1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

ZANBERGER?, Herman - Capel, P17, R53, D81, H81
ZANBERGER?, Susan - Capel, P17, R54, D81, H81
ZANBERGER?, Evrett - Capel, P17, R55, D81, H81
ZANBERGER?, Bertha - Capel, P17, R56, D81, H81
ZANBERGER?, Otto - Capel, P17, R57, D81, H81
ZANBERGER?, Johannes - Capel, P17, R58, D81, H81
ZANBERGER?, Nick - Capel, P17, R59, D81, H81
ZANBERGER?, Arie - Capel, P17, R60, D81, H81
ZANBERGER?, Gertie - Capel, P17, R61, D81, H81
ZANEN, Mary - Floyd, P62, R38, D199, H201
ZEEMAN/ZEMAN, Kate - Garfield, P65, R25, D6, H6
ZEEMAN/ZEMAN, George - Garfield, P65, R26, D6, H6
ZEEMAN/ZEMAN, John - Garfield, P65, R27, D6, H6
ZEEMAN/ZEMAN, Frank - Garfield, P65, R28, D6, H6
ZEEUW, John - Plato, P74, R86, D155, H156
ZEEUW, Driesia - Plato, P74, R87, D155, H156
ZEEUW, Pleun - Plato, P74, R88, D155, H156
ZEEUW, Martha - Plato, P74, R89, D155, H156
ZEEUW, Richard - Plato, P74, R90, D155, H156
ZEEUW, Elizabeth - Plato, P74, R91, D155, H156
ZEEUW, Peter - Plato, P74, R92, D155, H156
ZEEUW, John - Plato, P74, R93, D155, H156
ZEEUW, Gertrude - Plato, P74, R94, D155, H156
ZEEUW, Pearl - Plato, P74, R95, D155, H156
ZEEUW, Annie - Plato, P74, R96, D155, H156
ZEEUW, Andrew - Plato, P74, R97, D155, H156
ZELDENTHUIS, John - Floyd, P53, R85, D43, H44
ZELDENTHUIS, Matje - Floyd, P53, R86, D43, H44
ZELDENTHUIS, Maggie - Floyd, P53, R87, D43, H44
ZELDENTHUIS, Ray - Floyd, P53, R88, D43, H44
ZELDENTHUIS, Raymond - Floyd, P53, R89, D43, H44
ZELDENTHUIS, Freddie - Floyd, P53, R90, D43, H44
ZELDENTHUIS, Nattie - Floyd, P53, R91, D43, H44
ZETTLER, Joseph - Plato, P73, R60, D136, H137
ZETTLER, Jennie - Plato, P73, R61, D136, H137
ZETTLER, Frida - Plato, P73, R62, D136, H137
ZETTLER, Veronie - Plato, P73, R63, D136, H137
ZETTLER, Jennie - Plato, P73, R64, D136, H137
ZETTLER, John - Sioux, P196, R92, D66, H66
ZETTLER, Dora - Sioux, P196, R93, D66, H66
ZETTLER, Josie - Sioux, P196, R94, D66, H66
ZETTLER, Adam - Sioux, P196, R95, D66, H66
ZETTLER, Eva - Sioux, P196, R96, D66, H66
ZETTLER, Charles - Sioux, P196, R97, D66, H66
ZETTLER, Emelia - Sioux, P196, R98, D66, H66
ZETTLER, Mary - Sioux, P196, R99, D66, H66
ZETTLER, Pauline - Sioux, P196, R100, D66, H66
ZETTLER, Benjamin - Sioux, P197, R1, D66, H66
ZETTLER, Jacob - Sioux, P197, R8, D68, H68
ZETTLER, Lizzie - Sioux, P197, R9, D68, H68
ZETTLER, Vereina - Sioux, P197, R10, D68, H68
ZETTLER, Mary - Sioux, P197, R11, D68, H68
ZETTLER, Ida - Sioux, P197, R12, D68, H68
ZEUTENHORST, Garret - West Branch, P232, R48, D10, H10
ZEUTENHORST, Berdina - West Branch, P232, R49, D10, H10
ZEUTENHORST, John - West Branch, P239, R24, D152, H154
ZEUTENHORST, Jane - West Branch, P239, R25, D152, H154
ZEUTENHORST, Albert - West Branch, P239, R26, D152, H154
ZEUTENHORST, Jennie - West Branch, P239, R27, D152, H154
ZEUTENHORST, Dinah - West Branch, P239, R28, D152, H154
ZEUTENHORST, Alice - West Branch, P239, R29, D152, H154
ZEUTENHORST, Hattie - West Branch, P239, R30, D152, H154
ZEUTENHORST, Henry - West Branch, P247, R17, D277, H280
ZEUTENHORST, Garret - West Branch, P247, R18, D277, H280
ZEUTENHORST, Peter - West Branch, P247, R91, D290, H293
ZIEGLER/ZEIGLER, Frederick - Reading, P174, R58, D225, H227
ZIEGLER/ZEIGLER, Lena - Reading, P174, R59, D225, H227
ZIEGLER/ZEIGLER, William - Reading, P174, R60, D226, H228
ZIEGLER/ZEIGLER, Tine - Reading, P174, R61, D226, H228
ZIEGLER/ZEIGLER, Frederick John - Reading, P174, R62, D226, H228
ZIEGLER/ZEIGLER, Louie Martin - Reading, P174, R63, D226, H228
ZILLER, Peter - Grant, P79, R26, D45, H46
ZILLER, Katie - Grant, P79, R27, D45, H46
ZILLER, Frank - Grant, P79, R28, D45, H46
ZILLER, George - Grant, P79, R29, D45, H46
ZIMMERMAN, Richard A. - Reading, P165, R20, D29, H29
ZIMMERMAN, Gerty - Reading, P165, R21, D29, H29
ZIMMERMAN, John - Reading, P165, R22, D29, H29
ZIMMERMAN, Matilda - Reading, P165, R23, D29, H29
ZIMMERMAN, Hannah - Reading, P165, R24, D29, H29
ZIMMERMAN, Rebecka - Reading, P165, R25, D29, H29
ZIMMERMAN, Mary - Reading, P165, R26, D29, H29
ZIPP, Cornelis - Nassau, P158, R47, D259, H262
ZIPP, Stijntje - Nassau, P158, R48, D259, H262
ZIPP, Gertie - Nassau, P158, R49, D259, H262
ZOERINK, Johan - West Branch, P236, R4, D85, H87
ZOERINK, Nellie - West Branch, P236, R5, D85, H87
ZOERINK, Mary - West Branch, P236, R6, D85, H87
ZOERINK, Jessie - West Branch, P236, R7, D85, H87
ZOERINK, John P. - West Branch, P236, R8, D85, H87
ZOETE, Cornelius - Holland, P93, R19, D149, H149
ZOETE, Hendrika - Holland, P93, R20, D149, H149
ZOETE, Bo??se - Holland, P93, R21, D149, H149
ZOETE, Klaas - Holland, P93, R22, D149, H149
ZOETE, Arand - Holland, P93, R23, D149, H149
ZOMERMAAND/ZUIMERAND, Egbert - Rock, P188, R71, D251, H258
ZORGDRAGER, Sip - Holland, P89, R89, D94, H94
ZORGDRAGER, Mary - Holland, P89, R90, D94, H94
ZORGDRAGER, John - Holland, P89, R91, D95, H95
ZORGDRAGER, Christina - Holland, P89, R92, D95, H95
ZORGDRAGER, Trinjie - Holland, P89, R93, D95, H95
ZORGDRAGER, Andrew - Orange City, P102, R21, D155, H158
ZORGDRAGER, Cora - Orange City, P102, R22, D155, H158
ZORGDRAGER, James A. - Orange City, P102, R23, D155, H158
ZORGDRAGER, Katie C. - Orange City, P102, R24, D155, H158
ZORGDRAGER, Clarence - Orange City, P102, R25, D155, H158
ZORGDRAGER, Mary F. - Orange City, P102, R26, D155, H158
ZORGDRAGER/ZORGEDRAGER, Peter - Floyd, P57, R17, D96, H98
ZORGDRAGER/ZORGEDRAGER, Tillie - Floyd, P57, R18, D96, H98
ZORGDRAGER/ZORGEDRAGER, Andrew P. - Nassau, P145, R98, D37, H37
ZORGDRAGER/ZORGEDRAGER, Keke - Nassau, P145, R99, D37, H37
ZORGDRAGER/ZORGEDRAGER, John - Nassau, P145, R100, D37, H37
ZORGDRAGER/ZORGEDRAGER, Mary - Nassau, P146, R1, D37, H37
ZORGDRAGER/ZORGEDRAGER, ?oris - Nassau, P146, R2, D37, H37
ZORGDRAGER/ZORGEDRAGER, Cornelis - Nassau, P158, R80, D266, H269
ZORGDRAGER/ZORGEDRAGER, Mary - Nassau, P158, R81, D266, H269
ZORGDRAGER/ZORGEDRAGER, Andrew - Nassau, P158, R82, D266, H269
ZORGDRAGER/ZORGEDRAGER, Tracy - Nassau, P158, R83, D266, H269
ZORGDRAGER/ZORGEDRAGER, John - Nassau, P158, R84, D266, H269
ZORGDRAGER/ZORGEDRAGER, Harry - Nassau, P158, R85, D266, H269
ZORGE, Charles - Floyd, P55, R2, D67, H69
ZUDEMAN, John - Sheridan, P210, R36, D152, H152
ZUDEMAN, Pietje - Sheridan, P210, R37, D152, H152
ZUDEMAN, Leonard - Sheridan, P210, R38, D152, H152
ZUDEMAN, Grace - Sheridan, P210, R39, D152, H152
ZUDEMAN, Henderina - Sheridan, P210, R40, D152, H152
ZUIEMER, Cynthia (GLEYSTEEN) - Nassau, P146, R44, D46, H46
ZUIEMER, Richard A. - Nassau, P146, R45, D46, H46
ZWAAN, Kate - Orange City, P100, R93, D126, H128
ZWAAN, Maria - Orange City, P105, R59, D225, H228
ZWAGERMAN, D. - Capel, P14, R95, D38, H38
ZWAGERMAN, Annie - Capel, P14, R96, D38, H38
ZWAGERMAN, Jennie - Capel, P14, R97, D38, H38
ZWAGERMAN, Rena (crossed out) - Capel, P14, R98, D38, H38
ZWAGERMAN, Lena - Capel, P14, R99, D38, H38
ZWAGERMAN, Jacob - Capel, P14, R100, D38, H38
ZWART, Josie - Plato, P70, R28, D4, H5
ZWART, Ruth - Sheridan, P210, R14, D146, H146
ZWART, Cornelius - Sioux, P198, R49, D92, H92
ZWART, Minnie - Sioux, P198, R50, D92, H92
ZWART, John - Sioux, P198, R51, D92, H92
ZWART, Minnie - Sioux, P198, R52, D92, H92
ZWART, Rutger - Welcome, P227, R60, D65, H65
ZWART, Williantjie - Welcome, P227, R61, D65, H65
ZWART, Rutgert - Welcome, P227, R62, D65, H65
ZWART, Lizzie - Welcome, P227, R63, D65, H65
ZWART, Josie - Welcome, P227, R64, D65, H65
ZWART, Mary - Welcome, P227, R65, D65, H65
ZWARTEMAN, Peter - Sheridan, P210, R53, D154, H154
ZWARTEMAN, Finger - Sheridan, P210, R54, D154, H154
ZWARTEMAN, Gertreias - Sheridan, P210, R55, D154, H154
ZWARTEMAN, Edward - Sheridan, P210, R56, D154, H154
ZWARTEMAN, Reinded - Sheridan, P210, R57, D154, H154
ZWARTEMAN, Rose - Sheridan, P210, R58, D154, H154
ZWARTEMAN, Jacob - Sheridan, P210, R59, D154, H154
ZWIEBEL, Anthony - Rock, P177, R18, D24, H27
ZWIEBEL, Anna - Rock, P177, R19, D24, H27
ZWIEBEL, Rozella - Rock, P177, R20, D24, H27
ZWIEBEL, Herbert - Rock, P177, R21, D24, H27
ZWIEBEL, Arthur - Rock, P177, R22, D24, H27
ZWIEBEL, Albert - Rock, P177, R23, D24, H27
ZWIEBEL, Loraine - Rock, P177, R24, D24, H27
ZWIEBEL, Elmer - Rock, P177, R25, D24, H27


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