1900 Iowa Census Index

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D to DEH

Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

D, Thomas F. - Sherman, P216, R63, D68, H68
D, Delia - Sherman, P216, R64, D68, H68
D???, ??? - Sheridan, P204, R86, D39, H39
D???I?K, Frank - Sherman, P217, R100, D87, H87
D???I?K, Kate - Sherman, P218, R1, D87, H87
D???I?K, D???? - Sherman, P218, R2, D87, H87
DAANE, Peter J. - Lincoln, P110, R37, D9, H10
DAANE, Johanna - Lincoln, P110, R38, D, H
DAANE, Susie F. - Lincoln, P110, R39, D, H
DAANE, Fannie S. - Lincoln, P110, R40, D, H
DAANE, Nellie - Lincoln, P110, R41, D, H
DAANE, Arnold - Lincoln, P110, R42, D, H
DAANE, Paulina J. - Lincoln, P110, R43, D, H
DAANE, Annie C. - Lincoln, P110, R44, D, H
DAHL, Edward - Sioux, P194, R82, D31, H31
DAHL, Christe - Sioux, P194, R83, D31, H31
DAHL, Edwin - Sioux, P194, R84, D31, H31
DAHLMAN, Herman - Lynn, P23, R47, D179, H179
DAHLMAN, A?netia - Lynn, P23, R48, D179, H179
DAHLMAN, Bessie - Lynn, P23, R49, D179, H179
DAHLMAN, Clara - Lynn, P23, R50, D179, H179
DAHLMAN, Edward - Lynn, P23, R51, D179, H179
DAHLMAN, Sadia - Lynn, P23, R52, D179, H179
DALE, John Wesley - Reading, P165, R52, D37, H37
DALE, Lois L. - Reading, P165, R53, D37, H37
DALE, Edna Alice - Reading, P165, R54, D37, H37
DALE, Ray Arthur - Reading, P165, R55, D37, H37
DALE, Ruth Florence - Reading, P165, R56, D37, H37
DALE, Ada Belle - Reading, P165, R57, D37, H37
DALE, Grace May - Reading, P165, R58, D37, H37
DALE, Hellen Clare - Reading, P165, R59, D37, H37
DALEY, John M. - Logan, P131, R80, D143, H156
DALEY, Agnes R. - Logan, P131, R81, D143, H156
DALEY, Kittie M. - Logan, P131, R82, D143, H156
DALEY, Jennie A. - Logan, P131, R83, D143, H156
DALEY, John M. - Logan, P131, R84, D143, H156
DALGLIESH, Hugh B. - Logan, P137, R76, D259, H272
DALGLIESH, Mary - Logan, P137, R77, D259, H272
DALGLIESH, Harry E. - Logan, P137, R78, D259, H272
DALGLIESH, Benjamin W. - Logan, P137, R79, D259, H272
DALGLIESH, George E. - Logan, P137, R80, D259, H272
DALGLIESH, Edna M. - Logan, P137, R81, D259, H272
DALGLIESH, Marie F. - Logan, P137, R82, D259, H272
DALTON, John C. - Buncombe, P4, R78, D96, H96
DALTON, Mary A. - Buncombe, P4, R79, D96, H96
DALTON, Hayden L. - Buncombe, P4, R80, D96, H96
DALY, Tom - Nassau, P144, R55, D7, H7
DANIELS, Jacob - Sherman, P222, R31, D160, H160
DANIELS, Maartja - Sherman, P222, R32, D160, H160
DANIELS, Anna - Sherman, P222, R33, D160, H160
DANIELS, Fred - Sherman, P222, R34, D160, H160
DANIELS, Lenard - Sherman, P222, R35, D160, H160
DANIELS, Hattie - Sherman, P222, R36, D160, H160
DANNENBRING, August E. - Washington, P142, R5, D336, H349
DANNENBRING, Dora C. - Washington, P142, R6, D336, H349
DANNENBRING, August E. - Washington, P142, R7, D336, H349
DANNENBRING, Martha M. - Washington, P142, R8, D336, H349
DANNENBRING, Anna L. - Washington, P142, R9, D336, H349
DANNENBRING, Fred C. - Washington, P142, R10, D336, H349
DANNENBRING, John F. - Washington, P142, R11, D336, H349
DANTEMA, John - Nassau, P145, R84, D34, H34
DANTEMA, Coba - Nassau, P145, R85, D34, H34
DANTEMA, Rolf - Nassau, P145, R86, D34, H34
DANTEMA, Jennie - Nassau, P145, R87, D34, H34
DANTEMA, Kate - Nassau, P147, R82, D71, H71
DARLING, George Clement - Reading, P166, R78, D64, H64
DARLING, Mary - Reading, P166, R79, D64, H64
DARLING, Viola Irene - Reading, P166, R80, D64, H64
DARLING, Hubert Kepner - Reading, P166, R81, D64, H64
DAUGHERTY, Frank J. - Buncombe, P8, R72, D185, H185
DAUGHERTY, Stella E. - Buncombe, P8, R73, D185, H185
DAUGHERTY, Carry S. - Buncombe, P8, R74, D185, H185
DAVIDSON, Bosworth - Lincoln, P114, R10, D92, H95
DAVIDSON, James B. - Logan, P136, R20, D224, H237
DAVIDSON, Leonora - Logan, P136, R21, D224, H237
DAVIDSON, Edna G. - Logan, P136, R22, D224, H237
DAVIDSON, Albert - Rock, P176, R76, D15, H17
DAVIDSON, Sarah - Rock, P176, R77, D15, H17
DAVIDSON, Ernest - Rock, P176, R78, D15, H17
DAVIDSON, Lily - Rock, P176, R79, D15, H17
DAVIDSON, Bertha - Rock, P176, R80, D15, H17
DAVIDSON, George - Rock, P176, R81, D15, H17
DAVIDSON, Leslie - Rock, P176, R82, D15, H17
DAVIS, Ira M. - Buncombe, P1, R96, D26, H26
DAVIS, Nancy M. - Buncombe, P1, R97, D26, H26
DAVIS, Irene - Buncombe, P3, R24, D60, H60
DAVIS, Sylvester - Buncombe, P7, R39, D154, H154
DAVIS, Christine - Buncombe, P7, R40, D154, H154
DAVIS, Elmer - Buncombe, P7, R41, D154, H154
DAVIS, Madge - Buncombe, P10, R4, D215, H215
DAVIS, John - Garfield, P67, R35, D45, H45
DAVIS, Eva - Garfield, P67, R36, D45, H45
DAVIS, Harry D. - Garfield, P67, R37, D45, H45
DAVIS, John L. - Garfield, P67, R38, D45, H45
DAVIS, Arthur - Garfield, P67, R39, D45, H45
DAVIS, John - Holland, P92, R36, D134, H134
DAVIS, Frank M. - Logan, P130, R72, D121, H134
DAVIS, Oscar W. - Logan, P131, R77, D142, H155
DAVIS, Hattie E. - Logan, P131, R78, D142, H155
DAVIS, John W. - Washington, P141, R16, D319, H332
DAVIS, Melvin - Rock, P181, R21, D104, H108
DAVIS, Ida - Rock, P181, R22, D104, H108
Davis, May - Settler, P201, R79, D132, H133
DAVIS, John - Sheridan, P204, R75, D37, H37
DAVIS, Myrtle - Sheridan, P204, R76, D37, H37
DAVISON, Hugh - Reading, P167, R94, D98, H99
DAVISON, Emma A. - Reading, P167, R95, D98, H99
DAVISON, George H. - Reading, P167, R96, D98, H99
DAVISON, Louis F. - Reading, P167, R97, D98, H99
DAVISON, Lily - Rock, P187, R79, D234, H241
DAWLEY, Wm. F. - Lincoln, P121, R20, D234, H238
DAWLEY, Maggie - Lincoln, P121, R21, D234, H238
DAWLEY, Frederick - Lincoln, P121, R22, D234, H238
DAWLEY, Catherine - Lincoln, P121, R23, D234, H238
DAY, Isa Cathryn - Reading, P164, R5, D1, H1
DAY, William Bryant - Reading, P164, R84, D21, H21
DAY, Hattie A. - Reading, P164, R85, D21, H21
DAY, Edwin R. - Reading, P173, R46, D204, H206
DAY, Adelia - Reading, P173, R47, D204, H206
DAY, Eva M. - Reading, P173, R48, D204, H206
DAY, James G. - Reading, P173, R49, D204, H206
DAY, George M. - Reading, P173, R50, D204, H206
DAY, Flora A. - Reading, P173, R51, D204, H206
DAY, Ross B. - Reading, P173, R52, D204, H206
DAY, Daisy P. - Reading, P173, R53, D204, H206
DAY, Delbert E. - Reading, P173, R54, D204, H206
DAY, Robert P. - Reading, P173, R55, D204, H206
DAYTON, Gertrude Ledweth - Reading, P167, R84, D93, H94
DE???, Simon - Lynn, P28, R8, D247, H247
DE???, ??? - Lynn, P28, R9, D247, H247
DE???, Simon - Lynn, P28, R10, D247, H247
DE???, ??? - Lynn, P28, R11, D247, H247
DE???, ??? - Lynn, P28, R12, D247, H247
DE???, Herman - Lynn, P28, R13, D247, H247
DEALY, William - Reading, P170, R6, D148, H149
DEALY, Bridget Ann - Reading, P170, R7, D148, H149
DEALY, Francis James - Reading, P170, R8, D148, H149
DEALY, Hugh Raymond - Reading, P170, R9, D148, H149
DEALY, Edward Leroy - Reading, P170, R10, D148, H149
DEALY, William Clarence - Reading, P170, R11, D148, H149
DEALY, Owen Charles - Reading, P170, R12, D148, H149
DEALY, Dennis Martin - Reading, P170, R13, D148, H149
DEALY, Ethel May - Reading, P170, R14, D148, H149
DEALY, Joseph Leo - Reading, P170, R15, D148, H149
DEALY, Mary - Sherman, P216, R27, D60, H60
DEALY, Alice - Sherman, P216, R28, D60, H60
DEAN, Louis - Rock, P191, R23, D290, H297
DEARBORN, Nelson - Rock, P180, R96, D101, H105
DEARBORN, Mary - Rock, P180, R97, D101, H105
DEARBORN, Gordon - Rock, P180, R98, D101, H105
DEARBORN, Iven - Rock, P180, R99, D101, H105
DEARBORN, Hazel - Rock, P180, R100, D101, H105
DEBEER, Daniel J. - Logan, P137, R83, D260, H273
DEBEER, Mattie - Logan, P137, R84, D260, H273
DEBEY, Albert - Orange City, P97, R96, D60, H61
DEBEY, Gertie J. - Orange City, P97, R97, D60, H61
DEBEY, John G. - Orange City, P97, R98, D60, H61
DEBEY, Cornelius - Orange City, P97, R99, D60, H61
DEBEY, Marsha A. - Orange City, P97, R100, D60, H61
DEBLAUW, Gerrit - Reading, P172, R34, D185, H187
DEBOER, Nick - Lynn, P27, R80, D242, H242
DEBOER, Lueretia - Lynn, P27, R81, D242, H242
DEBOER, John - Lynn, P27, R82, D242, H242
DEBOER, ??? - Lynn, P27, R83, D242, H242
DEBOER, Anna - Lynn, P27, R84, D242, H242
DEBOER, ?ena - Lynn, P27, R85, D242, H242
DEBOER, Willie - Lynn, P27, R86, D242, H242
DEBOER, Winnie - Lynn, P27, R87, D242, H242
DEBOER, Dick - Lynn, P27, R88, D242, H242
DEBOER, Thomas - Floyd, P55, R89, D85, H87
DEBOER, Antje - Floyd, P55, R90, D85, H87
DEBOER, Annie - Floyd, P55, R91, D85, H87
DEBOER, Gracie - Floyd, P55, R92, D85, H87
DEBOER, Chas - Lincoln, P116, R99, D154, H158
DEBOER, Josie - Lincoln, P116, R100, D154, H158
DEBOER, Douwe - Lincoln, P117, R1, D154, H158
DEBOER, Gossen - Lincoln, P122, R38, D257, H261
DEBOER, Mintje - Lincoln, P122, R39, D257, H261
DEBOER, Cornelus - Lincoln, P122, R40, D257, H261
DEBOER, Fannie - Lincoln, P122, R41, D257, H261
DEBOER, John - Lincoln, P122, R42, D257, H261
DEBOER, Ella - Lincoln, P122, R43, D257, H261
DEBOER, Douwe - Lincoln, P122, R44, D257, H261
DEBOER, Douwe - Nassau, P157, R89, D249, H252
DEBOER, Augusta - Nassau, P157, R90, D249, H252
DEBOER, Louisa - Nassau, P157, R91, D249, H252
DEBOER, Cornelis - Nassau, P157, R92, D249, H252
DEBOER, Albert - Nassau, P157, R93, D249, H252
DEBOER, Gossen - Nassau, P157, R94, D249, H252
DEBOER, Nellie - Nassau, P157, R95, D249, H252
DEBOER, Emma - Nassau, P157, R96, D249, H252
DEBOER, Minnie - Nassau, P157, R97, D249, H252
DEBOER, R?nia - Nassau, P157, R98, D249, H252
DEBOER, Douwe - Nassau, P157, R99, D249, H252
DEBOER, Bertha - Nassau, P157, R100, D249, H252
DEBOER, Matilda - Nassau, P158, R1, D249, H252
DEBOER, August - Nassau, P158, R2, D249, H252
DEBOER, Cornelius - Rock, P187, R14, D226, H233
DEBOER, Trynte - Rock, P187, R15, D226, H233
DEBOER, Emma - Rock, P187, R16, D226, H233
DEBOER, Annie - Rock, P187, R17, D226, H233
DEBOER, Fred - Rock, P187, R18, D226, H233
DEBOER, Renne - Rock, P187, R19, D226, H233
DEBOER, Cornelia - Rock, P187, R20, D226, H233
DEBOER, Peter - Sheridan, P205, R26, D50, H50
DEBOER, Richard - Sheridan, P206, R14, D71, H71
DEBOER, Gertrude - Sheridan, P206, R15, D71, H71
DEBOER, Gertrude - Sheridan, P206, R16, D71, H71
DEBOER, Depurie - Sherman, P219, R9, D108, H108
DEBOER, Grace - Sherman, P219, R10, D108, H108
DEBOER, Nickolas - Sherman, P219, R11, D108, H108
DEBOER, Joest - Sherman, P219, R12, D108, H108
DEBOER, W. - Welcome, P226, R15, D38, H38
DEBOER, Aantjie - Welcome, P226, R16, D38, H38
DEBOER, Charley - Welcome, P226, R17, D38, H38
DEBOER, Jurry - Welcome, P226, R18, D38, H38
DEBOER, Tjierd - Welcome, P226, R26, D39, H39
DEBOER, Martin - West Branch, P232, R86, D20, H21
DEBOER, Hendrika - West Branch, P232, R87, D20, H21
DEBOER, Peter - West Branch, P232, R88, D20, H21
DEBOER, George - West Branch, P232, R89, D20, H21
DEBOER, Jacoba - West Branch, P232, R90, D20, H21
DEBOER, Tjeerd - West Branch, P233, R64, D37, H38
DEBOER, Froukie - West Branch, P233, R65, D37, H38
DEBOER, Hendrik - West Branch, P233, R66, D37, H38
DEBOER, John - West Branch, P233, R67, D37, H38
DEBOER, Rokus - West Branch, P233, R68, D37, H38
DEBOER, Goffe - West Branch, P233, R69, D37, H38
DEBONT, Cornelis - Orange City, P99, R18, D87, H89
DEBONT, Adrianatje - Orange City, P99, R19, D87, H89
DEBOOR, Evert - Lincoln, P116, R86, D150, H154
DEBOOR, Gertie - Lincoln, P116, R87, D150, H154
DEBOOR, Mener - Lincoln, P121, R58, D241, H245
DEBOOR, Augsbje - Lincoln, P121, R59, D241, H245
DEBOOR, Louis - Lincoln, P121, R60, D241, H245
DEBOOR, Tice - Lincoln, P121, R61, D241, H245
DEBOOR, Henry - Lincoln, P121, R62, D241, H245
DEBOOR, Hinke - Lincoln, P121, R63, D241, H245
DEBOOR, Frienetje - Lincoln, P121, R64, D241, H245
DEBOOY, Cyrene - Orange City, P98, R19, D64, H65
DEBOOY, Terentje - Orange City, P98, R20, D64, H65
DEBOOY, Mathias - Orange City, P98, R21, D64, H65
DEBOOY, Hubert - Orange City, P98, R22, D64, H65
DEBOOY, Margaret - Orange City, P98, R23, D64, H65
DEBOOY, Marion C. - Orange City, P98, R24, D64, H65
DEBOOY, Maaika - Orange City, P108, R1, D278, H283
DEBOOY, Josie - Orange City, P108, R2, D278, H283
DEBOOY, Matthias - Orange City, P108, R3, D278, H283
DEBRAKE, Henry - West Branch, P245, R68, D254, H256
DEBRAKE, Minnie - West Branch, P245, R69, D254, H256
DEBRAKE, Pearson G. - West Branch, P245, R70, D254, H256
DEBRAKE, Bertha - West Branch, P245, R71, D254, H256
DEBRAKE, Malinda - West Branch, P245, R72, D254, H256
DEBRUIN, Jan - Floyd, P52, R24, D7, H7
DEBRUIN, Mona - Floyd, P52, R25, D7, H7
DEBRUIN, William - Floyd, P52, R26, D7, H7
DEBRUIN, John - Floyd, P56, R10, D91, H93
DEBRUIN, Hattie - Floyd, P56, R11, D91, H93
DEBRUIN, Marigretta - Floyd, P56, R12, D91, H93
DEBRUIN, Edward - Floyd, P56, R13, D91, H93
DEBRUIN, Mary - Floyd, P63, R20, D212, H214
DEBRUIN, Age - Nassau, P145, R83, D33, H33
DEBRUIN, Albert - Nassau, P153, R48, D183, H184
DEBRUIN, Johanna - Nassau, P153, R49, D183, H184
DEBRUIN, Gerrit M. - Nassau, P153, R50, D183, H184
DEBRUIN, Henry - Nassau, P153, R51, D183, H184
DEBRUIN, Jan - Nassau, P153, R52, D183, H184
DEBRUIN, Berth - Nassau, P153, R53, D183, H184
DEBRUIN, Johan - Nassau, P153, R54, D183, H184
DEBRUYN, Cornelius - Lynn, P21, R49, D145, H145
DEBRUYN, Nieage - Lynn, P21, R50, D145, H145
DEBRUYN, Jacob - Lynn, P21, R51, D145, H145
DEBRUYN, Gyspert - Lynn, P21, R52, D145, H145
DEBRUYN, Sagga - Lynn, P21, R53, D145, H145
DEBRUYN, S????e - Lynn, P21, R54, D145, H145
DEBRUYN, Jacoba - Lynn, P21, R55, D145, H145
DEBRUYN, Lena - Lynn, P21, R56, D145, H145
DEBRUYN, Aargye - Lynn, P21, R57, D145, H145
DEBRUYN, Nieage - Lynn, P21, R58, D145, H145
DEBRUYN, Cornelia - Lynn, P21, R59, D145, H145
DECK, Thomas J. - Logan, P132, R51, D157, H170
DECK, Berle M. - Logan, P132, R52, D157, H170
Decker, Fred - Eagle, P32, R37, D60, H60
Decker, Lena - Eagle, P32, R38, D60, H60
Decker, Charles - Eagle, P32, R39, D60, H60
Decker, Henry - Eagle, P32, R40, D60, H60
Decker, E???? - Eagle, P32, R41, D60, H60
Decker, Fred - Eagle, P32, R42, D60, H60
Decker, Gurth - Eagle, P32, R43, D60, H60
DECOOK, Peter - Holland, P91, R46, D118, H118
DECOOK, Kate - Holland, P91, R47, D118, H118
DECOOK, John - Holland, P91, R54, D120, H120
DECOOK, Gertie - Holland, P91, R55, D120, H120
DECOOK, Dirk - Holland, P91, R56, D120, H120
DECOOK, Richard - Orange City, P106, R32, D242, H245
DECOOK, Maria I. - Orange City, P106, R33, D242, H245
DECOOK, Bessie F. - Orange City, P106, R34, D242, H246
DECRANE, Teunis - Orange City, P104, R56, D203, H206
DECRANE, Adolphina F. - Orange City, P104, R57, D203, H206
DECRANE, May - Orange City, P104, R58, D203, H206
DEFOOYER, William - West Branch, P234, R66, D55, H56
DEFOOYER, Jacoba - West Branch, P234, R67, D55, H56
DEFOOYER, Katrina - West Branch, P234, R68, D55, H56
DEFOOYER, William - West Branch, P234, R69, D55, H56
DEFOOYER, ??? - West Branch, P234, R70, D55, H56
DEFOOYER, George - West Branch, P234, R71, D55, H56
DEFOOYER, Annetta - West Branch, P234, R72, D55, H56
DEFOOYER, Gysbert - West Branch, P234, R73, D55, H56
DEFOREST, John E. - Logan, P133, R55, D181, H194
DEFOREST, Laura L. - Logan, P133, R56, D181, H194
DEFOREST, Arthur L. - Logan, P133, R57, D181, H194
DEFOREST, Margaret O. - Logan, P133, R58, D181, H194
DEFOREST, Amanda - Logan, P133, R59, D181, H194
DEFOREST, Caroline - Rock, P179, R100, D81, H84
DEGEN, Hans - Center, P36, R63, D137, H137
DEGEN, Mary - Center, P36, R64, D137, H137
DEGEN, Mollie - Center, P36, R65, D137, H137
DEGEN, Ella - Center, P36, R66, D137, H137
DEGEN, Edward - Center, P36, R67, D137, H137
DEGEN, Eldo - Center, P36, R68, D137, H137
DEGEN, Alwinie - Center, P36, R69, D137, H137
DEGOOYER, John - Welcome, P228, R83, D84, H84
DEGRAAF, Tunis - Plato, P70, R77, D11, H12
DEGRAAF, Fopee - Holland, P89, R17, D75, H75
DEGRAAF, Jantje - Holland, P89, R18, D75, H75
DEGRAAF, Peter - Holland, P89, R19, D75, H75
DEGRAAF, Andrew - Holland, P89, R20, D75, H75
DEGRAAF, Trintje - Holland, P89, R21, D75, H75
DEGRAAF, John - Lincoln, P117, R28, D158, H162
DEGRAAFF, Abraham - Lincoln, P119, R60, D202, H206
DEGRAAFF, Gertie - Lincoln, P119, R61, D202, H206
DEGRAAFF, John H. - Lincoln, P119, R62, D202, H206
DEGRAAFF, Henry - Lincoln, P119, R63, D202, H206
DEGRAAFF, Jacob - Lincoln, P119, R64, D202, H206
DEGRAAFF, Ferdines - Lincoln, P119, R65, D202, H206
DEGRAAFF, Henry - Lincoln, P120, R100, D229, H233
DEGROOT, Henry - Capel, P15, R84, D56, H56
DEGROOT, Jennie - Capel, P15, R85, D56, H56
DEGROOT, Henry - Capel, P15, R86, D56, H56
DEGROOT, Nellie - Capel, P15, R87, D56, H56
DEGROOT, Mary - Capel, P15, R88, D56, H56
DEGROOT, Gracie - Capel, P15, R89, D56, H56
DEGROOT, Schust - Capel, P16, R95, D71, H71
DEGROOT, H. - Capel, P16, R96, D71, H71
DEGROOT, Peter - Capel, P16, R97, D71, H71
DEGROOT, Sarah - Capel, P16, R98, D71, H71
DEGROOT, Johnny - Capel, P16, R99, D71, H71
DEGROOT, Lewis - Capel, P16, R100, D71, H71
DEGROOT, ??? - Capel, P17, R1, D71, H71
DEGROOT, ??? - Capel, P17, R2, D71, H71
DEGROOT, R. - Center, P38, R77, D171, H171
DEGROOT, Nellie - Center, P38, R78, D171, H171
DEGROOT, Jennie - Center, P38, R79, D171, H171
DEGROOT, Dick - Center, P38, R80, D171, H171
DEGROOT, Allie - Center, P38, R81, D171, H171
DEGROOT, Tillie - Center, P38, R82, D171, H171
DEGROOT, William - Floyd, P52, R76, D18, H18
DEGROOT, Jennie - Floyd, P52, R77, D18, H18
DEGROOT, Peter - Holland, P88, R40, D61, H61
DEGROOT, Pier - Holland, P88, R41, D61, H61
DEGROOT, Emeline - Holland, P88, R42, D61, H61
DEGROOT, Peter - Orange City, P101, R4, D128, H131
DEGROOT, Johanna H. - Orange City, P101, R5, D128, H131
DEGROOT, Cornelius - Rock, P183, R59, D161, H168
DEGROOT, Annie - Rock, P183, R60, D161, H168
DEGROOT, Herman - Rock, P183, R61, D161, H168
DEGROOT, Addie - Rock, P183, R62, D161, H168
DEGROOT, Elena - Rock, P183, R63, D161, H168
DEGROOT, Abel - Sioux, P198, R35, D89, H89
DEGROOT, Sadie - Sioux, P198, R36, D89, H89
DEGROOT, Harry - Sioux, P198, R37, D89, H89
DEGROOT, Charley - Sioux, P198, R38, D89, H89
DEGROOT, George - Sioux, P198, R39, D89, H89
DEGROOT, Nick - Sherman, P222, R63, D165, H165
DEGROOT, Bertha - Sherman, P222, R64, D165, H165
DEGROOT, John - Sherman, P222, R65, D165, H165
DEGROOT, Dick - Sherman, P223, R30, D174, H174
DEGROOT, John - Welcome, P226, R37, D42, H42
DEGROOT, Dora - Welcome, P226, R38, D42, H42
DEGROOT, Alace - Welcome, P226, R39, D42, H42
DEGROOT, Annie - Welcome, P226, R40, D42, H42
DEGROOT, Peter - Welcome, P226, R41, D42, H42
DEGROOT, Sarah - Welcome, P226, R42, D42, H42
DEGROOT, John - Welcome, P226, R43, D42, H42
DEGROOT, Sjourd - Welcome, P226, R44, D42, H42
DEGROOT, Cornelius - West Branch, P233, R19, D25, H26
DEGROOT, Ida - West Branch, P233, R20, D25, H26
DEGROOT, Mary - West Branch, P233, R21, D25, H26
DEGROOT, Alida - West Branch, P233, R22, D25, H26
DEGROOT, Henry - West Branch, P233, R23, D25, H26
DEGROOT, Eva C. - West Branch, P233, R24, D25, H26
DEGROOT, John - West Branch, P236, R99, D104, H106
DEGROOT, Wilhelmina - West Branch, P236, R100, D104, H106
DEGROOT, Henry - West Branch, P241, R42, D189, H191
DEGROOT, Henry - West Branch, P243, R97, D230, H232
DEGROOT, Annie - West Branch, P243, R98, D230, H232
DEGROOT, Henry - West Branch, P243, R99, D230, H232
DEGROOT, Abraham - West Branch, P243, R100, D230, H232
DEGROOT, Lena - West Branch, P244, R1, D230, H232
DEGROOT, Neal - West Branch, P244, R2, D230, H232
DEGROOT, John - West Branch, P244, R3, D230, H232
DEGROOT, Jane - West Branch, P244, R4, D230, H232
DEGROOT, Herman - West Branch, P244, R5, D230, H232
DEGROOT, Gertie - West Branch, P244, R6, D230, H232
DEHAAN, ??? - Lynn, P27, R6, D229, H229
DEHAAN, John - Floyd, P60, R76, D170, H172
DEHAAN, Ellen - Floyd, P60, R77, D170, H172
DEHAAN, Peter - Floyd, P60, R78, D170, H172
DEHAAN, Gerrit - Floyd, P60, R79, D170, H172
DEHAAN, Arie - Floyd, P60, R80, D170, H172
DEHAAN, Henry - Floyd, P60, R81, D170, H172
DEHAAN, Louis - Floyd, P60, R82, D170, H172
DEHAAN, Gerrit J. - Holland, P85, R81, D15, H15
DEHAAN, Annie - Holland, P85, R82, D15, H15
DEHAAN, Gerrit - Holland, P85, R83, D15, H15
DEHAAN, Christian - Holland, P85, R84, D15, H15
DEHAAN, Nellie - Holland, P85, R85, D15, H15
DEHAAN, Frank - Holland, P86, R4, D19, H19
DEHAAN, Margaret - Holland, P86, R5, D19, H19
DEHAAN, Gertie - Holland, P86, R6, D19, H19
DEHAAN, Nettie - Holland, P86, R7, D19, H19
DEHAAN, Mary - Holland, P86, R8, D19, H19
DEHAAN, Henry - Holland, P86, R9, D19, H19
DEHAAN, John - Holland, P86, R10, D19, H19
DEHAAN, Albert - Holland, P86, R11, D19, H19
DEHAAN, Tilele - Holland, P93, R70, D161, H161
DEHAAN, Witsche - Holland, P93, R71, D161, H161
DEHAAN, Henry A. - Orange City, P97, R74, D55, H56
DEHAAN, Mary - Orange City, P97, R75, D55, H56
DEHAAN, Jennie - Orange City, P97, R76, D55, H56
DEHAAN, Henry - Orange City, P106, R65, D249, H253
DEHAAN, Hattie - Orange City, P106, R66, D249, H253
DEHAAN, Cynthia - Orange City, P106, R67, D249, H253
DEHAAN, Annie - Orange City, P106, R68, D249, H253
DEHAAN, Mary - Orange City, P106, R69, D249, H253
DEHAAN, Albert B. - West Branch, P242, R21, D203, H205
DEHAAN, Hermina - West Branch, P242, R22, D203, H205
DEHAAN, Gertie H. - West Branch, P242, R23, D203, H205
DEHAAN, Henry A. - West Branch, P242, R24, D203, H205
DEHAAN, ??? - West Branch, P242, R25, D203, H205
DEHAAN, Ellen J. - West Branch, P242, R26, D203, H205
DEHOOGH, Evert G. - Grant, P79, R99, D55, H56
DEHOOGH, Cornelius - Sheridan, P206, R79, D84, H84
DEHOOGH, Jennie - Sheridan, P206, R80, D84, H84
DEHOOGH, Cornelius - Sheridan, P206, R81, D84, H84
DEHOOGH, Cornelis - Sheridan, P208, R65, D118, H118
DEHOOGH, G. - Sheridan, P208, R66, D118, H118
DEHOOGH, Johanna - Sheridan, P208, R67, D118, H118
DEHOOGH, Theodore - Sheridan, P208, R68, D118, H118
DEHOOGH, D. J. - Sheridan, P208, R76, D121, H121
DEHOOGH, Williampja - Sheridan, P208, R77, D121, H121
DEHOOGH, Katie - Sheridan, P208, R78, D121, H121
DEHOOGH, Frederick - Sheridan, P208, R79, D121, H121

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