1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

UFKEN, Wilhelm - Logan, P135, R86, D217, H230
UFKEN, Lena V. - Logan, P135, R87, D217, H230
ULMER, Otto - Sherman, P217, R64, D80, H80
ULRICK, Charles - Capel, P14, R90, D37, H37
ULRICK, Grace - Capel, P14, R91, D37, H37
ULRICK, Carl - Capel, P14, R92, D37, H37
ULRICK, Mitchel - Capel, P14, R93, D37, H37
UMHOEFER, Joseph - Nassau, P151, R27, D140, H141
UMHOEFER, Anna M. - Nassau, P151, R28, D140, H141
UMHOEFER, Frank - Sherman, P214, R5, D3, H3
UMHOEFER, Catherine - Sherman, P214, R6, D3, H3
UMHOEFER, Vernon - Sherman, P214, R7, D3, H3
UMHOEFER, John - Sherman, P214, R96, D25, H25
UMHOEFER, Hellen - Sherman, P214, R97, D25, H25
UMHOEFER, Alain - Sherman, P214, R98, D25, H25
UMHOEFER, Hellen - Sherman, P214, R99, D25, H25
UMHOEFER, HenryEtta - Sherman, P214, R100, D25, H25
UMHOEFER, Harold? - Sherman, P215, R1, D25, H25
UMLAND, John - Sheridan, P212, R79, D196, H196
UMLAND, Bertha - Sheridan, P212, R80, D196, H196
UMLAND, Kate - Sheridan, P212, R81, D196, H196
UMLAND, Emma - Sheridan, P212, R82, D196, H196
UMLAND, Peter - Sheridan, P212, R83, D196, H196
UMLAND, Baby - Sheridan, P212, R84, D196, H196
UNGERSMA, Henry - Nassau, P158, R55, D262, H265
UNGERSMA, Peterke - Nassau, P158, R56, D262, H265
UNGERSMA, Henry - Nassau, P158, R57, D262, H265
UTTERMMAN, John - Nassau, P145, R26, D21, H21
UTTERMMAN, Maggie - Nassau, P145, R27, D21, H21
UTTERMMAN, Sophia - Nassau, P145, R28, D21, H21
UTTERMMAN, John - Nassau, P145, R29, D21, H21
UTTERMMAN, Henry - Nassau, P145, R30, D21, H21
UTTERMMAN, Annie - Nassau, P145, R31, D21, H21
UTTERMMAN, Fred - Nassau, P145, R32, D21, H21
UTTERMMAN, Mary - Nassau, P145, R33, D21, H21


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