1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

AALBERTS, Gradus - Sherman, P221a, R34, D143, H143
AALBERTS, Minnie Fokes - Sherman, P221a, R35, D143, H143
AALBERTS, Christian - Sherman, P221a, R36, D143, H143
AALBERTS, John - Sherman, P221a, R37, D143, H143
AALDERS, John H. - Nassau, P158b, R66, D264, H268
AALDERS, Annie - Nassau, P158b, R67, D264, H268
AALDERS, Katie H. - Nassau, P158b, R68, D264, H268
AALDERS, Henry - Nassau, P158b, R69, D264, H268
AALDERS, Annie - Nassau, P158b, R70, D264, H268
AALDERS, John - Nassau, P158b, R71, D264, H268
AALDERS, Andrew - Nassau, P158b, R72, D264, H268
AALDERS, Dena - Nassau, P158b, R73, D264, H268
AALDERS, Henrietta - Nassau, P158b, R74, D264, H268
AALDERS, Wilhelmina - Nassau, P158b, R75, D264, H268
AALDERS, Gerrit A. - Nassau, P158b, R87, D267, H270
AALDERS, Mary E. - Nassau, P158b, R88, D267, H270
AALDERS, Gerrit H. - Nassau, P158b, R89, D267, H270
AALDERS, Ben - Orange City, P103a, R49, D179, H182
AALDERS, Jessie - Orange City, P103a, R50, D179, H182
AALTGE, Ella - Sheridan, P209a, R10, D127, H127
AANOON, John - Capel, P13a, R36, D8, H8
AARDAPPLE, Walter - West Branch, P232a, R14, D3, H3
AARDAPPLE, John - West Branch, P232a, R15, D3, H3
AARDE, Bastian - Nassau, P158a, R34, D255, H258
AARDE, Annie - Nassau, P158a, R35, D255, H258
AARDE, Robert F. - Nassau, P158a, R36, D255, H258
AARDE, Agnes - Nassau, P158a, R37, D255, H258
AARDEMA, Jacob - Floyd, P58a, R15, D116, H118
AARDEMA, Susan - Floyd, P58a, R16, D116, H118
AARDEMA, Agnes - Floyd, P58a, R17, D116, H118
AARDEMA, Fred - Lynn, P27a, R48, D237, H237
AARDEMA, Maggie - Lynn, P27a, R49, D237, H237
AARDEMA, Hiney - Lynn, P27a, R50, D237, H237
AARDEMA, Maarcus - Lynn, P27b, R51, D237, H237
AARDEMA, Arne - Orange City, P107b, R75, D271, H276
AARDEMA, Ankie - Orange City, P107b, R76, D271, H276
AARONSON, Alped - Buncombe, P5a, R7, D101, H101
ABBEY, Elmer - Eagle, P29a, R5, D2, H2
ABBEY, Alice - Eagle, P29a, R6, D2, H2
ABBEY, Leroy - Eagle, P29a, R7, D2, H2
ABBEY, William E. - Logan, P135a, R22, D204, H217
ABBEY, Helen V. - Logan, P135a, R23, D204, H217
ABBEY, Harold V. - Logan, P135a, R24, D204, H217
ABBEY, Henry W. - Logan, P135a, R25, D204, H217
ABBEY, Walter W. - Logan, P135a, R26, D204, H217
ABEL, Alexander - Rock, P177b, R79, D34, H37
ABEL, Asa C. - Settler, P200a, R43, D110, H110
ABEL, Hattie - Settler, P200a, R44, D110, H110
ABEL, Charles - Settler, P200a, R45, D110, H110
ABEL, Aurel - Settler, P200a, R46, D110, H110
ABEL, Irene - Settler, P200a, R47, D110, H110
ABEL, Addis - Settler, P200a, R48, D110, H110
ABEL, Rollo - Settler, P200a, R49, D110, H110
ABEL, Iva - Settler, P200a, R50, D110, H110
ABEL, Horton - Settler, P200b, R51, D110, H110
ABEL, Amidia - Settler, P200b, R52, D110, H110
ABMA, Mark - Floyd, P61b, R94, D190, H192
ABMA, Rickje - Floyd, P61b, R95, D190, H192
ABMA, Herman - Floyd, P61b, R96, D190, H192
ABMA, Jennie - Floyd, P61b, R97, D190, H192
ABMA, Josie - Floyd, P61b, R98, D190, H192
ABMA, Herman - West Branch, P243a, R41, D222, H224
ABMA, Youka - West Branch, P243a, R42, D222, H224
ABMA, Geda - West Branch, P243a, R43, D222, H224
ACHESON, James M. - Sheridan, P203a, R1, D1, H1
ACHESON, Jennie - Sheridan, P203a, R2, D1, H1
ACHESON, John M. - Sheridan, P203a, R3, D1, H1
ACHESON, Eunice M. - Sheridan, P203a, R4, D1, H1
ACHTERHOF, Lutje - Holland, P92a, R17, D132, H132
ACHTERHOF, Jane - Holland, P92a, R18, D132, H132
ACHTERHOF, Annie - Holland, P92a, R19, D132, H132
ACHTERHOF, Roelf - Holland, P92a, R20, D132, H132
ACHTERHOF, Louis - Holland, P92a, R21, D132, H132
ACHTERHOF, Maggie - Holland, P92a, R22, D132, H132
ACHTERHOF, Clara - Holland, P92a, R23, D132, H132
ACKERMANN, Philip - Lincoln, P117a, R36, D160, H164
ACKERMANN, Anna - Lincoln, P117a, R37, D160, H164
ACKERMANN, Robert - Lincoln, P117a, R38, D160, H164
ACKERMANN, Carl - Lincoln, P117a, R39, D160, H164
ACKERMANN, Lydia - Lincoln, P117a, R40, D160, H164
ACKERMANN, Paula - Lincoln, P117a, R41, D160, H164
ACKERMANN, Otto - Lincoln, P117a, R42, D160, H164
ADAMS, George B. - Buncombe, P11a, R36, D233, H233
ADAMS, Emmer - Buncombe, P11a, R37, D233, H233
ADAMS, Harrold - Buncombe, P11a, R38, D233, H233
ADAMS, Fay E. - Buncombe, P11a, R39, D233, H233
ADAMS, Andrew E. - Eagle, P31b, R53, D45, H45
ADAMS, Mary A. - Eagle, P31b, R54, D45, H45
ADAMS, Paul C. - Eagle, P31b, R55, D45, H45
ADAMS, Mary La? - Eagle, P31b, R56, D45, H45
ADAMS, Leo V. Wian - Eagle, P31b, R57, D45, H45
ADAMS, Burl G. - Eagle, P31b, R58, D45, H45
ADAMS, Homer R. - Eagle, P31b, R59, D45, H45
ADAMS, Clyde W. - Eagle, P31b, R60, D45, H45
ADAMS, Stewart - Lynn, P25b, R53, D210, H210
ADAMS, Nelson - Rock, P185a, R7, D192, H199
ADAMS, Olive - Rock, P185a, R8, D192, H199
ADAMS, Mable - Rock, P185a, R9, D192, H199
ADAMS, Lulu - Rock, P185a, R10, D192, H199
ADDINK, Gerret - Sherman, P219a, R31, D112, H112
ADDINK, Getji - Sherman, P219a, R32, D112, H112
ADDINK, Jennie - Sherman, P219a, R33, D112, H112
ADDINK, Herman - Welcome, P228b, R53, D79, H79
ADDINK, Henry - West Branch, P232b, R66, D15, H16
ADDINK, Henry - West Branch, P238b, R63, D138, H140
ADDINK, Willie - West Branch, P240a, R27, D170, H172
ADDINK, John - West Branch, P240a, R28, D170, H172
ADEWEERD, Albert - Center, P35b, R60, D115, H115
ADEWEERD, Jetje - Center, P35b, R61, D115, H115
ADEWEERD, Henry - Center, P35b, R62, D115, H115
ADEWEERD, Gertrude - Center, P35b, R63, D115, H115
ADEWEERD, Jane - Center, P35b, R64, D115, H115
ADEWEERD, Nellie - Center, P35b, R65, D115, H115
ADEWEERD, Gerrit - Center, P35b, R66, D115, H115
ADEWEERD, Peter - Center, P35b, R67, D115, H115
ADKINS, Rhoda A. - Grant, P81b, R70, D85, H86
ADKINS, Samuel R. - Grant, P81b, R71, D85, H86
ADKINS, William H. - Grant, P81b, R72, D85, H86
ADKINS, Michael R. - Grant, P81b, R73, D85, H86
ADKINS, Vernon E. - Grant, P81b, R74, D85, H86
ADKINS, Grover C. - Grant, P81b, R75, D85, H86
ADKINS, Jesse F. - Grant, P81b, R76, D85, H86
ADKINS, Laura P. - Grant, P81b, R77, D85, H86
ADKINS, Dolly M. - Grant, P81b, R78, D85, H86
ADKINS, Harvey C. - Grant, P81b, R79, D85, H86
ADKINS, Theresa E. - Grant, P81b, R80, D85, H86
AEGINK, Bernard - Plato, P74a, R49, D148, H149
AGGALO, Martin - Rock, P187b, R66, D233, H240
AGGALO, Kate - Rock, P187b, R67, D233, H240
AGGALO, Kasper - Rock, P187b, R68, D233, H240
AGGALO, Fida - Rock, P187b, R69, D233, H240
AGGALO, Anna - Rock, P187b, R70, D233, H240
AGGALO, Leona - Rock, P187b, R71, D233, H240
AGGALO, Lizzie - Rock, P187b, R72, D233, H240
AHLERS, William - East Orange, P47b, R75, D104, H106
AHLERS, Rosa - East Orange, P47b, R76, D104, H106
AHLERS, Henry J. - East Orange, P47b, R77, D104, H106
AHLERS, Annie M. - East Orange, P47b, R78, D104, H106
AHLERS, John M. - East Orange, P47b, R79, D104, H106
AHLERS, Joseph H. - East Orange, P47b, R80, D104, H106
AHLERS, Michael A. - East Orange, P47b, R81, D104, H106
AHLERS, William P. - East Orange, P47b, R82, D104, H106
AHLERS, Lawrence M. - East Orange, P47b, R83, D104, H106
AHLERS, Rosa E. - East Orange, P47b, R84, D104, H106
AHLERS, Herman H. - East Orange, P51a, R34, D157, H159
AHLERS, Elizabeth J. - East Orange, P51a, R35, D157, H159
AHLERS, Katie N - East Orange, P51a, R36, D157, H159
AIKEMA, Ben - Lynn, P23a, R36, D177, H177
AIKEMA, Bonka - West Branch, P242b, R92, D212, H214
AKEMA, William - West Branch, P244a, R20, D233, H234
AKIN, J. E. - Sioux, P194a, R12, D20, H20
AKIN, L. M. - Sioux, P194a, R13, D20, H20
AKIN, Harry - Sioux, P194a, R14, D20, H20
AKIN, Floy - Sioux, P194a, R15, D20, H20
ALBRIGHT, John J. - Eagle, P33b, R74, D86, H86
ALBRIGHT, Katherine - Eagle, P33b, R75, D86, H86
ALBRIGHT, James - Eagle, P33b, R76, D86, H86
ALBRIGHT, William - Eagle, P33b, R77, D86, H86
ALBRIGHT, Mary - Eagle, P33b, R78, D86, H86
ALBRIGHT, Annie - Eagle, P33b, R79, D86, H86
ALBRIGHT, Fred - Eagle, P33b, R80, D86, H86
ALBRIGHT, John - Eagle, P33b, R81, D86, H86
ALBRIGHT, Caroline - Eagle, P33b, R82, D86, H86
ALBRIGHT, Merth - Eagle, P33b, R83, D86, H86
ALINGH, Albert - Floyd, P57b, R55, D102, H104
ALINGH, Johanna - Floyd, P57b, R56, D102, H104
ALINGH, Jante?? C. - Floyd, P57b, R57, D102, H104
ALINGH, Siertje - Floyd, P57b, R58, D102, H104
ALINGH, Roelf - Floyd, P57b, R59, D102, H104
ALLEN, William W. - Buncombe, P6b, R97, D152, H152
ALLEN, Louisa - Buncombe, P6b, R98, D152, H152
ALLEN, Sam R. - Buncombe, P6b, R99, D152, H152
ALLEN, Patrick - East Orange, P48b, R82, D120, H122
ALLEN, Mary - East Orange, P48b, R83, D120, H122
ALLEN, William J. - East Orange, P48b, R84, D120, H122
ALLEN, Charlotte - East Orange, P48b, R85, D120, H122
ALLEN, Francis - East Orange, P48b, R86, D120, H122
ALLEN, Matilda - East Orange, P48b, R87, D120, H122
ALLEN, George T. - East Orange, P49b, R94, D137, H139
ALLEN, William B. - Grant, P78a, R1, D18, H18
ALLEN, Josephine - Grant, P78a, R2, D18, H18
ALLEN, Ethel P. - Grant, P78a, R3, D18, H18
ALLEN, Mabel J. - Grant, P78a, R4, D18, H18
ALLEN, Miles D. - Grant, P78a, R5, D18, H18
ALLEN, Alice C. - Grant, P80b, R97, D71, H82
ALLEN, Charles R. - Logan, P129a, R38, D98, H109
ALLEN, Charlotte M. - Logan, P129a, R41, D98, H109
ALLEN, Lemuel - Reading, P172b, R93, D196, H198
ALLEN, Margaret - Reading, P172b, R94, D196, H198
ALLEN, Dougal H. - Reading, P172b, R95, D196, H198
ALLEN, Mary Emeline - Reading, P172b, R96, D196, H198
ALLEN, Mollie Bernice - Reading, P172b, R97, D196, H198
ALLEN, Agnes - Reading, P172b, R98, D196, H198
ALLEN, Minnie - Sheridan, P204b, R61, D33, H33
ALLEN, Awie? - Sheridan, P204b, R62, D33, H33
ALLEN, Orval V. - Sheridan, P204b, R63, D33, H33
ALLEN, Edith - Sheridan, P204b, R64, D33, H33
ALLEN, Seth - Sherman, P215a, R22, D30, H30
ALLEN, Ettie J. - Sherman, P215a, R23, D30, H30
ALONS, Daniel - Grant, P77a, R1, D1, H1
ALONS, Mary - Grant, P77a, R2, D1, H1
ALONS, Elsie - Grant, P77a, R3, D1, H1
ALONS, Jessie - Grant, P77a, R4, D1, H1
ALONS, Lewis - Grant, P77a, R5, D1, H1
ALSOP, Willis - Plato, P73a, R12, D126, H127
ALTE, Peter Henry - Lynn, P21b, R72, D149, H149
ALTE, Catherina - Lynn, P21b, R73, D149, H149
ALTE, Henry - Lynn, P21b, R74, D149, H149
ALTE, Stephen - Lynn, P21b, R75, D149, H149
ALTE, Willie - Lynn, P21b, R76, D149, H149
ALTE, Johnny - Lynn, P21b, R77, D149, H149
ALTE, Filkmenia - Lynn, P21b, R78, D149, H149
ALTE, David - Lynn, P21b, R79, D149, H149
ALTENA, Samuel - Center, P35b, R53, D114, H114
ALTENA, Julie - Center, P35b, R54, D114, H114
ALTENA, Gerrit - Center, P35b, R55, D114, H114
ALTENA, Bertha - Center, P35b, R56, D114, H114
ALTENA, Henry - Center, P35b, R57, D114, H114
ALTENA, Johanna - Center, P35b, R58, D114, H114
ALTENA, Susie - Center, P35b, R59, D114, H114
AMBRUSTER, Regina - Grant, P78a, R28, D24, H24
AMELSBERG, George - Grant, P82a, R41, D95, H96
AMENT (ARNET?), August E. - East Orange, P50a, R48, D145, H147
AMENT (ARNET?), Melenda - East Orange, P50a, R49, D145, H147
AMENT (ARNET?), Edward W. - East Orange, P50a, R50, D145, H147
AMENT (ARNET?), Clara L. - East Orange, P50b, R51, D145, H147
AMENT (ARNET?), Michael L. - East Orange, P50b, R52, D145, H147
AMES, John - Sherman, P222a, R29, D159, H159
AMES, Lizzie - Sherman, P222a, R30, D159, H159
AMNEER, Oscar R. - Buncombe, P3a, R9, D57, H57
AMNEER, Mathilda W. - Buncombe, P3a, R10, D57, H57
AMNEER, Gertrude C. - Buncombe, P3a, R11, D57, H57
AMNEER, Tillie L. - Buncombe, P3a, R12, D57, H57
ANDERS, Chris P. - Garfield, P67b, R90, D55, H55
ANDERSEN, Maria H. - Garfield, P68a, R6, D58, H58
ANDERSEN, Peter - Garfield, P68a, R5, D58, H58
ANDERSEN/ANDRESEN, Sipka - West Branch, P247a, R6, D274, H277
ANDERSON, Anns - Settler, P201a, R27, D125, H126
ANDERSON, Catherine - Lincoln, P110a, R17, D3, H3
ANDERSON, Mary - Settler, P201a, R30, D125, H126
ANDERSON, Thomas - Garfield, P67b, R92, D56, H56
ANDERSON, Marie - Garfield, P67b, R93, D56, H56
ANDERSON, Andrew A. - Logan, P137b, R85, D261, H274
ANDERSON, Sofia - Logan, P137b, R86, D261, H274
ANDERSON, Peter - Lincoln, P117a, R29, D159, H163
ANDERSON, Peter A. - Garfield, P68a, R22, D64, H64
ANDERSON, Cal A. - Logan, P129b, R96, D109, H122
ANDERSON, Christina - Garfield, P68a, R23, D64, H64
ANDERSON, Mathias - Buncombe, P11a, R40, D234, H234
ANDERSON, William H. - Rock, P185a, R19, D195, H202
ANDERSON, Louise J. - Logan, P129b, R97, D109, H122
ANDERSON, J. - Sheridan, P208a, R39, D111, H111
ANDERSON, John - Settler, P201a, R28, D125, H126
ANDERSON, Ada - Rock, P185a, R20, D195, H202
ANDERSON, Elizabeth A. - Washington, P143b, R60, D361, H375
ANDERSON, Lottie - Logan, P133a, R21, D169, H182
ANDERSON, W. C. - Sheridan, P209b, R73, D140, H140
ANDERSON, Mary - Lincoln, P117a, R30, D159, H163
ANDERSON, Mary C. - Buncombe, P11a, R41, D234, H234
ANDERSON, Gus - Nassau, P144a, R23, D2, H2
ANDERSON, Howard - Lincoln, P114a, R18, D96, H99
ANDERSON, K. - Sheridan, P209b, R65, D138, H138
ANDERSON, William J. - Washington, P143b, R59, D361, H375
ANDERSON, Carrie - Lincoln, P114a, R19, D96, H99
ANDERSON, Charley - Settler, P201a, R29, D125, H126
ANDERSON, Katrena - Sheridan, P209b, R66, D138, H138
ANDERSON, Lottie - Logan, P128b, R68, D79, H89
ANDERSON, Albert G. - Garfield, P67b, R65, D51, H51
ANDERSON, Hjalmer A. - Garfield, P67b, R94, D56, H56
ANDERSON, Hans G. - Logan, P137b, R87, D261, H274
ANDERSON, Betsy - Garfield, P67b, R66, D51, H51
ANDERSON, Elmira - Sheridan, P209b, R74, D140, H140
ANDERSON, John G. - Logan, P129b, R98, D109, H122
ANDERSON, Hannah - Logan, P137b, R88, D261, H274
ANDERSON, Oscar E. - Garfield, P68a, R24, D64, H64
ANDERSON, Grace E. - Logan, P137b, R89, D261, H274
ANDERSON, Charles E. - Washington, P138a, R6, D262, H275
ANDERSON, Signa - Logan, P128b, R93, D85, H96
ANDERSON, Signe L. - Logan, P129b, R99, D109, H122
ANDERSON, Thomas H. - Logan, P137b, R90, D261, H274
ANDERSON, Zelma - Garfield, P67b, R95, D56, H56
ANDERSON, Ellen - Buncombe, P9b, R58, D204, H204
ANDERSON, Esther - Logan, P131a, R33, D135, H148
ANDERSON, Jennie - Logan, P137b, R91, D261, H274
ANDERSON, Carl A. - Logan, P129b, R100, D109, H122
ANDERSON, George A. - Logan, P134b, R90, D198, H211
ANDERSON, Serena C. - Garfield, P68a, R25, D64, H64
ANDERSON, Lawrence J. - Logan, P137b, R92, D261, H274
ANDERSON, Lizzie G. - Rock, P185a, R21, D195, H202
ANDERSON, Roy - Washington, P140b, R60, D311, H324
ANDERSON, Ethel M. - Buncombe, P11a, R42, D234, H234
ANDERSON, Gust N. - Logan, P130a, R1, D109, H122
ANDERSON, Gilbert A. - Logan, P130a, R2, D109, H122
ANDERSON, Maude N. - Logan, P137b, R93, D261, H274
ANDERSON, Alma V. - Logan, P130a, R3, D109, H122
ANDERSON, Elmer C. - Garfield, P68a, R26, D64, H64
ANDERSON, Henry N. - Logan, P137b, R94, D261, H274
ANDERSON, Thea A. - Garfield, P68a, R27, D64, H64
ANDERSON, Conny - Lincoln, P117a, R31, D159, H163
ANDERSON, Louis - Sheridan, P208a, R41, D112, H112
ANDERSON, Mandy A. - Garfield, P67b, R67, D51, H51
ANDERSON, Esther - Lincoln, P114a, R20, D96, H99
ANDERSON, Florence E. - Logan, P130a, R4, D109, H122
ANDERSON, Paul M. - Rock, P185a, R22, D195, H202
ANDERSON, Elsa W. - Garfield, P67b, R68, D51, H51
ANDERSON, Julia - Lincoln, P117a, R32, D159, H163
ANDERSON, Alfred M. - Sheridan, P209b, R67, D138, H138
ANDERSON, Annie - Lincoln, P117a, R33, D159, H163
ANDERSON, Della J. - Garfield, P67b, R69, D51, H51
ANDERSON, J. P. - Sheridan, P209b, R68, D138, H138
ANDERSON, Reueth - Sheridan, P209b, R75, D140, H140
ANDERSON, Faner - Lincoln, P114a, R21, D96, H99
ANDERSON, Gladis M. - Garfield, P67b, R70, D51, H51
ANDERSON, Oscar - Lincoln, P117a, R34, D159, H163
ANDERSON, Tristine S. - Logan, P130a, R5, D109, H122
ANDERSON, Esther M. - Washington, P143b, R61, D361, H375
ANDERSON, Gordon - Sheridan, P209b, R76, D140, H140
ANDERSON, Lillian - Logan, P130a, R6, D109, H122
ANDERSON, Bertha - Garfield, P67b, R71, D51, H51
ANDERSON, Evelyn - Logan, P130a, R7, D109, H122
ANDERSON, Anna M. - Sheridan, P209b, R69, D138, H138
ANDERSON, Walter - Sheridan, P209b, R77, D140, H140
ANDEWEG, John - Capel, P13b, R91, D21, H21
ANDEWEG, Jennie - Capel, P13b, R92, D21, H21
ANDEWEG, Lizzie - Capel, P13b, R93, D21, H21
ANDREWS, Lewis - West Branch, P234b, R79, D58, H59
ANDREWS?, Nancy - Center, P34b, R64, D98, H98
ANDRIESEN, Enna - Center, P38a, R34, D163, H163
ANDRIGA, Jacob - Nassau, P161b, R91, D318, H321
ANDRINGA/ANDRENGA, Antje - Orange City, P102a, R27, D156, H159
ANDRINGA/ANDRENGA, Jennie - Orange City, P102a, R28, D156, H159
ANDRINGA/ANDRENGA, Charlie - Orange City, P102a, R29, D156, H159
ANDRINGA/ANDRENGA, Georgie - Orange City, P102a, R30, D156, H159
ANDRINGA/ANDRENGA, Dirkie - Orange City, P102a, R31, D156, H159
ANEMA, Chas - Lincoln, P122b, R72, D263, H268
ANEMA, Ida - Lincoln, P122b, R73, D263, H268
ANEMA, Cornelius - Rock, P177b, R99, D39, H42
ANEMA, Peter - Rock, P177b, R100, D39, H42
ARDELERHOF, Willemina - Orange City, P106a, R12, D237, H240
ARDEMA, Charles - West Branch, P237b, R63, D118, H120
ARDEMA, Emma - West Branch, P237b, R64, D118, H120
ARDEMA, Nanna - West Branch, P237b, R65, D118, H120
ARDEMA, Nicholas - West Branch, P237b, R66, D118, H120
ARDEMA, John - West Branch, P237b, R67, D118, H120
ARDEMA, Bertha - West Branch, P237b, R68, D118, H120
ARDEMA, Anna - West Branch, P237b, R69, D118, H120
ARDEMA, Stella - West Branch, P237b, R70, D118, H120
ARENDS, Arnold - Grant, P82b, R51, D99, H100
ARENDS, Jennie - Grant, P82b, R52, D99, H100
ARENDS, Arnold - Grant, P82b, R53, D99, H100
ARENDS, Harm - Grant, P82b, R54, D99, H100
ARENDS, Louisa - Grant, P82b, R55, D99, H100
ARENDS, Annie - Grant, P82b, R56, D99, H100
ARENDS, Minnie - Grant, P82b, R57, D99, H100
ARENDS, Louis - Grant, P82b, R58, D99, H100
ARENS, Anna - Nassau, P149b, R95, D112, H113
ARENS, Theodore - Nassau, P151a, R18, D138, H139
ARENS, Cathrine - Nassau, P151a, R19, D138, H139
ARENS, Nick - Nassau, P151a, R20, D138, H139
ARENS, Joseph - Nassau, P151a, R21, D138, H139
ARENS, John A. - Nassau, P155b, R70, D212, H214
ARENS, Lena - Nassau, P155b, R71, D212, H214
ARENS, Frank - Nassau, P155b, R72, D212, H214
ARENS, Annie - Nassau, P155b, R73, D212, H214
ARENS, Mary - Nassau, P155b, R74, D212, H214
ARENS, Katie - Nassau, P155b, R75, D212, H214
ARENS, Lizzie - Nassau, P155b, R76, D212, H214
ARENS, Joseph - Nassau, P155b, R77, D212, H214
ARENS, Ferdinand - Nassau, P155b, R78, D212, H214
ARENS, Paul - Nassau, P155b, R79, D212, H214
ARENS, Charlie - Nassau, P155b, R80, D212, H214
ARENS, Josephine - Nassau, P155b, R81, D212, H214
ARENS, John P. - Nassau, P156a, R12, D218, H220
ARENS, Elizebeth - Nassau, P156a, R13, D218, H220
ARENS, Ferdinand - Nassau, P156a, R14, D218, H220
ARENS, John T. - Nassau, P156a, R15, D218, H220
ARENS, Martin N. - Nassau, P156a, R16, D218, H220
ARENS, Florantine - Nassau, P156a, R17, D218, H220
ARENS, John - Nassau, P156a, R26, D219, H221
ARENS, Nickolas - Nassau, P160b, R94, D302, H305
ARENS, Nickolas - Nassau, P161b, R59, D313, H316
ARGUBRIGHT, John - Lincoln, P112a, R44, D54, H56
ARGUBRIGHT, Louis - Lincoln, P112a, R45, D54, H56
ARHENHOLTZ, Arthur - Reading, P169a, R37, D134, H135
ARMSTRONG, Henry L. - Buncombe, P11a, R21, D230, H230
ARMSTRONG, Sadie J. - Buncombe, P11a, R22, D230, H230
ARMSTRONG, B. W. - Buncombe, P11a, R23, D230, H230
ARMSTRONG, J. Oscar - Buncombe, P11a, R24, D230, H230
ARMSTRONG, Arthur J. - Lincoln, P120a, R20, D214, H218
ARMSTRONG, Jennie (HOUGH) - Lincoln, P120a, R21, D214, H218
ARMSTRONG, Ross H. - Lincoln, P120a, R22, D214, H218
ARMSTRONG, Lee - Lincoln, P120a, R23, D214, H218
ARMSTRONG, Clare - Lincoln, P120a, R24, D214, H218
ARNDS, Kasjan - Sheridan, P211b, R63, D174, H174
ARNDS, Tade - Sheridan, P211b, R64, D174, H174
ARNDS, John - Sheridan, P211b, R65, D174, H174
ARNDS, Katie - Sheridan, P211b, R66, D174, H174
ARNDS, Tena - Sheridan, P211b, R67, D174, H174
ARNDS, Edna - Sheridan, P211b, R68, D174, H174
ARNDS, Anna - Sheridan, P211b, R69, D174, H174
ARNDS, Hilk?a? - Sheridan, P211b, R70, D174, H174
ARNDT, Frank - Eagle, P29b, R70, D11, H11
ARNING, Ben - Plato, P73a, R13, D127, H128
ARNING, Agnes - Plato, P73a, R14, D127, H128
ARNING, Mary - Plato, P73a, R15, D127, H128
ARNING, Bernard - Plato, P73a, R16, D127, H128
ARNING, Margaruite - Plato, P73a, R17, D127, H128
ARNING, Henry - Plato, P73a, R18, D127, H128
ARNING, Herman - Plato, P73a, R19, D127, H128
ARNING, Annie - Plato, P73a, R20, D127, H128
ARP, Peter - Sheridan, P207b, R67, D100, H100
ARP, Fredrica - Sheridan, P207b, R68, D100, H100
ARP, Peter - Sheridan, P207b, R69, D100, H100
ARP, Wm. - Sheridan, P207b, R70, D100, H100
ARP, Amenia - Sheridan, P207b, R71, D100, H100
ARP, Amiel - Sheridan, P207b, R72, D100, H100
ASHENFELLER, Daniel B. - Orange City, P96a, R23, D23, H23
ASHIM/ASHUN, Nels - Garfield, P67b, R96, D56, H56
ASHLEY, James A. - Logan, P131a, R26, D135, H148
ASHLEY, Lucy E. - Logan, P131a, R27, D135, H148
ASHLEY, Hannah M. - Logan, P131a, R28, D135, H148
ASHLEY, Myrtle C. - Logan, P131a, R29, D135, H148
ASHLEY, Lucy E. - Logan, P131a, R30, D135, H148
ASHLEY, Ellen E. - Logan, P131a, R31, D135, H148
ASHLEY, Warren H. - Logan, P131a, R32, D135, H148
ASMUSSEN, John - East Orange, P49b, R85, D136, H138
ASMUSSEN, Agnes - East Orange, P49b, R86, D136, H138
ASMUSSEN, Thomas C. - Logan, P129a, R15, D94, H105
ASMUSSEN, Katherina H. - Logan, P129a, R16, D94, H105
ASMUSSEN, Christina M. - Logan, P129a, R17, D94, H105
ATKIN, John S. - Nassau, P152a, R26, D160, H161
ATKIN, Mattie - Nassau, P152a, R27, D160, H161
ATKIN, Rosa - Nassau, P152a, R28, D160, H161
ATKIN, Karl - Nassau, P152a, R29, D160, H161
ATKIN, Elsie - Nassau, P152a, R30, D160, H161
ATKIN, William - Nassau, P152a, R31, D160, H161
ATKIN, Lizzie - Nassau, P152a, R32, D160, H161
ATKIN, Louis - Nassau, P152a, R33, D160, H161
ATTEMA, Gerrit - Plato, P74b, R78, D153, H154
ATTEMA, Akke Algera - Plato, P74b, R79, D153, H154
ATTEMA, Jelte - Plato, P74b, R80, D153, H154
ATTEMA, Rindert - Plato, P74b, R81, D153, H154
ATTEMA, Pier - Plato, P74b, R82, D153, H154
ATWOOD, Patrick - Settler, P202a, R23, D141, H142
ATWOOD, Julia - Settler, P202a, R24, D141, H142
ATWOOD, Bert L. - Settler, P202a, R25, D141, H142
ATWOOD, ? B. - Settler, P202a, R26, D141, H142
ATWOOD, Ralph E. - Settler, P202a, R27, D141, H142
ATWOOD, Edna May - Settler, P202a, R28, D141, H142
AUCHSTETTER, Peter - Floyd, P59a, R27, D137, H139
AUCHSTETTER, Elizabeth - Floyd, P59a, R28, D137, H139
AUCHSTETTER, John - Floyd, P59a, R31, D138, H140
AUCHSTETTER, Lizzie - Floyd, P59a, R32, D138, H140
AUCHSTETTER, Mary - Floyd, P59a, R33, D138, H140
AUCHSTETTER, Elmer - Floyd, P59a, R34, D138, H140
AUCHSTETTER, George - Floyd, P59a, R35, D138, H140
AUCHSTETTER, Tony - Floyd, P59a, R36, D138, H140
AURIT, Gerrit - Lincoln, P120b, R70, D224, H228
AURIT, Valentine - Rock, P190a, R24, D274, H281
AURIT, Mariah - Rock, P190a, R25, D274, H281
AURIT, Cora - Rock, P190a, R26, D274, H281
AURIT, Clevland - Rock, P190a, R27, D274, H281
AURIT, Essie - Rock, P190a, R28, D274, H281
AURIT, Mariah - Rock, P190a, R29, D274, H281
AURITT, Katherine - Settler, P201a, R44, D127, H128
AURITT, Joseph - Sioux, P193b, R94, D16, H16
AURITT, Louella - Sioux, P193b, R95, D16, H16
AURNER, Jacob - Washington, P139a, R31, D287, H300
AURNER, Libbie - Washington, P139a, R32, D287, H300
AUSTIN, Halver - Settler, P200a, R1, D103, H103
AUSTIN, Andrew - Settler, P200a, R2, D103, H103
AUSTIN, Hannah - Settler, P200a, R6, D103, H103
AUSTIN, Peter H. - Sioux, P194a, R35, D24, H24
AUSTIN, Anna T. - Sioux, P194a, R36, D24, H24
AUSTIN, Bertha C. - Sioux, P194a, R37, D24, H24
AUSTIN, Howard C. - Sioux, P194a, R38, D24, H24
AUSTIN, Camalia A. - Sioux, P194a, R39, D24, H24
AUSTIN, Arthur - Sioux, P194a, R40, D24, H24
AUSTIN, Cora H. - Sioux, P194a, R41, D24, H24
AUSTIN, Elma C. - Sioux, P194a, R42, D24, H24
AUSTIN, Mourt - Washington, P138b, R72, D275, H288
AXTEN, Edwin - Sheridan, P206b, R51, D78, H78
AXTEN, Jane - Sheridan, P206b, R52, D78, H78
AXTEN, Elsie - Sheridan, P206b, R53, D78, H78
AXTEN, Bernard - Sheridan, P206b, R54, D78, H78
AYERS, Joseph - Plato, P76b, R77, D182, H183


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