1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

DEVALOIS, Teunis - Capel, P16, R19, D60, H60
DEVALOIS, Rolina - Capel, P16, R20, D60, H60
DEVALOIS, Mary M. - Capel, P16, R21, D60, H60
DEVALOIS, John - Capel, P16, R22, D60, H60
DEVALOIS, Cornelius - Capel, P16, R37, D63, H63
DEVALOIS, Jennie - Capel, P16, R38, D63, H63
DEVALOIS, May J. - Capel, P16, R39, D63, H63
DEVALOIS, Edna ?. - Capel, P16, R40, D63, H63
DEVALOIS, Cornie P.l - Capel, P16, R41, D63, H63
DEVALOIS, Ha?? G. - Capel, P16, R42, D63, H63
DEVALOIS, Ruben - Capel, P16, R43, D63, H63
DEVALOIS, L. - Capel, P20, R15, D121, H121
DEVALOIS, ?ana - Capel, P20, R16, D121, H121
DEVALOIS, Mary J. - Capel, P20, R17, D121, H121
DEVALOIS, Allie C. - Capel, P20, R18, D121, H121
DEVELDER, Dirk - Capel, P13, R15, D5, H5
DEVELDER, Artie - Capel, P13, R16, D5, H5
DEVELDER, Katie - Capel, P13, R17, D5, H5
DEVELDER, D???? - Capel, P13, R18, D5, H5
DEVENTER, George - Plato, P70, R82, D12, H13
DEVIES, Jacob - West Branch, P246, R16, D261, H263
DEVOE, William H. - Rock, P191, R52, D295, H302
DEVOE, Lydia - Rock, P191, R53, D295, H302
DEVOE, Emmerson - Rock, P191, R54, D295, H302
DEVOE, Orvill - Rock, P191, R55, D295, H302
DEVOE, Leona - Rock, P191, R56, D295, H302
DEVOE, Guy - Rock, P191, R57, D295, H302
DEVOE, Baby - Rock, P191, R58, D295, H302
DEVOGEL, Burt??? J. - Floyd, P54, R77, D63, H65
DEVOGEL, Gerarden R. - Floyd, P54, R78, D63, H65
DEVOGEL, Jacoba - Floyd, P54, R79, D63, H65
DEVOGEL, Maartje - Floyd, P54, R80, D63, H65
DEVOS, William - West Branch, P238, R85, D144, H146
DEVOS, Neeltje - West Branch, P238, R86, D144, H146
DEVOS, Arie - West Branch, P238, R87, D144, H146
DEVOS, Eddie - West Branch, P238, R88, D144, H146
DEVOS, William - West Branch, P238, R89, D144, H146
DEVRIES, O. - Center, P39, R4, D176, H176
DEVRIES, Bertha - Center, P39, R5, D176, H176
DEVRIES, Katie - Center, P39, R6, D176, H176
DEVRIES, Johanna - Center, P39, R7, D176, H176
DEVRIES, Margaret - Center, P39, R8, D176, H176
DEVRIES, ?. - Center, P39, R10, D177, H177
DEVRIES, J. - Center, P39, R11, D177, H177
DEVRIES, George - Center, P39, R12, D177, H177
DEVRIES, Peter - Center, P39, R44, D185, H185
DEVRIES, Jennie - Center, P39, R45, D185, H185
DEVRIES, Arie - Floyd, P53, R72, D40, H41
DEVRIES, Maria - Floyd, P53, R73, D40, H41
DEVRIES, John - Floyd, P53, R74, D40, H41
DEVRIES, Katie - Floyd, P53, R75, D40, H41
DEVRIES, Gerrit - Floyd, P53, R76, D40, H41
DEVRIES, Cornelis - Floyd, P53, R77, D40, H41
DEVRIES, Peter - Floyd, P59, R81, D152, H154
DEVRIES, Defke - Floyd, P59, R82, D152, H154
DEVRIES, Willem - Floyd, P59, R83, D152, H154
DEVRIES, Jantje - Floyd, P59, R84, D152, H154
DEVRIES, Jan - Floyd, P59, R85, D152, H154
DEVRIES, Titje - Floyd, P59, R86, D152, H154
DEVRIES, Aafice - Floyd, P59, R87, D152, H154
DEVRIES, Jacob - Floyd, P59, R88, D152, H154
DEVRIES, Lue - Garfield, P66, R33, D25, H25
DEVRIES, Alice - Garfield, P66, R34, D25, H25
DEVRIES, John - Garfield, P66, R35, D25, H25
DEVRIES, Geert - Garfield, P66, R36, D25, H25
DEVRIES, Sena - Garfield, P66, R37, D25, H25
DEVRIES, Jake - Plato, P70, R100, D14, H15
DEVRIES, Johanna - Plato, P74, R73, D151, H152
DEVRIES, Gerrit - Grant, P78, R34, D26, H26
DEVRIES, Klaas - Holland, P88, R72, D68, H68
DEVRIES, Klaaske - Holland, P88, R73, D68, H68
DEVRIES, Siebe - Holland, P88, R74, D68, H68
DEVRIES, Gerard - Holland, P88, R75, D68, H68
DEVRIES, Gerben O. - Holland, P93, R59, D158, H158
DEVRIES, Afke - Holland, P93, R60, D158, H158
DEVRIES, Katie - Holland, P93, R61, D158, H158
DEVRIES, Trintje - Holland, P94, R4, D169, H169
DEVRIES, Gertie - Holland, P94, R6, D169, H169
DEVRIES, Lana - Holland, P94, R7, D169, H169
DEVRIES, Siebe - Orange City, P102, R39, D158, H161
DEVRIES, Abe - Orange City, P107, R21, D260, H264
DEVRIES, Peter - Orange City, P108, R38, D286, H291
DEVRIES, Alida - Orange City, P108, R39, D286, H291
DEVRIES, Jan - Orange City, P108, R40, D286, H291
DEVRIES, Willem - Orange City, P108, R41, D286, H291
DEVRIES, Wilhelmina - Orange City, P108, R42, D286, H291
DEVRIES, John - Lincoln, P112, R9, D48, H50
DEVRIES, Edith - Lincoln, P112, R10, D48, H50
DEVRIES, Baby - Lincoln, P112, R11, D48, H50
DEVRIES, John - Lincoln, P119, R26, D197, H201
DEVRIES, Wilhemena - Lincoln, P119, R27, D197, H201
DEVRIES, Hattie - Lincoln, P119, R28, D197, H201
DEVRIES, Jessie - Lincoln, P119, R29, D197, H201
DEVRIES, Chas. - Lincoln, P119, R30, D197, H201
DEVRIES, Cornelius D. - Logan, P134, R52, D189, H202
DEVRIES, Jacob - Nassau, P160, R55, D296, H299
DEVRIES, Dora - Nassau, P160, R56, D296, H299
DEVRIES, Lizzie - Nassau, P160, R57, D296, H299
DEVRIES, Charlie - Nassau, P160, R58, D296, H299
DEVRIES, Nellie - Nassau, P163, R48, D343, H346
DEVRIES, Herman - Rock, P176, R46, D9, H10
DEVRIES, Johannah - Rock, P176, R47, D9, H10
DEVRIES, (not named) - Rock, P176, R48, D9, H10
DEVRIES, Jake - Rock, P184, R39, D176, H183
DEVRIES, Cora - Rock, P184, R40, D176, H183
DEVRIES, Steven - Rock, P184, R41, D176, H183
DEVRIES, Stephen - Rock, P188, R67, D251, H258
DEVRIES, Tena - Rock, P188, R68, D251, H258
DEVRIES, Louis - Rock, P188, R69, D251, H258
DEVRIES, Baby - Rock, P188, R70, D251, H258
DEVRIES, Cornelius - Sheridan, P205, R21, D50, H50
DEVRIES, Rena - Sheridan, P205, R22, D50, H50
DEVRIES, Garrett - Sheridan, P205, R23, D50, H50
DEVRIES, Jacoba - Sheridan, P205, R24, D50, H50
DEVRIES, Henry - Sheridan, P205, R25, D50, H50
DEVRIES, Gertie - Sheridan, P205, R85, D62, H62
DEVRIES, Stephen - Sheridan, P205, R93, D65, H65
DEVRIES, Kate - Sheridan, P205, R94, D65, H65
DEVRIES, Kate - Sheridan, P205, R95, D65, H65
DEVRIES, Annie - Sheridan, P205, R96, D65, H65
DEVRIES, Otto - Sheridan, P209, R11, D128, H128
DEVRIES, Dena - Sheridan, P209, R12, D128, H128
DEVRIES, Hattie - Sheridan, P210, R12, D146, H146
DEVRIES, S. - Sheridan, P213, R25, D204, H204
DEVRIES, Abbie - Sheridan, P213, R26, D204, H204
DEVRIES, Harry - Sherman, P217, R14, D73, H73
DEVRIES, Josie - Sherman, P217, R15, D73, H73
DEVRIES, Aggie - Sherman, P217, R16, D73, H73
DEVRIES, Ona? - Sherman, P217, R17, D73, H73
DEVRIES, Seve - Sherman, P217, R18, D73, H73
DEVRIES, Garrit - Sherman, P217, R19, D73, H73
DEVRIES, John - Sherman, P219, R26, D111, H111
DEVRIES, Die??? - Sherman, P219, R27, D111, H111
DEVRIES, S??er - Sherman, P219, R28, D111, H111
DEVRIES, Joseph - Sherman, P219, R29, D111, H111
DEVRIES, Harman - Sherman, P219, R30, D111, H111
DEVRIES, Charles - Sherman, P219, R69, D117, H117
DEVRIES, George - Sherman, P219, R97, D121, H121
DEVRIES, S. - Sherman, P223, R46, D178, H178
DEVRIES, Pi??ke Anna - Sherman, P223, R47, D178, H178
DEVRIES, Garret - Sherman, P223, R48, D178, H178
DEVRIES, Anna - Sherman, P223, R49, D178, H178
DEVRIES, Obla - Sherman, P223, R50, D178, H178
DEVRIES, Mary - Welcome, P229, R33, D91, H91
DEVRIES, Jacob - Welcome, P229, R34, D91, H91
DEVRIES, Peter - Welcome, P229, R35, D91, H91
DEVRIES, Henry - Welcome, P229, R36, D91, H91
DEVRIES, Kate - Welcome, P229, R37, D91, H91
DEVRIES, Martha - Welcome, P229, R38, D91, H91
DEVRIES, Garben - Welcome, P230, R99, D114, H114
DEVRIES, Seatske - Welcome, P230, R100, D114, H114
DEVRIES, Aabe - Welcome, P231, R1, D114, H114
DEVRIES, Henry - Welcome, P231, R2, D114, H114
DEVRIES, Girtie - Welcome, P231, R3, D114, H114
DEVRIES, Hattie - Welcome, P231, R4, D114, H114
DEVRIES, Tillie - Welcome, P231, R5, D114, H114
DEVRIES, Bessie - Welcome, P231, R6, D114, H114
DEVRIES, Winnie - Welcome, P231, R7, D114, H114
DEVRIES, Eelje - West Branch, P233, R25, D26, H27
DEVRIES, Eelke - West Branch, P233, R26, D26, H27
DEVRIES, Sarah - West Branch, P233, R27, D26, H27
DEVRIES, Peter - West Branch, P241, R59, D192, H194
DEVRIES, Charles - West Branch, P244, R54, D238, H240
DEVRIES, Hetitje - West Branch, P244, R55, D238, H240
DEVRIES, Aggie - West Branch, P244, R56, D238, H240
DEVRIES, Millie - West Branch, P244, R57, D238, H240
DEWEERD, John - Center, P36, R28, D128, H128
DEWEERD, Jennie - Center, P36, R29, D128, H128
DEWEERD, T. - Center, P39, R16, D178, H178
DEWEERD, ?. - Center, P39, R17, D178, H178
DEWEERD, Henry - Center, P39, R18, D178, H178
DEWEERD, John - Center, P39, R19, D178, H178
DEWEY, Mary E. - Logan, P127, R70, D59, H67
DEWILD, Henrietta - Plato, P72, R5, D109, H110
DEWILD, John - Welcome, P226, R7, D37, H37
DEWILD, Antonia - Welcome, P226, R8, D37, H37
DEWILD, Hendrika - Welcome, P226, R9, D37, H37
DEWILD, Pearlie - Welcome, P226, R10, D37, H37
DEWILD, Conrad - Welcome, P226, R11, D37, H37
DEWILD, Albert - Welcome, P226, R12, D37, H37
DEWILD, Henry W. - Welcome, P226, R13, D37, H37
Dewit, Henry - Welcome, P229, R3, D86, H86
DEWOLF, Anneta - Rock, P189, R18, D257, H264
DEYAGER, William - Sherman, P221, R22, D141, H141
DEYAGER, Lucy - Sherman, P221, R23, D141, H141
DEYAGER, Emma - Sherman, P221, R29, D141, H141
DEYONGSTE, Peter - Capel, P15, R82, D55, H55
DEYONGSTE, Annie - Capel, P15, R83, D55, H55
DEYOUNG, Roel - Capel, P15, R26, D43, H43
DEYOUNG, Gertie - Capel, P15, R27, D43, H43
DEYOUNG, ??? - Capel, P15, R28, D43, H43
DEYOUNG, Katie - Capel, P15, R29, D43, H43
DEYOUNG, Anna - Capel, P15, R30, D43, H43
DEYOUNG, Gertie - Capel, P15, R31, D43, H43
DEYOUNG, Jacob - Capel, P15, R32, D43, H43
DEYOUNG, Martin - Capel, P15, R33, D43, H43
DEYOUNG, John - Lynn, P21, R96, D153, H153
DEYOUNG, Annie - Lynn, P21, R97, D153, H153
DEYOUNG, Henry - Lynn, P21, R98, D153, H153
DEYOUNG, Annie - Lynn, P21, R99, D153, H153
DEYOUNG, Hattie - Lynn, P21, R100, D153, H153
DEYOUNG, Fred - Lynn, P22, R38, D160, H160
DEYOUNG, Fannie - Lynn, P22, R39, D160, H160
DEYOUNG, Jacob F. - Orange City, P96, R24, D23, H23
DEYOUNG, Peter - Rock, P184, R89, D188, H195
DEYOUNG, A??ha - Rock, P184, R90, D188, H195
DEYOUNG, Jennie - Rock, P184, R91, D188, H195
DEYOUNG, Seba. - Rock, P184, R92, D188, H195
DEYOUNG, Clara - Rock, P184, R93, D188, H195
DEYOUNG, Rosa - Rock, P184, R94, D188, H195
DEYOUNG, Henry - Rock, P184, R95, D188, H195
DEYOUNG, Johnie - Rock, P184, R96, D188, H195
DEYOUNG, Doras - Sioux, P196, R6, D53, H53
DEYOUNG, Thomas - West Branch, P245, R42, D251, H253
DEYOUNG, Etta - West Branch, P245, R43, D251, H253
DEYOUNG, Isaac - West Branch, P245, R44, D251, H253
DEYOUNG, Jane - West Branch, P245, R45, D251, H253
DEYOUNG, Jerome - West Branch, P245, R46, D251, H253
DEYOUNG, John - West Branch, P245, R47, D251, H253
DEYOUNG, Otto - West Branch, P245, R48, D251, H253
DEYOUNG, Aggie - West Branch, P245, R49, D251, H253
DEYOUNG, Okko - West Branch, P245, R50, D251, H253
DEYOUNG, Thomas - West Branch, P245, R51, D251, H253
DEZEEUW, ??? - Capel, P14, R22, D27, H27
DEZEEUW, ??? - Capel, P14, R23, D27, H27
DEZEEUW, ??? - Capel, P14, R24, D27, H27
DEZEEUW, ??? - Capel, P14, R25, D27, H27
DEZEEUW, ??? - Capel, P14, R26, D27, H27
DEZEEUW, ??? - Capel, P14, R27, D27, H27
DEZEEUW, Helen - Capel, P14, R28, D27, H27
DEZEEUW, ??? - Capel, P14, R29, D27, H27
DEZEEUW, Peter - Capel, P14, R30, D27, H27
DEZEEUW, ??? - Capel, P14, R31, D27, H27
DEZEEUW, ??? - Capel, P14, R32, D27, H27
DEZEEUW, Arie - Orange City, P98, R93, D81, H82
DEZEUW, George - West Branch, P242, R96, D214, H216
DEZEUW, Hendrika - West Branch, P242, R97, D214, H216
DEZEUW, Sander - West Branch, P242, R98, D214, H216
DEZEUW, George - West Branch, P242, R99, D214, H216
DEZEUW, Grace - West Branch, P242, R100, D214, H216
DICK, Charles W. - Washington, P141, R90, D333, H346
DICK, Alice J. - Washington, P141, R91, D333, H346
DICK, Zella E. - Washington, P141, R92, D333, H346
DICK, Bessie M. - Washington, P141, R93, D333, H346
DICK, Lesslie A. - Washington, P141, R94, D333, H346
DICKEN, John - Plato, P73, R40, D131, H132
DICKEN, Hilka - Plato, P73, R41, D131, H132
DICKEN, Henrietta - Plato, P73, R42, D131, H132
DICKERSON, Daniel M. - Buncombe, P5, R36, D108, H108
DICKERSON, Nancy C. - Buncombe, P5, R37, D108, H108
DICKERSON, Charles - Buncombe, P5, R38, D108, H108
DICKERSON, Guy - Buncombe, P5, R39, D108, H108
DICKERSON, Irene E. - Buncombe, P5, R40, D108, H108
DICKERSON, Merle M. - Buncombe, P5, R41, D108, H108
DICKERSON, Maude M. - Buncombe, P5, R42, D108, H108
DICKERSON, William F. - Garfield, P67, R25, D43, H43
DICKOOCK, Charles - Lynn, P26, R43, D221, H221
DIDIER, Nicholas J. - East Orange, P43, R71, D54, H55
DIDIER, Barbara - East Orange, P43, R72, D54, H55
DIDIER, Mary E. - East Orange, P43, R73, D54, H55
DIDIER, Eherena M. - East Orange, P43, R74, D54, H55
DIDIER, Clara A. - East Orange, P43, R75, D54, H55
DIDIER, Anna C. - East Orange, P43, R76, D54, H55
DIDIER, Nicholas J. - East Orange, P43, R77, D54, H55
DIDIER, Frank J. - East Orange, P43, R78, D54, H55
DIDIER, Mary - Nassau, P147, R16, D58, H58
DIDIER, Emil - Nassau, P159, R59, D279, H282
DIEBROW, Martin L. - Logan, P127, R34, D53, H58
DIEBROW, Hannah E. - Logan, P127, R35, D53, H58
DIECKMAN, Minnie - Grant, P80, R5, D56, H57
DIEDRICH, Lizzie J. - East Orange, P44, R13, D61, H62
DIEDRICH, Franz - East Orange, P47, R27, D98, H100
DIEDRICH, Eva - East Orange, P47, R28, D98, H100
DIEDRICH, Jacob - East Orange, P47, R29, D98, H100
DIEDRICH, Margaret - East Orange, P47, R30, D98, H100
DIEDRICH, William - East Orange, P47, R31, D98, H100
DIEDRICH, John - East Orange, P47, R32, D98, H100
DIEDRICH, Nick - East Orange, P47, R33, D98, H100
DIEDRICH, Peter - East Orange, P47, R34, D98, H100
DIEDRICH, Rosa - East Orange, P47, R35, D98, H100
DIEDRICH, Mary - East Orange, P47, R36, D98, H100
DIEDRICH, Jacob - Floyd, P64, R29, D232, H234
DIEDRICH, Catherine - Floyd, P64, R30, D232, H234
DIEDRICH, Lizzie - Floyd, P64, R31, D232, H234
DIEDRICH, Frank - Floyd, P64, R32, D232, H234
DIEDRICH, Katie - Floyd, P64, R33, D232, H234
DIEDRICH, Eva - Floyd, P64, R34, D232, H234
DIEDRICH, Paul - Floyd, P64, R35, D232, H234
DIEHL, Emil C. - Garfield, P65, R24, D5, H5
DIEHL, Alma - Lincoln, P113, R5, D69, H71
Diekema, Tiete - Welcome, P224, R82, D15, H15
Diekema, Willia - Welcome, P224, R83, D15, H15
Diekema, Ida - Welcome, P224, R84, D15, H15
Diekema, Albert - Welcome, P224, R85, D15, H15
DIELEMAN, Meewes - Orange City, P105, R41, D222, H225
DIELEMAN, Aartje - Orange City, P105, R42, D222, H225
DIELEMAN, Fannie - Orange City, P105, R43, D222, H225
DIETERS, Herman - Lincoln, P115, R77, D133, H137
DIETERS, Gertie - Lincoln, P115, R78, D133, H137
DIETERS, Alice - Lincoln, P115, R79, D133, H137
DIETERS, Stena - Lincoln, P115, R80, D133, H137
DIETZ, Clarence - Lincoln, P113, R17, D74, H76
DIETZ, Viola - Lincoln, P113, R18, D74, H76
DILLY, Jacob - Grant, P83, R87, D123, H126
DILLY, Amelia - Grant, P83, R88, D123, H126
DILLY, Frank I. - Grant, P83, R89, D123, H126
DILLY, Mary - Grant, P83, R90, D123, H126
DILLY, William H. - Grant, P83, R91, D123, H126
DILLY, Luetta A. - Grant, P83, R92, D123, H126
DILLY, Caroline E. - Grant, P83, R93, D123, H126
DILLY, Clarence C. - Grant, P83, R94, D123, H126
DILLY, Walter L. - Grant, P83, R95, D123, H126
DILLY, Edwin C. - Grant, P83, R96, D123, H126
DILLY, Esther F. - Grant, P83, R97, D123, H126
DIMAN, John - Nassau, P144, R22, D2, H2
DINAN, John - Plato, P70, R65, D9, H10
DINGEMAN, Emma - Orange City, P96, R21, D23, H23
DIOMERA, Helen - Floyd, P53, R6, D25, H26
DIPPMAN, August - Lynn, P21, R80, D150, H150
DIPPMAN, Lizzie - Lynn, P21, R81, D150, H150
DIPPMAN, Katie - Lynn, P21, R82, D150, H150
DIPPMAN, Heny - Lynn, P21, R83, D150, H150
DIPPMAN, Lenoard - Lynn, P21, R84, D150, H150
DIRKS, Herman - Washington, P140, R75, D314, H327
DIRKS, Mary K. - Washington, P140, R76, D314, H327
DIRKS, Albert - Washington, P140, R77, D314, H327
DIRKS, John W. - Washington, P140, R78, D314, H327
DIRKS, Henry - Washington, P140, R79, D314, H327
DIRKS, Maggie M. - Washington, P140, R80, D314, H327
DIRKS, Reka - Washington, P140, R81, D314, H327
DIRKS, William - Washington, P140, R82, D314, H327
DIRKS, Herman - Washington, P140, R83, D314, H327
DIRKS, George - Washington, P140, R84, D314, H327
DIRKS, Fred - Washington, P140, R85, D314, H327
DIRKS, Richard - Washington, P140, R86, D314, H327
DIRKS, Albert - Reading, P175, R42, D241, H243
DISCHLER, Sebastian - Rock, P185, R26, D197, H204
DISCHLER, Elizabeth - Rock, P185, R27, D197, H204
DISCHLER, Chas - Rock, P185, R28, D197, H204
DISCHLER, Sebastian - Rock, P185, R69, D203, H210
DISCHLER, Mareyka - Rock, P185, R70, D203, H210
DITTMER, Ida - Center, P34, R59, D98, H98
DITTMER, Mirth - Center, P34, R60, D98, H98
DITTMER, Elmer - Center, P34, R61, D98, H98
DITTMER, Loulla - Center, P34, R62, D98, H98
DITTMER, Henry - Center, P34, R58, D98, H98
DITTMER, John Frederick - Reading, P170, R17, D149, H150
DITTMER, Anna Louisa - Reading, P170, R18, D149, H150
DITTMER, Amelia Johana Amanda - Reading, P170, R19, D149, H150
DITTMER, Louis Henry William - Reading, P170, R20, D149, H150
DITTMER, Herman John Henry - Reading, P170, R21, D149, H150
DITTMER, William - Reading, P175, R33, D240, H242
DITTMER, Annie - Reading, P175, R34, D240, H242
DITTMER, Milton - Reading, P175, R35, D240, H242
DIVAN, Carrie - Logan, P125, R13, D4, H4
DO???, Jacob - Nassau, P145, R9, D18, H18
DO???, Mary - Nassau, P145, R10, D18, H18
DO???, Jacob - Nassau, P145, R11, D18, H18
DO???, Hattie - Nassau, P145, R12, D18, H18
DO???, Susan - Nassau, P145, R13, D18, H18
DO???, Dowe - Nassau, P145, R14, D18, H18
DOAN, Chas - Lincoln, P118, R29, D179, H182
DOAN, Mary A. - Lincoln, P118, R30, D179, H182
DOBBERTIN, Lena - East Orange, P44, R42, D65, H67
DOCTER, Jacob - Holland, P85, R87, D16, H16
DOCTER, Lambertje - Holland, P85, R88, D16, H16
DOCTER, Jaimatje - Holland, P85, R89, D16, H16
DODDS, Andy - Rock, P178, R37, D49, H52
DODDS, Emma - Rock, P178, R38, D49, H52
DODDS, Mabel - Rock, P178, R39, D49, H52
DODDS, Stella - Rock, P178, R40, D49, H52
DODDS, Ray - Rock, P178, R41, D49, H52
DODGE, Charlie A. - Orange City, P96, R44, D28, H29
DODGE, Irene S. - Orange City, P96, R45, D28, H29
DODGE, Ruth - Orange City, P96, R46, D28, H29
DODGE, Harold M. - Orange City, P96, R47, D28, H29
DODGE, Chester C. - Orange City, P96, R48, D28, H29
DODGE, Dorothy - Orange City, P96, R49, D28, H29
DODGE, Catherine - Orange City, P96, R50, D28, H29
DODGE, Elizabeth - Orange City, P96, R51, D28, H29
DOEKSEN, Wm. - Lincoln, P118, R38, D181, H185
DOEKSEN, Treintje - Lincoln, P118, R39, D181, H185
DOEKSEN, Willie - Lincoln, P118, R40, D181, H185
DOEKSEN, Winnie - Lincoln, P118, R41, D181, H185
DOEKSEN, Rena - Lincoln, P118, R42, D181, H185
DOEKSEN, Lena - Lincoln, P118, R43, D181, H185
DOEKSEN, Katie - Lincoln, P118, R44, D181, H185
DOEKSEN, Gerrit - Lincoln, P118, R45, D181, H185
DOEKSEN, Mary - Lincoln, P118, R46, D181, H185
DOEKSEN, Nellie - Lincoln, P118, R47, D181, H185
DOHERTY, Patrick - Reading, P170, R86, D160, H161
DOHERTY, Mary A. - Reading, P170, R87, D160, H161
DOHERTY, John C, - Reading, P170, R88, D160, H161
DOHERTY, Susan Josephine - Reading, P170, R89, D160, H161
DOHERTY, Leo Patrick - Reading, P170, R90, D160, H161
DOHERTY, Albert Daniel - Reading, P170, R91, D160, H161
DOHERTY, Bernard Michael - Reading, P170, R92, D160, H161
DOHERTY, Vincent Leroy - Reading, P170, R93, D160, H161
DOHERTY, Raymond Lester - Reading, P170, R94, D160, H161
DOHERTY, Ellen Ursula - Reading, P170, R95, D160, H161
DOHERTY, Barney - Sherman, P219, R46, D114, H114
DOHERTY, Sarah - Sherman, P219, R47, D114, H114
DOHERTY, Ella - Sherman, P219, R48, D114, H114
DOHERTY, Dan J. - Sherman, P221, R53, D146, H146
DOHERTY, Mary - Sherman, P221, R54, D146, H146
DOHERTY, Francis - Sherman, P221, R55, D146, H146
DOHERTY, Muart - Sherman, P221, R56, D146, H146
DOKMAN, Wiets??? - West Branch, P244, R28, D234, H234
DOKMAN, Annie - West Branch, P244, R29, D234, H234
DOKMAN, Frances - West Branch, P244, R30, D234, H234
DOKMAN, Kathrine - West Branch, P244, R31, D234, H234
DOKTER, Ben - Orange City, P105, R82, D229, H232
DOKTER, Jennie - Orange City, P105, R83, D229, H232
DOKTER, Gertie - Orange City, P105, R84, D229, H232
DOKTER, Alice - Orange City, P105, R85, D229, H232
DOKTER, Hattie - Orange City, P105, R86, D229, H232
DOKTER, Arthur - Orange City, P105, R87, D229, H232
DOLAN, Michael J. - Buncombe, P2, R5, D28, H28
DOLAN, Corie - Buncombe, P2, R6, D28, H28
DOLAN, Ella M. - Buncombe, P2, R7, D28, H28
DOLESLAGER (DOLIESLAGER)?, Cornelius - West Branch, P233, R43, D32, H33
DOLESLAGER (DOLIESLAGER)?, Nezea - West Branch, P233, R44, D32, H33
DOLFIN, William - Floyd, P59, R96, D155, H157
DOLFIN, Maggie - Floyd, P59, R97, D155, H157
DOLFIN, Clarence - Floyd, P59, R98, D155, H157
DOLIESLAGER, Garret - Welcome, P224, R12, D5, H5
DOLIESLAGER, Nellie - Welcome, P224, R13, D5, H5
DOLLINS, John G. - Reading, P175, R32, D239, H241
DOMINICK, Maud - Nassau, P155, R85, D213, H215
DOMNISSE, Nick - East Orange, P41, R72, D15, H15
DOMNISSE, Dena M. - East Orange, P41, R86, D18, H18
DOMNISSE, Francis - East Orange, P43, R66, D53, H54
DOMNISSE, Katie - East Orange, P43, R67, D53, H54
DOMNISSE, Lena - East Orange, P43, R68, D53, H54
DOMNISSE, Leo A. - East Orange, P43, R69, D53, H54
DOMNISSE, Joseph H. - East Orange, P43, R70, D53, H54
DOMNISSE, Henry - Floyd, P64, R16, D228, H230
DONAHUE, Mike - Lynn, P22, R80, D169, H169
DONAHUE, Bridget - Lynn, P22, R81, D169, H169
DONAHUE, James - Lynn, P22, R82, D169, H169
DONAHUE, William - Lynn, P22, R83, D169, H169
DONAHUE, Henry - Lynn, P22, R84, D169, H169
DONAHUE, Mary - Lynn, P22, R85, D169, H169
DONAHUE, Catharine - Washington, P143, R34, D357, H370
DONALDSON, James - East Orange, P47, R65, D102, H104
DONALDSON, Fort D. - Grant, P82, R59, D100, H101
DONALDSON, Caroline - Grant, P82, R60, D100, H101
DONALDSON, Edward E. - Grant, P82, R61, D100, H101
DONALDSON, Mary L. - Grant, P82, R62, D100, H101
DONALDSON, Jacob - Grant, P82, R66, D100, H101
DONKERSLOOT, Richard - Rock, P192, R1, D304, H311
DONKERSLOOT, Gertie - Rock, P192, R2, D304, H311
DONKERSLOOT, Tillie - Rock, P192, R3, D304, H311
DONKERSLOOT, Josie - Rock, P192, R4, D304, H311
DONKERSLOOT, Nick - Rock, P192, R5, D304, H311
DONKERSLOOT, John - Rock, P192, R6, D304, H311
DONKERSLOOT, Gertie - Rock, P192, R7, D304, H311
DONNELL, Belle - Reading, P167, R7, D72, H73

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