1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

JACKSON, A. R. - Eagle, P29, R98, D18, H18
JACKSON, M. - Eagle, P29, R99, D18, H18
JACKSON, Jessie - Eagle, P29, R100, D18, H18
JACKSON, Irving - Eagle, P30, R1, D18, H18
JACKSON, Thurman - Garfield, P68, R14, D62, H62
JACKSON, Ada - Garfield, P68, R15, D62, H62
JACKSON, Harvey - Garfield, P68, R16, D62, H62
JACKSON, Nellie A. - Logan, P132, R44, D154, H167
JACKSON, Frances A. - Logan, P132, R45, D154, H167
JACKSON, Hamilton - Sheridan, P204, R68, D35, H35
JACKSON, Fre?? - Sheridan, P204, R69, D35, H35
JACKSON, Tena - Sheridan, P204, R70, D35, H35
JACKSON, M??d - Sheridan, P204, R71, D35, H35
JACKSON, Ruth - Sheridan, P204, R72, D35, H35
JACKSON, Henry - Sheridan, P207, R46, D95, H95
JACKSON, Samantha - Sheridan, P207, R47, D95, H95
JACO, Frank J. - Logan, P126, R10, D25, H27
JACO, Julia A. - Logan, P126, R11, D25, H27
JACO, Fred W. - Logan, P126, R12, D25, H27
JACO, Myrtle B. - Logan, P126, R13, D25, H27
JACO, Clayton C. - Logan, P126, R14, D25, H27
JACO, Gladys M. - Logan, P126, R15, D25, H27
JACOBE, Frank - Buncombe, P6, R36, D129, H129
JACOBE, Josephine E. - Buncombe, P6, R37, D129, H129
JACOBE, Maria A. - Buncombe, P6, R38, D129, H129
JACOBE, Molly A. - Buncombe, P6, R39, D129, H129
JACOBE, Margaret J. - Buncombe, P6, R40, D129, H129
JACOBE, Anna E. - Buncombe, P6, R41, D129, H129
JACOBE, Benny F. - Buncombe, P6, R42, D129, H129
JACOBE, Alice - Buncombe, P6, R43, D129, H129
JACOBE, Isabella - Buncombe, P6, R44, D129, H129
JACOBE, Elwood - Buncombe, P6, R45, D129, H129
JACOBE, Mollie - Logan, P127, R59, D57, H64
JACOBS, Louis - Eagle, P32, R92, D71, H71
JACOBS, Andia - Eagle, P32, R93, D71, H71
JACOBS, Anna - Eagle, P32, R94, D71, H71
JACOBS, Mary - Eagle, P32, R95, D71, H71
JACOBS, William - Eagle, P32, R96, D71, H71
JACOBS, Peter - Eagle, P32, R97, D71, H71
JACOBS, Albert - Eagle, P32, R98, D71, H71
JACOBS, Louis - Eagle, P32, R99, D71, H71
JACOBS, Dewey - Eagle, P32, R100, D71, H71
JACOBS, Chris - Floyd, P61, R7, D175, H177
JACOBS, Mary - Floyd, P61, R8, D175, H177
JACOBS, Herman - Floyd, P61, R9, D175, H177
JACOBS, Katie - Floyd, P61, R10, D175, H177
JACOBS, Hendrik - Floyd, P61, R11, D175, H177
JACOBS, Jennie - Floyd, P61, R12, D175, H177
JACOBS, Bart - Floyd, P61, R13, D175, H177
JACOBS, Hendrika - Floyd, P61, R14, D175, H177
JACOBS, Abram - Orange City, P108, R73, D293, H298
JACOBS, Wilhelmina - Orange City, P108, R74, D293, H298
JACOBS, Koenraad - Orange City, P108, R75, D293, H298
JACOBS, Adriaan M. - Orange City, P108, R76, D293, H298
JACOBS, Jan - Orange City, P108, R77, D293, H298
JACOBS, John W. - Rock, P176, R60, D11, H13
JACOBS, Mate - Rock, P176, R61, D11, H13
JACOBS, Ethel - Rock, P176, R62, D11, H13
JACOBS, Chas - Rock, P176, R63, D11, H13
JACOBS, Ruth - Rock, P176, R64, D11, H13
JACOBS, Herold - Rock, P176, R65, D11, H13
JACOBS, Chas W. - Rock, P176, R97, D19, H22
JACOBS, Sena - Rock, P176, R98, D19, H22
JACOBS, Delbert - Rock, P176, R99, D19, H22
JACOBS, Homer - Rock, P176, R100, D19, H22
JACOBSEN, Asmus - Plato, P72, R15, D111, H112
JACOBSEN, Alvina - Plato, P72, R16, D111, H112
JACOBSEN, Mary - Plato, P72, R17, D111, H112
JACOBSEN, Anna - Plato, P72, R18, D111, H112
JACOBSEN, Hulda - Plato, P72, R19, D111, H112
JACOBSEN, Hilda - Plato, P72, R20, D111, H112
JACOBSMA, Lagge - Floyd, P62, R28, D198, H200
JACOBSMA, Frederika - Floyd, P62, R29, D198, H200
JACOBSMA, Jennie - Floyd, P62, R30, D198, H200
JACOBSMA, Hartins - Floyd, P62, R31, D198, H200
JACOBSMA, Ebellje - Holland, P93, R13, D147, H147
JACOBSMA, Harry - Holland, P93, R98, D168, H168
JACOBSMA, Jennie - Holland, P93, R99, D168, H168
JACOBSMA, Edith - Holland, P93, R100, D168, H168
JACOBSMA, Klaas - Holland, P94, R1, D168, H168
JACOBSMA, Reuet - Orange City, P104, R99, D212, H215
JACOBSMA, Sjoukje - Orange City, P104, R100, D212, H215
JACOBSMA, Sarah - Orange City, P105, R1, D212, H215
JACOBSMA, Jennie - Orange City, P105, R2, D212, H215
JACOBSMA, Jeannille - Orange City, P105, R3, D212, H215
JACOBSMA, Peter - Orange City, P105, R44, D223, H226
JACOBSMA, Tryntje - Orange City, P105, R45, D223, H226
JACOBSMA, Coba - Orange City, P105, R46, D223, H226
JACOBSMA, Bert - Orange City, P105, R47, D223, H226
JACOBSMA, Reurt - Orange City, P105, R48, D223, H226
JACOBSMA, Simon - Nassau, P163, R9, D336, H339
JACOBSMA, Henry - West Branch, P243, R25, D219, H221
JACOBSMA, Justina - West Branch, P243, R26, D219, H221
JACOBSMA, Etta - West Branch, P243, R27, D219, H221
JACOBSMA, Horton - West Branch, P243, R28, D219, H221
JACOBSON, Ole - Sioux, P194, R6, D18, H18
JACOBSON, Anna - Sioux, P194, R17, D20, H20
JACOBSON, Ole - Sioux, P194, R30, D23, H23
JACOBSON, Betsey - Sioux, P194, R31, D23, H23
JACOBSON, Jacob - Sioux, P194, R32, D23, H23
JACOBSON, Hannah - Sioux, P194, R33, D23, H23
JACOBSON, Louis A. - Sioux, P194, R34, D23, H23
JAGER, Siebert - Lynn, P27, R79, D241, H241
JAGER, A. - Center, P35, R93, D122, H122
JAGER, Jennie - Center, P35, R94, D122, H122
JAGER, Emma - Center, P35, R95, D122, H122
JAGER, Melte - Center, P35, R96, D122, H122
JAGER, Richard - Center, P35, R97, D122, H122
JAHDE, August - Eagle, P31, R91, D50, H50
JAHDE, Katrina - Eagle, P31, R92, D50, H50
JAHDE, Anne - Eagle, P31, R93, D50, H50
JAHDE, Herman - Eagle, P31, R94, D50, H50
JAHDE, Alfred - Plato, P72, R70, D120, H121
Jahn, Fred - Sherman, P220, R28, D127, H127
Jahn, Anna - Sherman, P220, R29, D127, H127
Jahn, A??? - Sherman, P220, R30, D127, H127
Jahn, William - Sherman, P220, R31, D127, H127
Jahn, Louis - Sherman, P220, R32, D127, H127
Jahn, Fred - Sherman, P220, R33, D127, H127
Jahn, Lizzie - Sherman, P220, R34, D127, H127
Jahn, Anna - Sherman, P220, R35, D127, H127
Jahn, Charles - Sherman, P220, R36, D127, H127
Jahn, Henry - Sherman, P220, R37, D127, H127
JAMES, Andrew T. - Buncombe, P9, R23, D197, H197
JAMES, Mary A. - Buncombe, P9, R24, D197, H197
JAMES, Marvin T. - Buncombe, P9, R25, D197, H197
JAMES, Frank A. - Buncombe, P9, R26, D197, H197
JAMES, Nick - Buncombe, P9, R27, D197, H197
Jans, Gerritjie - Welcome, P224, R75, D14, H14
Jans, Dick - Welcome, P224, R76, D14, H14
Jans, Jacob - Welcome, P224, R77, D14, H14
Jans, Geertjie - Welcome, P224, R78, D14, H14
Jans, Mary - Welcome, P224, R79, D14, H14
Jans, Bertha - Welcome, P224, R80, D14, H14
JANSEN, Wimont - Orange City, P98, R87, D80, H81
JANSEN, Engelina - Orange City, P98, R88, D80, H81
JANSEN, Annie - Orange City, P98, R89, D80, H81
JANSEN, Evert J. - Nassau, P146, R20, D42, H42
JANSEN, Johanna - Nassau, P146, R21, D42, H42
JANSEN, G???y - Nassau, P146, R22, D42, H42
JANSEN, Benjamin - Nassau, P146, R23, D42, H42
JANSEN, Lizzie - Nassau, P146, R24, D42, H42
JANSEN, Egbethes - Nassau, P158, R76, D265, H268
JANSEN, Jennie - Nassau, P158, R77, D265, H268
JANSEN, Egbethes - Nassau, P158, R78, D265, H268
JANSEN, H. J. - Welcome, P227, R58, D64, H64
JANSEN, Loisa - Welcome, P229, R70, D95, H95
JANSEN, Girturda - Welcome, P229, R71, D95, H95
JANSEN, Broer - West Branch, P240, R1, D166, H168
JANSEN, Grietje - West Branch, P240, R2, D166, H168
JANSEN, John - West Branch, P240, R3, D166, H168
JANSEN, Fred - West Branch, P240, R4, D166, H168
JANSEN, Ritteha - West Branch, P240, R5, D166, H168
JANSMA, Mannus - Floyd, P52, R69, D17, H17
JANSMA, Johanna A. - Floyd, P52, R70, D17, H17
JANSMA, George - Floyd, P52, R71, D17, H17
JANSMA, Louis - Floyd, P52, R72, D17, H17
JANSMA, Alvin J. - Floyd, P52, R73, D17, H17
JANSMA, Mable? H. - Floyd, P52, R74, D17, H17
JANSMA, Jacob - Holland, P89, R36, D80, H80
JANSMA, Anne - Orange City, P107, R30, D263, H267
JANSMA, Minnie - Orange City, P107, R31, D263, H267
JANSMA, Fred - Orange City, P107, R32, D263, H267
JANSMA, Romke - Lincoln, P114, R26, D98, H101
JANSMA, Nellie - Lincoln, P114, R27, D98, H101
JANSMA, Frank - Lincoln, P114, R28, D98, H101
JANSMA, Henry - Lincoln, P114, R29, D98, H101
JANSMA, Jonny - Lincoln, P114, R30, D98, H101
JANSMA, John - Lincoln, P115, R54, D128, H132
JANSMA, Nellie - Lincoln, P115, R55, D128, H132
JANSMA, Andrew - Lincoln, P115, R56, D128, H132
JANSMA, Gerrit - Lincoln, P115, R57, D128, H132
JANSMA, Maud E. - Lincoln, P115, R58, D128, H132
JANSMA, Joseph H. - Lincoln, P115, R59, D128, H132
JANSMA, John - Reading, P171, R16, D165, H167
JANSMA, Jalle - Reading, P171, R17, D165, H167
JANSMA, Jalle - Reading, P171, R18, D165, H167
JANSMA, A. - Sheridan, P206, R82, D85, H85
JANSMA, Elizebeth - Sheridan, P206, R83, D85, H85
JANSMA, Minnie - Sheridan, P206, R84, D85, H85
JANSMA, Wm. - Sheridan, P206, R85, D85, H85
JANSMA, Allie - Sheridan, P206, R86, D85, H85
JANSMA, John - Sherman, P220, R25, D125, H125
JANSMA, Sadie - Sherman, P220, R50, D129, H129
JANSMA, Dick - Sherman, P221, R52, D145, H145
JANSMA, Weggert - Welcome, P225, R70, D30, H30
JANSMA, Fronekjie - Welcome, P225, R71, D30, H30
JANSMA, Tunis - Welcome, P225, R72, D30, H30
JANSMA, Jennie - Welcome, P225, R73, D30, H30
JANSMA, Claus - West Branch, P237, R71, D118, H120
JANSSEN, Christian - Reading, P174, R85, D230, H232
JANSSEN, Franke - Reading, P174, R86, D230, H232
JANSSEN, Henry - Reading, P174, R87, D230, H232
JANSSEN, Katie - Reading, P174, R88, D230, H232
JANSSEN, Sophy - Reading, P174, R89, D230, H232
JANSSEN, Diedrick - Reading, P174, R90, D230, H232
JANTZEN, John - Lincoln, P123, R82, D284, H289
JANTZEN, Kate - Lincoln, P123, R83, D284, H289
JANZIG, Gustav - Plato, P75, R95, D170, H171
JANZIG, Caroline K. - Plato, P75, R96, D170, H171
JASPER, Antje - Orange City, P102, R36, D158, H161
JASPER, Siebe - Orange City, P102, R37, D158, H161
JASPER, Hidde - Orange City, P102, R38, D158, H161
JASPER, Rieneke - Sherman, P217, R29, D76, H76
JASPER, James - Sherman, P217, R30, D76, H76
JASPER, Ring - Sherman, P217, R31, D76, H76
JASPER, Joe - Sherman, P217, R32, D76, H76
JASPER, Charles - Sherman, P217, R33, D76, H76
JEFFERSON, Oscar - Nassau, P146, R76, D51, H51
JELGERHUIS, Sybrand - Orange City, P99, R42, D93, H95
JELGERHUIS, Nick - Orange City, P99, R55, D97, H99
JELGERHUIS, Alice - Orange City, P99, R56, D97, H99
JELGERHUIS, Howard - Orange City, P99, R57, D97, H99
JELGERHUIS, John - Nassau, P160, R39, D293, H296
JELGERHUIS, Gesina - Nassau, P160, R40, D293, H296
JELGERHUIS, George - Nassau, P160, R41, D293, H296
JELGERHUIS, Ijsbrand - Nassau, P160, R42, D293, H296
JELGERHUIS, Tilly - Nassau, P160, R43, D293, H296
JELGERHUIS, Marie - West Branch, P232, R17, D3, H3
JELLEMA, Seibren - Orange City, P108, R19, D283, H288
JELLEMA, Antje - Orange City, P108, R20, D283, H288
JELLEMA, Anna - Orange City, P108, R21, D283, H288
JEMMING, Henry - East Orange, P47, R12, D95, H97
JEMMING, Mary - East Orange, P47, R13, D95, H97
JEMMING, Henry - East Orange, P47, R14, D95, H97
JEMMING, Mike - Floyd, P54, R39, D54, H56
JEMMING, Lizzie - Floyd, P54, R40, D54, H56
JEMMING, John - Floyd, P54, R41, D54, H56
JEMMING, Fran?? - Floyd, P54, R42, D54, H56
JEMMING, John - Floyd, P60, R21, D160, H162
JEMMING, Margene - Floyd, P60, R22, D160, H162
JEMMING, Dominic - Floyd, P60, R23, D160, H162
JEMMING, Peter - Floyd, P60, R24, D160, H162
JEMMING, Frank - Floyd, P60, R25, D160, H162
JENNISON, Elias P. - Washington, P142, R13, D338, H351
JENNISON, Martha - Washington, P142, R14, D338, H351
JENNISON, Myrtie A. - Washington, P142, R15, D338, H351
JENNISON, Astella E. - Washington, P142, R16, D338, H351
JENNISON, Merle D. - Washington, P142, R17, D338, H351
JENSEN, Alfred J. - Buncombe, P4, R11, D82, H82
JENSEN, Lillie H. - Buncombe, P4, R12, D82, H82
JENSEN, Andrew P. - Lincoln, P110, R7, D3, H3
JENSEN, Annie - Lincoln, P110, R8, D, H
JENSEN, James - Lincoln, P110, R9, D, H
JENSEN, Carrie - Lincoln, P110, R10, D, H
JENSEN, Elsie - Lincoln, P110, R11, D, H
JENSEN, Amy - Lincoln, P110, R12, D, H
JENSEN, Lillie - Lincoln, P110, R13, D, H
JENSEN, Nelson - Lincoln, P110, R14, D, H
JENSEN, May - Lincoln, P110, R15, D, H
JENSEN, Jenerine - Lincoln, P110, R16, D, H
JENSEN, German - Lincoln, P119, R59, D201, H205
JENSEN, Conrad - Lincoln, P122, R53, D260, H264
JENSEN, Ida - Lincoln, P122, R54, D260, H264
JENSEN, Henry - Lincoln, P122, R55, D260, H264
JENSEN, Chas. E. - Lincoln, P122, R56, D260, H264
JENSEN, Mattie - Lincoln, P122, R57, D260, H264
JENSEN, Peter - Lincoln, P122, R58, D260, H264
JENSEN, Clarence - Lincoln, P122, R59, D260, H264
JENSEN, Archie - Lincoln, P122, R60, D260, H264
JENSEN, Anna - Lincoln, P122, R61, D260, H264
JENSEN, John - Rock, P191, R100, D303, H310
JENSEN, Cris - Rock, P192, R44, D310, H317
JENSEN, Dora - Rock, P192, R45, D310, H317
JENSEN, Mona - Rock, P192, R46, D310, H317
JENSEN, Clifford - Rock, P192, R47, D310, H317
JENSEN, Hans Henry - Sioux, P196, R8, D54, H54
JENSEN, William - Sioux, P196, R9, D54, H54
JENSEN, Henry - Sioux, P196, R10, D54, H54
JENSEN, E?I??? - Sioux, P196, R11, D54, H54
JENSEN, Mollie - Sioux, P196, R12, D54, H54
JENSEN, Maggie - Sioux, P196, R13, D54, H54
JENSEN, Lena - Sioux, P196, R14, D54, H54
JENSEN, Louie - Sioux, P196, R15, D54, H54
JENSEN, Matilda - Sioux, P196, R16, D54, H54
JENSEN, Lily - Sioux, P196, R17, D54, H54
JENSEN, - Settler, P200, R96, D120, H120
JENSEN, Mary J. - Settler, P200, R97, D120, H120
JENSEN, William H. - Settler, P200, R98, D120, H120
JENSEN, William F. - Sherman, P218, R59, D98, H98
JENSEN, Augusta - Sherman, P218, R60, D98, H98
JEPSEN, Peter - Logan, P135, R33, D207, H220
JEPSEN, Hannah M. - Logan, P135, R34, D207, H220
JEPSEN, Christina K. - Logan, P135, R35, D207, H220
JEPSEN, Jule - Logan, P135, R36, D207, H220
JEPSEN, Anna - Logan, P135, R37, D207, H220
JESTER, Ida C. - Buncombe, P8, R50, D180, H180
JESTER, Willie E. - Buncombe, P8, R51, D180, H180
JESTER, Mary E. - Buncombe, P8, R52, D180, H180
JESTER, Irene L. - Buncombe, P8, R53, D180, H180
JESTER, Albert - Buncombe, P8, R54, D180, H180
JESTER, Neva - Buncombe, P8, R55, D180, H180
JEUGERSON, Carrie - Rock, P187, R6, D224, H231
JOHANNSEN, Jacob - Orange City, P98, R27, D66, H67
JOHANNSEN, Lucy - Orange City, P98, R28, D66, H67
JOHANNSEN, Irene - Orange City, P98, R29, D66, H67
JOHANNSEN, Henry - Orange City, P98, R30, D66, H67
JOHANNSEN, Ida - Orange City, P98, R31, D66, H67
JOHANNSEN, Sophia - Orange City, P98, R32, D66, H67
JOHANNSEN, Hans - Lincoln, P114, R87, D112, H116
JOHANNSEN, Anne - Lincoln, P114, R88, D112, H116
JOHANNSEN, Carl - Lincoln, P114, R89, D112, H116
JOHANNSEN, Petra - Lincoln, P114, R90, D112, H116
JOHANNSEN, John - Lincoln, P114, R91, D112, H116
JOHN, Peter - Lynn, P21, R64, D147, H147
JOHN, Eva F. - Lynn, P21, R65, D147, H147
JOHN, Hattie P. - Lynn, P21, R66, D147, H147
JOHN, Sebastian - Lynn, P23, R90, D186, H186
JOHN, Katie - Lynn, P23, R91, D186, H186
JOHN, John - Lynn, P23, R92, D186, H186
JOHN, Katie - Lynn, P23, R93, D186, H186
JOHN, Lena - Lynn, P23, R94, D186, H186
JOHN, Maggie - Lynn, P23, R95, D186, H186
JOHN, Edward - Lynn, P23, R96, D186, H186
JOHN, Minnie - Lynn, P23, R97, D186, H186
JOHNSON, Henry - Buncombe, P4, R87, D97, H97
JOHNSON, Axel L. - Buncombe, P5, R1, D101, H101
JOHNSON, Charlotte - Buncombe, P5, R2, D101, H101
JOHNSON, Minnie E. - Buncombe, P5, R3, D101, H101
JOHNSON, Lillian L. - Buncombe, P5, R4, D101, H101
JOHNSON, Elroy C. - Buncombe, P5, R5, D101, H101
JOHNSON, Eunice A. - Buncombe, P5, R6, D101, H101
JOHNSON, Elmer - Buncombe, P9, R66, D207, H207
JOHNSON, Margaret C. - Buncombe, P10, R34, D221, H221
JOHNSON, Mary L. - Buncombe, P10, R35, D221, H221
JOHNSON, Marie C. - Buncombe, P10, R36, D221, H221
JOHNSON, George E. - Buncombe, P10, R37, D221, H221
JOHNSON, Urania - Buncombe, P10, R38, D221, H221
JOHNSON, Samuel F. - Buncombe, P11, R9, D228, H228
JOHNSON, Lucinda A. - Buncombe, P11, R10, D228, H228
JOHNSON, Charles O. - Buncombe, P11, R11, D228, H228
JOHNSON, Jesse M. - Buncombe, P11, R12, D228, H228
JOHNSON, Bessie M. - Buncombe, P11, R13, D228, H228
JOHNSON, Arthur S. - Buncombe, P11, R14, D228, H228
JOHNSON, Mike - Capel, P18, R67, D98, H98
JOHNSON, Ettie - Capel, P18, R68, D98, H98
JOHNSON, Willie - Capel, P18, R69, D98, H98
JOHNSON, ??? - Capel, P18, R70, D98, H98
JOHNSON, ???tie - Capel, P18, R71, D98, H98
JOHNSON, Bertie - Capel, P18, R72, D98, H98
JOHNSON, Wm. M. - Lynn, P22, R47, D163, H163
JOHNSON, Hannah - Lynn, P22, R48, D163, H163
JOHNSON, Gertrude - Lynn, P22, R49, D163, H163
JOHNSON, Thomas - Eagle, P29, R8, D3, H3
JOHNSON, Edward - Eagle, P29, R9, D3, H3
JOHNSON, Anna - Eagle, P29, R10, D3, H3
JOHNSON, Hilma N. - Eagle, P29, R11, D3, H3
JOHNSON, Rose - Eagle, P29, R12, D3, H3
JOHNSON, Freda - Eagle, P29, R13, D3, H3
JOHNSON, Mauye - Eagle, P29, R14, D3, H3
JOHNSON, Arthur - Eagle, P29, R15, D3, H3
JOHNSON, Donald G. - Eagle, P29, R43, D8, H8
JOHNSON, Anna M. - Eagle, P29, R44, D8, H8
JOHNSON, Frances - Eagle, P29, R45, D8, H8
JOHNSON, Robert S. - Eagle, P29, R46, D8, H8
JOHNSON, Kenneth - Eagle, P29, R47, D8, H8
JOHNSON, Onne - Eagle, P29, R50, D9, H9
JOHNSON, Harry - Eagle, P29, R51, D9, H9
JOHNSON, Edward - Eagle, P29, R52, D9, H9
JOHNSON, Onne - Eagle, P29, R53, D9, H9
JOHNSON, Sophie - Eagle, P29, R54, D9, H9
JOHNSON, Andrew - Eagle, P30, R100, D36, H36
JOHNSON, Johanna - Eagle, P31, R1, D36, H36
JOHNSON, Mabel - Eagle, P31, R2, D36, H36
JOHNSON, Edwin - Eagle, P31, R3, D36, H36
JOHNSON, Helen - Eagle, P31, R4, D36, H36
JOHNSON, Tillie - Eagle, P31, R5, D36, H36
JOHNSON, Arthur - Eagle, P31, R6, D36, H36
JOHNSON, J. H. - Eagle, P32, R51, D63, H63
JOHNSON, Annie - Eagle, P32, R52, D63, H63
JOHNSON, Harm M. - Eagle, P32, R53, D63, H63
JOHNSON, Emma - Eagle, P32, R54, D63, H63
JOHNSON, Louis - Eagle, P32, R55, D63, H63
JOHNSON, William - Eagle, P32, R89, D69, H69
JOHNSON, T. P. - Eagle, P33, R12, D74, H74
JOHNSON, Stena - Eagle, P33, R13, D74, H74
JOHNSON, John - Eagle, P33, R14, D74, H74
JOHNSON, Maggie - Eagle, P33, R15, D74, H74
JOHNSON, Clarence - Eagle, P33, R16, D74, H74
JOHNSON, Edith - Eagle, P33, R17, D74, H74
JOHNSON, Earnest - Eagle, P33, R18, D74, H74
JOHNSON, John C. - Garfield, P67, R43, D47, H47
JOHNSON, Mary - Garfield, P67, R44, D47, H47
JOHNSON, Martin - Garfield, P67, R45, D47, H47
JOHNSON, Oscar J. - Garfield, P67, R46, D47, H47
JOHNSON, George - Garfield, P67, R47, D47, H47
JOHNSON, Anne H. - Garfield, P67, R48, D47, H47
JOHNSON, John - Garfield, P67, R50, D48, H48
JOHNSON, Rena E. - Garfield, P67, R51, D48, H48
JOHNSON, Theodore I. - Garfield, P67, R52, D48, H48
JOHNSON, Melvin - Garfield, P67, R53, D48, H48
JOHNSON, Herman - Garfield, P67, R54, D48, H48
JOHNSON, Nita A. - Garfield, P67, R55, D48, H48
JOHNSON, Frank O. - Garfield, P67, R78, D54, H54
JOHNSON, Anna C. - Garfield, P67, R79, D54, H54
JOHNSON, Elsie C. - Garfield, P67, R80, D54, H54
JOHNSON, Oscar W. - Garfield, P67, R81, D54, H54
JOHNSON, G. Isadore - Garfield, P67, R82, D54, H54
JOHNSON, Della T. - Garfield, P67, R83, D54, H54
JOHNSON, Adolph A. - Garfield, P67, R84, D54, H54
JOHNSON, Eric - Garfield, P67, R97, D57, H57
JOHNSON, Amanda - Garfield, P67, R98, D57, H57
JOHNSON, Mabel A. - Garfield, P67, R99, D57, H57
JOHNSON, H. Wilmer - Garfield, P67, R100, D57, H57
JOHNSON, John M. - Garfield, P68, R1, D57, H57
JOHNSON, florence - Garfield, P68, R2, D57, H57
JOHNSON, George D. - Garfield, P68, R3, D57, H57
JOHNSON, Eva I. - Garfield, P68, R4, D57, H57
JOHNSON, Simon - Grant, P77, R50, D9, H9
JOHNSON, Dirk - Grant, P79, R30, D46, H47
JOHNSON, Annie - Grant, P79, R31, D46, H47
JOHNSON, Gertrude - Grant, P79, R32, D46, H47
JOHNSON, Cornelia - Grant, P79, R33, D46, H47
JOHNSON, William C. - Grant, P79, R34, D46, H47
JOHNSON, Johanna - Grant, P79, R35, D46, H47
JOHNSON, Peter - Grant, P79, R36, D46, H47
JOHNSON, Catharine - Grant, P79, R37, D46, H47
JOHNSON, Knute - Grant, P81, R30, D76, H77
JOHNSON, John - Grant, P81, R31, D76, H77
JOHNSON, Annie - Grant, P81, R32, D76, H77
JOHNSON, John - Holland, P94, R43, D176, H176
JOHNSON, Joseph - Lincoln, P113, R6, D69, H71
JOHNSON, Ernest - Lincoln, P115, R94, D135, H139
JOHNSON, Henry - Lincoln, P119, R51, D200, H204
JOHNSON, Alda - Logan, P126, R49, D32, H36
JOHNSON, Eric J. - Logan, P127, R75, D60, H70
JOHNSON, Christina - Logan, P127, R76, D60, H70
JOHNSON, Edna A. - Logan, P127, R77, D60, H70
JOHNSON, Gladys E. - Logan, P127, R78, D60, H70
JOHNSON, Hilda I. - Logan, P127, R79, D60, H70
JOHNSON, Charles E. - Logan, P127, R80, D60, H70
JOHNSON, Alfred J. - Logan, P127, R81, D60, H70
JOHNSON, Augustus - Logan, P129, R3, D89, H100
JOHNSON, Hilda - Logan, P129, R4, D89, H100
JOHNSON, Edward - Logan, P130, R45, D115, H128
JOHNSON, Mary - Logan, P131, R39, D136, H149
JOHNSON, John A. - Logan, P132, R46, D155, H168
JOHNSON, Bertha - Logan, P132, R47, D155, H168
JOHNSON, Neva B. - Logan, P132, R48, D155, H168
JOHNSON, Alfred - Logan, P133, R14, D169, H182
JOHNSON, Hulda S. - Logan, P133, R15, D169, H182
JOHNSON, Clarence R. - Logan, P133, R16, D169, H182
JOHNSON, Gladys E. - Logan, P133, R17, D169, H182
JOHNSON, Isidore A. - Logan, P133, R18, D169, H182
JOHNSON, Beatrice O. - Logan, P133, R19, D169, H182
JOHNSON, Doris P. - Logan, P133, R20, D169, H182
JOHNSON, James H. - Logan, P134, R29, D186, H199
JOHNSON, Carl - Logan, P134, R92, D199, H212
JOHNSON, Freda H. - Logan, P134, R93, D199, H212
JOHNSON, Emil G. - Logan, P134, R94, D199, H212
JOHNSON, Louise Anna - Logan, P134, R95, D199, H212
JOHNSON, Clara A. - Logan, P134, R96, D199, H212
JOHNSON, Willie H. - Logan, P134, R97, D199, H212
JOHNSON, Ida - Logan, P134, R98, D199, H212
JOHNSON, Charles E. - Logan, P135, R15, D202, H215
JOHNSON, Christopher - Logan, P136, R4, D220, H233
JOHNSON, Julius Lawrence - Reading, P164, R14, D4, H4
JOHNSON, Alice Priscilla - Reading, P164, R15, D4, H4
JOHNSON, Lyle Gilbert - Reading, P164, R16, D4, H4
JOHNSON, Earl Drxels - Reading, P164, R17, D4, H4
JOHNSON, Fern Gertrude - Reading, P164, R18, D4, H4
JOHNSON, John - Reading, P167, R99, D98, H99
JOHNSON, Henry O. - Reading, P169, R54, D137, H138
JOHNSON, Frederick - Reading, P171, R96, D178, H180
JOHNSON, Richard - Reading, P173, R77, D211, H213
JOHNSON, Catharine - Reading, P173, R78, D211, H213
JOHNSON, Herman E. - Reading, P173, R79, D211, H213
JOHNSON, Katie - Reading, P173, R80, D211, H213
JOHNSON, William - Reading, P173, R81, D211, H213
JOHNSON, Meint J. - Reading, P173, R82, D211, H213
JOHNSON, John H. - Reading, P173, R83, D211, H213
JOHNSON, Mary E. - Reading, P173, R84, D211, H213
JOHNSON, Carl - Rock, P181, R82, D116, H122
JOHNSON, Alta - Rock, P181, R83, D116, H122
JOHNSON, Lester - Rock, P181, R84, D116, H122
JOHNSON, Alina - Rock, P181, R85, D116, H122
JOHNSON, James - Rock, P190, R33, D276, H283
JOHNSON, Annie - Rock, P190, R34, D276, H283
JOHNSON, John - Rock, P190, R35, D276, H283
JOHNSON, Conrad - Rock, P190, R36, D276, H283
JOHNSON, Oscar - Rock, P190, R37, D276, H283
JOHNSON, Nora - Rock, P190, R38, D276, H283
JOHNSON, Mary - Rock, P191, R24, D290, H297
JOHNSON, John J. - Sioux, P196, R4, D53, H53
JOHNSON, Tillie - Sioux, P196, R5, D53, H53
JOHNSON, Sigwel - Settler, P200, R5, D103, H103
JOHNSON, Charley - Settler, P201, R94, D135, H136
JOHNSON, Ola - Settler, P202, R5, D136, H137
JOHNSON, John - Sheridan, P205, R4, D43, H43
JOHNSON, Henry - Sherman, P216, R14, D55, H55
JOHNSTON, William S. - Reading, P165, R15, D28, H28
JOHNSTON, Christina - Reading, P165, R16, D28, H28
JOHNSTON, Mary May - Reading, P165, R17, D28, H28
JOHNSTON, William Raymond - Reading, P165, R18, D28, H28
JOHNSTON, Myrtle Irene - Reading, P165, R19, D28, H28
JOHNSTON, Mary - Reading, P166, R94, D68, H68
JONAS, Joseph - Nassau, P160, R95, D303, H306
JONAS, Peter - Nassau, P160, R96, D303, H306
JONAS, Matt - Nassau, P160, R97, D303, H306
JONAS, Annie - Nassau, P160, R98, D303, H306
JONAS, Katie - Nassau, P160, R99, D303, H306
JONAS, Nickolas - Nassau, P160, R100, D303, H306
JONAS, Mary - Nassau, P161, R1, D303, H306
JONAS, John - Nassau, P161, R2, D303, H306
JONAS, Alowesus - Nassau, P161, R3, D303, H306
JONES, Thomas - Buncombe, P7, R17, D148, H148
JONES, Julia - Buncombe, P7, R18, D148, H148
JONES, Hugh - Buncombe, P8, R1, D168, H168
JONES, Mary - Buncombe, P8, R2, D168, H168
JONES, J. C. - Eagle, P29, R32, D7, H7
JONES, S. F. - Eagle, P29, R33, D7, H7
JONES, C. S. - Eagle, P29, R34, D7, H7
JONES, Ida - Eagle, P29, R35, D7, H7
JONES, Effie - Eagle, P29, R36, D7, H7
JONES, Daisy - Eagle, P29, R37, D7, H7
JONES, William - Eagle, P29, R38, D7, H7
JONES, Arthur - Eagle, P29, R39, D7, H7
JONES, Pearl - Eagle, P29, R40, D7, H7
JONES, Roy - Eagle, P29, R41, D7, H7
JONES, A. R. - Eagle, P30, R90, D34, H34
JONES, Emma - Eagle, P30, R91, D34, H34
JONES, Oliver P. - Grant, P77, R11, D2, H2
JONES, George L. - Grant, P81, R47, D81, H82
JONES, Agnes - Grant, P81, R48, D81, H82
JONES, Harriet - Grant, P81, R49, D81, H82
JONES, George Lee - Grant, P81, R50, D81, H82
JONES, Benjamin T. - Orange City, P107, R44, D266, H270
JONES, Alice L. - Orange City, P107, R45, D266, H270
JONES, Winnie - Orange City, P107, R46, D266, H270
JONES, Vernie - Orange City, P107, R47, D266, H270
JONES, Vergie - Orange City, P107, R48, D266, H270
JONES, Bertha - Orange City, P107, R49, D266, H270
JONES, Walter - Logan, P131, R48, D136, H149
JONES, Olive - Logan, P132, R35, D152, H165
JONES, Pearl L. - Logan, P132, R36, D152, H165
JONES, Wal?as A. - Logan, P132, R37, D152, H165
JONES, Harry R. - Logan, P132, R38, D152, H165
JONES, Maud S. - Logan, P132, R39, D152, H165
JONES, Henry - Washington, P140, R98, D327, H330
JONES, Martha a. - Washington, P140, R99, D327, H330
JONES, John H. - Washington, P140, R100, D327, H330
JONES, Alice - Washington, P141, R1, D327, H330
JONES, Joseph W. - Washington, P141, R2, D327, H330
JONES, Clarence - Settler, P202, R44, D145, H146
JONES, Fred - Sheridan, P204, R99, D43, H43
JONES, Chas - Sherman, P215, R37, D36, H36
JONES, E??? E. - Sherman, P215, R38, D36, H36
JONES, L?? - Sherman, P215, R39, D36, H36
JONGEAARD, Albert - Holland, P90, R8, D98, H98
JONGEJAN, Fannie - Nassau, P153, R68, D185, H186
JONGERIUS, Gerrit - Center, P36, R48, D134, H134
JONGERIUS, Gertrude - Center, P36, R49, D134, H134
JONGEWAARD, Cornelius - Holland, P94, R8, D170, H170
JONGEWAARD, Helena - Holland, P94, R9, D170, H170
JONGEWAARD, Mina - Holland, P94, R10, D170, H170
JONGEWAARD, Albert - Holland, P94, R11, D170, H170
JONGEWAARD, Klaas - Orange City, P103, R5, D171, H174
JONGEWAARD, Elizabeth - Orange City, P103, R6, D171, H174
JONGEWAARD, Ring A. - Orange City, P107, R92, D277, H282
JONGEWAARD, Adriana - Orange City, P107, R93, D277, H282
JONGEWAARD, Albert - Orange City, P107, R94, D277, H282
JONGEWAARD, Matthias - Orange City, P107, R95, D277, H282
JONGEWAARD, Jeanette - Orange City, P107, R96, D277, H282
JONGEWAARD, John - Orange City, P107, R97, D277, H282
JONGEWAARD, Willie - Orange City, P107, R98, D277, H282
JONGEWAARD, Cyrenes - Orange City, P107, R99, D277, H282
JONGEWAARD, Benjamin - Orange City, P107, R100, D277, H282
JONGEWAARD, Rutgert - Nassau, P155, R6, D203, H205
JONGEWAARD, Everdina - Nassau, P155, R7, D203, H205
JONGEWAARD, Arie - Nassau, P155, R8, D203, H205
JONGEWAARD, Gerrit - Nassau, P155, R9, D203, H205
JONGEWAARD, Dora D. - Nassau, P155, R10, D203, H205
JONGEWAARD, Joseph H. - Nassau, P155, R11, D203, H205
JONGEWAARD, Johan - Sheridan, P204, R37, D29, H29
JONGEWAARD, Hattie - Sheridan, P204, R38, D29, H29
JONGEWAARD, Nettie - Sheridan, P204, R39, D29, H29
JONGEWAARD, Hariett - Sheridan, P204, R40, D29, H29
JONGEWAARD, Minnie - Sheridan, P204, R41, D29, H29
JONGEWAARD, Mamie - Sheridan, P204, R42, D29, H29
JONGEWAARD, Albert - Sheridan, P204, R43, D29, H29
JONGEWAARD, Ester - Sheridan, P204, R44, D29, H29
JONGEWAARD, Martha - Sheridan, P204, R45, D29, H29
JONGEWAARD, Henry - Sheridan, P204, R46, D29, H29
JONGEWAARD, A. - Sheridan, P205, R42, D56, H56
JONGEWAARD, Mary - Sheridan, P205, R43, D56, H56
JONGEWAARD, Albert - Sheridan, P205, R44, D56, H56
JONGEWAARD, Winnie - Sheridan, P205, R45, D56, H56
JONGEWAARD, Airie - Sheridan, P205, R46, D56, H56
JONGEWAARD, George - Sheridan, P205, R47, D56, H56
JONGEWAARD, Richard - Sheridan, P205, R48, D56, H56
JONGEWAARD, Henrietta - Sheridan, P205, R49, D56, H56
JONGEWAARD, Langard - West Branch, P233, R94, D43, H44
JONGEWAARD, Jennie - West Branch, P233, R95, D43, H44
JONGEWAARD, Nellie - West Branch, P233, R96, D43, H44
JONGEWAARD, Cornelius - West Branch, P233, R97, D43, H44
JONGEWAARD, Conrad - West Branch, P233, R98, D43, H44
JONGEWAARD, Elizabeth - West Branch, P233, R99, D43, H44
JONGEWAARD, Lena - West Branch, P233, R100, D43, H44
JONGEWAARD, Mina - West Branch, P234, R1, D43, H44
JONGEWAARD, Marie - West Branch, P234, R2, D43, H44
JONGEWAARD, John C. - West Branch, P242, R15, D202, H204
JONGEWAARD, Minnie - West Branch, P242, R16, D202, H204
JONGEWAARD, Cornelius - West Branch, P242, R17, D202, H204
JONGEWAARD, Helena - West Branch, P242, R18, D202, H204
JONGEWAARD, Hugo - West Branch, P242, R19, D202, H204
JONGS, Beert James - Rock, P177, R48, D29, H32
JONGS, Ben - Rock, P177, R49, D29, H32
JONGS, Kate - Rock, P177, R50, D29, H32
JORDAN, James - Grant, P77, R65, D10, H10
JOST, Fred - Garfield, P66, R44, D26, H26
JUDSON, W. Clement - Grant, P79, R25, D44, H45
JUFFER, Garret - Welcome, P225, R4, D19, H19
JUFFER, Dick - West Branch, P234, R21, D48, H49
JUFFER, Hattie - West Branch, P234, R22, D48, H49
JUFFER, Mary - West Branch, P234, R23, D48, H49
JUFFER, Jennie - West Branch, P234, R24, D48, H49
JUFFER, Gertie - West Branch, P234, R25, D48, H49
JUFFER, Herman - West Branch, P239, R33, D154, H156
JUFFER, Mary - West Branch, P239, R34, D154, H156
JUFFER, Gertie - West Branch, P239, R35, D154, H156
JUFFER, Gerret - West Branch, P239, R36, D154, H156
JUHL, Peter - Plato, P75, R15, D157, H158
JUMK?, Fred - Lynn, P25, R31, D207, H207
JUMK?, ?onlina - Lynn, P25, R32, D207, H207
JUMK?, Amelia - Lynn, P25, R33, D207, H207
JUMK?, E??cie - Lynn, P25, R34, D207, H207
JUMK?, Martha - Lynn, P25, R35, D207, H207
JUMK?, Bertha - Lynn, P25, R36, D207, H207
JUNGEMA, Hassal - Rock, P179, R75, D77, H80
JUNGEMA, Anna - Rock, P179, R76, D77, H80
JUNGEMA, Tena - Rock, P179, R77, D77, H80
JUNGEMA, Francis - Rock, P179, R78, D77, H80
JUNGEMA, Bertha - Rock, P179, R79, D77, H80
JUNGEMA, Grace - Rock, P179, R80, D77, H80
JUNGEMA, Jeane - Rock, P179, R81, D77, H80
JUNGEMA, Dick - Rock, P179, R82, D77, H80
JUNGER, Michael - Floyd, P55, R5, D240, H242
JUNGER, Anna - Floyd, P55, R6, D240, H242
JUNGERS, John - Lynn, P26, R27, D220, H220
JUNGERS, Maggie - Lynn, P26, R28, D220, H220
JUNGERS, Geregis - Lynn, P26, R29, D220, H220
JUNGERS, R?? - Lynn, P26, R30, D220, H220
JUNGERS, Mary - Lynn, P26, R31, D220, H220
JUNGERS, Lena - Lynn, P26, R32, D220, H220
JUNGERS, Annie - Lynn, P26, R33, D220, H220
JUNGERS, Stollen - Lynn, P26, R34, D220, H220
JUNGERS, Peter - Lynn, P26, R74, D226, H226
JUNGERS, Theresa - Lynn, P26, R75, D226, H226
JUNGERS, Maggie - Lynn, P26, R76, D226, H226
JUNGERS, Frank - Lynn, P26, R77, D226, H226
JUNGERS, Annie - Lynn, P26, R78, D226, H226
JUNGERS, Alphons - Lynn, P26, R79, D226, H226
JUNGERS, ??lderer - Lynn, P26, R80, D226, H226
JUNGERS, Inez - Lynn, P26, R81, D226, H226
JUNGERS, Susie - Lynn, P26, R82, D226, H226
JUNGERS, Victor - Lynn, P26, R83, D226, H226
JUNGERS, Peter - Floyd, P55, R11, D70, H72
JUNGERS, Agatha - Floyd, P55, R12, D70, H72
JUNGERS, Michael J. - Floyd, P55, R13, D70, H72
JUNGERS, Nick - Floyd, P57, R1, D93, H95
JUNGERS, Madeline - Floyd, P57, R2, D93, H95
JUNGERS, Peter - Floyd, P57, R3, D93, H95
JUNGERS, Louis - Floyd, P57, R4, D93, H95
JUNGERS, John - Floyd, P57, R5, D93, H95
JUNGERS, Maggie - Floyd, P57, R6, D93, H95
JUNGERS, Dominic - Floyd, P57, R7, D93, H95
JUNGERS, Annie - Floyd, P57, R8, D93, H95
JUNGERS, Katie - Floyd, P57, R9, D93, H95
JUNGERS, Cena - Floyd, P57, R10, D93, H95
JUNGERS, Joseph - Floyd, P57, R11, D93, H95
JUNGERS, Eddie - Floyd, P57, R12, D93, H95
JUNGERSEN, Peter L. - Plato, P70, R78, D12, H13
JUNGERSEN, Carrie - Plato, P70, R79, D12, H13
JUNGERSEN, James O. - Plato, P70, R80, D12, H13
JUNIMAN, Frank - Floyd, P63, R42, D217, H219
JUNIMAN, Dena - Floyd, P63, R43, D217, H219
JUNIMAN, Celia - Floyd, P63, R44, D217, H219
JUNIMAN, Rose - Floyd, P63, R45, D217, H219
JUNIMAN, Karl - Floyd, P63, R46, D217, H219
JUNIMAN, Frederick - Floyd, P63, R47, D217, H219
JUNIMAN, Frankie - Floyd, P63, R48, D217, H219
JURGENS, Henry - Sherman, P218, R19, D90, H90
JURGENS, Anna - Sherman, P218, R20, D90, H90
JURGENS, Minnie - Sherman, P218, R21, D90, H90
JURGENS, Maggie - Sherman, P218, R22, D90, H90
JURGENS, Fred - Sherman, P218, R23, D90, H90
JURGENS, William - Sherman, P218, R24, D90, H90
JURGENS, Lesly - Sherman, P218, R25, D90, H90
JURINK, Henry - Lynn, P27, R90, D243, H243
JURINK, Dena - Lynn, P27, R91, D243, H243
JURINK, Gertie - Lynn, P27, R92, D243, H243
JURINK, Siena - Lynn, P27, R93, D243, H243
JURINK, Emma - Lynn, P27, R94, D243, H243
JURINK, Hattie - Lynn, P27, R95, D243, H243
JURRIAANS, Daniel - Orange City, P108, R82, D294, H299
JURRIANS, Trintie - Holland, P92, R41, D134, H134
JUSTIMAN, Albert - Floyd, P60, R46, D164, H166
JUSTIMAN, Mary - Floyd, P60, R47, D164, H166


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