHADDELEE, Leonard - West Branch, P237, R17, D108, H110
SCHADDELEE, Katie - West Branch, P237, R18, D108, H110
SCHADDELEE, Clara N. - West Branch, P237, R19, D108, H110
SCHADDELEE, Richard - West Branch, P237, R20, D108, H110
SCHADE, Claus - Sheridan, P209, R25, D130, H130
SCHAFFENBERG, Louisa - Center, P39, R67, D189, H189
SCHAFFENBERG, Emma - Center, P39, R68, D189, H189
SCHAFFENBERG, Nicholas - Center, P39, R63, D189, H189
SCHAFFENBERG, Mary - Center, P39, R64, D189, H189
SCHAFFENBERG, Carl - Center, P39, R65, D189, H189
SCHAFFENBERG, William - Center, P39, R66, D189, H189
SCHAFFENBERG, Tena - Center, P39, R69, D189, H189
SCHAFFENBERG, Mary - Center, P39, R70, D189, H189
SCHAFFENBERG, Bertha - Center, P39, R71, D189, H189
SCHALEKAMP, Derk H. - Orange City, P101, R54, D140, H143
SCHALEKAMP, Mary - Orange City, P101, R55, D140, H143
SCHALEKAMP, Tinnie - Orange City, P101, R56, D140, H143
SCHALEKAMP, Henry - Orange City, P101, R57, D140, H143
SCHALEKAMP, Cynthia - Orange City, P101, R58, D140, H143
SCHALEKAMP, Kate - Orange City, P101, R59, D140, H143
SCHALEKAMP, Lizzie - Orange City, P101, R60, D140, H143
SCHALEKAMP, Dick - Orange City, P101, R61, D140, H143
SCHALEKAMP, Cornelia - Orange City, P101, R62, D140, H143
SCHALEKAMP, Alida - Orange City, P101, R63, D140, H143
SCHALEKAMP, Jacob - Sherman, P217, R9, D72, H72
SCHALEKAMP, Jannie - Sherman, P217, R10, D72, H72
SCHALEKAMP, Nellie - Sherman, P217, R11, D72, H72
SCHALEKAMP, Autaine? - Sherman, P217, R12, D72, H72
SCHALEKAMP, Henry - Sherman, P217, R13, D72, H72
SCHALEKAMP, Cornelus - Sherman, P222, R58, D163, H163
SCHARFF, Henry - Plato, P72, R26, D112, H113
SCHARFF, William - Rock, P187, R82, D236, H243
SCHARFF, Matilda - Rock, P187, R83, D236, H243
SCHARFF, Everett - Rock, P187, R84, D236, H243
SCHARFF, Ernest - Rock, P187, R85, D236, H243
SCHARFF, Nettie - Rock, P187, R86, D236, H243
SCHARFF, May - Rock, P187, R87, D236, H243
SCHARFF, Sadie - Rock, P187, R88, D236, H243
SCHARFFENBERG, Paul C. - Plato, P75, R69, D166, H167
SCHARFFENBERG, Elsie K. - Plato, P75, R70, D166, H167
SCHARFFENBERG, Henry N. - Plato, P75, R71, D166, H167
SCHARFFENBERG, Anna S. - Plato, P75, R72, D166, H167
SCHAT, Simon - Orange City, P108, R85, D296, H301
SCHAT, Florence - Orange City, P108, R86, D296, H301
SCHAT, Jennie - Orange City, P108, R87, D296, H301
SCHAT, Herman - Orange City, P108, R88, D296, H301
SCHAT, Rennie - Orange City, P108, R89, D296, H301
SCHAT, Tillie - Orange City, P108, R90, D296, H301
SCHAT, Nellie - Orange City, P108, R91, D296, H301
SCHAT, Johnnie - Orange City, P108, R92, D296, H301
SCHAT, Peter - Orange City, P108, R93, D296, H301
SCHAUL, Andrew - East Orange, P49, R38, D129, H131
SCHAUL, Matilda - East Orange, P49, R39, D129, H131
SCHAUL, Peter G. - East Orange, P49, R40, D129, H131
SCHAUL, Maggie M. - East Orange, P49, R41, D129, H131
SCHAUL, Clara K. - East Orange, P49, R42, D129, H131
SCHAUL, Mary A. - East Orange, P49, R43, D129, H131
SCHAUL, Nick - East Orange, P49, R44, D129, H131
SCHAUL, Nick - East Orange, P49, R45, D129, H131
SCHAUL, John N. - Nassau, P149, R47, D104, H105
SCHAUL, Maggie - Nassau, P149, R48, D104, H105
SCHAUL, Hen??etta - Nassau, P149, R49, D104, H105
SCHAUL, Michael P. - Nassau, P149, R50, D104, H105
SCHAUL, Alf??? - Nassau, P153, R26, D179, H180
SCHAUL, Elizebeth - Nassau, P153, R27, D179, H180
SCHAUL, Arnold - Nassau, P153, R28, D179, H180
SCHAUL, Cyril - Nassau, P153, R29, D179, H180
SCHAUL, Esther C. - Nassau, P153, R30, D179, H180
SCHECKEL, Nick - Nassau, P150, R37, D120, H121
SCHECKEL, Catherine - Nassau, P150, R38, D120, H121
SCHECKEL, John - Nassau, P150, R39, D120, H121
SCHECKEL, Claudia - Nassau, P150, R40, D120, H121
SCHECKEL, Olivia - Nassau, P150, R41, D120, H121
SCHELLING, Leeugert - Center, P39, R3, D175, H175
SCHELLING, Cornelius - Plato, P75, R45, D162, H163
SCHELLING, Henrietta - Plato, P75, R46, D162, H163
SCHELLING, Emma - Plato, P75, R47, D162, H163
SCHELLING, Rochus - Plato, P75, R48, D162, H163
SCHEMMEL, John A. - East Orange, P41, R87, D19, H19
SCHEMMEL, Francis E. S. - East Orange, P41, R88, D19, H19
SCHEMMEL, Cicelia F. - East Orange, P41, R89, D19, H19
SCHEMMEL, Abfelmia C. A. - East Orange, P41, R90, D19, H19
SCHEMMEL, Alphons C. - East Orange, P41, R91, D19, H19
SCHEMMEL, Anton - East Orange, P43, R88, D55, H56
SCHEMMEL, Henry J. - East Orange, P43, R100, D59, H60
SCHEMMEL, Mary A. - East Orange, P44, R1, D59, H60
SCHEMMEL, Francis E. - East Orange, P44, R2, D59, H60
SCHEMMEL, Frederick J. - East Orange, P44, R3, D59, H60
SCHEMMEL, Lorn?a W. - East Orange, P44, R4, D59, H60
SCHEMMEL, Avelina A. M. - East Orange, P44, R5, D59, H60
SCHEMMEL, Ida S. - East Orange, P44, R6, D59, H60
SCHEMMEL, Joseph H. - East Orange, P44, R7, D59, H60
SCHEMMEL, William H. - East Orange, P45, R83, D78, H80
SCHEMMEL, Annie - East Orange, P45, R84, D78, H80
SCHEMMEL, Hilda F. - East Orange, P45, R85, D78, H80
SCHEMMEL, Raymond C. - East Orange, P45, R86, D78, H80
SCHEMMER, Henry - Rock, P176, R22, D5, H6
SCHEMMER, Kate - Rock, P176, R23, D5, H6
SCHEMMER, Albert - Rock, P176, R24, D5, H6
SCHEMMER, John - Rock, P176, R25, D5, H6
SCHEMMER, Ben - Rock, P176, R26, D5, H6
SCHEMMER, Mina - Rock, P176, R27, D5, H6
SCHEMMER, Kate - Rock, P176, R28, D5, H6
SCHEMMER, Rose - Rock, P176, R29, D5, H6
SCHEMMER, Frank - Rock, P176, R30, D5, H6
SCHEMMER, Philip - Rock, P181, R74, D114, H120
SCHIEFEN, F. W. - Eagle, P30, R44, D26, H26
SCHIEFEN, Kate - Eagle, P30, R45, D26, H26
SCHIEFEN, William - Eagle, P30, R46, D26, H26
SCHIEFEN, Joseph - Eagle, P30, R47, D26, H26
SCHIEFEN, Peter - Eagle, P30, R48, D26, H26
SCHIEFEN, Helen - Eagle, P30, R49, D26, H26
SCHIEFEN, George - Eagle, P30, R50, D26, H26
SCHIEFEN, Chris - Eagle, P30, R51, D26, H26
SCHIEFEN, Louis - Eagle, P30, R52, D26, H26
SCHIEFEN, Julius - Eagle, P30, R53, D26, H26
SCHIEFEN, Elizabeth - Eagle, P30, R54, D26, H26
SCHILMOELLER, John H. - East Orange, P47, R21, D97, H99
SCHILMOELLER, Marie L. - East Orange, P47, R22, D97, H99
SCHILMOELLER, Christine M. - East Orange, P47, R23, D97, H99
SCHILMOELLER, Anna J. - East Orange, P47, R24, D97, H99
SCHILMOELLER, Catherine J. - East Orange, P47, R25, D97, H99
SCHILMOELLER, Maria Rose - East Orange, P47, R26, D97, H99
SCHILT, Marenus - Nassau, P156, R67, D229, H231
SCHILT, Margareth - Nassau, P156, R68, D229, H231
SCHILT, Minnie - Nassau, P156, R69, D229, H231
SCHILT, Jan - Nassau, P156, R70, D229, H231
SCHIMDT, Andrew W. - Washington, P140, R9, D304, H317
SCHIMDT, Elizabeth - Washington, P140, R10, D304, H317
SCHIMDT, Wilhelm - Washington, P140, R11, D304, H317
SCHIMDT, Andrew - Washington, P140, R12, D304, H317
SCHIMDT, Lena J. - Washington, P140, R13, D304, H317
SCHIMING, Frederick - Washington, P138, R73, D276, H289
SCHIMING, Augusta - Washington, P138, R74, D276, H289
SCHIMING, Charles - Washington, P138, R75, D276, H289
SCHIMING, Amos - Washington, P138, R76, D276, H289
SCHIMING, Bertha A. - Washington, P138, R77, D276, H289
SCHIMING, Benjamin - Washington, P138, R78, D276, H289
SCHLACHT, Joseph - Grant, P78, R42, D29, H29
SCHLACHT, Mary - Grant, P78, R43, D29, H29
SCHLACHT, Mary - Grant, P78, R44, D29, H29
SCHLACHT, Annie - Grant, P78, R45, D29, H29
SCHLACHT, Theresa - Grant, P78, R46, D29, H29
SCHLECTY, Estella - Sioux, P197, R68, D77, H77
SCHLICKELMAN, Aemens - Logan, P135, R45, D209, H222
SCHLICKELMAN, Louise - Logan, P135, R46, D209, H222
SCHLICKELMAN, Charles H. - Logan, P135, R47, D209, H222
SCHLICKELMAN, Aggnes - Logan, P135, R48, D209, H222
SCHLICKELMAN, Gunilda - Logan, P135, R49, D209, H222
SCHLIDTE, John - East Orange, P48, R38, D114, H116
SCHLIDTE, Mary A. - East Orange, P48, R39, D114, H116
SCHLIDTE, Clara A. - East Orange, P48, R40, D114, H116
SCHLIDTE, Katie L. - East Orange, P48, R41, D114, H116
SCHLIDTE, Annie M. - East Orange, P48, R42, D114, H116
SCHLIDTE, John E. - East Orange, P48, R43, D114, H116
SCHLOETEL, Wm. - Sheridan, P209, R32, D132, H132
SCHLOETEL, Katie - Sheridan, P209, R33, D132, H132
SCHLOETEL, Henry - Sheridan, P209, R34, D132, H132
SCHLOSSIEN, William - Lincoln, P112, R12, D49, H51
SCHLOSSIEN, Agusta - Lincoln, P112, R13, D49, H51
SCHLOSSIEN, Martha - Lincoln, P112, R14, D49, H51
SCHLOSSIEN, Willie - Lincoln, P112, R15, D49, H51
SCHLOSSIEN, Albert - Lincoln, P112, R16, D49, H51
SCHLUND, John - Sioux, P199, R8, D101, H101
SCHLUND, Mary - Sioux, P199, R9, D101, H101
SCHLUND, Elise - Sioux, P199, R10, D101, H101
SCHLUND, Esther - Sioux, P199, R11, D101, H101
SCHLUND, Emma - Sioux, P199, R12, D101, H101
SCHLUND, Frederick - Sioux, P199, R13, D101, H101
SCHLUND, Marion - Sioux, P199, R14, D101, H101
SCHMECHEL, Herman - Grant, P77, R100, D17, H17
SCHMECHEL, Frank - Grant, P82, R49, D97, H98
SCHMECHEL, Erich - Grant, P82, R73, D101, H102
SCHMEDHANS, Christina - Reading, P175, R15, D236, H238
SCHMEDHANS, August - Reading, P175, R16, D236, H238
SCHMEDHAUSE, Henry - Washington, P140, R87, D315, H328
SCHMEDHAUSE, Kate - Washington, P140, R88, D315, H328
SCHMEDHAUSE, Christine W. - Washington, P140, R89, D315, H328
SCHMEDHAUSE, Alvina H. A. - Washington, P140, R90, D315, H328
SCHMEDHAUSE, Louise J. - Washington, P140, R91, D315, H328
SCHMIDT, Maggie - East Orange, P45, R3, D67, H69
SCHMIDT, George A. - East Orange, P45, R4, D67, H69
SCHMIDT, John - East Orange, P45, R5, D67, H69
SCHMIDT, Herman J. - East Orange, P45, R6, D67, H69
SCHMIDT, John D. - Nassau, P149, R34, D103, H104
SCHMIDT, Fredrike - Nassau, P149, R35, D103, H104
SCHMIDT, Benjamin - Nassau, P149, R36, D103, H104
SCHMIDT, Elizabeth - Nassau, P149, R37, D103, H104
SCHMIDT, Clara - Nassau, P149, R38, D103, H104
SCHMIDT, Ida - Nassau, P149, R39, D103, H104
SCHMIDT, Edward - Nassau, P149, R40, D103, H104
SCHMIDT, Arthur - Nassau, P149, R41, D103, H104
SCHMIDT, Boi - Nassau, P153, R11, D176, H177
SCHMIDT, Mary - Nassau, P153, R12, D176, H177
SCHMIDT, Annie - Nassau, P153, R13, D176, H177
SCHMIDT, Boi - Nassau, P153, R14, D176, H177
SCHMIDT, Mary - Nassau, P153, R15, D176, H177
SCHMIDT, Sina - Nassau, P153, R16, D176, H177
SCHMIDT, Helen - Nassau, P153, R17, D176, H177
SCHMIDT, Charlie - Nassau, P153, R18, D176, H177
SCHMIDT, George - Nassau, P153, R19, D176, H177
SCHMIDT, Sophia - Reading, P164, R47, D11, H11
SCHMIDT, Gurgen C. - Reading, P166, R61, D60, H60
SCHMIDT, Katharine - Reading, P166, R62, D60, H60
SCHMIDT, Jacob - Reading, P174, R42, D220, H222
SCHMIDT, John - Sheridan, P212, R22, D182, H182
SCHMIDT, Sophia - Sheridan, P212, R23, D182, H182
SCHMIDT, Henry - Sheridan, P212, R24, D182, H182
SCHMIDT, ??? - Sheridan, P212, R25, D182, H182
SCHMIDT, Sophia - Sioux, P197, R58, D76, H76
SCHMIDT, Henry - Sioux, P197, R72, D78, H78
SCHMIDT, Lena - Sioux, P197, R73, D78, H78
SCHMIDT, Minnie - Sioux, P197, R74, D78, H78
SCHMIDT, Baby - Sioux, P197, R75, D78, H78
SCHMIEDING, Mary - Floyd, P63, R1, D209, H211
SCHMIT, Peter - Floyd, P60, R26, D161, H163
SCHMIT, Trisana - Floyd, P60, R27, D161, H163
SCHMIT, Peter - Floyd, P60, R28, D161, H163
SCHMIT, Frances - Floyd, P60, R29, D161, H163
SCHMIT, Annie - Floyd, P60, R30, D161, H163
SCHMIT, Eva - Floyd, P60, R31, D161, H163
SCHMIT, Clement - Floyd, P60, R32, D161, H163
SCHMIT, S?rnest - Floyd, P60, R33, D161, H163
SCHMIT, Mary E. - Floyd, P60, R34, D161, H163
SCHMUCKER, Morris - Reading, P167, R51, D87, H88
SCHMUCKER, Anna - Reading, P167, R52, D87, H88
SCHMUCKER, Harry L. - Reading, P167, R53, D87, H88
SCHMUCKER, Earl T. - Reading, P167, R54, D87, H88
SCHNEE, Peter - Floyd, P62, R85, D207, H209
SCHNEE, Josephine - Floyd, P62, R86, D207, H209
SCHNEE, Laura - Floyd, P62, R87, D207, H209
SCHNEE, Edna - Floyd, P62, R88, D207, H209
SCHNEE, Henry J. - Floyd, P62, R96, D209, H211
SCHNEE, Margaret - Floyd, P62, R97, D209, H211
SCHNEE, Earnest H. - Floyd, P62, R98, D209, H211
SCHNEE, Emily - Floyd, P62, R99, D209, H211
SCHNEE, Joseph C. - Floyd, P62, R100, D209, H211
SCHNEE, William - Nassau, P153, R91, D189, H190
SCHNEE, Annie - Nassau, P153, R92, D189, H190
SCHNEE, Clara - Nassau, P153, R93, D189, H190
SCHNEE, Edith - Nassau, P153, R94, D189, H190
SCHNEE, Albert - Nassau, P153, R95, D189, H190
SCHNEE, Rosa - Nassau, P153, R96, D189, H190
SCHNEE, Henry - Nassau, P153, R97, D190, H191
SCHNEE, ??? - Nassau, P153, R98, D190, H191
SCHNEE, Josephine - Nassau, P153, R99, D190, H191
SCHNEE, Edna E. - Nassau, P153, R100, D190, H191
SCHNEIDER, George - Center, P35, R90, D121, H121
SCHNEIDER, Lena - Center, P35, R91, D121, H121
SCHNEIDER, Karl - Center, P35, R92, D121, H121
SCHNEIDER, Mary - East Orange, P46, R19, D83, H85
SCHNEIDER, Nick J. - East Orange, P46, R20, D83, H85
SCHNEIDER, Bartholem? - East Orange, P46, R21, D83, H85
SCHNEIDER, Nick - East Orange, P46, R38, D86, H88
SCHNEIDER, Annie - East Orange, P46, R39, D86, H88
SCHNEIDER, John N. - East Orange, P46, R40, D86, H88
SCHNEIDER, Katie M. - East Orange, P46, R41, D86, H88
SCHNEIDER, Francis G. - East Orange, P46, R42, D86, H88
SCHNEIDER, Annie T. - East Orange, P46, R43, D86, H88
SCHNEIDER, Edward J. - East Orange, P46, R44, D86, H88
SCHNEIDER, Charles J. - East Orange, P46, R45, D86, H88
SCHNEIDER, George N. - East Orange, P46, R46, D86, H88
SCHNEIDER, Clara P. - East Orange, P46, R47, D86, H88
SCHNEIDER, John - East Orange, P49, R63, D132, H134
SCHNEIDER, Peter - East Orange, P51, R48, D158, H160
SCHNEIDER, Anthony - Grant, P83, R84, D122, H125
SCHNEIDER, Fred W. - Orange City, P109, R17, D304, H309
SCHNEIDER, Kate - Orange City, P109, R18, D304, H309
SCHNEIDER, Hope - Orange City, P109, R19, D304, H309
SCHNELL, Roy - Orange City, P109, R20, D304, H309
SCHNEPF, Christ - Lincoln, P119, R35, D199, H203
SCHNEPF, Dora - Lincoln, P119, R36, D199, H203
SCHNEPF, Mina - Lincoln, P119, R37, D199, H203
SCHNEPF, Henry - Lincoln, P119, R38, D199, H203
SCHNEPF, Wm. - Lincoln, P119, R39, D199, H203
SCHNEPF, Lena - Lincoln, P119, R40, D199, H203
SCHNEPF, Lizzie - Lincoln, P119, R41, D199, H203
SCHNEPF, Mary - Lincoln, P119, R42, D199, H203
SCHNEPF, Fred - Lincoln, P119, R43, D199, H203
SCHNEPF, Ernest - Lincoln, P119, R44, D199, H203
SCHOELLEN, Kate - Nassau, P150, R98, D131, H132
SCHOEN, Mat - Buncombe, P8, R8, D169, H169
SCHOENEMAN, Robt - Lincoln, P111, R1, D21, H22
SCHOENEMAN, Rose - Lincoln, P111, R2, D21, H22
SCHOENEMAN, Virgil - Lincoln, P111, R3, D21, H22
SCHOENEMAN, Cecil - Lincoln, P111, R4, D21, H22
SCHOENEMAN, Marie - Lincoln, P111, R5, D21, H22
SCHOENEMAN, Otto - Lynn, P25, R66, D213, H213
SCHOENEMAN, Nellie - Lynn, P25, R67, D213, H213
SCHOENEMAN, Francis - Lynn, P25, R68, D213, H213
SCHOENEMAN, Vernie - Lynn, P25, R69, D213, H213
SCHOENEMAN, C???one - Lynn, P25, R70, D213, H213
SCHOENEMAN, C. - Sheridan, P209, R71, D139, H139
SCHOENEMAN, Nettie - Sheridan, P209, R72, D139, H139
SCHOENEMAN, Frank B. - West Branch, P233, R93, D42, H43
SCHOEP, Peter L. - West Branch, P236, R52, D95, H97
SCHOEP, Hattie - West Branch, P236, R53, D95, H97
SCHOEP, Hannah - West Branch, P236, R54, D95, H97
SCHOEP, Andrew - West Branch, P236, R55, D95, H97
SCHOEP, Garrett H. - West Branch, P236, R56, D95, H97
SCHOEP, George H. - West Branch, P238, R49, D135, H137
SCHOEP, Johanna - West Branch, P238, R50, D135, H137
SCHOLTEN, Gerrit - Floyd, P61, R48, D183, H185
SCHOLTEN, Hattie - Floyd, P61, R49, D183, H185
SCHOLTEN, Willie K. - Floyd, P61, R50, D183, H185
SCHOLTEN, Johanus - Floyd, P61, R51, D183, H185
SCHOLTEN, Richard - Floyd, P61, R52, D183, H185
SCHOLTEN, Herman A. - Holland, P86, R13, D20, H20
SCHOLTEN, Annie - Holland, P86, R14, D20, H20
SCHOLTEN, Gertie - Holland, P86, R15, D20, H20
SCHOLTEN, Simon - Holland, P86, R16, D20, H20
SCHOLTEN, William - Holland, P86, R18, D21, H21
SCHOLTEN, Henrietta - Holland, P86, R19, D21, H21
SCHOLTEN, Alma M. - Holland, P86, R20, D21, H21
SCHOLTEN, Johanna G. - Holland, P86, R21, D21, H21
SCHOLTEN, Henry J. - Holland, P86, R67, D31, H31
SCHOLTEN, Anna - Holland, P86, R68, D31, H31
SCHOLTEN, Gerhard L. - Holland, P86, R69, D31, H31
SCHOLTEN, James - Lincoln, P112, R31, D52, H54
SCHOLTEN, Grace - Lincoln, P112, R32, D52, H54
SCHOLTEN, Gertie - Lincoln, P112, R33, D52, H54
SCHOLTEN, George - Lincoln, P112, R34, D52, H54
SCHOLTEN, Ella - Lincoln, P112, R35, D52, H54
SCHOLTEN, Minnie - Lincoln, P112, R36, D52, H54
SCHOLTEN, Albert J. - Lincoln, P112, R37, D52, H54
SCHOLTEN, William K. - Nassau, P145, R88, D35, H35
SCHOLTEN, Dereka - Nassau, P145, R89, D35, H35
SCHOLTEN, Johanna - Nassau, P145, R90, D35, H35
SCHOLTEN, Evert J. - Nassau, P154, R53, D194, H196
SCHOLTEN, Nellie M. - Nassau, P154, R54, D194, H196
SCHOLTEN, Anna M. - Nassau, P158, R3, D250, H253
SCHOLTEN, Lambertus - Orange City, P107, R62, D269, H274
SCHOLTEN, Marie L. E. - Orange City, P107, R63, D269, H274
SCHOLTEN, Wilhelmina S. - Orange City, P107, R64, D269, H274
SCHOLTEN, Johan - Orange City, P107, R65, D269, H274
SCHOLTEN, Berndina C. - Orange City, P107, R66, D269, H274
SCHOLTEN, Wilhelm A. J. - Orange City, P107, R67, D269, H274
SCHOLTEN, William - Plato, P71, R72, D104, H105
SCHOLTEN, John A. - Welcome, P228, R47, D79, H79
SCHOLTEN, Lena - Welcome, P228, R48, D79, H79
SCHOLTEN, Gertie - Welcome, P228, R49, D79, H79
SCHOLTEN, Sadie - Welcome, P228, R50, D79, H79
SCHOLTEN, Albert J. - Welcome, P228, R51, D79, H79
SCHOLTON, John D. - Sheridan, P206, R99, D88, H88
SCHOLTON, Jennie - Sheridan, P206, R100, D88, H88
SCHOLTON, Evert John - Sheridan, P207, R1, D88, H88
SCHOLTON, Adrianus - Sheridan, P207, R2, D88, H88
SCHOLTON, Garrett - Sheridan, P207, R3, D88, H88
SCHOLTON, Heim - Sheridan, P207, R4, D88, H88
SCHOLTON, Hattie - Sheridan, P207, R5, D88, H88
SCHOLTON, John - Sheridan, P207, R6, D88, H88
SCHOLTON, Mary E. - Sheridan, P207, R7, D88, H88
SCHOLTON, Josie - Sheridan, P207, R8, D88, H88
SCHOLTON, Bert - Sheridan, P207, R9, D88, H88
SCHON, Mat - Logan, P130, R76, D123, H136
SCHONEVELD, Roelf - Holland, P93, R88, D166, H166
SCHONEVELD, Markje - Holland, P93, R89, D166, H166
SCHONEWILLE, Bert - Welcome, P231, R19, D117, H117
SCHONEWILLE, Kate - Welcome, P231, R20, D117, H117
SCHONEWILLE, Rulof - Welcome, P231, R21, D117, H117
SCHONEWILLE, Derkjie H. - Welcome, P231, R22, D117, H117
SCHOOLMEESTER, Manus - Plato, P70, R35, D5, H6
SCHOOLMEESTER, H. - Welcome, P227, R1, D52, H52
SCHOONING, Charles - East Orange, P43, R22, D43, H44
SCHORLMEISTEN, Johan - West Branch, P240, R29, D171, H173
SCHORLMEISTEN, Hatie - West Branch, P240, R30, D171, H173
SCHORLMEISTEN, Clarence - West Branch, P240, R31, D171, H173
SCHOUWTEN, G. - Welcome, P230, R5, D100, H100
SCHOUWTEN, Aartjie - Welcome, P230, R6, D100, H100
SCHOUWTEN, Bert - Welcome, P230, R7, D100, H100
SCHOUWTEN, Aartjie - Welcome, P230, R8, D100, H100
SCHOWALTER, Dena - Welcome, P229, R59, D93, H93
SCHREIER, William J. - East Orange, P50, R53, D146, H148
SCHREIER, Margaret - East Orange, P50, R54, D146, H148
SCHREIER, Katie - East Orange, P50, R55, D146, H148
SCHREIER, John M. - East Orange, P50, R56, D146, H148
SCHREIER, Helena - East Orange, P50, R57, D146, H148
SCHREIER, William A. - East Orange, P50, R58, D146, H148
SCHREIER, Joseph - East Orange, P50, R59, D146, H148
SCHREIER, Maggie - East Orange, P50, R60, D146, H148
SCHREIER, Franz J. - East Orange, P50, R61, D146, H148
SCHREIER, Mathias - East Orange, P50, R62, D146, H148
SCHREUDER, Jacob - Plato, P74, R8, D143, H144
SCHREUDER, Lena - Plato, P74, R9, D143, H144
SCHREUDER, Peter - Plato, P74, R10, D143, H144
SCHREUDER, Paul - Plato, P74, R11, D143, H144
SCHREUERS, John - West Branch, P232, R50, D11, H11
SCHREUERS, Elizabeth - West Branch, P232, R51, D11, H11
SCHREUERS, Susan - West Branch, P232, R52, D11, H11
SCHREUERS, Winnie - West Branch, P232, R53, D11, H11
SCHREUERS, Jessie - West Branch, P232, R54, D11, H11
SCHREUR, Herman - Nassau, P156, R83, D232, H234
SCHREUR, Minnie - Nassau, P156, R84, D232, H234
SCHREUR, John - Reading, P175, R46, D241, H243
SCHROEDER, Frederich G. - East Orange, P49, R77, D134, H136
SCHROEDER, Nick - Nassau, P149, R86, D112, H113
SCHROEDER, Mary A. - Nassau, P149, R87, D112, H113
SCHROEDER, Frank - Nassau, P149, R88, D112, H113
SCHROEDER, John - Nassau, P149, R89, D112, H113
SCHROEDER, Peter - Nassau, P149, R90, D112, H113
SCHROEDER, Nellie - Nassau, P149, R91, D112, H113
SCHROEDER, Emelia - Nassau, P149, R92, D112, H113
SCHROEDER, Cecilia - Nassau, P149, R93, D112, H113
SCHROEDER, Clara - Nassau, P149, R94, D112, H113
SCHROEDER, Micheal - Nassau, P157, R68, D246, H249
SCHROEDER, Annie - Nassau, P157, R69, D246, H249
SCHROEDER, Nicholas - Nassau, P157, R70, D246, H249
SCHROEDER, Sophie - Nassau, P157, R71, D246, H249
SCHROEDER, Mary - Nassau, P157, R72, D246, H249
SCHROEDER, Lizzie - Nassau, P157, R73, D246, H249
SCHROEDER, Mattie - Nassau, P157, R74, D246, H249
SCHROEDER, Anna - Nassau, P157, R75, D246, H249
SCHROEDER, Micheal - Nassau, P157, R76, D246, H249
SCHROEDER, John - Sheridan, P212, R85, D197, H197
SCHROEDER, Emma - Sheridan, P212, R86, D197, H197
SCHROEDER, Anna - Sheridan, P212, R87, D197, H197
SCHROEDER, Wm. - Sheridan, P212, R88, D197, H197
SCHROEDER, Lucy - Sheridan, P212, R89, D197, H197
SCHROEDER, John - Sheridan, P212, R90, D197, H197
SCHROEDER, Herman - Sheridan, P212, R91, D197, H197
SCHROEDER, Fred - Sheridan, P212, R92, D197, H197

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