1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

MEREDITH, Caleb - Sheridan, P204, R2, D23, H23
MEREDITH, Susan - Sheridan, P204, R3, D23, H23
MEREDITH, Maud - Sheridan, P204, R4, D23, H23
MEREDITH, Cecil - Sheridan, P204, R5, D23, H23
MEREDITH, John - Sheridan, P204, R6, D23, H23
MEREDITH, Ply?e - Sheridan, P204, R7, D23, H23
MEREDITH, Grace - Sheridan, P204, R8, D23, H23
MEREDITH, Daisy - Sheridan, P204, R9, D23, H23
MERKLEN, Edward - Lynn, P25, R71, D213, H213
MERKLEN, George - Lynn, P25, R72, D213, H213
MERRILL, Eliza - Lincoln, P111, R49, D30, H32
MERRILL, Edward - Lincoln, P114, R31, D99, H102
MERRILL, Nellie - Lincoln, P114, R32, D99, H102
MERRILL, Delia - Lincoln, P114, R33, D99, H102
MERRILL, Sadie - Lincoln, P114, R34, D99, H102
MERRILL, Alice - Lincoln, P114, R35, D99, H102
MERRILL, Freman - Lincoln, P114, R36, D99, H102
MERRILL, Robert - Lincoln, P114, R37, D99, H102
MERRILL, Lolo - Lincoln, P116, R75, D147, H151
MERRILL, James - Lincoln, P121, R94, D248, H252
MERRILL, Ewinna - Lincoln, P121, R95, D248, H252
MERRILL, Walter - Lincoln, P121, R96, D248, H252
MERRILL, Josephine - Lincoln, P121, R97, D248, H252
MERRILL, Elmer - Lincoln, P121, R98, D248, H252
MERRILL, Archie - Lincoln, P121, R99, D248, H252
MERRILL, Myrtle - Lincoln, P121, R100, D248, H252
MERRILL, Edith - Lincoln, P122, R1, D248, H252
MESKIMEN, Inez - Logan, P129, R1, D88, H99
MESNIK, H. - Center, P39, R41, D184, H184
MESNIK, Anna - Center, P39, R42, D184, H184
MESTER, John - Lynn, P25, R21, D205, H205
METCALF, Isaac - Eagle, P29, R95, D17, H17
METCALF, Mary - Eagle, P29, R96, D17, H17
METCALF, Russel - Eagle, P29, R97, D17, H17
METCALF, William - Eagle, P32, R83, D69, H69
METCALF, Alice - Eagle, P32, R84, D69, H69
METCALF, Mary - Eagle, P32, R85, D69, H69
MEUDEN, Geesje - Lincoln, P113, R19, D75, H77
MEUDEN, Anne - Lincoln, P113, R20, D75, H77
MEUDEN, Henry - Lincoln, P113, R21, D75, H77
MEYER, Louis - Center, P36, R71, D138, H138
MEYER, Anna - Center, P36, R72, D138, H138
MEYER, Anton - East Orange, P45, R34, D72, H74
MEYER, Mary - East Orange, P45, R35, D72, H74
MEYER, Peter - East Orange, P45, R36, D72, H74
MEYER, Katie - East Orange, P45, R37, D72, H74
MEYER, Henry - East Orange, P45, R38, D72, H74
MEYER, Annie - East Orange, P45, R39, D72, H74
MEYER, John - East Orange, P45, R40, D72, H74
MEYER, Joseph - East Orange, P45, R41, D72, H74
MEYER, Clara - East Orange, P45, R42, D72, H74
MEYER, Francis - East Orange, P45, R43, D72, H74
MEYER, Benjamin - East Orange, P45, R44, D72, H74
MEYER, Nicholas - East Orange, P48, R37, D113, H115
MEYER, Joseph - East Orange, P48, R74, D118, H120
MEYER, John P. - Floyd, P58, R61, D126, H128
MEYER, Mary Eva - Floyd, P58, R62, D126, H128
MEYER, John - Floyd, P58, R63, D126, H128
MEYER, Nick A. - Floyd, P58, R64, D126, H128
MEYER, Pete A. - Floyd, P58, R65, D126, H128
MEYER, Katie - Floyd, P58, R66, D126, H128
MEYER, Henry - Floyd, P58, R67, D126, H128
MEYER, ?e?ie - Floyd, P58, R68, D126, H128
MEYER, Margaret - Floyd, P60, R36, D162, H164
MEYER, Wieste - Floyd, P60, R37, D162, H164
MEYER, Klaas - Floyd, P60, R38, D162, H164
MEYER, Casper - Floyd, P62, R62, D203, H205
MEYER, Peter - Garfield, P65, R16, D3, H3
MEYER, Jacob, Sr. - Orange City, P98, R81, D79, H80
MEYER, Adolphine - Orange City, P98, R82, D79, H80
MEYER, Jacob - Orange City, P98, R83, D79, H80
MEYER, Friena - Orange City, P98, R84, D79, H80
MEYER, George - Orange City, P98, R85, D79, H80
MEYER, Annie - Orange City, P98, R86, D79, H80
MEYER, August - Lincoln, P118, R4, D172, H176
MEYER, John - Nassau, P148, R14, D79, H79
MEYER, ??? - Nassau, P148, R15, D79, H79
MEYER, Arnold W. - Nassau, P148, R16, D79, H79
MEYER, Ramey - Nassau, P154, R55, D195, H197
MEYER, Elizebeth - Nassau, P154, R56, D195, H197
MEYER, Ben - Nassau, P154, R57, D195, H197
MEYER, Kathrine - Nassau, P154, R58, D195, H197
MEYER, Frank - Nassau, P154, R59, D195, H197
MEYER, Louis - Nassau, P154, R60, D195, H197
MEYER, Fredrick - Nassau, P154, R61, D195, H197
MEYER, Edward - Nassau, P154, R62, D195, H197
MEYER, Henry - Nassau, P154, R63, D195, H197
MEYER, Frank - Reading, P166, R77, D63, H63
MEYER, Fred - Reading, P172, R100, D196, H198
MEYER, Henry - Sherman, P223, R60, D181, H181
MEYER, Minnie - Sherman, P223, R61, D181, H181
MEYERS, Charles T. - Grant, P77, R77, D14, H14
MEYERS, Dora - Grant, P77, R78, D14, H14
MEYERS, Kate - Logan, P135, R50, D209, H222
MEYLINK, Henry - Plato, P71, R90, D108, H109
MEYLINK, Sienk - Plato, P71, R91, D108, H109
MEYLINK, Jennie - Plato, P71, R92, D108, H109
MEYLINK, Ben - Plato, P71, R93, D108, H109
MEYLINK, Delia - Plato, P71, R94, D108, H109
MEYLINK, William - Plato, P71, R95, D108, H109
MEYLINK, Marie - Plato, P71, R96, D108, H109
MEYLINK, Theo. - Sherman, P222, R2, D155, H155
MEYLINK, Zwaan - Sherman, P222, R3, D155, H155
MEYLINK, Nellie - Sherman, P222, R4, D155, H155
MEYLINK, Jacob - Sherman, P222, R5, D155, H155
MEYLINK, Mary - Sherman, P222, R6, D155, H155
MICH, Peter - East Orange, P44, R8, D60, H61
MICH, Annie M. - East Orange, P44, R9, D60, H61
MICH, Annie W. - East Orange, P44, R10, D60, H61
MICH, Johanna M. F. - East Orange, P44, R11, D60, H61
MICH, John R. - East Orange, P44, R12, D60, H61
MICHEL, Herman - Orange City, P99, R45, D95, H97
MICHEL, Emma P. - Orange City, P99, R46, D95, H97
MICHEL, Henry - Orange City, P99, R47, D95, H97
MICHEL, Frederic - Orange City, P102, R51, D161, H164
MICHEL, Jessie - Orange City, P102, R52, D161, H164
MICHEL, Margurite - Orange City, P102, R53, D161, H164
MICHELKE, Albert - Grant, P83, R98, D124, H127
MICHELKE, Minnie - Grant, P83, R99, D124, H127
MICHELKE, ?ucasta - Grant, P83, R100, D124, H127
MICHELKE, Har?? B. - Grant, P84, R1, D124, H127
MICHELKE, A??? F. - Grant, P84, R2, D124, H127
MICHELKE, Jennie T. - Grant, P84, R3, D124, H127
MICHELKE, Frederick A. - Grant, P84, R4, D124, H127
MICHELKE, Tena I. - Grant, P84, R5, D124, H127
MICHELKE, John A. - Grant, P84, R6, D124, H127
MICHELKE, Herman A. - Grant, P84, R7, D124, H127
MICHELKE, Mary A. - Grant, P84, R8, D124, H127
MICHELLE, Anna M. - Grant, P77, R57, D10, H10
MIDDLEKOOP, Adriaan - Grant, P79, R38, D47, H48
MIDDLEKOOP, Cornelia - Grant, P79, R39, D47, H48
MIDDLEKOOP, Bastian Adriaan - Grant, P79, R40, D47, H48
MIEDEMA, Johannas - Nassau, P160, R64, D298, H301
MIEDEMA, Mary - Nassau, P160, R65, D298, H301
MIEDEMA, Earnest - Nassau, P160, R66, D298, H301
MIERA, George - Sherman, P218, R46, D95, H95
MIERA, Matilda - Sherman, P218, R47, D95, H95
MIERA, Robert C. - Sherman, P218, R48, D95, H95
MIERAS, William - Sherman, P214, R46, D15, H15
MIERAS, Edna - Sherman, P214, R47, D15, H15
MIERAS, Miles - Sherman, P214, R48, D15, H15
MIERAS, John E. - Sherman, P216, R23, D58, H58
MIERAS, Sarah - Sherman, P216, R24, D58, H58
MIERAS, William H. - Sherman, P217, R71, D82, H82
MIERAS, Nellie - Sherman, P217, R72, D82, H82
MIERAS, Mirtle - Sherman, P217, R73, D82, H82
MIERAS, Susan - Sherman, P217, R74, D82, H82
MIERAS, William - Sherman, P217, R75, D82, H82
MIERAS, Louis - Sherman, P220, R88, D136, H136
MIERAS, Jennie - Sherman, P220, R89, D136, H136
MIERAS, Denia - Sherman, P220, R90, D136, H136
MIERAS, Adia - Sherman, P220, R91, D136, H136
MIERAS, Adrian - Sherman, P220, R92, D136, H136
MIERAS, Jacob - Sherman, P220, R93, D136, H136
MIERAS, Lilloe - Sherman, P220, R94, D136, H136
MIERAS, Randel - Sherman, P220, R95, D136, H136
MIERAS, Louis - Sherman, P220, R96, D136, H136
MIERAS, Marin - Sherman, P222, R66, D166, H166
MIERAS, Elizabeth - Sherman, P222, R67, D166, H166
MIERAS, Gertie - Sherman, P222, R68, D166, H166
MIERAS, Cassie - Sherman, P222, R69, D166, H166
MIERAS, Ida - Sherman, P222, R70, D166, H166
MIERAS, Marenes - Sherman, P222, R71, D166, H166
MIERAS, Jennie - Sherman, P222, R72, D166, H166
MIERAS, Edward d. - Sherman, P222, R73, D166, H166
MIERAS, Oscar D. - Sherman, P222, R74, D166, H166
MIERAS, Jacob - Sherman, P222, R80, D168, H168
MIERAS, Jane - Sherman, P222, R81, D168, H168
MIERAS, William - Sherman, P222, R82, D168, H168
MIERAS, Minnie - Sherman, P222, R83, D168, H168
MIERAS, Cora - Sherman, P222, R84, D168, H168
MIERAS, Stella W. - Sherman, P222, R85, D168, H168
MIERAS, George - Sherman, P222, R86, D168, H168
MIERAS, Dina - Sherman, P223, R8, D172, H172
MIERAS, Johannes - Sherman, P223, R9, D172, H172
MIERAS, John - Sherman, P223, R10, D172, H172
MIERAS, Mariel - Sherman, P223, R11, D172, H172
MIERAS, Jacob S. - Sherman, P223, R12, D173, H173
MIERAS, Amelia - Sherman, P223, R13, D173, H173
MIERAS, Ada - Sherman, P223, R14, D173, H173
MIERAS, Frank - Sherman, P223, R15, D173, H173
MIERAS, Ralph - Sherman, P223, R16, D173, H173
MIERAS, Minnie - Sherman, P223, R17, D173, H173
MIERAS, Charles - Sherman, P223, R18, D173, H173
MIERAS, Ester - Sherman, P223, R19, D173, H173
MIERAS, Hazel - Sherman, P223, R20, D173, H173
MIERAS, (not named) - Sherman, P223, R21, D173, H173
MIERAS, James - Sherman, P223, R31, D175, H175
MIERAS, Ray - Sherman, P223, R32, D175, H175
MIERAS, Dina - Sherman, P223, R33, D175, H175
MIERAS, Jacob A. - Sherman, P223, R34, D175, H175
MIERSMA, Francis - Holland, P88, R70, D67, H67
MIERSMA, Antje - Holland, P88, R71, D67, H67
MIERSMA, Siebrijgt - Orange City, P104, R7, D191, H194
MIERSMA, Webbe - Welcome, P227, R48, D63, H63
MIERSMA, Maggie - Welcome, P227, R49, D63, H63
MIERSMA, Katie - Welcome, P227, R50, D63, H63
MIERSMA, Harrie - Welcome, P227, R51, D63, H63
MIERSMA, Sopie - Welcome, P227, R52, D63, H63
MIKING, Anna - Logan, P130, R93, D130, H143
MILAN, Charles J. - Buncombe, P9, R46, D202, H202
MILAN, Anna - Buncombe, P9, R47, D202, H202
MILAN, Herbert O. - Buncombe, P9, R48, D202, H202
MILLEMS, Anna - Nassau, P161, R85, D318, H321
MILLER, James C. - Buncombe, P10, R5, D216, H216
MILLER, Ida L. - Buncombe, P10, R6, D216, H216
MILLER, Ray E. - Buncombe, P10, R7, D216, H216
MILLER, Ruth M. - Buncombe, P10, R8, D216, H216
MILLER, Frank D. - Buncombe, P10, R9, D216, H216
MILLER, Mabel - Buncombe, P10, R10, D216, H216
MILLER, John C. - Buncombe, P10, R11, D216, H216
MILLER, Merreth - Buncombe, P11, R85, D244, H244
MILLER, Jud - Center, P38, R59, D168, H168
MILLER, Mary A. - Center, P38, R60, D168, H168
MILLER, Richard S. - Center, P38, R61, D168, H168
MILLER, Mary J. - Center, P38, R62, D168, H168
MILLER, Lizzie S. - Center, P38, R63, D168, H168
MILLER, Phoebe L. - Center, P38, R64, D168, H168
MILLER, Robert J. - Center, P38, R65, D168, H168
MILLER, Maggie - Center, P38, R66, D168, H168
MILLER, John H. - East Orange, P51, R28, D156, H158
MILLER, Katie - East Orange, P51, R29, D156, H158
MILLER, Max A. J> - East Orange, P51, R30, D156, H158
MILLER, Julen R. - East Orange, P51, R31, D156, H158
MILLER, Sylvester N. - East Orange, P51, R32, D156, H158
MILLER, Aloysius H. - East Orange, P51, R33, D156, H158
MILLER, Anton - Floyd, P53, R57, D36, H37
MILLER, Fred - Garfield, P66, R8, D22, H22
MILLER, Ida - Garfield, P66, R9, D22, H22
MILLER, Albert A. - Garfield, P66, R10, D22, H22
MILLER, Elmer E. - Garfield, P66, R11, D22, H22
MILLER, Frank L. - Garfield, P66, R12, D22, H22
MILLER, Ernest F. - Garfield, P66, R13, D22, H22
MILLER, Louis - Garfield, P66, R16, D23, H23
MILLER, Frederika W. - Garfield, P66, R17, D23, H23
MILLER, Louisa F. - Garfield, P66, R18, D23, H23
MILLER, Karl Oscar - Garfield, P66, R19, D23, H23
MILLER, Anna - Garfield, P66, R20, D23, H23
MILLER, Wesley F. - Garfield, P66, R21, D23, H23
MILLER, Louis A. - Garfield, P66, R22, D23, H23
MILLER, John - Garfield, P66, R24, D24, H24
MILLER, Adonisa M. - Garfield, P66, R25, D24, H24
MILLER, George W. - Garfield, P66, R26, D24, H24
MILLER, Clara E. - Garfield, P66, R27, D24, H24
MILLER, Edwin A. - Garfield, P66, R28, D24, H24
MILLER, Oscar E. - Garfield, P66, R29, D24, H24
MILLER, Arthur A. - Garfield, P66, R30, D24, H24
MILLER, Nellie E. - Garfield, P66, R31, D24, H24
MILLER, Alexander - Garfield, P66, R53, D28, H28
MILLER, Mary - Garfield, P66, R54, D28, H28
MILLER, Fred - Garfield, P66, R55, D28, H28
MILLER, Celia - Garfield, P66, R56, D28, H28
MILLER, Mary - Garfield, P66, R57, D28, H28
MILLER, Emil - Garfield, P66, R58, D28, H28
MILLER, Milton - Grant, P83, R51, D114, H117
MILLER, Edward J. - Orange City, P101, R11, D130, H133
MILLER, Sarah - Lincoln, P110, R73, D15, H16
MILLER, Ascenath E. - Lincoln, P110, R74, D15, H16
MILLER, Frank - Lincoln, P110, R87, D18, H19
MILLER, Maud - Lincoln, P110, R88, D18, H19
MILLER, Opal - Lincoln, P110, R89, D18, H19
MILLER, Agatha - Lincoln, P110, R90, D18, H19
MILLER, Eva - Lincoln, P110, R91, D18, H19
MILLER, Baby - Lincoln, P110, R92, D18, H19
MILLER, Sarah E. - Lincoln, P112, R8, D47, H49
MILLER, Ida - Lincoln, P112, R95, D69, H71
MILLER, Melvin - Lincoln, P112, R96, D69, H71
MILLER, Earl B. - Lincoln, P112, R97, D69, H71
MILLER, Robert - Lincoln, P112, R98, D69, H71
MILLER, Nina - Lincoln, P112, R99, D69, H71
MILLER, Tillie H. - Logan, P131, R22, D133, H146
MILLER, George W. - Logan, P134, R13, D183, H196
MILLER, Joseph - Nassau, P148, R60, D87, H88
MILLER, Chris - Nassau, P148, R84, D93, H94
MILLER, Annie - Nassau, P148, R85, D93, H94
MILLER, Aveline - Nassau, P148, R86, D93, H94
MILLER, Henry - Nassau, P148, R87, D93, H94
MILLER, Tilly - Nassau, P148, R88, D93, H94
MILLER, Henry E. - Nassau, P150, R51, D123, H124
MILLER, Josephine - Nassau, P150, R52, D123, H124
MILLER, Frank - Nassau, P150, R53, D123, H124
MILLER, Peter - Nassau, P151, R12, D136, H137
MILLER, Sara - Nassau, P151, R13, D136, H137
MILLER, Annie Elizabeth - Reading, P166, R92, D68, H68
MILLER, Milton Anderson - Reading, P166, R93, D68, H68
MILLER, Clara - Rock, P179, R49, D73, H76
MILLER, Peter - Settler, P201, R95, D136, H137
MILLER, Silvia - Settler, P201, R96, D136, H137
MILLER, Alfred - Settler, P201, R97, D136, H137
MILLER, Anna - Settler, P201, R98, D136, H137
MILLER, Arther - Settler, P201, R99, D136, H137
MILLER, Nova - Settler, P201, R100, D136, H137
MILLER, Mary - Settler, P202, R1, D136, H137
MILLER, Hannah - Settler, P202, R2, D136, H137
MILLER, Palmer - Settler, P202, R3, D136, H137
MILLER, Ralph - Settler, P202, R4, D136, H137
MILLER, Julia - Sheridan, P203, R34, D8, H8
MILLER, Jas - Sheridan, P203, R35, D8, H8
MILLER, Arthur - Sheridan, P203, R36, D8, H8
MILLER, Elmer - Sheridan, P203, R37, D8, H8
MILLER, Gertrude - Sheridan, P203, R38, D8, H8
MILLER, John - Sheridan, P203, R39, D8, H8
MILLET, Richard - Washington, P142, R12, D337, H350
MILTER, Math - Holland, P88, R36, D59, H59
MINARD, Eli J. - Rock, P177, R55, D31, H34
MINARD, Emily L. - Rock, P177, R56, D31, H34
MINARD, Gertrude - Rock, P177, R57, D31, H34
MINARD, Edwin - Rock, P177, R58, D31, H34
MINARD, Jessie - Rock, P177, R59, D31, H34
MINARD, Hazel - Rock, P177, R60, D31, H34
MINARD, Ruth - Rock, P177, R61, D31, H34
MINARD, Henry - Rock, P186, R46, D220, H227
MINARD, Martha - Rock, P186, R47, D220, H227
MINARD, Mary - Rock, P186, R48, D220, H227
MINARD, Henry - Rock, P186, R51, D222, H224
MINARD, Martha - Rock, P186, R52, D222, H224
MINARD, Mary - Rock, P186, R53, D222, H224
MINNARD, Cora - Rock, P179, R50, D73, H76
MINS, George - Sherman, P215, R15, D28, H28
MINS, Mary - Sherman, P215, R16, D28, H28
MINS, Edward - Sherman, P215, R17, D28, H28
MINS, Alice - Sherman, P215, R18, D28, H28
MINS, Lorenze - Sherman, P215, R19, D28, H28
MINS, Frances - Sherman, P215, R20, D28, H28
MINTEN, Math - East Orange, P46, R77, D91, H93
MINTEN, Lena - East Orange, P46, R78, D91, H93
MINTEN, Olive A. - East Orange, P46, R79, D91, H93
MINTEN, Sylvia E. - East Orange, P46, R80, D91, H93
MINTEN, Sylvester H. - East Orange, P46, R81, D91, H93
MINTEN, Barney J. - East Orange, P46, R82, D91, H93
MINTEN, John - East Orange, P46, R83, D91, H93
MINTEN, William - East Orange, P46, R84, D91, H93
MINTEN, Ester A. - East Orange, P46, R85, D91, H93
MINTEN, Bernard, Jr. - East Orange, P48, R25, D112, H114
MINTEN, Annie - East Orange, P48, R26, D112, H114
MINTEN, Aggie L. - East Orange, P48, R27, D112, H114
MINTEN, Anthon B. - East Orange, P48, R28, D112, H114
MINTEN, Henry F. - East Orange, P48, R29, D112, H114
MINTEN, Alex J. - East Orange, P48, R30, D112, H114
MINTEN, Bernett - Nassau, P148, R49, D85, H86
MINTEN, Elizabeth - Nassau, P148, R50, D85, H86
MINTEN, Chris - Nassau, P150, R85, D130, H131
MINTEN, Christina - Nassau, P150, R86, D130, H131
MINTEN, Mary - Nassau, P150, R87, D130, H131
MINTEN, Peter - Rock, P188, R1, D239, H246
MINTEN, Mary - Rock, P188, R2, D239, H246
MINTEN, Tillie - Rock, P188, R3, D239, H246
MINTEN, Henry - Rock, P188, R4, D239, H246
MINTEN, Albert - Rock, P188, R5, D239, H246
MINTEN, Henry R. - Rock, P188, R7, D239, H246
MINTON, Jacob - East Orange, P49, R60, D132, H134
MINTON, Margaret - East Orange, P49, R61, D132, H134
MINTON, Leo B. - East Orange, P49, R62, D132, H134
MINTON, Frank - East Orange, P49, R64, D132, H134
MITCHELL, Charles - Buncombe, P3, R53, D66, H66
MITCHELL, Eliza M. - Buncombe, P3, R54, D66, H66
MITCHELL, Joseph - Washington, P143, R65, D362, H376
MITCHELL, Lualina - Washington, P143, R66, D362, H376
MITCHELL, Frank Walter - Reading, P167, R41, D83, H84
MITCHELL, Steven - Rock, P181, R69, D114, H120
MITCHELL, Geo W. - Rock, P182, R21, D126, H133
MITCHELL, Susan - Rock, P182, R22, D126, H133
MITSCH, Walter - Center, P38, R67, D168, H168
MITTISON, Edwin - Rock, P181, R71, D114, H120
MOELLER, Martin - Center, P39, R76, D190, H190
MOELLER, Tina - Center, P39, R77, D190, H190
MOELLER, Peter - Center, P39, R78, D190, H190
MOELLER, Richard - Center, P39, R79, D190, H190
MOELLER, Matilda - Center, P39, R80, D190, H190
MOELLER, Jacob - Plato, P75, R16, D158, H159
MOELLER, Christina - Plato, P75, R17, D158, H159
MOELLER, Addie - Plato, P75, R18, D158, H159
MOELLER, Peter - Plato, P75, R19, D158, H159
MOELLER, Anna - Plato, P75, R20, D158, H159
MOELLER, Martin - Plato, P75, R21, D158, H159
MOELLER, Mary - Plato, P75, R22, D158, H159
MOELLER, Charles - Plato, P75, R23, D158, H159
MOELLER, Rosa - Plato, P75, R24, D158, H159
MOELLER, Arthur - Plato, P75, R25, D158, H159
MOELLER, Hans - Plato, P75, R86, D169, H170
MOELLER, Christina - Plato, P75, R87, D169, H170
MOELLER, William P. M. - Plato, P75, R88, D169, H170
MOELLER, Mary C. - Plato, P75, R89, D169, H170
MOELLER, Elsie M. - Plato, P75, R90, D169, H170
MOELLER, Cathrina H. - Plato, P75, R91, D169, H170
MOELLER, Anna M. - Plato, P75, R92, D169, H170
MOELLER, dora L. - Plato, P75, R93, D169, H170
MOELLER, Conrad - Sheridan, P211, R62, D173, H173
MOENKOFF, Lewis - Logan, P131, R18, D132, H145
MOES, Dominic - Floyd, P53, R28, D30, H31
MOES, Christine - Floyd, P53, R29, D30, H31
MOES, George - Orange City, P109, R4, D300, H305
MOES, Jennie - Orange City, P109, R5, D300, H305
MOES, Henry - Orange City, P109, R6, D300, H305
MOES, John - Orange City, P109, R7, D300, H305
MOESSNER, Carl - Lincoln, P121, R1, D230, H234
MOESSNER, Paulina - Lincoln, P121, R2, D230, H234
MOESSNER, Minnie - Lincoln, P121, R3, D230, H234
MOESSNER, Lena - Lincoln, P121, R4, D230, H234
MOFFET, S. M. - Eagle, P29, R71, D12, H12
MOFFET, Ella - Eagle, P29, R72, D12, H12
MOFFET, Hoshea - Eagle, P29, R73, D12, H12
MOFFET, Maude - Eagle, P29, R74, D12, H12
MOFFET, Bertha - Eagle, P29, R75, D12, H12
MOFFET, Naaman - Eagle, P29, R76, D12, H12
MOFFET, D. W. - Eagle, P31, R27, D40, H40
MOFFET, Lillian - Eagle, P31, R28, D40, H40
MOFFET, Florence P. - Eagle, P31, R29, D40, H40
MOFFET, Gladys H. - Eagle, P31, R30, D40, H40
MOFFET, C. C. - Center, P35, R82, D119, H119
MOFFET, Mary I. - Center, P35, R83, D119, H119
MOFFET, Alverda - Center, P35, R84, D119, H119
MOFFET, Mary I. - Center, P35, R85, D119, H119
MOFFET, L. E. - Center, P35, R86, D120, H120
MOFFET, Jennie - Center, P35, R87, D120, H120
MOFFET, Grace - Center, P35, R88, D120, H120
MOFFET, Floey - Center, P35, R89, D120, H120
MOFFET, C. E. - Center, P39, R98, D194, H194
MOFFET, Frances - Center, P39, R99, D194, H194
MOFFET, Clara ?. - Center, P39, R100, D194, H194
MOFFET, Caroline - Center, P40, R1, D194, H194
MOFFET, Harvy - Garfield, P67, R58, D49, H49
MOFFET, A. Theresa - Garfield, P67, R59, D49, H49
MOFFET, Harvy L. - Garfield, P67, R60, D49, H49
MOGER, J. E. - Center, P37, R84, D156, H156
MOGER, Mary - Center, P37, R85, D156, H156
MOGER, Charles - Center, P37, R86, D156, H156
MOGER, Gertrude - Center, P37, R87, D156, H156
MOGER, Judson - Center, P37, R88, D156, H156
MOIR, George R. - Sherman, P218, R79, D102, H102
MOIR, Mary F. - Sherman, P218, R80, D102, H102
MOIR, George e. - Sherman, P218, R81, D102, H102
MOIR, Grace e. - Sherman, P218, R82, D102, H102
MOIR, William R. - Sherman, P218, R83, D102, H102
MOIR, Bertha F. - Sherman, P218, R84, D102, H102
MOIR, Orrel R. - Sherman, P218, R85, D102, H102
MOIR, Serena - Sherman, P218, R86, D102, H102
MOIR, Pete - Sherman, P218, R92, D104, H104
MOIR, Alice - Sherman, P218, R93, D104, H104
MOIR, J??? Thomas - Sherman, P218, R94, D104, H104
MOIR, Andrew - Sherman, P218, R95, D104, H104
MOIR, Russel - Sherman, P219, R22, D110, H110
MOIR, Lilly - Sherman, P219, R23, D110, H110
MOIR, Jessie - Sherman, P219, R24, D110, H110
MOL, Cornelius - West Branch, P246, R5, D260, H262
MOL, Eibertje - West Branch, P246, R6, D260, H262
MOL, Tillie - West Branch, P246, R7, D260, H262
MOL, Annie - West Branch, P246, R8, D260, H262
MOL, Jacob - West Branch, P246, R9, D260, H262
MOL, Klaas - West Branch, P246, R10, D260, H262
MOLINE, Jennie M. - Logan, P137, R57, D255, H268
MOLLEMA, William - Orange City, P100, R94, D126, H128
MONIGER, Jacob - Buncombe, P3, R92, D77, H77
MONIGER, Rosanna - Buncombe, P3, R93, D77, H77
MONIGER, Gertrude E. - Buncombe, P3, R94, D77, H77
MONIGER, Esther L. - Buncombe, P3, R95, D77, H77
MONIGER, Pearl M. - Buncombe, P3, R96, D77, H77
MONIGER, Hazel M. - Buncombe, P3, R97, D77, H77
MONIGER, Bernice I. - Buncombe, P3, R98, D77, H77
MONIGER, Lavon R. - Buncombe, P3, R99, D77, H77
MONIGER, Merle Elliot - Buncombe, P3, R100, D77, H77
MONIGER, Nora - Logan, P131, R43, D136, H149
MONINGER, Della J. - Logan, P131, R44, D136, H149
MONK, Dick H. - Grant, P77, R13, D3, H3
MONK, Annie ?. - Grant, P77, R14, D3, H3
MONK, Letha M. - Grant, P77, R15, D3, H3
MONK, Dick B. - Grant, P77, R16, D3, H3
MONK, Theodore G. - Grant, P77, R17, D3, H3
MONROE, Peter - Plato, P70, R98, D14, H15
MONSON, Ole A. - Floyd, P54, R20, D48, H50
MONSON, Katie - Floyd, P54, R21, D48, H50
MONTAG, Joseph P. - Reading, P165, R27, D30, H30
MONTAG, Louisa - Reading, P165, R28, D30, H30
MONTAGUE, William - Grant, P83, R85, D122, H125
MONTGOMERY, William J. - Logan, P135, R68, D213, H226
MONTGOMERY, Jane - Logan, P135, R69, D213, H226
MONTGOMERY, Margaret E. - Logan, P135, R70, D213, H226
MONTGOMERY, Hugh S. - Logan, P135, R72, D213, H226
MONTGOMERY, Lavanche - Logan, P135, R73, D213, H226
MONTGOMERY, Margart - Reading, P165, R66, D39, H39
MONTGOMERY, Robert Ray - Reading, P165, R67, D39, H39
MONTGOMERY, Donald - Reading, P174, R64, D227, H229
MONTGOMERY, Maggie J. - Reading, P174, R65, D227, H229
MONTGOMERY, Bertha E. - Reading, P174, R66, D227, H229
MONTGOMERY, Edward Garfield - Reading, P174, R67, D227, H229
MONTIGUE, James - Lincoln, P112, R65, D60, H62
MONTIGUE, Catherine - Lincoln, P112, R66, D60, H62
MOODY, George - Eagle, P32, R35, D59, H59
MOODY, Angelene - Eagle, P32, R36, D59, H59
MOON, Frank W. - Sheridan, P209, R37, D133, H133
MOORE, Wm. - Sheridan, P210, R73, D158, H158
MOORE, Viola - Sheridan, P210, R74, D158, H158
MOORLEG, Dick - Lincoln, P123, R34, D276, H281
MOORLEG, Jerousa - Lincoln, P123, R35, D276, H281
MOORLEG, Anna - Lincoln, P123, R36, D276, H281
MOORLEG, Minnie - Lincoln, P123, R37, D276, H281
MOORLEG, Hans - Lincoln, P123, R38, D276, H281
MOOS, Barney - East Orange, P42, R66, D35, H35
MOOS, Annie - East Orange, P42, R67, D35, H35
MOOS, Annie - East Orange, P42, R68, D35, H35
MOOS, Peter - East Orange, P43, R15, D43, H44
MOOS, Margaret - East Orange, P43, R16, D43, H44
MOOS, Katie - East Orange, P43, R17, D43, H44
MOOS, Mary - East Orange, P43, R18, D43, H44
MOOS, Peter - East Orange, P43, R19, D43, H44
MOOS, Henry - East Orange, P43, R20, D43, H44
MOOS, Meigriate - East Orange, P43, R21, D43, H44
MOOTY, J. Asa - Logan, P131, R35, D136, H149
MOOTY, Addie E. - Logan, P131, R36, D136, H149
MOOTY, Florence A. - Logan, P131, R37, D136, H149
MOOTY, Helen R. - Logan, P131, R38, D136, H149
MORAN, Lewis J. - Logan, P137, R24, D247, H260
MORAN, Sarah E. - Logan, P137, R25, D247, H260
MORAN, Patrick H. - Sherman, P216, R20, D57, H57
MORAN, Mary F. - Sherman, P216, R21, D57, H57
MOREMOND, Isac - Sherman, P220, R9, D124, H124
MOREMOND, Tillie - Sherman, P220, R10, D124, H124
MOREMOND, Mary - Sherman, P220, R11, D124, H124
MOREMOND, Lucyh - Sherman, P220, R12, D124, H124
MOREMOND, Orvill? - Sherman, P220, R13, D124, H124
MOREMOND, James - Sherman, P220, R14, D124, H124
MOREMOND, Sarah - Sherman, P220, R15, D124, H124
MOREMOND, Anna - Sherman, P220, R16, D124, H124
MOREMOND, Jacob C. - Sherman, P220, R17, D124, H124
MOREMOND, Cornelluis M. - Sherman, P220, R18, D124, H124
MOREMOND, Martiana - Sherman, P220, R19, D124, H124
MOREMOND, Marinus F. - Sherman, P220, R20, D124, H124
MORENT, Eugene C. - Buncombe, P8, R19, D172, H172
MORENT, Myrta B. - Buncombe, P8, R20, D172, H172
MORENT, Roger H. - Buncombe, P8, R21, D172, H172
MORENT, Selma E. - Buncombe, P8, R22, D172, H172
MORET, H. - Capel, P17, R12, D73, H73
MORET, William - Capel, P17, R15, D74, H74
MORET, Hendricke - Capel, P17, R16, D74, H74
MORET, Leonard - Capel, P17, R17, D74, H74
MORET, Rupert - Capel, P17, R18, D74, H74
MORET, Herman - Capel, P17, R19, D74, H74
MORET, Hattie - Capel, P17, R20, D74, H74
MORET, Johnny - Capel, P17, R21, D74, H74
MORET, Lane - Nassau, P144, R90, D14, H14
MORET, Sophia - Nassau, P144, R91, D14, H14
MORET, Michael - Sheridan, P203, R91, D21, H21
MORET, Welemina - Sheridan, P203, R92, D21, H21
MORET, Sophia - Sheridan, P203, R93, D21, H21
MORET, Nettie - Sheridan, P203, R94, D21, H21
MORET, Hendreka - Sheridan, P203, R95, D21, H21
MORET, Jennie - Sheridan, P203, R96, D21, H21
MORET, Wilemina - Sheridan, P203, R97, D21, H21
MORET, Herman - Sheridan, P203, R98, D21, H21
MORET, Leonard - Sheridan, P205, R9, D45, H45
MORET, Bessie - Sheridan, P205, R10, D45, H45
MOREY, Florence - Logan, P126, R44, D30, H34
MOREY, Jule - Washington, P143, R87, D366, H380
MOREY, Elsie E. - Washington, P143, R88, D366, H380
MOREY, Florence - Washington, P143, R89, D366, H380
MOREY, Ruth - Washington, P143, R90, D366, H380
MOREY, Charles A. - Washington, P143, R91, D366, H380
MOREY, Harry - Washington, P143, R92, D366, H380
MOREY, Grace L. - Washington, P143, R93, D366, H380
MORGAN, Aurilla - Buncombe, P9, R61, D206, H206
MORGAN, Ethel - Buncombe, P9, R62, D206, H206
MORGAN, Hazel - Buncombe, P9, R63, D206, H206
MORGAN, William Alman - Reading, P167, R87, D96, H97
MORGAN, Luann - Reading, P167, R88, D96, H97
MORGAN, Olive - Reading, P167, R89, D96, H97
MORGAN, Harry Byam - Reading, P168, R79, D123, H124
MORGAN, Jennie - Reading, P168, R80, D123, H124
MORGAN, Harry Lawrence - Reading, P168, R81, D123, H124
MORGAN, Kenneth - Reading, P168, R82, D123, H124
MORMAN, A. - Sheridan, P204, R28, D27, H27
MORMAN, Frediesa - Sheridan, P204, R29, D27, H27
MORMAN, Cora C. - Sheridan, P204, R30, D27, H27
MORMAN, Paul - Sheridan, P204, R31, D27, H27
MORRAY, Wm. - Sheridan, P208, R45, D114, H114
MORRAY, Anna - Sheridan, P208, R46, D114, H114
MORRAY, Henig - Sheridan, P208, R47, D114, H114
MORRIS, Jan P. - Holland, P88, R28, D59, H59
MORRIS, Elizabeth - Holland, P88, R29, D59, H59
MORRIS, Hermina - Holland, P88, R30, D59, H59
MORRIS, Ettie - Holland, P88, R31, D59, H59
MORRIS, Enegline - Holland, P88, R32, D59, H59
MORRIS, Willimper - Holland, P88, R33, D59, H59
MORRIS, Jan - Holland, P88, R34, D59, H59
MORRIS, Anna L. - Logan, P127, R36, D53, H58
MORRIS, James Findley - Reading, P173, R93, D214, H216
MORRIS, Lizzie Adelia - Reading, P173, R94, D214, H216
MORRIS, Lewis Foss - Reading, P173, R95, D214, H216
MORRIS, Harry Foss - Reading, P173, R96, D214, H216
MORRIS, Frank Foss - Reading, P173, R97, D214, H216
MORRIS, Bessie Mea - Reading, P173, R98, D214, H216
MORRIS, Erma Jella - Reading, P173, R99, D214, H216
MORRIS, Robert Foss - Reading, P173, R100, D214, H216
MORRIS, Mary Jane - Reading, P174, R1, D214, H216
MORRIS, Douglas - Sioux, P193, R48, D9, H9
MORRIS, Maud - Sioux, P193, R49, D9, H9
MORRIS, John C. - Sioux, P193, R50, D9, H9
MORRIS, Mary E. - Sioux, P193, R51, D9, H9
MORRIS, Lela M. - Sioux, P193, R52, D9, H9
MORRIS, Elizabeth - Sioux, P193, R53, D9, H9
MORRIS, Eva A. - Sioux, P193, R54, D9, H9
MORRIS, Anna - Sioux, P193, R55, D9, H9
MORRIS, Florence - Sioux, P193, R56, D9, H9
MORRIS, Ruth A. - Sioux, P193, R57, D9, H9
MORRIS, Grace N. - Sioux, P193, R58, D9, H9
MORRIS, Hazel M. - Sioux, P193, R59, D9, H9
MORRIS, Lucy L. - Sioux, P193, R60, D9, H9
MORRIS, Blanche - Sioux, P193, R61, D9, H9
MORRIS, Sarah A. - Sioux, P193, R62, D9, H9
MORRIS, John - Sheridan, P203, R66, D16, H16
MORRIS, Susan - Sheridan, P203, R67, D16, H16
MORRIS, Janet - Sheridan, P203, R68, D16, H16
MORRIS, Mary - Sheridan, P203, R69, D16, H16
MORRIS, Chas C. - Sheridan, P204, R52, D31, H31
MORRIS, Hattie - Sheridan, P204, R53, D31, H31
MORRIS, Rachel - Sheridan, P204, R54, D31, H31
MORRIS, Tattie J?? - Sheridan, P204, R55, D31, H31
MORRIS, Gladys - Sheridan, P204, R56, D31, H31
MORRIS, William - Sherman, P216, R16, D55, H55
MORRISON, William - Center, P39, R72, D190, H190
MORRISON, Matilda - Center, P39, R73, D190, H190
MORRISON, Edwin - Center, P39, R74, D190, H190
MORRISON, Russel C. - Center, P39, R75, D190, H190
MORRISON, Alex - Center, P40, R11, D196, H196
MORRISON, Alexander - Reading, P168, R83, D124, H125
MORRISON, Mary C. - Reading, P168, R84, D124, H125
MORRISON, John J. - Reading, P168, R85, D124, H125
MORRISON, Mary - Reading, P168, R86, D124, H125
MORRISON, Lillie May - Reading, P168, R87, D124, H125
MORRISON, George H. - Reading, P168, R88, D124, H125
MORRISON, Cora E. - Reading, P168, R89, D124, H125
MORRISON, William - West Branch, P234, R41, D51, H52
MORRISSEY, James - Sheridan, P205, R2, D43, H43
MORSE, Emory J. - Grant, P80, R41, D62, H63
MORSE, Mary - Grant, P80, R42, D62, H63
MORSE, Clarence E. - Grant, P80, R43, D62, H63
MORSE, Albert - Grant, P80, R44, D62, H63
MORSE, Lowell - Sheridan, P205, R61, D57, H57
MORSE, Pa?e - Sheridan, P205, R62, D57, H57
MORSE, Charlie - Sheridan, P205, R63, D57, H57
MORSE, Maggie - Sheridan, P205, R64, D57, H57
MORTON, Grace - Rock, P188, R91, D254, H261

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