1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

SLADE, Franklin H. - Garfield, P68, R7, D59, H59
SLADE, Addie - Garfield, P68, R8, D59, H59
SLADE, Charley E. - Garfield, P68, R9, D59, H59
SLADE, Catherine - Garfield, P68, R10, D59, H59
SLAGLE, Wallen - Nassau, P151, R57, D147, H148
SLAGLE, ??? - Nassau, P151, R58, D147, H148
SLAGLE, Frank M. - Nassau, P151, R78, D150, H151
SLAGLE, F???ine E. - Nassau, P151, R79, D150, H151
SLAGLE, He?? - Nassau, P151, R80, D150, H151
SLAGLE, Virginia - Nassau, P151, R81, D150, H151
SLAGLE, Christian - Nassau, P151, R82, D150, H151
SLEEUHOVER, A. - Sheridan, P207, R50, D96, H96
SLEEUHOVER, Nellie - Sheridan, P207, R51, D96, H96
SLEEUHOVER, Airie - Sheridan, P207, R52, D96, H96
SLEEUHOVER, Sadie - Sheridan, P207, R53, D96, H96
SLICKERS, Arend - Orange City, P103, R56, D181, H184
SLICKERS, Aaltje - Orange City, P103, R57, D181, H184
SLICKERS, Harm - Orange City, P103, R58, D181, H184
SLICKERS, Jennie - Orange City, P103, R59, D181, H184
SLICKERS, Gertie - Orange City, P103, R60, D181, H184
SLICKERS, Ziena - Orange City, P103, R61, D181, H184
SLICKERS, Jan - Orange City, P103, R62, D181, H184
SLICKERS, Hendrika - Orange City, P103, R63, D181, H184
SLIFER, Charles A. - Grant, P81, R38, D79, H80
SLIFER, Annie A. - Grant, P81, R39, D79, H80
SLIKKERVEER, Leendert - Orange City, P96, R10, D22, H22
SLIKKERVEER, Henry - Orange City, P103, R44, D178, H181
SLIKKERVEER, Antonia - Orange City, P103, R45, D178, H181
SLIKKERVEER, Antonie - Orange City, P103, R46, D178, H181
SLIKKERVEER, Annie - Orange City, P103, R47, D178, H181
SLIKKERVEER, Henry L. A. - Orange City, P103, R48, D178, H181
SLIKKERVEER, Mary - Orange City, P105, R36, D220, H223
SLIKKERVEER, Jennie - Orange City, P105, R37, D220, H223
SLINGEN, Albert - Capel, P19, R84, D114, H114
SLINGER, Jake - Floyd, P62, R75, D205, H207
SLINGER, William - Lynn, P21, R93, D152, H152
SLINGER, Edward - Lynn, P21, R94, D152, H152
SLINGER, Martha - Lynn, P21, R95, D152, H152
SLOB, Jacoba - Orange City, P99, R80, D102, H104
SLOB, Gerrit J. - Orange City, P99, R81, D102, H104
SLOB, Helen - Orange City, P99, R82, D102, H104
SLOB, Jacoba A. - Orange City, P99, R83, D102, H104
SLOB, Frederic W. - Orange City, P99, R84, D102, H104
SLOB, Albert - West Branch, P232, R62, D13, H14
SLOB, Anna - West Branch, P232, R63, D13, H14
SLOTEMAKER, Cornelius - Holland, P93, R52, D156, H156
SLOTEMAKER, Aache - Holland, P93, R53, D156, H156
SLOTHOUBER, Rendina - Capel, P13, R56, D12, H12
SLOTHOUBER, John - Capel, P13, R54, D12, H12
SLOTHOUBER, Rendina - Capel, P13, R55, D12, H12
SLOTHOUBER, Gerrit - Capel, P15, R69, D53, H53
SLOTHOUBER, T. - Capel, P15, R70, D53, H53
SLOTHOUBER, Minnie - Capel, P15, R71, D53, H53
SLOTHOUBER, Gerrit - Capel, P15, R72, D53, H53
SLOTHOUBER, Albert - Capel, P15, R73, D53, H53
SLOTHOUBER, Henry - Capel, P16, R10, D58, H58
SLOTHOUBER, Tony - Capel, P16, R11, D58, H58
SLOTHOUBER, Dena - Capel, P16, R12, D58, H58
SLOTHOUSER, Antony - Nassau, P156, R58, D227, H229
SLOTHOUSER, Nettie - Nassau, P156, R59, D227, H229
SLOTHOUSER, Jennie - Nassau, P156, R60, D227, H229
SLOTHOUSER, Jan - Nassau, P156, R61, D227, H229
SLOTHOUSER, Gerrit - Nassau, P156, R62, D227, H229
SLOTHOUWER, Reka - Nassau, P160, R38, D292, H295
SLOUFFER, William George - Logan, P128, R27, D70, H80
SLUIS, Jacob - Lincoln, P112, R77, D64, H66
SLUIS, Gelte - Lincoln, P112, R78, D64, H66
SLUIS, Annie - Lincoln, P112, R79, D64, H66
SLUIS, Clara H. - Lincoln, P112, R80, D64, H66
SLUIS, Johanna - Lincoln, P112, R81, D64, H66
SLUIS, Cornelius H. - Lincoln, P112, R82, D64, H66
SLUIS, Jacob - Lincoln, P112, R83, D64, H66
SLUIS, Peter - Orange City, P107, R1, D257, H261
SLUIS, Neeltje - Orange City, P107, R2, D257, H261
SLUIS, Peter - Orange City, P107, R5, D257, H261
SMALL, Mattie - Sioux, P194, R18, D20, H20
SMEENK, Albert - Orange City, P98, R47, D70, H71
SMEENK, Gertrude - Orange City, P98, R48, D70, H71
SMEENK, Ernest E. - Orange City, P98, R49, D70, H71
SMEENK, Cornelia H. - Orange City, P98, R50, D70, H71
SMEENK, Peter - West Branch, P247, R23, D278, H281
SMELSER, John F. - Orange City, P97, R8, D42, H43
SMELSER, Sarah - Orange City, P97, R9, D42, H43
SMET, Domien O. - Plato, P72, R84, D123, H124
SMET, Sidonie - Plato, P72, R85, D123, H124
SMET, Annie - Plato, P72, R86, D123, H124
SMET, Arthur - Plato, P72, R87, D123, H124
SMET, Charley - Plato, P72, R88, D123, H124
SMET, Lusia - Plato, P72, R89, D123, H124
SMET, Alfonso - Plato, P72, R90, D123, H124
SMILEY, Ross - Rock, P187, R65, D232, H239
SMILEY, J. P. - Sioux, P193, R76, D12, H12
SMILEY, Mattie - Sioux, P193, R77, D12, H12
SMIT, Nick - Capel, P13, R80, D17, H17
SMIT, Katie - Capel, P13, R81, D17, H17
SMIT, Emma - Capel, P13, R82, D17, H17
SMIT, Albert - Capel, P18, R20, D90, H90
SMIT, ??? - Capel, P18, R21, D90, H90
SMIT, Ralph - Capel, P18, R22, D90, H90
SMIT, ??? - Capel, P18, R23, D90, H90
SMIT, James - Capel, P18, R24, D90, H90
SMIT, Jennie - Capel, P18, R25, D90, H90
SMIT, ??? - Capel, P18, R26, D90, H90
SMIT, ??? - Capel, P18, R27, D90, H90
SMIT, Walter - Nassau, P154, R1, D191, H192
SMIT, La??ijse - Nassau, P154, R2, D191, H192
SMIT, Joan - Nassau, P154, R3, D191, H192
SMIT, Laura - Nassau, P154, R4, D191, H192
SMIT, J. R. - Sheridan, P207, R10, D89, H89
SMIT, Grace - Sheridan, P207, R11, D89, H89
SMIT, John - Sheridan, P207, R12, D89, H89
SMIT, Seine - Sheridan, P207, R13, D89, H89
SMIT, Fred - Sheridan, P211, R59, D172, H172
SMITH, John - Buncombe, P2, R30, D34, H34
SMITH, Jennie - Buncombe, P2, R31, D34, H34
SMITH, ??? M. - Buncombe, P2, R32, D34, H34
SMITH, Janice P. - Buncombe, P2, R33, D34, H34
SMITH, Geo E. - Buncombe, P3, R33, D63, H63
SMITH, Martha E. - Buncombe, P3, R34, D63, H63
SMITH, Dora d. - Buncombe, P3, R35, D63, H63
SMITH, Chas. L. - Buncombe, P3, R36, D63, H63
SMITH, Bertha A. - Buncombe, P3, R37, D63, H63
SMITH, Fred E. - Buncombe, P3, R38, D63, H63
SMITH, Robert A. - Buncombe, P3, R39, D63, H63
SMITH, Gardion B. - Buncombe, P3, R40, D63, H63
SMITH, Harry L. - Buncombe, P3, R41, D63, H63
SMITH, Carry M. - Buncombe, P3, R42, D63, H63
SMITH, EdIth M. - Buncombe, P5, R31, D107, H107
SMITH, Iota Mae - Buncombe, P5, R32, D107, H107
SMITH, Floyd E. - Buncombe, P5, R33, D107, H107
SMITH, Flora F. - Buncombe, P5, R34, D107, H107
SMITH, Lloyd L. - Buncombe, P5, R35, D107, H107
SMITH, Ira - Buncombe, P10, R47, D224, H224
SMITH, Lydia E. - Buncombe, P10, R48, D224, H224
SMITH, Grace E. - Buncombe, P10, R49, D224, H224
SMITH, William J. - Buncombe, P12, R10, D249, H249
SMITH, Almira L. - Buncombe, P12, R11, D249, H249
SMITH, Earl F. - Buncombe, P12, R12, D249, H249
SMITH, Robert J. - Center, P38, R53, D167, H167
SMITH, Josephine - Center, P38, R54, D167, H167
SMITH, Rilla - Center, P38, R57, D167, H167
SMITH, Harry - Center, P38, R58, D167, H167
SMITH, William H. - Eagle, P29, R87, D15, H15
SMITH, Elizabeth - Eagle, P29, R88, D15, H15
SMITH, Mary - Eagle, P29, R89, D15, H15
SMITH, George - Eagle, P29, R90, D16, H16
SMITH, Effie F. - Eagle, P29, R91, D16, H16
SMITH, Clarence E. - Eagle, P29, R92, D16, H16
SMITH, Orlo H. - Eagle, P29, R93, D16, H16
SMITH, Jessie E. - Eagle, P29, R94, D16, H16
SMITH, William B. - Eagle, P30, R59, D27, H27
SMITH, F. T. - Eagle, P30, R84, D33, H33
SMITH, Mary S. - Eagle, P30, R85, D33, H33
SMITH, Miranda - Eagle, P30, R86, D33, H33
SMITH, Else - Eagle, P30, R87, D33, H33
SMITH, Cora - Eagle, P30, R88, D33, H33
SMITH, Henry - Floyd, P52, R39, D11, H11
SMITH, Syedina - Floyd, P52, R40, D11, H11
SMITH, Anna - Floyd, P52, R41, D11, H11
SMITH, Rudolph - Floyd, P52, R42, D11, H11
SMITH, John - Floyd, P52, R43, D11, H11
SMITH, Teunis - Floyd, P52, R44, D11, H11
SMITH, Hattie - Floyd, P52, R45, D11, H11
SMITH, Hendrick - Floyd, P52, R46, D11, H11
SMITH, William J. - Garfield, P68, R69, D72, H73
SMITH, Alice G. - Garfield, P68, R70, D72, H73
SMITH, John F. - Garfield, P68, R71, D72, H73
SMITH, Mary A. - Garfield, P68, R72, D72, H73
SMITH, William A. D. - Garfield, P68, R73, D72, H73
SMITH, Wm. - Lincoln, P118, R8, D173, H177
SMITH, Milton - Logan, P126, R50, D33, H37
SMITH, Grace E. - Logan, P126, R51, D33, H37
SMITH, Helen A. - Logan, P126, R52, D33, H37
SMITH, Clarence - Logan, P126, R53, D33, H37
SMITH, Walter N. - Logan, P126, R56, D34, H38
SMITH, Anna - Logan, P126, R57, D34, H38
SMITH, Sarah E. - Logan, P126, R58, D34, H38
SMITH, Oscar E. - Logan, P126, R59, D34, H38
SMITH, Rollin W. - Logan, P126, R60, D34, H38
SMITH, Charles H. - Logan, P130, R50, D116, H129
SMITH, Lewis - Logan, P136, R5, D221, H234
SMITH, Mary - Logan, P136, R6, D221, H234
SMITH, Florence E. - Logan, P136, R7, D221, H234
SMITH, Laura L. - Logan, P136, R8, D221, H234
SMITH, Carrie A. - Logan, P136, R9, D221, H234
SMITH, Harvey L. - Logan, P136, R10, D221, H234
SMITH, Harris A. - Logan, P137, R28, D249, H262
SMITH, Lovina M. - Logan, P137, R29, D249, H262
SMITH, Edward Z. - Logan, P137, R30, D249, H262
SMITH, Kinley Q. - Logan, P137, R31, D249, H262
SMITH, William M. - Lynn, P25, R22, D206, H206
SMITH, Willehmenia - Lynn, P25, R23, D206, H206
SMITH, ??? - Lynn, P25, R24, D206, H206
SMITH, ??? - Lynn, P25, R25, D206, H206
SMITH, ??? - Lynn, P25, R26, D206, H206
SMITH, ??? - Lynn, P25, R27, D206, H206
SMITH, ??? - Lynn, P25, R28, D206, H206
SMITH, ??? - Lynn, P25, R29, D206, H206
SMITH, ??? - Lynn, P25, R30, D206, H206
SMITH, ??d? - Nassau, P151, R70, D159, H150
SMITH, Anna M. - Nassau, P151, R71, D159, H150
SMITH, Millard F. J. - Nassau, P151, R72, D159, H150
SMITH, Arthur F. - Nassau, P151, R73, D159, H150
SMITH, Olga E. - Nassau, P151, R74, D159, H150
SMITH, Anna M. - Nassau, P151, R75, D159, H150
SMITH, Alice G. - Nassau, P151, R76, D159, H150
SMITH, John C. - Nassau, P161, R60, D314, H317
SMITH, Christina - Nassau, P161, R61, D314, H317
SMITH, James L. - Nassau, P161, R62, D314, H317
SMITH, George W. - Nassau, P161, R63, D314, H317
SMITH, Bessie - Nassau, P161, R64, D314, H317
SMITH, Florance M. - Nassau, P161, R65, D314, H317
SMITH, Samual A. - Nassau, P161, R66, D314, H317
SMITH, Mabel - Nassau, P161, R67, D314, H317
SMITH, Sadie M. - Nassau, P161, R68, D314, H317
SMITH, Lew S. - Nassau, P161, R69, D315, H318
SMITH, Margaret - Nassau, P161, R70, D315, H318
SMITH, Dorothy - Nassau, P161, R71, D315, H318
SMITH, Calla - Orange City, P99, R71, D99, H101
SMITH, Melvin B. - Plato, P72, R41, D116, H117
SMITH, Emma - Plato, P72, R42, D116, H117
SMITH, Zell Z. - Plato, P72, R43, D116, H117
SMITH, Zoa - Plato, P72, R44, D116, H117
SMITH, Pearl - Plato, P72, R45, D116, H117
SMITH, Jessie - Plato, P72, R46, D116, H117
SMITH, Cecil - Plato, P72, R47, D116, H117
SMITH, Harlen E. - Plato, P72, R78, D122, H123
SMITH, Mary M. - Plato, P72, R79, D122, H123
SMITH, Dale W. - Plato, P72, R80, D122, H123
SMITH, ??? - Plato, P72, R81, D122, H123
SMITH, Horace Barnes - Reading, P168, R12, D104, H105
SMITH, Florence Belle - Reading, P168, R13, D104, H105
SMITH, Newton Dexter - Reading, P168, R14, D104, H105
SMITH, Lyrne Burdett - Reading, P168, R15, D104, H105
SMITH, Bernard - Reading, P171, R56, D171, H173
SMITH, Samuel E. - Reading, P175, R9, D235, H237
SMITH, Annie A. - Reading, P175, R10, D235, H237
SMITH, Clara May - Reading, P175, R11, D235, H237
SMITH, Ray Edward - Reading, P175, R12, D235, H237
SMITH, Dora E. - Reading, P175, R13, D235, H237
SMITH, Margaret - Rock, P180, R2, D82, H85
SMITH, Norman - Rock, P180, R62, D94, H98
SMITH, Nellie - Rock, P180, R63, D94, H98
SMITH, Elias - Rock, P180, R78, D97, H101
SMITH, Ada - Rock, P180, R79, D97, H101
SMITH, Harry - Rock, P180, R80, D97, H101
SMITH, Jee?ssy - Rock, P180, R81, D97, H101
SMITH, Viva - Rock, P180, R82, D97, H101
SMITH, Harald - Rock, P180, R83, D97, H101
SMITH, Charles M. - Rock, P185, R98, D209, H216
SMITH, Carrie - Rock, P185, R99, D209, H216
SMITH, Warren - Rock, P185, R100, D209, H216
SMITH, John - Sheridan, P204, R48, D30, H30
SMITH, Minnie - Sheridan, P204, R49, D30, H30
SMITH, Wesley - Sheridan, P204, R50, D30, H30
SMITH, Gladys - Sheridan, P204, R51, D30, H30
SMITH, Devorah - Sherman, P215, R36, D35, H35
SMITH, John - Sioux, P198, R53, D93, H93
SMITH, Minerva - Sioux, P198, R54, D93, H93
SMITH, Edward - Sioux, P198, R55, D93, H93
SMITH, Herman - Sioux, P198, R56, D93, H93
SMITH, Christian - Sioux, P198, R58, D94, H94
SMITH, ??? - Sioux, P198, R59, D94, H94
SMITH, Christian - Sioux, P198, R60, D94, H94
SMITH, Herman - Sioux, P198, R61, D94, H94
SMITH, Albert A. - Washington, P139, R73, D296, H309
SMITH, Hannah - Washington, P139, R74, D296, H309
SMITH, Roland L. - Washington, P139, R75, D296, H309
SMITS, John - Reading, P170, R49, D153, H154
SMITS, Dena - Reading, P170, R50, D153, H154
SMITS, Ira - Reading, P170, R51, D153, H154
SMITS, Dora - Reading, P170, R52, D153, H154
SMITS, Jennie - Reading, P170, R53, D153, H154
SMITTEN, Jon - West Branch, P232, R36, D7, H7
SMITTEN, Cornelia - West Branch, P232, R37, D7, H7
SMITTEN, Egbert - West Branch, P232, R38, D7, H7
SMITTEN, Elizabeth G. - West Branch, P232, R39, D7, H7
SNEIDER, John - Nassau, P160, R84, D302, H305
SNEIDER, Cathrine - Nassau, P160, R85, D302, H305
SNEIDER, Peter - Nassau, P160, R86, D302, H305
SNEIDER, Katie - Nassau, P160, R87, D302, H305
SNEIDER, John - Nassau, P160, R88, D302, H305
SNEIDER, Joseph - Nassau, P160, R89, D302, H305
SNEIDER, Alwesius - Nassau, P160, R90, D302, H305
SNEIDER, Leo - Nassau, P160, R91, D302, H305
SNEIDER, Mary - Nassau, P160, R92, D302, H305
SNEIDER, Victor - Nassau, P160, R93, D302, H305
SNELL, Frank - Plato, P73, R65, D136, H137
SNELLER, Dries - Welcome, P224, R20, D7, H7
SNELLER, Hattie - Welcome, P224, R21, D7, H7
SNELLER, Maggie - Welcome, P224, R22, D7, H7
SNELLER, Jacob - Welcome, P224, R23, D7, H7
SNELLER, Eibert - Welcome, P230, R45, D106, H106
SNELLER, Jane - Welcome, P230, R46, D106, H106
SNELLER, Martha - Welcome, P230, R47, D106, H106
SNELLER, Henry - Welcome, P230, R48, D106, H106
SNELLER, Gertie - Welcome, P230, R49, D106, H106
SNELLER, Carie - Welcome, P230, R50, D106, H106
SNELLER, Richard - Welcome, P230, R51, D106, H106
SNELLER, Dries - Welcome, P230, R52, D106, H106
SNELLER, John - Welcome, P230, R53, D106, H106
SNELLER, Annie - Welcome, P230, R54, D106, H106
SNELLER, Willie - Welcome, P230, R55, D106, H106
SNELLER, Matje - West Branch, P239, R63, D159, H161
SNELTJES, Agidins - West Branch, P235, R89, D80, H82
SNELTJES, Dena - West Branch, P235, R90, D80, H82
SNEVE, Erick - Lincoln, P123, R54, D280, H285
SNEVE, Ildri - Lincoln, P123, R55, D280, H285
SNEVE, Arnt - Lincoln, P123, R56, D280, H285
SNOOK, Stolfer - Rock, P183, R78, D164, H171
SNOOK, Mary - Rock, P183, R79, D164, H171
SNOOK, Herman - Rock, P183, R80, D164, H171
SNOOK, Aggie - Rock, P183, R81, D164, H171
SNOOK, Bud - Rock, P183, R82, D164, H171
SNOOK, Josie - Rock, P183, R83, D164, H171
SNOOK, Jennie - Rock, P183, R84, D164, H171
SNOOK, Herman - Sioux, P198, R34, D88, H88
SNYDER, Fred - Eagle, P30, R37, D24, H24
SNYDER, Henry G. - Grant, P79, R94, D55, H56
SNYDER, El??? - Grant, P79, R95, D55, H56
SNYDER, Ae?line - Grant, P79, R96, D55, H56
SNYDER, Sadie D. - Grant, P79, R97, D55, H56
SNYDER, Geerard - Grant, P79, R98, D55, H56
SNYDER, Keimpe - Grant, P80, R12, D58, H59
SNYDER, Grietje - Grant, P80, R13, D58, H59
SNYDER, Aeilene - Grant, P80, R14, D58, H59
SNYDER, Simon C. - Grant, P80, R15, D58, H59
SNYDER, Gereard - Grant, P80, R16, D58, H59
SNYDER, Cornelius - Grant, P80, R17, D58, H59
SNYDER, John W. - Logan, P134, R32, D187, H200
SNYDER, Herbert H. - Logan, P134, R33, D187, H200
SNYDER, Martin - Logan, P134, R34, D187, H200
SNYDER, Catherine - Logan, P134, R35, D187, H200
SNYDER, Helen - Logan, P134, R36, D187, H200
SNYDER, William Aaron - Reading, P166, R51, D58, H58
SNYDER, Emma Belle - Reading, P166, R52, D58, H58
SNYDER, Charles Gideon - Reading, P166, R53, D58, H58
SNYDER, Floy Elvie - Reading, P166, R54, D58, H58
SNYDER, Mabel Ann - Reading, P166, R55, D58, H58
SNYDERS, Lubertus - Orange City, P106, R70, D250, H254
SNYDERS, Cornelia J. - Orange City, P106, R71, D250, H254
SNYDERS, Edith - Orange City, P106, R72, D250, H254
SNYDERS, Henry J. - Orange City, P106, R73, D250, H254
SNYDERS, Peter C. - Orange City, P106, R74, D250, H254
SNYDERS, Edward - Orange City, P106, R75, D250, H254
SNYDERS, Annie - Orange City, P106, R76, D250, H254
SNYDERS, Wilhelmina - Orange City, P106, R77, D250, H254
SNYDERS, Elnora - Orange City, P106, R78, D250, H254
SOHL, August - Sheridan, P210, R3, D145, H145
SOHL, Maggie - Sheridan, P210, R4, D145, H145
SOHL, John - Sheridan, P210, R5, D145, H145
SOHLE, Henry C. - Grant, P82, R86, D104, H105
SOHLE, Ernstiena - Grant, P82, R87, D104, H105
SOHLE, Claus J. - Grant, P82, R88, D104, H105
SOHLE, Lizzie M. - Grant, P82, R89, D104, H105
SOHLE, Emma A. - Grant, P82, R90, D104, H105
SOHLE, Peter J. - Grant, P82, R91, D104, H105
SOL, Jan - Floyd, P61, R90, D189, H191
SOL, Tryntje R, - Floyd, P61, R91, D189, H191
SOL, Katie - Floyd, P61, R92, D189, H191
SOL, Gertie - Floyd, P61, R93, D189, H191
SOLAN, Emma - Sioux, P194, R95, D33, H33
SOLAN, Patrick L. - Sioux, P197, R36, D73, H73
SOLAN, Mary M. - Sioux, P197, R37, D73, H73
SOLAN, James M. - Sioux, P197, R38, D73, H73
SOLAN, John L. - Sioux, P197, R39, D73, H73
SOLAN, Mary - Sioux, P197, R40, D73, H73
SOLAN, Emma - Sioux, P197, R41, D73, H73
SOLAN, Thomas - Sioux, P197, R42, D73, H73
SOLAN, Matthew - Sioux, P197, R43, D73, H73
SOLAN, Kate - Sioux, P197, R44, D73, H73
SOLAN, Belle - Sioux, P197, R45, D73, H73
SOLAN, James - Sioux, P197, R46, D73, H73
SOLSBURG, Kate - Sheridan, P211, R60, D173, H173
SOLSBURG, Frank - Sheridan, P211, R61, D173, H173
SOLSMA, Jacob - Holland, P88, R14, D55, H55
SOLSMA, Maggie - Holland, P88, R15, D55, H55
SOLSMA, Annette - Holland, P88, R16, D55, H55
SOLSMA, Trintje - Holland, P88, R17, D55, H55
SOLSMA, Bert - Holland, P89, R71, D89, H89
SOLSMA, Clara - Holland, P89, R72, D89, H89
SOLSMA, Gerrit - Holland, P89, R73, D89, H89
SOLSMA, Katie - Holland, P89, R74, D89, H89
SOLSMA, Jan - Holland, P89, R75, D89, H89
SOLSMA, Hendrika - Holland, P89, R76, D89, H89
SOLSMA, Jan B. - Nassau, P156, R63, D228, H260
SOLSMA, Katie - Nassau, P156, R64, D228, H260
SOLSMA, Johannes - Nassau, P156, R65, D228, H260
SOLSMA, Johanna - Nassau, P156, R66, D228, H260
SOOST, Charles K. - Logan, P134, R79, D196, H209
SOOST, Mary - Logan, P134, R80, D196, H209
SOOST, Henry F. - Logan, P134, R81, D196, H209
SOOST, William F. - Logan, P134, R83, D197, H210
SORENSEN, Soren - Lincoln, P113, R64, D83, H85
SORENSEN, Annie - Lincoln, P113, R65, D83, H85
SORENSEN, Mary - Lincoln, P113, R66, D83, H85
SORENSEN, Criss - Lincoln, P113, R67, D83, H85
SORENSEN, Baby - Lincoln, P113, R68, D83, H85
SORLEY, Adwin - Buncombe, P1, R18, D4, H4
SORLEY, Flora J. - Buncombe, P1, R19, D4, H4
SORLEY, Amicita I. - Buncombe, P1, R20, D4, H4
SORLEY, not named - Buncombe, P1, R21, D4, H4
SOULEN, Philip - Orange City, P95, R27, D5, H5
SOULEN, Hendrika - Orange City, P95, R28, D5, H5
SOULEN, Harry B. - Orange City, P95, R29, D5, H5
SOULEN, Elizabeth H. - Orange City, P95, R30, D5, H5
SOULEN, Frieda M. - Orange City, P95, R31, D5, H5
SOUTHWICK, Seward M. - Logan, P133, R41, D175, H188
SOUTHWICK, Mary A. - Logan, P133, R42, D175, H188
SOUTHWICK, Winfred - Logan, P133, R43, D175, H188
SPAAN, Henry - Capel, P14, R76, D35, H35
SPAAN, Annie - Capel, P14, R77, D35, H35
SPAAN, Cora - Capel, P14, R78, D35, H35
SPAAN, ???il - Capel, P14, R79, D35, H35
SPAAN, Henry - Capel, P14, R80, D35, H35
SPAAN, Ganes - Capel, P14, R81, D35, H35
SPAAN, John - Capel, P14, R82, D35, H35
SPAAN, Herman - Holland, P92, R91, D143, H143
SPAAN, Trintje - Holland, P92, R92, D143, H143
SPAAN, Henry - Holland, P92, R93, D143, H143
SPAAN, Cornelius - Holland, P92, R94, D143, H143
SPAAN, Alfred - Holland, P92, R95, D143, H143
SPAAN, Henry - Orange City, P97, R67, D53, H54
SPAAN, Cornelia - Orange City, P97, R68, D53, H54
SPAAN, Teintje - Orange City, P97, R69, D53, H54
SPAAN, Minnie - Orange City, P97, R70, D53, H54
SPAAN, Jennie - Orange City, P97, R71, D53, H54
SPARKS, Wallace J. - Logan, P132, R15, D148, H161
SPARKS, Mary R. - Logan, P132, R16, D148, H161
SPARKS, Florence L. - Logan, P132, R17, D148, H161
SPENCER, Geo - Lincoln, P111, R55, D33, H35
SPENCER, Mollie - Lincoln, P111, R56, D33, H35
SPENCER, Floyd - Lincoln, P111, R57, D33, H35
SPENCER, Helen - Lincoln, P111, R58, D33, H35
SPENCER, Hannah B. - Lincoln, P114, R24, D97, H100
SPIERS, Joe - Reading, P169, R24, D130, H131
SPIERS, Jane Isabelles - Reading, P169, R25, D130, H131
SPIERS, Mae - Reading, P169, R26, D130, H131
SPINDEN, Frank - Floyd, P52, R7, D3, H3
SPINDEN, Eugenia - Floyd, P52, R8, D3, H3
SPINDER, Henry - West Branch, P238, R24, D130, H132
SPINDER, Henrietta - West Branch, P238, R25, D130, H132
SPINDER, Sarah E. - West Branch, P238, R26, D130, H132
SPINDER, Joseph F. - West Branch, P238, R27, D130, H132
SPINDER, Clara A. - West Branch, P238, R28, D130, H132
SPINDER, Laura E. - West Branch, P238, R29, D130, H132
SPINDER, Walter A. - West Branch, P238, R30, D130, H132
SPINDER, Martha M. - West Branch, P238, R31, D130, H132
SPINDER, Thealin G. - West Branch, P238, R32, D130, H132
SPINDER, Garrett N. - West Branch, P238, R33, D130, H132
SPINDER, Mary E. - West Branch, P238, R34, D130, H132
SPLEAR, Henry - Garfield, P65, R1, D1, H1
SPLEAR, Emma - Garfield, P65, R2, D1, H1
SPLEAR, Samuel H. - Plato, P73, R25, D129, H130
SPLEAR, Emma - Plato, P73, R26, D129, H130
SPLEAR, Edward F. - Plato, P73, R27, D129, H130
SPLEAR, Henry - Plato, P73, R28, D129, H130
SPLEAR, Ambrose - Rock, P180, R84, D98, H102
SPLEAR, Johannah - Rock, P180, R85, D98, H102
SPLITT, Gus - Rock, P184, R73, D185, H192
SPLITT, Dora T. - Rock, P184, R74, D185, H192
SPLITT, Emma - Rock, P184, R75, D185, H192
SPLITT, Julia N. - Rock, P184, R76, D185, H192
SPLITT, Cora M. - Rock, P184, R77, D185, H192
SPLITT, Mabel M. - Rock, P184, R78, D185, H192
SPLITT, August - Rock, P184, R79, D185, H192
SPOELSTRA, Jan - Floyd, P55, R19, D73, H75
SPOELSTRA, Aaltje - Floyd, P55, R20, D73, H75
SPOELSTRA, Rensig - Floyd, P55, R21, D73, H75
SPOELSTRA, Egbert - Floyd, P55, R22, D73, H75
SPOELSTRA, Jennie - Floyd, P55, R23, D73, H75
SPORRER, Mary - Nassau, P146, R66, D51, H51
SPORRER, Tracy - Nassau, P146, R67, D51, H51
SPORRER, John - Nassau, P146, R68, D51, H51
SPORRER, Thoedore - Nassau, P146, R69, D51, H51
SPORRER, Frank - Nassau, P146, R70, D51, H51
SPORRER, William - Nassau, P146, R71, D51, H51
SPORRER, Annie - Nassau, P146, R72, D51, H51
SPRICH, Nicholas - Logan, P137, R56, D255, H268
SPRINGMAN, Herman - Grant, P79, R50, D49, H50
SPRINGMAN, Maggie - Grant, P79, R51, D49, H50
SPRINGMAN, Lizzie - Grant, P79, R52, D49, H50
SPRINGMAN, Charlie - Grant, P79, R53, D49, H50
SPRINGMAN, Frank - Grant, P79, R54, D49, H50
SPRINGMAN, Lena - Grant, P79, R55, D49, H50
SPYKERMAN, Klaas - Floyd, P63, R67, D222, H224
SPYKERMAN, Aaltje - Floyd, P63, R68, D222, H224
SPYKERMAN, Evert - Floyd, P63, R69, D222, H224
SPYKERMAN, Gerrit - Floyd, P63, R70, D222, H224
SQUIERS, James - Eagle, P33, R84, D87, H87
SQUIERS, Mary E. - Eagle, P33, R85, D87, H87
SQUIERS, Edward - Eagle, P33, R86, D87, H87
SQUIERS, John A. - Eagle, P33, R87, D87, H87
SREMERSMA, Tjerk - Orange City, P97, R35, D46, H47
SREMERSMA, Antje - Orange City, P97, R36, D46, H47
ST??KASBO?, Martha - Sheridan, P213, R35, D206, H206
STABELFELDT, Fred - Grant, P82, R76, D102, H103
STABELFELDT, Maggie - Grant, P82, R77, D102, H103
STABELFELDT, Annie J. - Grant, P82, R78, D102, H103
STABELFELDT, Rosa H. - Grant, P82, R79, D102, H103
STABELFELDT, Charles L. - Grant, P82, R80, D102, H103
STABEN, Louis - Rock, P181, R72, D114, H120
STADENON, August - Lynn, P23, R60, D181, H181
STADENON, Minnie - Lynn, P23, R61, D181, H181
STADENON, Lnnie - Lynn, P23, R62, D181, H181
STADENON, Fred - Lynn, P23, R63, D181, H181
STADENON, Nellie - Lynn, P23, R64, D181, H181
STADT, Henry M. - West Branch, P232, R9, D3, H3
STADT, Margaret - West Branch, P232, R10, D3, H3
STADT, John M. - West Branch, P232, R11, D3, H3
STADT, Katie - West Branch, P232, R12, D3, H3
STADT, William H. - West Branch, P232, R13, D3, H3
STAFFORD, Arthur T. - Reading, P168, R7, D102, H103
STAFFORD, Ada L. - Reading, P168, R8, D102, H103
STAHL, Joseph Newton - Reading, P168, R68, D120, H121
STAHL, Mary Ardella - Reading, P168, R69, D120, H121
STAHL, Dora Gail - Reading, P168, R70, D120, H121
STAHL, Fay Frances - Reading, P168, R71, D120, H121
STALBERS, Lizzie - East Orange, P47, R91, D106, H108
STALLMAN, William - East Orange, P49, R32, D127, H129
STALLMAN, Benard - East Orange, P49, R33, D128, H130
STALLMAN, Barbara - East Orange, P49, R34, D128, H130
STALLMAN, Annie - East Orange, P49, R35, D128, H130
STALLMAN, Mary L. - East Orange, P49, R36, D128, H130
STALLMAN, John S. - East Orange, P49, R37, D128, H130
STANSBERRY, Emma - Reading, P167, R61, D88, H89
STANTON, Frank - Grant, P82, R6, D90, H91
STANTON, Eva - Grant, P82, R7, D90, H91
STANTON, Edna A. - Grant, P82, R8, D90, H91
STANTON, Leonard R. - Grant, P82, R9, D90, H91
STANTON, Stella L. - Grant, P82, R10, D90, H91
STANTON, Frank W. - Grant, P82, R11, D90, H91
STANTON, Victor V. - Grant, P82, R12, D90, H91
STANTON, Thomas - Logan, P136, R24, D224, H237
STAPERT, Gerrit S. - Orange City, P103, R76, D185, H188
STAPERT, Kleskje - Orange City, P103, R77, D185, H188
STAPERT, Jelle - Orange City, P105, R38, D221, H224
STAPERT, Janke - Orange City, P105, R39, D221, H224
STAPERT, Hendrikje - Orange City, P105, R40, D221, H224
STARKENBERG, Elke - Holland, P94, R65, D181, H181
STARKENBURG, Sip - Holland, P88, R58, D65, H65
STARKENBURG, Jan - Holland, P88, R59, D66, H66
STARKENBURG, Duke - Holland, P88, R60, D66, H66
STARKENBURG, Richard - Holland, P88, R61, D66, H66
STARKENBURG, Sjoerd - Holland, P88, R62, D66, H66
STARKENBURG, Annie - Holland, P88, R63, D66, H66
STARKENBURG, Minnie - Holland, P88, R64, D66, H66
STARKENBURG, Arthur - Holland, P88, R65, D66, H66
STARKENBURG, Liebe - Holland, P88, R66, D66, H66
STARKENBURG, Joh??e - Holland, P88, R67, D66, H66
STARKENBURG, Maggie - Holland, P88, R68, D66, H66
STARKENBURG, Jacob - Holland, P88, R69, D66, H66
STARKENBURG, Neosel - Holland, P92, R90, D142, H142
STARKEY, Kate H. - Logan, P131, R86, D144, H157
STARKEY, Walter - Logan, P131, R87, D144, H157
STARKEY, John - Logan, P131, R88, D144, H157
STARKEY, Beauchamp B. - Logan, P131, R89, D144, H157
STARKWEATERH, F??? - Sheridan, P203, R59, D14, H14
STARKWEATERH, Mary - Sheridan, P203, R60, D14, H14
STARKWEATERH, Vera - Sheridan, P203, R61, D14, H14
STARKWEATERH, Ha?? - Sheridan, P203, R62, D14, H14
STARKWEATERH, Freder?y - Sheridan, P203, R63, D14, H14
STARR, George - Rock, P183, R52, D160, H167
STARR, Clara - Rock, P183, R53, D160, H167
STARR, Bert - Rock, P183, R54, D160, H167
STARR, vinnie - Rock, P183, R55, D160, H167
STARR, ?arl - Rock, P183, R56, D160, H167
STARR, Harry - Rock, P183, R57, D160, H167
STARR, Geo Dewey - Rock, P183, R58, D160, H167
STATDEMA, Klaas - West Branch, P242, R79, D210, H212
STAUDER, Jacob - Nassau, P160, R82, D301, H304
STAUDER, Wesslina - Nassau, P160, R83, D301, H304
STAVENGA, John - West Branch, P235, R92, D81, H83
STAVENGA, Minnie - West Branch, P235, R93, D81, H83
STAVENGA, Nicholas - West Branch, P235, R94, D81, H83

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