1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

N????, ???? - Nassau, P148, R78, D91, H92
N???VEL, Adolph - Sherman, P219, R89, D121, H121
NABERHUIS, Harman - West Branch, P238, R13, D126, H128
NABERHUIS, Cornelia - West Branch, P238, R14, D126, H128
NACKEL, Hans - Sheridan, P212, R35, D184, H184
NACKEL, Frank - Sheridan, P212, R36, D184, H184
NAGELHOUT, Jacob - Nassau, P153, R80, D188, H189
NAGELHOUT, Mina - Nassau, P153, R81, D188, H189
NAGELHOUT, Janie - Nassau, P153, R82, D188, H189
NAGELHOUT, Jan - Nassau, P153, R83, D188, H189
NAGELHOUT, Hattie - Nassau, P153, R84, D188, H189
NAGELHOUT, Henry - Nassau, P153, R85, D188, H189
NAGELHOUT, Gertie - Nassau, P153, R86, D188, H189
NAGELHOUT, Annie - Nassau, P153, R87, D188, H189
NAGELHOUT, Rolf - Nassau, P153, R88, D188, H189
NAGELHOUT, Henry - Nassau, P153, R89, D188, H189
NAGELHOUT, Gerrit J. - Nassau, P153, R90, D188, H189
NAGLE, Jack - Nassau, P150, R50, D122, H123
NANINGA, Conrad - Reading, P173, R85, D211, H213
NANINGALE, Grece - Washington, P141, R86, D331, H344
NANNINGA, Jennie - Reading, P164, R13, D3, H3
NANNINGA, Fred S. - Washington, P142, R59, D346, H359
NANNINGA, Hannah D. - Washington, P142, R60, D346, H359
NANNINGA, Martin F. - Washington, P142, R61, D346, H359
NANNINGA, Etta F. - Washington, P142, R62, D346, H359
NANNINGA, John F. - Washington, P142, R63, D346, H359
NANNINGA, ?ena F. - Washington, P142, R64, D346, H359
NANNINGA, Minnie F. - Washington, P142, R65, D346, H359
NANNINGA, Sena F. - Washington, P142, R66, D346, H359
NANNINGA, Hattie F. - Washington, P142, R67, D346, H359
NANNINGA, Fred F. - Washington, P142, R68, D346, H359
NANNINGA, Warren F. - Washington, P142, R69, D346, H359
NANNINGA, Hannah F. - Washington, P142, R70, D346, H359
NASH, John E. - Buncombe, P7, R93, D166, H166
NASH, Mary A. - Buncombe, P7, R94, D166, H166
NASH, Harrold C. - Buncombe, P7, R95, D166, H166
NAVES, Gerrit H. - Holland, P86, R40, D26, H26
NAVES, Hendrika - Holland, P86, R41, D26, H26
NAVES, Gerrit - Holland, P86, R51, D29, H29
NAVES, Mary - Holland, P86, R52, D29, H29
NAVES, Henry - Holland, P86, R53, D29, H29
NAVES, Eddie - Holland, P86, R54, D29, H29
NAVES, Katie - Holland, P86, R55, D29, H29
NAVES, Johan - Holland, P86, R56, D29, H29
NAVES, John - Holland, P86, R57, D29, H29
NAVES, Charlie - Holland, P86, R58, D29, H29
NEAL, Joe - Rock, P180, R49, D91, H95
NEARY, Margaret - Rock, P182, R14, D125, H131
NEARY, Katie - Rock, P182, R15, D125, H131
NEARY, Mary - Rock, P182, R16, D125, H131
NEARY, Maggie - Rock, P182, R17, D125, H131
NEARY, Effie - Rock, P182, R18, D125, H131
NEARY, Kate - Sioux, P193, R79, D12, H12
NEEUFIELD, George - Sheridan, P209, R1, D126, H126
NEEUFIELD, Hattie - Sheridan, P209, R2, D126, H126
NEEUFIELD, Jacob - Sheridan, P209, R3, D126, H126
NEEUFIELD, George - Sheridan, P209, R4, D126, H126
NEEUFIELD, Geo - Sheridan, P208, R99, D126, H126
NEEUFIELD, Jennie - Sheridan, P208, R100, D126, H126
NEILL, John A. - Buncombe, P9, R95, D214, H214
NEILL, Mary E. - Buncombe, P9, R96, D214, H214
NEILL, Malcom E. - Buncombe, P9, R97, D214, H214
NEILL, Arelisle - Buncombe, P9, R98, D214, H214
NEIMANTSVERDRIET, Peter - Sherman, P221, R84, D152, H152
NEIMANTSVERDRIET, Hattie - Sherman, P221, R85, D152, H152
NEIMANTSVERDRIET, Anna - Sherman, P221, R86, D152, H152
NEIMANTSVERDRIET, Andrew - Sherman, P221, R87, D152, H152
NEIMIER, Henry - West Branch, P245, R25, D249, H251
NEIMIER, Alice - West Branch, P245, R26, D249, H251
NEIMIER, Garret - West Branch, P245, R27, D249, H251
NEIMIER, Elizabeth - West Branch, P245, R28, D249, H251
NEIMIER, Henry - West Branch, P245, R29, D249, H251
NEIMIER, Winnie - West Branch, P245, R30, D249, H251
NEIMIER, Dora - West Branch, P245, R31, D249, H251
NELLE, John H. - East Orange, P43, R5, D42, H43
NELLE, Thresia - East Orange, P43, R6, D42, H43
NELLE, Jennette - East Orange, P43, R7, D42, H43
NELLE, Helen - East Orange, P43, R8, D42, H43
NELLE, Edward - East Orange, P43, R9, D42, H43
NELLE, Fred - East Orange, P43, R10, D42, H43
NELLE, Robert - East Orange, P43, R11, D42, H43
NELLE, Ellan N. - East Orange, P43, R12, D42, H43
NELLE, Mary - East Orange, P43, R13, D42, H43
NELLE, John - East Orange, P43, R14, D42, H43
NELSON, Andrew C. - Buncombe, P8, R3, D169, H169
NELSON, James - Nassau, P163, R3, D335, H338
NELSON, Nellie L. - Buncombe, P8, R4, D169, H169
NELSON, Gertrude - Nassau, P163, R4, D335, H338
NELSON, Virden E. - Buncombe, P8, R5, D169, H169
NELSON, Peter - Nassau, P163, R5, D335, H338
NELSON, William A. - Logan, P130, R16, D111, H124
NELSON, Alice V. - Logan, P130, R17, D111, H124
NELSON, Harold U. - Logan, P130, R18, D111, H124
NELSON, Hazel I. - Logan, P130, R19, D111, H124
NELSON, Ethel D. - Logan, P130, R20, D111, H124
NELSON, Orville P. - Logan, P130, R21, D111, H124
NELSON, Josie E. - Logan, P127, R38, D53, H58
NELSON, Freeda S. - Logan, P131, R45, D136, H149
NELSON, Andrew - Lincoln, P124, R49, D296, H301
NELSON, Senia - Lincoln, P124, R50, D296, H301
NELSON, Marvin - Lincoln, P124, R51, D296, H301
NELSON, Nelle - Logan, P132, R53, D157, H170
NELSON, Helen - Buncombe, P9, R78, D209, H209
NELSON, Walter H. - Logan, P126, R79, D40, H44
NELSON, Christian A. - Logan, P126, R80, D40, H44
NELSON, N. E. - Sioux, P193, R96, D17, H17
NELSON, Carrie - Sioux, P193, R97, D17, H17
NELSON, Elmer - Sioux, P193, R98, D17, H17
NELSON, Bernard - Sioux, P193, R99, D17, H17
NEMMERS, Katharine - East Orange, P46, R37, D85, H87
NEMMERS, Joseph - East Orange, P42, R96, D39, H40
NEMOTH, Anton - East Orange, P43, R52, D51, H52
NEMOTH, Julie M. - East Orange, P43, R53, D51, H52
NEMOTH, Bertha M. - East Orange, P43, R54, D51, H52
NEMOTH, Emma M. - East Orange, P43, R55, D51, H52
NEMOTH, Joseph A. - East Orange, P43, R56, D51, H52
NEPHEW, Frank - Logan, P127, R44, D55, H62
NEWBURGH, Lizzie - Orange City, P101, R21, D133, H136
NEWBURGH, Frances - Orange City, P101, R23, D133, H136
NEWELL, Wm. J. - Lincoln, P113, R12, D72, H74
NEWELL, Mary - Lincoln, P113, R13, D72, H74
NEWENDORP, H. - Sheridan, P204, R17, D25, H25
NEWENDORP, Tena - Sheridan, P204, R18, D25, H25
NEWENDORP, Wm. C. - Sheridan, P204, R19, D25, H25
NEWENDORP, Harold D. - Sheridan, P204, R20, D25, H25
NEWENDORP, Christian - Holland, P92, R63, D138, H138
NEWENDORP, Nellie - Holland, P92, R64, D138, H138
NEWENDORP, John - Holland, P92, R65, D138, H138
NEWENDORP, Fred - Holland, P92, R66, D138, H138
NEWENHOFF, John - Lincoln, P116, R76, D148, H152
NEWENHOFF, Anna - Lincoln, P116, R77, D148, H152
NEWENHOFF, Trynie - Lincoln, P116, R78, D148, H152
NEWGARD, Edwin - Buncombe, P1, R57, D16, H16
NEWGARD, Sina - Buncombe, P1, R58, D16, H16
NEWGARD, Johanna A. - Buncombe, P1, R59, D16, H16
NEWGARD, Keiso M. - Buncombe, P1, R60, D16, H16
NEWLING, Lawrence L. - Logan, P125, R20, D6, H6
NEWLING, Elizabeth - Logan, P125, R21, D6, H6
NEWLING, Ninah M. - Logan, P125, R22, D6, H6
NEWLING, H. Paul - Logan, P125, R23, D6, H6
NEWLING, Caroline - Logan, P125, R24, D6, H6
NEWTENBOOM, Martin T. - Sherman, P218, R73, D101, H101
NEWTENBOOM, R??? - Sherman, P218, R74, D101, H101
NEWTENBOOM, Charles - Sherman, P218, R75, D101, H101
NEWTENBOOM, Gitske - Sherman, P218, R76, D101, H101
NEWTENBOOM, Klaas - Sherman, P218, R77, D101, H101
NEWTENBOOM, Sye - Sherman, P218, R78, D101, H101
NEWTON, Allen - Logan, P128, R1, D66, H76
NEWTON, Charlie H. - Logan, P128, R2, D66, H76
NEWTON, William - Logan, P128, R3, D66, H76
NEWTON, Cornelia - Buncombe, P5, R55, D112, H112
NEWTON, Geo. - Buncombe, P5, R56, D112, H112
NEWTON, Jennie - Sheridan, P206, R57, D79, H79
NEWTON, Ernest - Sheridan, P206, R58, D79, H79
NEY, Peter - East Orange, P45, R88, D79, H81
NEY, Mike - East Orange, P45, R89, D79, H81
NEY, John - East Orange, P45, R90, D79, H81
NEYMAN, E. G. - Welcome, P227, R53, D64, H64
NEYMAN, Johanna W. - Welcome, P227, R54, D64, H64
NEYMAN, Henry - Welcome, P227, R55, D64, H64
NEYMAN, Henretta - Welcome, P227, R56, D64, H64
NEYMAN, Bertha - Welcome, P227, R57, D64, H64
NICHELSON, Arthur M. - West Branch, P235, R87, D79, H81
NICHOLS, Vola - Settler, P200, R53, D110, H110
NICOLS, Ernest - Sherman, P217, R90, D84, H84
NIEHAUS, Daniel - Reading, P168, R20, D106, H107
NIEHAUS, Emma W. - Reading, P168, R21, D106, H107
NIEHAUS, Anna Martha - Reading, P168, R22, D106, H107
NIEHAUS, Herman - Plato, P74, R58, D149, H150
NIEHAUS, George - Buncombe, P2, R82, D51, H51
NIEHAUS, Agnes - Buncombe, P2, R83, D51, H51
NIEHAUS, Gertrude - Buncombe, P2, R84, D51, H51
NIEHAUS, Blanch L. - Buncombe, P2, R85, D51, H51
NIELAND, Charles W. - Garfield, P66, R66, D30, H30
NIELAND, Mary K. - Garfield, P66, R67, D30, H30
NIELAND, Flora E. M. - Garfield, P66, R68, D30, H30
NIELAND, Edward - Garfield, P66, R69, D30, H30
NIELAND, Harry W. A. - Garfield, P66, R70, D30, H30
NIELAND, Carry M. S. - Garfield, P66, R71, D30, H30
NIELAND, Frank H. - Garfield, P66, R72, D30, H30
NIELAND, Mary E. - Garfield, P66, R73, D30, H30
NIELAND, Alma I. - Garfield, P66, R74, D30, H30
NIELAND, Alpha Nicoline - Garfield, P66, R75, D30, H30
NIELAND, Jennie - Center, P36, R95, D142, H142
NIELAND, Henry - Center, P36, R96, D142, H142
NIELAND, Walter - Center, P36, R97, D142, H142
NIELSON, Mary - Garfield, P67, R49, D47, H47
NIEMEYER, John - West Branch, P245, R41, D250, H252
NIER??N, Hannah - Capel, P18, R28, D90, H90
NIESINK, Mary - Plato, P75, R42, D161, H162
NIESINK, Henrietta - Plato, P75, R43, D161, H162
NIESINK, Jenette - Plato, P75, R44, D161, H162
NIESINK, John - Welcome, P230, R65, D108, H108
NIESINK, Lubert - Welcome, P230, R74, D110, H110
NIESINK, Johanna - Welcome, P230, R75, D110, H110
NIESINK, John - Welcome, P230, R76, D110, H110
NIESINK, Henry - Welcome, P230, R77, D110, H110
NIESINK, Pieter - Welcome, P230, R78, D110, H110
NIEUHUIS, George - Sherman, P221, R13, D139, H139
NIEUMAN, Gerrit - Lynn, P23, R65, D182, H182
NIEUMAN, Gertie - Lynn, P23, R66, D182, H182
NIEUMAN, Vinance - Lynn, P23, R67, D182, H182
NIEUMAN, Clara - Lynn, P23, R68, D182, H182
NIEUMAN, ?eba - Lynn, P23, R69, D182, H182
NIEUMAN, Alice - Lynn, P23, R70, D182, H182
NIEUWENDORP, Gertie - Orange City, P97, R6, D41, H42
NIEUWENDORP, ??? - Capel, P17, R22, D75, H75
NIEUWENDORP, ??? - Capel, P17, R23, D75, H75
NIEUWENDORP, S???on - Capel, P17, R24, D75, H75
NIEUWENDORP, Lenas - Capel, P17, R25, D75, H75
NIEUWENDORP, Jacob - Capel, P17, R26, D75, H75
NIEUWENHOF, Herman - Orange City, P108, R59, D290, H295
NIEUWENHOF, Etsey - Orange City, P108, R60, D290, H295
NIEUWENHOF, Kaatie - Orange City, P108, R61, D290, H295
NIEUWENHOF, Gerrit - Orange City, P108, R62, D290, H295
NIEUWENHOF, Minnie - Orange City, P108, R63, D290, H295
NIEUWENHOF, Gertie - Orange City, P108, R64, D290, H295
NIEUWENHOF, Bestey - Orange City, P108, R65, D290, H295
NIEUWENHOF, Mary - Orange City, P108, R66, D290, H295
NIEUWENHUIS, H. - Lynn, P20, R78, D131, H131
NIEUWENHUS, Hubert - Capel, P19, R70, D113, H113
NIEUWENHUS, Maek - Capel, P19, R71, D113, H113
NIEUWENHUS, James - Capel, P19, R72, D113, H113
NIEUWENHUS, Cora - Capel, P19, R73, D113, H113
NIEUWENHUS, mary - Capel, P19, R74, D113, H113
NIEUWENHUS, Cornelius - Capel, P19, R75, D113, H113
NIEUWENHUS, Ida - Capel, P19, R76, D113, H113
NIEUWENHUS, Jacob - Capel, P19, R77, D113, H113
NIEWARHUIS, Arie J. - Floyd, P55, R27, D75, H77
NIEWARHUIS, Roelaje - Floyd, P55, R28, D75, H77
NIEWARHUIS, John - Floyd, P55, R29, D75, H77
NIEWARHUIS, Albert - Floyd, P55, R30, D75, H77
NIEWARHUIS, Dena - Floyd, P55, R31, D75, H77
NIEWARHUIS, Areie - Floyd, P55, R32, D75, H77
NIEWARHUIS, Roelfje - Floyd, P55, R33, D75, H77
NIEWENHOF, Katie - West Branch, P236, R21, D87, H89
NIJHUIS, Henry - Grant, P80, R45, D62, H63
NIRK, Henry A. - Grant, P77, R18, D4, H4
NIRK, Cordelia - Grant, P77, R19, D4, H4
NIRK, Goldie R. - Grant, P77, R20, D4, H4
NIRK, Savanah - Grant, P77, R66, D11, H11
NIRK, Hester - Grant, P77, R67, D11, H11
NIRK, John W. - Grant, P77, R68, D11, H11
NIRK, Bessie E. - Grant, P77, R69, D11, H11
NOBEL, Ben - Plato, P70, R22, D3, H4
NOBLE, James E. - Sherman, P215, R46, D38, H38
NOBLE, Mary J. - Sherman, P215, R47, D38, H38
NOBLE, ? N. - Sherman, P215, R48, D38, H38
NOBLE, Neely - Sherman, P214, R71, D20, H20
NOBLE, Jane M. - Sherman, P214, R72, D20, H20
NOLAN, Jim P. - Logan, P129, R27, D97, H108
NOLAN, Alice C. - Logan, P129, R28, D97, H108
NOLAN, John E. - Logan, P129, R29, D97, H108
NOLAN, Luella F. - Logan, P129, R30, D97, H108
NOLAN, Robert H. - Logan, P129, R31, D97, H108
NOLAN, Arthur H. - Logan, P129, R32, D97, H108
NOLAN, Helen V. - Logan, P129, R33, D97, H108
NOLAN, Alice - Logan, P129, R34, D97, H108
NOLAN, Frank - Logan, P129, R35, D97, H108
NOLAN, Lucile - Logan, P129, R36, D97, H108
NOOMAN, Huibert J. - Orange City, P99, R36, D92, H94
NOOMAN, Dorothy - Orange City, P99, R37, D92, H94
NOOMAN, Cora - Orange City, P99, R38, D92, H94
NOOMAN, Marie J. - Orange City, P99, R39, D92, H94
NOON, Charles Henry - Reading, P169, R64, D140, H141
NOON, George Franklin - Reading, P169, R65, D140, H141
NOORDHOFF, Klaas - Orange City, P104, R37, D199, H202
NOORDHOFF, Martha - Orange City, P104, R38, D199, H202
NOORDHOFF, Jennie - Orange City, P104, R39, D199, H202
NOORDHOFF, Henry - Orange City, P104, R40, D199, H202
NOORDHOFF, Fred K. - Floyd, P52, R98, D23, H23
NOORDHOFF, Katie - Floyd, P52, R99, D23, H23
NOORDHOFF, Luke - Floyd, P52, R100, D23, H23
NOOTENBOOM, Arie - Welcome, P230, R60, D108, H108
NOOTENBOOM, Grietjie - Welcome, P230, R61, D108, H108
NOOTENBOOM, John - Welcome, P230, R62, D108, H108
NOOTENBOOM, Henry - Welcome, P230, R63, D108, H108
NOOTENBOOM, Garret - Welcome, P230, R64, D108, H108
NORRIS, Mike - Rock, P177, R62, D32, H35
NORRIS, Julia - Rock, P177, R63, D32, H35
NORRIS, Anna - Rock, P177, R64, D32, H35
NORRIS, Frank - Rock, P177, R65, D32, H35
NORRIS, Luke - Rock, P177, R66, D32, H35
NORRIS, Mary - Rock, P177, R67, D32, H35
NORRIS, Leona - Rock, P177, R68, D32, H35
NORRIS, Paul - Rock, P177, R69, D32, H35
NORRIS, Jerald - Rock, P177, R70, D32, H35
NORRIS, Reginald - Rock, P177, R71, D32, H35
NOTEBOOM, John - Buncombe, P4, R4, D80, H80
NOTEBOOM, Catharine - Buncombe, P4, R5, D80, H80
NOTEBOOM, Peter - Capel, P14, R14, D26, H26
NOTEBOOM, ??? - Capel, P14, R15, D26, H26
NOTEBOOM, Dena - Orange City, P103, R15, D173, H176
NOTEBOOM, Dick - Capel, P14, R16, D26, H26
NOTEBOOM, ??? - Capel, P14, R17, D26, H26
NOTEBOOM, ??? - Capel, P14, R18, D26, H26
NOTEBOOM, ??? - Capel, P14, R19, D26, H26
NOTEBOOM, ??? - Capel, P14, R20, D26, H26
NOTEBOOM, ??? - Capel, P14, R21, D26, H26
NOTEBOOM, John - Logan, P134, R43, D189, H202
NOTEBOOM, Johanna - Logan, P134, R44, D189, H202
NOTEBOOM, Mary - Logan, P134, R45, D189, H202
NOTEBOOM, Hubert - Logan, P134, R46, D189, H202
NOTEBOOM, Clara - Logan, P134, R47, D189, H202
NOTEBOOM, Peter W. - Logan, P134, R48, D189, H202
NOTEBOOM, Louise H. - Logan, P134, R49, D189, H202
NOTEBOOM, Sarah - Logan, P134, R50, D189, H202
NOTEBOOM, Grace - Logan, P134, R51, D189, H202
NOTEBOOM, Case - Eagle, P29, R55, D10, H10
NOTEBOOM, Anna - Eagle, P29, R56, D10, H10
NOTEBOOM, Earnest - Eagle, P29, R57, D10, H10
NOTEBOOM, Carrie - Eagle, P29, R58, D10, H10
NOTEBOOM, Lottie - Eagle, P29, R59, D10, H10
NOTEBOOM, Ettie - Eagle, P29, R60, D10, H10
NOTEBOOM, John - Eagle, P29, R61, D10, H10
NOTEBOOM, Arie - Holland, P92, R67, D139, H139
NOTEBOOM, ???berte - Holland, P92, R68, D139, H139
NOTEBOOM, Lkaas H. - Holland, P92, R69, D139, H139
NOTEBOOM, Mary - Holland, P92, R70, D139, H139
NOTEBOOM, Hanna - Holland, P92, R71, D139, H139
NOTEBOOM, Frans - Holland, P92, R72, D139, H139
NOTEBOOM, Gerrit - Holland, P92, R73, D139, H139
NOTEBOOM, Lane - Nassau, P162, R76, D331, H334
NOTEBOOM, Peter - Holland, P91, R79, D124, H124
NOTEBOOM, Nellie - Holland, P91, R80, D124, H124
NOTEBOOM, Gracie - Holland, P91, R81, D124, H124
NOTEBOOM, Isaac - Nassau, P144, R92, D15, H15
NOTEBOOM, Jane - Nassau, P144, R93, D15, H15
NOTEBOOM, Allie - Nassau, P144, R94, D15, H15
NOTEBOOM, John - Nassau, P144, R95, D15, H15
NOTEBOOM, Nellie - Nassau, P144, R96, D15, H15
NOTEBOOM, Mike - Nassau, P144, R97, D15, H15
NOTEBOOM, Maggie - Nassau, P144, R98, D15, H15
NOTEBOOM, Benjamin - Nassau, P144, R99, D15, H15
NOTEBOOM, Gerrit W. - Nassau, P144, R100, D15, H15
NOTHE, John - Nassau, P156, R9, D217, H219
NOTHE, Angy - Nassau, P156, R10, D217, H219
NOTHE, Hilda - Nassau, P156, R11, D217, H219
NOTHE, Louis - Nassau, P155, R54, D210, H212
NOWLES, Martha C. - Logan, P129, R8, D92, H103
NUCHER, William - Lynn, P22, R58, D165, H165
NUCHER, Annie - Lynn, P22, R59, D165, H165
NUCHER, Annie - Lynn, P22, R60, D165, H165
NUCHER, Katie - Lynn, P22, R61, D165, H165
NUCHER, Joseph - Lynn, P22, R62, D165, H165
NUCHER, Johnny - Lynn, P22, R63, D165, H165
NYENHUIS, Water - West Branch, P242, R56, D207, H209
NYENHUIS, Fannie - West Branch, P242, R57, D207, H209
NYENHUIS, Abbel - West Branch, P242, R58, D207, H209
NYENHUIS, Bastian - West Branch, P242, R59, D207, H209
NYENHUIS, William - West Branch, P242, R60, D207, H209
NYHOF, Henry - West Branch, P242, R49, D206, H208
NYHOF, Hendrika - West Branch, P242, R50, D206, H208
NYHOF, Aart - West Branch, P242, R51, D206, H208
NYHOF, Johanna - West Branch, P242, R52, D206, H208
NYHOF, Ring - West Branch, P242, R53, D206, H208
NYHOF, Jane - West Branch, P242, R54, D206, H208
NYHOF, Harry - West Branch, P242, R55, D206, H208
NYHUIS, Attie - West Branch, P232, R40, D7, H7
NYHUIS, John - Lincoln, P118, R92, D191, H195
NYHUIS, Hattie - Lincoln, P118, R93, D191, H195
NYHUIS, Mary - Lincoln, P118, R94, D191, H195
NYHUIS, Gerrit - Lincoln, P118, R95, D191, H195
NYHUIS, Willie - Lincoln, P118, R96, D191, H195
NYKAMP, John - West Branch, P233, R53, D34, H35
NYKAMP, Dena - West Branch, P233, R54, D34, H35
NYLEN, John H. - Buncombe, P10, R12, D217, H217
NYLEN, Jane - Buncombe, P10, R13, D217, H217
NYLEN, Elsie - Buncombe, P10, R14, D217, H217
NYLUND, Gertrude - Logan, P128, R73, D80, H90
NYMAN, William - West Branch, P241, R31, D187, H189
NYMAN, Hattie - Orange City, P99, R40, D92, H94
NYMEIJER, Martin - Lincoln, P111, R51, D32, H34
NYMEIJER, Lizzie - Lincoln, P111, R52, D32, H34
NYMEIJER, Berend - Lincoln, P111, R53, D32, H34
NYMEIJER, Fred - Lincoln, P111, R54, D32, H34
NYMEYER, Bert - Lincoln, P110, R22, D4, H5
NYMEYER, Ralph - Lincoln, P116, R59, D148, H149
NYMEYER, Ganke - Lincoln, P116, R60, D148, H149
NYMEYER, Benj. - Lincoln, P116, R61, D148, H149
NYMEYER, Peter - Lincoln, P116, R62, D148, H149
NYMEYER, Martin - Lincoln, P116, R63, D148, H149
NYMIJER, Bert - Lincoln, P110, R23, D, H


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