1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

OAKLAND, Amos - Rock, P191, R74, D298, H305
OAKLAND, Annie - Rock, P191, R75, D298, H305
OAKLAND, Mary - Rock, P191, R76, D298, H305
OAKLAND, Lucile - Rock, P191, R77, D298, H305
OAKLAND, Oliver - Rock, P191, R78, D298, H305
OAKLAND, Emma - Rock, P191, R79, D298, H305
OAKLAND, Louis - Rock, P191, R80, D298, H305
OAKLAND, Albert - Rock, P191, R81, D298, H305
OAKLAND, Henry - Rock, P191, R82, D298, H305
OAKLAND, Ruby - Rock, P191, R83, D298, H305
OAKLAND, Clara - Rock, P191, R84, D298, H305
OAKLAND, Esther - Rock, P191, R85, D298, H305
OAKS, George W. - Logan, P136, R83, D237, H250
OAKS, Elizabeth M. - Logan, P136, R84, D237, H250
OAKS, John E. - Logan, P136, R85, D237, H250
OBERMAN, Joseph F. - East Orange, P43, R80, D55, H56
OBERMAN, Mary Jane - East Orange, P43, R81, D55, H56
OBERMAN, Mary J. - East Orange, P43, R82, D55, H56
OBERMAN, Joseph H. - East Orange, P43, R83, D55, H56
OBERMAN, Agnes R. - East Orange, P43, R84, D55, H56
OBERMAN, Frnak L. - East Orange, P43, R85, D55, H56
OBERMAN, Henry G. - East Orange, P43, R86, D55, H56
OBERMAN, Eloysius J. - East Orange, P43, R87, D55, H56
OBERMAN, Henry - Floyd, P63, R41, D216, H218
OBRIEN, Patrick J. - Logan, P126, R3, D24, H26
OBRIEN, Mary F. - Logan, P126, R4, D24, H26
OBRIEN, Nellie - Logan, P126, R5, D24, H26
OBRIEN, Isabelle - Logan, P126, R6, D24, H26
OBRIEN, Marguerite - Logan, P126, R7, D24, H26
OBRIEN, William - Logan, P126, R8, D24, H26
OBRIEN, Chas D. - Rock, P178, R50, D52, H55
OCONNELL, Charles O. - Logan, P128, R40, D74, H84
OCONNER, Edward M. - Buncombe, P6, R16, D123, H123
OCONNER, Thomas - Garfield, P68, R93, D75, H76
OCONNOR, Edw M. - Logan, P130, R33, D114, H127
OCONNOR, Margaret - Logan, P130, R34, D114, H127
OCONNOR, John - Nassau, P144, R14, D2, H2
ODENBRADT, Fritz - East Orange, P46, R86, D91, H93
ODENBRETT, Mary - Nassau, P161, R4, D303, H306
ODENBRETT, Peter - Nassau, P161, R13, D305, H308
ODENBRETT, Annie - Nassau, P161, R14, D305, H308
ODENBRETT, John - Nassau, P161, R15, D305, H308
ODENBRETT, Kate - Nassau, P161, R16, D305, H308
ODENBRETT, William - Nassau, P161, R17, D305, H308
ODENBRETT, Math - Nassau, P161, R18, D305, H308
ODENBRETT, Jacob - Nassau, P161, R19, D305, H308
ODLE, David M. - Lincoln, P114, R46, D101, H104
ODLE, Josephine - Lincoln, P114, R47, D101, H104
ODLE, Harold - Lincoln, P114, R48, D101, H104
ODLE, Vera L. - Lincoln, P114, R49, D101, H104
ODLE, Glenn E. - Lincoln, P114, R50, D101, H104
ODLE, Edith R. - Lincoln, P114, R51, D101, H104
ODLE, Robert - Lincoln, P114, R52, D101, H104
OELEN, San - Lincoln, P118, R79, D187, H191
OELEN, H. - Sheridan, P209, R8, D127, H127
OELRICH, Chas D. - Holland, P90, R37, D103, H103
OELRICH, Augusta - Holland, P90, R38, D103, H103
OELRICH, George - Holland, P90, R39, D103, H103
OELRICH, Will - Holland, P90, R40, D103, H103
OELRICH, John - Holland, P90, R41, D103, H103
OEZERUN, Pleasent D. - Capel, P14, R9, D25, H25
OEZERUN, ?a??na - Capel, P14, R10, D25, H25
OEZERUN, Lucy - Capel, P14, R11, D25, H25
OEZERUN, Henry - Capel, P14, R12, D25, H25
OEZERUN, Nellie - Capel, P14, R13, D25, H25
OFFERMANN, Henry - Lincoln, P117, R81, D168, H171
OFSTAD, John K. - Logan, P127, R41, D54, H61
OGG, James O. - Orange City, P98, R77, D77, H78
OGG, Stena - Orange City, P98, R78, D77, H78
OGG, Edna B. - Orange City, P98, R79, D77, H78
OGGEL, James M. - Orange City, P96, R30, D25, H25
OGGEL, Elizabeth - Orange City, P96, R31, D25, H25
OGGEL, Diane - Orange City, P96, R32, D25, H25
OGGEL, Henry P. - Orange City, P107, R54, D268, H273
OGGEL, Hendrika - Orange City, P107, R55, D268, H273
OGGEL, Minnie - Orange City, P107, R56, D268, H273
OGGEL, Aletta - Orange City, P107, R57, D268, H273
OGGEL, John - Orange City, P107, R58, D268, H273
OGGEL, Marie - Orange City, P107, R59, D268, H273
OGGEL, Leonard - Orange City, P107, R60, D268, H273
OGGEL, Jennie - Orange City, P107, R61, D268, H273
OHARE, Patrick - Sherman, P216, R72, D69, H69
OHARE, Kathrine - Sherman, P216, R73, D69, H69
OHARE, Mike - Sherman, P216, R74, D69, H69
OHARE, Cornelius - Sherman, P216, R75, D69, H69
OHARE, Julie - Sherman, P216, R76, D69, H69
OHARE, Patrick - Sherman, P216, R77, D69, H69
OKANE, Barney - Lynn, P22, R97, D172, H172
OKANE, Mary - Lynn, P22, R98, D172, H172
OKANE, May - Lynn, P22, R99, D172, H172
OKANE, Florence - Lynn, P22, R100, D172, H172
OKANE, Daniel - Lynn, P23, R1, D172, H172
OKANE, Anna - Lynn, P23, R2, D172, H172
OKANE, Ella - Lynn, P23, R3, D172, H172
OKANE, John - Lynn, P23, R4, D172, H172
OKANE, Edward - Lynn, P23, R5, D172, H172
OKANE, Earl - Lynn, P23, R6, D172, H172
OKANE, John - Lynn, P23, R17, D175, H175
OKANE, Bridget - Lynn, P23, R18, D175, H175
OKANE, Mary - Lynn, P23, R19, D175, H175
OKANE, James - Lynn, P23, R20, D175, H175
OKANE, Rose - Lynn, P23, R21, D175, H175
OKANE, John - Lynn, P23, R22, D175, H175
OKANE, Mergerite - Lynn, P23, R23, D175, H175
OKEY, Wilson S. - Lincoln, P110, R24, D5, H6
OKEY, Lewis L. - Lincoln, P110, R25, D, H
OKEY, Ida J. - Lincoln, P110, R26, D, H
OKEY, Abigale - Lincoln, P110, R27, D, H
OKEY, Adrian - Lincoln, P117, R70, D166, H170
OKEY, Kate - Lincoln, P117, R71, D166, H170
OKEY, Hazel B. - Lincoln, P117, R72, D166, H170
OLBECKING, John - Sheridan, P205, R97, D66, H66
OLBECKING, Agnes - Sheridan, P205, R98, D66, H66
OLDENKAMP, Harm - Holland, P86, R42, D27, H27
OLDENKAMP, Gertrude - Holland, P86, R43, D27, H27
OLDENKAMP, Wm. - Lynn, P23, R74, D184, H184
OLDENKAMP, Katie - Lynn, P23, R75, D184, H184
OLDENKAMP, Harm - Lynn, P23, R76, D184, H184
OLDENKAMP, Gertie - Lynn, P23, R77, D184, H184
OLDENKAMP, Jennie - Lynn, P23, R78, D184, H184
OLDENKAMP, Gracie - Lynn, P23, R79, D184, H184
OLDENKAMP, Gerrit - Lynn, P23, R80, D184, H184
OLDENKAMP, Hattie - Lynn, P23, R81, D184, H184
OLDENKAMP, Gerrit - Nassau, P151, R40, D144, H145
OLDENKAMP, Theitje - Nassau, P151, R41, D144, H145
OLDENKAMP, Herman - Nassau, P151, R42, D144, H145
OLDENKAMP, Lena - Nassau, P151, R43, D144, H145
OLDENKAMP/OLENKAMP, A. - Lynn, P23, R24, D176, H176
OLDENKAMP/OLENKAMP, ???? - Lynn, P23, R25, D176, H176
OLDENKAMP/OLENKAMP, Thomas - Lynn, P23, R26, D176, H176
OLDENKAMP/OLENKAMP, ???? - Lynn, P23, R27, D176, H176
OLDENKAMP/OLENKAMP, Gerrit - Lynn, P23, R28, D176, H176
OLDENKAMP/OLENKAMP, ???? - Lynn, P23, R29, D176, H176
OLDENKAMP/OLENKAMP, Johannas - Lynn, P24, R92, D202, H202
OLDENKAMP/OLENKAMP, Susan - Lynn, P24, R93, D202, H202
OLDENKAMP/OLENKAMP, Harm - Lynn, P24, R94, D202, H202
OLDENKAMP/OLENKAMP, Adriann - Lynn, P24, R95, D202, H202
OLDENKAMP/OLENKAMP, Gertrude - Lynn, P24, R96, D202, H202
OLDENKAMP/OLENKAMP, Dena - Lynn, P24, R97, D202, H202
OLDSON, Julian - Reading, P174, R91, D230, H232
OLESON, Peter - Garfield, P67, R57, D48, H48
OLESON, Ed - Reading, P174, R11, D216, H218
OLIVER, John - Rock, P181, R23, D104, H108
OLIVIER, Arie - Welcome, P227, R27, D58, H58
OLIVIER, Nellie - Welcome, P227, R28, D58, H58
OLIVIER, Aart - Welcome, P227, R29, D58, H58
OLIVIER, John - Welcome, P227, R30, D58, H58
OLK, John B. - Garfield, P67, R7, D40, H40
OLMSTED, Sadie E. - Orange City, P109, R55, D312, H318
OLSON, Cris J. - Buncombe, P2, R8, D29, H29
OLSON, Helga - Buncombe, P2, R9, D29, H29
OLSON, S???ner - Buncombe, P2, R10, D29, H29
OLSON, Floyd C. - Buncombe, P2, R11, D29, H29
OLSON, Nettie - Logan, P126, R62, D34, H38
OLTHOFF, Harm - Grant, P80, R98, D72, H73
OLTHOFF, Siemon - Grant, P82, R92, D105, H106
OLTHOFF, Jennie - Grant, P82, R93, D105, H106
OLTHOFF, Christian S. - Grant, P82, R94, D105, H106
OLTHOFF, Eke - Grant, P82, R95, D105, H106
OLTHOFF, Lena - Grant, P82, R96, D105, H106
OLTHOFF, Klaske - Grant, P82, R97, D105, H106
OLTHOFF, Christjohn - Grant, P82, R98, D105, H106
OLTHOFF, Evert - Grant, P82, R99, D105, H106
OMORROW, James K. P. - Washington, P141, R64, D327, H340
OMORROW, James E. - Washington, P141, R65, D327, H340
ONAN, Harry Dell - Reading, P167, R38, D80, H81
ONDERSTAL, Gerrett - West Branch, P236, R92, D102, H104
ONEIL, Edmond J. - Buncombe, P5, R25, D106, H106
ONEIL, Christina M. - Buncombe, P5, R26, D106, H106
ONEIL, Ellen - Buncombe, P5, R27, D106, H106
ONEIL, Mary F. - Buncombe, P5, R28, D106, H106
ONEIL, James P. - Buncombe, P5, R29, D106, H106
ONEIL, Joanna D> - Buncombe, P5, R30, D106, H106
ONEILL, John - Logan, P131, R19, D132, H145
ONEILL, Stella - Washington, P142, R18, D338, H351
ONKEN, Mary H. - Reading, P164, R63, D14, H14
ONKEN, Hajio - Reading, P173, R36, D203, H205
ONKEN, Margareta - Reading, P173, R37, D203, H205
ONKEN, Gorde - Reading, P173, R38, D203, H205
ONKEN, Reiner G. - Reading, P173, R39, D203, H205
ONKEN, Mary T. - Reading, P173, R40, D203, H205
ONKEN, Minke G. - Reading, P173, R41, D203, H205
ONKEN, Amelia M. - Reading, P173, R42, D203, H205
ONKEN, Johanna K. - Reading, P173, R43, D203, H205
ONKEN, Martha Adaline - Reading, P173, R44, D203, H205
ONKEN, Louisa H. - Reading, P173, R45, D203, H205
OOLBEKKINK, John - Lynn, P27, R61, D239, H239
OOLBEKKINK, Gertie - Lynn, P27, R62, D239, H239
OOLBEKKINK, Jennie - Lynn, P27, R63, D239, H239
OOLBEKKINK, Allie - Lynn, P27, R64, D239, H239
OOLBEKKINK, Edward - Lynn, P27, R65, D239, H239
OOLBEKKINK, Benjamine - Lynn, P27, R66, D239, H239
OOLBEKKINK, Hannah - Lynn, P27, R67, D239, H239
OOLBEKKINK, Henrietta - Lynn, P27, R68, D239, H239
OOLMAN, Jacob - Orange City, P99, R94, D105, H107
OOLMAN, Aaltje - Orange City, P99, R95, D105, H107
OOLMAN, Dillie - Orange City, P99, R96, D105, H107
OOLMAN, Herman - West Branch, P243, R14, D217, H219
OOLMAN, Shjoukje - West Branch, P243, R15, D217, H219
OOLMAN, Jacob - West Branch, P243, R16, D217, H219
OOLMAN, John - West Branch, P243, R17, D217, H219
OOLMAN, Allie - West Branch, P243, R18, D217, H219
OOLRICH, George C. - Orange City, P104, R82, D208, H211
OOLRICH, Dena - Orange City, P104, R83, D208, H211
OOLRICH, Clarence E. - Orange City, P104, R84, D208, H211
OOLRICH, Al?ond - Orange City, P104, R85, D208, H211
OORD, Maggie - Holland, P93, R95, D167, H167
OORDT, Andries - Floyd, P59, R19, D135, H137
OORDT, Tryntje - Floyd, P59, R20, D135, H137
OORDT, Andries - Floyd, P59, R21, D135, H137
OORDT, Grietje - Floyd, P59, R22, D135, H137
OORDT, William - West Branch, P247, R7, D275, H278
OORDT, Annie - West Branch, P247, R8, D275, H278
OORDT, Annie - West Branch, P247, R9, D275, H278
OORDT, John - West Branch, P247, R10, D275, H278
OORDT, Holkert - West Branch, P247, R12, D275, H278
OOSEROOST, Hendrick - Floyd, P63, R29, D214, H216
OOSEROOST, Theodora - Floyd, P63, R30, D214, H216
OOSEROOST, Johannes - Floyd, P63, R31, D214, H216
OOSEROOST, Hendrik - Floyd, P63, R32, D214, H216
OOSEROOST, Katie - Floyd, P63, R33, D214, H216
OOSEROOST, Theodore - Floyd, P63, R34, D214, H216
OOSTENBRUG, ??? - Lynn, P24, R64, D198, H198
OOSTENBRUG, Ella - Lynn, P24, R65, D198, H198
OOSTENBRUG, Maggie - Lynn, P24, R66, D198, H198
OOSTENBRUG, Albert - Lynn, P24, R67, D198, H198
OOSTENBRUG, ??na - Lynn, P24, R68, D198, H198
OOSTENBRUG, ??? - Lynn, P24, R69, D198, H198
OOSTENBRUG, ??? - Lynn, P24, R70, D198, H198
OOSTENBRUG, Grace - Lynn, P24, R71, D198, H198
OOSTENINK, Dick J. - Welcome, P230, R80, D111, H111
OOSTENINK, Dena - Welcome, P230, R81, D111, H111
OOSTENINK, Mena - Welcome, P230, R82, D111, H111
OOSTENINK, William - Welcome, P230, R83, D111, H111
OOSTENINK, John - Welcome, P230, R84, D111, H111
OOSTENINK, Henry - Welcome, P230, R85, D111, H111
OOSTENINK, Dick J. - Welcome, P230, R86, D111, H111
OOSTENINK, Garret - Welcome, P230, R87, D111, H111
OOSTERHOUSE, Martin - Floyd, P59, R99, D155, H157
OOSTERHOUSE, Clemens - Floyd, P63, R21, D212, H214
OOSTRA, Reindert - Welcome, P226, R27, D40, H40
OOSTRA, Roelfke - Welcome, P226, R28, D40, H40
OOSTRA, John - Welcome, P226, R29, D40, H40
OOSTRA, Annie - Welcome, P226, R30, D40, H40
OPPENHEIMER, David - Logan, P134, R53, D190, H203
OPPENHEIMER, Louise - Logan, P134, R54, D190, H203
OPPENHEIMER, Rush L. - Logan, P134, R55, D190, H203
OPPENHEIMER, Louise - Logan, P134, R56, D190, H203
ORANGE, Jennie - Orange City, P96, R95, D37, H38
ORCUTT, Julius H. - Buncombe, P8, R91, D190, H190
ORCUTT, Emma J. - Buncombe, P8, R92, D190, H190
ORCUTT, Ettie E. - Buncombe, P8, R93, D190, H190
ORCUTT, Elsie A. - Buncombe, P8, R94, D190, H190
ORCUTT, Gena L. - Buncombe, P8, R95, D190, H190
ORCUTT, Pitt - Rock, P181, R45, D110, H116
ORCUTT, Abbie - Rock, P181, R46, D110, H116
ORCUTT, Clarence - Rock, P181, R47, D110, H116
ORLEBEKE, Adriana - Orange City, P98, R36, D67, H68
ORLMAN, Bruno - Lincoln, P122, R13, D250, H254
ORR, John E. - Orange City, P107, R53, D267, H272
ORTON, Guy W. - Sherman, P215, R68, D42, H42
ORTON, Anna D. - Sherman, P215, R69, D42, H42
ORTON, Martin - Sherman, P215, R70, D42, H42
ORTON, Carrie - Sherman, P215, R71, D42, H42
ORTON, Harry - Sherman, P215, R72, D42, H42
ORTON, Egan I - Washington, P142, R91, D350, H363
ORTON, Mary E. - Washington, P142, R92, D350, H363
ORTON, Russie J. - Washington, P142, R93, D350, H363
ORTON, Ruth E. - Washington, P142, R94, D350, H363
ORTON, John - Washington, P142, R95, D350, H363
ORTON, Schabod - Washington, P142, R96, D350, H363
OSBORN, ??? - Nassau, P145, R1, D16, H16
OSBORN, Mary A. - Nassau, P145, R2, D16, H16
OSBORN, E?evene - Nassau, P145, R3, D16, H16
OSBORN, Frank - Nassau, P145, R4, D16, H16
OSBORNE, George - Rock, P184, R80, D186, H193
OSBORNE, Florence B. - Rock, P184, R81, D186, H193
OSBORNE, Franke - Rock, P184, R82, D186, H193
OSBORNE, Willie - Rock, P184, R83, D186, H193
OSBORNE, Ira - Rock, P184, R84, D186, H193
OSBORNE, David - Sherman, P218, R49, D96, H96
OSBORNE, Mary A. - Sherman, P218, R50, D96, H96
OSBORNE, Stephen - Sherman, P218, R51, D96, H96
OSBORNE, Thomas A. - Sherman, P218, R52, D96, H96
OSBORNE, George A. - Sherman, P218, R53, D96, H96
OSSENFORT, August - Sheridan, P211, R45, D169, H169
OSSENFORT, Mary - Sheridan, P211, R46, D169, H169
OSSENFORT, Henry - Sheridan, P211, R47, D169, H169
OSSENFORT, Josie - Sheridan, P211, R48, D169, H169
OSSENFORT, August - Sheridan, P211, R50, D170, H170
OSSENFORT, Mary - Sheridan, P211, R51, D170, H170
OSSENFORT, Herman - Sheridan, P211, R52, D171, H171
OSSENFORT, Manda - Sheridan, P211, R53, D171, H171
OSSENFORT, Emma - Sheridan, P211, R54, D171, H171
OSTED, John - Buncombe, P8, R7, D169, H169
OSTENGEN, Pete - Sherman, P219, R25, D110, H110
OSTERDAY, Lewis P. - Logan, P127, R13, D49, H54
OSTERDAY, Emma I. - Logan, P127, R14, D49, H54
OSTERDAY, Florence E. - Logan, P127, R15, D49, H54
OSTERDAY, Herbert - Logan, P127, R16, D49, H54
OSTERKAMP, John - Reading, P174, R71, D228, H230
OSTERLING, Philip - Rock, P182, R41, D132, H139
OSTERMANN, Dora - Center, P34, R73, D101, H101
OSTERMANN, Adolph - Center, P34, R74, D101, H101
OSTERMANN, William - Center, P34, R75, D101, H101
OSTERMANN, Gustus - Center, P34, R76, D101, H101
OSTERMANN, Johannes - Center, P34, R77, D101, H101
OSTERMANN, Alfred - Center, P34, R78, D101, H101
OSTERMANN, Huldia - Center, P34, R79, D101, H101
OTOOL, Roger - Sherman, P220, R26, D126, H126
OTOOL, Anna - Sherman, P220, R27, D126, H126
OTTEMA, Gelske - Orange City, P102, R40, D158, H161
OTTEMA, Josie - Orange City, P102, R50, D160, H163
OTTEN, Barendt - Lincoln, P116, R53, D144, H148
OTTEN, Jane - Lincoln, P116, R54, D144, H148
OTTEN, Elsie - Lincoln, P116, R55, D144, H148
OTTEN, Peter - Lincoln, P116, R56, D144, H148
OTTEN, Nellie - Lincoln, P116, R57, D144, H148
OTTEN, Koop - Lincoln, P116, R58, D144, H148
OTTEN, John - Lincoln, P118, R21, D177, H181
OTTEN, Kate - Lincoln, P118, R22, D177, H181
OTTEN, Grace - Lincoln, P118, R23, D177, H181
OTTEN, Maggie - Lincoln, P118, R24, D177, H181
OTTEN, Kate - Lincoln, P118, R25, D177, H181
OTTEN, Arthur - Lincoln, P118, R26, D177, H181
OTTEN, Cony - Lincoln, P118, R27, D177, H181
OTTEN, John - Lincoln, P118, R28, D177, H181
OTTUM, Jacobsma - West Branch, P246, R26, D263, H265
OUJER, Nick - Floyd, P55, R3, D68, H70
OUJER, Kate - Floyd, P55, R4, D68, H70
OVERHOLSER, Willis Warren - Reading, P167, R65, D90, H91
OVERHOLSER, Bertha Lothian - Reading, P167, R66, D90, H91
OVERHOLSER, Ralph E. - Reading, P167, R67, D90, H91
OVERHOLSER, Craig Lothian - Reading, P167, R68, D90, H91
OVERHOLSER, Charles Russell - Reading, P167, R69, D90, H91
OVERKAMP, Fred - Orange City, P98, R75, D76, H77
OVERKAMP, Abram - Orange City, P98, R76, D76, H77
OVERMAN, John - Capel, P16, R13, D59, H59
OVERMAN, Grace - Capel, P16, R14, D59, H59
OVERMAN, Johannah - Capel, P16, R15, D59, H59
OVERMAN, Edward - Capel, P16, R16, D59, H59
OVERMAN, Mary - Capel, P16, R17, D59, H59
OVERWEG, Toon - Welcome, P225, R1, D18, H18
OVERWEG, Anton - Welcome, P231, R53, D124, H124
OVERWEG, Runtije - Welcome, P231, R54, D124, H124
OWEN, Murry W. - West Branch, P235, R32, D69, H71
OWEN, Hattie H. - West Branch, P235, R33, D69, H71
OWEN, Ella M. - West Branch, P235, R34, D69, H71
OWEN, Nora C. - West Branch, P235, R35, D69, H71


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