1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

DEJAGER, Gerrit - Lynn, P27, R71, D240, H240
DEJAGER, Tillie - Lynn, P27, R72, D240, H240
DEJAGER, ??a - Lynn, P27, R73, D240, H240
DEJAGER, Simon - Lynn, P27, R74, D240, H240
DEJAGER, Gertie - Lynn, P27, R75, D240, H240
DEJAGER, ??? - Lynn, P27, R76, D240, H240
DEJAGER, Mark - Holland, P86, R71, D32, H32
DEJAGER, Antje - Holland, P86, R72, D32, H32
DEJAGER, Bertha - Holland, P86, R73, D32, H32
DEJAGER, Lena - Holland, P86, R74, D32, H32
DEJAGER, Jessie - Holland, P86, R75, D32, H32
DEJAGER, Andrew - Sherman, P217, R23, D74, H74
DEJAGER, William - Sherman, P217, R24, D74, H74
DEJAGER, Martin - Sherman, P217, R25, D74, H74
DEJAGER, Ring - Sherman, P217, R26, D74, H74
DEJAGER, Edward - Sherman, P217, R27, D75, H75
DEJAGER, Minnie - Sherman, P217, R28, D75, H75
DEJAGER, Pete - Sherman, P222, R75, D167, H167
DEJAGER, Nellie - Sherman, P222, R76, D167, H167
DEJAGER, Harry D. - Sherman, P222, R77, D167, H167
DEJAGER, Albert - Sherman, P222, R78, D167, H167
DEJAGER, Sarah - Sherman, P222, R79, D167, H167
DEJONG, Conrad - Floyd, P54, R29, D51, H53
DEJONG, Mary - Floyd, P54, R30, D51, H53
DEJONG, Edith P. - Floyd, P54, R31, D51, H53
DEJONG, Cornelius - Plato, P70, R73, D10, H11
DEJONG, K. - Holland, P85, R52, D10, H10
DEJONG, Pietertje - Holland, P85, R53, D10, H10
DEJONG, Stephan - Holland, P85, R54, D10, H10
DEJONG, Julia - Holland, P85, R55, D10, H10
DEJONG, Henry - Holland, P85, R56, D10, H10
DEJONG, Gerrit G. - Holland, P85, R57, D10, H10
DEJONG, Joe - Holland, P85, R58, D10, H10
DEJONG, Matilda - Holland, P85, R59, D10, H10
DEJONG, Peter H. - Holland, P87, R48, D44, H44
DEJONG, ??the - Holland, P87, R49, D44, H44
DEJONG, Sjoerd - Holland, P87, R50, D44, H44
DEJONG, William - Holland, P87, R51, D44, H44
DEJONG, Janie - Holland, P87, R52, D44, H44
DEJONG, Minnie - Holland, P87, R53, D44, H44
DEJONG, Katie - Holland, P87, R54, D44, H44
DEJONG, Dena - Holland, P87, R55, D44, H44
DEJONG, Alse - Holland, P89, R33, D80, H80
DEJONG, Jo???e - Holland, P89, R34, D80, H80
DEJONG, Joe - Holland, P89, R35, D80, H80
DEJONG, Anne - Holland, P90, R51, D105, H105
DEJONG, Fred - Holland, P90, R58, D106, H106
DEJONG, Romert - Holland, P94, R69, D182, H182
DEJONG, Jennie - Holland, P94, R70, D182, H182
DEJONG, Frank - Holland, P94, R71, D182, H182
DEJONG, Henry, Sr. - Orange City, P95, R43, D8, H8
DEJONG, Mary L. - Orange City, P95, R44, D8, H8
DEJONG, Henry - Orange City, P95, R45, D8, H8
DEJONG, Wietse - Orange City, P96, R75, D34, H35
DEJONG, Theodore - Orange City, P97, R29, D46, H47
DEJONG, Reiske - Orange City, P97, R30, D46, H47
DEJONG, Peter - Orange City, P97, R31, D46, H47
DEJONG, Ana - Orange City, P97, R32, D46, H47
DEJONG, Frederic - Orange City, P97, R33, D46, H47
DEJONG, Sietske - Orange City, P97, R34, D46, H47
DEJONG, John H. - Orange City, P98, R68, D75, H76
DEJONG, Mintie - Orange City, P98, R69, D75, H76
DEJONG, Gertie - Orange City, P98, R70, D75, H76
DEJONG, John - Orange City, P98, R80, D78, H79
DEJONG, Frederic - Orange City, P103, R13, D173, H176
DEJONG, Anna - Orange City, P103, R14, D173, H176
DEJONG, Benj - Lincoln, P124, R37, D295, H300
DEJONG, Fokely - Lincoln, P124, R38, D295, H300
DEJONG, Grace - Lincoln, P124, R39, D295, H300
DEJONG, Susie - Lincoln, P124, R40, D295, H300
DEJONG, Etta - Lincoln, P124, R41, D295, H300
DEJONG, Alice - Lincoln, P124, R42, D295, H300
DEJONG, Maggie - Lincoln, P124, R43, D295, H300
DEJONG, Robt - Lincoln, P124, R44, D295, H300
DEJONG, Herbert - Lincoln, P124, R45, D295, H300
DEJONG, Otto - Lincoln, P124, R46, D295, H300
DEJONG, Jennie - Lincoln, P124, R47, D295, H300
DEJONG, Benj. - Lincoln, P124, R48, D295, H300
DEJONG, Peter - Nassau, P162, R31, D324, H327
DEJONG, Nellie - Nassau, P162, R32, D324, H327
DEJONG, Gerrit R. - Nassau, P162, R33, D324, H327
DEJONG, Harry A. - Nassau, P162, R34, D324, H327
DEJONG, Nettie - Sheridan, P203, R5, D1, H1
DEJONG, William - Sherman, P219, R62, D117, H117
DEJONG, Jennit - Sherman, P219, R63, D117, H117
DEJONG, Minnie C. - Sherman, P219, R64, D117, H117
DEJONG, Ada M. - Sherman, P219, R65, D117, H117
DEJONG, Georganne - Sherman, P219, R66, D117, H117
DEJONG, ???? - Sherman, P219, R67, D117, H117
DEJONG, E??? - Sherman, P219, R68, D117, H117
DEJONG, Coonrad - Sherman, P219, R84, D120, H120
DEJONG, Dena - Sherman, P219, R85, D120, H120
DEJONG, Jennie - Sherman, P219, R86, D120, H120
DEJONG, Anna - Sherman, P219, R87, D120, H120
DEJONG, Gerret - Sherman, P219, R88, D120, H120
DEJONG, Garret - Sherman, P219, R90, D121, H121
DEJONG, Jane - Sherman, P219, R91, D121, H121
DEJONG, Jennett - Sherman, P219, R92, D121, H121
DEJONG, Minnie - Sherman, P219, R93, D121, H121
DEJONG, Nellie - Sherman, P219, R94, D121, H121
DEJONG, John - Sherman, P219, R95, D121, H121
DEJONG, George - Sherman, P219, R96, D121, H121
DEJONG, Koenrad - Sherman, P219, R98, D122, H122
DEJONG, Cristina - Sherman, P219, R99, D122, H122
DEJONG, Julius - Sherman, P219, R100, D122, H122
DEJONG, Jacobus - Sherman, P220, R51, D130, H130
DEJONG, Jane - Sherman, P220, R52, D130, H130
DEJONG, Hattie - Sherman, P220, R53, D130, H130
DEJONG, Conrad J. - Sherman, P220, R54, D130, H130
DEJONG, Johana H. - Sherman, P220, R55, D130, H130
DEJONG, Hubert J. - Sherman, P220, R56, D130, H130
DEJONG, Tillie - Sherman, P220, R57, D130, H130
DEJONG, Bertha - Sherman, P220, R58, D130, H130
DEJONG, Frederick H. - Sherman, P220, R59, D130, H130
DEJONG, Harold J. - Sherman, P220, R60, D130, H130
DEJONG, T. - Welcome, P228, R41, D78, H78
DEJONG, Akke - Welcome, P228, R42, D78, H78
DEJONG, Pieter - Welcome, P228, R43, D78, H78
DEJONG, Hendrika - Welcome, P228, R44, D78, H78
DEJONG, Tjurd - Welcome, P228, R45, D78, H78
DEJONG, Garret J. - Welcome, P228, R46, D78, H78
DEJONG, Piet - Welcome, P231, R23, D117, H117
DEJONG, Ulbia - Welcome, P231, R75, D127, H127
DEKASTER, Philip - Rock, P187, R90, D237, H244
DEKASTER, Jennie - Rock, P187, R91, D237, H244
DEKASTER, John - Rock, P187, R92, D237, H244
DEKASTER, Katie - Rock, P187, R93, D237, H244
DEKASTER, Luke - Rock, P187, R94, D237, H244
DEKASTER, Cornelius - Rock, P187, R95, D237, H244
DEKASTER, Anton - Rock, P187, R96, D237, H244
DEKEYSER, Henry - Plato, P70, R10, D1, H2
DEKEYSER, John - Plato, P73, R56, D134, H135
DEKEYSER, Prudence - Plato, P73, R57, D134, H135
DEKIESER, Thomas - Rock, P184, R59, D182, H189
DEKIESER, Leona - Rock, P184, R60, D182, H189
DEKOK, Gerben - Floyd, P55, R24, D74, H76
DEKOK, Anna - Floyd, P55, R25, D74, H76
DEKOK, Daniel - Floyd, P55, R26, D74, H76
DEKOSTER, Lukas - Lincoln, P120, R91, D228, H232
DEKOSTER, Harriet - Lincoln, P120, R92, D228, H232
DEKOSTER, John - Lincoln, P120, R93, D228, H232
DEKOSTER, Thomas - Lincoln, P120, R94, D228, H232
DEKOSTER, Dick - Lincoln, P120, R95, D228, H232
DEKRAAI, Simon - Floyd, P57, R65, D104, H106
DEKRAAI, Jennie - Floyd, P57, R66, D104, H106
DEKRAAI, Arthur J. - Floyd, P57, R67, D104, H106
DEKRAAI, Herman - Nassau, P150, R11, D115, H116
DEKRAAI, Hendrika - Nassau, P150, R12, D115, H116
DEKRAAI, Peter - West Branch, P232, R67, D16, H17
DEKRAAI, Jennie - West Branch, P232, R68, D16, H17
DEKRAAI, Jennie - West Branch, P232, R69, D16, H17
DEKRAAI, John - West Branch, P232, R70, D16, H17
DEKRAAI, Effie - West Branch, P232, R71, D16, H17
DEKRAAI, Gertrude J. - West Branch, P232, R72, D16, H17
DEKRAAI, Margaret - West Branch, P232, R73, D16, H17
DEKRAAI, Henry C. - West Branch, P232, R74, D16, H17
DEKRAAY, Herman - Orange City, P108, R4, D279, H284
DEKRAAY, Fannie - Orange City, P108, R5, D279, H284
DEKRAAY, Kittie - Orange City, P108, R6, D279, H284
DEKRAAY, Harry - Orange City, P108, R7, D279, H284
DEKRAAY, Henrietta - Orange City, P108, R8, D279, H284
DEKRAAY, Mary - Orange City, P108, R9, D279, H284
DEKRAAY, Henry - Orange City, P108, R10, D279, H284
DEKRAAY, George - Orange City, P108, R11, D279, H284
DEKRAAY, Henry - Nassau, P148, R71, D90, H91
DEKRAAY, Emelia - Nassau, P148, R72, D90, H91
DEKRAAY, Myrtle - Nassau, P148, R73, D90, H91
DEKRAAY, Lyda - Nassau, P148, R74, D90, H91
DEKRAAY, Floyd - Nassau, P148, R75, D90, H91
DEKRAY, John - Lynn, P25, R54, D211, H211
DEKRAY, Lillie - Lynn, P25, R55, D211, H211
DEKRAY, Jennie - Lynn, P25, R56, D211, H211
DEKRAY, Herman - Lynn, P25, R57, D211, H211
DEKRAY, Johnny - Lynn, P25, R58, D211, H211
DEKRAY, ???thur - Lynn, P25, R59, D211, H211
DEKRAY, Charles - Lynn, P25, R60, D211, H211
DEKRAY, ??? - Lynn, P25, R61, D211, H211
DEKRAY, Cornelius - Lynn, P25, R62, D211, H211
DEKRAY, Johannes - Lynn, P25, R63, D211, H211
DEKRING, Peter J. - Orange City, P108, R46, D288, H293
DEKRING, Cornelia - Orange City, P108, R47, D288, H293
DEKRING, Roy R. - Orange City, P108, R48, D288, H293
DEKRING, Ruth M. - Orange City, P108, R49, D288, H293
DEKRING, Esther - Orange City, P108, R50, D288, H293
DEKROON, Dick - Lincoln, P113, R41, D79, H81
DEKROON, Carrie - Lincoln, P113, R42, D79, H81
DEKROON, Henry - Lincoln, P113, R43, D79, H81
DEKROON, John - Lincoln, P113, R44, D79, H81
DEKROON, Dick - Lincoln, P113, R45, D79, H81
DEKROON, Maggie - Lincoln, P113, R46, D79, H81
DEKROON, Carrie - Lincoln, P113, R47, D79, H81
DEKROON, Jennie - Lincoln, P113, R48, D79, H81
DEKROON, Hattie - Lincoln, P113, R49, D79, H81
DEKROON, Bert - Lincoln, P113, R50, D79, H81
DEKRUIF, Jan - Floyd, P60, R16, D159, H161
DEKRUIF, Gerritje - Floyd, P60, R17, D159, H161
DEKRUIF, Roelof - Floyd, P60, R18, D159, H161
DEKRUIF, Gerrit J. - Floyd, P60, R19, D159, H161
DELANG, Simon - Rock, P191, R50, D294, H301
DELANG, Jennie - Rock, P191, R51, D294, H301
DELANGER, Albert - West Branch, P247, R83, D289, H292
DELANGER, Annie - West Branch, P247, R84, D289, H292
DELANGER, Hattie - West Branch, P247, R85, D289, H292
DELESPINASSE, Gysbert F. - Orange City, P98, R33, D67, H68
DELESPINASSE, Sarah M. - Orange City, P98, R34, D67, H68
DELESPINASSE, Adolf H. - Orange City, P98, R35, D67, H68
DELINT, Adrian - Holland, P94, R21, D174, H174
DELINT, Johana - Holland, P94, R22, D174, H174
DELINT, Bessie - Holland, P94, R23, D174, H174
DELINT, Gertie - Holland, P94, R24, D174, H174
DELINT, Mary - Holland, P94, R25, D174, H174
DELINT, Sophia - Holland, P94, R26, D174, H174
DELINT, Tuinie - Holland, P94, R27, D174, H174
DELINT, Susa - Holland, P94, R28, D174, H174
DELINT, Lena - Holland, P94, R29, D174, H174
DELINT, Annie - Holland, P94, R30, D174, H174
DELINT, Jennie - Holland, P94, R31, D174, H174
DELINT, Henry - Holland, P94, R32, D174, H174
DELP, Charles E. - Grant, P81, R53, D83, H84
DELP, Eliza C. - Grant, P81, R54, D83, H84
DELP, Earnest J. - Grant, P81, R55, D83, H84
DELP, Lester T. - Grant, P81, R56, D83, H84
DELP, Orie - Grant, P81, R57, D83, H84
DELP, Bessie - Grant, P81, R58, D83, H84
DELP, Baby - Grant, P81, R59, D83, H84
DELPERDANG, Nick D. - Nassau, P148, R26, D82, H82
DELPERDANG, Anna - Nassau, P148, R27, D82, H82
DELPERDANG, Joseph - Nassau, P148, R28, D82, H82
DELPERDANG, Peter - Nassau, P148, R29, D82, H82
DELPERDANG, Arthur - Nassau, P148, R30, D82, H82
DELPERDANG, Alphoissus - Nassau, P148, R31, D82, H82
DELPERDANG, John - Nassau, P148, R32, D82, H82
DELPERDANG, Nick - Nassau, P148, R33, D82, H82
DEMAY, Fred - Rock, P184, R53, D180, H187
DEMAY, Mary - Rock, P184, R55, D180, H187
DEMOTS, Edward - Orange City, P99, R8, D83, H85
DEMOTS, Henry - West Branch, P233, R81, D40, H41
DEMOTS, Ella - West Branch, P233, R82, D40, H41
DEMOTS, Maud - West Branch, P233, R83, D40, H41
DEMOTS, William - West Branch, P233, R84, D40, H41
DEMOTS, Gilbert - West Branch, P233, R85, D40, H41
DEMOTS, Tena - West Branch, P236, R43, D93, H95
DEMOTS, Aaron - West Branch, P236, R44, D93, H95
DEMOTS, Bessie - West Branch, P236, R45, D93, H95
DEMOTS, John - West Branch, P237, R94, D123, H124
DEMOTS, Louise - West Branch, P237, R95, D123, H124
DEMOTS, Edward G. - West Branch, P237, R96, D123, H124
DEMOTS, Alida W. - West Branch, P237, R97, D123, H124
DEMOTS, Trintie - West Branch, P237, R98, D123, H124
DEMOTS, Calla B. - West Branch, P237, R99, D123, H124
DEMOTS, Ella D. - West Branch, P237, R100, D123, H124
DEMOTS, Gerrett - West Branch, P238, R1, D124, H126
DEMOTS, Anetje - West Branch, P238, R2, D124, H126
DEMOTS, Henry - West Branch, P238, R3, D124, H126
DEMOTS, Gerrett - West Branch, P238, R4, D124, H126
DEMOTS, John - West Branch, P238, R5, D124, H126
DEMOTS, Lizzie - West Branch, P238, R6, D124, H126
DEMOTS, Cora - West Branch, P238, R7, D124, H126
DEMOTS, Gertie - West Branch, P238, R8, D124, H126
DEMOTTS, B. - Center, P36, R93, D141, H141
DEMOTTS, Gerrit - Lincoln, P113, R84, D87, H89
DEMOTTS, Carrie E. - Lincoln, P113, R85, D87, H89
DEMUYSKENS, Dick - Lincoln, P114, R81, D111, H114
DEMUYSKENS, Nellie - Lincoln, P114, R82, D111, H114
DEMUYSKENS, Martha - Lincoln, P114, R83, D111, H114
DEMUYSKENS, Annie - Lincoln, P114, R84, D111, H114
DENADEL, Kate - Orange City, P96, R33, D26, H26
DENBESTE, Cornie - Floyd, P58, R26, D118, H120
DENBESTE, James - West Branch, P232, R25, D5, H5
DENBESTE, Alida - West Branch, P232, R26, D5, H5
DENBESTE, Henry - West Branch, P232, R27, D5, H5
DENBESTE, James - West Branch, P232, R28, D5, H5
DENBESTE, Isaac - West Branch, P232, R29, D5, H5
DENBESTE, Alida M. - West Branch, P232, R30, D5, H5
DENBESTE, Alida S. - West Branch, P232, R31, D5, H5
DENBESTE, William - West Branch, P234, R98, D62, H63
DENBESTE, Frederick W. - West Branch, P234, R99, D62, H63
DENBESTE, John - West Branch, P246, R47, D267, H270
DENBESTE, Hattie - West Branch, P246, R48, D267, H270
DENBESTE, Katie - West Branch, P246, R49, D267, H270
DENHARTOG, Gertrude - Floyd, P59, R61, D145, H147
DENHARTOG, Dorgeman - Floyd, P62, R43, D200, H202
DENHARTOG, Jan B. - Holland, P85, R95, D18, H18
DENHARTOG, ???ny - Holland, P85, R96, D18, H18
DENHARTOG, Jane - Holland, P85, R97, D18, H18
DENHARTOG, Herman - Holland, P85, R98, D18, H18
DENHARTOG, Johnny - Holland, P85, R99, D18, H18
DENHARTOG, J??? - Holland, P85, R100, D18, H18
DENHARTOG, Ida - Holland, P86, R1, D18, H18
DENHARTOG, Walter - Holland, P86, R2, D18, H18
DENHARTOG, Edward - Holland, P86, R3, D18, H18
DENHARTOG, Nellie - Holland, P86, R17, D20, H20
DENHARTOG, Henry - Orange City, P105, R88, D230, H233
DENHARTOG, Hendrik - Orange City, P105, R89, D230, H233
DENHARTOG, Cora - Orange City, P105, R90, D230, H233
DENHARTOG, Aggie - Orange City, P105, R91, D230, H233
DENHARTOG, Arie - Orange City, P108, R94, D297, H302
DENHARTOG, Gerrit - Orange City, P109, R38, D308, H313
DENHARTOG, Martha M. - Orange City, P109, R39, D308, H313
DENHARTOG, Engelina - Orange City, P109, R40, D308, H313
DENHARTOG, Jacob - Orange City, P109, R41, D308, H313
DENHARTOG, Henry - Nassau, P144, R78, D11, H11
DENHARTOG, Agnes - Nassau, P144, R79, D11, H11
DENHARTOG, Arthur - Nassau, P144, R80, D11, H11
DENHARTOG, Olive J. - Nassau, P144, R81, D11, H11
DENHARTOG, John - Nassau, P157, R25, D238, H241
DENHARTOG, James - West Branch, P243, R54, D224, H226
DENHARTOG, Josiena - West Branch, P243, R55, D224, H226
DENHARTOG, Hendrik G. - West Branch, P243, R56, D224, H226
DENHARTOG, Edward J. - West Branch, P243, R57, D224, H226
DENHARTOG, Cornie - West Branch, P243, R58, D224, H226
DENHATOOG, William - Capel, P17, R99, D86, H86
DENHERDER, B. - Welcome, P226, R67, D46, H46
DENHERDER, Grace - Welcome, P226, R68, D46, H46
DENHERDER, Evert - West Branch, P238, R58, D138, H140
DENHERDER, Dena (ADDINK) - West Branch, P238, R59, D138, H140
DENHERDER, Hattie - West Branch, P238, R60, D138, H140
DENHERDER, Henry - West Branch, P238, R61, D138, H140
DENHERDER, Garrett - West Branch, P238, R62, D138, H140
DENHERDER, Jacob - West Branch, P246, R39, D266, H268
DENHERDER, Eibert - West Branch, P246, R40, D266, H268
DENHERDER, Thersia - West Branch, P246, R41, D266, H268
DENHERDER, Eibertje - West Branch, P246, R42, D266, H268
DENHERDER, Eibert - West Branch, P247, R92, D291, H294
DENHERDER, Alida W. - West Branch, P247, R93, D291, H294
DENHERDER, Garret - West Branch, P247, R94, D291, H294
DENHERDER, Winnie - West Branch, P247, R95, D291, H294
DENHERDER, Jennie - West Branch, P247, R96, D291, H294
DENHERDER, Tone - West Branch, P247, R97, D291, H294
DENHORTOG, Henry - Sheridan, P206, R98, D87, H87
DENLUSKS?IN, William - Floyd, P62, R44, D201, H203
DENLUSKS?IN, Carrie - Floyd, P62, R45, D201, H203
DENOTTER, Arrie - Sherman, P214, R51, D17, H17
DENOTTER, Gertui - Sherman, P214, R52, D17, H17
DENOTTER, John - Sherman, P214, R53, D17, H17
DENOTTER, Aarie - Sherman, P214, R54, D17, H17
DENOTTER, Gerrit - Sherman, P214, R55, D17, H17
DENOTTER, Jacob - Sherman, P214, R56, D17, H17
DENOTTER, Cornelis - Sherman, P214, R57, D17, H17
DENOTTER, Annie B. - Sherman, P214, R58, D17, H17
DENOTTER, John - Sherman, P221, R79, D151, H151
DENOTTER, Presila - Sherman, P221, R80, D151, H151
DENOTTER, Harvey - Sherman, P221, R81, D151, H151
DENOTTER, anna - Sherman, P221, R82, D151, H151
DENOTTER, Gertie - Sherman, P221, R83, D151, H151
DENOUDEN, John - Sherman, P220, R8, D123, H123
DENTON, James A. - Logan, P130, R51, D117, H130
DENTON, Alice H. - Logan, P130, R52, D117, H130
DENTY, Jane S. - Lincoln, P111, R75, D39, H41
DENTY, Ada E. - Lincoln, P111, R76, D39, H41
DEPREE, James - West Branch, P238, R93, D146, H148
DEPREE, Johanna - West Branch, P238, R94, D146, H148
DEPREE, John - West Branch, P238, R95, D146, H148
DEPREE, Gertie G. - West Branch, P238, R96, D146, H148
DEPREE, Cornelius - West Branch, P238, R97, D146, H148
DEPREE, Albert G. - West Branch, P238, R98, D146, H148
DERAAD, C. - Center, P35, R19, D108, H108
DERAAD, Gertrude - Center, P35, R20, D108, H108
DERAAD, Arie - Center, P35, R21, D108, H108
DERAAD, Albert - Center, P35, R22, D108, H108
DERAAD, Gertrude - Center, P35, R23, D108, H108
DERAAD, John - Nassau, P145, R8, D17, H17
DERAAD, Wymand - Nassau, P147, R83, D72, H72
DERAAD, Annie - Nassau, P147, R84, D72, H72
DERAAD, Gertrude - Nassau, P147, R85, D72, H72
DERAAD, Albert - Reading, P171, R6, D163, H164
DERAAD, Minnie - Reading, P171, R7, D163, H164
DERAAD, Mirnes - Reading, P171, R8, D163, H165
DERAAD, Minta - Reading, P171, R9, D163, H165
DERAAD, Gertrude - Reading, P171, R10, D163, H165
DERAAD, (not named) - Reading, P171, R11, D163, H165
DERIDDER, Albert - Floyd, P60, R72, D169, H171
DERIDDER, Jennie - Floyd, P60, R73, D169, H171
DERIDDER, Rika - Floyd, P60, R74, D169, H171
DERIDDER, Charles - Sioux, P197, R3, D67, H67
DERIDDER, Rosa - Sioux, P197, R4, D67, H67
DERIDDER, James - Sioux, P197, R5, D67, H67
DERIDDER, Charles - Sioux, P197, R6, D67, H67
DERIDDER, John - Sioux, P197, R7, D67, H67
DERKSEN, Dora - West Branch, P232, R32, D6, H6
DERKSEN, Jacoba - West Branch, P232, R33, D6, H6
DERKSEN, Frederick W. - West Branch, P232, R34, D6, H6
DERKSEN, Katharina H. - West Branch, P232, R35, D6, H6
DEROO, William - Capel, P19, R19, D106, H106
DEROO, Hattie - Capel, P19, R20, D106, H106
DEROO, Winnie - Capel, P19, R21, D106, H106
DEROO, Jacob - Holland, P89, R69, D88, H88
DEROO, Elizabeth - Holland, P89, R70, D88, H88
DEROO, Wilhelmina - Orange City, P99, R44, D94, H96
DEROOS, John - Capel, P16, R60, D60, H60
DEROOS, Hannah - Capel, P16, R61, D60, H60
DEROOS, Pearl - Capel, P16, R62, D60, H60
DEROOS, Jennie - Capel, P16, R63, D60, H60
DEROOS, Willie - Capel, P16, R64, D60, H60
DEROOS, Teunis - Capel, P16, R65, D60, H60
DEROOS, Agnes - Orange City, P101, R90, D146, H149
DEROOS, Wm. - Welcome, P225, R87, D33, H33
DEROOS, Pietjie - Welcome, P225, R88, D33, H33
DEROOS, Charley - Welcome, P225, R89, D33, H33
DEROOS, Minie - Welcome, P225, R90, D33, H33
DEROOS, William - Welcome, P225, R91, D33, H33
DEROOS, Do??? - Welcome, P225, R92, D33, H33
DEROSE, Nick - Rock, P188, R83, D253, H260
DEROSE, Jessie - Rock, P188, R84, D253, H260
DEROSE, John - Rock, P188, R85, D253, H260
DEROSS, Oepike - Lincoln, P117, R8, D157, H161
DEROSS, Katie - Lincoln, P117, R9, D157, H161
DEROSS, Johanne - Lincoln, P117, R10, D157, H161
DEROSS, Agnes - Lincoln, P117, R11, D157, H161
DEROSS, Mary - Lincoln, P117, R12, D157, H161
DEROSS, John - Lincoln, P117, R13, D157, H161
DEROSS, Andrew - Lincoln, P117, R14, D157, H161
DEROSS, Josie - Lincoln, P117, R15, D157, H161
DEROSS, Frank - Lincoln, P117, R16, D157, H161
DEROSS, Wilhema - Lincoln, P117, R17, D157, H161
DERUYTER, Jacob - West Branch, P236, R94, D103, H105
DERUYTER, Alice - West Branch, P236, R95, D103, H105
DERUYTER, Levina - West Branch, P236, R96, D103, H105
DERUYTER, George - West Branch, P236, R97, D103, H105
DERUYTER, Marina - West Branch, P236, R98, D103, H105
DESMET, Emil - Rock, P182, R38, D132, H139
DESMET, Mary - Rock, P182, R39, D132, H139
DESMET, Giller - Rock, P182, R40, D132, H139
DESMITH, Philip - Sioux, P197, R2, D66, H66
DESMOND, Laura - Lincoln, P120, R44, D217, H221
DESMOND, John - Nassau, P152, R91, D172, H173
DESMOND, Mary - Nassau, P152, R92, D172, H173
DESMOND, Leona - Nassau, P152, R93, D172, H173
DETHMERS, John - Lincoln, P110, R28, D6, H7
DETHMERS, Annie - Lincoln, P110, R29, D, H
DETHMERS, John S. - Lincoln, P110, R30, D, H
DETHMERS, John S. - Lincoln, P123, R39, D277, H282
DETHMERS, Anna - Lincoln, P123, R40, D277, H282
DETHMERS, Peter R. - Lincoln, P123, R41, D277, H282
DETHMERS, Hessel - Lincoln, P123, R42, D277, H282
DETHMERS, John A. - Lincoln, P123, R43, D277, H282
DETHMERS, Nettie - Lincoln, P123, R44, D277, H282
DETHMERS, Helen - Lincoln, P123, R45, D277, H282
DETHMERS, Dieverikus - Lincoln, P123, R46, D277, H282
DETHMERS, Effie - Lincoln, P123, R47, D277, H282
DETLEFS, August W. - Logan, P137, R32, D250, H263
DETLEFS, Elizabeth M. - Logan, P137, R33, D250, H263
DETLEFS, William F. - Logan, P137, R34, D250, H263
DETLEFS, Eveline M. - Logan, P137, R35, D250, H263
DETLEFS, August I. - Logan, P137, R36, D250, H263
DETLEFS, not named yet - Logan, P137, R37, D250, H263
DEURSHEL, Henry - Nassau, P150, R42, D120, H121

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