1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

FAAS, De - Capel, P15, R9, D40, H40
FAAS, Betsy - Capel, P15, R10, D40, H40
FAAS, Ida - Capel, P15, R11, D40, H40
FAAS, Ben - Capel, P15, R12, D40, H40
FAAS, Minnie - Capel, P15, R13, D40, H40
FAAS, Willie - Capel, P15, R14, D40, H40
FAAS, Jacoba - Capel, P16, R83, D69, H69
FAAS, Bessie - Capel, P16, R84, D69, H69
FAAS, Eva J. - Capel, P16, R85, D69, H69
FABER, William - East Orange, P42, R3, D22, H22
FABER, Barbara - East Orange, P42, R4, D22, H22
FABER, Bernsid J. A.. - East Orange, P42, R5, D22, H22
FABER, Marie J. A. - East Orange, P42, R6, D22, H22
FABER, Peter G. - East Orange, P42, R7, D22, H22
FABER, Nicholas V. - East Orange, P42, R8, D22, H22
FABER, Theodore - Floyd, P61, R79, D186, H188
FABER, Harry - Floyd, P61, R84, D187, H189
FABER, Pier - Nassau, P158, R60, D263, H266
FABER, Klaasje - Nassau, P158, R61, D263, H266
FABER, Fannie - Nassau, P158, R62, D263, H266
FABER, Siebe - Nassau, P158, R63, D263, H266
FABER, ?yipke - Nassau, P158, R64, D263, H266
FABER, Frank - Nassau, P160, R59, D297, H300
FABER, Ynskije - Nassau, P160, R60, D297, H300
FABER, Maggie - Nassau, P160, R61, D297, H300
FABER, Wayne - Nassau, P160, R62, D297, H300
FABER, Pierki?e - Nassau, P160, R63, D297, H300
FABER, Tjepke - Nassau, P163, R29, D340, H343
FABER, Fogeltje - Nassau, P163, R30, D340, H343
FABER, Rikka - Sioux, P197, R89, D80, H80
FABER, Hans - Welcome, P229, R60, D94, H94
FABER, Tjierd - Welcome, P229, R61, D94, H94
FABER, Rein - Welcome, P229, R62, D94, H94
FABER, Jantjie - Welcome, P229, R63, D94, H94
FABER, Pietjie - Welcome, P229, R64, D94, H94
FABER, Renske - Welcome, P229, R65, D94, H94
FABER, Folkertjie - Welcome, P229, R66, D94, H94
FADDEN, Bert - Holland, P91, R90, D126, H126
FADDEN, Gy?je - Holland, P91, R91, D126, H126
FADDEN, Jan - Holland, P91, R92, D126, H126
FAHEY, George - Sioux, P198, R85, D98, H98
FAHEY, Mary - Sioux, P198, R86, D98, H98
FAHEY, Anna - Sioux, P198, R87, D98, H98
FAHEY, Edward - Sioux, P198, R88, D98, H98
FAHEY, Ellen - Sioux, P198, R89, D98, H98
FAHL, John - East Orange, P45, R99, D80, H82
FAIR, Edward - Reading, P166, R63, D61, H61
FAIR, Esther - Reading, P166, R64, D61, H61
FAIR, Hellen - Reading, P166, R65, D61, H61
FAIR, Frank L. - Reading, P166, R66, D61, H61
FAIRBROTHER, Emerson C. - Buncombe, P8, R13, D171, H171
FAIRBROTHER, Charles L. - Buncombe, P8, R17, D171, H171
FAIRBROTHER, Emerson G. - Logan, P128, R77, D81, H92
FALCH, Benj J. - Lincoln, P123, R100, D287, H292
FALCH, Mary - Lincoln, P124, R1, D287, H292
FALCH, Ruby - Lincoln, P124, R2, D287, H292
FALCH, Lillian - Lincoln, P124, R3, D287, H292
FALCH, Mable - Lincoln, P124, R4, D287, H292
FANER, Esther - Lincoln, P114, R22, D96, H99
FANKEN, A. - Center, P36, R41, D133, H133
FANKEN, Jane - Center, P36, R42, D133, H133
FANKEN, Allie - Center, P36, R43, D133, H133
FANKEN, Arthur - Center, P36, R44, D133, H133
FANKEN, Annie - Center, P36, R45, D133, H133
FANKEN, Henrietta - Center, P36, R46, D133, H133
FANNING, John - Reading, P170, R41, D152, H153
FANNING, Hannah - Reading, P170, R42, D152, H153
FANNING, Amelia Easter Mary - Reading, P170, R43, D152, H153
FANNING, Isabella Elizabeth C. - Reading, P170, R44, D152, H153
FANNING, William James - Reading, P170, R45, D152, H153
FANNING, Hannah Agnes - Reading, P170, R46, D152, H153
FANNING, Catharine - Reading, P170, R47, D152, H153
FARBOS, Minnie Raina - Reading, P167, R64, D89, H90
FARINGER, F. F. - Eagle, P30, R19, D22, H22
FARINGER, C. I. - Eagle, P30, R20, D22, H22
FARINGER, Melinda - Eagle, P30, R21, D22, H22
FARINGER, Earl - Eagle, P30, R22, D22, H22
FARNHAM, Joseph S. - Logan, P137, R61, D255, H268
FARNHAM, Mary P. - Logan, P137, R62, D255, H268
FARNHAM, E. Fern - Logan, P137, R63, D255, H268
FARNHAM, Jay C. - Logan, P137, R64, D255, H268
FARNHAM, Eva B. - Logan, P137, R65, D255, H268
FARNHAM, Kathleen - Logan, P137, R66, D255, H268
FARNHAM, Lydia A. - Logan, P137, R67, D255, H268
FARRAND, James Caezar - Reading, P166, R98, D69, H70
FARRAND, Emeline L. - Reading, P166, R99, D69, H70
FARRAND, Cliffert F. - Reading, P175, R22, D238, H240
FARRAND, Anna J. - Reading, P175, R23, D238, H240
FARRAND, Ira William - Reading, P175, R24, D238, H240
FARRAND, Sadie - Reading, P175, R25, D238, H240
FARRAND, Clifford Bro?orlou - Reading, P175, R26, D238, H240
FARRELL, James - Nassau, P144, R15, D2, H2
FASBURG, Porter - Buncombe, P8, R33, D176, H176
FASBURG, Ella F. - Buncombe, P8, R34, D176, H176
FASBURG, Maude E. - Buncombe, P8, R35, D176, H176
FASKLLY, Percey B. - Logan, P136, R29, D224, H237
FASSETT, Sidney W. - Grant, P80, R71, D66, H67
FASSETT, Floyd B. - Grant, P80, R72, D66, H67
FASTER, Wm. E. - Buncombe, P11, R87, D245, H245
FASTER, Louesa A. - Buncombe, P11, R88, D245, H245
FASTER, Eugene S. - Buncombe, P11, R89, D245, H245
FASTER, Malcom C. - Buncombe, P11, R90, D245, H245
FASTER, Eva - Buncombe, P11, R91, D245, H245
FASTER, Lelah - Buncombe, P11, R92, D245, H245
FASTER, Grace - Buncombe, P11, R93, D245, H245
FASTER, Alta - Buncombe, P11, R94, D245, H245
FASTER, Ina - Buncombe, P11, R95, D245, H245
FASTER, Nellie - Buncombe, P11, R96, D245, H245
FATH, Theodore - Nassau, P159, R43, D278, H281
FATH, Mary - Nassau, P159, R44, D278, H281
FATH, Joseph - Nassau, P159, R45, D278, H281
FATH, Mary - Nassau, P159, R46, D278, H281
FATH, Cathrine - Nassau, P159, R47, D278, H281
FATH, Jacob - Nassau, P159, R48, D278, H281
FATH, John T. - Nassau, P159, R49, D278, H281
FATH, Nickolas - Nassau, P159, R50, D278, H281
FATH, Peter - Nassau, P159, R51, D278, H281
FAVER, William - West Branch, P243, R59, D224, H226
FAVRE, Edward - Capel, P20, R50, D126, H126
FAY, Edward - Eagle, P32, R60, D64, H64
FEBUS, Frans - Orange City, P98, R72, D76, H77
FEBUS, Maggie D. - Orange City, P98, R73, D76, H77
FEBUS, Bernardus - Orange City, P98, R74, D76, H77
FEDDERS, Gerrit - Holland, P85, R23, D3, H3
FEEKES, Theodore H. - Plato, P71, R76, D106, H107
FEEKES, Tryntje - Plato, P71, R77, D106, H107
FEEKES, Crissie - Plato, P71, R78, D106, H107
FEEKES, John - Plato, P71, R79, D106, H107
FEEKES, Gerrit - Plato, P71, R80, D106, H107
FEEKES, Nicolas - Plato, P71, R81, D106, H107
FEEKES, Gradus - Plato, P71, R82, D106, H107
FEEKES, Oppie - Plato, P71, R83, D106, H107
FEEKES, William - Plato, P71, R84, D106, H107
FEEKES, Agnes - Plato, P71, R85, D106, H107
FEENSTRA, Peter - Orange City, P109, R52, D311, H317
FEENSTRA, Siebrigje - Orange City, P109, R53, D311, H317
FEIKEMA, Klaas - Lincoln, P121, R78, D245, H249
FEIKEMA, Jennie - Lincoln, P121, R79, D245, H249
FEIKEMA, Minnie - Lincoln, P121, R80, D245, H249
FEIKEMA, Kate - Lincoln, P121, R81, D245, H249
FEIKEMA, Wm. - Lincoln, P121, R82, D245, H249
FEIKEMA, Fannie - Lincoln, P121, R83, D245, H249
FEIKEMA, Allie - Lincoln, P121, R84, D245, H249
FEIKEMA, Baby - Lincoln, P121, R85, D245, H249
Fellton, Nellie - Reading, P169, R2, D127, H128
FENKLAY, Dirk - West Branch, P239, R15, D150, H152
FENKLAY, Maggie - West Branch, P239, R16, D150, H152
FENKLAY, Alice - West Branch, P239, R17, D150, H152
FENKLAY, Bertha - West Branch, P239, R18, D150, H152
FENKLAY, Garrett - West Branch, P239, R19, D150, H152
FENNEMA, Maggie - Nassau, P156, R72, D230, H232
FENNEMA, Henry - Nassau, P156, R73, D230, H232
FENTON, James - West Branch, P237, R44, D113, H115
FENTON, Grace M. - West Branch, P237, R45, D113, H115
FENTON, Frances M. - West Branch, P237, R46, D113, H115
FENTON, Edith H. - West Branch, P237, R47, D113, H115
FENTON, Henry - West Branch, P237, R48, D113, H115
FERGUSON, John W. - Buncombe, P4, R50, D89, H89
FERGUSON, Hattie C. - Buncombe, P4, R51, D89, H89
FERGUSON, Veda P. - Buncombe, P4, R52, D89, H89
FERGUSON, Sadie B. - Buncombe, P4, R53, D89, H89
FERGUSON, Jason - Washington, P141, R62, D326, H339
FERMAIN, Sebastian - Lynn, P21, R27, D141, H141
FERNER, Roy Y. - Lincoln, P113, R1, D69, H71
FERRIS, Herman - West Branch, P242, R39, D204, H206
FETTER, Mrs. M. - Reading, P169, R46, D136, H137
FEURLULM, Reuben - Sioux, P197, R33, D72, H72
FEURLULM, Estella - Sioux, P197, R34, D72, H72
FEURLULM, Fidella - Sioux, P197, R35, D72, H72
FEY, Wm. B. - Lincoln, P117, R4, D156, H160
FEY, Lucy - Lincoln, P117, R5, D156, H160
FEY, Adam - Lincoln, P117, R6, D156, H160
FICK, Peter - Sheridan, P211, R82, D176, H176
FIE, Louis C. - Lincoln, P115, R82, D135, H139
FIE, Anna V. - Lincoln, P115, R83, D135, H139
FIE, Alvina I. - Lincoln, P115, R84, D135, H139
FIE, Edward H. - Lincoln, P115, R85, D135, H139
FIE, Ellen A. - Lincoln, P115, R86, D135, H139
FIE, Adam J. - Lincoln, P115, R87, D135, H139
FIE, John A. - Lincoln, P115, R88, D135, H139
FIEKEMA, Dowe - Welcome, P231, R65, D126, H126
FIEKEMA, Minnie - Welcome, P231, R66, D126, H126
FIEKEMA, Ferke - West Branch, P247, R79, D288, H291
FIEKEMA, Henry - West Branch, P247, R80, D288, H291
FIEKEMA, Bouka - West Branch, P247, R81, D288, H291
FIEKEMA, Gertie - West Branch, P247, R82, D288, H291
FIELDER, Albert - Logan, P135, R88, D217, H230
FIFER, Rindert - Holland, P92, R6, D128, H128
FIKSER, Mary - West Branch, P232, R82, D18, H19
FIKSER, Garrett - West Branch, P232, R83, D18, H19
FINCH, John - Lynn, P20, R86, D133, H133
FINCH, Nora - Lynn, P20, R87, D133, H133
FINCH, Ina - Lynn, P20, R88, D133, H133
FINCH, Marguerite - Lynn, P20, R89, D133, H133
FINCH, Jacob - East Orange, P44, R43, D66, H68
FINCH, Annie - East Orange, P44, R44, D66, H68
FINCH, Annie - East Orange, P44, R45, D66, H68
FINCH, Theodore F. - East Orange, P44, R46, D66, H68
FINCH, Frank N. - East Orange, P44, R47, D66, H68
FINCH, Maggie - East Orange, P44, R48, D66, H68
FINCH, Emma - East Orange, P44, R49, D66, H68
FINCH, Ida M. - East Orange, P44, R50, D66, H68
FINCH, Esta K. - East Orange, P44, R51, D66, H68
FINCH, Milton J. - Logan, P127, R25, D52, H57
FINCH, Amelia R. - Logan, P127, R26, D52, H57
FINCH, Carrie L. - Logan, P127, R27, D52, H57
FINCH, Jerry L. - Logan, P127, R28, D52, H57
FINCH, Clem B. - Logan, P127, R29, D52, H57
FINCH, Earl M. - Logan, P127, R30, D52, H57
FINCH, Lee E. - Logan, P127, R31, D52, H57
FINCH, Nellie E. - Logan, P127, R32, D52, H57
FINCH, Max J. - Logan, P127, R33, D52, H57
FINCH, Josiah L. - Rock, P178, R11, D43, H46
FINCH, Luvina - Rock, P178, R12, D43, H46
FINCH, Newton L. - Rock, P178, R13, D43, H46
FINCH, Mabel - Sheridan, P210, R75, D158, H158
FINCH, Josie - Sheridan, P210, R76, D158, H158
FINK, Norris A. - Rock, P178, R54, D54, H57
FINK, Mary - Rock, P178, R55, D54, H57
FINK, Clarence - Rock, P178, R56, D54, H57
FINK, Maud - Rock, P178, R57, D54, H57
FINK, Harry - Rock, P178, R58, D54, H57
FINK, Ruth - Rock, P178, R59, D54, H57
FINLEY, Iona - Buncombe, P6, R12, D123, H123
FINLEY, Iona - Logan, P130, R79, D126, H139
FINLEY, Webster - Logan, P135, R96, D219, H232
FINLEY, Pheba A. - Logan, P135, R97, D219, H232
FINLEY, Lizzie M. - Logan, P135, R98, D219, H232
FINLEY, Minnie I. - Logan, P135, R99, D219, H232
FINLEY, Myrtle - Logan, P135, R100, D219, H232
FINLEY, Ernest - Logan, P136, R1, D219, H232
FISCH, Mathias H. - East Orange, P41, R71, D15, H15
FISCH, John - Nassau, P155, R98, D215, H217
FISCHBACH, John P. - East Orange, P42, R89, D39, H40
FISCHBACH, Annie - East Orange, P42, R90, D39, H40
FISCHBACH, Alvina E. - East Orange, P42, R91, D39, H40
FISCHBACH, Agnes M. - East Orange, P42, R92, D39, H40
FISCHBACH, John P. - East Orange, P42, R93, D39, H40
FISCHBACH, Sylvia E. - East Orange, P42, R94, D39, H40
FISCHBACH, Mary A. - East Orange, P42, R95, D39, H40
FISCHER, Isaac - Capel, P14, R58, D32, H32
FISCHER, ??? - Capel, P14, R59, D32, H32
FISCHER, Henry - Capel, P14, R60, D32, H32
FISCHER, Pleuse - Capel, P14, R61, D32, H32
FISCHER, Hendricke - Capel, P14, R62, D32, H32
FISHER, Jerome - Orange City, P101, R37, D138, H141
FISHER, Elizabeth - Orange City, P101, R38, D138, H141
FISHER, Cora A. - Orange City, P101, R39, D138, H141
FISHER, Nellie C. - Orange City, P101, R40, D138, H141
FISHER, Minnie J. - Orange City, P101, R41, D138, H141
FISHER, Edward P. - Orange City, P101, R42, D138, H141
FISHER, Vernon C. - Orange City, P101, R43, D138, H141
FISHER, Merril J. - Orange City, P101, R44, D138, H141
FISHER, Ira - Reading, P164, R54, D12, H12
FISHER, Edith Moore - Reading, P164, R55, D12, H12
FISHER, Orrend J. - Reading, P166, R36, D55, H55
FISHER, Sophia - Reading, P166, R37, D55, H55
FISHER, Sophia - Reading, P166, R38, D55, H55
FISHER, Wilke - Reading, P166, R39, D55, H55
FISHER, Orrend - Reading, P166, R40, D55, H55
FISHER, Fred - Reading, P166, R41, D55, H55
FISHER, Joseph Henry - Reading, P166, R42, D55, H55
FISHER, Albert Alzo - Reading, P166, R43, D55, H55
FISHER, John Falkner - Reading, P167, R16, D74, H75
FISHER, Edith Lyle - Reading, P167, R17, D74, H75
FISHER, Freda Bethel - Reading, P167, R18, D74, H75
FISHER, John - Reading, P169, R57, D138, H139
FITZGERALD, Charles F. - Orange City, P100, R5, D108, H110
FITZGERALD, Tillie - Orange City, P100, R6, D108, H110
FITZGERALD, Harold E. - Orange City, P100, R7, D108, H110
FITZGERALD, Henrietta E. - Orange City, P100, R8, D108, H110
FITZGERALD, Claude - Logan, P132, R86, D163, H176
FITZGERALD, Patrick - Rock, P178, R74, D58, H61
FITZGERALD, Mary - Rock, P178, R75, D58, H61
FITZGERALD, John - Rock, P178, R76, D58, H61
FITZGERALD, Alice - Rock, P178, R77, D58, H61
FITZGERALD, Katie - Rock, P178, R78, D58, H61
FITZPATRICK, James - Sioux, P198, R72, D96, H96
FITZPATRICK, Mary - Sioux, P198, R73, D96, H96
FITZPATRICK, Bridget - Sioux, P198, R74, D96, H96
FITZPATRICK, Jennie - Sioux, P198, R75, D96, H96
FITZPATRICK, Maggie - Sioux, P198, R76, D96, H96
FITZPATRICK, James - Sioux, P198, R77, D96, H96
FITZPATRICK, Michael - Sioux, P198, R78, D96, H96
FITZPATRICK, May - Sioux, P198, R79, D96, H96
FITZPATRICK, Leonard - Sioux, P198, R80, D96, H96
FITZPATRICK, Luke J. - Sherman, P215, R86, D49, H49
FITZPATRICK, Luke - Sherman, P222, R59, D164, H164
FITZPATRICK, Margret - Sherman, P222, R60, D164, H164
FITZPATRICK, Frank - Sherman, P222, R61, D164, H164
FLANDERS, Frank - Buncombe, P7, R84, D162, H162
FLEMING, Frank - East Orange, P48, R18, D110, H112
FLESHMAN, Charles M. - Logan, P125, R79, D19, H21
FLESHMAN, Emma M. - Logan, P125, R80, D19, H21
FLESHMAN, Edward M. - Logan, P125, R81, D19, H21
FLESHMAN, Louise R. - Logan, P125, R82, D19, H21
FLESHMAN, Robert R. - Logan, P125, R83, D19, H21
FLESHMAN, Ella B. - Logan, P125, R84, D19, H21
FLESHMAN, Arthur C. - Logan, P125, R85, D19, H21
FLESHMAN, Carl - Logan, P125, R86, D19, H21
FLETCH, Andrew - Rock, P187, R27, D228, H235
FLETCH, Catherine - Rock, P187, R28, D228, H235
FLETCH, John - Rock, P187, R29, D228, H235
FLETCH, Eunice - Rock, P187, R30, D228, H235
FLETCHER, Mary - Center, P39, R81, D190, H190
FLETCHER, Oscar W. - Washington, P143, R15, D354, H367
FLETCHER, Ella M. - Washington, P143, R16, D354, H367
FLETCHER, Charles H. - Washington, P143, R17, D354, H367
FLETCHER, Reuben E. - Washington, P143, R62, D361, H375
FLETCHER, Luvanie D. - Washington, P143, R63, D361, H375
FLETCHER, George A. - Washington, P143, R64, D361, H375
FLINT, James - Sheridan, P212, R34, D183, H183
FLLEISCHER, Andrew W. - Nassau, P149, R45, D103, H104
FOBES, Ralph T. - Lincoln, P115, R5, D116, H120
FOBES, Hallie - Lincoln, P115, R6, D116, H120
FOBES, Wm. H. - Lincoln, P115, R7, D116, H120
FOLGER, John C. - Nassau, P153, R32, D180, H181
FOLGER, Sarah - Nassau, P153, R33, D180, H181
FOLGER, Homer L. - Nassau, P153, R34, D180, H181
FOLGER, Raymond W. - Nassau, P153, R35, D180, H181
FOLGER, Virginia - Nassau, P153, R36, D180, H181
FOLGER, Kathrine - Nassau, P153, R37, D180, H181
FOLGER, Rebeckka - Nassau, P153, R38, D180, H181
FOLKERTS, Hendrik - Holland, P93, R96, D168, H168
FOLKERTS, Aaltje - Holland, P93, R97, D168, H168 (married before to JACOBSMA)
FOLLETT, Harrieta J. - Washington, P139, R100, D302, H315
FOLLETT, Gertrude - Washington, P140, R1, D302, H315
FOLLETT, D. Orsola - Washington, P140, R2, D302, H315
FOLLETT, Cora L. - Washington, P140, R3, D302, H315
FOLLETT, Florence J. - Washington, P140, R4, D302, H315
FOLLRICH, Mary - Lincoln, P124, R64, D299, H304
FOLLRICH, Dora - Lincoln, P124, R65, D299, H304
FOLLRICH, Sophia - Lincoln, P124, R66, D299, H304
FOLLRICH, Mary - Lincoln, P124, R67, D299, H304
FOLLRICH, Chas. - Lincoln, P124, R68, D299, H304
FOLLRICH, Albert - Lincoln, P124, R69, D299, H304
FONG, Jack - Orange City, P98, R26, D65, H66
FONKERT, Wouter - Floyd, P60, R83, D170, H171
FORBES, Walter W. - Sheridan, P206, R61, D81, H81
FORBES, Caroline - Sheridan, P206, R62, D81, H81
FORBES, Estella - Sheridan, P206, R63, D81, H81
FORD, Mike H. - Sherman, P215, R33, D34, H34
FORD, Lucy - Sherman, P215, R34, D34, H34
FORD, Ester - Sherman, P215, R35, D34, H34
FOREMAN, Richard - Holland, P89, R61, D85, H85
FOREMAN, Winnie - Holland, P89, R62, D85, H85
FOREMAN, Jake - Holland, P89, R63, D85, H85
FOREMAN, Mike - Holland, P89, R64, D85, H85
FOREST, Julia - Logan, P131, R55, D136, H149
FOREST, Charles - Washington, P140, R54, D310, H323
FORGE, Clara - Rock, P180, R61, D93, H97
FORKERT, Jan - Floyd, P60, R90, D171, H173
FOSBURG, Bennett O. - Reading, P169, R89, D146, H147
FOSBURG, Laura M. - Reading, P169, R90, D146, H147
FOSBURG, Arthur D. - Reading, P169, R91, D146, H147
FOSBURG, Clifford M. - Reading, P169, R92, D146, H147
FOSBURG, Edith G. - Reading, P169, R93, D146, H147
FOSBURG, Ethel C. - Reading, P169, R94, D146, H147
FOULK, Frank D. - Reading, P167, R3, D72, H73
FOULK, Thomas A. - Reading, P167, R4, D72, H73
FOULK, Estella Pearl - Reading, P167, R5, D72, H73
FOULK, Welcome - Reading, P167, R6, D72, H73
FOUSCH, Mike - Rock, P184, R51, D180, H187
FOUSCH, Louisa - Rock, P184, R52, D180, H187 (married before to DEMAY)
FOUSCH, Anna - Rock, P184, R54, D180, H187
FOWLER, George - Buncombe, P7, R60, D157, H157
FOWLER, Jemia - Buncombe, P7, R61, D157, H157
FOX, Chas - Lincoln, P115, R65, D130, H134
FOX, Elizabeth - Lincoln, P115, R66, D130, H134
FOX, Harry - Lincoln, P115, R67, D130, H134
FOX, Eva - Lincoln, P115, R68, D130, H134
FOX, Ada - Lincoln, P115, R69, D130, H134
FRACE, John M. - West Branch, P234, R45, D51, H52
FRAINER, Edgar - Rock, P191, R93, D300, H307
FRAME, Maggie - Sheridan, P207, R48, D95, H95
FRAME, Jackson - Sheridan, P207, R49, D95, H95
FRANK, Amos - Lynn, P20, R65, D130, H130
FRANK, Kate - Lynn, P20, R66, D130, H130
FRANK, Thadd?? - Lynn, P20, R67, D130, H130
FRANK, Roulandx - Lynn, P20, R68, D130, H130
FRANK, Clifford - Lynn, P20, R69, D130, H130
FRANK, Nimah I - Logan, P131, R41, D136, H149
Franke, Mary Dora - Reading, P166, R67, D61, H61
FRANKEN, Edward - Orange City, P103, R71, D183, H186
FRANKEN, Evert - Welcome, P230, R19, D103, H103
FRANKEN, Louise - Welcome, P230, R20, D103, H103
FRANKEN, Elborbertjie - Welcome, P230, R21, D103, H103
FRANKEN, Garret H. - Welcome, P230, R22, D103, H103
FRANKEN, Aart - Welcome, P230, R23, D103, H103
FRANKEN, Johanna - Welcome, P230, R24, D103, H103
FRANKEN, Henry - Welcome, P230, R25, D103, H103
FRANKEN, Aart - West Branch, P238, R20, D128, H130
FRANKEN, Alberte - West Branch, P238, R21, D128, H130
FRANKEN, Arie - West Branch, P240, R70, D178, H180
FRANKEN, Johanna - West Branch, P240, R71, D178, H180
FRANKEN, Allie - West Branch, P240, R72, D178, H180
FRANKEN, Garret - West Branch, P240, R73, D178, H180
FRANKEN, John - West Branch, P240, R98, D183, H185
FRANKEN, Jane - West Branch, P240, R99, D183, H185
FRANKEN, Carrie - West Branch, P240, R100, D183, H185
FRANKEN, Ella - West Branch, P241, R1, D183, H185
FRANKEN, Albert - West Branch, P241, R2, D183, H185
FRANKEN, Anna - West Branch, P241, R3, D183, H185
FRANKEN, John - West Branch, P241, R4, D183, H185
FRANKEN, Winnie - West Branch, P241, R5, D183, H185
FRANKEN, Aart - West Branch, P241, R6, D183, H185
FRANKEN, Alf - West Branch, P245, R96, D259, H261
FRANKEN, Hattie - West Branch, P245, R97, D259, H261
FRANKEN, Jennie - West Branch, P245, R98, D259, H261
FRANKEN, Garret - West Branch, P245, R99, D259, H261
FRANKEN, Cara - West Branch, P245, R100, D259, H261
FRANKEN, Jacob - West Branch, P246, R1, D259, H261
FRANKEN, Agnes - West Branch, P246, R2, D259, H261
FRANKEN, Henry - West Branch, P246, R3, D259, H261
FRANKEN, Gertie - West Branch, P246, R4, D259, H261
FRANKIE, Anna - Reading, P174, R13, D216, H218
FRANKIE, Frederick - West Branch, P245, R77, D256, H258
FRANKIE, Mary - West Branch, P245, R78, D256, H258
FRANKIE, Henry - West Branch, P245, R79, D256, H258
FRANSES, Arie - Welcome, P228, R30, D75, H75
FRANTZEN, Sophia - Floyd, P53, R99, D45, H46
FRANTZEN, Peter - Nassau, P155, R99, D216, H218
FRANTZEN, Kate - Nassau, P155, R100, D216, H218
FRANTZEN, Christina - Nassau, P156, R1, D216, H218
FRANTZEN, Maggie - Nassau, P156, R2, D216, H218
FRANTZEN, Joseph - Nassau, P156, R3, D216, H218
FRANTZEN, Rosa - Nassau, P156, R4, D216, H218
FRANTZEN, Peter - Nassau, P156, R5, D216, H218
FRANTZEN, Louisa - Nassau, P156, R6, D216, H218
FRANTZEN, Nickolas - Nassau, P156, R7, D216, H218
FRANTZEN, Peter - Nassau, P156, R8, D216, H218
FRANZEN, John - Center, P36, R37, D132, H132
FRANZEN, Minnie V. - Center, P36, R38, D132, H132
FRANZEN, Gerrit - Center, P36, R39, D132, H132
FRANZEN, Nancy - Center, P36, R40, D132, H132
FRASER, Isabella - Plato, P70, R61, D8, H9
FRAZER, John - Logan, P130, R44, D115, H128
FREDELAKE, Henry - Reading, P175, R36, D240, H242
FREDRCKS, Diedrick - Reading, P174, R51, D223, H225
FREDRICKSON, Bernt - Garfield, P67, R56, D48, H48
FREDRIKS, Grada - West Branch, P243, R96, D229, H231
FREE, Henry R. - West Branch, P235, R10, D65, H66
FREEDMON, Clara - Rock, P185, R82, D205, H212
FREKEMA, Anna - West Branch, P241, R60, D192, H194
FREMBGEN, John - Rock, P182, R8, D124, H130
FREMBGEN, Bridget - Rock, P182, R9, D124, H130
FREMBGEN, Lizzie - Rock, P182, R10, D124, H130
FREMBGEN, Mary - Rock, P182, R11, D124, H130
FREMBGEN, John - Rock, P182, R12, D124, H130
FREMBGEN, Leo - Rock, P182, R13, D124, H130
FRENCH, Bayard T. - Buncombe, P9, R72, D209, H209
FRENCH, Lue S. - Buncombe, P9, R73, D209, H209
FRENCH, Leslie R. - Buncombe, P9, R74, D209, H209
FRENCH, Clarence W. - Buncombe, P9, R75, D209, H209
FRENCH, Sherman Q. - Buncombe, P9, R76, D209, H209
FRENCH, Ephram - Washington, P141, R10, D319, H332
FRENCH, Evaline - Washington, P141, R11, D319, H332
FRENCH, John W. - Washington, P141, R12, D319, H332
FRENCH, Herbert E. - Washington, P141, R13, D319, H332
FRENCH, Ruth E. - Washington, P141, R14, D319, H332
FRENCH, Samuel - Washington, P141, R20, D320, H333
FRENK, George - Sioux, P196, R68, D62, H62
FRENS, Arie - Holland, P92, R7, D128, H128
FRERIKS, Dick - Holland, P94, R60, D180, H180
FRERIKS, Mary - Nassau, P157, R27, D239, H242
FRERIKS, Susan - Nassau, P157, R28, D239, H242
FRERIKS, Mary - Nassau, P157, R29, D239, H242
FRERIKS, William - Nassau, P157, R30, D239, H242
FRERIKS, Maggie - Nassau, P157, R31, D239, H242
FRERIKS, Derrikie - Nassau, P157, R32, D239, H242
FRERIKS, Jacob - Nassau, P157, R38, D240, H243
FRERIKS, John B. - Nassau, P157, R39, D240, H243
FRESAISON, Nick - East Orange, P47, R85, D104, H106
FRIDAY, Joseph A. - Logan, P136, R66, D232, H245
FRIDAY, Mary M. - Logan, P136, R67, D232, H245
FRIEDMANN, George - East Orange, P45, R91, D80, H82
FRIEDMANN, Catherine - East Orange, P45, R92, D80, H82
FRIEDMANN, Mary C. - East Orange, P45, R93, D80, H82
FRIEDMANN, Jacob G. - East Orange, P45, R94, D80, H82
FRIEDMANN, Annie S. - East Orange, P45, R95, D80, H82
FRIEDMANN, Lizzie K. - East Orange, P45, R96, D80, H82
FRIEDMANN, John J. - East Orange, P45, R97, D80, H82
FRIEDMANN, Julie B. - East Orange, P45, R98, D80, H82
FRINKMAN, Barbara - Rock, P179, R1, D63, H66
FRINKMAN, Emma - Rock, P179, R2, D63, H66
FRITZ, Henry T. - Buncombe, P2, R93, D54, H54
FRITZ, Lucy A. - Buncombe, P2, R94, D54, H54
FRITZ, Josephine - Buncombe, P2, R95, D54, H54
FRITZ, E??? E. - Buncombe, P2, R96, D54, H54
FRITZ, Myrtle A. - Buncombe, P2, R97, D54, H54
FRITZ, Frank David - Buncombe, P2, R98, D54, H54
FRITZ, Frank - Logan, P131, R16, D132, H145
FRITZ, Barbara - Washington, P141, R56, D326, H339
FRITZ, Kate A. - Washington, P141, R57, D326, H339
FRITZ, John M. - Washington, P141, R58, D326, H339
FRITZ, Frank M. - Washington, P141, R59, D326, H339
FRITZ, Burton W. - Washington, P141, R60, D326, H339
FRITZ, Lelia A. - Washington, P141, R61, D326, H339
FRITZ, Joseph - Nassau, P155, R37, D207, H209
FROHWEIN, Chas. - Capel, P20, R48, D126, H126
FROHWEIN, Ida - Capel, P20, R49, D126, H126
FROHWEIN, Adolph - Grant, P81, R85, D87, H88
FROHWEIN, Elizabeth - Grant, P81, R86, D87, H88
FROHWEIN, William - Grant, P81, R87, D87, H88
FROHWEIN, Mildred S. - Grant, P81, R88, D87, H88
FROHWEIN, May L. - Grant, P81, R89, D87, H88
FROST, William H. - Plato, P76, R53, D178, H179
FROST, Clara E. - Plato, P76, R54, D178, H179
FROST, Elton H. - Plato, P76, R55, D178, H179
FRY, George - Settler, P201, R36, D127, H128
FRY, Elizabeth - Settler, P201, R37, D127, H128
FRY, Etta May - Settler, P201, R38, D127, H128
FRY, Charley - Settler, P201, R39, D127, H128
FRY, Caroline - Settler, P201, R40, D127, H128
FRY, Edna - Settler, P201, R41, D127, H128
FRY, Verne - Settler, P201, R42, D127, H128
FRYER, John C. - Reading, P165, R68, D40, H40
FRYER, Catherine Mary - Reading, P165, R69, D40, H40
FRYER, Alfred C. - Reading, P165, R70, D40, H40
FRYER, Carl B. - Reading, P165, R71, D40, H40
FULLER, Chas H. B. - Buncombe, P3, R4, D56, H56
FULLER, Pearly J. - Buncombe, P3, R5, D56, H56
FULLER, Beth - Buncombe, P3, R6, D56, H56
FULLER, Erma - Buncombe, P3, R7, D56, H56
FULLER, Milo V. - Buncombe, P3, R8, D56, H56
FULLER, Jessie - East Orange, P41, R34, D8, H8
FULLER, ?oon R. - East Orange, P41, R35, D8, H8
FULLER, Mary E. - East Orange, P41, R36, D8, H8
FULLER, Charles W. - East Orange, P41, R37, D8, H8
FULLER, Alice L. - East Orange, P41, R38, D8, H8
FULLER, Florence J. - East Orange, P41, R39, D8, H8
FULLER, Willis F. - East Orange, P41, R40, D8, H8
FULLER, Hicks W. - Rock, P184, R97, D189, H196
FULLER, Louisa - Rock, P184, R98, D189, H196
FULLER, Floyd - Rock, P184, R99, D189, H196
FULLER, Clyde - Rock, P184, R100, D189, H196
FULLER, Harry - Rock, P186, R49, D221, H228
FULLER, ??? - Rock, P186, R50, D221, H228
FUNCK, Carsten - Lincoln, P117, R73, D167, H171
FUNCK, Augusta - Lincoln, P117, R74, D167, H171
FUNCK, Henry A. - Lincoln, P123, R25, D273, H278
FUNCK, Bertha - Lincoln, P123, R26, D273, H278
FUNCK, Emma - Lincoln, P123, R27, D273, H278
FUNCK, Paul - Lincoln, P123, R31, D275, H280
FUNCK, Margurite - Lincoln, P123, R32, D275, H280
FUNCK, Henry - Lincoln, P123, R33, D275, H280


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