1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

DOOLITTLE, Melvin E. - Logan, P133, R54, D180, H193
DOORENBOS, John - Capel, P13, R89, D20, H20
DOORENBOS, Winnie - Capel, P13, R90, D20, H20
DOORNINK, John - Center, P37, R64, D153, H153
DOORNINK, Jennie - Center, P37, R65, D153, H153
DOORNINK, Grace - Center, P37, R66, D153, H153
DOORNINK, James - Center, P37, R67, D153, H153
DOORNINK, William - Center, P37, R68, D153, H153
DOORNINK, Edward - Plato, P74, R74, D152, H153
DOORNINK, Nellie - Plato, P74, R75, D152, H153
DOORNINK, Dick - Plato, P74, R76, D152, H153
DOORNINK, Ada - Plato, P74, R77, D152, H153
DOORNINK, Derik - West Branch, P247, R51, D282, H285
DOORNINK, Greitje - West Branch, P247, R52, D282, H285
DOORNINK, Derik - West Branch, P247, R53, D282, H285
DOORNINK, Gennie - West Branch, P247, R54, D282, H285
DOORNWAARD, John - Center, P37, R26, D147, H147
DOORNWAARD, Alida - Center, P37, R27, D147, H147
DOORNWAARD, Cynthia - Center, P37, R28, D147, H147
DOORNWAARD, John Bart - Center, P37, R29, D147, H147
DOORNWAARD, John - Center, P37, R30, D147, H147
DOORNWAARD, Jannetje - West Branch, P239, R65, D161, H163
DORENBOS, William - Capel, P20, R8, D120, H120
DORENBOS, ??? - Capel, P20, R9, D120, H120
DORENBOS, Dick - Capel, P20, R10, D120, H120
DORENBOS, Ellie - Capel, P20, R11, D120, H120
DORENBOS, Rena - Capel, P20, R12, D120, H120
DORENBOS, Jacob - Capel, P20, R13, D120, H120
DORREWORT, Cornelius - Rock, P184, R61, D183, H190
DORREWORT, Mary - Rock, P184, R62, D183, H190
DORREWORT, Cora - Rock, P184, R63, D183, H190
DORREWORT, Cornelius - Rock, P184, R64, D183, H190
DORREWORT, John - Rock, P184, R65, D183, H190
DORREWORT, Stephen - Rock, P184, R66, D183, H190
DORSMAN, Adrian - Nassau, P156, R39, D223, H225
DORSMAN, Gertrude - Nassau, P156, R40, D223, H225
DORSMAN, Bertha - Nassau, P156, R41, D223, H225
DORSMAN, Gerrit - Nassau, P156, R42, D223, H225
DORSMAN, Jimmie - Nassau, P156, R43, D223, H225
DORSMAN, Hattie - Nassau, P156, R44, D223, H225
DORSMAN, Katie - Nassau, P156, R45, D223, H225
DORSMAN, Mary - Nassau, P156, R46, D223, H225
DORSMAN, Peter - Nassau, P156, R47, D223, H225
DORSMAN, Peter - Nassau, P156, R48, D224, H226
DORSMAN, Gerrit - Nassau, P156, R49, D224, H226
DOTZENROD, Ethel M. - Nassau, P148, R25, D81, H81
DOUGHERTY, James - Rock, P178, R79, D58, H61
DOUGHERTY, Wm. - Rock, P181, R75, D114, H120
DOUGHERTY, Ellen - Rock, P182, R36, D131, H138
DOUGHERTY, John - Rock, P187, R50, D231, H238
DOUGHERTY, Kate - Rock, P187, R51, D231, H238
DOUGHERTY, Mary - Rock, P187, R52, D231, H238
DOUGHERTY, Frank - Rock, P187, R53, D231, H238
DOUGHERTY, Edwin - Rock, P187, R54, D231, H238
DOUGHERTY, John - Rock, P187, R55, D231, H238
DOUGHERTY, Jesse - Rock, P187, R56, D231, H238
DOUGHERTY, Mike - Rock, P187, R57, D231, H238
DOUGHERTY, Gregory - Rock, P187, R58, D231, H238
DOUGHERTY, William - Rock, P187, R59, D231, H238
DOUGHERTY, Loraine - Rock, P187, R60, D231, H238
DOUGLASS, Joseph - Sherman, P215, R80, D46, H46
DOUGLASS, Mary E. - Sherman, P215, R81, D46, H46
DOUMA, Fred - Floyd, P62, R11, D194, H196
DOUMA, Jacob - Nassau, P146, R54, D48, H48
DOUMA, ??? - Nassau, P146, R55, D48, H48
DOUMA, Sarata - Nassau, P146, R56, D48, H48
DOUMA, Oscar - Nassau, P146, R57, D48, H48
DOWD, Theodore S. - East Orange, P42, R22, D26, H26
DOWD, ?l?? - East Orange, P42, R23, D26, H26
DOWD, Patrick - Sherman, P216, R17, D55, H55
DOWDY, Joseph H. - Garfield, P68, R95, D76, H77
DOWDY, Sarah A. - Garfield, P68, R96, D76, H77
DOWDY, Bessie M. - Garfield, P68, R97, D76, H77
DOWDY, Harry W. - Garfield, P68, R98, D76, H77
DOWDY, Charley W. - Garfield, P68, R99, D76, H77
DOWDY, Ralph - Garfield, P68, R100, D76, H77
DOWDY, Guy H. - Garfield, P69, R1, D76, H77
DOWDY, Roy I. - Garfield, P69, R2, D76, H77
DOWDY, Aminda - Logan, P132, R20, D149, H162
DOWNEY, Jas - Rock, P177, R10, D22, H25
DOWNEY, Anna - Rock, P177, R11, D22, H25
DOWNEY, Jas. E. - Rock, P177, R12, D22, H25
DOWNING, Edward - Nassau, P152, R10, D156, H157
DOWNS, Thomas - Washington, P143, R79, D365, H379
DOWNS, Elizabeth - Washington, P143, R80, D365, H379
DOWNS, Margaret B. - Washington, P143, R81, D365, H379
DOWNS, Johanna - Washington, P143, R82, D365, H379
DOWNS, William E. - Washington, P143, R83, D365, H379
DOWNS, Francis M. - Washington, P143, R84, D365, H379
DOWNS, Mary T. - Washington, P143, R85, D365, H379
DOWNS, Eva A. - Washington, P143, R86, D365, H379
DOWNS, Thomas - Sheridan, P209, R14, D129, H129
DOWNS, Margret - Sheridan, P209, R15, D129, H129
DOWNS, James - Sheridan, P209, R16, D129, H129
DOWNS, Katie - Sheridan, P209, R17, D129, H129
DOWNS, Thomas - Sheridan, P209, R18, D129, H129
DOWNS, Rose - Sheridan, P209, R19, D129, H129
DOWNS, Bessie - Sheridan, P209, R20, D129, H129
DRAAYER, Gerrit - Floyd, P55, R68, D82, H84
DRAAYER, Jeltje - Floyd, P55, R69, D82, H84
DRAAYER, Bert - Floyd, P55, R70, D82, H84
DRAAYER, Grace - Floyd, P55, R71, D82, H84
DRAAYER, Dena - Floyd, P55, R72, D82, H84
DRAAYER, Libby - Floyd, P55, R73, D82, H84
DRAAYER, Bertha - Floyd, P55, R74, D82, H84
DRAAYER, Gerrit - Floyd, P55, R75, D82, H84
DRAAYER, Julian - Floyd, P55, R76, D82, H84
DRAAYER, Grietje - Floyd, P55, R77, D82, H84
DRAAYER, Fannie - Floyd, P55, R78, D82, H84
DRAAYER, Ben - Holland, P88, R27, D58, H58
DRAAYER, Hendrik - Holland, P90, R64, D107, H107
DRAAYER, Jan - Orange City, P102, R82, D167, H170
DRAAYER, Welhimina - Orange City, P102, R83, D167, H170
DRAAYER, Jan - Orange City, P102, R84, D167, H170
DRAAYER, Hendrik - Orange City, P102, R85, D167, H170
DRAAYER, Annie - Orange City, P102, R86, D167, H170
DRAAYER, Garret - Orange City, P102, R87, D167, H170
DRAAYER, Wilhelmina - Orange City, P102, R88, D167, H170
DRAAYERS, Johanna - Grant, P80, R55, D63, H64
DRAPER, John M. - Lincoln, P121, R53, D240, H244
DRAPER, Emma - Lincoln, P121, R54, D240, H244
DRAPER, Bruce - Lincoln, P121, R55, D240, H244
DRAPER, Kate - Lincoln, P121, R56, D240, H244
DRAU, A. - Sheridan, P206, R64, D82, H82
DRAU, Mary - Sheridan, P206, R65, D82, H82
DRAU, Clara - Sheridan, P206, R66, D82, H82
DRAU, Herbert - Sheridan, P206, R67, D82, H82
DRAU, George - Sheridan, P206, R68, D82, H82
DRAU, Sarah - Sheridan, P206, R69, D82, H82
DRAU, Nellie - Sheridan, P206, R70, D82, H82
DRAU, Alice - Sheridan, P206, R71, D82, H82
DRENKOW, Wm. - Sheridan, P207, R83, D104, H104
DRENKOW, Lena - Sheridan, P207, R84, D104, H104
DRENKOW, Wm. - Sheridan, P207, R85, D104, H104
DRENKOW, Em??a - Sheridan, P207, R86, D104, H104
DRENKOW, Fredrick - Sheridan, P207, R87, D104, H104
DRENKOW, Ernest - Sheridan, P207, R88, D104, H104
DRENTH, K. - Capel, P20, R32, D124, H124
DRENTH, Hannah - Capel, P20, R33, D124, H124
DRENTH, Willie - Capel, P20, R34, D124, H124
DRENTH, Flora - Capel, P20, R35, D124, H124
DRENTH, Nick - Capel, P20, R36, D124, H124
DRENTH, Vincent - Capel, P20, R37, D124, H124
DRENTH, Ellick - Capel, P20, R38, D124, H124
DRENTH, Alice - Capel, P20, R39, D124, H124
DRENTH, Cora - Capel, P20, R40, D124, H124
DRENTH, Minnie - Capel, P20, R41, D124, H124
DRESSELHUYS, Freden - Orange City, P99, R58, D98, H100
DRESSELHUYS, Mary - Orange City, P99, R59, D98, H100
DRESSELHUYS, Nida - Orange City, P99, R60, D98, H100
DRESSELHUYS, Frederic - Orange City, P99, R61, D98, H100
DRESSER, Henry - East Orange, P49, R87, D136, H138
DRESSER, John - East Orange, P50, R43, D144, H146
DRESSER, Sophia M. - East Orange, P50, R44, D144, H146
DRESSER, Herman - East Orange, P50, R45, D144, H146
DRESSER, Catherine M. - East Orange, P50, R46, D144, H146
DRESSER, Dora M. - East Orange, P50, R47, D144, H146
DREVESKRACHT, Edward H. - Reading, P169, R45, D98, H99
DREW, Elizabeth A. - Buncombe, P6, R28, D127, H127
DREW, Jerome - Buncombe, P6, R29, D127, H127
DREW, Frank - Logan, P133, R47, D178, H191
DREW, Myrtle M. - Logan, P133, R48, D178, H191
DREW, Geo P. - Rock, P179, R12, D65, H68
DREW, Cora - Rock, P179, R13, D65, H68
DREW, Leigh - Rock, P179, R14, D65, H68
DREW, Alfred - Rock, P179, R15, D65, H68
DRIAS, Henry - Rock, P189, R19, D257, H264
DRIES, Christine - Floyd, P58, R34, D119, H121
DRIEZEN, Henry J. - Rock, P192, R26, D307, H314
DRIEZEN, Cornelia - Rock, P192, R27, D307, H314
DRIEZEN, Peter - Rock, P192, R28, D307, H314
DRIEZEN, Mary - Rock, P192, R29, D307, H314
DRIEZEN, Bert - Rock, P192, R30, D307, H314
DROK, Koop - West Branch, P240, R94, D182, H184
DROK, Nellie - West Branch, P240, R95, D182, H184
DROK, Jantje - West Branch, P240, R96, D182, H184
DROK, Mart - West Branch, P240, R97, D182, H184
DROSS, ???d - West Branch, P247, R50, D281, H284
DROWENGA, Mary - Orange City, P107, R4, D257, H261
DRUGER, Jane - Nassau, P145, R24, D20, H20
DRUGER, Arie - Nassau, P146, R65, D50, H50
DRUGER, Albert - Nassau, P146, R78, D52, H52
DRUGER, Mary - Nassau, P146, R79, D52, H52
DRUGER, Arie - Nassau, P146, R80, D52, H52
DRUGER, Mary - Nassau, P146, R81, D52, H52
DRUGER, John - Nassau, P146, R82, D52, H52
DRUGER, Flora - Nassau, P146, R83, D52, H52
DRUGER, William - Nassau, P146, R93, D54, H54
DRUGER, Mary - Nassau, P146, R94, D54, H54
DRUGER, Cornelus - Nassau, P149, R56, D106, H107
DRUGER, Gertrude - Nassau, P149, R57, D106, H107
DRUYVESTEYN, F. C. - Holland, P88, R95, D72, H72
DRUYVESTEYN, Peter - Holland, P88, R96, D72, H72
DRUYVESTEYN, Johannah - Holland, P88, R97, D72, H72
DRUYVESTEYN, Herman - Holland, P88, R98, D72, H72
DRUYVESTEYN, Maggie - Holland, P88, R99, D72, H72
DRUYVESTEYN, Christina - Holland, P88, R100, D72, H72
DRY, George? - Settler, P200, R72, D115, H115
DRY, Li? - Settler, P200, R73, D115, H115
DRY, Olive - Settler, P200, R74, D115, H115
DRY, Opal - Settler, P200, R75, D115, H115
DRYS, Levi J. - Logan, P129, R68, D103, H116
DRYS, Leona - Logan, P129, R69, D103, H116
DRYS, Mary A. - Logan, P129, R70, D103, H116
DUBBEN, A. - Plato, P76, R31, D175, H176
DUBBY, Emil - Grant, P77, R70, D11, H11
DUBOIS, Frank Elwin - Reading, P165, R89, D45, H45
DUBOIS, Minnie Lucy - Reading, P165, R90, D45, H45
DUBOIS, Jesse Alden - Reading, P165, R91, D45, H45
DUBOIS, Frank Vincent - Reading, P165, R92, D45, H45
DUBOIS, Edwin Answorth - Reading, P165, R93, D45, H45
DUBOIS, Willard Thorn - Reading, P165, R94, D45, H45
DUBOIS, Harold - Reading, P165, R95, D45, H45
DUIM, Abbert - Nassau, P144, R74, D10, H10
DUIM, Sy?? - Nassau, P144, R75, D10, H10
DUIM, Henry - Nassau, P144, R77, D10, H10
DUIM, Garrett - West Branch, P233, R45, D33, H34
DUIM, Freda - West Branch, P233, R46, D33, H34
DUIM, Henry - West Branch, P233, R47, D33, H34
DUIM, Loubert - West Branch, P233, R48, D33, H34
DUIM, Thomas - West Branch, P233, R49, D33, H34
DUIM, Alt - West Branch, P233, R50, D33, H34
DUIM, Jacoba - West Branch, P233, R51, D33, H34
DUIM, Hendrika - West Branch, P233, R52, D33, H34
DUIM, Albert - West Branch, P237, R49, D114, H116
DUIM, Grientje - West Branch, P237, R50, D114, H116
DUIM, Ella - West Branch, P237, R51, D114, H116
DUIM, Henry - West Branch, P237, R52, D114, H116
DUIM, Henry - West Branch, P237, R53, D115, H117
DUIM, Gertie - West Branch, P237, R54, D115, H117
DUIMSTRA, Peter - Floyd, P54, R70, D61, H63
DUIMSTRA, Owke - Floyd, P54, R71, D61, H63
DUIMSTRA, Fred - Lincoln, P122, R69, D263, H267
DUIMSTRA, Abbie - Lincoln, P122, R70, D263, H267
DUIMSTRA, Cobie - Lincoln, P122, R71, D263, H267
DUIMSTRA, John - Lincoln, P122, R74, D264, H269
DUIMSTRA, Bertha - Lincoln, P122, R75, D264, H269
DUIMSTRA, Grace - Lincoln, P122, R76, D264, H269
DUIMSTRA, Peter - Lincoln, P122, R77, D264, H269
DUISTERMARS, William - Center, P37, R36, D149, H149
DUISTERMARS, Tryutjen - Center, P37, R37, D149, H149
DUISTERMARS, Harry W. - Center, P37, R38, D149, H149
DUISTERMARS, Bertha - Center, P37, R39, D149, H149
DUISTERMARS, Donald - Center, P37, R40, D149, H149
DUISTERMARS, Wm. - Sheridan, P213, R10, D199, H199
DUISTERMARS, Derk - West Branch, P243, R7, D216, H218
DUISTERMARS, Ella - West Branch, P243, R8, D216, H218
DUISTERMARS, William - West Branch, P243, R9, D216, H218
DUISTERMARS, Garret - West Branch, P243, R10, D216, H218
DUISTERMARS, Albert - West Branch, P243, R11, D216, H218
DUISTERMARS, Antony - West Branch, P243, R12, D216, H218
DUISTERMARS, Dirk W. - West Branch, P243, R13, D216, H218
DULY, Leo - Nassau, P146, R73, D51, H51
DUNHAM, Fannie M. - Buncombe, P3, R22, D60, H60
DUNHAM, Leander B. - Buncombe, P3, R23, D60, H60
DUNHAM, Bertha O. - Logan, P130, R53, D117, H130
DUNHAM, Thomas H. - Logan, P135, R82, D216, H229
DUNHAM, Lorna D. - Logan, P135, R83, D216, H229
DUNHAM, Mabel V. - Logan, P135, R84, D216, H229
DUNHAM, Edith B. - Logan, P135, R85, D216, H229
DUNHAM, Art - Rock, P178, R21, D46, H49
DUNHAM, Loyd - Rock, P178, R22, D46, H49
DUNHAM, Kate - Rock, P178, R23, D46, H49
DUNHAM, Earl - Rock, P178, R24, D46, H49
DUNHAM, Clarence - Rock, P178, R25, D46, H49
DUNHAM, Helen - Rock, P178, R26, D46, H49
DUNHAM, Dorothy - Rock, P178, R27, D46, H49
DUNHAM, Agnes - Rock, P180, R1, D82, H85
DUNHAM, Nellie - Rock, P180, R3, D82, H85
DUNIGAN, Anne - Garfield, P68, R37, D66, H66
DUNIGAN, Patrick - Garfield, P68, R38, D66, H66
DUNIGAN, Maud - Garfield, P68, R39, D66, H66
DUNSCHOTEN, Garret - Welcome, P231, R59, D124, H124
DUPER, Frank - Logan, P135, R61, D211, H214
DURBAND, Sebastian - Reading, P170, R35, D150, H151
DURBAND, Antone - Reading, P170, R40, D151, H152
DUVEN, Henry - Sherman, P215, R2, D26, H26
DUVEN, Josephine - Sherman, P215, R3, D26, H26
DUVEN, Nellie - Sherman, P215, R4, D26, H26
DUVEN, Martha - Sherman, P215, R5, D26, H26
DUVEN, James - Sherman, P215, R6, D26, H26
DUVEN, William - Sherman, P215, R7, D26, H26
DUVEN, May - Sherman, P215, R8, D26, H26
DUVEN, Chas. - Sherman, P215, R49, D39, H39
DUVEN, Nellie - Sherman, P215, R50, D39, H39
DUVEN, Mathue J. - Sherman, P215, R51, D39, H39
DUVEN, Anna - Sherman, P215, R52, D39, H39
DUVEN, Junie? - Sherman, P215, R53, D39, H39
DYK, Nickolas - Lynn, P23, R31, D177, H177
DYK, Rose - Lynn, P23, R32, D177, H177
DYK, Tracie - Lynn, P23, R33, D177, H177
DYK, Sadie - Lynn, P23, R34, D177, H177
DYK, D??? - Lynn, P23, R35, D177, H177
DYK, Gierke - Floyd, P55, R79, D83, H85
DYK, Teunis L. - Orange City, P99, R66, D99, H101
DYK, Cornelia - Orange City, P99, R67, D99, H101
DYK, Libby - Orange City, P99, R68, D99, H101
DYK, Charles L. - Orange City, P102, R41, D159, H162
DYK, Gertie C. - Orange City, P102, R42, D159, H162
DYK, Lester M. - Orange City, P102, R43, D159, H162
DYKE, Wieter - Lynn, P26, R91, D228, H228
DYKE, ??? - Lynn, P26, R92, D228, H228
DYKE, Lucy - Lynn, P26, R93, D228, H228
DYKE, Litta - Lynn, P26, R94, D228, H228
DYKE, Tracie - Lynn, P26, R95, D228, H228
DYKE, Bennie - Lynn, P26, R96, D228, H228
DYKE, Maggie - Lynn, P26, R97, D228, H228
DYKE, Sttela - Lynn, P26, R98, D228, H228
DYKHOUSE, John - Lincoln, P121, R77, D244, H248
DYKHUISEN, Egbert - West Branch, P239, R68, D163, H165
DYKSHOORN, William - Center, P36, R55, D136, H136
DYKSHOORN, Johanna - Center, P36, R56, D136, H136
DYKSHOORN, Gertrude - Center, P36, R57, D136, H136
DYKSHOORN, Minnie - Center, P36, R58, D136, H136
DYKSHOORN, Martin - Center, P36, R59, D136, H136
DYKSHOORN, John - Center, P36, R60, D136, H136
DYKSHOORN, William - Center, P36, R61, D136, H136
DYKSTERHUIS, E. - Lynn, P26, R44, D222, H222
DYKSTERHUIS, Jerry - Lynn, P26, R45, D222, H222
DYKSTERHUIS, Gracie - Lynn, P26, R46, D222, H222
DYKSTERHUIS, Bertha - Lynn, P26, R47, D222, H222
DYKSTERHUIS, Effie - Lynn, P26, R48, D222, H222
DYKSTRA, Joe - Capel, P13, R86, D19, H19
DYKSTRA, Lizzie - Capel, P13, R87, D19, H19
DYKSTRA, Jennie - Capel, P13, R88, D19, H19
DYKSTRA, Hessel - Capel, P13, R94, D22, H22
DYKSTRA, Gertie - Capel, P13, R95, D22, H22
DYKSTRA, Jerry - Capel, P13, R96, D22, H22
DYKSTRA, D. J. - Capel, P13, R97, D23, H23
DYKSTRA, S. - Capel, P13, R98, D23, H23
DYKSTRA, Agnes - Capel, P13, R99, D23, H23
DYKSTRA, Charlie W. - Capel, P19, R1, D103, H103
DYKSTRA, Hattie - Capel, P19, R2, D103, H103
DYKSTRA, Herman - Capel, P19, R3, D103, H103
DYKSTRA, Jessie - Capel, P19, R4, D103, H103
DYKSTRA, Dena - Capel, P19, R5, D103, H103
DYKSTRA, Harry - Capel, P19, R6, D103, H103
DYKSTRA, ??? - Lynn, P24, R23, D192, H192
DYKSTRA, ???ie - Lynn, P24, R24, D192, H192
DYKSTRA, Ben - Lynn, P24, R25, D192, H192
DYKSTRA, Louie - Lynn, P24, R26, D192, H192
DYKSTRA, John - Lynn, P24, R27, D192, H192
DYKSTRA, Fannie - Lynn, P24, R28, D192, H192
DYKSTRA, Peter - Lynn, P24, R29, D192, H192
DYKSTRA, Nick - Lynn, P26, R100, D228, H228
DYKSTRA, Walter - Floyd, P52, R60, D14, H14
DYKSTRA, Jane - Floyd, P52, R61, D14, H14
DYKSTRA, Maggie L. - Floyd, P52, R62, D14, H14
DYKSTRA, Stella I. - Floyd, P52, R63, D14, H14
DYKSTRA, Gervis - Floyd, P54, R88, D65, H67
DYKSTRA, Steintje - Floyd, P54, R89, D65, H67
DYKSTRA, Aald??? - Floyd, P55, R85, D84, H86
DYKSTRA, Douwe - Floyd, P55, R86, D84, H86
DYKSTRA, John - Floyd, P55, R87, D84, H86
DYKSTRA, Jennie - Floyd, P55, R88, D84, H86
DYKSTRA, Dirk - Floyd, P61, R19, D178, H180
DYKSTRA, Jacoba - Floyd, P61, R20, D178, H180
DYKSTRA, Klaas - Floyd, P61, R21, D178, H180
DYKSTRA, E??? - Holland, P85, R24, D4, H4
DYKSTRA, Druitje - Holland, P85, R25, D4, H4
DYKSTRA, Jan - Holland, P86, R32, D23, H23
DYKSTRA, Naurck - Holland, P87, R5, D38, H38
DYKSTRA, Elizabeth - Holland, P87, R6, D38, H38
DYKSTRA, Martin - Holland, P87, R7, D38, H38
DYKSTRA, Lucy - Holland, P87, R8, D38, H38
DYKSTRA, Siebe - Holland, P87, R9, D38, H38
DYKSTRA, Aggie - Holland, P87, R10, D38, H38
DYKSTRA, Mike - Holland, P91, R30, D116, H116
DYKSTRA, Cornelius - Holland, P92, R24, D132, H132
DYKSTRA, Leendert - Holland, P93, R3, D145, H145
DYKSTRA, Josie - Holland, P93, R4, D145, H145
DYKSTRA, Dora - Holland, P93, R5, D145, H145
DYKSTRA, Tillie - Holland, P93, R6, D145, H145
DYKSTRA, Gertie - Holland, P93, R7, D145, H145
DYKSTRA, Emma - Orange City, P95, R37, D6, H6
DYKSTRA, Anna - Orange City, P99, R5, D83, H85
DYKSTRA, Cornelus - Orange City, P100, R11, D110, H112
DYKSTRA, Tetje - Orange City, P100, R12, D110, H112
DYKSTRA, Grace - Orange City, P100, R13, D110, H112
DYKSTRA, Lucy - Orange City, P100, R14, D110, H112
DYKSTRA, Peter - Orange City, P100, R15, D110, H112
DYKSTRA, Johannes - Orange City, P100, R16, D110, H112
DYKSTRA, Jetske - Orange City, P101, R100, D149, H152
DYKSTRA, Hette - Orange City, P102, R14, D154, H157
DYKSTRA, Hendrika - Orange City, P102, R15, D154, H157
DYKSTRA, Katie - Orange City, P102, R16, D154, H157
DYKSTRA, Annie - Orange City, P102, R17, D154, H157
DYKSTRA, Jennie - Orange City, P102, R18, D154, H157
DYKSTRA, Bertie - Orange City, P102, R19, D154, H157
DYKSTRA, Hendrika - Orange City, P102, R20, D154, H157
DYKSTRA, Jan - Orange City, P106, R84, D252, H256
DYKSTRA, Gertie - Orange City, P106, R85, D252, H256
DYKSTRA, Henry - Orange City, P106, R86, D252, H256
DYKSTRA, Ralph - Orange City, P106, R87, D252, H256
DYKSTRA, Yelta - Orange City, P106, R88, D252, H256
DYKSTRA, Agnes - Orange City, P107, R38, D264, H268
DYKSTRA, Johannes - Orange City, P109, R49, D310, H316
DYKSTRA, Effie - Orange City, P109, R50, D310, H316
DYKSTRA, Derk - Orange City, P109, R51, D310, H316
DYKSTRA, Downe - Lincoln, P113, R7, D69, H71
DYKSTRA, Tjerk - Lincoln, P115, R38, D125, H129
DYKSTRA, Tiementje - Lincoln, P115, R39, D125, H129
DYKSTRA, Ida - Lincoln, P115, R40, D125, H129
DYKSTRA, Sophia - Lincoln, P115, R41, D125, H129
DYKSTRA, Winnie - Lincoln, P115, R42, D125, H129
DYKSTRA, John - Lincoln, P120, R16, D213, H217
DYKSTRA, Annie - Lincoln, P120, R17, D213, H217
DYKSTRA, Susie - Lincoln, P120, R18, D213, H217
DYKSTRA, Trynie - Lincoln, P120, R19, D213, H217
DYKSTRA, George - Nassau, P146, R16, D41, H41
DYKSTRA, ??? - Nassau, P146, R17, D41, H41
DYKSTRA, Louis A. - Nassau, P146, R18, D41, H41
DYKSTRA, Douwe - Nassau, P157, R12, D236, H239
DYKSTRA, Douwe - Nassau, P160, R75, D299, H302
DYKSTRA, Antje J. - Nassau, P160, R76, D299, H302
DYKSTRA, A. - Sheridan, P206, R89, D86, H86
DYKSTRA, Jacob H. - Welcome, P230, R9, D101, H101
DYKSTRA, Lizzie J. - Welcome, P230, R10, D101, H101
DYKSTRA, Jennie - Welcome, P230, R11, D101, H101
DYKSTRA, Beitris - West Branch, P235, R81, D78, H80
DYKSTRA, Dora - West Branch, P235, R82, D78, H80
DYKSTRA, Douwe - West Branch, P237, R87, D122, H124
DYKSTRA, Allie - West Branch, P237, R88, D122, H124
DYKSTRA, Jennie - West Branch, P237, R89, D122, H124
DYKSTRA, Albert - West Branch, P237, R90, D122, H124
DYKSTRA, Henry - West Branch, P237, R91, D122, H124
DYKSTRA, Gertie - West Branch, P237, R92, D122, H124
DYKSTRA, John - West Branch, P242, R80, D211, H213
DYKSTRA, Edith - West Branch, P242, R81, D211, H213
DYKSTRA, William - West Branch, P242, R82, D211, H213
DYKSTRA, Richard - West Branch, P242, R83, D211, H213
DYKSTRA, Gertie - West Branch, P242, R84, D211, H213
DYKSTRA, Samuel - West Branch, P242, R85, D211, H213
DYKSTRA, Dick - West Branch, P242, R86, D211, H213
DYKSTRA, Katrine - West Branch, P242, R87, D211, H213
DYKSTRA, Fannie - West Branch, P242, R88, D211, H213
DYKSTRA, Teunis - West Branch, P244, R43, D236, H238
DYKSTRA, William - West Branch, P247, R11, D275, H278

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