1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

MOS, Albert - Plato, P72, R32, D114, H115
MOS, Agnes - Plato, P72, R33, D114, H115
MOS, Cornelius - Plato, P72, R34, D114, H115
MOS, Tillie - Plato, P74, R32, D146, H147
MOS, Cornelius - Welcome, P227, R86, D69, H69
MOS, Truntjie - Welcome, P227, R87, D69, H69
MOS, Annie - Welcome, P227, R88, D69, H69
MOS, Winnie - Welcome, P227, R89, D69, H69
MOS, Jacob - Welcome, P227, R90, D69, H69
MOS, Jan - Welcome, P227, R91, D69, H69
MOS, Hattie - Welcome, P227, R92, D69, H69
MOS, Cornelius - Welcome, P227, R93, D69, H69
MOS, Effie - Welcome, P227, R94, D69, H69
MOSER, Peter - Washington, P139, R34, D289, H302
MOSER, Elizabeth - Washington, P139, R35, D289, H302
MOSER, Fred E. - Washington, P139, R36, D289, H302
MOSER, Albert H. - Washington, P139, R37, D289, H302
MOSER, William - Washington, P139, R38, D289, H302
MOSER, Mary E. - Washington, P139, R39, D289, H302
MOSER, Frederick - Reading, P169, R70, D141, H142
MOSHER, Arthur Hale - Reading, P166, R21, D50, H50
MOSHER, Cassie M. - Reading, P166, R22, D50, H50
MOSHER, Grace - Reading, P166, R23, D50, H50
MOSHER, Madge M. - Reading, P166, R24, D50, H50
MOSHER, Ruth - Reading, P166, R25, D50, H50
MOSHER, Samuel - Sioux, P198, R95, D99, H99
MOSIER, Loyd - Eagle, P30, R89, D33, H33
MOSIER, Edgar - Reading, P175, R14, D235, H237
MOSS, Joseph - Logan, P136, R25, D224, H237
MOUSEL, Ferdinand - Nassau, P155, R57, D211, H213
MOUSEL, Maggie - Nassau, P155, R58, D211, H213
MOUSEL, Frank - Nassau, P155, R59, D211, H213
MOUSEL, John - Nassau, P155, R60, D211, H213
MOUSEL, Mary - Nassau, P155, R61, D211, H213
MOUSEL, Jennie - Nassau, P155, R62, D211, H213
MOUSEL, Katie - Nassau, P155, R63, D211, H213
MOUSEL, Annie - Nassau, P155, R64, D211, H213
MOUSEL, Thersie - Nassau, P155, R65, D211, H213
MOUSEL, Susan - Nassau, P155, R66, D211, H213
MOUSEL, Joseph - Nassau, P155, R67, D211, H213
MOUSEL, Pauline - Nassau, P155, R68, D211, H213
MOUSEL, Emilie - Nassau, P155, R69, D211, H213
MOUW, Maas - Capel, P16, R73, D68, H68
MOUW, Aple??ea - Capel, P16, R74, D68, H68
MOUW, Archie - Capel, P16, R75, D68, H68
MOUW, Cornelius - Capel, P16, R76, D68, H68
MOUW, Jennie - Capel, P16, R77, D68, H68
MOUW, John - Capel, P16, R78, D68, H68
MOUW, Pleun - Capel, P16, R79, D68, H68
MOUW, Johannes - Capel, P16, R80, D68, H68
MOUW, Eva J. - Capel, P16, R81, D68, H68
MOUW, Wm. - Capel, P17, R81, D84, H84
MOUW, Emma - Capel, P17, R82, D84, H84
MOUW, Jennie - Capel, P17, R83, D84, H84
MOUW, Dries - Floyd, P53, R12, D27, H28
MOUW, Peter - Floyd, P53, R13, D27, H28
MOUW, Nellie - Floyd, P53, R14, D27, H28
MOUW, Gerrit - Grant, P82, R13, D91, H92
MOUW, Gusbertje - Grant, P82, R14, D91, H92
MOUW, Hendrick - Grant, P82, R15, D91, H92
MOUW, Dirkje - Grant, P82, R16, D91, H92
MOUW, Gerrit - Grant, P82, R17, D91, H92
MOUW, Rentje - Grant, P82, R18, D91, H92
MOUW, Mettje - Grant, P82, R19, D91, H92
MOUW, Aart - Grant, P82, R20, D91, H92
MOUW, Aaltje - Grant, P82, R21, D91, H92
MOUW, Wilhelmina - Grant, P82, R22, D91, H92
MOUW, Hendrik - Holland, P87, R75, D47, H47
MOUW, Henerickus - Holland, P87, R76, D48, H48
MOUW, Wilhemina - Holland, P87, R77, D48, H48
MOUW, Otto - Holland, P87, R78, D48, H48
MOUW, Johannah - Holland, P87, R79, D48, H48
MOUW, Wilhemina - Holland, P87, R80, D48, H48
MOUW, Matilda - Holland, P87, R81, D48, H48
MOUW, Henddrika - Holland, P87, R82, D48, H48
MOUW, Jan - Holland, P87, R83, D48, H48
MOUW, Evert - Holland, P88, R35, D59, H59
MOUW, Gerrit - Holland, P89, R38, D81, H81
MOUW, Will??pe - Holland, P89, R39, D81, H81
MOUW, Hendrik - Holland, P89, R40, D81, H81
MOUW, Jacob - Holland, P89, R41, D81, H81
MOUW, Mary - Holland, P89, R42, D81, H81
MOUW, Winnie - Holland, P89, R43, D81, H81
MOUW, Lambert - Holland, P90, R9, D98, H98
MOUW, Mary - Holland, P90, R10, D98, H98
MOUW, Albert - Holland, P90, R11, D98, H98
MOUW, Gracie - Holland, P90, R12, D98, H98
MOUW, Gertie - Holland, P90, R13, D98, H98
MOUW, Albert - Holland, P90, R14, D98, H98
MOUW, Herman - Holland, P90, R47, D105, H105
MOUW, Hattie - Holland, P90, R48, D105, H105
MOUW, Gertie - Holland, P90, R49, D105, H105
MOUW, Peter - Holland, P90, R50, D105, H105
MOUW, Henry - Holland, P91, R48, D118, H118
MOUW, Jan - Holland, P91, R89, D125, H125
MOUW, Lambert - Holland, P94, R13, D171, H171
MOUW, Gerretje - Holland, P94, R14, D171, H171
MOUW, Peter - Holland, P94, R61, D181, H181
MOUW, ?etje - Holland, P94, R62, D181, H181
MOUW, Anne - Holland, P94, R63, D181, H181
MOUW, Peter - Holland, P94, R68, D181, H181
MOUW, Cornelus - Orange City, P102, R89, D168, H171
MOUW, Tryntje C. - Orange City, P102, R90, D168, H171
MOUW, Henry - Orange City, P102, R91, D168, H171
MOUW, Nick - Orange City, P102, R92, D168, H171
MOUW, Heintje - Orange City, P102, R93, D168, H171
MOUW, Albert - Orange City, P105, R98, D234, H237
MOUW, Geertje - Orange City, P105, R99, D234, H237
MOUW, John A. - Orange City, P105, R100, D234, H237
MOUW, Gertie - Orange City, P106, R1, D234, H237
MOUW, John - West Branch, P232, R3, D2, H2
MOUW, James - West Branch, P232, R4, D2, H2
MOUW, Anna - West Branch, P232, R5, D2, H2
MOUW, Johanna - West Branch, P232, R6, D2, H2
MOUW, Lena - West Branch, P232, R7, D2, H2
MOUW, Neal - West Branch, P235, R1, D63, H64
MOUW, Gertrude - West Branch, P236, R91, D102, H104
MOUW, Jacob - West Branch, P237, R34, D111, H113
MOUW, ?an? - West Branch, P237, R35, D111, H113
MOUW, Ben - West Branch, P247, R39, D281, H284
MOUW, Mary - West Branch, P247, R40, D281, H284
MOUW, William - West Branch, P247, R41, D281, H284
MOUW, John - West Branch, P247, R42, D281, H284
MOUW, Henrietta - West Branch, P247, R43, D281, H284
MOUW, Hendrikus - West Branch, P247, R44, D281, H284
MOUW, Hermina - West Branch, P247, R45, D281, H284
MOUW, M???t - West Branch, P247, R46, D281, H284
MOUW, B?? - West Branch, P247, R47, D281, H284
MOUW, A??? A. - West Branch, P247, R48, D281, H284
MOUW, P??? - West Branch, P247, R49, D281, H284
MOYNE, Peter - Sheridan, P208, R81, D122, H122
MOYNE, Katherine - Sheridan, P208, R82, D122, H122
MUCER, Susan I. - Washington, P138, R31, D267, H280
MUEHL, Phillip H. - East Orange, P42, R27, D27, H27
MUELENBERG, Alen - Capel, P18, R29, D91, H91
MUELENBERG, ?ida - Capel, P18, R30, D91, H91
MUELENBERG, Diana - Capel, P18, R31, D91, H91
MUELENBERG, ??? - Capel, P18, R32, D91, H91
MUELENBERG, Peter - Capel, P18, R33, D91, H91
MUELENBERG, Hannah - Capel, P18, R34, D91, H91
MUELENBERG, Henry - Capel, P18, R35, D91, H91
MUELENBERG, Jennet - Capel, P18, R36, D91, H91
MUELLER, Chris - Center, P39, R33, D181, H181
MUELLER, Sophie - Center, P39, R34, D181, H181
MUELLER, Goldie - Center, P39, R35, D181, H181
MUELLER, Peter - Plato, P75, R14, D157, H158
MUELLER, George R. - Nassau, P147, R46, D64, H64
MUELLER, Mary - Nassau, P147, R47, D64, H64
MUELLER, Annie C. - Nassau, P147, R48, D64, H64
MUELLER, Maggie E. - Nassau, P147, R49, D64, H64
MUELLER, Josephine - Nassau, P147, R50, D64, H64
MUELLER, Cathrine Dora - Reading, P164, R29, D7, H7
MUGUS, Jack - Rock, P191, R4, D287, H294
MUGUS, Lucy - Rock, P191, R5, D287, H294
MUGUS, Percy - Rock, P191, R6, D287, H294
MUGUS, Fred - Rock, P191, R7, D287, H294
MUGUS, Emma - Rock, P191, R8, D287, H294
MUGUS, Stanley - Rock, P191, R9, D287, H294
MUGUS, Wilbur - Rock, P191, R10, D287, H294
MUHLETHALER, Rudolf - Garfield, P66, R38, D26, H26
MUHLETHALER, Rosa - Garfield, P66, R39, D26, H26
MUHLETHALER, William - Garfield, P66, R40, D26, H26
MUHLETHALER, Clara - Garfield, P66, R41, D26, H26
MUHLETHALER, Emma - Garfield, P66, R42, D26, H26
MUHLETHALER, Ella - Garfield, P66, R43, D26, H26
MUHLETHALER, Gottfried - Garfield, P66, R52, D27, H27
MUILDER, Albert - Lincoln, P120, R78, D226, H230
MUILDER, Martha - Lincoln, P120, R79, D226, H230
MUILDER, Jennie - Lincoln, P120, R80, D226, H230
MUILDER, Frank - Lincoln, P120, R81, D226, H230
MUILDER, Gerrit - Lincoln, P120, R82, D226, H230
MUILDER, Albertus - Lincoln, P120, R83, D226, H230
MUILDER, Wm. J. - Lincoln, P120, R84, D226, H230
MUILDER, Marenus - Lincoln, P120, R85, D226, H230
MUILDER, Ella - Lincoln, P120, R86, D226, H230
MUILENBERG, Bart - Floyd, P55, R44, D79, H81
MUILENBERG, Gertie - Floyd, P55, R45, D79, H81
MUILENBERG, Mary - Floyd, P55, R46, D79, H81
MUILENBERG, Willis - Floyd, P55, R47, D79, H81
MUILENBERG, Jennie - Floyd, P55, R48, D79, H81
MUILENBERG, Johnnie - Floyd, P55, R49, D79, H81
MUILENBERG, Gracie - Floyd, P55, R50, D79, H81
MUILENBERG, Lizzie - Floyd, P55, R51, D79, H81
MUILENBERG, Gertie - Floyd, P55, R52, D79, H81
MUILENBERG, Jacob - Welcome, P230, R66, D109, H109
MUILENBERG, Aaltjie - Welcome, P230, R67, D109, H109
MUILENBERG, Josie - Welcome, P230, R68, D109, H109
MUILENBERG, Asa - Welcome, P230, R69, D109, H109
MUILENBERG, David - Welcome, P230, R70, D109, H109
MUILENBERG, Hubert - Welcome, P230, R71, D109, H109
MUILENBERG, Allen - Welcome, P230, R72, D109, H109
MUILENBERG, Harvey - Welcome, P230, R73, D109, H109
MUILENBURG, Samuel - Center, P35, R38, D112, H112
MUILENBURG, Henriette - Center, P35, R39, D112, H112
MUILENBURG, Joubert - Center, P35, R40, D112, H112
MUILENBURG, Ada - Center, P35, R41, D112, H112
MUILENBURG, Cynthia - Center, P35, R42, D112, H112
MUILENBURG, Henrietta - Center, P35, R43, D112, H112
MUILENBURG, Hulda - Center, P35, R44, D112, H112
MUILENBURG, Marcus C. - Center, P35, R45, D112, H112
MUILENBURG, Isaac - Holland, P86, R94, D37, H37
MUILENBURG, Dirkie - Holland, P86, R95, D37, H37
MUILENBURG, Hubert - Holland, P86, R96, D37, H37
MUILENBURG, Duije W. - Holland, P86, R97, D37, H37
MUILENBURG, Benje J. - Holland, P86, R98, D37, H37
MUILENBURG, Edward J. - Holland, P86, R99, D37, H37
MUILENBURG, Dirk G. - Holland, P86, R100, D37, H37
MUILENBURG, Harry - Holland, P87, R1, D37, H37
MUILENBURG, Lester R. - Holland, P87, R2, D37, H37
MUILENBURG, Clara - Holland, P87, R3, D37, H37
MUILENBURG, Ellen - Holland, P87, R4, D37, H37
MUILENBURG, A. W. - Holland, P87, R65, D46, H46
MUILENBURG, Anna - Holland, P87, R66, D46, H46
MUILENBURG, Henry - Holland, P87, R67, D46, H46
MUILENBURG, Willie E. - Holland, P87, R68, D46, H46
MUILENBURG, George A. - Holland, P87, R69, D46, H46
MUILENBURG, Antje - Holland, P87, R70, D46, H46
MUILENBURG, Hubert P. - Holland, P91, R26, D116, H116
MUILENBURG, Minnie - Holland, P91, R27, D116, H116
MUILENBURG, Clarinda - Holland, P91, R28, D116, H116
MUILENBURG, Conrad A. - Holland, P91, R29, D116, H116
MUILENBURG, Peter - Orange City, P95, R39, D7, H7
MUILENBURG, Klaziana C. - Orange City, P95, R40, D7, H7
MUILENBURG, Minnie - Orange City, P95, R41, D7, H7
MUILENBURG, Nellie - Orange City, P95, R42, D7, H7
MUILENBURG, Teunis H. - Orange City, P95, R62, D12, H12
MUILENBURG, Johanna C. - Orange City, P95, R63, D12, H12
MUILENBURG, Gerrit J. - Orange City, P95, R64, D12, H12
MUILENBURG, Hubert - Orange City, P95, R65, D12, H12
MUILENBURG, Jennie H. - Orange City, P95, R66, D12, H12
MUILENBURG, Cora H. - Orange City, P95, R67, D12, H12
MUILENBURG, Hubert - Orange City, P97, R66, D52, H53
MUILENBURG, John W. - Orange City, P101, R45, D139, H142
MUILENBURG, Gertrude - Orange City, P101, R46, D139, H142
MUILENBURG, Willie - Orange City, P101, R47, D139, H142
MUILENBURG, Hattie - Orange City, P101, R48, D139, H142
MUILENBURG, Annie - Orange City, P101, R49, D139, H142
MUILENBURG, Josie - Orange City, P101, R50, D139, H142
MUILENBURG, Walter - Orange City, P101, R51, D139, H142
MUILENBURG, Janne - Orange City, P101, R52, D139, H142
MUILENBURG, Jennie - Orange City, P101, R53, D139, H142
MUILENBURG, Cornelia - Orange City, P104, R71, D205, H208
MUILENBURG, Jan A. - Nassau, P145, R44, D25, H25
MUILENBURG, Kate - Nassau, P145, R45, D25, H25
MUILINBERG, Antony - West Branch, P243, R64, D226, H228
MUILINBERG, Henry - West Branch, P243, R65, D226, H228
MUILINBERG, Emma - West Branch, P243, R66, D226, H228
MUILINBERG, Cornelius - West Branch, P243, R67, D226, H228
MUILINBERG, Peter - West Branch, P243, R68, D226, H228
MUILINBERG, Elizabeth - West Branch, P243, R69, D226, H228
MUILINBERG, Mary - West Branch, P243, R70, D226, H228
MUILINBERG, Garret - West Branch, P243, R71, D226, H228
MUILINBERG, Cornelia - West Branch, P243, R72, D226, H228
MUILLENBERG, Agnes - West Branch, P234, R63, D53, H54
MUILLENBERG, Dick - West Branch, P234, R93, D60, H61
MUILLENBERG, Clara - West Branch, P237, R80, D120, H122
MUILLENBERG, John S. - West Branch, P244, R40, D236, H238
MUILLENBERG, Jennie - West Branch, P244, R41, D236, H238
MUILLENBERG, Gertrude - West Branch, P244, R42, D236, H238
MULDER, John - Lynn, P20, R79, D132, H132
MULDER, Zena - Lynn, P20, R80, D132, H132
MULDER, John - Lynn, P20, R81, D132, H132
MULDER, Joe - Lynn, P20, R82, D132, H132
MULDER, Lucy - Lynn, P20, R83, D132, H132
MULDER, Lucas - Lynn, P20, R84, D132, H132
MULDER, Ben - Lynn, P20, R85, D132, H132
MULDER, John - Center, P39, R56, D188, H188
MULDER, ?. - Center, P39, R57, D188, H188
MULDER, Reva - Center, P39, R58, D188, H188
MULDER, John - Center, P39, R59, D188, H188
MULDER, Agnes - Center, P39, R60, D188, H188
MULDER, Daisy - Center, P39, R61, D188, H188
MULDER, ?o?e - Center, P39, R62, D188, H188
MULDER, John - Floyd, P52, R34, D10, H10
MULDER, Jennie - Floyd, P52, R35, D10, H10
MULDER, Herman - Floyd, P52, R36, D10, H10
MULDER, Henry - Floyd, P52, R37, D10, H10
MULDER, Jan - Floyd, P52, R38, D10, H10
MULDER, John W. - Floyd, P54, R28, D50, H52
MULDER, Lucas - Floyd, P54, R36, D53, H55
MULDER, Tryntje - Floyd, P54, R37, D53, H55
MULDER, Conrad - Floyd, P54, R38, D53, H55
MULDER, Jan - Floyd, P63, R3, D210, H212
MULDER, Jacoba - Floyd, P63, R4, D210, H212
MULDER, Hendrika - Floyd, P63, R5, D210, H212
MULDER, Henry - Floyd, P63, R22, D213, H215
MULDER, Mary - Floyd, P63, R23, D213, H215
MULDER, John C. - Floyd, P63, R24, D213, H215
MULDER, Barbara - Floyd, P63, R25, D213, H215
MULDER, Tryntje - Floyd, P63, R26, D213, H215
MULDER, ??? - Floyd, P63, R27, D213, H215
MULDER, Joseph - Plato, P74, R7, D142, H143
MULDER, Harm - Orange City, P102, R4, D151, H154
MULDER, Gezina - Orange City, P102, R5, D151, H154
MULDER, Arend - Orange City, P102, R6, D151, H154
MULDER, Jan G. - Orange City, P104, R11, D193, H196
MULDER, Geertje - Orange City, P104, R12, D193, H196
MULDER, Jacob - Orange City, P104, R13, D193, H196
MULDER, William - Nassau, P144, R41, D6, H6
MULDER, Janna - Nassau, P144, R42, D6, H6
MULDER, Jennie - Nassau, P144, R43, D6, H6
MULDER, Coba - Nassau, P144, R44, D6, H6
MULDER, Tracy - Nassau, P144, R45, D6, H6
MULDER, Rena - Nassau, P144, R46, D6, H6
MULDER, Kate - Nassau, P146, R5, D38, H38
MULDER, Minko - Nassau, P146, R6, D38, H38
MULDER, Jacob - Nassau, P158, R58, D262, H265
MULDER, Jans - Nassau, P158, R98, D269, H272
MULDER, Eda - Nassau, P158, R99, D269, H272
MULDER, Henry - Nassau, P158, R100, D269, H272
MULDER, Gerrit - Nassau, P162, R22, D323, H326
MULDER, Gertie - Nassau, P162, R23, D323, H326
MULDER, Yga - Nassau, P162, R24, D323, H326
MULDER, Akke - Nassau, P162, R25, D323, H326
MULDER, Rena - Nassau, P162, R26, D323, H326
MULDER, Cornelis - Nassau, P162, R27, D323, H326
MULDER, William - Nassau, P162, R28, D323, H326
MULDER, Jan - Nassau, P162, R29, D323, H326
MULDER, Gertrude - Nassau, P162, R30, D323, H326
MULDER, Gerke - Nassau, P163, R19, D339, H342
MULDER, Martha - Nassau, P163, R20, D339, H342
MULDER, Yga - Nassau, P163, R21, D339, H342
MULDER, Aggie - Nassau, P163, R22, D339, H342
MULDER, Cornelis - Nassau, P163, R23, D339, H342
MULDER, Younke - Nassau, P163, R24, D339, H342
MULDER, Riempke - Nassau, P163, R25, D339, H342
MULDER, Hijrke - Nassau, P163, R26, D339, H342
MULDER, dreke - Nassau, P163, R27, D339, H342
MULDER, Sije - Nassau, P163, R28, D339, H342
MULDER, Abe - Nassau, P163, R31, D341, H344
MULDER, Lucy - Nassau, P163, R32, D341, H344
MULDER, Rena - Nassau, P163, R33, D341, H344
MULDER, Fannie - Nassau, P163, R34, D341, H344
MULDER, Yga - Nassau, P163, R35, D341, H344
MULDER, Peter - Rock, P183, R15, D153, H160
MULDER, Alice - Rock, P183, R16, D153, H160
MULDER, Ida - Rock, P183, R17, D153, H160
MULDER, Henry - Rock, P183, R18, D153, H160
MULDER, Katie - Rock, P183, R19, D153, H160
MULDER, Peter - Rock, P183, R20, D153, H160
MULDER, John - Rock, P183, R21, D153, H160
MULDER, Jacob - Sherman, P219, R83, D119, H119
MULDER, Dowe A. - Sherman, P223, R36, D176, H176
MULDER, Tillie - Sherman, P223, R37, D176, H176
MULDER, Aise - Sherman, P223, R38, D176, H176
MULDER, Joosts - Sherman, P223, R39, D176, H176
MULDER, Yge D. - Sherman, P223, R40, D176, H176
MULDER, Janke - Sherman, P223, R41, D176, H176
MULDER, Faney - Sherman, P223, R42, D176, H176
MULDER, Gerterd - Sherman, P223, R43, D176, H176
MULDER, Jacob - Welcome, P224, R1, D1, H1
MULDER, Lubechie - Welcome, P224, R2, D1, H1
MULDER, John - Welcome, P226, R62, D45, H45
MULDER, Jantjie - Welcome, P226, R63, D45, H45
MULDER, Sona - Welcome, P226, R64, D45, H45
MULDER, Grace - Welcome, P226, R65, D45, H45
MULDER, Herman - Welcome, P226, R66, D45, H45
MULDER, Rutt - Welcome, P227, R72, D67, H67
MULDER, Aaltjie - Welcome, P227, R73, D67, H67
MULDER, Bennie - Welcome, P227, R74, D67, H67
MULDER, Albert - Welcome, P227, R75, D67, H67
MULDER, Maggie - Welcome, P227, R76, D67, H67
MULDER, Tommie - Welcome, P227, R77, D67, H67
MULDER, James - Welcome, P227, R78, D67, H67
MULDER, Betsie - Welcome, P227, R79, D67, H67
MULDER, John - Welcome, P229, R57, D93, H93
MULDER, Henry - Welcome, P229, R58, D93, H93
MULDER, Eige - Welcome, P231, R14, D116, H116
MULDER, Anna - Welcome, P231, R15, D116, H116
MULDER, Sjiod - Welcome, P231, R16, D116, H116
MULDER, John - Welcome, P231, R17, D116, H116
MULDER, - Welcome, P231, R18, D116, H116
MULDER, Dirk - West Branch, P235, R2, D64, H65
MULDER, Eva - West Branch, P235, R3, D64, H65
MULDER, Eva - West Branch, P235, R4, D64, H65
MULDER, Johannes L. - West Branch, P235, R5, D64, H65
MULDER, William - West Branch, P241, R7, D183, H185
MULERHILL, Edwin - Rock, P184, R45, D178, H185
MULERHILL, Katherine - Rock, P184, R46, D178, H185
MULERHILL, Nora - Rock, P184, R47, D178, H185
MULET, Frederic W. J. - Orange City, P106, R47, D246, H250
MULET, Marie - Orange City, P106, R48, D246, H250
MULGAT, Mat J. - Floyd, P64, R58, D236, H238
MULGAT, Mary - Floyd, P64, R59, D236, H238
MULGAT, Lewis - Floyd, P64, R60, D236, H238
MULGAT, Annie F. - Floyd, P64, R61, D236, H238
MULGAT, Frank - Floyd, P64, R62, D236, H238
MULGAT, Nick - Floyd, P64, R63, D236, H238
MULHERN, Michael - Grant, P81, R90, D88, H89
MULHERN, Mary - Grant, P81, R91, D88, H89
MULHERN, Winnifred - Grant, P81, R92, D88, H89
MULHERN, Eugene P. - Grant, P81, R93, D88, H89
MULHERN, James P. - Grant, P81, R94, D88, H89
MULHERN, Theresa J. - Grant, P81, R95, D88, H89
MULHERN, Mary B. - Grant, P81, R96, D88, H89
MULHERN, Ellen Z. - Grant, P81, R97, D88, H89
MULHERN, Julia - Grant, P81, R98, D88, H89
MULHERN, Michael S. - Grant, P81, R99, D88, H89
MULHERN, Ambrose S. - Grant, P81, R100, D88, H89
MULHERN, Clara R. - Grant, P82, R1, D88, H89
MULLEN, Austin C. - Buncombe, P8, R24, D174, H174
MULLEN, Lada - Buncombe, P8, R25, D174, H174
MULLEN, Grace - Buncombe, P8, R26, D174, H174
MULLEN, Arthur F. - Buncombe, P8, R27, D174, H174
MULLEN, Harry L. - Buncombe, P8, R28, D174, H174
MULLEN, Rex R. - Buncombe, P8, R29, D174, H174
MULLENBURG, Arie - Floyd, P60, R60, D167, H169
MULLENBURG, Fransis B. - Floyd, P60, R61, D167, H169
MULLENBURG, Hillan - Floyd, P60, R62, D167, H169
MULLENBURG, John - Floyd, P60, R63, D167, H169
MULLENBURG, Bastian - Floyd, P60, R64, D167, H169
MULLENBURG, Mary - Floyd, P60, R65, D167, H169
MULLENBURG, Al??ga - Floyd, P60, R66, D167, H169
MULLENBURG, Arie - Floyd, P60, R67, D167, H169
MULLENBURG, John - Floyd, P60, R68, D167, H169
MULLER, Henry - Sherman, P219, R50, D115, H115
MULLER, Minnie - Sherman, P219, R51, D115, H115
MULLER, Freda - Sherman, P219, R52, D115, H115
MULLER, Emma - Sherman, P219, R53, D115, H115
MULLER, Olga - Sherman, P219, R54, D115, H115
MULLER, Ester - Sherman, P219, R55, D115, H115
MULLER, Earnest - Sherman, P219, R56, D115, H115
MULOEY, William - Rock, P189, R53, D263, H270
MULOEY, Martha - Rock, P189, R54, D263, H270
MULOEY, May - Rock, P189, R55, D263, H270
MULOEY, Edith - Rock, P189, R56, D263, H270
MULOEY, Jessie - Rock, P189, R57, D263, H270
MULOEY, Marion - Rock, P189, R58, D263, H270
MULOEY, William - Rock, P189, R59, D263, H270
MULVANY, John - East Orange, P46, R64, D89, H91
MULVANY, Rose - East Orange, P46, R65, D89, H91
MULVANY, William J. - East Orange, P46, R66, D89, H91
MULVANY, Thomas P. - East Orange, P46, R67, D89, H91
MULVANY, Agnes R. M. - East Orange, P46, R68, D89, H91
MULVANY, Cecilia M. - East Orange, P46, R69, D89, H91
MULVANY, Emma J. - East Orange, P46, R70, D89, H91
MULVANY, Lily V. - East Orange, P46, R71, D89, H91
MUNAY, Bernard - Sheridan, P212, R63, D192, H192
MUNAY, Emma - Sheridan, P212, R64, D192, H192
MUNAY, Clara - Sheridan, P212, R65, D192, H192
MUNAY, Alfred - Sheridan, P212, R66, D192, H192
MUNAY, Patrick - Sheridan, P212, R67, D193, H193
MUNAY, Bridget - Sheridan, P212, R68, D193, H193
MUNDT, Hans - Center, P36, R30, D129, H129
MUNGER, Orville V. - Logan, P130, R98, D130, H143
MUNKINS, Peter - Floyd, P62, R39, D200, H202
MUNKINS, Lydia W. - Floyd, P62, R40, D200, H202
MUNKINS, Johnnie - Floyd, P62, R41, D200, H202
MUNKINS, Harvey - Floyd, P62, R42, D200, H202
MUNN, Andrew - Rock, P178, R73, D57, H60
MUNNANGA, Phil - Rock, P181, R92, D118, H124
MURDOCK, John R. - Grant, P77, R75, D13, H13
MURDOCK, Lillie G. - Grant, P77, R76, D13, H13
MURPH, John J. - Rock, P180, R17, D86, H89
MURPH, Dehlia - Rock, P180, R18, D86, H89
MURPH, John - Rock, P180, R19, D86, H89
MURPH, Nellie - Rock, P180, R20, D86, H89
MURPH, James - Rock, P180, R21, D86, H89
MURPH, Dehlia - Rock, P180, R22, D86, H89
MURPH, Dora - Rock, P180, R23, D86, H89
MURPHEY, Danl - Lincoln, P122, R25, D253, H257
MURPHEY, Maggie - Lincoln, P122, R26, D253, H257
MURPHY, Norman D. - Buncombe, P11, R64, D240, H240
MURPHY, Martha J. - Buncombe, P11, R65, D240, H240
MURPHY, Roy E. - Buncombe, P11, R66, D240, H240
MURPHY, Harry C. - Buncombe, P11, R67, D240, H240
MURPHY, Hazel C. - Buncombe, P11, R68, D240, H240
MURPHY, Norman L. - Buncombe, P11, R69, D240, H240
MURPHY, Patrick - Logan, P133, R13, D168, H181
MURPHY, Wm. I - Rock, P180, R86, D99, H103
MURPHY, Anna - Rock, P180, R87, D99, H103
MURPHY, Lorry - Rock, P185, R15, D194, H201
MURPHY, Mary E. - Rock, P185, R16, D194, H201
MURPHY, Lawrence - Rock, P185, R17, D194, H201
MURPHY, Earl F. - Rock, P185, R18, D194, H201
MURPHY, Jack - Sioux, P195, R57, D45, H45
MURPHY, Jennie - Sioux, P195, R58, D45, H45
MURPHY, William J. - Sioux, P195, R59, D45, H45
MURPHY, - Settler, P200, R69, D114, H114
MURPHY, O - Settler, P200, R70, D114, H114
MURPHY, Estella - Settler, P200, R71, D114, H114
MURPHY, Mary - Settler, P201, R7, D121, H121
MURPHY, I - Settler, P201, R8, D121, H121
MURPHY, John - Sheridan, P208, R12, D108, H108
MURPHY, Ann - Sheridan, P208, R13, D108, H108
MURPHY, Wm. - Sheridan, P208, R14, D108, H108
MURPHY, John - Sheridan, P208, R15, D108, H108
MURPHY, Mary - Sheridan, P208, R16, D108, H108
MURPHY, Ellen - Sheridan, P208, R17, D108, H108
MURPHY, James - Sheridan, P208, R18, D109, H109
MURPHY, Mary - Sheridan, P208, R19, D109, H109
MURPHY, Daniel - Sheridan, P208, R20, D109, H109
MURPHY, Ann - Sheridan, P208, R21, D109, H109
MURPHY, Julia - Sheridan, P208, R22, D109, H109
MURPHY, James - Sheridan, P208, R23, D109, H109
MURPHY, Josie - Sheridan, P208, R24, D109, H109
MURPHY, ?esa - Sheridan, P208, R25, D109, H109
MURRAY, William - Eagle, P29, R69, D11, H11
MURRAY, Luke - Eagle, P33, R56, D83, H83
MURRAY, John - Eagle, P33, R66, D84, H84
MURRAY, Mary - Lincoln, P112, R62, D59, H61
MURRAY, Maggie - Lincoln, P112, R63, D59, H61
MURRAY, Ellen - Lincoln, P112, R64, D59, H61
MURRAY, Patrick - Sherman, P222, R13, D156, H156
MURREY, Blanche - Orange City, P96, R29, D24, H24
MURRY, Jane - Buncombe, P4, R91, D99, H99
MURRY, Henry - Buncombe, P4, R92, D99, H99
MURRY, Robert A. - Buncombe, P4, R93, D99, H99
MURRY, Peter - Buncombe, P4, R94, D99, H99
MURRY, James - Buncombe, P7, R36, D153, H153
MURRY, Alice - Buncombe, P7, R37, D153, H153
MURRY, George - Buncombe, P7, R38, D153, H153
MURSKERS, Jan - Floyd, P61, R53, D184, H186
MURSKERS, Tertje - Floyd, P61, R54, D184, H186
MURSKERS, Arie - Floyd, P61, R55, D184, H186
MURSKERS, Martha - Floyd, P61, R56, D184, H186
MURSKERS, Maria - Floyd, P61, R57, D184, H186
MURSKERS, John - Floyd, P61, R58, D184, H186
MURSKERS, Willie - Floyd, P61, R59, D184, H186
MUSKENS, Cornelis - Floyd, P61, R3, D174, H176
MUSKENS, Hendrika - Floyd, P61, R4, D174, H176
MUSKENS, Hendrick - Floyd, P61, R5, D174, H176
MUSKENS, Gerrit - Floyd, P61, R80, D187, H189
MUSKENS, Katie - Floyd, P61, R81, D187, H189
MUSKENS, Mathilda - Floyd, P61, R82, D187, H189
MUSKENS, Cornelis - Floyd, P61, R83, D187, H189
MUSSKENS, Dirk - Floyd, P60, R97, D173, H175
MUSSKENS, Dena - Floyd, P60, R98, D173, H175
MUSSKENS, Jan - Floyd, P60, R99, D173, H175
MUSSKENS, Henry - Floyd, P60, R100, D173, H175
MUSSKENS, Gerrit - Floyd, P61, R1, D173, H175
MUSSON, Jay - Eagle, P30, R61, D28, H28
MUSSON, Addie - Eagle, P30, R62, D28, H28
MUSSON, Collis - Eagle, P30, R63, D28, H28
MUSSON, Kalista - Eagle, P30, R64, D28, H28
MUSSON, Park - Eagle, P30, R65, D28, H28
MUSSON, Willis H. - Eagle, P30, R66, D29, H29
MUSSON, Hattie - Eagle, P30, R67, D29, H29
MUSSON, Mary - Eagle, P30, R68, D29, H29
MUSSON, Mabel - Eagle, P30, R69, D29, H29
MUSSON, Hobart - Eagle, P30, R70, D29, H29
MUSSON, Kalista - Eagle, P34, R10, D2, H92
MUTH, John - Eagle, P33, R67, D84, H84
MUTH, George - Eagle, P33, R69, D85, H85
MUTH, Martha - Eagle, P33, R70, D85, H85
MUTH, Albert P. - Eagle, P33, R71, D85, H85
MUTH, Marissa - Eagle, P33, R72, D85, H85
MUTH, Winnie - Eagle, P33, R73, D85, H85
MUTH, Edward - Logan, P134, R100, D200, H213
MUTH, Elizabeth - Logan, P135, R1, D200, H213
MUTH, Joseph - Logan, P135, R2, D200, H213
MUTH, George - Logan, P135, R3, D200, H213
MUYSKENS, Henry - Orange City, P100, R59, D119, H121
MUYSKENS, Tillie - Orange City, P100, R60, D119, H121
MUYSKENS, Coba - Orange City, P100, R61, D119, H121
MUYSKENS, Dick - Orange City, P100, R62, D119, H121
MUYSKENS, John - Orange City, P100, R63, D119, H121
MUYSKENS, Leonard - Orange City, P100, R64, D119, H121
MUYSKENS, Albert - Orange City, P100, R65, D119, H121
MUYSKENS, Jennie - Orange City, P100, R66, D119, H121
MUYSKENS, Henry - Orange City, P100, R67, D119, H121
MUYSKENS, Derk D. - Orange City, P103, R3, D170, H173
MUYSKENS, Maria - Orange City, P103, R4, D170, H173
MUYSKENS, Arie - Orange City, P107, R85, D274, H279
MUYSKENS, Mary - Orange City, P107, R86, D274, H279
MYER, Herman - Welcome, P225, R93, D34, H34
MYER, Hendrika - Welcome, P225, R94, D34, H34
MYER, Henry J. - Welcome, P225, R95, D34, H34
MYER, Garret J. - Welcome, P225, R96, D34, H34
MYER, Johanna H. - Welcome, P225, R97, D34, H34
MYER, Aleda J. - Welcome, P225, R98, D34, H34
MYERHEEN, John - Sherman, P223, R28, D174, H174
MYERS, Fred A. - Plato, P76, R86, D181, H185
MYERS, Alina W. - Plato, P76, R87, D181, H185
MYERS, Lilie A. - Plato, P76, R88, D181, H185
MYERS, William C. - Plato, P76, R89, D181, H185
MYERS, John - Sherman, P216, R1, D54, H54
MYERS, Agnes - Sherman, P216, R2, D54, H54
MYNER, Herman - Sheridan, P212, R72, D195, H195
MYNER, Margeret - Sheridan, P212, R73, D195, H195
MYNER, Be??tes - Sheridan, P212, R74, D195, H195
MYNER, Henryu - Sheridan, P212, R75, D195, H195
MYNER, ??? - Sheridan, P212, R76, D195, H195
MYNER, Anna - Sheridan, P212, R77, D195, H195
MYNER, Tena - Sheridan, P212, R78, D195, H195

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