1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

G??? Adam 1900 Floyd, P63, R71, D223, H225
G??? B?zzins 1900 Floyd, P63, R72, D223, H225
G??? Henry 1900 Floyd, P63, R73, D223, H225
G??? Mary 1900 Floyd, P63, R74, D223, H225
G??? Ronika 1900 Floyd, P63, R75, D223, H225
G??? Leonora 1900 Floyd, P63, R77, D223, H225
GABRANDA Anna 1900 Lynn, P27, R37, D235, H235
GABRANDA Folketeje 1900 Lynn, P27, R38, D235, H235
GACKE Henry 1900 Garfield, P65, R81, D17, H17
GACKE Lena C. 1900 Garfield, P65, R82, D17, H17
GACKE Frank A. 1900 Garfield, P65, R83, D17, H17
GACKE John A. 1900 Garfield, P65, R84, D17, H17
GACKE Edward H. 1900 Garfield, P65, R85, D17, H17
GACKE William 1900 Garfield, P65, R86, D17, H17
GACKE Rose 1900 Lincoln, P114, R25, D97, H100
GACKE Mary 1900 Lincoln, P123, R85, D285, H290
GACKE Clara 1900 Lincoln, P123, R86, D285, H290
GACKE Rose 1900 Lincoln, P123, R87, D285, H290
GACKE Joseph 1900 Lincoln, P123, R88, D285, H290
GACKE Dora 1900 Lincoln, P123, R89, D285, H290
GACKE Benj. 1900 Lincoln, P123, R90, D285, H290
GACKE Eva 1900 Lincoln, P123, R91, D285, H290
GACKE Wm. 1900 Lincoln, P123, R92, D285, H290
GACKE Martin 1900 Lincoln, P123, R93, D285, H290
GACKE Agnes 1900 Lincoln, P123, R94, D285, H290
GACKE August 1900 Lincoln, P123, R95, D285, H290
GAFFNEY Edward F. 1900 Washington, P143, R30, D357, H370
GAFFNEY Maggie E. 1900 Washington, P143, R31, D357, H370
GAFFNEY Michael I. 1900 Washington, P143, R32, D357, H370
GAFFNEY Joanna E. 1900 Washington, P143, R33, D357, H370
GAGE Carl C. 1900 Nassau, P149, R75, D110, H111
GAHL Michael 1900 East Orange, P42, R37, D29, H29
GALE William 1900 Logan, P136, R80, D235, H248
GALLAGHER Andrew 1900 Rock, P182, R19, D125, H132
GALLAGHER Mary 1900 Rock, P182, R20, D125, H132
GALLES Peter 1900 East Orange, P42, R85, D38, H39
GALLES Mary 1900 East Orange, P42, R86, D38, H39
GALLES Lizzie 1900 East Orange, P42, R87, D38, H39
GALLES Mike 1900 East Orange, P42, R88, D38, H39
GALMAN Hendrika 1900 Floyd, P56, R3, D89, H91
GALMAN James 1900 Floyd, P56, R4, D89, H91
GALT Thos, Sr. 1900 Eagle, P30, R55, D27, H27
GALT Jeanette 1900 Eagle, P30, R56, D27, H27
GALT Thos, Jr. 1900 Eagle, P30, R57, D27, H27
GALT Mary W. 1900 Eagle, P30, R58, D27, H27
GAMBEL John C. 1900 Logan, P130, R99, D130, H143
GAMBLE Robert H. 1900 Buncombe, P2, R23, D33, H33
GAMBLE Elizabeth 1900 Buncombe, P2, R24, D33, H33
GAMBLE Charley 1900 Buncombe, P2, R25, D33, H33
GAMBLE Manice 1900 Buncombe, P2, R26, D33, H33
GAMBLE Clareence 1900 Buncombe, P2, R27, D33, H33
GAMBLE Alphonss 1900 Buncombe, P2, R29, D33, H33
GAMBLE Jno. 1900 Buncombe, P8, R89, D189, H189
GAMBLE D. B. 1900 Center, P38, R8, D159, H159
GAMBLE Joseph H. 1900 Center, P38, R9, D159, H159
GAMBLE Samuel W. 1900 Logan, P133, R31, D172, H185
GAMBLE Elizabeth E. 1900 Logan, P133, R32, D172, H185
GANZEVOORT Rickle 1900 Floyd, P52, R1, D1, H1
GANZEVOORT Katie 1900 Floyd, P52, R2, D1, H1
GANZEVOORT Gertie 1900 Floyd, P52, R3, D1, H1
GANZEVOORT Henry 1900 Floyd, P59, R46, D141, H143
GARBUTT Joseph 1900 Logan, P136, R26, D224, H237
GARDNER Henry 1900 Eagle, P31, R7, D37, H37
GARDNER Florence 1900 Eagle, P31, R8, D37, H37
GARDNER Harry 1900 Eagle, P31, R9, D37, H37
GARDNER Hazel 1900 Eagle, P31, R10, D37, H37
GARDNER Nellie 1900 Eagle, P31, R11, D37, H37
GARDNER Florence 1900 Eagle, P31, R12, D37, H37
GARDNER Earnest 1900 Eagle, P31, R13, D37, H37
GARDNER Harry 1900 Eagle, P31, R71, D47, H47
GARDNER James 1900 Logan, P136, R2, D220, H233
GARDNER Elizabeth 1900 Logan, P136, R3, D220, H233
GARN Leneord 1900 Nassau, P156, R27, D220, H222
GARN Jane 1900 Nassau, P156, R28, D220, H222
GARN Frank 1900 Nassau, P156, R29, D220, H222
GARN Carrie 1900 Nassau, P156, R30, D220, H222
GARRELS Lumke 1900 Reading, P174, R49, D223, H225
GARRELS Annie 1900 Reading, P174, R50, D223, H225
GARRETSEN Jennie 1900 Sherman, P222, R87, D169, H169
GARRETSEN William 1900 Sherman, P222, R88, D169, H169
GARRETSEN Frank 1900 Sherman, P222, R89, D169, H169
GARRETSEN Mary 1900 Sherman, P222, R90, D169, H169
GARRETSEN Florence 1900 Sherman, P222, R91, D169, H169
GARRETSEN Evert 1900 Sherman, P222, R92, D169, H169
GARRETSEN Henry 1900 West Branch, P242, R75, D210, H212
GARRETSEN Priscilla M. 1900 West Branch, P242, R76, D210, H212
GARRETSEN Jacob 1900 West Branch, P242, R77, D210, H212
GARRETSEN Arie 1900 West Branch, P242, R78, D210, H212
GARRETSON Fred 1900 Sioux, P194, R63, D27, H27
GARRETT L. L. 1900 Eagle, P33, R45, D82, H82
GARRETT Milly 1900 Eagle, P33, R46, D82, H82
GARRETT Lila 1900 Eagle, P33, R47, D82, H82
GARRETT Lola 1900 Eagle, P33, R48, D82, H82
GARRETT Recie 1900 Eagle, P33, R49, D82, H82
GARRETT Richard 1900 Eagle, P33, R50, D82, H82
GARRETT Frank 1900 Eagle, P33, R51, D82, H82
GARRISON John 1900 Sherman, P216, R18, D55, H55
GARRITSEN Albert 1900 West Branch, P241, R99, D199, H201
GARRITSEN Minnie 1900 West Branch, P241, R100, D199, H201
GARRITSEN Henry 1900 West Branch, P242, R1, D199, H201
GARRITSEN John 1900 West Branch, P242, R2, D199, H201
GARRITSEN William H. 1900 West Branch, P242, R3, D200, H202
GARRITSEN Tillie 1900 West Branch, P242, R4, D200, H202
GARRITSEN Hattie 1900 West Branch, P242, R5, D200, H202
GARRITSEN Garret 1900 West Branch, P242, R6, D200, H202
GARRITSEN Nellie 1900 West Branch, P242, R7, D200, H202
GARVEN Henry 1900 Grant, P79, R63, D50, H51
GASLINE Martha L. 1900 Buncombe, P4, R61, D92, H92
GASLINE Della M. 1900 Buncombe, P4, R62, D92, H92
GASLINE Emma G. 1900 Buncombe, P4, R63, D92, H92
GASLINE Flora D. 1900 Buncombe, P4, R64, D92, H92
GASLINE Ben H. 1900 Buncombe, P4, R65, D92, H92
GASLINE ??? 1900 Buncombe, P8, R68, D183, H183
GASLINE Dessie 1900 East Orange, P50, R22, D141, H143
GASPER Micheal 1900 East Orange, P47, R92, D107, H109
GASPER Mary 1900 East Orange, P47, R93, D107, H109
GASPER Annie 1900 East Orange, P47, R94, D107, H109
GASPER Katie 1900 East Orange, P47, R95, D107, H109
GASPER Mary 1900 East Orange, P47, R96, D107, H109
GASPER Susan 1900 East Orange, P47, R97, D107, H109
GASPER Michael G. 1900 East Orange, P47, R98, D107, H109
GASSER Herbert 1900 Washington, P138, R25, D266, H279
GATCH Joseph 1900 Lynn, P25, R96, D215, H215
GAYER Charley 1900 Plato, P73, R53, D133, H134
GAYER Bertha 1900 Plato, P73, R54, D133, H134
GAYER William 1900 Plato, P73, R55, D133, H134
GAYER Fred J. 1900 Plato, P73, R71, D138, H139
GAYER Joanna 1900 Plato, P73, R72, D138, H139
GAYER Gottlob 1900 Plato, P73, R73, D138, H139
GAYER Fred 1900 Plato, P73, R74, D138, H139
GAYER Annie D. 1900 Plato, P73, R75, D138, H139
GEARHART David T. 1900 Buncombe, P5, R8, D102, H102
GEARHART Queen A. 1900 Buncombe, P5, R9, D102, H102
GEARHART Nannie A. 1900 Buncombe, P5, R10, D102, H102
GEARHART John E. 1900 Buncombe, P5, R11, D102, H102
GEASON Levi N. 1900 Logan, P132, R22, D150, H163
GEASON Effie E. 1900 Logan, P132, R23, D150, H163
GEASON Roy M. 1900 Logan, P132, R24, D150, H163
GEBHORT John 1900 Rock, P187, R97, D238, H245
GEBHORT La??? 1900 Rock, P187, R98, D238, H245
GEBHORT M?? 1900 Rock, P187, R99, D238, H245
GEBHORT George? 1900 Rock, P187, R100, D238, H245
GEE Banjamin A. 1900 Buncombe, P5, R93, D121, H121
GEE Sophie 1900 Buncombe, P5, R94, D121, H121
GEE Jamsina V. 1900 Buncombe, P5, R95, D121, H121
GEELS Christian 1900 Nassau, P162, R1, D320, H323
GEELS Nellie 1900 Nassau, P162, R2, D320, H323
GEELS Arend C. 1900 Nassau, P162, R3, D320, H323
GEELS Fannie L. 1900 Nassau, P162, R4, D320, H323
GEELS Jennie 1900 Nassau, P162, R5, D320, H323
GEELS William 1900 Nassau, P162, R6, D320, H323
GEELS Janna 1900 Nassau, P162, R7, D320, H323
GEHAN Patrick C. 1900 Logan, P125, R96, D23, H25
GEHAN Mary E. 1900 Logan, P125, R97, D23, H25
GEHAN Charles J. 1900 Logan, P125, R98, D23, H25
GEHAN James A. 1900 Logan, P125, R99, D23, H25
GEHAN Clarence P. 1900 Logan, P125, R100, D23, H25
GEHAN William T. 1900 Logan, P126, R1, D23, H25
GEHAN Mary J. 1900 Logan, P126, R2, D23, H25
GEHAN John 1900 Logan, P127, R58, D57, H64
GEHAN Julia G. 1900 Logan, P127, R60, D57, H64
GEHLEN Nicholas W. 1900 East Orange, P50, R93, D151, H153
GEHLEN Mary C. 1900 East Orange, P50, R94, D151, H153
GEHLEN Joseph N. 1900 East Orange, P50, R95, D151, H153
GEHLEN Vincent W. 1900 East Orange, P50, R96, D151, H153
GEHLEN Lawrence J. 1900 East Orange, P50, R97, D151, H153
GEHLEN Marie C. 1900 East Orange, P50, R98, D151, H153
GEICK Wm. 1900 Lincoln, P121, R52, D239, H243
GEICK Frank 1900 Lincoln, P123, R67, D281, H286
GEICK Otto 1900 Sheridan, P211, R55, D171, H171
GELDERMAN John 1900 Lincoln, P116, R94, D153, H157
GELDERMAN Mary 1900 Lincoln, P116, R95, D153, H157
GELDERMAN Willie 1900 Lincoln, P116, R96, D153, H157
GELDERMAN Geesje 1900 Lincoln, P116, R97, D153, H157
GELDERMAN John 1900 Lincoln, P116, R98, D153, H157
GENBR??? ??? 1900 Lynn, P27, R7, D230, H230
GENBR??? ?ena 1900 Lynn, P27, R8, D230, H230
GENBR??? He?? 1900 Lynn, P27, R9, D230, H230
GENBR??? ??? 1900 Lynn, P27, R10, D230, H230
GENBR??? ??? 1900 Lynn, P27, R11, D230, H230
GENDER Tillie 1900 Sherman, P217, R91, D84, H84
GENETOEN Lizzie 1900 Rock, P192, R49, D311, H318
GENETOEN Elmer 1900 Rock, P192, R50, D311, H318
GENETOEN Thomas 1900 Rock, P192, R51, D311, H318
GENETOEN Erie 1900 Rock, P192, R52, D311, H318
GENETOEN Jeanie 1900 Rock, P192, R53, D311, H318
GEOLING Hedde 1900 Reading, P174, R69, D228, H230
GEOLING Knutje 1900 Reading, P174, R70, D228, H230
GEORGE Carrie 1900 Lincoln, P111, R63, D35, H37
GEOTTEIB Henry 1900 Lincoln, P117, R90, D170, H174
GEOTTEIB Mattie 1900 Lincoln, P117, R91, D170, H174
GEOTTEIB Margurita 1900 Lincoln, P117, R92, D170, H174
GEOTTEIB Wm. 1900 Lincoln, P117, R93, D170, H174
GEOTTEIB August 1900 Lincoln, P117, R94, D170, H174
GEPHE Fritz E. 1900 Logan, P129, R10, D93, H104
GEPHE Wilhemina E. 1900 Logan, P129, R11, D93, H104
GEPHE Thomas E. 1900 Logan, P129, R12, D93, H104
GEPHE Emma C. 1900 Logan, P129, R13, D93, H104
GEPHE Fred A. 1900 Logan, P129, R14, D93, H104
GERARDS Gerrit 1900 Floyd, P62, R12, D195, H197
GERARDS Wilhelmina 1900 Floyd, P62, R13, D195, H197
GERARDS Johannis 1900 Floyd, P62, R14, D195, H197
GERARDS Jan H. 1900 Floyd, P62, R90, D208, H210
GERARDS Johanna 1900 Floyd, P62, R91, D208, H210
GERARDS Hendrik 1900 Floyd, P62, R92, D208, H210
GERARDS Theodore 1900 Floyd, P62, R93, D208, H210
GERARDS Jan 1900 Floyd, P62, R94, D208, H210
GERARDS Peter 1900 Floyd, P62, R95, D208, H210
GERBER Fred A. 1900 Rock, P186, R17, D213, H220
GERBER Mary A. 1900 Rock, P186, R18, D213, H220
GERBER Francis 1900 Rock, P186, R19, D213, H220
GERBER Euta 1900 Rock, P186, R20, D213, H220
GERDES John 1900 Washington, P140, R92, D316, H329
GERDES Rebecca 1900 Washington, P140, R93, D316, H329
GERDES George 1900 Washington, P140, R94, D316, H329
GERDES ?ecka T. M. 1900 Washington, P140, R95, D316, H329
GERDES Hannah T. 1900 Washington, P140, R96, D316, H329
GERDES Mary 1900 Washington, P140, R97, D316, H329
GEREHART Meinen 1900 Reading, P174, R21, D217, H219
GERHARDT John 1900 Logan, P131, R17, D132, H145
Gerkie Fred 1900 Reading, P173, R22, D199, H201
GERLA John H. 1900 Nassau, P146, R34, D44, H44
GERLA Cornelia J. 1900 Nassau, P146, R35, D44, H44
GERST Gregory 1900 Floyd, P63, R7, D211, H213
GERST Margeret 1900 Floyd, P63, R8, D211, H213
GERST Edward 1900 Floyd, P63, R9, D211, H213
GERST Frederick 1900 Floyd, P63, R10, D211, H213
GERST Joseph 1900 Floyd, P63, R11, D211, H213
GERST Rose 1900 Floyd, P63, R12, D211, H213
GERST Rudolph 1900 Floyd, P63, R13, D211, H213
GERST Arthur 1900 Floyd, P63, R14, D211, H213
GERST John 1900 Holland, P86, R59, D30, H30
GERST Gertrude 1900 Holland, P86, R60, D30, H30
GERST Willie 1900 Holland, P86, R61, D30, H30
GERST Joseph 1900 Holland, P86, R62, D30, H30
GERST Mary 1900 Holland, P86, R63, D30, H30
GERST Annie 1900 Holland, P86, R64, D30, H30
GERST Chris 1900 Holland, P86, R65, D30, H30
GERST Christina 1900 Holland, P86, R66, D30, H30
GESELSCHAP Adolf F. 1900 Orange City, P95, R20, D4, H4
GESELSCHAP Clara 1900 Orange City, P95, R21, D4, H4
GESELSCHAP Lucy V. O. 1900 Orange City, P95, R22, D4, H4
GESELSCHAP Reg?la G. 1900 Orange City, P95, R23, D4, H4
GESELSCHAP Willie J. 1900 Orange City, P95, R24, D4, H4
GESELSCHAP Florence L. 1900 Orange City, P95, R25, D4, H4
GESELSCHAP Thomas S. 1900 Orange City, P95, R26, D4, H4
GETGSEL Linda 1900 West Branch, P236, R24, D88, H90
GETTING William H. 1900 Grant, P82, R46, D97, H98
GETTING Nettie L. 1900 Grant, P82, R47, D97, H98
GETTING Bernice E. 1900 Grant, P82, R48, D97, H98
GEURINK Henry 1900 Nassau, P156, R50, D225, H227
GEURINK Grada 1900 Nassau, P156, R51, D225, H227
GEURINK Hattie 1900 Nassau, P156, R52, D225, H227
GEURINK Joseph 1900 Nassau, P156, R53, D225, H227
GEURINK William 1900 Nassau, P160, R2, D287, H290
GEURINK Hendrika 1900 Nassau, P160, R3, D287, H290
GEURINK Everdina 1900 Nassau, P160, R4, D287, H290
GEURINK Henry 1900 Nassau, P160, R5, D287, H290
GEURINK Evert 1900 Nassau, P160, R6, D287, H290
GEURINK Gerrit 1900 Nassau, P160, R7, D287, H290
GEURINK Evert 1900 Nassau, P160, R31, D292, H295
GEURINK Everdina 1900 Nassau, P160, R32, D292, H295
GEURINK Henry 1900 Nassau, P160, R33, D292, H295
GEURINK Derk 1900 Nassau, P160, R34, D292, H295
GEURINK Dena 1900 Nassau, P160, R35, D292, H295
GEURINK Arie 1900 Nassau, P160, R36, D292, H295
GEUTENHORST H. J. 1900 Center, P39, R51, D187, H187
GEUTENHORST Jacoba 1900 Center, P39, R52, D187, H187
GEUTENHORST Bertha 1900 Center, P39, R53, D187, H187
GEUTENHORST Gerrit 1900 Center, P39, R54, D187, H187
Geyffles? James 1900 Settler, P200, R24, D107, H107
Geyffles? Dena 1900 Settler, P200, R25, D107, H107
Geyffles? John 1900 Settler, P200, R26, D107, H107
Geyffles? James 1900 Settler, P200, R27, D107, H107
Geyffles? Rosy 1900 Settler, P200, R28, D107, H107
GIBBS Milo D. 1900 Nassau, P152, R67, D168, H169
GIBBS Stella D. 1900 Nassau, P152, R68, D168, H169
GIBBS Milo S. 1900 Nassau, P152, R69, D168, H169
GIBBS Mildred 1900 Nassau, P152, R70, D168, H169
GIBBS Mary C. 1900 Nassau, P152, R71, D168, H169
GIBBS Mary E. 1900 Nassau, P152, R72, D168, H169
GIBSON William H. 1900 Buncombe, P5, R49, D111, H111
GIBSON Mary 1900 Buncombe, P5, R50, D111, H111
GIBSON Robt S. 1900 Lincoln, P112, R86, D66, H68
GIBSON Gertie M. 1900 Lincoln, P112, R87, D66, H68
GIBSON Archie B. 1900 Lincoln, P112, R88, D66, H68
GIBSON Willie M. 1900 Lincoln, P112, R89, D66, H68
GIBSON Robt 1900 Sheridan, P205, R54, D58, H58
GIBSON Ellie 1900 Sheridan, P205, R55, D58, H58
GIBSON David 1900 Sheridan, P205, R56, D58, H58
GIBSON Mariana 1900 Sheridan, P205, R57, D58, H58
GIBSON Pl?et 1900 Sheridan, P205, R58, D58, H58
GIBSON Andrew 1900 Sheridan, P205, R59, D58, H58
GIBSON Jane 1900 Sheridan, P205, R60, D58, H58
GIEBINK? Henry 1900 Nassau, P147, R62, D66, H66
GIEFER Jacob 1900 Floyd, P60, R39, D163, H165
GIEFER Annie 1900 Floyd, P60, R40, D163, H165
GIEFER Edward 1900 Floyd, P60, R41, D163, H165
GIEFER Anna 1900 Floyd, P60, R42, D163, H165
GIEFER William 1900 Floyd, P60, R43, D163, H165
GIEFER Henry 1900 Floyd, P60, R44, D163, H165
GIEFER Clement 1900 Floyd, P60, R45, D163, H165
GIEN Henry C. 1900 East Orange, P42, R33, D29, H29
GIEN Annie 1900 East Orange, P42, R34, D29, H29
GILBERTSON George 1900 Rock, P190, R97, D285, H292
GILKERSON Wm. T. 1900 Buncombe, P12, R1, D247, H247
GILKERSON Kate 1900 Buncombe, P12, R2, D247, H247
GILKERSON Lawrence 1900 Buncombe, P12, R3, D247, H247
GILLILAN Albert W. 1900 Buncombe, P8, R30, D175, H175
GILLILAN Viola 1900 Buncombe, P8, R31, D175, H175
GILMER John 1900 Center, P34, R88, D104, H104
GILMER Mary 1900 Center, P34, R89, D104, H104
GILMER James E. 1900 Center, P34, R90, D104, H104
GILMER Harry W. 1900 Center, P34, R91, D104, H104
GILMER Mary Arnette 1900 Center, P34, R92, D104, H104
GILMER Effie e. 1900 Center, P34, R93, D104, H104
GILMER Louis E. 1900 Center, P34, R94, D104, H104
GILMER Anne L. 1900 Center, P34, R95, D104, H104
GILMER Olive 1900 Center, P34, R96, D105, H105
GINSBACH John 1900 Nassau, P159, R80, D282, H285
GIONDEN Cris 1900 Rock, P192, R81, D316, H323
GLASGOW Alva M. 1900 Logan, P126, R27, D28, H31
GLASGOW Elizabeth 1900 Logan, P126, R28, D28, H31
GLASGOW Lloyd 1900 Logan, P126, R29, D28, H31
GLERNIN Peter 1900 Reading, P175, R43, D241, H243
GLESENER John Peter 1900 Floyd, P64, R76, D238, H240
GLESENER Anna L. 1900 Floyd, P64, R77, D238, H240
GLESENER Nicholas 1900 Floyd, P64, R78, D238, H240
GLESENER Josephine 1900 Floyd, P64, R79, D238, H240
GLESENER Johnnie 1900 Floyd, P64, R80, D238, H240
GLEYSTEEN John 1900 Nassau, P145, R75, D31, H31
GLEYSTEEN Helena M. 1900 Nassau, P145, R76, D31, H31
GLEYSTEEN Dick J. 1900 Nassau, P145, R77, D31, H31
GLEYSTEEN Jacob C. 1900 Nassau, P145, R78, D31, H31
GLEYSTEEN Sija A. H. 1900 Nassau, P145, R79, D31, H31
GLEYSTEEN Guy 1900 Nassau, P146, R36, D45, H45
GLEYSTEEN Clara 1900 Nassau, P146, R37, D45, H45
GLEYSTEEN Mabel F. 1900 Nassau, P146, R38, D45, H45
GLEYSTEEN Arthur D. 1900 Nassau, P146, R39, D45, H45
GLEYSTEEN Dirk 1900 Nassau, P146, R40, D46, H46
GLEYSTEEN Klaazzna 1900 Nassau, P146, R41, D46, H46
GLEYSTEEN Charlie 1900 Nassau, P146, R42, D46, H46
GLEYSTEEN William H. 1900 Nassau, P146, R43, D46, H46
GLOVER James 1900 Washington, P141, R67, D328, H341
GLOVER Jennie 1900 Washington, P141, R68, D328, H341
GLOVER Josie M. 1900 Washington, P141, R69, D328, H341
GODDARD Mary 1900 Orange City, P107, R81, D273, H278
GODFERSON George 1900 East Orange, P47, R66, D102, H104
GODFREY George 1900 Grant, P78, R15, D21, H21
GODFREY Margaret 1900 Grant, P78, R16, D21, H21
GODFREY Edward 1900 Grant, P78, R17, D21, H21
GODFREY Eliza 1900 Grant, P78, R18, D21, H21
GODFREY John 1900 Grant, P78, R19, D21, H21
GODFREY Annie 1900 Grant, P78, R20, D21, H21
GODFREY John A. 1900 Logan, P128, R95, D86, H97
GOEBEL Henry 1900 East Orange, P51, R17, D154, H156
GOEBEL Catherina 1900 East Orange, P51, R18, D154, H156
GOEBEL Annie 1900 East Orange, P51, R19, D154, H156
GOEBEL Cecelia C. 1900 East Orange, P51, R20, D154, H156
GOEBEL Henry 1900 East Orange, P51, R21, D154, H156
GOEBEL John 1900 East Orange, P51, R22, D154, H156
GOEBEL Fill??? 1900 Floyd, P62, R74, D205, H207
GOEBEL Peter 1900 Nassau, P150, R19, D117, H118
GOEBEL Lizzie 1900 Nassau, P150, R20, D117, H118
GOEBEL Louis 1900 Nassau, P150, R21, D117, H118
GOEBEL Edward 1900 Nassau, P150, R22, D117, H118
GOEBEL Elmer 1900 Nassau, P150, R23, D117, H118
GOEBEL Viola 1900 Nassau, P150, R24, D117, H118
GOEBEL Stella 1900 Nassau, P150, R25, D117, H118
GOEBEL Maris 1900 Nassau, P150, R26, D117, H118
GOEBEL Florence 1900 Nassau, P150, R27, D117, H118
GOEBEL Anthony 1900 Nassau, P150, R71, D128, H129
GOEBEL Helena 1900 Nassau, P150, R72, D128, H129
GOEBEL Mary C. 1900 Nassau, P150, R73, D128, H129
GOEBEL George T. 1900 Nassau, P150, R74, D128, H129
GOEBEL Clara M. 1900 Nassau, P150, R75, D128, H129
GOEBEL Henry 1900 Nassau, P150, R90, D131, H132
GOEBEL Mary 1900 Nassau, P150, R91, D131, H132
GOEBEL Celia 1900 Nassau, P150, R92, D131, H132
GOEBEL Otto 1900 Nassau, P150, R93, D131, H132
GOEBEL Martha 1900 Nassau, P150, R94, D131, H132
GOEBEL Emma 1900 Nassau, P150, R95, D131, H132
GOEBEL Joseph H. 1900 Nassau, P150, R96, D131, H132
GOEBEL Hildegar 1900 Nassau, P150, R97, D131, H132
GOEDERS John 1900 Nassau, P159, R1, D270, H273
GOEDERS Louisa 1900 Nassau, P159, R2, D270, H273
GOEDERS Edward J> 1900 Nassau, P159, R3, D270, H273
GOEDERT John 1900 Nassau, P149, R79, D111, H112
GOEDERT Lizzie 1900 Nassau, P149, R80, D111, H112
GOEDERT Josephine 1900 Nassau, P149, R81, D111, H112
GOEDERT Annie 1900 Nassau, P149, R82, D111, H112
GOEDERT Leo G. 1900 Nassau, P149, R83, D111, H112
GOEDERT Viola M. 1900 Nassau, P149, R84, D111, H112
GOEDERT Isidore 1900 Nassau, P149, R85, D111, H112
GOEPPEL Casper 1900 East Orange, P42, R47, D31, H31
GOEPPEL Catherine 1900 East Orange, P42, R48, D31, H31
GOEPPEL Mary M. 1900 East Orange, P42, R49, D31, H31
GOETZINGER Mathias 1900 East Orange, P48, R19, D111, H113
GOETZINGER Mary 1900 East Orange, P48, R20, D111, H113
GOETZINGER Annie 1900 East Orange, P48, R21, D111, H113
GOETZINGER Mary E. 1900 East Orange, P48, R22, D111, H113
GOETZINGER Clara M. 1900 East Orange, P48, R23, D111, H113
GOETZINGER Susan 1900 East Orange, P48, R24, D111, H113
GOEVEN Jacob 1900 West Branch, P234, R88, D59, H60
GOIN Isaac N., Sr. 1900 Reading, P168, R97, D127, H128
GOIN Mattie Jane 1900 Reading, P168, R98, D127, H128
GOIN Isaac N., Jr. 1900 Reading, P168, R99, D127, H128
GOIN Ralph Emery 1900 Reading, P168, R100, D127, H128
GOODWIN Eliza A. 1900 Buncombe, P7, R34, D152, H152
GOODWIN David M. 1900 Buncombe, P7, R35, D152, H152
GOODYEAR Emerson 1900 Grant, P79, R100, D56, H57
GOODYEAR Anna 1900 Grant, P80, R1, D56, H57
GOODYEAR Elmer B. 1900 Grant, P80, R2, D56, H57
GOODYEAR Ethel V. 1900 Grant, P80, R3, D56, H57
GORDNER Francis 1900 Rock, P176, R86, D16, H18 ?(GARDNER)
GORDON John W. 1900 Reading, P169, R3, D127, H128
GORMAN Patrick K. 1900 Logan, P128, R41, D75, H85
GORMAN Catharine M. 1900 Logan, P128, R42, D75, H85
GORMAN John L. 1900 Logan, P128, R43, D75, H85
GORMAN Nellie F. 1900 Logan, P128, R44, D75, H85
GORMAN Walter J. 1900 Logan, P128, R45, D75, H85
GORMAN Mary F. 1900 Logan, P128, R46, D75, H85
GORMAN Margaret A. 1900 Logan, P128, R47, D75, H85
GORMAN Elmer 1900 Logan, P128, R48, D75, H85
GORSEMAN Neil 1900 Sheridan, P208, R73, D120, H120
GORSEMAN Reka 1900 Sheridan, P208, R74, D120, H120
GORSETH Ole B. 1900 Lincoln, P123, R57, D280, H285
GORTLAND John A. 1900 Rock, P178, R18, D15, H18
GORTLAND Harriet E. 1900 Rock, P178, R19, D15, H18
GORTLAND Leon R. 1900 Rock, P178, R20, D15, H18
GORZEMAN Jacob 1900 Welcome, P229, R13, D88, H88
GOSLINGA Sjurd 1900 Holland, P89, R65, D86, H86
GOSLINGA Clara 1900 Holland, P89, R66, D86, H86
GOSLINGA Tom 1900 Holland, P89, R67, D86, H86
GOUAGLINE R. T. 1900 Sheridan, P204, R10, D24, H24
GOUAGLINE Elizebeth 1900 Sheridan, P204, R11, D24, H24
GOUAGLINE Minnie 1900 Sheridan, P204, R12, D24, H24
GOUAGLINE Mabel 1900 Sheridan, P204, R13, D24, H24
GOUAGLINE Ethel 1900 Sheridan, P204, R14, D24, H24
GOUAGLINE Richard 1900 Sheridan, P204, R15, D24, H24
GOUAGLINE Ann 1900 Sheridan, P204, R16, D24, H24
GOURLEY James 1900 Garfield, P68, R82, D75, H76
GOURLEY Theresa 1900 Garfield, P68, R83, D75, H76
GOURLEY Mary 1900 Garfield, P68, R84, D75, H76
GOURLEY Rose A. 1900 Garfield, P68, R85, D75, H76
GOURLEY Grace 1900 Garfield, P68, R86, D75, H76
GOURLEY Helen 1900 Garfield, P68, R87, D75, H76
GOURLEY Agnes M. 1900 Garfield, P68, R88, D75, H76
GOURLEY Charlotte T. 1900 Garfield, P68, R89, D75, H76
GOURLEY Irene 1900 Garfield, P68, R90, D75, H76
GOURLEY James J. 1900 Garfield, P68, R91, D75, H76
GOURLEY John 1900 Garfield, P68, R92, D75, H76
GOVENNEWEG J. V 1900 Capel, P13, R13, D3, H3 ?(GROENEWEG)
GRAANSTRA Katie 1900 Lynn, P27, R52, D237, H237
GRAANSTRA Benj 1900 Lincoln, P119, R23, D196, H200
GRAANSTRA Minnie 1900 Lincoln, P119, R24, D196, H200
GRAANSTRA Basgamin 1900 Lincoln, P119, R25, D196, H200
GRAANSTRA Bastian 1900 Nassau, P161, R80, D317, H320
GRAANSTRA Wilmike 1900 Nassau, P161, R81, D317, H320
GRAANSTRA Cornelis 1900 Nassau, P161, R82, D317, H320
GRAANSTRA Katie 1900 Nassau, P161, R83, D317, H320
GRAANSTRA Fannie 1900 Nassau, P161, R84, D317, H320
GRADY John 1900 Buncombe, P8, R56, D181, H181
GRADY Lizzie 1900 Buncombe, P8, R57, D181, H181
GRAFF Anna M. 1900 East Orange, P41, R9, D2, H2
GRAFF Henry C. 1900 East Orange, P41, R10, D3, H3
GRAFF Mary C. 1900 East Orange, P41, R11, D3, H3
GRAFF Nicholas H. 1900 East Orange, P41, R5, D2, H2
GRAFF Mary 1900 East Orange, P41, R6, D2, H2
GRAFF Ida M. 1900 East Orange, P41, R7, D2, H2
GRAFF William F. 1900 East Orange, P41, R8, D2, H2
GRAFF Theodore 1900 East Orange, P41, R77, D17, H17
GRAHAM Ruth 1900 Capel, P20, R7, D119, H119
GRAHAM Eugene 1900 Lincoln, P117, R75, D168, H172
GRAHAM Minnie 1900 Lincoln, P117, R76, D168, H172
GRAHAM Ervin 1900 Lincoln, P117, R77, D168, H172
GRAHAM Harry 1900 Lincoln, P117, R78, D168, H172
GRAHAM Frank 1900 Lincoln, P117, R79, D168, H172
GRAHAM Arthur 1900 Lincoln, P117, R80, D168, H172
GRAHAM James 1900 Lincoln, P119, R82, D205, H209
GRAHAM Annie 1900 Lincoln, P119, R83, D205, H209
GRAHAM Clara E. 1900 Lincoln, P119, R84, D205, H209
GRANGER Francis M. 1900 Buncombe, P5, R82, D118, H118
GRANGER Mary 1900 Buncombe, P5, R83, D118, H118
GRANGER Luick B. 1900 Buncombe, P5, R84, D118, H118
GRASMAAYER Roelf 1900 Floyd, P58, R57, D124, H126
GRASMAAYER Grietje 1900 Floyd, P58, R58, D124, H126
GRASSMAN Nick 1900 Rock, P182, R90, D147, H154
GRASSMAN Kate 1900 Rock, P182, R91, D147, H154
GRAU Leonard 1900 Eagle, P31, R15, D38, H38
GRAU Eilia 1900 Eagle, P31, R16, D38, H38
GRAU Clarence 1900 Eagle, P31, R17, D38, H38
GRAU Earl 1900 Eagle, P31, R18, D38, H38
GRAU Tilly 1900 Eagle, P31, R19, D38, H38
GRAU Vernon 1900 Eagle, P31, R20, D38, H38
GRAU George 1900 Reading, P167, R26, D77, H78
GRAU Phoebe Ann 1900 Reading, P167, R27, D77, H78
GRAVENDROF (GRAVENHOFF)? John 1900 West Branch, P241, R96, D198, H200
GRAVENDROF (GRAVENHOFF)? Hariet 1900 West Branch, P241, R97, D198, H200
GRAVENDROF (GRAVENHOFF)? Cornelius 1900 West Branch, P241, R98, D198, H200
GRAVENHOFF Jacob 1900 West Branch, P240, R58, D176, H178
GRAVENHOFF Mary 1900 West Branch, P240, R59, D176, H178
GRAVENHOFF Martin 1900 West Branch, P240, R60, D176, H178
GRAVENHOFF Albert 1900 West Branch, P240, R61, D176, H178
GRAVENHOFF Jennie 1900 West Branch, P240, R62, D176, H178
GRAVENHOFF John 1900 West Branch, P240, R63, D176, H178
GRAVENHOFF Dina 1900 West Branch, P240, R64, D176, H178
GRAVENHOFF Effie 1900 West Branch, P240, R65, D176, H178
GRAVENHOFF Jodie 1900 West Branch, P240, R66, D176, H178
GRAVES Clarence B. 1900 Logan, P125, R90, D21, H23
GRAVES Christiana 1900 Logan, P125, R91, D21, H23
GREATTRAX J. H. 1900 Sheridan, P206, R3, D69, H69
GREATTRAX Julia 1900 Sheridan, P206, R4, D69, H69
GREATTRAX Beulah 1900 Sheridan, P206, R5, D69, H69
GREATTRAX Bell 1900 Sheridan, P206, R6, D69, H69
GREEK Kate 1900 West Branch, P234, R53, D52, H53
GREEN Burtis T. 1900 Buncombe, P8, R69, D184, H184
GREEN Annie G. 1900 Buncombe, P8, R70, D184, H184
GREEN Carol G. 1900 Buncombe, P8, R71, D184, H184
GREEN William 1900 Settler, P201, R9, D121, H121
GREEN Michael 1900 Settler, P201, R10, D121, H121
GREEN Ruben 1900 Sheridan, P210, R61, D155, H155
GREEN Jennie 1900 Sheridan, P210, R62, D155, H155
GREEN Abel 1900 Sheridan, P212, R93, D198, H198
GREEN Eliza 1900 Sheridan, P212, R94, D198, H198
GREEN John 1900 Sheridan, P212, R95, D198, H198
GREEN Alex 1900 Sheridan, P212, R96, D198, H198
GREEN Lizzie 1900 Sheridan, P212, R97, D198, H198
GREEN Tillie 1900 Sheridan, P212, R98, D198, H198
GREEN James 1900 Sheridan, P212, R99, D198, H198
GREEN Sandy 1900 Sheridan, P212, R100, D198, H198
GREEN Nelson 1900 Sheridan, P213, R1, D198, H198
GREGORY Lillian 1900 Buncombe, P11, R27, D231, H231
GREGORY George 1900 Buncombe, P11, R28, D231, H231
GREGS Gerrett 1900 Rock, P190, R51, D278, H285
GREINER Theodore A. 1900 Buncombe, P9, R80, D211, H211
GREINER Emma J. 1900 Buncombe, P9, R81, D211, H211
GREINER Howard M. 1900 Buncombe, P9, R82, D211, H211
GREINER Ada M. 1900 Buncombe, P9, R83, D211, H211
GRENARD Lillian I 1900 Logan, P128, R92, D85, H96
GRENSELL Theodore I 1900 Logan, P126, R55, D33, H37
GRETTERS John 1900 Lincoln, P115, R73, D132, H136
GRETTERS Dieltje 1900 Lincoln, P115, R74, D132, H136
GRETTERS Ryinnte 1900 Lincoln, P115, R75, D132, H136
GRETTERS Gertie 1900 Lincoln, P115, R76, D132, H136
GRETTERS Ruth 1900 Lincoln, P117, R27, D158, H162
GRETTERS Rudolph 1900 Lincoln, P124, R22, D290, H295
GREVE Wm. 1900 Lincoln, P114, R94, D114, H118
GREVE Ida 1900 Lincoln, P114, R95, D114, H118
GREVEN Gerrit 1900 Holland, P89, R22, D76, H76
GREVEN Jennie 1900 Holland, P89, R23, D76, H76 (married before to Mr. Wynia)
GREVENHOF Cornelius 1900 Plato, P71, R41, D100, H101
GRIFFETH Mary 1900 Lynn, P20, R54, D127, H127
GRIFFETH Joseph 1900 Lynn, P20, R55, D127, H127
GRIFFETH Joseph 1900 Sheridan, P206, R26, D74, H74
GRIFFETH Mabel 1900 Sheridan, P206, R27, D74, H74
GRIFFETH Oelof 1900 Sheridan, P206, R28, D74, H74
GRIFFHORST Jacob 1900 Holland, P92, R27, D133, H133
GRIFFHORST Tillie 1900 Holland, P92, R28, D133, H133
GRIFFHORST ??? 1900 Nassau, P158, R50, D260, H263
GRIFFHORST Gertie 1900 Nassau, P158, R51, D260, H263
GRIFFHORST Cornelis 1900 Nassau, P158, R52, D260, H263
GRIFFIN Charles B. 1900 Logan, P129, R43, D99, H112
GRIFFIN Agnes R. 1900 Logan, P129, R44, D99, H112
GRIFFIN William J. 1900 Logan, P129, R45, D99, H112
GRIFFIN R?? H. 1900 Logan, P129, R46, D99, H112
GRIFFIN Ralph 1900 Logan, P129, R47, D99, H112
GRIFFIN Geo 1900 Rock, P184, R85, D187, H194
GRIFFIN Ella 1900 Rock, P184, R86, D187, H194
GRIFFIN Orville 1900 Rock, P184, R87, D187, H194
GRIFFIN Harry 1900 Rock, P184, R88, D187, H194
GRIFFIN John 1900 Rock, P190, R53, D279, H286
GRIFFIN Sarah 1900 Rock, P190, R54, D279, H286
GRIFFIN Nellie 1900 Rock, P190, R55, D279, H286
GRIFFIN James 1900 Rock, P192, R32, D308, H315
GRIFFIN Mary E. 1900 Rock, P192, R33, D308, H315
GRIFFIN Horace B. 1900 Rock, P192, R34, D308, H315
GRIFFIN Mabel 1900 Rock, P192, R35, D308, H315
GRIFFIN Mary 1900 Rock, P192, R36, D308, H315
GRIFFIN Mary A. 1900 Rock, P192, R37, D308, H315
GRIFFIN James 1900 Rock, P192, R38, D308, H315
GRIFFIN William 1900 Sioux, P195, R20, D39, H39
GRIFFIN Sarah A. 1900 Sioux, P195, R21, D39, H39
GRIFFITH William 1900 Center, P35, R74, D117, H117
GRIFFITH Martha 1900 Center, P35, R75, D117, H117
GRIFFITH James Albert 1900 Reading, P169, R13, D128, H129
GRIFFITH Etta Grace 1900 Reading, P169, R14, D128, H129
GRIFFITH William M. 1900 Reading, P169, R15, D128, H129
GRIGSBY Mary 1900 Buncombe, P1, R63, D17, H17
GRIMM Hugo 1900 Reading, P165, R44, D35, H35
GRIMM Caroline 1900 Reading, P165, R45, D35, H35
GRIMM Victor Hugo 1900 Reading, P165, R46, D35, H35
GRIMM Hugo Heinrick 1900 Reading, P165, R47, D35, H35
GRIMM Esther Agnes 1900 Reading, P165, R48, D35, H35
GRINER Ava 1900 Rock, P182, R70, D141, H148
GRINER Nicholas 1900 Rock, P182, R71, D141, H148
GRINER Mary 1900 Rock, P182, R72, D141, H148
GRITTERS Jennie 1900 Lincoln, P115, R35, D123, H127
GRITTERS E. 1900 Sheridan, P207, R54, D97, H97
GRITTERS Alberta 1900 Sheridan, P207, R55, D97, H97
GRITTERS John 1900 Sheridan, P207, R57, D97, H97
GROEN Jacob P. 1900 Holland, P90, R15, D99, H99
GROEN Teltge 1900 Holland, P90, R16, D99, H99
GROEN Peter 1900 Holland, P90, R17, D99, H99
GROEN Maria 1900 Holland, P90, R18, D99, H99
GROEN Jantje 1900 Holland, P90, R19, D99, H99
GROEN Al??e 1900 Holland, P90, R20, D99, H99
GROEN Maggie 1900 Holland, P90, R21, D99, H99
GROEN Wilhemenia 1900 Holland, P90, R22, D99, H99
GROEN Cobe E. 1900 Holland, P90, R23, D99, H99
GROEN Kate 1900 Holland, P90, R24, D99, H99
GROEN Hendrikje G. 1900 Orange City, P103, R78, D185, H188
GROEN Arie 1900 Orange City, P104, R47, D201, H204
GROEN Mary 1900 Orange City, P104, R48, D201, H204
GROEN Nellie 1900 Orange City, P104, R49, D201, H204
GROEN Dick 1900 Orange City, P104, R50, D201, H204
GROEN Johnny 1900 Orange City, P104, R51, D201, H204
GROEN Charles R. 1900 Orange City, P104, R52, D201, H204
GROEN Minnie 1900 Orange City, P104, R53, D201, H204
GROEN Dirk 1900 Rock, P183, R12, D152, H159
GROEN Jennie 1900 Rock, P183, R13, D152, H159
GROEN Nellie 1900 Rock, P183, R14, D152, H159
GROEN Gerret 1900 Rock, P185, R86, D207, H214
GROEN Gracie 1900 Rock, P185, R87, D207, H214
GROEN Jennie 1900 Rock, P185, R88, D207, H214
GROEN Henry 1900 Rock, P185, R89, D207, H214
GROEN Gracie 1900 Rock, P185, R90, D207, H214
GROENDYK Jan 1900 Floyd, P61, R22, D179, H181
GROENDYK Kate 1900 Floyd, P61, R23, D179, H181
GROENDYK Cornelus 1900 Floyd, P61, R24, D179, H181
GROENDYK Cornelius 1900 Holland, P89, R94, D96, H96
GROENDYK Nellie 1900 Holland, P89, R95, D96, H96
GROENDYK Cornelius 1900 Holland, P89, R96, D96, H96
GROENDYK Minnie 1900 Holland, P89, R97, D96, H96
GROENDYK Gertie 1900 Holland, P89, R98, D96, H96
GROENDYK James 1900 Holland, P89, R99, D96, H96
GROENDYK Jacob 1900 Holland, P89, R100, D96, H96
GROENEVELD Gerrit 1900 Lincoln, P120, R52, D220, H224
GROENEVELD Annie 1900 Lincoln, P120, R53, D220, H224
GROENEVELD Winnie 1900 Lincoln, P120, R54, D220, H224
GROENEVELD Klaas 1900 Lincoln, P120, R55, D220, H224
GROENEVELD Jacob 1900 Lincoln, P120, R56, D220, H224
GROENEWEG P??? 1900 Capel, P14, R71, D34, H34
GROENEWEG ?ane 1900 Capel, P14, R72, D34, H34
GROENEWEG John 1900 Capel, P14, R73, D34, H34
GROENEWEG Joe 1900 Capel, P14, R74, D34, H34
GROENEWEG Gertie 1900 Capel, P14, R75, D34, H34
GRONWOLD Dick 1900 Grant, P78, R38, D28, H28
GRONWOLD Mary L. 1900 Grant, P78, R39, D28, H28
GRONWOLD Cecelia 1900 Grant, P78, R40, D28, H28
GRONWOLD Eunice E. 1900 Grant, P78, R41, D28, H28
GROOMERS Bert 1900 Lynn, P22, R15, D156, H156
GROOMERS Annie 1900 Lynn, P22, R16, D156, H156
GROOMERS Elsie 1900 Lynn, P22, R17, D156, H156
GROOMERS Nellie 1900 Lynn, P22, R18, D156, H156
GROOMERS Laurind 1900 Lynn, P22, R19, D156, H156
GROOS William 1900 Floyd, P63, R49, D217, H219
GROOT Edwin J. 1900 Rock, P181, R77, D114, H120
GROOT Trienje 1900 West Branch, P241, R43, D190, H192
GROOT Gertie 1900 West Branch, P241, R44, D190, H192
GROOT Nellie 1900 West Branch, P241, R45, D190, H192
GROOT Jacob 1900 West Branch, P241, R46, D190, H192
GROOT Anna 1900 West Branch, P241, R47, D190, H192
GROOTERS Henry 1900 Sheridan, P205, R50, D56, H56
GROOTERS Wm. 1900 Sheridan, P206, R87, D86, H86
GROOTERS Cornelia 1900 Sheridan, P206, R88, D86, H86
GROOTERS B. J. 1900 Sheridan, P207, R25, D92, H92
GROOTERS Jennie 1900 Sheridan, P207, R26, D92, H92
GROOTERS John 1900 Sheridan, P207, R27, D92, H92
GROOTERS Garrett 1900 Sheridan, P207, R28, D92, H92
GROOTERS Benjamin 1900 Sheridan, P207, R29, D92, H92
GROOTERS Minnie 1900 Sheridan, P207, R30, D92, H92
GROOTERS Jennie 1900 Sheridan, P207, R31, D92, H92
GROOTERS James 1900 Sheridan, P207, R32, D92, H92
GROOTERS Anna 1900 Sheridan, P207, R33, D92, H92
GROOTERS Albert 1900 Sheridan, P207, R34, D92, H92
GROOTES Peter 1900 Floyd, P58, R18, D117, H119
GROOTES Gezina 1900 Floyd, P58, R19, D117, H119
GROOTES Marie 1900 Floyd, P58, R20, D117, H119
GROOTES Dena 1900 Floyd, P58, R21, D117, H119
GROOTES Meyert 1900 Floyd, P58, R22, D117, H119
GROOTES Jan 1900 Floyd, P58, R23, D117, H119
GROOTINBBELINK William 1900 Nassau, P156, R93, D234, H237
GROOTINBBELINK Everdina 1900 Nassau, P156, R94, D234, H237
GROOTINBBELINK Hendrick H. 1900 Nassau, P156, R95, D234, H237
GROOTINBBELINK Berend 1900 Nassau, P156, R96, D234, H237
GROOTINBBELINK Marinus W. 1900 Nassau, P156, R97, D234, H237
GROOTNIBBELINK Herman 1900 Nassau, P158, R4, D250, H253
GROOTY Aug 1900 Rock, P189, R11, D256, H263
GROSSENBOOM Ira 1900 Sioux, P196, R82, D64, H64
GROSSENBURG John 1900 Plato, P73, R6, D126, H127
GROSSENBURG Mabel 1900 Plato, P73, R7, D126, H127
GROSSENBURG Leon??? 1900 Plato, P73, R8, D126, H127
GROSSENBURG Leona ? 1900 Plato, P73, R9, D126, H127
GROSSENBURG Charley 1900 Plato, P73, R10, D126, H127
GROSSENBURG Laurena Brands 1900 Plato, P73, R11, D126, H127
GROSSENBURG John L. 1900 Plato, P73, R22, D129, H129
GROSSENBURG Minnie E. 1900 Plato, P73, R23, D129, H129
GROSSENBURG William HJ. 1900 Plato, P73, R24, D129, H129
GROTE Tony 1900 Sioux, P194, R25, D21, H21
GROTENHUIS John 1900 Lynn, P24, R9, D187, H187
GROTENHUIS Edward 1900 Floyd, P54, R24, D49, H51
GROTENHUIS D. William 1900 Floyd, P54, R72, D62, H64
GROTENHUIS Eva 1900 Floyd, P54, R73, D62, H64
GROTENHUIS Edward 1900 Floyd, P54, R74, D62, H64
GROTENHUIS Arie 1900 Floyd, P54, R75, D62, H64
GROTENHUIS Bernard 1900 Floyd, P54, R76, D62, H64
GROTENHUIS Henry 1900 Floyd, P59, R64, D147, H149
GROTENHUIS Katie 1900 Floyd, P59, R65, D147, H149
GROTENHUIS Martin 1900 Floyd, P59, R66, D147, H149
GROTENHUIS Minnie 1900 Holland, P89, R32, D79, H79
GROTENHUIS John, Sr. 1900 West Branch, P239, R54, D157, H159
GROTENHUIS Johanna H. 1900 West Branch, P239, R55, D157, H159
GROTENHUIS Johanna D. 1900 West Branch, P239, R56, D157, H159
GROTENHUIS William 1900 West Branch, P239, R57, D157, H159
GROTENHUIS Sarah J. 1900 West Branch, P239, R58, D157, H159
GROTH Henry 1900 Settler, P200, R9, D104, H104
GROTH Charley 1900 Settler, P200, R10, D104, H104
GROTH Samuel 1900 Settler, P200, R7, D104, H104
GROTH Sarah 1900 Settler, P200, R8, D104, H104
GROTH George 1900 Settler, P200, R11, D104, H104
GROWNING John 1900 Garfield, P67, R76, D53, H53
GROWNING Jens A. 1900 Garfield, P67, R77, D53, H53
GU???TER Michael 1900 Sioux, P198, R93, D99, H99
GUDNER (GARDNER)? Frances M. 1900 Logan, P126, R19, D27, H29
GUDNER (GARDNER)? Clara M. 1900 Logan, P126, R20, D27, H29
GUDNER (GARDNER)? Rex D. 1900 Logan, P126, R21, D27, H29
GUDNER (GARDNER)? Frrancis M., Jr. 1900 Logan, P126, R22, D27, H29
GUEDER Henry 1900 Reading, P173, R32, D201, H203
GUETON Mary 1900 East Orange, P44, R28, D63, H64
GUNDERSON Sten S. 1900 Garfield, P68, R68, D71, H72
GUNNINK Frank 1900 Capel, P13, R62, D14, H14
GUNNINK Hattie 1900 Capel, P13, R63, D14, H14
GUNNINK Henry 1900 Capel, P13, R64, D14, H14
GUNNINK Allie 1900 Capel, P13, R65, D14, H14
GUNNINK Hattie 1900 Capel, P13, R66, D14, H14
GUNNINK Johnny 1900 Capel, P13, R67, D14, H14
GUNNINK Willie 1900 Capel, P13, R68, D14, H14
GUNTER John 1900 Sioux, P197, R52, D75, H75
GUNTER Celia 1900 Sioux, P197, R53, D75, H75
GUNTER Thomas 1900 Sioux, P197, R54, D75, H75
GUNTER Beatrice A. 1900 Sioux, P197, R55, D75, H75
GUNTER Charles 1900 Sioux, P198, R94, D99, H99
GURGENS Dick 1900 Reading, P172, R35, D185, H187
GUST Henry C. 1900 Lincoln, P119, R73, D203, H207
GUST Alvina 1900 Lincoln, P119, R74, D203, H207
GUST Emila 1900 Lincoln, P119, R75, D203, H207
GUST Ida 1900 Lincoln, P119, R76, D203, H207
GUST Bertha 1900 Lincoln, P119, R77, D203, H207
GUSTESON Gus A. 1900 Sherman, P221, R69, D150, H150
GUSTESON Mary 1900 Sherman, P221, R70, D150, H150
GUSTESON Frank 1900 Sherman, P221, R71, D150, H150
GUSTESON Emily O. 1900 Sherman, P221, R72, D150, H150
GUSTESON Alice C. 1900 Sherman, P221, R73, D150, H150
GUSTESON Ester D. 1900 Sherman, P221, R74, D150, H150
GUSTESON Arther W. 1900 Sherman, P221, R75, D150, H150
GUSTESON Mable A. 1900 Sherman, P221, R76, D150, H150
GUSTESON Minnie W. 1900 Sherman, P221, R77, D150, H150


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