1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

LA???, George C. - Logan, P125, R14, D5, H5
LA???, Sue - Logan, P125, R15, D5, H5
LA???, Agnes M. - Logan, P125, R16, D5, H5
LA???, Libbie - Logan, P125, R17, D5, H5
LA???, ???? - Logan, P125, R18, D5, H5
LABBERTON, Peter - Holland, P93, R90, D167, H167
LABBERTON, Aimie - Holland, P93, R91, D167, H167
LABBERTON, William - Holland, P93, R92, D167, H167
LABBERTON, Gerret - Holland, P93, R93, D167, H167
LAGE, A. W. - Eagle, P33, R93, D90, H90
LAGE, Mary - Eagle, P33, R94, D90, H90
LAGE, Emma - Eagle, P33, R95, D90, H90
LAGEN, Gerrett - West Branch, P234, R17, D47, H48
LAGEN, Elizabeth - West Branch, P234, R18, D47, H48
LAGEN, ??? - West Branch, P234, R19, D47, H48
LAGEN, Allie - West Branch, P234, R20, D47, H48
LAGENDYK, John K. - West Branch, P237, R55, D116, H118
LAGENDYK, Hattie - West Branch, P237, R56, D116, H118
LAGENDYK, Paullina - West Branch, P237, R57, D116, H118
LAGENDYK, Maggie - West Branch, P237, R58, D116, H118
LAGENDYK, John - West Branch, P237, R59, D116, H118
LAGENDYK, Katie - West Branch, P237, R60, D116, H118
LAGENDYK, Pla?h - West Branch, P238, R38, D132, H134
LAGENDYK, Cornelia - West Branch, P238, R39, D132, H134
LAIS, Herman - Rock, P182, R75, D142, H149
LAKE, Lester M. - Buncombe, P8, R75, D186, H186
LAKE, Carrie M. - Buncombe, P8, R76, D186, H186
LAKE, Willis D. - Buncombe, P8, R77, D186, H186
LAKE, Eliza J. - Logan, P128, R54, D77, H87
LAM, Evert - West Branch, P245, R81, D257, H259
LAM, Nancy - West Branch, P245, R82, D257, H259
LAM, Elizabeth - West Branch, P245, R83, D257, H259
LAM, Philipina - West Branch, P245, R84, D257, H259
LAM, Martin - West Branch, P245, R85, D257, H259
LAM, John F. - West Branch, P245, R86, D257, H259
LAMBERTINE, Myrtle - Lincoln, P111, R27, D25, H26
LAMBICK, Joe - Rock, P179, R23, D68, H71
LAMBICK, Ania - Rock, P179, R24, D68, H71
LAMBICK, Ellis - Rock, P179, R25, D68, H71
LAMBICK, John - Rock, P179, R26, D68, H71
LAMBICK, Joe - Rock, P179, R27, D68, H71
LAMBICK, Peter - Rock, P179, R28, D68, H71
LAMBICK, Anna - Rock, P179, R29, D68, H71
LAMMER, Henry - Nassau, P159, R82, D284, H287
LAMMER, Helena - Nassau, P159, R83, D284, H287
LAMMER, John B. - Nassau, P159, R84, D284, H287
LAMMER, Herman - Nassau, P159, R85, D284, H287
LAMMER, Joseph H. - Nassau, P159, R86, D284, H287
LAMMER, Edward - Nassau, P159, R87, D284, H287
LAMMER, William H. - Nassau, P159, R88, D284, H287
LAMMER, Philomina - Nassau, P159, R89, D284, H287
LAMMERS, J. William - Center, P39, R48, D186, H186
LAMMERS, Alice - Center, P39, R49, D186, H186
LAMMERS, William - West Branch, P237, R85, D121, H123
LAMMERS, Derik - West Branch, P246, R83, D272, H275
LAMMERS, Minnie - West Branch, P246, R84, D272, H275
LAMMERS, ???n - West Branch, P246, R85, D272, H275
LAMMERS, ???ie - West Branch, P246, R86, D272, H275
LAMMERS, ???t - West Branch, P246, R87, D272, H275
LAMMERS, Henry - West Branch, P246, R88, D272, H275
LAMMERS, Alice - West Branch, P246, R89, D272, H275
LAMMERS, William - West Branch, P246, R90, D272, H275
LAMMERS, Ralph - West Branch, P246, R91, D272, H275
LAMMERS, Hattie - West Branch, P246, R92, D272, H275
LAMMERS, Johanna - West Branch, P246, R93, D272, H275
LAMPLIN, Benj F. - Lincoln, P110, R68, D15, H16
LAMPLIN, Ascenath - Lincoln, P110, R69, D15, H16
LAMPLIN, Hortense L. - Lincoln, P110, R70, D15, H16
LAMPLIN, Olive B. - Lincoln, P110, R71, D15, H16
LAMPLIN, Benjamin - Lincoln, P110, R72, D15, H16
LANCHASTER, Ed - Buncombe, P6, R15, D123, H123
LAND, John P. - Lincoln, P120, R90, D227, H231
LANDHUIS, John - Floyd, P54, R22, D49, H51
LANDHUIS, Baltje J. J. - Floyd, P54, R23, D49, H51
LANDHUIS, Johanan - Floyd, P54, R25, D50, H52
LANDHUIS, Dora - Floyd, P54, R26, D50, H52
LANDHUIS, Leona - Floyd, P54, R27, D50, H52
LANDHUIS, Bertus - Floyd, P54, R33, D52, H54
LANDHUIS, Jantje - Floyd, P54, R34, D52, H54
LANDHUIS, Bert - Floyd, P54, R35, D52, H54
LANDL, George - Eagle, P31, R68, D47, H47
LANDL, - Eagle, P31, R69, D47, H47
LANDL, - Eagle, P31, R70, D47, H47
LANDMAN, Ritze - Lincoln, P121, R68, D243, H247
LANDMAN, Martha - Lincoln, P121, R69, D243, H247
LANDMAN, Louis - Lincoln, P121, R70, D243, H247
LANDMAN, Benj. - Lincoln, P121, R71, D243, H247
LANDMAN, Lena - Lincoln, P121, R72, D243, H247
LANDMAN, Court - Lincoln, P121, R73, D243, H247
LANDON, Jesse Asa - Reading, P166, R84, D66, H66
LANDON, Anna Lavra - Reading, P166, R85, D66, H66
LANDON, Genevieve Wagoner - Reading, P166, R86, D66, H66
LANE, James - Center, P35, R81, D118, H118
LANG, Arthur - Lincoln, P110, R51, D11, H12
LANG, Francis - Lincoln, P110, R52, D11, H12
LANG, Anna - Lincoln, P110, R53, D11, H12
LANG, Everett - Lincoln, P110, R54, D11, H12
LANG, Rosy - Sherman, P218, R98, D106, H106
LANG, Charles - Sherman, P218, R99, D106, H106
LANG, George - Sherman, P218, R100, D106, H106
LANG, Lizzie - Sherman, P219, R1, D106, H106
LANG, Mike - Sherman, P219, R2, D106, H106
LANGAN, Patrick - Capel, P19, R78, D114, H114
LANGAN, Margaret - Capel, P19, R79, D114, H114
LANGAN, Clara - Capel, P19, R80, D114, H114
LANGAN, Della - Capel, P19, R81, D114, H114
LANGAN, Gertie - Capel, P19, R82, D114, H114
LANGAN, Joseph - Capel, P19, R83, D114, H114
LANGE, August W. - Grant, P77, R62, D10, H10
LANGENHORST, Louise - East Orange, P42, R58, D33, H33
LANGERHORST, Lawrence - Floyd, P55, R80, D83, H85
LANGERHORST, Mary - Floyd, P55, R81, D83, H85
LANGERHORST, C??? - Floyd, P55, R82, D83, H85
LANGERHORST, Nettie - Floyd, P55, R83, D83, H85
LANGERHORST, Angelia - Floyd, P55, R84, D83, H85
LANGEROCK, Cornelius - Sherman, P222, R47, D162, H162
LANGEROCK, Elygin - Sherman, P222, R48, D162, H162
LANGEROCK, William - Sherman, P222, R49, D162, H162
LANGEROCK, Marion - Sherman, P222, R50, D162, H162
LANGEROCK, Anna - Sherman, P222, R51, D162, H162
LANGEROCK, Mary - Sherman, P222, R52, D162, H162
LANGEROCK, E??? - Sherman, P222, R53, D162, H162
LANGEROCK, (not named) - Sherman, P222, R54, D162, H162
LANGKEEK, Arie - Floyd, P60, R1, D156, H158
LANGSTRAAT, A. - Capel, P19, R53, D111, H111
LANGSTRAAT, ??? - Capel, P19, R54, D111, H111
LANGSTRAAT, Hannah - Capel, P19, R55, D111, H111
LANGSTRAAT, Will?? - Capel, P19, R56, D111, H111
LANGSTRAAT, Henry - Capel, P19, R57, D111, H111
LANGSTRAAT, M??? - Capel, P19, R58, D111, H111
LANGSTRAAT, Allie - Capel, P19, R59, D111, H111
LANGSTRAAT, Gertie - Capel, P19, R60, D111, H111
LANGSTRAAT, Cornelius - Capel, P19, R61, D111, H111
LANGSTRAAT, Peter - Capel, P19, R63, D112, H112
LANGSTRAAT, Hannah - Capel, P19, R64, D112, H112
LANGSTRAAT, Henry - Capel, P19, R65, D112, H112
LANGSTRAAT, Nellie - Capel, P19, R66, D112, H112
LANGSTRAAT, John - Capel, P19, R67, D112, H112
LANGSTRAAT, Hannah - Capel, P19, R68, D112, H112
LANKELMA, Fred - Orange City, P98, R2, D61, H62
LANKELMA, Loretta E. - Orange City, P98, R3, D61, H62
LANKELMA, John G. - Orange City, P108, R69, D292, H297
LANKELMA, Cornelia - Orange City, P108, R70, D292, H297
LANKELMA, James V. - Orange City, P108, R71, D292, H297
LANKELMA, George H. - Orange City, P108, R72, D292, H297
LANNING, Lou - Sheridan, P203, R25, D5, H5
LANNING, Edward - Sheridan, P204, R95, D43, H43
LANNING, Margeret - Sheridan, P204, R96, D43, H43
LANNING, Clarence - Sheridan, P204, R97, D43, H43
LANTZ, Eliza M. - Buncombe, P4, R55, D90, H90
LAPORE, Dick - Rock, P190, R45, D277, H284
LARKIN, Edmund L. - Logan, P136, R96, D240, H253
LARKIN, Lovina M. - Logan, P136, R97, D240, H253
LARKIN, Neil E. - Logan, P136, R98, D240, H253
LARKIN, Claude V. - Logan, P136, R99, D240, H253
LARKINS, James - Grant, P84, R9, D124, H127
LARSEN, Marie - Eagle, P31, R82, D48, H48
LARSEN, - Settler, P200, R54, D111, H111
LARSEN, - Settler, P200, R55, D111, H111
LARSON, Claus Edward - Reading, P167, R32, D79, H80
LARSON, Anton - Rock, P187, R7, D224, H231
LATEN, Mary - Rock, P176, R44, D8, H9
LATHROPE, Wilbur - Eagle, P32, R28, D57, H57
LAUDER, ??? - Lynn, P27, R23, D232, H232
LAUER, Nicolas - Garfield, P66, R23, D23, H23
LAURER, Philip - Lincoln, P123, R65, D281, H286
LAVELL, Patrick J. - Sherman, P216, R22, D57, H57
LAVELLE, Patrick - Sherman, P217, R58, D80, H80
LAVELLE, Mary - Sherman, P217, R59, D80, H80
LAVELLE, John - Sherman, P217, R60, D80, H80
LAVER, A. C. - Sheridan, P207, R58, D98, H98
LAVER, A. - Sheridan, P207, R59, D98, H98
LAVER, Cornelius - Sheridan, P207, R60, D98, H98
LAW, John - Eagle, P30, R15, D20, H20
LAWARD, William - Floyd, P61, R72, D185, H187
LAWRENCE, George - Logan, P131, R54, D136, H149
LAWTON, John - Washington, P139, R65, D294, H307
LAWTON, Ida E. - Washington, P139, R66, D294, H307
LAWTON, John J. - Washington, P139, R67, D294, H307
LAWTON, Mable N. - Washington, P139, R68, D294, H307
LAWTON, Elsie M. - Washington, P139, R69, D294, H307
LAWTON, Byron - Washington, P139, R76, D297, H310
LAWTON, Alice A. - Washington, P139, R77, D297, H310
LAWTON, Maud M. - Washington, P139, R78, D297, H310
LAWTON, Floyd E. - Washington, P139, R79, D297, H310
LAWTON, Olive E. - Washington, P139, R80, D297, H310
LAWTON, Hanley B. - Washington, P139, R81, D297, H310
LEAFSTED, Charles J. - Logan, P135, R17, D203, H216
LEAFSTED, Ida S. - Logan, P135, R18, D203, H216
LEAFSTED, Fritz - Logan, P135, R19, D203, H216
LEAFSTED, Helmer - Logan, P135, R20, D203, H216
LEAN, Thomas - Reading, P174, R92, D231, H233
LEAN, Emily Levina - Reading, P174, R93, D231, H233 (married before to Me. Hall)
LEAN, Rosa Belle - Reading, P174, R94, D231, H233
LEAN, William M. - Reading, P174, R95, D231, H233
LEAN, Lola Esther - Reading, P174, R96, D231, H233
LEARD, Mary E. - Orange City, P98, R58, D72, H73
LEARY, Joseph R. - Logan, P125, R74, D18, H20
LEARY, Minnie C. - Logan, P125, R75, D18, H20
LEARY, William E. - Logan, P125, R76, D18, H20
LEARY, Florence L. - Logan, P125, R77, D18, H20
LEARY, Lottie V. - Logan, P125, R78, D18, H20
LEBRUNE, Lewis - Floyd, P64, R17, D229, H231
LEBRUNE, Mary - Floyd, P64, R18, D229, H231
LEBRUNE, Johnnie - Floyd, P64, R19, D229, H231
LEE, Ida - Logan, P130, R94, D130, H143
LEE, Solomon F. - Logan, P136, R81, D236, H249
LEE, William - Logan, P137, R8, D243, H256
LEE, Addie C. - Logan, P137, R9, D243, H256
LEE, Fred - Logan, P137, R10, D243, H256
LEE, Nellie E. - Logan, P137, R11, D243, H256
LEE, Maude E. - Logan, P137, R12, D243, H256
LEE, Ward - Logan, P137, R13, D243, H256
LEENHOUTS, Abraham - Nassau, P159, R5, D271, H274
LEENHOUTS, Johanna - Nassau, P159, R6, D271, H274
LEENHOUTS, Peter - Nassau, P159, R7, D272, H275
LEENHOUTS, Dena - Nassau, P159, R8, D272, H275
LEENHOUTS, Johanna - Nassau, P159, R9, D272, H275
LEESCH, Bertha - Logan, P131, R42, D136, H149
LEF???, Peter - Nassau, P148, R21, D81, H81
LEF???, Dena H. - Nassau, P148, R22, D81, H81
LEFFERT, William N. - Logan, P135, R5, D201, H214
LEFFERT, Jane - Logan, P135, R6, D201, H214
LEFFERT, Roy W. - Logan, P135, R7, D201, H214
LEFFERT, Milton B. - Logan, P135, R8, D201, H214
LEFFERT, Elmyra W. - Logan, P135, R9, D201, H214
LEFFERT, Frank B. - Logan, P135, R10, D201, H214
LEGGETT, Harry - Rock, P182, R89, D146, H153
LEIDERS, August - Grant, P77, R31, D7, H7
LEIDERS, Lena - Grant, P77, R32, D7, H7
LEIDERS, August - Grant, P77, R33, D7, H7
LEIDERS, Dora - Grant, P77, R34, D7, H7
LEIDERS, Elizabeth - Grant, P77, R35, D7, H7
LEIDERS, William - Grant, P77, R36, D7, H7
LEIDERS, William - Grant, P77, R37, D7, H7
LEIF, Louise A. M. - East Orange, P45, R73, D77, H79
LEIF, Lucinda M. - East Orange, P45, R74, D77, H79
LEIF, Alice C. - East Orange, P45, R75, D77, H79
LEIF, Isidon H. - East Orange, P45, R76, D77, H79
LEIF, Mathilda M. - East Orange, P45, R77, D77, H79
LEIF, Louisa M. - East Orange, P45, R78, D77, H79
LEIF, Rose A. - East Orange, P45, R79, D77, H79
LEIF, Agdson J. - East Orange, P45, R80, D77, H79
LEIF, Emma e. - East Orange, P45, R81, D77, H79
LEIF, Vingenz H. - East Orange, P45, R82, D77, H79
LELAND, William L. - Buncombe, P9, R67, D208, H208
LELAND, Loa??? R. - Buncombe, P9, R68, D208, H208
LELAND, Harry J. - Buncombe, P9, R69, D208, H208
LELAND, Charlotte J. - Buncombe, P9, R70, D208, H208
LELAND, Freddie C. - Buncombe, P9, R71, D208, H208
LEMKS, Pleun - Capel, P15, R46, D46, H46
LEMKS, Mary - Capel, P15, R47, D46, H46
LEMMONDS, Elmer Allison - Reading, P165, R84, D44, H44
LEMMONDS, Ida Manerva - Reading, P165, R85, D44, H44
LEMMONDS, Stephen H. - Reading, P165, R86, D44, H44
LEMMONDS, William Robert - Reading, P165, R87, D44, H44
LEMMONDS, Ellen Gertrude - Reading, P165, R88, D44, H44
LEMS, Bastian - Plato, P73, R66, D137, H138
LEMS, Jessie - Plato, P73, R67, D137, H138
LEMS, Pl??n - Plato, P73, R68, D137, H138
LEMS, Mary - Plato, P73, R69, D137, H138
LEMS, Lemont - Holland, P90, R97, D112, H112
LEMS, Cora - Holland, P90, R98, D112, H112
LEMS, Maria - Holland, P90, R99, D112, H112
LEMS, Peter - Holland, P90, R100, D112, H112
LENDERINK, Cornelia - Orange City, P101, R20, D133, H136
LENDERINK, Martha - Orange City, P101, R22, D133, H136
LENDERINK, Sarah - Orange City, P107, R14, D259, H263
LENDERINK, Henry A. - Orange City, P107, R15, D259, H263
LENDERINK, Minnie - Orange City, P107, R16, D259, H263
LENDERINK, Lyda - Orange City, P107, R17, D259, H263
LENDERINK, Paul K. - Orange City, P107, R18, D259, H263
LENDERINK, Sarah - Orange City, P107, R19, D259, H263
LENDERINK, Eilgier - Orange City, P107, R20, D259, H263
LENDERINK, Abram - Orange City, P107, R28, D262, H266
LENDERINK, Johanna G. - Orange City, P107, R29, D262, H266
LENDT, Brun? - Reading, P164, R26, D7, H7
LENDT, Emma Catherine Dora - Reading, P164, R27, D7, H7
LENDT, Agnes Alma - Reading, P164, R28, D7, H7
LENGKEEK, Kryn - Reading, P170, R5, D147, H148
LENNAN, Martin - West Branch, P245, R80, D256, H258
LENS, Annie - Plato, P72, R13, D110, H111
LENS, Adelaide - Plato, P73, R39, D130, H131
LENSINK, Gerrit W. - Lincoln, P116, R16, D140, H144
LENSINK, Jane W. - Lincoln, P116, R17, D140, H144
LENSINK, Geo. - Lincoln, P116, R18, D140, H144
LENSINK, John - Lincoln, P116, R19, D140, H144
LENSINK, Fred - Lincoln, P116, R20, D140, H144
LENSINK, Herbert W. - Lincoln, P116, R21, D140, H144
LENSON, Henry F. - Settler, P200, R61, D113, H113
LENSON, Marie - Settler, P200, R62, D113, H113
LENSON, Joseph - Settler, P200, R63, D113, H113
LENSON, William H. - Settler, P200, R64, D113, H113
LENSON, Harry - Settler, P200, R65, D113, H113
LENSON, Vicent - Settler, P200, R66, D113, H113
LENSON, Francis ?. - Settler, P200, R67, D113, H113
LENSON, Marie - Settler, P200, R68, D113, H113
LENSSEN, Theodore J. - Nassau, P151, R35, D143, H144
LENSSEN, Adriana C. - Nassau, P151, R36, D143, H144
LENSSEN, Charlotte C. - Nassau, P151, R37, D143, H144
LENSSEN, Legourd J. - Nassau, P151, R38, D143, H144
LENSSEN, Hanna C. - Nassau, P151, R39, D143, H144
LENTZ, Christopher M. - Logan, P127, R45, D56, H63
LENTZ, Minnie E. - Logan, P127, R46, D56, H63
LENTZ, Cora B. - Logan, P127, R47, D56, H63
LENTZ, Myrtle M. - Logan, P127, R48, D56, H63
LENTZ, Martin ?. - Logan, P127, R49, D56, H63
LENTZ, Jennie M. - Logan, P127, R50, D56, H63
LEOIN, Fredrick P. - Buncombe, P6, R73, D136, H136
LEOIN, Mabel C. - Buncombe, P6, R74, D136, H136
LEOIN, Milton C. - Buncombe, P6, R75, D136, H136
LEON, Edward - Settler, P200, R13, D104, H104
LEONARD, James W. - Buncombe, P4, R1, D78, H78
LEONARD, Elizabeth - Buncombe, P4, R2, D78, H78
LEONARD, Valny C. - Buncombe, P4, R3, D79, H79
LEONARD, John - Plato, P70, R66, D9, H10
LEONARD, Wm. C. - Rock, P181, R37, D108, H114
LEONARD, Mattie M. - Rock, P181, R38, D108, H114
LEONARD, Earl - Rock, P181, R39, D108, H114
LEONARD, Nina - Rock, P181, R40, D108, H114
LEONARD, Willie - Rock, P181, R41, D108, H114
LEONARD, O. D. - Sheridan, P206, R59, D80, H80
LEONARD, Elizebeth - Sheridan, P206, R60, D80, H80
LERHMAN, William - Sherman, P219, R13, D109, H109
LERHMAN, Minnie - Sherman, P219, R14, D109, H109
LERHMAN, Ameid - Sherman, P219, R15, D109, H109
LERHMAN, Frank - Sherman, P219, R16, D109, H109
LERHMAN, Oscar - Sherman, P219, R17, D109, H109
LERHMAN, William - Sherman, P219, R18, D109, H109
LERHMAN, Marthy - Sherman, P219, R19, D109, H109
LERHMAN, Rosy - Sherman, P219, R20, D109, H109
LERMAN, Patrick - Sherman, P219, R49, D114, H114
LESHER, Nancy Jane - Reading, P168, R37, D112, H113
LESTER, Elias H. - Washington, P140, R5, D303, H316
LESTER, Flora - Washington, P140, R6, D303, H316
LESTER, Effie - Washington, P140, R7, D303, H316
LESTER, Gaylord - Washington, P140, R8, D303, H316
LETTEAW, Lousa - Grant, P78, R78, D37, H37
LETTEAW, Herman - Grant, P78, R79, D37, H37
LEVENKAMPF, L. - Center, P38, R84, D172, H172
LEVENKAMPF, H. - Center, P38, R85, D172, H172
LEVENKAMPF, William - Center, P38, R86, D172, H172
LEVENKAMPF, Tunis - Center, P39, R50, D186, H186
LEVENKAMPH, Joseph - Center, P35, R7, D106, H106
LEVENKAMPH, G. H. - Center, P38, R87, D173, H173
LEVENKAMPH, Jane - Center, P38, R88, D173, H173
LEVENKAMPH, Delbert J. - Center, P38, R89, D173, H173
LEVENKAMPH, George John - Center, P38, R90, D173, H173
LEVENKAMPH, Anthony - Center, P38, R91, D173, H173
LEVENN, Louis - Floyd, P53, R95, D44, H45
LEVERING, C. - Capel, P15, R40, D45, H45
LEVERING, Minnie - Capel, P15, R41, D45, H45
LEVERING, Katie - Capel, P15, R42, D45, H45
LEVERING, John - Capel, P15, R43, D45, H45
LEVERING, Walter - Capel, P15, R44, D45, H45
LEVERING, Jennie - Capel, P15, R45, D45, H45
LEVERING, Jellas - Orange City, P97, R37, D47, H48
LEVERING, Jacobjen - Orange City, P97, R38, D47, H48
LEVERING, John - Orange City, P97, R39, D47, H48
LEVERING, Lammert - Orange City, P97, R40, D47, H48
LEVERING, Jennie - Orange City, P97, R41, D47, H48
LEVERING, Adrianus - Orange City, P97, R42, D47, H48
LEVERING, John - Sherman, P215, R60, D41, H41
LEVERING, Johanna - Sherman, P215, R61, D41, H41
LEVERING, Mary - Sherman, P215, R62, D41, H41
LEVERING, Abraham - Sherman, P215, R63, D41, H41
LEVERING, Arie - Sherman, P215, R64, D41, H41
LEVERING, Maggie - Sherman, P215, R65, D41, H41
LEVERING, Jacob - Sherman, P215, R66, D41, H41
LEVERING, Cora - Sherman, P215, R67, D41, H41
LEVERKAMPF, John - Center, P36, R62, D136, H136
LEVINE, Frederick P. - Logan, P126, R88, D43, H47
LEVINE, Mabel C. - Logan, P126, R89, D43, H47
LEVINE, Milton K. - Logan, P126, R90, D43, H47
LEWIS, Charles - Orange City, P106, R89, D253, H257
LEWIS, Anna H. - Orange City, P106, R90, D253, H257
LEWIS, Maris E. - Orange City, P107, R6, D258, H262
LEWIS, Henrietta - Orange City, P107, R7, D258, H262
LEWIS, Howard K. - Orange City, P107, R8, D258, H262
LEWIS, Evan G. - Orange City, P107, R9, D258, H262
LEWIS, Carl P. - Orange City, P107, R10, D258, H262
LEWIS, Charlotte - Orange City, P107, R11, D258, H262
LEWIS, Maris U. - Orange City, P107, R12, D258, H262
LEWIS, Matilda M. - Logan, P130, R48, D116, H129
LEYMES, Chaystan - Sherman, P220, R1, D122, H122
LEYSON, John H. - Logan, P136, R65, D231, H244
LEYSTRA, Jacob - Rock, P187, R21, D227, H234
LEYSTRA, Jenne - Rock, P187, R22, D227, H234
LEYSTRA, Coba - Rock, P187, R23, D227, H234
LEYSTRA, Ida - Rock, P187, R24, D227, H234
LEYSTRA, John - Rock, P187, R25, D227, H234
LIAS, Naoma - Reading, P168, R31, D109, H110
LICHTERBERG, Fred - Floyd, P64, R36, D233, H235
LICHTERBERG, Dena - Floyd, P64, R37, D233, H235
LICHTERBERG, Joseph - Floyd, P64, R38, D233, H235
LICHTERBERG, Victor - Floyd, P64, R39, D233, H235
LICHTERBERG, Mathilda - Floyd, P64, R40, D233, H235
LICHTERBERG, Gustina - Floyd, P64, R41, D233, H235
LICHTERBERG, Amelia - Floyd, P64, R42, D233, H235
LICHTERBERG, Cletus - Floyd, P64, R43, D233, H235
LICHTERBERG, Hugo - Floyd, P64, R44, D233, H235
LICKEL, Jacob T. - Rock, P181, R78, D115, H121
LICKEL, Emily - Rock, P181, R79, D115, H121
LICKEL, Maud J. - Rock, P181, R80, D115, H121
LICKEL, Hazel - Rock, P181, R81, D115, H121
LIDDY, Frank - Sioux, P195, R40, D43, H43
LIDDY, Maggie - Sioux, P195, R41, D43, H43
LIDDY, Jerry - Sioux, P195, R42, D43, H43
LIDDY, Mary - Sioux, P195, R43, D43, H43
LIDDY, Ember??etto - Sioux, P195, R44, D43, H43
LIDDY, Della - Sioux, P195, R45, D43, H43
LIDDY, Madge - Sioux, P195, R46, D43, H43
LIEB, Otto J. - Nassau, P148, R66, D89, H90
LIEB, Mary A. - Nassau, P148, R67, D89, H90
LIEB, Gerrit A. - Nassau, P148, R68, D89, H90
LIEB, William A. - Nassau, P148, R69, D89, H90
LIEB, Henry A. - Nassau, P152, R74, D169, H170
LIEB, Matilda - Nassau, P152, R75, D169, H170
LIEB, Cecelia C. - Nassau, P152, R76, D169, H170
LIEB, Joseph - Nassau, P152, R77, D169, H170
LIEB, Otto F. - Nassau, P152, R78, D169, H170
LIEB, Emelia B. - Nassau, P152, R79, D169, H170
LIEB, Fredrick F. - Nassau, P152, R80, D169, H170
LIEB, Mercacedas - Nassau, P152, R81, D169, H170
LIJNKEEK, Arie - Orange City, P103, R83, D187, H190
LIJNKEEK, Dena - Orange City, P103, R84, D187, H190
LIJNKEEK, Peter - Orange City, P103, R85, D187, H190
LIJNKEEK, Johanna M. - Orange City, P103, R86, D187, H190
LIJNKEEK, Maaike - Orange City, P103, R87, D187, H190
LIJNKEEK, Gerritje - Orange City, P103, R88, D187, H190
LIJNKEEK, Willem - Orange City, P103, R89, D187, H190
LILE, George - Grant, P83, R83, D122, H125
LILLEY, James Ben - Reading, P167, R30, D79, H80
LILLEY, Jennie - Reading, P167, R31, D79, H80
LINCH, Robert - Grant, P83, R22, D111, H112
LINCH, Margaret E. - Grant, P83, R23, D111, H112
LINCH, Frank E. - Grant, P83, R24, D111, H112
LINCH, Chester - Grant, P83, R25, D111, H113
LINCH, Cora E. - Grant, P83, R26, D111, H113
LINCH, Robert L. - Grant, P83, R28, D111, H113
LINCOLN, Samuel A. - Nassau, P152, R22, D159, H160
LINCOLN, Carrie G. - Nassau, P152, R23, D159, H160
LINCOLN, Sj?? - Nassau, P152, R24, D159, H160
LINCOLN, Alice - Nassau, P152, R25, D159, H160
LIND, John P. - Buncombe, P9, R64, D207, H207
LIND, Jenne S. - Buncombe, P9, R65, D207, H207
LIND, Oscar J. - Logan, P128, R69, D80, H90
LIND, Katae - Logan, P128, R70, D80, H90
LIND, Minnie C. - Logan, P128, R71, D80, H90
LIND, John L. - Logan, P128, R72, D80, H90
LINDENMANN, Emil A. - Washington, P138, R94, D281, H294
LINDENMANN, Clara S. - Washington, P138, R95, D281, H294
LINDENMANN, Mary E. - Washington, P138, R96, D281, H294
LINDENMANN, Albert H. - Washington, P138, R97, D281, H294
LINDENMANN, Lydia P. - Washington, P138, R98, D281, H294
LINDENMANN, Clara E. - Washington, P138, R99, D281, H294
LINDENMANN, Edith E. - Washington, P138, R100, D281, H294
LINDERMAN, Jacob - Reading, P166, R44, D56, H56
LINDERMAN, Eliza - Reading, P166, R45, D56, H56
LINDERMAN, Emma Alice - Reading, P166, R46, D56, H56
LINDERMAN, Frederick William - Reading, P166, R47, D56, H56
LINDERMAN, Elizabeth - Reading, P166, R48, D56, H56
LING, Thoma G. - Grant, P83, R75, D120, H123
LING, Alcinda - Grant, P83, R76, D120, H123
LINNANE, Mary - Sioux, P198, R71, D95, H95
LINT, Neal - Lincoln, P119, R31, D197, H201
LIPSTRA, Bouke - Orange City, P100, R19, D112, H114
LIPSTRA, Renske - Orange City, P100, R20, D112, H114
LIPSTRA, Winnie - Orange City, P100, R21, D112, H114
LIST, John - East Orange, P50, R14, D141, H143
LIST, Walberga - East Orange, P50, R15, D141, H143
LIST, Jacob S. - East Orange, P50, R16, D141, H143
LIST, Josephine J. - East Orange, P50, R17, D141, H143
LIST, John O. - East Orange, P50, R18, D141, H143
LIST, Theodore S. - East Orange, P50, R19, D141, H143
LIST, Joseph A. - East Orange, P50, R20, D141, H143
LIST, Wallberta - East Orange, P50, R21, D141, H143
LISTON, Alice N. - Logan, P132, R69, D161, H174
LISTON, Merrill - Logan, P132, R70, D161, H174
LISTON, Wilmer - Logan, P132, R98, D166, H179
LISTON, George W. - Logan, P134, R19, D185, H198
LISTON, Clara - Logan, P134, R20, D185, H198
LISTON, John W. - Logan, P134, R21, D185, H198
LISTON, J. Atwood - Logan, P134, R22, D185, H198
LISTON, Nellie O. - Logan, P134, R23, D185, H198
LISTON, Florena - Logan, P134, R24, D185, H198
LISTON, Orlen M. - Logan, P134, R25, D185, H198
LISTON, Bert R. - Logan, P134, R26, D185, H198
LISTON, John - Logan, P134, R78, D195, H208
LITTLE, Mike - Rock, P184, R3, D169, H176
LITTLE, Susan - Rock, P184, R4, D169, H176
LIVERMAN, Frank - Nassau, P148, R38, D84, H84
LIVERMAN, Mary E. - Nassau, P148, R39, D84, H84
LIVERMAN, Mary - Nassau, P148, R40, D84, H84
LIVERMAN, Joseph - Nassau, P148, R41, D84, H84
LIVERMAN, William - Nassau, P148, R42, D84, H84
LIVERMAN, Agnes - Nassau, P148, R43, D84, H84
LOCKHORST, John - West Branch, P246, R19, D262, H264
LOEPP, Minnie - Lincoln, P112, R38, D53, H55
LOEPP, Meta - Lincoln, P112, R39, D53, H55
LOEPP, Marie - Lincoln, P112, R40, D53, H55
LOEPP, Walter - Lincoln, P112, R41, D53, H55
LOEPP, David - Lincoln, P112, R42, D53, H55
LOEPP, Arthur - Lincoln, P112, R43, D53, H55
LOFAN, Roy C. - East Orange, P41, R13, D3, H3
LOFT, A. K. - Eagle, P31, R61, D46, H46
LOFT, Ellen - Eagle, P31, R62, D46, H46
LOFT, Kunte - Eagle, P31, R63, D46, H46
LOFT, Serena - Eagle, P31, R64, D46, H46
LOFT, Steva - Eagle, P31, R65, D46, H46
LOFT, Adolph H. - Eagle, P31, R66, D46, H46
LOFT, Joseph - Eagle, P32, R88, D69, H69
LOHR, Freeman J. - Orange City, P99, R72, D100, H102
LOHR, Nellie - Orange City, P99, R73, D100, H102
LOHR, Freeman D. - Orange City, P99, R74, D100, H102
LOHR, Jacob C. - Orange City, P102, R32, D157, H160
LOHR, Mary N. - Orange City, P102, R33, D157, H160
LOHR, Lislie O. - Orange City, P102, R34, D157, H160
LOHR, Helena - Orange City, P102, R35, D157, H160
LOHR, Albert W. - Orange City, P107, R87, D275, H280
LOHR, Mary J. - Orange City, P107, R88, D275, H280
LOHR, Edwin E. - Orange City, P107, R89, D275, H280
LOIES, Hindertje - Rock, P184, R56, D181, H188
LOIES, Herman - Rock, P184, R58, D181, H188
LOIVES, Larence L. - Sherman, P217, R94, D85, H85
LOIVES, Garret L. - Sherman, P217, R95, D85, H85
LOKHORST, John - Plato, P74, R63, D150, H151
LOKHORST, Peter - Welcome, P224, R4, D2, H2
LOKHORST, Janitjie - Welcome, P224, R5, D2, H2
LOKHORST, William - Welcome, P224, R6, D2, H2
LOKHORST, Peter - Welcome, P224, R7, D2, H2
LOKHORST, Peetjie - Welcome, P224, R14, D5, H5
LONG, Addie - Grant, P77, R81, D15, H15
LONG, Lizzie E. - Grant, P77, R82, D15, H15
LONG, Charles W. - Grant, P77, R83, D15, H15
LONG, Lena Edith - Reading, P169, R23, D129, H130
LONG, C. M. - Sheridan, P212, R32, D183, H183
LOPER, William - Logan, P130, R43, D115, H128
LORD, John - Rock, P183, R32, D156, H163
LORD, May - Rock, P183, R33, D156, H163
LORD, David - Rock, P183, R34, D156, H163
LORD, Leigh - Rock, P183, R35, D156, H163
LORD, Pearl - Rock, P183, R36, D156, H163
LORGE, Susan - Rock, P176, R69, D13, H15
LORGE, Will - Rock, P176, R70, D13, H15
LORGE, Maud - Rock, P176, R71, D13, H15
LORGE, Frank N. - Rock, P178, R7, D41, H44
LORGE, Grace S. - Rock, P178, R8, D41, H44
LORGE, I. S. - Rock, P178, R15, D44, H47
LORGE, Martha - Rock, P178, R16, D44, H47
LORGE, Willhemina - Rock, P178, R17, D44, H47
LORGE, John, Jr. - Rock, P181, R28, D105, H111
LORGE, May - Rock, P181, R29, D105, H111
LORGE, Lucille - Rock, P181, R30, D105, H111
LOS, John - West Branch, P236, R22, D88, H90
LOS, Johanna - West Branch, P236, R23, D88, H90
LOSEY, Catherine - Lincoln, P114, R65, D105, H108
LOSEY, William E. - Lincoln, P114, R66, D105, H108
LOUCKHORST, Minnie - West Branch, P242, R95, D213, H215
LOUIS, Lizzie - Floyd, P52, R94, D21, H21
LOUIS, Jacob - Floyd, P55, R98, D87, H89
LOUIS, Adriana - Floyd, P55, R99, D87, H89
LOUIS, M. L. - Sioux, P196, R65, D62, H62
LOUIS, Louise - Sioux, P196, R66, D62, H62
LOUIS, Earl - Sioux, P196, R67, D62, H62
LOVE, Adam - Center, P36, R13, D125, H125
LOVELL, John - Logan, P131, R15, D132, H145
LOWELL, - Settler, P202, R16, D139, H140
LOWELL, Mathilda - Settler, P202, R17, D139, H140
LOWELL, Ruby - Settler, P202, R18, D139, H140
LOWELL, Pearl May - Settler, P202, R19, D139, H140
LOWREY, Lewis - Sheridan, P204, R92, D42, H42
LOWREY, Pearl - Sheridan, P204, R93, D42, H42
LOWREY, Lucile - Sheridan, P204, R94, D42, H42
LUBBERS, Roelf - Nassau, P157, R43, D242, H245
LUBBERS, Jantje - Nassau, P157, R44, D242, H245
LUBBERS, Henry - Nassau, P157, R45, D242, H245
LUBBERS, John S. - Nassau, P157, R46, D242, H245
LUBBERS, Sarah E. - Nassau, P157, R47, D242, H245
LUBBERS, Albertus - Nassau, P157, R48, D242, H245
LUBBERS, R. J. - Sheridan, P205, R74, D61, H61
LUBBERS, Minnie - Sheridan, P205, R75, D61, H61
LUBBERS, George - Sheridan, P205, R76, D61, H61
LUBBERS, Eilen - Sheridan, P205, R77, D61, H61
LUBBERS, Mary - Sheridan, P205, R78, D61, H61
LUBBERS, Ro? - Sheridan, P205, R79, D61, H61
LUBRECK, Alice - Rock, P190, R92, D284, H291
LUBSEN, Jan - Nassau, P147, R86, D73, H73
LUBSEN, Jan - Nassau, P147, R87, D73, H73
LUBSEN, Ettie - Nassau, P147, R88, D73, H73
LUBSEN, Peter - Nassau, P147, R89, D73, H73
LUCAS, Frank - East Orange, P45, R52, D73, H76
LUCAS, John P. - Nassau, P153, R5, D175, H176
LUCAS, Annie - Nassau, P153, R6, D175, H176
LUCAS, Mike - Nassau, P153, R7, D175, H176
LUCAS, Katie A. - Nassau, P153, R8, D175, H176
LUCAS, John - Nassau, P153, R9, D175, H176
LUCAS, Lera C. - Nassau, P153, R10, D175, H176
LUCAS, Andrew - Reading, P169, R88, D145, H146
LUCE, Otho - Lynn, P25, R47, D209, H209
LUCHSINGER, Casper - Buncombe, P7, R50, D156, H156
LUCHSINGER, Adalina - Buncombe, P7, R51, D156, H156
LUCHSINGER, Peter - Buncombe, P7, R52, D156, H156
LUCHSINGER, Louis A. - Buncombe, P7, R53, D156, H156
LUCHSINGER, Geo. W. - Buncombe, P7, R54, D156, H156
LUCHSINGER, Leona L.. - Buncombe, P7, R55, D156, H156
LUCHSINGER, Anna J. - Buncombe, P7, R56, D156, H156
LUCHSINGER, emma S. - Buncombe, P7, R57, D156, H156
LUCHSINGER, John H. - Buncombe, P7, R58, D156, H156
LUCHSINGER, Caroline I. - Buncombe, P7, R59, D156, H156
LUCHTENBURG, Henry - Holland, P85, R75, D13, H13
LUCHTENBURG, Carrie - Holland, P85, R76, D13, H13
LUCKEY, Francis M. - Buncombe, P2, R80, D50, H50
LUCKEY, Jane - Buncombe, P2, R81, D50, H50
LUDENS, Peternella - Orange City, P105, R56, D224, H227
LUDOWISE, ??? - Lynn, P25, R73, D214, H214
LUDOWISE, Kate - Lynn, P25, R74, D214, H214
LUDOWISE, Lizzie - Lynn, P25, R75, D214, H214
LUDOWISE, Macy - Lynn, P25, R76, D214, H214
LUDOWISE, Mary - Lynn, P25, R77, D214, H214
LUDOWISE, J?? - Lynn, P25, R78, D214, H214
LUDOWISE, Joseph - Lynn, P25, R79, D214, H214
LUDOWISE, Paul - Lynn, P25, R80, D214, H214
LUDOWISE, Andrew - Lynn, P25, R81, D214, H214
LUDOWISE, Louie - Lynn, P25, R82, D214, H214
LUDOWISE, Lawrence - Lynn, P25, R83, D214, H214
LUDOWISE, Frank - Lynn, P25, R84, D214, H214
LUDOWISE, Nick - Lynn, P25, R85, D215, H215
LUDOWISE, Mary - Lynn, P25, R86, D215, H215
LUDOWISE, Nick - Lynn, P25, R87, D215, H215
LUDOWISE, Maggie - Lynn, P25, R88, D215, H215
LUDOWISE, Mary - Lynn, P25, R89, D215, H215
LUDOWISE, Kate - Lynn, P25, R90, D215, H215
LUDOWISE, Susan - Lynn, P25, R91, D215, H215
LUDOWISE, Domino - Lynn, P25, R92, D215, H215
LUDOWISE, Johnny - Lynn, P25, R93, D215, H215
LUDOWISE, Annie - Lynn, P25, R94, D215, H215
LUDOWISE, Lena - Lynn, P25, R95, D215, H215
LUESTRA, Martin - Lincoln, P124, R70, D300, H305
LUESTRA, Anna - Lincoln, P124, R71, D300, H305
LUKAS, John - Nassau, P145, R52, D27, H27
LUKAS, Dirkje - Nassau, P145, R53, D27, H27
LUKAS, Allie - Nassau, P145, R54, D27, H27
LUKAS, Peter - Nassau, P145, R55, D27, H27
LUKAS, Henry - Nassau, P145, R56, D27, H27
LUKAS, Nellie - Nassau, P145, R57, D27, H27
LUKAS, Synthia - Nassau, P145, R58, D27, H27
LUKAS, Veronica - Nassau, P145, R59, D27, H27
LUKAS, Arie - Nassau, P145, R60, D27, H27
LUKAS, John - Nassau, P145, R61, D27, H27
LUKAS, E??gena - Nassau, P145, R62, D27, H27
LUKAS, Nickolas - Nassau, P159, R4, D270, H273
LUNBURGH, Saake - Holland, P94, R2, D169, H169
LUNBURGH, Grietje - Holland, P94, R3, D169, H169
LUNBURGH, Annie - Holland, P94, R5, D169, H169
LUNDY, James - Rock, P182, R42, D133, H140
LUNDY, Emma - Rock, P182, R43, D133, H140
LUNDY, Eugene - Rock, P182, R44, D133, H140
LUTJENS, Henry - Lincoln, P117, R82, D169, H173
LUTJENS, Frederika - Lincoln, P117, R83, D169, H173
LUTJENS, Carrie - Lincoln, P117, R84, D169, H173
LUTJENS, Herman - Lincoln, P117, R85, D169, H173
LUTJENS, Wm. - Lincoln, P117, R86, D169, H173
LUTJENS, Louis - Lincoln, P117, R87, D169, H173
LUTJENS, Otto - Lincoln, P117, R88, D169, H173
LUTJENS, Fred D. - Lincoln, P123, R75, D283, H288
LUTJENS, Maggie R. - Lincoln, P123, R76, D283, H288
LUTJENS, Mary - Lincoln, P123, R77, D283, H288
LUTJENS, Henry P. - Lincoln, P123, R78, D283, H288
LUTJENS, Sophia - Lincoln, P123, R79, D283, H288
LUTJENS, Claus - Lincoln, P123, R80, D283, H288
LUTJENS, J. H. - Sheridan, P210, R99, D162, H162
LUTJENS, Mary - Sheridan, P210, R100, D162, H162
LUTJENS, Margereta - Sheridan, P211, R1, D162, H162
LUTJENS, John - Sheridan, P211, R2, D162, H162
LUTJENS, Anna - Sheridan, P211, R3, D162, H162
LUTJENS, Bertha - Sheridan, P211, R4, D162, H162
LUTJENS, Emma - Sheridan, P211, R5, D162, H162
LUTJENS, Lizzie - Sheridan, P211, R6, D162, H162
LUTJENS, Minnie - Sheridan, P211, R7, D162, H162
LUTZ, Edgar A. - Rock, P189, R49, D262, H269
LUTZ, Winnfred - Rock, P189, R50, D262, H269
LUYMERS, Herman - Sheridan, P203, R99, D21, H21
LUYMES, Harm J. - Holland, P89, R44, D82, H82
LUYMES, Teunis - Orange City, P100, R88, D125, H127
LUYMES, Ellen - Orange City, P100, R89, D125, H127
LUYMES, Herman - Orange City, P100, R90, D125, H127
LUYMES, Isaac - Orange City, P100, R91, D125, H127
LUYMES, Nellie - Orange City, P100, R92, D125, H127
LYLE, B. - Buncombe, P2, R64, D44, H44
LYNCH, Lehman L. - Washington, P141, R31, D321, H334
LYNCH, Joe - Rock, P186, R43, D219, H226
LYNCH, Minnie - Rock, P186, R44, D219, H226
LYNCH, Joeseph - Rock, P186, R45, D219, H226
LYNCH, Jerry - Rock, P191, R97, D302, H309
LYNCH, Mary - Rock, P191, R98, D302, H309
LYNCH, Catherine - Rock, P191, R99, D302, H309
LYNCH, John - Sherman, P216, R55, D65, H65
LYNCH, Ellen - Sherman, P216, R56, D65, H65
LYNCH, Elizabeth - Sherman, P216, R57, D65, H65
LYNCH, Kattie - Sherman, P216, R58, D65, H65
LYNN, John M. - Buncombe, P6, R65, D134, H134
LYNN, Jennie C. - Buncombe, P6, R66, D134, H134
LYNN, Inez V. - Buncombe, P6, R67, D134, H134
LYNN, Lawrence F. - Buncombe, P6, R68, D134, H134
LYNN, Gladys E. - Buncombe, P6, R69, D134, H134
LYNN, Archie - Eagle, P32, R29, D58, H58
LYNN, Mary - Eagle, P32, R30, D58, H58
LYNN, Mary - Eagle, P32, R31, D58, H58
LYNN, Maggie - Eagle, P32, R32, D58, H58
LYNN, Agnes - Eagle, P32, R33, D58, H58
LYNN, Archie - Eagle, P32, R34, D58, H58
LYNOTT, Edward - Logan, P133, R6, D168, H181
LYNOTT, Mary - Logan, P133, R7, D168, H181
LYNOTT, Alexander J. - Logan, P133, R8, D168, H181
LYNOTT, Mary - Logan, P133, R9, D168, H181
LYNOTT, John S. - Logan, P133, R10, D168, H181
LYNOTT, Kate Agnes - Logan, P133, R12, D168, H181
LYNOTT, Nannie J. - Logan, P133, R11, D168, H181
LYON, Rosa - Grant, P77, R99, D17, H17
LYONS, William - Nassau, P147, R100, D75, H75
LYONS, Jennie - Nassau, P148, R1, D75, H75
LYONS, Tracy - Nassau, P148, R2, D75, H75
LYONS, William - Nassau, P148, R3, D75, H75
LYONS, John - Nassau, P148, R4, D75, H75
LYONS, Charles - Nassau, P148, R5, D75, H75
LYONS, George - Nassau, P148, R6, D75, H75
LYTLE, Etel M. - Nassau, P151, R97, D153, H154
LYZEN, Daniel - Floyd, P62, R1, D192, H194
LYZEN, Johanna - Floyd, P62, R2, D192, H194
LYZEN, Albert - Floyd, P62, R3, D192, H194


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