1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/ Household

CAFFRAY, William - Garfield, P68, R36, D66, H66
CAHALAN, M. - Lynn, P21, R86, D151, H151
CAHALAN, Ellen - Lynn, P21, R87, D151, H151
CAHALAN, Margan - Lynn, P21, R88, D151, H151
CAHALAN, Mary - Lynn, P21, R89, D151, H151
CAHALAN, Annie - Lynn, P21, R90, D151, H151
CAHALAN, Nellie - Lynn, P21, R91, D151, H151
CAHALAN, Rachel - Lynn, P21, R92, D151, H151
CAIN, Marcus C. - Grant, P82, R42, D96, H97
CAIN, Bridget - Grant, P82, R43, D96, H97
CAIN, Michael - Grant, P82, R44, D96, H97
CAIN, James - Grant, P82, R45, D96, H97
CALBY, Arthur S. - Buncombe, P6, R21, D125, H125
CALBY, Ella J. - Buncombe, P6, R22, D125, H125
CALBY, Celia G. - Buncombe, P6, R23, D125, H125
CALLAHAN, Elizabeth - Buncombe, P8, R87, D189, H189
CALLAHAN, John E. - Buncombe, P8, R88, D189, H189
CALLAHAN, John E. - Washington, P143, R36, D357, H370
CALLAN, Catharine - Buncombe, P9, R21, D196, H196
CALLAN, Eugene - Buncombe, P9, R22, D196, H196
CAMBIER, Susan - Nassau, P151, R83, D150, H151
CAMBIER, Peter - Nassau, P163, R6, D336, H339
CAMBIER, Bessie - Nassau, P163, R7, D336, H339
CAMBIER, Sadie - Nassau, P163, R8, D336, H339
CAMBIER, Jacob - Nassau, P163, R10, D337, H340
CAMBIER, Dena - Nassau, P163, R11, D337, H340
CAMBIER, Johanna M. - Nassau, P163, R12, D337, H340
CAMBIER, William J. - Nassau, P163, R13, D337, H340
CAMBIER, Richard H. - Nassau, P163, R14, D337, H340
CAMBIER, John - Nassau, P163, R15, D338, H341
CAMBIER, Susan - Nassau, P163, R16, D338, H341
CAMBIER, Jennie - Nassau, P163, R17, D338, H341
CAMBIER, John - Nassau, P163, R18, D338, H341
CAMPAGNE, Stephen - West Branch, P237, R7, D106, H108
CAMPAGNE, Dena - West Branch, P237, R8, D106, H108
CAMPAGNE, Denka - West Branch, P237, R9, D106, H108
CAMPAGNE, Fredrikus - West Branch, P237, R10, D106, H108
CAMPBELL, Robt H. - Center, P38, R10, D160, H160
CAMPBELL, Cora E. - Center, P38, R11, D160, H160
CAMPBELL, Rosco M. - Center, P38, R12, D160, H160
CAMPBELL, George R. - Center, P38, R13, D160, H160
CAMPBELL, Elsie R. - Center, P38, R14, D160, H160
CAMPBELL, Elmer R. - Center, P38, R15, D160, H160
CAMPBELL, Lois R. - Center, P38, R16, D160, H160
CAMPBELL, Jesse B. - Nassau, P151, R55, D146, H147
CAMPBELL, Malcolm - Nassau, P161, R24, D307, H310
CAMPBELL, Mary E. - Nassau, P161, R25, D307, H310
CAMPBELL, Hazel - Nassau, P161, R26, D307, H310
CAMPBELL, Mary Jane - Reading, P167, R59, D88, H89
CAMPBELL, George Edward Miller - Reading, P167, R60, D88, H89
CANFIELD, Luther - Lincoln, P113, R53, D81, H83
CANFIELD, Charlotte U. - Lincoln, P113, R54, D81, H83
CANFIELD, Frank L. - Lincoln, P113, R55, D81, H83
CANFIELD, Edward U. - Lincoln, P113, R56, D81, H83
CANFIELD, Almond E. - Lincoln, P113, R57, D81, H83
CANFIELD, Arthur - Welcome, P225, R80, D31, H31
CAR???, Arin - Nassau, P149, R24, D100, H101
CAR???, May - Nassau, P149, R25, D100, H101
CAR???, Gladys - Nassau, P149, R26, D100, H101
CARDIN, Modest - Grant, P79, R5, D42, H43
CARDIN, Nettie - Grant, P79, R6, D42, H43
CARDIN, Louis F. - Grant, P79, R7, D42, H43
CARDIN, Jannie M. - Grant, P79, R8, D42, H43
CARDIN, Clement - Grant, P79, R9, D42, H43
CARDIN, ?odest - Grant, P79, R10, D42, H43
CARDIN, Wath?? F. - Grant, P79, R11, D42, H43
CARL, Charles - Logan, P131, R2, D130, H143
CARLSON, Carl V - Buncombe, P5, R43, D109, H109
CARLSON, Sophie C. - Buncombe, P5, R44, D109, H109
CARLSON, Thornhill G. V. - Buncombe, P5, R45, D109, H109
CARLSON, Henry M. - Buncombe, P5, R46, D109, H109
CARLSON, Carl - Logan, P133, R25, D170, H183
CARLSON, Charlie - Nassau, P144, R24, D2, H2
CARLSON, Sivan - Reading, P170, R100, D161, H162
CARPENTER, Clarence D. - Logan, P128, R96, D87, H98
CARPENTER, Anna J. - Logan, P128, R97, D87, H98
CARPENTER, Vera - Logan, P128, R98, D87, H98
CARPENTER, Gilbert - Logan, P136, R93, D238, H251
CARPENTER, Edward Clark - Reading, P166, R28, D52, H52
CARPENTER, Jennie Emma - Reading, P166, R29, D52, H52
CARPENTER, Elsie Lydia - Reading, P166, R30, D52, H52
CARPENTER, Edna Susan - Reading, P166, R31, D52, H52
CARR, Spencer Howard - Reading, P167, R42, D84, H85
CARR, Mabel Lee - Reading, P167, R43, D84, H85
CARR, Andrew - Rock, P181, R65, D114, H120
CARR, Martha - Rock, P181, R66, D114, H120
CARR, Henrietta - Rock, P181, R67, D114, H120
CARR, Charles - Rock, P181, R68, D114, H120
CARROLL, Albert M. - Buncombe, P8, R90, D189, H189
CARSON, Benj W. - Buncombe, P11, R15, D229, H229
CARSON, Charlotte M. - Buncombe, P11, R16, D229, H229
CARSON, William A. - Buncombe, P11, R17, D229, H229
CARSON, Emily - Buncombe, P11, R18, D229, H229
CARSTENS, Henry - Lincoln, P123, R28, D273, H278
CARTAND, Jacob Y. - Reading, P166, R72, D63, H63
CARTAND, Lizzie Margaret - Reading, P166, R73, D63, H63
CARTAND, Eva Evangeline - Reading, P166, R74, D63, H63
CARTAND, Gertrude May - Reading, P166, R75, D63, H63
CARTAND, Hazel Dell - Reading, P166, R76, D63, H63
CARTER, John - Reading, P167, R44, D85, H86
CARTER, Laura - Reading, P167, R45, D85, H86
CARTER, John Harrison - Reading, P167, R46, D85, H86
CARTER, George McKinley - Reading, P167, R47, D85, H86
CARTER, Chas W. - Rock, P176, R34, D7, H8
CARTER, Clemme P. - Rock, P176, R35, D7, H8
CARTER, Lucia M. - Rock, P176, R36, D7, H8
CARTER, Hester P. - Rock, P176, R37, D7, H8
CARTER, Henry B. - Rock, P176, R38, D7, H8
CARTER, Ednna L. - Rock, P176, R39, D7, H8
CARTER, Anna - Rock, P176, R40, D7, H8
CARTER, Jesse M. - Rock, P176, R41, D7, H8
CARTWRIGHT, Reuben - Buncombe, P1, R8, D2, H2
CARTWRIGHT, Daisy E. - Buncombe, P1, R9, D2, H2
CARTWRIGHT, Eona - Buncombe, P1, R10, D2, H2
CARVER, Frank - Lincoln, P122, R52, D259, H263
CARVER, Martha - Nassau, P144, R11, D2, H2
CARY, Thomas - Lynn, P21, R40, D143, H143
CARY, John - Lynn, P21, R41, D143, H143
CARY, James - Lynn, P21, R42, D143, H143
CARY, Mary - Lynn, P21, R43, D143, H143
CASJENS, Aalt H. - Orange City, P95, R32, D6, H6
CASJENS, Jennie - Orange City, P95, R33, D6, H6
CASJENS, Carleton - Orange City, P95, R34, D6, H6
CASJENS, Ray P. - Orange City, P95, R35, D6, H6
CASJENS, Floyd M. - Orange City, P95, R36, D6, H6
CASLE, Wm. - Lincoln, P120, R13, D212, H216
CASLE, Nellie - Lincoln, P120, R14, D212, H216
CASLE, Harry - Lincoln, P120, R15, D212, H216
CASS, Hattie - Eagle, P30, R18, D21, H21
CASSADY, Henry G. - Lincoln, P111, R64, D36, H38
CASSIDY, James - Lincoln, P111, R65, D36, H38
CASSIDY, Kate - Lincoln, P111, R66, D36, H38
CASSIDY, Cecelia - Lincoln, P111, R67, D36, H38
CASTAR, William - Buncombe, P8, R61, D183, H183
CASTAR, Elizabeth - Buncombe, P8, R62, D183, H183
CASTAR, G?? - Buncombe, P8, R63, D183, H183
CASTAR, Fanny - Buncombe, P8, R64, D183, H183
CASTAR, Irene - Buncombe, P8, R65, D183, H183
CASTAR, Wayne - Buncombe, P8, R66, D183, H183
CASTAR, Gladdis - Buncombe, P8, R67, D183, H183
CASTLE, John - Sioux, P195, R1, D26, H26
CASTLE, Emma - Sioux, P195, R2, D26, H26
CASTLE, Ory N. - Sioux, P195, R3, D26, H26
CASTLE, Ellis J. - Sioux, P195, R4, D26, H26
CASTLE, George A. - Sioux, P195, R5, D26, H26
CASTLE, Rollie T. - Sioux, P195, R6, D26, H26
CASTLE, Alta M. - Sioux, P195, R7, D26, H26
CASTLE, ? E. - Settler, P201, R20, D124, H124
CASTLE, Margurette - Settler, P201, R21, D124, H124
CASTLE, Joseph E. - Settler, P201, R22, D124, H124
CASTLE, Lisa K. - Settler, P201, R23, D124, H124
CASTLE, George - Settler, P201, R24, D124, H125
CASTLE, Louisa - Settler, P201, R25, D124, H125
CASTLE, Margarette - Settler, P201, R26, D124, H125
CASWELL, George - Plato, P72, R6, D110, H111
CASWELL, Lucy B. - Plato, P72, R7, D110, H111
CASWELL, John William - Plato, P72, R8, D110, H111
CASWELL, Margaruile - Plato, P72, R9, D110, H111
CASWELL, Sylvanus - Plato, P72, R10, D110, H111
CASWELL, Catherine M. - Plato, P72, R11, D110, H111
CASWELL, Cyrus - Plato, P72, R12, D110, H111
CATHCART, Rena B. - Nassau, P153, R39, D180, H181
CATTMAN (HATTMAN), August - Rock, P180, R56, D93, H97
CATTMAN (HATTMAN), Mary - Rock, P180, R57, D93, H97
CATTMAN (HATTMAN), Hugo - Rock, P180, R58, D93, H97
CATTMAN (HATTMAN), Willie - Rock, P180, R59, D93, H97
CATTMAN (HATTMAN), Annie - Rock, P180, R60, D93, H97
CATTON, Samuel R. - Buncombe, P10, R20, D219, H219
CATTON, Mary J. - Buncombe, P10, R21, D219, H219
CATTON, Mabel E. - Buncombe, P10, R22, D219, H219
CATTON, George R. - Buncombe, P10, R23, D219, H219
CATTON, Maude M. - Buncombe, P10, R24, D219, H219
CATTON, Charles C. - Buncombe, P10, R25, D219, H219
CATTON, Frederick R. - Buncombe, P10, R26, D219, H219
CATTON, Myrtle G. - Buncombe, P10, R27, D219, H219
CAVANAGH, Mary - Lincoln, P112, R71, D62, H64
CAVANAGH, Nellie - Lincoln, P112, R72, D62, H64
CAVANAGH, Thomas - Lincoln, P112, R73, D62, H64
CAVANAGH, Chas. - Lincoln, P112, R74, D62, H64
CELESTINA, Francis - Floyd, P53, R5, D25, H26
CHADWICK, Martin - Grant, P81, R17, D74, H75
CHADWICK, Nancy - Grant, P81, R18, D74, H75
CHADWICK, Harry A. - Grant, P81, R19, D74, H75
CHADWICK, Ethel E. - Grant, P81, R20, D74, H75
CHADWICK, Ralph J. - Grant, P81, R21, D74, H75
CHADWICK, Leslie W. - Grant, P81, R22, D74, H75
CHADWICK, Joseph F. - Grant, P81, R23, D74, H75
CHADWICK, Pearl A. - Grant, P81, R24, D74, H75
CHADWICK, W. Howard - Grant, P81, R25, D74, H75
CHAMBERS, ??? - Lynn, P25, R64, D212, H212
CHAMBERS, Sarah E. - Lynn, P25, R65, D212, H212
CHANDLER, Sidney - Lincoln, P112, R46, D55, H57
CHANDLER, Mary - Lincoln, P112, R47, D55, H57
CHANDLER, Harry - Lincoln, P112, R48, D55, H57
CHANDLER, Lewis - Lincoln, P112, R49, D55, H57
CHANDLER, Lyle - Lincoln, P112, R50, D55, H57
CHAPMAN, Elam - Sherman, P218, R38, D93, H93
CHAPMAN, Mary E. - Sherman, P218, R39, D93, H93
CHAPMAN, Earl - Sherman, P218, R40, D93, H93
CHAPMAN, Grant - Sherman, P218, R41, D94, H94
CHAPMAN, Margret - Sherman, P218, R42, D94, H94
CHAPMAN, Th??t - Sherman, P218, R43, D94, H94
CHAPMAN, Ciestse - Sherman, P218, R44, D94, H94
CHARBBONO, Nelson - Buncombe, P2, R12, D30, H30
CHARBBONO, Alice I. - Buncombe, P2, R13, D30, H30
CHARBBONO, Roy Guy - Buncombe, P2, R14, D30, H30
CHASE, Hettie M. - Buncombe, P5, R75, D116, H116
CHASE, Chas. L. - Buncombe, P5, R76, D116, H116
CHASE, Fannie E. - Buncombe, P5, R77, D116, H116
CHASE, Daisy M. - Buncombe, P5, R78, D116, H116
CHASE, Oscar M. - Buncombe, P5, R79, D116, H116
CHASE, James B. - Lincoln, P111, R28, D26, H27
CHASE, Elina - Lincoln, P111, R29, D26, H27
CHASE, Grace - Lincoln, P111, R30, D26, H27
CHASE, Ruth - Lincoln, P111, R31, D26, H27
CHASE, Jonathan - Lincoln, P111, R32, D26, H27
CHASE, Wm. A. - Lincoln, P111, R33, D26, H28
CHASE, Myrtle - Lincoln, P111, R34, D26, H28
CHASE, Dorothy - Lincoln, P111, R35, D26, H28
CHASE, Arthur R. - Lincoln, P112, R100, D69, H71
CHATTERTON, George R. - Logan, P128, R34, D72, H82
CHATTERTON, Minnie - Logan, P128, R35, D72, H82
CHATTERTON, Melville W. - Logan, P128, R36, D72, H82
CHATTERTON, Frank - Logan, P128, R80, D81, H92
CHATTERTON, Frank - Logan, P131, R3, D130, H143
CHENHALL, Jans - Reading, P171, R19, D166, H168
CHENHALL, Minnie - Reading, P171, R20, D166, H168
CHENHALL, Mervyn Thomas - Reading, P171, R21, D166, H168
CHENHALL, James Leroy - Reading, P171, R22, D166, H168
CHENHALL, (not named) - Reading, P171, R23, D166, H168
CHENHALL, Stephen - Reading, P171, R82, D175, H177
CHENHALL, Jane - Reading, P171, R83, D175, H177
CHENHALL, Charles - Reading, P171, R84, D176, H178
CHENHALL, Amelia Ernestine - Reading, P171, R85, D176, H178
CHENHALL, Stephen Jonas - Reading, P171, R86, D176, H178
CHENHALL, Ernest James - Reading, P171, R87, D176, H178
CHENHALL, Frank C. - Reading, P171, R88, D176, H178
CHENHALL, Olive E. - Reading, P171, R89, D176, H178
CHENOWETH, Marietta H. - Buncombe, P11, R75, D242, H242
CHENOWETH, John L. - Buncombe, P11, R74, D242, H242
CHENOWETH, Ernest A. - Buncombe, P11, R76, D242, H242
CHESLEY, Emma - Buncombe, P7, R62, D158, H158
CHESLEY, Olive - Buncombe, P7, R63, D158, H158
CHESLEY, Effie M. - Buncombe, P7, R64, D158, H158
CHESLEY, Ionia - Buncombe, P7, R65, D158, H158
CHESLEY, Ernest - Buncombe, P7, R66, D158, H158
CHESLEY, Lillian - Buncombe, P7, R67, D158, H158
CHESLEY, Lilla M. - Buncombe, P7, R68, D158, H158
CHESLEY, Ollie S. - Logan, P131, R85, D143, H156
CHISHOLM, James - Rock, P182, R28, D130, H137
CHISHOLM, Harriet - Rock, P182, R29, D130, H137
CHISHOLM, William - Rock, P182, R30, D130, H137
CHISHOLM, Mirtle - Rock, P182, R31, D130, H137
CHISHOLM, Fred - Rock, P182, R32, D130, H137
CHISHOLM, Rosie - Rock, P182, R33, D130, H137
CHISHOLM, George - Rock, P182, R34, D130, H137
CHRISTEN, Charlot - Floyd, P59, R29, D137, H139
CHRISTEN, Charles - Floyd, P59, R30, D137, H139
CHRISTENSEN, Perry - Grant, P78, R93, D40, H41
CHRISTENSEN, Andrew - Lincoln, P118, R97, D192, H196
CHRISTENSEN, Christiana - Lincoln, P118, R98, D192, H196
CHRISTENSEN, Rosa M. - Lincoln, P118, R99, D192, H196
CHRISTENSEN, Annie L. - Lincoln, P118, R100, D192, H196
CHRISTENSEN, Clarence E. - Lincoln, P119, R1, D192, H196
CHRISTENSEN, Edna V. - Lincoln, P119, R2, D192, H196
CHRISTENSEN, James - Lincoln, P119, R3, D192, H196
CHRISTENSEN, Andrew - Lincoln, P119, R4, D192, H196
CHRISTENSEN, Anna - Lincoln, P120, R47, D218, H222
CHRISTENSEN, James - Rock, P189, R83, D268, H275
CHRISTENSEN, Sena - Rock, P189, R84, D268, H275
CHRISTENSEN, Emma - Rock, P189, R85, D268, H275
CHRISTENSEN, Mary - Rock, P189, R86, D268, H275
CHRISTENSEN, Herman - Rock, P189, R87, D268, H275
CHRISTENSEN, Afford - Rock, P189, R88, D268, H275
CHRISTENSEN, ??a - Rock, P189, R89, D268, H275
CHRISTENSEN, Arthur - Rock, P189, R90, D268, H275
CHRISTENSEN, Harvey - Rock, P189, R91, D268, H275
CHRISTENSON, Marie - Buncombe, P2, R28, D33, H33
CHRISTIANI, Mary - Floyd, P53, R98, D45, H46
CHRISTIANSON, Mary - Sioux, P198, R62, D94, H94
CHRISTMAS, Jenny - Buncombe, P5, R24, D105, H105
CHRISTSON, Nelson - Lincoln, P122, R7, D249, H253
CHURCHYARD, Henry - Eagle, P29, R63, D11, H11
CHURCHYARD, Annie - Eagle, P29, R64, D11, H11
CHURCHYARD, Grace - Eagle, P29, R65, D11, H11
CHURCHYARD, May - Eagle, P29, R66, D11, H11
CHURCHYARD, Wendell - Eagle, P29, R67, D11, H11
CHURCHYARD, Jeanette - Eagle, P29, R68, D11, H11
CILLEY, Lulu - Logan, P137, R44, D252, H265
CLAERBOUT, Frank - Capel, P13, R37, D9, H9
CLAERBOUT, Fanny - Capel, P13, R38, D9, H9
CLAERBOUT, Henry - Capel, P13, R39, D9, H9
CLAERBOUT, Henry - Lincoln, P110, R75, D16, H17
CLAERBOUT, Angelina - Lincoln, P110, R76, D16, H17
CLAERBOUT, Wm - Lincoln, P110, R77, D16, H17
CLAERBOUT, Gertie - Lincoln, P110, R78, D16, H17
CLAERBOUT, John - Lincoln, P110, R79, D16, H17
CLAERBOUT, Lizzie - Lincoln, P110, R80, D16, H17
CLAERBOUT, Delia - Lincoln, P110, R81, D16, H17
CLAERBOUT, Jennie - Lincoln, P110, R82, D16, H17
CLAREY, Patrick - Reading, P167, R98, D98, H99
CLARK, Ervin F. - Grant, P77, R22, D5, H5
CLARK, Ell?? - Grant, P77, R23, D5, H5
CLARK, Ben??? - Grant, P77, R24, D5, H5
CLARK, Alfred L. - Grant, P77, R25, D5, H5
CLARK, Charles W. - Grant, P77, R26, D5, H5
CLARK, Mead A. - Grant, P78, R32, D26, H26
CLARK, Dora C. - Grant, P78, R33, D26, H26
CLARK, J. F. - Holland, P92, R35, D134, H134
CLARK, Nehemiah J. - Washington, P139, R98, D301, H314
CLARK, Eva J. - Washington, P139, R99, D301, H314
CLAUSSEN, Henry - Sioux, P196, R23, D56, H56
CLAUSSEN, Anna - Sioux, P196, R24, D56, H56
CLAUSSEN, Clara - Sioux, P196, R25, D56, H56
CLAUSSEN, Minnie - Sioux, P196, R26, D56, H56
CLAUSSEN, Dora - Sioux, P196, R27, D56, H56
CLAUSSEN, Alfred - Sioux, P196, R28, D56, H56
CLAUSSEN, Emma - Sioux, P196, R29, D56, H56
CLAYTON, George - East Orange, P42, R13, D24, H24
CLEMENS, Albert L. - Logan, P131, R25, D134, H147
CLEMMENS, Sam - Lincoln, P120, R39, D217, H221
CLEMMENS, Maggie - Lincoln, P120, R40, D217, H221
CLEMMENS, Melvin - Lincoln, P120, R41, D217, H221
CLEMMENS, Nellie - Lincoln, P120, R42, D217, H221
CLEMMENS, Nettie - Lincoln, P120, R43, D217, H221
Clery, Thomas - Eagle, P32, R64, D66, H66
CLEVENGA, William - Welcome, P229, R10, D88, H88
CLEVENGA, Alace - Welcome, P229, R11, D88, H88
CLEVENGA, Minnie - Welcome, P229, R12, D88, H88
CLEVERINGA, Ralph - Garfield, P65, R43, D9, H9
CLEVERINGA, Jacob - Garfield, P65, R44, D9, H9
CLEVERINGA, Louie - Garfield, P65, R45, D9, H9
CLEVERINGA, Gertie - Garfield, P65, R46, D9, H9
CLEVERINGA, Hattie - Garfield, P65, R47, D9, H9
CLEVERINGA, Rachel - Garfield, P65, R48, D9, H9
CLEVERINGA, Fred - Plato, P71, R68, D104, H105
CLEVERINGA, Nellie - Plato, P71, R69, D104, H105
CLEVERINGA, Minnie - Plato, P71, R70, D104, H105
CLEVERINGA, John - Plato, P71, R71, D104, H105
CLEVERINGA, Abe - Holland, P91, R61, D121, H121
CLEVERINGA, Jacob - Nassau, P158, R10, D252, H255
CLEVERINGA, Uiske - Nassau, P158, R11, D252, H255
CLEVERINGA, Roelf - Nassau, P158, R12, D252, H255
CLEVERINGA, Alice - Nassau, P158, R13, D252, H255
CLEVERINGA, Nickolas - Nassau, P158, R14, D252, H255
CLEVERINGA, Gerben - Nassau, P158, R15, D252, H255
CLEVERINGA, Cornelia - Nassau, P158, R16, D252, H255
CLEVERINGA, Jacoba - Nassau, P158, R17, D252, H255
CLEVERINGA, Fred - West Branch, P232, R60, D13, H13
CLEVERINGA, Minnie - West Branch, P232, R61, D13, H13
CLIFFORD, Michael - Logan, P134, R8, D182, H195
CLIFFORD, Mike - Buncombe, P4, R72, D95, H95
CLIFFORD, Bridget - Buncombe, P4, R73, D95, H95
CLIFFORD, William - Eagle, P32, R18, D54, H54
CLIFFORD, Anna C. - Buncombe, P4, R74, D95, H95
CLIFFORD, Mary - Buncombe, P4, R75, D95, H95
CLIFFORD, Nellie - Buncombe, P4, R76, D95, H95
CLIFFORD, George - Buncombe, P4, R77, D95, H95
CLORK, Will H. - Rock, P176, R92, D17, H20
CLORK, Daniell - Rock, P176, R94, D17, H20
CLOUD, George J. - Washington, P141, R44, D323, H337
CLOWER, Edward Francis - Reading, P168, R1, D100, H101
CLOWER, Lillian Welton - Reading, P168, R2, D100, H101
CLOWER, Sidney George - Reading, P168, R3, D100, H101
COAD, Nicolas Geo. - Lincoln, P111, R78, D40, H42
COAD, Mary T. - Lincoln, P111, R79, D40, H42
COAD, Wm. A. - Lincoln, P111, R80, D40, H42
COATES, Francis - Garfield, P69, R20, D79, H80
COATES, George - Buncombe, P9, R92, D213, H213
COATES, Elizabeth - Buncombe, P9, R93, D213, H213
COATES, James B. - Buncombe, P11, R43, D235, H235
COATES, Mary J. - Buncombe, P11, R44, D235, H235
COATES, George - Garfield, P69, R19, D79, H80
COATES, John W. - Garfield, P69, R21, D79, H80
COATES, William R. - Plato, P70, R99, D14, H15
COATES, Ethel - Buncombe, P11, R45, D235, H235
COATES, George C. - Buncombe, P9, R94, D213, H213
Cobb, Leora Arabelle - Reading, P169, R36, D134, H135
COBURN, Luvia J. - Buncombe, P8, R14, D171, H171
COBURN, Blanch A. - Buncombe, P8, R15, D171, H171
COBURN, Muriel M. - Buncombe, P8, R16, D171, H171
COBURN, Mortimer F. - Buncombe, P8, R18, D171, H171
COCROFT, Wm. W. - Rock, P177, R13, D23, H26
COCROFT, Minnie - Rock, P177, R14, D23, H26
COCROFT, Grace - Rock, P177, R15, D23, H26
COCROFT, Frank - Rock, P177, R16, D23, H26
COCROFT, Don - Rock, P177, R17, D23, H26
COFFEY, Simon - East Orange, P42, R28, D27, H27
COGWELL, Jesse - Rock, P189, R21, D258, H265
COGWELL, Lydia - Rock, P189, R22, D258, H265
COGWELL, Merrit - Rock, P189, R23, D258, H265
COGWELL, Sumner - Rock, P189, R24, D258, H265
COGWELL, Irvin - Rock, P189, R25, D258, H265
COGWELL, Leo - Rock, P189, R26, D258, H265
COKER, Charles H. - Washington, P141, R70, D329, H342
COKER, Maggie L. - Washington, P141, R71, D329, H342
COKER, Clarence C. - Washington, P141, R72, D329, H342
COKER, Myrtle B. - Washington, P141, R73, D329, H342
COKER, Grace C. - Washington, P141, R74, D329, H342
COKER, Fred W. - Washington, P141, R75, D329, H342
COKER, Wayne H. - Washington, P141, R76, D329, H342
COLBURN, Albert - Sheridan, P208, R64, D117, H117
COLE, Fred - Sheridan, P205, R1, D43, H43
COLE, F. B. - Sheridan, P205, R27, D51, H51
COLE, Leonard - Sheridan, P205, R28, D51, H51
COLE, Gertrude - Sheridan, P205, R29, D51, H51
COLE, Goldie - Sheridan, P205, R30, D51, H51
COLEMAN, Walter - Sioux, P194, R27, D22, H22
COLEMAN, Izzie - Sioux, P194, R28, D22, H22
COLEMAN, Cecil - Sioux, P194, R29, D22, H22
COLLIER, Jas H. - Buncombe, P2, R49, D39, H39
COLLIER, Emma C. - Buncombe, P2, R50, D39, H39
COLLIER, Forest E. - Buncombe, P2, R51, D39, H39
COLLIER, Robert - Eagle, P33, R19, D74, H74
COLLINS, Albert H. - Buncombe, P4, R56, D91, H91
COLLINS, Anna - Buncombe, P4, R57, D91, H91
COLLINS, Viva M. - Buncombe, P4, R58, D91, H91
COLLINS, Edna - Buncombe, P4, R59, D91, H91
COLLINS, Bertha G. - Buncombe, P4, R60, D91, H91
COLLINS, James - Garfield, P68, R35, D65, H65
COLLINS, Tena E. - Grant, P77, R56, D10, H10
COLLINS, Arthur Clenton - Reading, P164, R41, D11, H11
COLLINS, Ella Elizabeth - Reading, P164, R42, D11, H11
COLLINS, Harry C. - Reading, P164, R43, D11, H11
COLLINS, Jennie Elizabeth - Reading, P164, R44, D11, H11
COLLINS, Naomi Margaret - Reading, P164, R45, D11, H11
COLLINS, Velda Marie - Reading, P164, R46, D11, H11
COLVER, Edward - Nassau, P161, R72, D315, H318
COLWILL, Lewis - Washington, P139, R14, D283, H296
COLWILL, Lewis Lender - Reading, P166, R95, D69, H69
COLWILL, Dora Isabel - Reading, P166, R96, D69, H69
COLWILL, Ruth B. - Reading, P166, R97, D69, H69
COLWILL, William George - Reading, P168, R90, D124, H125
COMMICK, David - Logan, P136, R27, D224, H237
COMSLADE, E. C. - Sheridan, P211, R71, D175, H175
COMSLADE, Eliza - Sheridan, P211, R72, D175, H175
COMSLADE, Ernest - Sheridan, P211, R73, D175, H175
COMSLADE, Clara - Sheridan, P211, R74, D175, H175
CONBOY, Mike - Nassau, P144, R20, D2, H2
CONDON, John - Reading, P175, R17, D237, H239
CONDON, Emma - Reading, P175, R18, D237, H239
CONDON, Clara May - Reading, P175, R19, D237, H239
CONDON, Carl John - Reading, P175, R20, D237, H239
CONDON, (not named) - Reading, P175, R21, D237, H239
CONE, Arthur - Sioux, P198, R90, D98, H98
CONLEY, Mame - Rock, P180, R50, D91, H95
CONNELL, Tom - Floyd, P59, R37, D138, H140
CONNELL, Frank - Grant, P79, R72, D52, H53
CONNELL, Ida - Grant, P79, R73, D52, H53
CONNELL, C. William - Grant, P79, R74, D52, H53
CONNELL, Nora M. - Grant, P79, R75, D52, H53
CONNELL, Minnie B. - Grant, P79, R76, D52, H53
CONNELL, George H. - Grant, P79, R77, D52, H53
CONNELL, Mary E. - Grant, P79, R78, D52, H53
CONNELL, John - Sheridan, P206, R1, D68, H68
CONNELL, Margeret - Sheridan, P206, R2, D68, H68
CONNELL, Cornelia - Sheridan, P206, R25, D73, H73
CONNELLY, Mary - Eagle, P33, R92, D89, H89
CONNELLY, Mary - Logan, P129, R2, D88, H99
CONNELLY, Pete J. - Sherman, P216, R71, D68, H68
CONNELY, Mamie - Garfield, P65, R9, D2, H2
CONNER, Frank - Sheridan, P204, R27, D26, H26
CONNOR, James - Nassau, P146, R74, D51, H51
CONRAD, Jacob - East Orange, P47, R67, D102, H104
CONRAD, Henry - Garfield, P68, R13, D61, H61
CONRAD, Samuel S. - Logan, P129, R48, D100, H113
CONRAD, Katherine C. - Logan, P129, R49, D100, H113
CONRAD, Daniel A. - Logan, P129, R50, D100, H113
CONRAD, John C. - Logan, P129, R51, D100, H113
CONRAD, Nettie M. - Logan, P129, R52, D100, H113
CONRAD, K. Mae - Logan, P129, R53, D100, H113
CONRAD, Gertie V. - Logan, P129, R54, D100, H113
CONRAD, Annie C. - Logan, P129, R55, D100, H113
CONRAD, Emma F. - Logan, P129, R56, D100, H113
CONRAD, Frank H. - Logan, P129, R57, D100, H113
CONRAD, Fred - Logan, P129, R58, D100, H113
CONRAD, Nellie M. - Logan, P129, R59, D100, H113
CONRAD, May F. - Logan, P132, R28, D150, H163
CONWAY, Ann - Buncombe, P4, R82, D96, H96
CONWAY, Lewis - Buncombe, P4, R81, D96, H96
COOK, William - Logan, P127, R73, D59, H69
COOK, Bert - Logan, P127, R74, D59, H69
COOK, Abe - Sherman, P217, R83, D83, H83
COOLE, Cornelius - Garfield, P65, R15, D3, H3
COOLEY, Daniel - Reading, P172, R8, D181, H183
COOLIDGE, Ruth - Rock, P184, R44, D177, H184
COOLIDGE, Colonel - Rock, P189, R68, D265, H272
COOMBS, Ma??ce B. - Reading, P169, R95, D147, H148
COOMBS, Lucy A. - Reading, P169, R96, D147, H148
COOMBS, Ma??ce - Reading, P169, R97, D147, H148
COOMBS, Jennie B. - Reading, P169, R98, D147, H148
COOMBS, Luella V. - Reading, P169, R99, D147, H148
COOMBS, Touman S. - Reading, P169, R100, D147, H148
COOMBS, Ethel G. - Reading, P170, R1, D146, H147
COOMBS, Grace H. - Reading, P170, R2, D146, H147
COOMBS, William McKinley - Reading, P170, R3, D146, H147
COOMBS, Joseph O. - Reading, P170, R4, D146, H147
COON, Freeman - Washington, P142, R71, D347, H360
COON, Maggie - Washington, P142, R72, D347, H360
COON, Ethel - Washington, P142, R73, D347, H360
COON, Ella - Washington, P142, R74, D347, H360
COON, Isaiah Jackson - Reading, P164, R79, D18, H18
COON, Nelson Nathaniel - Reading, P167, R90, D97, H98
COON, Alice Theresa - Reading, P167, R91, D97, H98
COON, Francis Nelson - Reading, P167, R92, D97, H98
COON, Claude Baldwin - Reading, P167, R93, D97, H98
COON, A. L. - Reading, P175, R8, D234, H236
COONS, Susan - Reading, P164, R61, D14, H14
COONS, Lena A. - Reading, P164, R62, D14, H14
COOPER, John H. - Grant, P80, R94, D71, H72
COOPER, Sarah K. - Grant, P80, R95, D71, H72
COOPER, Stewart J. - Grant, P80, R96, D71, H72
COOPER, Thomas F. - Washington, P138, R89, D279, H282
COOPER, N. S. - Sheridan, P206, R7, D70, H70
COOPER, Sarah - Sheridan, P206, R8, D70, H70
COOPER, Ollie - Sheridan, P206, R9, D70, H70
COOPER, Bell - Sheridan, P206, R10, D70, H70
COOPER, Dosia - Sheridan, P206, R11, D70, H70
COOPER, Ina - Sheridan, P206, R12, D70, H70
COOPER, Naomi - Sheridan, P206, R13, D70, H70
CORDSEN, Chris - Plato, P75, R6, D157, H158
CORDSEN, Mary - Plato, P75, R7, D157, H158
CORDSEN, Emily - Plato, P75, R8, D157, H158
CORDSEN, John - Plato, P75, R9, D157, H158
CORDSEN, Martin - Plato, P75, R10, D157, H158
CORDSEN, Benjamin - Plato, P75, R11, D157, H158
CORDSEN, Henry - Plato, P75, R12, D157, H158
CORDSEN, Walter - Plato, P75, R13, D157, H158
CORNISH, Marshall - Nassau, P150, R54, D124, H125
CORWIN, Howard M. - Rock, P189, R1, D256, H263
CORWIN, Cassie - Rock, P189, R2, D256, H263
CORWIN, Frelon - Rock, P189, R3, D256, H263
CORWIN, Elsie - Rock, P189, R4, D256, H263
CORWIN, Earl - Rock, P189, R5, D256, H263
CORWIN, Libbie - Rock, P189, R6, D256, H263
CORWIN, Francis - Rock, P189, R7, D256, H263
CORWIN, Baby - Rock, P189, R8, D256, H263
COTT, Charles M. - Logan, P135, R89, D218, H231
COTT, Sabina S. - Logan, P135, R90, D218, H231
COTT, Lewis M. - Logan, P135, R91, D218, H231
COTT, Elsie M. - Logan, P135, R92, D218, H231
COTT, Verna S. - Logan, P135, R93, D218, H231
COTT, Faith M. - Logan, P135, R94, D218, H231
COTT, Pearl M. - Logan, P135, R95, D218, H231
COTTON, Clay - Nassau, P149, R7, D97, H98
COTTON, Lillian - Nassau, P149, R8, D97, H98
COTTON, Edna B. - Nassau, P149, R9, D97, H98
COULTER, David - Logan, P134, R27, D186, H199
COULTER, Elizabeth - Logan, P134, R28, D186, H199
COUNTRYMAN, Peter - Nassau, P149, R46, D103, H104
COURTICE, Thomas R. - Sherman, P215, R94, D51, H51
COURTWRIGHT, La Fayette - Eagle, P29, R49, D8, H8
COYER, Eugene - Sioux, P198, R17, D87, H87
COYER, Julia - Sioux, P198, R18, D87, H87
COYER, Otto - Sioux, P198, R19, D87, H87
COYER, Almon - Sioux, P198, R20, D87, H87
COYER, Dallas - Sioux, P198, R21, D87, H87
COYER, Tressie - Sioux, P198, R22, D87, H87
COYER, Earl - Sioux, P198, R23, D87, H87
CRAIG, James - Lincoln, P111, R74, D38, H40
CRAMER, Michial - Nassau, P153, R25, D178, H179
CRAMER, Jacob - Sherman, P216, R34, D61, H61
CRAMER, Martin - Sherman, P220, R44, D128, H128
CRANDALL, Levi P. - Logan, P128, R83, D83, H94
CRANDALL, Edna P. - Logan, P128, R84, D83, H94
CRANDALL, Harry B. - Logan, P128, R85, D83, H94
CRANDALL, Elmer G. - Logan, P128, R86, D83, H94
CRANDALL, Gerturde J. - Logan, P128, R87, D83, H94
CRANDELL, Henry E. - Logan, P126, R77, D39, H43
CRANDELL, Lourania - Logan, P126, R78, D39, H43
CRANE, Eli - Buncombe, P9, R15, D195, H195
CRANE, Phida D. - Buncombe, P9, R16, D195, H195
CRANE, Harriet W. - Buncombe, P9, R17, D195, H195
CRANE, Clara C. - Buncombe, P9, R18, D195, H195
CRANE, Albert E. - Buncombe, P9, R19, D195, H195
CRANE, William G. - Buncombe, P9, R20, D195, H195
CRAWFORD, Warren G. - Washington, P138, R18, D265, H278
CRAWFORD, Charles D. - Washington, P140, R53, D310, H323
CREBECK, Joseph - Nassau, P155, R46, D208, H210
CRESWELL, Ulysses - Capel, P20, R1, D119, H119
CRESWELL, Mary - Capel, P20, R2, D119, H119
CRESWELL, Willia??? - Capel, P20, R3, D119, H119
CRESWELL, Arthur - Capel, P20, R4, D119, H119
CRESWELL, Earl R. - Capel, P20, R5, D119, H119
CRESWELL, Zoa M. - Capel, P20, R6, D119, H119
CRIMMINGS, Louisa - West Branch, P243, R37, D221, H223
CRIMMINGS, Marietta - West Branch, P243, R38, D221, H223
CRO???, John - East Orange, P51, R54, D159, H161
CROAT, John H. - East Orange, P41, R78, D18, H18
CROAT, Susanine - East Orange, P41, R79, D18, H18
CROAT, Nick F. - East Orange, P41, R80, D18, H18
CROAT, John S. - East Orange, P41, R81, D18, H18
CROAT, Charles H. - East Orange, P41, R82, D18, H18
CROAT, Marie N. - East Orange, P41, R83, D18, H18
CROAT, Ma?? E. - East Orange, P41, R84, D18, H18
CROAT, Aelnethe - East Orange, P41, R85, D18, H18
CROAT, Peter - East Orange, P48, R31, D113, H115
CROAT, Francis - East Orange, P48, R32, D113, H115
CROAT, Freddie J. - East Orange, P48, R33, D113, H115
CROAT, Lena - East Orange, P48, R34, D113, H115
CROAT, Martha M. - East Orange, P48, R35, D113, H115
CROAT, Bertha M. - East Orange, P48, R36, D113, H115
CROATT, Nick - Lynn, P26, R35, D221, H221
CROATT, Annie - Lynn, P26, R36, D221, H221
CROATT, John - Lynn, P26, R37, D221, H221
CROATT, Mike - Lynn, P26, R38, D221, H221
CROATT, Edward - Lynn, P26, R39, D221, H221
CROATT, Philimera - Lynn, P26, R40, D221, H221
CROATT, Clara - Lynn, P26, R41, D221, H221
CROATT, Louisa - Lynn, P26, R42, D221, H221
CRONKYE, Elma - Orange City, P99, R64, D98, H100
CROOY, Johann G. - Orange City, P98, R37, D68, H69
CROSSER, William A. - Buncombe, P8, R36, D177, H177
CROSSER, Henrietta - Buncombe, P8, R37, D177, H177
CROSSER, Ora M. - Buncombe, P8, R38, D177, H177
CROUSE, George - Eagle, P32, R19, D55, H55
CROUSE, Kate - Eagle, P32, R20, D55, H55
CROUSE, Anna E. - Eagle, P32, R21, D55, H55
CROUSE, Ura - Eagle, P32, R22, D55, H55
CROUSE, Harry - Eagle, P32, R23, D55, H55
CROUSE, David R. - Reading, P164, R30, D8, H8
CROUSE, Ella C. - Reading, P164, R31, D8, H8
CROUSE, Florence Elizabeth - Reading, P164, R32, D8, H8
CROW, Maggie - Sherman, P214, R65, D18, H18
CROW, Jessie - Sherman, P214, R66, D18, H18
CROWDER, John - Sheridan, P203, R14, D4, H4
CROWDER, Ida - Sheridan, P203, R15, D4, H4
CROWDER, George L. - Sheridan, P203, R16, D4, H4
CROWDER, Edward - Sheridan, P203, R17, D4, H4
CROWDER, Matie - Sheridan, P203, R18, D4, H4
CROWDER, Ann - Sheridan, P203, R19, D4, H4
CROWDER, John C. - Sheridan, P203, R20, D4, H4
CROWLEY, John T. - Sherman, P215, R9, D27, H27
CROWLEY, L??a S. - Sherman, P215, R10, D27, H27
CROWLEY, Orville - Sherman, P215, R11, D27, H27
CROWLEY, Miles - Sherman, P215, R12, D27, H27
CROWLEY, Earl - Sherman, P215, R13, D27, H27
CROWLEY, John L. - Sherman, P215, R14, D27, H27
CROWLEY, John - Sherman, P216, R59, D66, H66
CROWLEY, Hanna - Sherman, P216, R60, D66, H66
CROWN, Walter - Rock, P185, R11, D192, H199
CROWTHERS, George A. - Buncombe, P10, R53, D226, H226
CROWTHERS, Doll A. - Buncombe, P10, R54, D226, H226
CROWTHERS, Lillian B. - Buncombe, P10, R55, D226, H226
CROWTHERS, Ida M. - Buncombe, P10, R56, D226, H226
CROWTHERS, Fred - Buncombe, P10, R57, D226, H226
CROWTHERS, Wirnie - Buncombe, P10, R58, D226, H226
CROWTHERS, Jay - Buncombe, P10, R59, D226, H226
CULLINAN, Thomas - Sioux, P198, R63, D95, H95
CULLINAN, Lizzie - Sioux, P198, R64, D95, H95
CULLINAN, Johannah - Sioux, P198, R65, D95, H95
CULLINAN, Thomas - Sioux, P198, R66, D95, H95
CULLINAN, John - Sioux, P198, R67, D95, H95
CULLINAN, Michael - Sioux, P198, R68, D95, H95
CULVER, Edgar R. - Grant, P78, R6, D19, H19
CULVER, Mary - Grant, P78, R7, D19, H19
CULVER, Basil E. - Grant, P78, R8, D19, H19
CULVER, Helen M. - Grant, P78, R9, D19, H19
CUMMINGS, Pat A. - Rock, P185, R4, D191, H198
CUMMINGS, Irene M. - Rock, P185, R5, D191, H198
CUMMINGS, Alberta - Rock, P185, R6, D191, H198
CUNBRISK, John - Sioux, P199, R15, D101, H101
CUNNINGHAM, Chas - Eagle, P33, R88, D87, H87
CUNNINGHAM, Rennza - Logan, P130, R49, D116, H129
CUNNINGHAMS, Eugene - Logan, P131, R79, D142, H155
CUPERUS, Louis - Sioux, P195, R75, D49, H49
CUPERUS, Cornelius - Sioux, P195, R76, D49, H49
CUPERUS, Sarah - Sioux, P195, R77, D49, H49
CUPIDO, Cornelius - West Branch, P242, R89, D212, H214
CUPIDO, Hattie - West Branch, P242, R90, D212, H214
CUPIDO, Susan - West Branch, P242, R91, D212, H214
CUPIDO, Albert - West Branch, P244, R16, D232, H234
CUPIDO, Soutje - West Branch, P244, R17, D232, H234
CUPIDO, Gertie - West Branch, P244, R18, D232, H234
CUPIDO, Jacob - West Branch, P244, R19, D232, H234
CUPSIDO, Cornelius - Sheridan, P213, R20, D201, H201
CURTIS, James - Lincoln, P119, R10, D194, H198
CURTIS, Annie - Lincoln, P119, R11, D194, H198
CURTIS, Merrill - Lincoln, P119, R12, D194, H198
CURTIS, Mary - Lincoln, P119, R13, D194, H198


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