1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

SCHUETT, Henry - Sheridan, P207, R81, D103, H103
SCHUETT, Lizzie - Sheridan, P207, R82, D103, H103
SCHUETT, John - Sheridan, P208, R42, D113, H113
SCHUETT, Herman - Sheridan, P208, R43, D113, H113
SCHUETT, Lizzie - Sheridan, P208, R48, D115, H115
SCHUETT, Mary - Sheridan, P208, R49, D115, H115
SCHUETT, John - Sheridan, P208, R50, D115, H115
SCHUETT, Maggie - Sheridan, P208, R51, D115, H115
SCHUETTS, Herman - Sheridan, P212, R42, D186, H186
SCHUETTS, Lizzie - Sheridan, P212, R43, D186, H186
SCHUITEMAN, G. - Welcome, P224, R96, D18, H18
SCHUITEMAN, Hattie - Welcome, P224, R97, D18, H18
SCHUITEMAN, John - Welcome, P224, R98, D18, H18
SCHUITEMAN, Annie - Welcome, P224, R99, D18, H18
SCHUITEMAN, Ellie - Welcome, P224, R100, D18, H18
SCHUL, Michael - East Orange, P43, R31, D47, H48
SCHUL, Mary - East Orange, P43, R32, D47, H48
SCHUL, Lenora M. - East Orange, P43, R33, D47, H48
SCHUL, Irene M. - East Orange, P43, R34, D47, H48
SCHUL, Walter E. - East Orange, P43, R35, D47, H48
SCHUL, Ferdinand - Grant, P83, R86, D122, H125
SCHULER, Mary L. - Logan, P134, R60, D182, H205
SCHULER, Charles H. - Logan, P134, R61, D182, H205
SCHULER, Albert F. - Logan, P134, R62, D182, H205
SCHULLER, Peter - Floyd, P61, R2, D173, H175
SCHULLER, Hubert - Floyd, P61, R6, D174, H176
SCHULLER, Jan - Floyd, P62, R19, D197, H199
SCHULLER, Adrian - Floyd, P62, R20, D197, H199
SCHULLER, Dirk - Floyd, P62, R21, D197, H199
SCHULLER, James - Floyd, P62, R22, D197, H199
SCHULLER, Ella - Floyd, P62, R23, D197, H199
SCHULLER, Cornelis - Floyd, P62, R24, D197, H199
SCHULLER, Marion - Floyd, P62, R25, D197, H199
SCHULLER, Maggie - Floyd, P62, R26, D197, H199
SCHULLER, Johan - Floyd, P62, R27, D197, H199
SCHULLER, Kryn - Nassau, P154, R51, D193, H195
SCHULLER, Mary S. - Nassau, P154, R52, D193, H195
SCHULLER, Anthony - Nassau, P156, R71, D229, H231
SCHULLER, Kryn - Nassau, P158, R5, D250, H253
SCHULLER, John - Rock, P183, R10, D151, H158
SCHULTZ, Ferdinand - Floyd, P64, R20, D230, H232
SCHULTZ, Hanna - Floyd, P64, R21, D230, H232
SCHULTZ, Matthew - Floyd, P64, R22, D230, H232
SCHULTZ, Raymond - Floyd, P64, R23, D230, H232
SCHULTZ, Edward H. - Grant, P80, R25, D60, H61
SCHULTZ, Dorothea - Grant, P80, R26, D60, H61
SCHULTZ, Carl A. F. - Grant, P80, R27, D60, H61
SCHULTZ, Alma M. - Grant, P80, R28, D60, H61
SCHULTZ, Edward H. - Grant, P80, R29, D60, H61
SCHULTZ, Lilly L. - Grant, P80, R30, D60, H61
SCHULTZ, Otto F. - Grant, P80, R31, D60, H61
SCHULTZ, Elizabeth M. - Grant, P80, R32, D60, H61
SCHULTZ, Ida A. - Grant, P80, R33, D60, H61
SCHULTZ, Margarita - Orange City, P96, R1, D19, H19
SCHULTZ, Lydia - Orange City, P96, R2, D19, H19
SCHULTZ, John W. - Orange City, P105, R60, D226, H229
SCHULTZ, Allie - Orange City, P105, R61, D226, H229
SCHULTZ, Dena - Orange City, P105, R62, D226, H229
SCHULTZ, Jelle - Orange City, P105, R63, D226, H229
SCHULTZ, Marion D. - Orange City, P105, R64, D226, H229
SCHULTZ, George W. - Orange City, P105, R65, D226, H229
SCHULTZ, Katie L. - Orange City, P105, R66, D226, H229
SCHULTZ, William W. - Orange City, P106, R99, D256, H260
SCHULTZ, Eva E. - Orange City, P106, R100, D256, H260
SCHULTZ, Adolph - Rock, P186, R36, D217, H224
SCHULTZ, Louisa - Rock, P186, R37, D217, H224
SCHULTZ, Emma - Rock, P186, R38, D217, H224
SCHULTZ, William - Rock, P186, R39, D217, H224
SCHULTZ, Maggie - Rock, P186, R40, D217, H224
SCHULTZ, David E. - Washington, P141, R96, D334, H347
SCHULTZ, Emma J. - Washington, P141, R97, D334, H347
SCHULTZ, Orange N. - Washington, P141, R98, D334, H347
SCHUMACHER, Anton J. - Logan, P135, R31, D206, H219
SCHUMACHER, John - Logan, P137, R4, D242, H255
SCHUMACHER, Mary K. - Logan, P137, R5, D242, H255
SCHUMACHER, Alvira K. - Logan, P137, R6, D242, H255
SCHUMACHER, John G. - Logan, P137, R7, D242, H255
SCHUMACHER, Henry J. - Logan, P137, R46, D254, H267
SCHUMACHER, Mary A. - Logan, P137, R47, D254, H267
SCHUMACHER, Henry T. - Logan, P137, R48, D254, H267
SCHUMACHER, D. H. - Sheridan, P211, R30, D167, H167
SCHUMACHER, Mary - Sheridan, P211, R31, D167, H167
SCHUMACHER, C. T. - Sheridan, P211, R32, D167, H167
SCHUMACHER, Anna - Sheridan, P211, R33, D167, H167
SCHUMACHER, Katie - Sheridan, P211, R34, D167, H167
SCHUMACHER, Minnie - Sheridan, P211, R35, D167, H167
SCHUMACHER, Johanna - Sheridan, P211, R36, D167, H167
SCHUMACHER, Alvena - Sheridan, P211, R37, D167, H167
SCHUMBOHM, Fred - Eagle, P32, R65, D67, H67
SCHUMBOHM, Mary G. - Eagle, P32, R66, D67, H67
SCHUMBOHM, Halma - Eagle, P32, R67, D67, H67
SCHUMBOHM, Annie - Eagle, P32, R68, D67, H67
SCHUMBOHM, William - Eagle, P32, R69, D67, H67
SCHUMBOHM, August - Eagle, P32, R70, D67, H67
SCHUMBOHM, Hilda - Eagle, P32, R71, D67, H67
SCHUMBOHM, Frank - Eagle, P32, R72, D67, H67
SCHUMBOHM, Hattie - Eagle, P32, R73, D67, H67
SCHUNEMAN, Henry - Reading, P171, R25, D167, H169
SCHUNEMAN, Maggie - Reading, P171, R26, D167, H169
SCHUNEMAN, Mary - Reading, P171, R27, D167, H169
SCHURMAN, John - Lincoln, P111, R59, D34, H36
SCHURMAN, Kate - Lincoln, P111, R60, D34, H36
SCHURMAN, Arnold - Welcome, P230, R36, D105, H105
SCHURMAN, Garretjie - Welcome, P230, R37, D105, H105
SCHURMAN, John - Welcome, P230, R38, D105, H105
SCHURMAN, Jannetjie - Welcome, P230, R39, D105, H105
SCHURMAN, John W. - Welcome, P230, R40, D105, H105
SCHURMAN, Grace - Welcome, P230, R41, D105, H105
SCHURMAN, Mareneas - Welcome, P230, R42, D105, H105
SCHURMAN, Garretjie - Welcome, P230, R43, D105, H105
SCHURMAN, Edward - Welcome, P230, R44, D105, H105
SCHUT, Henry J. - Holland, P87, R41, D43, H43
SCHUT, Hendrika - Holland, P87, R42, D43, H43
SCHUT, Jan - Holland, P87, R43, D43, H43
SCHUT, Nettie - Holland, P87, R44, D43, H43
SCHUT, Henry - Holland, P87, R45, D43, H43
SCHUT, Willie - Holland, P87, R46, D43, H43
SCHUT, Grace - Holland, P87, R47, D43, H43
SCHUT, Gerrit - Plato, P70, R11, D2, H3
SCHUT, Dora - Plato, P70, R12, D2, H3
SCHUT, Fannie - Plato, P70, R13, D2, H3
SCHUT, Hattie - Plato, P70, R14, D2, H3
SCHUT, Jennie - Plato, P70, R15, D2, H3
SCHUT, Gertie - Plato, P70, R16, D2, H3
SCHUT, Sanderina - Plato, P70, R17, D2, H3
SCHUT, Wilhelmina - Plato, P70, R19, D2, H3
SCHUT, Gerrit - Plato, P70, R23, D4, H5
SCHUT, Alice - Plato, P70, R24, D4, H5
SCHUT, John - Plato, P70, R25, D4, H5
SCHUT, Jennie - Plato, P70, R26, D4, H5
SCHUT, Henry J. - Plato, P70, R27, D4, H5
SCHUT, John - Plato, P74, R19, D145, H146
SCHUT, Alice - Plato, P74, R20, D145, H146
SCHUT, Henry - Plato, P74, R21, D145, H146
SCHUT, James W. - Plato, P74, R22, D145, H146
SCHUT, Dick - Welcome, P227, R80, D68, H68
SCHUT, Maggie G. - Welcome, P227, R81, D68, H68
SCHUT, Fannie - Welcome, P227, R82, D68, H68
SCHUT, Cornelius - Welcome, P227, R83, D68, H68
SCHUT, Maria H. - Welcome, P227, R84, D68, H68
SCHUT, Landerus - Welcome, P227, R85, D68, H68
SCHUT, Peter - West Branch, P233, R28, D27, H28
SCHUT, P??? - West Branch, P233, R29, D27, H28
SCHUT, Henretta - West Branch, P233, R30, D27, H28
SCHUT, Carrie - West Branch, P234, R31, D49, H50
SCHUT, Sander - West Branch, P239, R72, D164, H166
SCHUT, Frank - West Branch, P239, R73, D164, H166
SCHUT, Peter - West Branch, P240, R90, D181, H183
SCHUT, Alice - West Branch, P240, R91, D181, H183
SCHUT, Sandia - West Branch, P240, R92, D181, H183
SCHUT, Teunis - West Branch, P241, R95, D197, H199
SCHUT, Sanderis - West Branch, P246, R33, D264, H266
SCHUTEMA, Art N. - West Branch, P240, R20, D170, H172
SCHUTEMA, Minnie - West Branch, P240, R21, D170, H172
SCHUTEMA, Annie - West Branch, P240, R22, D170, H172
SCHUTEMA, Willie - West Branch, P240, R23, D170, H172
SCHUTEMA, Minnie - West Branch, P240, R24, D170, H172
SCHUTEMA, John - West Branch, P240, R25, D170, H172
SCHUTEMA, Gracie - West Branch, P240, R26, D170, H172
SCHUTER, ??? - Lynn, P27, R15, D232, H232
SCHUTER, ??? - Lynn, P27, R16, D232, H232
SCHUTER, ??? - Lynn, P27, R17, D232, H232
SCHUTER, Hattie - Lynn, P27, R18, D232, H232
SCHUTER, John - Lynn, P27, R19, D232, H232
SCHUTER, ??? - Lynn, P27, R20, D232, H232
SCHUTER, ??? - Lynn, P27, R21, D232, H232
SCHUTER, ???a - Lynn, P27, R22, D232, H232
SCHUTT, T. - Eagle, P32, R16, D54, H54
SCHUTT, Mary - Eagle, P32, R17, D54, H54
SCHUTT, E. C. - Eagle, P32, R57, D64, H64
SCHUTT, Lizzie - Eagle, P32, R58, D64, H64
SCHUTT, Wilbur E. - Eagle, P32, R59, D64, H64
SCHUTZ, Felix B. - East Orange, P43, R46, D49, H50
SCHWARTZ, Mattie - Lincoln, P111, R7, D21, H22
SCHWARTZ, Margurita - Lincoln, P121, R87, D246, H250
SCHWARTZ, Henry - Lincoln, P121, R88, D246, H250
SCHWARTZ, Mary - Lincoln, P121, R89, D246, H250
SCHWARTZ, Peter - Lincoln, P121, R90, D246, H250
SCHWARTZ, John - Lincoln, P121, R91, D246, H250
SCHWARTZ, Emma - Lincoln, P121, R92, D246, H250
SCHWARTZ, Peter - Lincoln, P124, R7, D287, H292
SCHWARTZ, William - Rock, P191, R41, D294, H301
SCHWARTZ, Ida - Rock, P191, R42, D294, H301
SCHWARTZ, Henry - Rock, P191, R43, D294, H301
SCHWARTZ, Ike - Rock, P191, R44, D294, H301
SCHWARTZ, John - Rock, P191, R45, D294, H301
SCHWARTZ, William - Rock, P191, R46, D294, H301
SCHWARTZ, Edwin - Rock, P191, R47, D294, H301
SCHWARTZ, Andy - Rock, P191, R48, D294, H301
SCHWARTZ, Annie - Rock, P191, R49, D294, H301
SCHWARZ, John J. - East Orange, P42, R9, D23, H23
SCHWARZ, Lizzie M. - East Orange, P42, R10, D23, H23
SCHWARZ, Mary M. J. - East Orange, P42, R11, D23, H23
SCHWARZ, Henry - East Orange, P43, R97, D58, H59
SCHWARZ, Walterja - East Orange, P43, R98, D58, H59
SCHWARZ, Henry J. - East Orange, P43, R99, D58, H59
SCHWARZ, John - East Orange, P45, R1, D67, H69
SCHWARZ, Herman - East Orange, P45, R2, D67, H69
SCHWARZ, Karl A. - Orange City, P96, R67, D33, H34
SCHWARZ, Rhoda - Orange City, P96, R68, D33, H34
SCHWARZ, Ira P. - Orange City, P96, R69, D33, H34
SCHWEBACH, Lena M. - East Orange, P43, R42, D49, H50
SCHWEBACH, John J. - East Orange, P43, R43, D49, H50
SCHWEBACH, Eugene J. - East Orange, P50, R23, D142, H144
SCHWEBACH, Anna - East Orange, P50, R24, D142, H144
SCHWEBACH, Maggie - East Orange, P50, R25, D142, H144
SCHWEBACH, Jacob - East Orange, P50, R26, D142, H144
SCHWEBACH, Phillip - East Orange, P50, R27, D142, H144
SCHWEBACH, Susan - East Orange, P50, R28, D142, H144
SCHWEBACH, Valentine - East Orange, P50, R29, D142, H144
SCHWEBACH, Nick V. - East Orange, P50, R30, D142, H144
SCHWEBACH, Joseph V. - East Orange, P50, R31, D142, H144
SCHWEBACH, John - East Orange, P50, R32, D142, H144
SCHWEBACH, Mike G. - East Orange, P50, R33, D142, H144
SCHWEBACH, Eugene J. - East Orange, P50, R34, D142, H144
SCHWEBACH, Andrew P. - East Orange, P50, R35, D142, H144
SCHWEBACH, Cecilia - East Orange, P50, R36, D142, H144
SCHWEIGER, Agnes - Lincoln, P113, R94, D90, H93
SCHWEIGER, Edward L. - Lincoln, P113, R95, D90, H93
SCHWEIGER, George F. - Lincoln, P113, R96, D90, H93
SCHWEISOR, Henry - Logan, P135, R77, D214, H227
SCHWENDINGER, Barbara - East Orange, P44, R30, D63, H64
SCHWEPPE, George W. - Garfield, P65, R3, D2, H2
SCHWEPPE, Arnella B. - Garfield, P65, R4, D2, H2
SCHWEPPE, Richard H. - Garfield, P65, R5, D2, H2
SCHWEPPE, Walter B. - Garfield, P65, R6, D2, H2
SCHWORTZ, Freda - Rock, P177, R9, D21, H24
SCONLON, Dennis - Rock, P177, R4, D21, H24
SCONLON, Jennie - Rock, P177, R5, D21, H24
SCONLON, Harley - Rock, P177, R6, D21, H24
SCONLON, Francis - Rock, P177, R7, D21, H24
SCONLON, Clarence - Rock, P177, R8, D21, H24
SCOTT, Walter - Buncombe, P6, R93, D141, H141
SCOTT, Millie A. - Buncombe, P6, R94, D141, H141
SCOTT, Cora A. - Buncombe, P6, R95, D141, H141
SCOTT, Ethel F. - Buncombe, P6, R96, D141, H141
SCOTT, Add R. - Logan, P132, R80, D163, H176
SCOTT, Ella M. - Logan, P132, R81, D163, H176
SCOTT, Raymond - Logan, P132, R82, D163, H176
SCOTT, Jennie M. - Logan, P132, R83, D163, H176
SCOTT, Helen L. - Logan, P132, R84, D163, H176
SCOTT, Susan - Orange City, P98, R94, D82, H83
SCOTT, Frank - Orange City, P98, R95, D82, H83
SCOTT, Hazel - Orange City, P98, R96, D82, H83
SCOTT, Madge - Orange City, P98, R97, D82, H83
SCOTT, Permelia - Orange City, P98, R98, D82, H83
SCOTT, Hamilton - Reading, P164, R6, D2, H2
SCOTT, Isabella R. - Reading, P164, R7, D2, H2
SCOTT, Wallace Raymond - Reading, P164, R8, D2, H2
SCOTT, Wylie S. - Reading, P165, R49, D36, H36
SCOTT, Anna Mary - Reading, P165, R50, D36, H36
SCOTT, J.M. - Reading, P165, R51, D36, H36
SCOTT, Frank A. - Rock, P177, R92, D37, H40
SCOTT, Harriett A. - Rock, P177, R93, D37, H40
SCOTT, Helen - Rock, P177, R94, D37, H40
SCOTT, Alfred - Rock, P177, R95, D37, H40
SCOTT, Arther - Settler, P202, R38, D143, H144
SCOTT, Lily - Settler, P202, R39, D143, H144
SCOTT, Paul - Settler, P202, R40, D143, H144
SCOTT, Adolpheus L. - Washington, P143, R55, D360, H374
SCOTT, Mary A. - Washington, P143, R56, D360, H374
SCOTT, Frank E. - Washington, P143, R57, D360, H374
SCOTT, Maudie M. - Washington, P143, R58, D360, H374
SEAMAN, George R. - Reading, P169, R71, D142, H143
SEAMAN, Bertie May - Reading, P169, R72, D142, H143
SEARLE, Lincoln H. - Washington, P138, R41, D270, H283
SEARLE, Rana - Washington, P138, R42, D270, H283
SEARLE, Alfred J. - Washington, P138, R43, D270, H283
SEARLE, Ida E. - Washington, P138, R44, D270, H283
SEARLE, May H. - Washington, P138, R45, D270, H283
SEARLE, Thomas W. - Washington, P138, R46, D271, H284
SEARLE, Nellie A. - Washington, P138, R47, D271, H284
SEARLE, Belle I. - Washington, P138, R48, D271, H284
SEARLE, Rose M. - Washington, P138, R49, D271, H284
SEARLE, Albert H. - Washington, P138, R50, D271, H284
SEARLE, Roy H. B. - Washington, P138, R51, D271, H284
SEBRA, Albert - Rock, P188, R14, D241, H248
SEBRA, Adabell - Rock, P188, R15, D241, H248
SEBRA, Roy - Rock, P188, R16, D241, H248
SEDGWICK, Thomas - Logan, P130, R57, D118, H131
SEDGWICK, Sarah A. - Logan, P130, R58, D118, H131
SEDGWICK, George A. - Logan, P130, R59, D118, H131
SEDGWICK, Charles H. - Logan, P130, R60, D118, H131
SEDGWICK, William E. - Logan, P130, R61, D118, H131
SEDGWICK, Bessie M. - Logan, P130, R62, D118, H131
SEELEY, Benjamin - East Orange, P43, R23, D44, H45
SEELEY, Amelia - East Orange, P43, R24, D44, H45
SEIDELL, Joseph - Orange City, P97, R10, D42, H43
SEIVERS, Henry J. - East Orange, P43, R79, D54, H55
SELBERG, Hannah - Logan, P128, R76, D80, H91
SELIG, George - Floyd, P53, R15, D28, H29
SELIG, Elizabeth - Floyd, P53, R16, D28, H29
SELIG, Wilber - Floyd, P53, R17, D28, H29
SELIG, Raymone - Floyd, P53, R18, D28, H29
SELIG, Victor - Floyd, P53, R19, D28, H29
SELIG, Esther - Floyd, P53, R20, D28, H29
SELIG, Frank - Floyd, P53, R97, D44, H45
SELIG, Joseph - Floyd, P54, R67, D60, H62
SELIG, Lena - Floyd, P54, R68, D60, H62
SELIG, Lawrence - Floyd, P54, R69, D60, H62
SELLY, William - Sherman, P223, R35, D175, H175
SERCK, Adolph C. - Garfield, P68, R76, D74, H75
SERCK, Mary A. - Garfield, P68, R77, D74, H75
SERCK, Chris N. - Garfield, P68, R78, D74, H75
SERCK, Anne - Garfield, P68, R79, D74, H75
SERCK, William H. - Garfield, P68, R80, D74, H75
SERCK, Ella I. - Garfield, P68, R81, D74, H75
SERCK, Theodore - Sioux, P194, R96, D34, H34
SERCK, Lena - Sioux, P194, R97, D34, H34
SERCK, Carl - Sioux, P194, R98, D34, H34
SERCK, Gertrude - Sioux, P194, R99, D34, H34
SERCK, William M. - Sioux, P196, R30, D57, H57
SERCK, Elizebeth - Sioux, P196, R31, D57, H57
SERCK, John - Sioux, P196, R32, D57, H57
SERCK, Minnie - Sioux, P196, R33, D57, H57
SERCK, Catherine - Sioux, P196, R34, D57, H57
SERCK, Emma - Sioux, P196, R35, D57, H57
SERCK, Dora - Sioux, P196, R36, D57, H57
SERCK, Nicholas - Sioux, P196, R37, D38, H38
SERCK, Lena - Sioux, P196, R38, D38, H38
SERCK, Henry - Sioux, P196, R39, D38, H38
SERCK, Herman - Sioux, P196, R40, D38, H38
SERCK, Mary - Sioux, P196, R41, D38, H38
SERCK, Albert - Sioux, P196, R42, D38, H38
SERCK, Amenda - Sioux, P196, R43, D38, H38
SERCK, Clara - Sioux, P196, R44, D38, H38
SERMONSNORA, Romberto - Rock, P182, R68, D140, H147
SERMONSNORA, VerFreda - Rock, P182, R69, D140, H147
SERRINE, William G. - Logan, P125, R87, D20, H22
SERRINE, Mary A. - Logan, P125, R88, D20, H22
SERRINE, Thomas - Logan, P125, R89, D20, H22
SETCHELL, Thomas - Washington, P138, R26, D267, H280
SETCHELL, Etta A. - Washington, P138, R27, D267, H280
SETCHELL, George M. - Washington, P138, R28, D267, H280
SETCHELL, Ella M. - Washington, P138, R29, D267, H280
SETCHELL, not named yet - Washington, P138, R30, D267, H280
SEVENBERGEN, Jill? - Capel, P13, R100, D24, H24
SEVENBERGEN, Jennie - Capel, P14, R1, D24, H24
SEVENBERGEN, John - Capel, P14, R2, D24, H24
SEVENBERGEN, Peter - Capel, P14, R3, D24, H24
SEVENBERGEN, Johannah - Capel, P14, R4, D24, H24
SEVENBERGEN, Arie - Capel, P14, R5, D24, H24
SEVENBERGEN, Sedenyk - Capel, P14, R6, D24, H24
SEVENBERGEN, ??aa? - Capel, P14, R7, D24, H24
SEVENBERGEN, Agnes - Capel, P14, R8, D24, H24
SEVENBERGEN, John - Capel, P14, R94, D37, H37
SEXANER, Robert - West Branch, P232, R8, D2, H2
SHAFER, Conrad - Capel, P15, R1, D39, H39
SHAFER, Sophia - Capel, P15, R2, D39, H39
SHAFER, Mary - Capel, P15, R3, D39, H39
SHAFER, Frank - Capel, P15, R4, D39, H39
SHAFER, Charlie - Capel, P15, R5, D39, H39
SHAFER, Gertrude - Capel, P15, R6, D39, H39
SHAFER, Mable - Capel, P15, R7, D39, H39
SHAFER, Katie - Capel, P15, R8, D39, H39
SHAFER, John - Sheridan, P208, R83, D123, H123
SHAFER, Martha - Sheridan, P208, R84, D123, H123
SHAFER, Joseph - Sheridan, P209, R82, D142, H142
SHAFER, Maggie - Sheridan, P209, R83, D142, H142
SHAFER, Grace - Sheridan, P209, R84, D142, H142
SHAFER, Edwin - Sheridan, P209, R85, D142, H142
SHAFER, Ettie - Sheridan, P209, R86, D142, H142
SHAFFER, Mattie - Sheridan, P204, R100, D43, H43
SHAFFER, Alex - Sheridan, P212, R26, D183, H183
SHAFFER, Octavia - Sheridan, P212, R27, D183, H183
SHAFFER, Claud - Sheridan, P212, R28, D183, H183
SHAFFER, Dales - Sheridan, P212, R29, D183, H183
SHAFFER, Beulah - Sheridan, P212, R30, D183, H183
SHAFFER, Vera - Sheridan, P212, R31, D183, H183
SHAFFER, Timothy - Sheridan, P212, R60, D191, H191
SHAFFER, Jane - Sheridan, P212, R61, D191, H191
SHAFFER, C??? - Sheridan, P212, R62, D191, H191
SHANAM, Ed S. - Logan, P129, R39, D98, H110
SHANAM, Elvetta - Logan, P129, R40, D98, H110
SHANKS, Elexrie - Rock, P190, R93, D285, H292
SHANKS, Mary - Rock, P190, R94, D285, H292
SHANKS, Jennie - Rock, P190, R95, D285, H292
SHANKS, Agnes - Rock, P190, R96, D285, H292
SHANNON, John - Rock, P177, R96, D38, H41
SHANNON, Jennie - Rock, P177, R97, D38, H41
SHANNON, John - Rock, P177, R98, D38, H41
SHANNON, Frank - Rock, P181, R70, D114, H120
SHARHE, Emmerson - Reading, P173, R68, D209, H211
SHARHE, Alsie E. - Reading, P173, R69, D209, H211
SHARHE, Clyde Henry - Reading, P173, R70, D209, H211
SHARP, Clyde - Capel, P18, R14, D89, H89
SHARP, Margie - Capel, P18, R15, D89, H89
SHARP, Ernest - Capel, P18, R16, D89, H89
SHARP, Lenas - Capel, P18, R17, D89, H89
SHARP, ?? - Capel, P18, R18, D89, H89
SHARP, George L. - Sheridan, P205, R90, D64, H64
SHARP, Ellen - Sheridan, P205, R91, D64, H64
SHAVER, Gertrude - Logan, P126, R70, D37, H41
SHEETS, William P. - Grant, P78, R66, D34, H34
SHEETS, Viola - Grant, P78, R67, D34, H34
SHEETS, Zoe M. - Grant, P78, R68, D34, H34
SHEETS, Cleo B. - Grant, P78, R69, D34, H34
SHEETS, Tessie J. - Grant, P78, R70, D34, H34
SHEETS, Isa C. - Grant, P78, R71, D34, H34
SHEKEN, Albert - Holland, P92, R54, D136, H136
SHELDON, Geo A. - Lincoln, P123, R10, D270, H275
SHELDON, Alta E. - Lincoln, P123, R11, D270, H275
SHELDON, Emma L. - Lincoln, P123, R12, D270, H275
SHELDON, Kirk C. - Lincoln, P123, R13, D270, H275
SHELDON, John P. - Lincoln, P123, R14, D270, H275
SHELL, Frank L. - Nassau, P152, R82, D170, H171
SHELL, Flora B. - Nassau, P152, R83, D170, H171
SHELL, Arloene - Nassau, P152, R84, D170, H171
SHELLENBERGER, Ida M. - Orange City, P99, R6, D83, H85
SHELP, Henry - Nassau, P161, R35, D310, H313
SHELP, Emilia - Nassau, P161, R36, D310, H313
SHELP, Bert H. - Nassau, P161, R37, D310, H313
SHELP, Pearl - Nassau, P161, R38, D310, H313
SHELP, May - Nassau, P161, R39, D310, H313
SHELP, Raymond - Nassau, P161, R40, D310, H313
SHELP, Bessie C. - Nassau, P161, R41, D310, H313
SHELP, Willis - Nassau, P161, R42, D310, H313
SHELTS, John - Eagle, P33, R28, D77, H77
SHERMAN, James H. - Reading, P174, R6, D216, H218
SHERMAN, Caone S. - Reading, P174, R7, D216, H218
SHERMAN, Charles W. - Reading, P174, R8, D216, H218
SHERMAN, Lorenzo D. - Reading, P174, R9, D216, H218
SHERMAN, Millie Belle - Reading, P174, R10, D216, H218
SHERMAN, Alanson - Sherman, P214, R3, D2, H2
SHERMAN, Charlotte - Sherman, P214, R4, D2, H2
SHERMAN, Ellsworth - Sherman, P215, R87, D50, H50
SHERMAN, Laura B. - Sherman, P215, R88, D50, H50
SHERMAN, Harry Evan - Sherman, P215, R89, D50, H50
SHERMAN, Carl - Sherman, P215, R90, D50, H50
SHERMAN, Florence D. - Sherman, P215, R91, D50, H50
SHERVIS, Will J. - Rock, P176, R66, D12, H14
SHERVIS, Martha J. - Rock, P176, R67, D12, H14
SHERVIS, Vera E. - Rock, P176, R68, D12, H14
SHERWOOD, Alva E. - Grant, P77, R51, D10, H10
SHERWOOD, Mary A. - Grant, P77, R52, D10, H10
SHERWOOD, Addie M. - Grant, P77, R53, D10, H10
SHERWOOD, Florence - Grant, P77, R54, D10, H10
SHERWOOD, Alice E. - Grant, P77, R55, D10, H10
SHIELD, Fred - Eagle, P33, R1, D72, H72
SHIELD, Emma - Eagle, P33, R2, D72, H72
SHIELD, Ray - Eagle, P33, R3, D72, H72
SHIELD, Mirtle - Eagle, P33, R4, D72, H72
SHIELDS, John - Logan, P132, R72, D161, H174
SHIELDS, Carrie - Orange City, P99, R70, D99, H101
SHIMER, Henry Clinton - Reading, P169, R66, D141, H142
SHIMER, Cora May - Reading, P169, R67, D141, H142
SHIMER, Hanford C. - Reading, P169, R68, D141, H142
SHIMP, Wm. E. - Lincoln, P115, R12, D118, H122
SHIMP, Bella - Lincoln, P115, R13, D118, H122
SHIMP, J??a B. - Sheridan, P203, R9, D2, H2
SHIMP, Wm. - Sheridan, P203, R6, D2, H2
SHIMP, Sarah - Sheridan, P203, R7, D2, H2
SHIMP, Calhoun - Sheridan, P203, R8, D2, H2
SHIPMAN, Helen - Rock, P180, R45, D90, H94
SHIPMAN, Howard - Sioux, P195, R64, D47, H47
SHIPMAN, Florence - Sioux, P195, R65, D47, H47
SHIPMAN, Susan - Sioux, P195, R66, D47, H47
SHIRK, Joseph - Logan, P131, R49, D136, H149
SHOEMAKER, Gillbert J. - Logan, P134, R37, D188, H201
SHOEMAKER, Clara - Logan, P134, R38, D188, H201
SHOEMAKER, May G. - Logan, P134, R39, D188, H201
SHOEMAKER, Hazel I. - Logan, P134, R40, D188, H201
SHOEMAKER, C. Lucile - Logan, P134, R41, D188, H201
SHOEMAKER, Harold J. - Logan, P134, R42, D188, H201
SHOEMAKER, John - Nassau, P144, R13, D2, H2
SHOEMAKER, Theodore C. - Reading, P170, R62, D156, H157
SHOEMAKER, Louisa - Reading, P170, R63, D156, H157
SHOEMAKER, William - Reading, P170, R64, D156, H157
SHOEMAKER, John - Reading, P170, R65, D156, H157
SHOEMAKER, Ella Mary - Reading, P170, R66, D156, H157
SHOEMAKER, Charles - Reading, P170, R67, D156, H157
SHOEMAKER, Edward - Reading, P170, R68, D156, H157
SHOEP, John - West Branch, P235, R70, D75, H77
SHOEP, Minnie - West Branch, P235, R71, D75, H77
SHOEP, Gerrett - West Branch, P235, R72, D75, H77
SHORT, C. M. - Eagle, P29, R25, D6, H6
SHORT, M. C. - Eagle, P29, R26, D6, H6
SHORT, Gertrude May - Eagle, P29, R27, D6, H6
SHORT, Bert Alva - Eagle, P29, R28, D6, H6
SHORT, Maude Irene - Eagle, P29, R29, D6, H6
SHORT, Lorin E. - Eagle, P29, R30, D6, H6
SHORT, Robert H. - Eagle, P29, R31, D6, H6
SHORT, Wells S. - Orange City, P100, R3, D107, H109
SHORT, Johanna - Orange City, P100, R4, D107, H109
SHOW, John - Garfield, P67, R34, D44, H44
SHRINER, R. Z. - Buncombe, P9, R39, D200, H200
SHRINER, Elsie A. - Buncombe, P9, R40, D200, H200
SHRINER, Jesse E. - Buncombe, P9, R41, D200, H200
SHULTER, Leigh - Rock, P183, R99, D167, H174
SHULTER, Lena - Rock, P183, R100, D167, H174
SHUSTER, Peter N. - East Orange, P41, R63, D13, H13
SHUTTER, Sam - Lincoln, P120, R10, D211, H215
SHUTTER, Martha - Lincoln, P120, R11, D211, H215
SHUTTER, Elmer - Lincoln, P120, R12, D211, H215
SIBERG, John M. - Logan, P131, R20, D133, H146
SIBERG, Pearl S. - Logan, P131, R21, D133, H146
SIBRAUDI, ?. - Center, P39, R13, D177, H177
SIBRAUDI, Johanna - Center, P39, R14, D177, H177
SIBRAUDI, Alice - Center, P39, R15, D177, H177
SIEBESMA, Gurtie - Sherman, P221, R24, D141, H141
SIEBESMA, Jennie - Sherman, P221, R25, D141, H141
SIEBESMA, Stephen - Sherman, P221, R26, D141, H141
SIEBESMA, Cornelius - Sherman, P221, R27, D141, H141
SIEBESMA, Lizzie - Sherman, P221, R28, D141, H141
SIEGE, Lydia - Reading, P165, R80, D42, H42
SIEGE, Minnie Caroline - Reading, P167, R33, D79, H80
SIEGE, Fred - Sherman, P218, R65, D100, H100
SIEGE, Sophia - Sherman, P218, R66, D100, H100
SIEGE, L??? - Sherman, P218, R67, D100, H100
SIEGE, Fred - Sherman, P218, R68, D100, H100
SIEGE, Mary - Sherman, P218, R69, D100, H100
SIEGE, Anna - Sherman, P218, R70, D100, H100
SIEGE, Edward - Sherman, P218, R71, D100, H100
SIEGE, Henry - Sherman, P218, R96, D105, H105
SIEGE, Minnie - Sherman, P218, R97, D105, H105
SIEMAN, William - West Branch, P234, R11, D46, H47
SIEMAN, ??za - West Branch, P234, R12, D46, H47
SIEMAN, ??? - West Branch, P234, R13, D46, H47
SIEMAN, Eddie - West Branch, P234, R14, D46, H47
SIEMAN, Louie - West Branch, P234, R15, D46, H47
SIEMAN, Lillie - West Branch, P234, R16, D46, H47
SIEMONSMA, Jake - Rock, P183, R93, D166, H173
SIEMONSMA, Anna - Rock, P183, R94, D166, H173
SIEMONSMA, Simon - Rock, P183, R95, D166, H173
SIEMONSMA, Peter - Rock, P183, R96, D166, H173
SIEMONSMA, Willie - Rock, P183, R97, D166, H173
SIEMONSMA, Jessie - Rock, P183, R98, D166, H173
SIEMONSMA, Peter - Rock, P188, R6, D239, H246
SIEMONSMA, Rink - Rock, P188, R8, D240, H247
SIEMONSMA, Minnie - Rock, P188, R9, D240, H247
SIEMONSMA, Stella - Rock, P188, R10, D240, H247
SIEMONSMA, Mary - Rock, P188, R11, D240, H247
SIEMONSON, Henry - Rock, P192, R82, D317, H324
SIEMONSON, Mary - Rock, P192, R83, D317, H324
SIEMONSON, Josephine - Rock, P192, R84, D317, H324
SIEMONSON, Bary - Rock, P192, R85, D317, H324
SIEMONSON, Tillie - Rock, P192, R86, D317, H324
SIEMONSON, Eva - Rock, P192, R87, D317, H324
SIFERT, Alonso Alfonso - Reading, P166, R34, D54, H54
SIFERT, Martha Hellen - Reading, P166, R35, D54, H54
SIMMON, Ed C. - Rock, P177, R31, D26, H29
SIMMON, Kate - Rock, P177, R32, D26, H29
SIMMON, Frank - Rock, P177, R33, D26, H29
SIMMON, Adeline - Rock, P177, R34, D26, H29
SIMMON, Charles - Rock, P177, R35, D26, H29
SIMMON, Loraine - Rock, P177, R36, D26, H29
SIMMON, Lenore - Rock, P177, R37, D26, H29
SIMMONS, Frank - Rock, P182, R27, D129, H136
SIMPKINS, Frank P. - Eagle, P33, R24, D76, H76
SIMPKINS, Mattie - Eagle, P33, R25, D76, H76
SIMPSON, Anna - Center, P38, R55, D167, H167
SIMPSON, John - Center, P38, R56, D167, H167
SIMPSON, William - Washington, P139, R71, D295, H308
SIMS, Gerrit - Garfield, P66, R5, D21, H21
SIMS, Jessie - Garfield, P66, R6, D21, H21
SIMS, Pleun - Garfield, P66, R7, D21, H21
SINNEMA, Jacob - Orange City, P99, R20, D88, H90
SINNEMA, Grietje - Orange City, P99, R21, D88, H90
SINNEMA, Andrew - Orange City, P100, R27, D114, H116
SINNEMA, Henrietta - Orange City, P100, R28, D114, H116
SINNEMA, Jacob - Orange City, P100, R29, D114, H116
SINNEMA, Grace - Orange City, P100, R30, D114, H116
SINNEMA, Katie - Orange City, P100, R31, D114, H116
SINNEMA, Cornelus - Orange City, P101, R12, D131, H134
SINNEMA, Eke - Orange City, P101, R13, D131, H134
SIPES, Alex - Sherman, P216, R15, D55, H55
SIPMA, John - Floyd, P54, R94, D67, H69
SIPMA, Hanna - Floyd, P54, R95, D67, H69
SIPMA, Jennie - Floyd, P54, R96, D67, H69
SIPMA, Nettie - Floyd, P54, R97, D67, H69
SIPMA, Evits - Floyd, P54, R98, D67, H69
SIPMA, Gerrit - Floyd, P54, R99, D67, H69
SIPMA, Sjoerd - Floyd, P54, R100, D67, H69
SIPMA, Eddie - Floyd, P55, R1, D67, H69
SIPMA, S. R. - Holland, P87, R33, D42, H42
SIPMA, Mary - Holland, P87, R34, D42, H42
SIPMA, Martin - Holland, P87, R35, D42, H42
SIPMA, Anna - Holland, P87, R36, D42, H42
SIPMA, Hannah - Holland, P87, R37, D42, H42
SIPMA, Flora - Holland, P87, R38, D42, H42
SIPMA, Sippie - Holland, P87, R39, D42, H42
SIPMA, Mabel - Holland, P87, R40, D42, H42
SIPMA, Sipke - Reading, P170, R96, D161, H162
SIPMA, Anna - Reading, P170, R97, D161, H162
SIPMA, Anna Jensma - Reading, P170, R98, D161, H162
SIPMA, Siurt G. - Reading, P170, R99, D161, H162
SIPMA, Richard - Rock, P178, R89, D61, H64
SIPMA, Hennitta - Rock, P178, R90, D61, H64
SIPMA, Leona L. - Rock, P178, R91, D61, H64
SISTER, Christina - Nassau, P149, R10, D98, H99
SISTER, Athnatia - Nassau, P149, R11, D98, H99
SISTER, Huberta - Nassau, P149, R12, D98, H99
SISTER, Emerentia - Nassau, P149, R13, D98, H99
SISTER, Lucia - Nassau, P149, R14, D98, H99
SISTER, Blanch - Nassau, P149, R15, D98, H99
SISTER, Alfonzo - Rock, P182, R56, D138, H145
SISTER, Concordia - Rock, P182, R57, D138, H145
SISTER, Lonetta - Rock, P182, R58, D138, H145
SISTER, Regina - Rock, P182, R59, D138, H145
SITTERS, Claus - Sheridan, P206, R72, D83, H83
SITTERS, Elizebeth - Sheridan, P206, R73, D83, H83
SITTERS, Johanna - Sheridan, P206, R74, D83, H83
SITTERS, Dora - Sheridan, P206, R75, D83, H83
SITTERS, Peter - Sheridan, P206, R76, D83, H83
SITTERS, Cornelius - Sheridan, P206, R77, D83, H83
SITTERS, John - Sheridan, P206, R78, D83, H83
SKEFF, Michael - Washington, P139, R70, D294, H307
SKELTEMA, R. - Lynn, P21, R44, D144, H144
SKELTEMA, Maggie - Lynn, P21, R45, D144, H144
SKELTEMA, Eddie - Lynn, P21, R46, D144, H144
SKELTEMA, Nieage - Lynn, P21, R47, D144, H144
SKELTEMA, Bertha - Lynn, P21, R48, D144, H144

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