1900 Iowa Census Index

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M?? to MEN

Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

M???, Simon - Lynn, P27, R53, D238, H238
M???, Caroline - Lynn, P27, R54, D238, H238
M???, Har? - Lynn, P27, R55, D238, H238
M???, G??ie G. - Lynn, P27, R56, D238, H238
M???, John - Lynn, P27, R57, D238, H238
M???, Debra - Lynn, P27, R58, D238, H238
M???, Alice - Lynn, P27, R59, D238, H238
M???, Henry - Lynn, P27, R60, D238, H238
MAASKANT, Rokus - Grant, P79, R93, D54, H55
MACARVANDORF, Henry - Center, P34, R69, D100, H100
MACARVANDORF, Katrina - Center, P34, R70, D100, H100
MACARVANDORF, Marie - Center, P34, R71, D100, H100
MACGUIRE, Matthew - Lincoln, P121, R36, D237, H241
MACGUIRE, Elli?? - Lincoln, P121, R37, D237, H241
MACGUIRE, Rose - Lincoln, P121, R38, D237, H241
MACGUIRE, James - Lincoln, P121, R39, D237, H241
MACGUIRE, Kate - Lincoln, P121, R40, D237, H241
MACGUIRE, Joseph - Lincoln, P121, R41, D237, H241
MACGUIRE, Edward - Lincoln, P121, R42, D237, H241
MACGUIRE, Susie - Lincoln, P121, R43, D237, H241
MACGUIRE, Matthew - Lincoln, P121, R44, D237, H241
MACKEY, Henry - Lincoln, P114, R69, D107, H110
MACKEY, Grace - Lincoln, P114, R70, D107, H110
MACKEY, Edna - Lincoln, P114, R71, D107, H110
MACKEY, Amber - Lincoln, P114, R72, D107, H110
MACKEY, Neva - Lincoln, P114, R73, D107, H110
MACKEY, Gordon - Lincoln, P114, R74, D107, H110
MACKEY, Thomas - Lincoln, P115, R8, D117, H121
MACKEY, Ella - Lincoln, P115, R9, D117, H121
MACKEY, Florence - Lincoln, P115, R10, D117, H121
MACKEY, Mable - Lincoln, P115, R11, D117, H121
MACKINNON, Donald - Buncombe, P4, R68, D94, H94
MACKINNON, Hattie - Buncombe, P4, R69, D94, H94
MACKINNON, Jessie M. - Buncombe, P4, R70, D94, H94
MACKINNON, Flora M. - Buncombe, P4, R71, D94, H94
MADISON, Rosamond E. - Orange City, P99, R75, D100, H102
MAGNISON, Andrew? - Settler, P202, R41, D144, H145
MAGNISON, Martha - Settler, P202, R42, D144, H145
MAGUIRE, Thos H. - Rock, P181, R48, D111, H117
MAGUIRE, Ernie - Rock, P181, R49, D111, H117
MAHAN, John - Reading, P175, R47, D242, H244
MAHAN, Kate - Reading, P175, R48, D242, H244
MAHAN, Mary Ellen - Reading, P175, R49, D242, H244
MAHAN, Maggie Marie - Reading, P175, R50, D242, H244
MAHAN, Katie Grace - Reading, P175, R51, D242, H244
MAHAN, Susie Adaline - Reading, P175, R52, D242, H244
MAHAN, Michael Francis - Reading, P175, R53, D242, H244
MAHAN, Eliza Lorena - Reading, P175, R54, D242, H244
MAHAN, Gertrina - Reading, P175, R55, D242, H244
MAHAN, John Thomas - Reading, P175, R56, D242, H244
MAHER, Katherine - Logan, P126, R9, D24, H26
MAHONEY, Purse - Sheridan, P212, R4, D179, H179
MAHOOD, Dollie - Logan, P133, R33, D172, H185
MAHOOD, James - Washington, P141, R40, D322, H335
MAK, John W. - Rock, P182, R80, D144, H151
MAK, Minnie - Rock, P182, R81, D144, H151
MAK, Cora - Rock, P182, R82, D144, H151
MAK, Eveline - Rock, P182, R83, D144, H151
MAK, Frank - Rock, P182, R84, D144, H151
MAK, Esther - Rock, P182, R85, D144, H151
MAKKENJ, Garret - West Branch, P246, R61, D269, H272
MAKKENJ, Antje - West Branch, P246, R62, D269, H272
MAKKENJ, Garret - West Branch, P246, R63, D269, H272
MALAISE, Edmond - Reading, P168, R77, D122, H123
MALAISE, Mary Sarah - Reading, P168, R78, D122, H123
MAMMENGA, Henry - Grant, P82, R33, D94, H95
MAMMENGA, Bertha - Grant, P82, R34, D94, H95
MAMMENGA, Tyus - Grant, P82, R35, D94, H95
MANDELKOW, Minnie - Reading, P173, R8, D197, H199
MANDELKOW, Emerson - Reading, P173, R9, D197, H199
MANDEN, Lambert - Lincoln, P119, R32, D198, H202
MANDEN, Kate - Lincoln, P119, R33, D198, H202
MANDEN, Grace - Lincoln, P119, R34, D198, H202
MANN, Anthony - Logan, P129, R6, D91, H102
MANNING, Joseph - Garfield, P68, R40, D66, H66
MANNING, Thadeus - Garfield, P68, R94, D75, H76
MANON, Barney F. - East Orange, P45, R60, D75, H77
MANON, Elizabeth - East Orange, P45, R61, D75, H77
MANON, Katherine - East Orange, P45, R62, D75, H77
MANON, Henry L. - East Orange, P45, R63, D75, H77
MANON, Elizabeth E. - East Orange, P45, R64, D75, H77
MANON, Anna - East Orange, P45, R65, D75, H77
MANON, Marie - East Orange, P45, R66, D75, H77
MANON, John - East Orange, P45, R67, D75, H77
MANON, Rose - East Orange, P45, R68, D75, H77
MANON, Emma - East Orange, P45, R69, D75, H77
MANON, Eda - East Orange, P45, R70, D75, H77
MANTEL, Jake - Holland, P91, R62, D122, H122
MANTEL, Elizabeth - Holland, P91, R63, D122, H122
MANTEL, Kate - Holland, P91, R64, D122, H122
MANTEL, Allie - Holland, P91, R65, D122, H122
MANTEL, Dora - Holland, P91, R66, D122, H122
MANTEL, Nick - Holland, P91, R67, D122, H122
MANTEL, Minnie - Holland, P91, R68, D122, H122
MARCO, John - Center, P39, R36, D182, H182
MARCO, Anna - Center, P39, R37, D182, H182
MARIENAU, Fredrick William - Reading, P165, R1, D25, H25
MARIENAU, Johanna D. K. - Reading, P165, R2, D25, H25
MARIENAU, Benjamin Henry - Reading, P165, R3, D25, H25
MARIENAU, John A. - Reading, P165, R4, D25, H25
MARIENAU, William E. - Reading, P165, R5, D25, H25
MARIENAU, Irene W. - Reading, P165, R6, D25, H25
MARIENAU, Frederick. J. - Reading, P165, R7, D25, H25
MARINEAU, William C. - Washington, P139, R83, D298, H311
MARINEAU, Dena - Washington, P139, R84, D298, H311
MARINEAU, Carrie - Washington, P139, R85, D298, H311
MARINEAU, Henry F. - Washington, P139, R86, D298, H311
MARINEAU, Walter J. - Washington, P139, R87, D298, H311
MARINEAU, Otto H. - Washington, P139, R88, D298, H311
MARINEAU, Anna L. - Washington, P139, R89, D298, H311
MARIS, Arie - Holland, P91, R78, D123, H123
MARIS, Cornelus - Orange City, P103, R16, D174, H177
MARIS, Gertude - Orange City, P103, R17, D174, H177
MARIS, Gerrit - Orange City, P103, R18, D174, H177
MARIS, Hendrika - Orange City, P103, R19, D174, H177
MARIS, John - Orange City, P103, R20, D174, H177
MARIS, Willem - Orange City, P103, R21, D174, H177
MARIS, Esther - Orange City, P103, R22, D174, H177
MARK, Dark - Nassau, P145, R21, D20, H20
MARK, Minnie - Nassau, P145, R22, D20, H20
MARK, Jake - Nassau, P145, R23, D20, H20
MARK, Jennie - Nassau, P145, R25, D20, H20
MARKEY, John - Lynn, P21, R85, D150, H150
MARKS, Ben - Nassau, P152, R85, D170, H171
MARKUS, Jennie - Orange City, P96, R64, D31, H32
MARKUS, Alice - Orange City, P99, R41, D93, H95
MARQUARDSON, Detlep - East Orange, P50, R6, D139, H141
MARRA, Tunis - Holland, P92, R97, D143, H143
MARRA, Evert - Orange City, P99, R89, D104, H106
MARRA, Tryntje - Orange City, P99, R90, D104, H106
MARRA, Jan - Orange City, P99, R91, D104, H106
MARRA, Clara - Orange City, P99, R92, D104, H106
MARRA, Nick - Orange City, P99, R93, D104, H106
MARRA, Wietsche - Orange City, P107, R39, D265, H269
MARRA, Dora - Orange City, P107, R40, D265, H269
MARRA, Sarah - Orange City, P107, R41, D265, H269
MARRA, Jennie - Orange City, P107, R42, D265, H269
MARRA, Peter - Orange City, P107, R43, D265, H269
MARRA, Teunis - Nassau, P158, R24, D253, H256
MARRA, Benardus - Nassau, P161, R12, D304, H307
MARRIS, Hubert - Welcome, P228, R57, D80, H80
MARRON, Patrick H. - Reading, P170, R74, D158, H159
MARRON, John - Reading, P170, R75, D158, H159
MARRON, Patrick - Reading, P170, R76, D158, H159
MARTIN, Hannah C. - Buncombe, P4, R66, D93, H93
MARTIN, Clara C. - Buncombe, P4, R67, D93, H93
MARTIN, Nicholas C. - East Orange, P44, R31, D63, H65
MARTIN, Susan A. - East Orange, P44, R32, D63, H65
MARTIN, Hollis S. - Logan, P129, R9, D92, H103
MARTIN, William - Logan, P130, R22, D112, H125
MARTIN, Frances C. - Logan, P130, R23, D112, H125
MARTIN, Florence I. - Logan, P130, R24, D112, H125
MARTIN, Louis J. - Logan, P130, R25, D112, H125
MARTIN, Grace M. - Logan, P130, R26, D112, H125
MARTIN, John W. - Logan, P130, R27, D112, H125
MARTIN, Mabel M. - Logan, P130, R28, D112, H125
MARTIN, Wilber L. - Logan, P130, R29, D112, H125
MARTIN, George - Logan, P130, R30, D112, H125
MARTIN, Charles - Logan, P130, R40, D115, H128
MARTIN, Lorenzo H. - Logan, P131, R4, D131, H144
MARTIN, Anna - Logan, P131, R5, D131, H144
MARTIN, Cora V. - Logan, P131, R6, D131, H144
MARTIN, Charles A. - Logan, P131, R7, D131, H144
MARTIN, Bessie L. - Logan, P131, R8, D131, H144
MARTIN, Laura L. - Logan, P131, R9, D131, H144
MARTIN, John H. - Logan, P131, R10, D131, H144
MARTIN, Ida H. - Logan, P131, R11, D131, H144
MARTIN, Bert W. - Logan, P131, R12, D132, H145
MARTIN, Anna - Logan, P131, R13, D132, H145
MARTIN, Ella M. - Logan, P131, R14, D132, H145
MARTIN, James B. - Sioux, P197, R47, D74, H74
MARTIN, Clara A. - Sioux, P197, R48, D74, H74
MARTIN, William - Sioux, P197, R49, D74, H74
MARTIN, Nettie - Sioux, P197, R50, D74, H74
MARTIN, Frank - Sioux, P197, R51, D74, H74
MARWELL, Nellie M. - Logan, P125, R27, D7, H7
MARWELL, Bessie E. - Logan, P125, R28, D7, H7
MARX, John J. - East Orange, P42, R53, D32, H32
MARX, Micheal T. - East Orange, P42, R60, D34, H34
MARX, Mary E. - East Orange, P42, R61, D34, H34
MARX, Nick - East Orange, P42, R62, D34, H34
MARX, Josephine - East Orange, P42, R63, D34, H34
MARX, Henry - East Orange, P42, R64, D34, H34
MARX, Mike - East Orange, P42, R65, D34, H34
MARX, Theresa M. A. - East Orange, P43, R44, D49, H50
MARX, Christine - East Orange, P45, R14, D68, H70
MARX, Math - East Orange, P46, R30, D84, H86
MARX, Peter - Floyd, P54, R93, D66, H68
MASLING, Louis - Rock, P182, R23, D127, H134
MASLING, Dena - Rock, P182, R24, D127, H134
MASON, E?dis Y. - Buncombe, P9, R84, D211, H211
MASON, Myram - Nassau, P161, R43, D311, H314
MASON, Susan - Nassau, P161, R44, D311, H314
MASON, John - Nassau, P161, R45, D311, H314
MASSON, Joseph - Reading, P170, R85, D159, H160
MATERN, Nick - Lynn, P24, R79, D200, H200
MATERN, Jennie - Lynn, P24, R80, D200, H200
MATERN, Henry - Lynn, P24, R81, D200, H200
MATERN, Maggie - Lynn, P24, R82, D200, H200
MATERN, Arthur - Lynn, P24, R83, D200, H200
MATERN, ??? - Lynn, P24, R84, D200, H200
MATHEWS, Wm. - Rock, P179, R19, D67, H70
MATHEWS, Sarah - Rock, P179, R20, D67, H70
MATHEWS, Grace - Rock, P179, R21, D67, H70
MATHEWS, Maud - Rock, P179, R22, D67, H70
MATHEWS, - Settler, P202, R20, D139, H140
MATHISON, Ale - Settler, P201, R58, D129, H130
MATTHEION, Alexander - Logan, P134, R74, D195, H208
MATTHEION, Georgina G. - Logan, P134, R75, D195, H208
MATTHEION, Margaret M. - Logan, P134, R76, D195, H208
MATTHEION, Bessie C. - Logan, P134, R77, D195, H208
MAUCHER, Edward - Buncombe, P2, R48, D38, H38
MAUCHER, William - Logan, P134, R99, D199, H212
MAUS, John W. - Lynn, P23, R37, D178, H178
MAUS, ??inta - Lynn, P23, R38, D178, H178
MAUS, ??? - Lynn, P23, R39, D178, H178
MAUS, Nettie - Lynn, P23, R40, D178, H178
MAUS, WIlliam - Lynn, P23, R41, D178, H178
MAUS, Lillian - Lynn, P23, R42, D178, H178
MAUS, Fautina - Lynn, P23, R43, D178, H178
MAUS, Fred - Lynn, P23, R44, D178, H178
MAUS, Nicholas - Lynn, P23, R45, D178, H178
MAUS, Gilbert - Lynn, P23, R46, D178, H178
MAWS, August L. - East Orange, P50, R81, D149, H151
MAWS, Amelia A. - East Orange, P50, R82, D149, H151
MAWS, William - East Orange, P50, R83, D149, H151
MAWS, John C. - East Orange, P50, R84, D149, H151
MAWS, Anlis L. - East Orange, P50, R85, D149, H151
MAWS, Alma M. - East Orange, P50, R86, D149, H151
MAWS, William - East Orange, P50, R87, D149, H151
MAXON, Cris D. - Buncombe, P8, R99, D191, H191
MAXSON, Dora E. - Lincoln, P113, R4, D69, H71
MAY, Frank E. - Lincoln, P112, R2, D46, H48
MAY, Amelia - Lincoln, P112, R3, D46, H48
MAY, Hugh J. - Lincoln, P112, R4, D46, H48
MAY, Eva E. - Lincoln, P112, R5, D46, H48
MAY, Frank G. - Lincoln, P112, R6, D46, H48
MAYER, John B. - Lincoln, P114, R53, D102, H105
MAYER, Eva A. - Lincoln, P114, R54, D102, H105
MAYER, Reimann D. - Lincoln, P114, R55, D102, H105
MAYNARD, Proctor E. - Logan, P128, R88, D84, H95
MAYNARD, Mary T. - Logan, P128, R89, D84, H95
MAYNARD, Archibald B. - Logan, P128, R90, D84, H95
MAYNARD, Lee D. - Logan, P137, R41, D252, H265
MAYNARD, Nettie R. - Logan, P137, R42, D252, H265
MAYNARD, Birdie - Logan, P137, R43, D252, H265
MAYNE, Herman - Sheridan, P209, R46, D135, H135
MAYNE, Josie - Sheridan, P209, R47, D135, H135
MAYNE, Henry - Sheridan, P209, R48, D135, H135
MAYNE, Peter - Sheridan, P209, R79, D141, H141
MAYNE, Rebecka - Sheridan, P209, R80, D141, H141
MAYNE, John - Sheridan, P209, R81, D141, H141
MAYNE, John - Sheridan, P210, R17, D148, H148
MAYNE, Anna - Sheridan, P210, R18, D148, H148
MAYNE, Peter - Sheridan, P210, R19, D148, H148
MAYNE, Peter - Sheridan, P210, R32, D151, H151
MAYNE, Kate - Sheridan, P210, R33, D151, H151
MAYNE, Wm. - Sheridan, P210, R34, D151, H151
MC???, Alphons - Buncombe, P1, R47, D13, H13
MC???, ???? - Buncombe, P1, R48, D13, H13
MC???, ???? M. - Buncombe, P1, R49, D13, H13
MC???, ???? A. - Buncombe, P1, R50, D13, H13
MC???, Simon D. - Buncombe, P4, R20, D83, H83
MCANINCH, Peter - Eagle, P30, R71, D30, H30
MCANINCH, Rose - Eagle, P30, R72, D30, H30
MCANINCH, Henry - Eagle, P30, R73, D30, H30
MCANINCH, Harvey - Eagle, P30, R74, D31, H31
MCANINCH, Eleanor - Eagle, P30, R75, D31, H31
MCANINCH, Vernon - Eagle, P30, R76, D31, H31
MCANINCH, Thomas - Eagle, P33, R89, D88, H88
MCANINCH, May - Eagle, P33, R90, D88, H88
MCANINCH, (not named) - Eagle, P33, R91, D88, H88
MCANINCH, George - Eagle, P34, R27, D95, H95
MCANINCH, Mary - Eagle, P34, R28, D95, H95
MCANINCH, Frank - Eagle, P34, R29, D95, H95
MCANINCH, Melda - Eagle, P34, R30, D95, H95
MCANINCH, John - Eagle, P34, R31, D95, H95
MCANINCH, Floyd - Eagle, P34, R32, D95, H95
MCARHTUR, Alex - Rock, P190, R86, D284, H291
MCARHTUR, Ida - Rock, P190, R87, D284, H291
MCARHTUR, John - Rock, P190, R88, D284, H291
MCARHTUR, Robert - Rock, P190, R89, D284, H291
MCARHTUR, El??th - Rock, P190, R90, D284, H291
MCARHTUR, Mary - Rock, P190, R91, D284, H291
MCARTHY, Paul - Nassau, P161, R73, D315, H318
MCBRIDE, Chas M. - Rock, P176, R87, D16, H19
MCBRIDE, Anneta E. - Rock, P176, R88, D16, H19
MCBRIDE, Francis - Rock, P176, R89, D16, H19
MCC?S??, Emil - Rock, P186, R54, D223, H230
MCCABE, Matthis - Sheridan, P211, R94, D179, H179
MCCABE, Hanna - Sheridan, P211, R95, D179, H179
MCCABE, Ellen - Sheridan, P211, R96, D179, H179
MCCABE, Rose - Sheridan, P211, R97, D179, H179
MCCABE, Kate - Sheridan, P211, R98, D179, H179
MCCABE, Theresa - Sheridan, P211, R99, D179, H179
MCCABE, Ethel - Sheridan, P211, R100, D179, H179
MCCABE, Mannus - Sheridan, P212, R1, D179, H179
MCCARTHY, Charles J. - Garfield, P68, R46, D67, H67
MCCARTY, Chas S. - Logan, P128, R99, D88, H99
MCCARTY, May - Logan, P128, R100, D88, H99
MCCAUGHAN, Thomas Elzie - Reading, P165, R72, D41, H41
MCCAUGHAN, Edith Lucile - Reading, P165, R73, D41, H41
MCCAUGHAN, Cathryn Arbella - Reading, P165, R74, D41, H41
MCCAUGHAN, Janthe Elizabeth - Reading, P165, R75, D41, H41
MCCLAIN, Celia - Logan, P130, R37, D115, H128
MCCLAIN, Maggie - Logan, P130, R38, D115, H128
MCCLURE, Harry - Eagle, P30, R6, D19, H19
MCCOLLAM, Florence Mattie - Reading, P168, R61, D87, H88
MCCOOL, Robert - Plato, P70, R62, D9, H10
MCCOOL, Johanna - Plato, P70, R63, D9, H10
MCCOOL, Lizzie - Plato, P70, R64, D9, H10
MCCOOL, William James - Reading, P170, R48, D152, H153
MCCOOSKEY, Susie A. - Reading, P169, R1, D127, H128
MCCORMICK, Geo W. - Buncombe, P1, R11, D3, H3
MCCORMICK, Jennie - Buncombe, P1, R12, D3, H3
MCCORMICK, Ernest G. - Buncombe, P1, R13, D3, H3
MCCORMICK, Claude - Buncombe, P1, R14, D3, H3
MCCORMICK, Clarence A. - Buncombe, P1, R15, D3, H3
MCCORMICK, Alta E, - Buncombe, P1, R16, D3, H3
MCCORMICK, Harry - Sherman, P215, R40, D37, H37
MCCORMICK, Lena J. - Sherman, P215, R41, D37, H37
MCCORMICK, Ralph E. - Sherman, P215, R42, D37, H37
MCCORMICK, Ruth F. - Sherman, P215, R43, D37, H37
MCCORMICK, Hellen L. - Sherman, P215, R44, D37, H37
MCCORMICK, Irene - Sherman, P215, R45, D37, H37
MCCRORY, C. R. - Eagle, P30, R38, D25, H25
MCCRORY, R. A. - Eagle, P30, R39, D25, H25
MCCRORY, John S. - Eagle, P30, R40, D25, H25
MCCRORY, Carrie - Eagle, P30, R41, D25, H25
MCCRORY, C. R. - Eagle, P30, R42, D25, H25
MCCRORY, Ruth E. - Eagle, P30, R43, D25, H25
MCCULLOUGH, Newton D. - Logan, P132, R58, D160, H173
MCCULLOUGH, Z. Iona - Logan, P132, R59, D160, H173
MCCULLOUGH, Wesley H. - Logan, P132, R60, D160, H173
MCCULLOUGH, Donald W. - Logan, P132, R61, D160, H173
MCCULLOUGH, Leon R. - Logan, P132, R62, D160, H173
MCCULLOUGH, McLloyd - Logan, P132, R63, D160, H173
MCCULLOUGH, Helen - Logan, P132, R64, D160, H173
MCCULLOUGH, William L. - Logan, P132, R87, D164, H177
MCCULLOUGH, M. Ellen - Logan, P132, R88, D164, H177
MCCULLOUGH, John R. - Logan, P132, R89, D164, H177
MCCULLOUGH, Ray - Logan, P132, R91, D164, H177
MCCULLOUGH, K. - Rock, P178, R9, D42, H45
MCCULLOUGH, Emma J. - Rock, P178, R10, D42, H45
MCDANIEL, Amasa M. - Buncombe, P1, R84, D21, H21
MCDANIEL, Sarah J. - Buncombe, P1, R85, D21, H21
MCDANIEL, Nevada - Buncombe, P1, R86, D21, H21
MCDANIELS, Charles - Sioux, P194, R90, D33, H33
MCDANIELS, Mattie - Sioux, P194, R91, D33, H33
MCDANIELS, Frances L. - Sioux, P194, R92, D33, H33
MCDANIELS, Alice I. - Sioux, P194, R93, D33, H33
MCDANIELS, Freeland J. - Sioux, P194, R94, D33, H33
MCDERMOTT, John - Nassau, P154, R5, D192, H193
MCDERMOTT, ?ace - Nassau, P154, R6, D192, H193
MCDERMOTT, Maud - Nassau, P154, R7, D192, H193
MCDERMOTT, Evelyn - Nassau, P154, R8, D192, H193
MCDONALD, R. James - Washington, P141, R21, D321, H334
MCDONALD, Mary E. - Washington, P141, R22, D321, H334
MCDONALD, Mae A. - Washington, P141, R23, D321, H334
MCDONALD, Gertrude A. - Washington, P141, R24, D321, H334
MCDONALD, Roselle E. - Washington, P141, R25, D321, H334
MCDONALD, William R. - Washington, P141, R26, D321, H334
MCDONALD, Jennie B. - Washington, P141, R27, D321, H334
MCDONALD, Lottie M. - Washington, P141, R28, D321, H334
MCDONALD, Elmer J. - Washington, P141, R29, D321, H334
MCDONALD, Lillian N. - Washington, P141, R30, D321, H334
MCDONALD, Thomas - Reading, P169, R73, D143, H144
MCDONALD, Fannie L. - Reading, P169, R74, D143, H144
MCDONALD, Charles Newton - Reading, P169, R75, D143, H144
MCDONALD, Elsie Winford - Reading, P169, R76, D143, H144
MCDONALD, Lila Ann - Reading, P169, R77, D143, H144
MCDONALD, Mary Genieve - Reading, P170, R16, D148, H149
MCDONALD, Lynn - Rock, P179, R3, D64, H67
MCDONALD, Margaret - Rock, P179, R4, D64, H67
MCDONALD, Zella - Rock, P179, R5, D64, H67
MCDONALD, Guy - Rock, P179, R6, D64, H67
MCDONALD, Hapert - Rock, P179, R7, D64, H67
MCDONALD, Dallie - Rock, P179, R8, D64, H67
MCDONALD, Will. J. - Sherman, P214, R8, D4, H4
MCDONALD, Jennie - Sherman, P214, R9, D4, H4
MCDONALD, Charles R. - Sherman, P214, R10, D4, H4
MCDONALD, Catherine - Sherman, P214, R11, D4, H4
MCDONALD, Hugh - Sherman, P214, R12, D4, H4
MCDONALD, Hugh - Sherman, P222, R93, D170, H170
MCDONALD, Katie - Sherman, P222, R94, D170, H170
MCDONALD, Jacob - Sherman, P222, R95, D170, H170
MCDONALD, John B. - Sherman, P222, R96, D170, H170
MCDONALD, James D. - Sherman, P222, R97, D170, H170
MCDONALD, William - Sherman, P222, R98, D170, H170
MCDONALD, Frances - Sherman, P222, R99, D170, H170
MCDONALD, Maggie M. - Sherman, P222, R100, D170, H170
MCDOUGAL, Edward J. - Washington, P141, R87, D331, H344
MCELROY, John - Rock, P191, R60, D296, H303
MCELROY, Bridget - Rock, P191, R61, D296, H303
MCELROY, James - Rock, P191, R62, D296, H303
MCELROY, Joseph - Rock, P191, R63, D296, H303
MCELROY, Orey - Rock, P191, R64, D296, H303
MCGOFF, Manie - Rock, P182, R55, D137, H144
MCGRAW, John - Nassau, P144, R27, D2, H2
MCGREGOR, Malcolm - Grant, P78, R23, D23, H23
MCGREGOR, Mary B. - Grant, P78, R24, D23, H23
MCGREGOR, Donald - Grant, P78, R25, D23, H23
MCGREGOR, Douglas M. - Grant, P78, R26, D23, H23
MCGRIFF, Silas O. - Lincoln, P113, R8, D70, H72
MCGRIFF, Chas. V. - Lincoln, P113, R9, D70, H72
MCGRORY, John - Reading, P170, R77, D159, H160
MCGRORY, Catharine - Reading, P170, R78, D159, H160
MCGRORY, John P. - Reading, P170, R79, D159, H160
MCGRORY, James Francis - Reading, P170, R80, D159, H160
MCGRORY, Joseph Michael - Reading, P170, R81, D159, H160
MCGRORY, Estella M. E. - Reading, P170, R82, D159, H160
MCGRORY, Florence M. - Reading, P170, R83, D159, H160
MCGRORY, William Thomas - Reading, P170, R84, D159, H160
MCKEE, Wm. - Rock, P176, R72, D14, H16
MCKEE, Ina M. - Rock, P176, R73, D14, H16
MCKEE, Massie - Rock, P176, R74, D14, H16
MCKEE, Baby - Rock, P176, R75, D14, H16
MCKEE, Mercy J. - Rock, P176, R90, D17, H20
MCKEE, Chorty - Rock, P176, R91, D17, H20
MCKEE, Harry H. - Rock, P184, R42, D177, H184
MCKEE, Mary - Rock, P184, R43, D177, H184
MCKEE, Charles - Rock, P189, R66, D265, H272
MCKEE, Ella - Rock, P189, R67, D265, H272
MCKEEGAN, John W. - Garfield, P65, R20, D5, H5
MCKEEGAN, Ollvima L. - Garfield, P65, R21, D5, H5
MCKEEGAN, Cloy Fey - Garfield, P65, R22, D5, H5
MCKEEGAN, Stanley H. - Garfield, P65, R23, D5, H5
MCKEEGAN, Cornelius - Garfield, P65, R29, D7, H7
MCKEEGAN, Mary L. - Garfield, P65, R30, D7, H7
MCKEEGAN, Laura J. - Garfield, P65, R31, D7, H7
MCKEEGAN, Donald V. - Garfield, P65, R32, D7, H7
MCKEEGAN, Hildred M. - Garfield, P65, R33, D7, H7
MCKEEGAN, Cornelius J. - Garfield, P65, R34, D7, H7
MCKEEGAN, Jane - Garfield, P68, R74, D73, H74
MCKEEGAN, Obediah B. - Garfield, P68, R75, D73, H74
MCKEEVER, Hugh F. - Reading, P166, R9, D48, H48
MCKEEVER, Mary Ellen - Reading, P166, R10, D48, H48
MCKEEVER, Gertrude - Reading, P166, R11, D48, H48
MCKEEVER, Mary Ellen - Reading, P166, R12, D48, H48
MCKEEVER, Clara M. - Reading, P166, R13, D48, H48
MCKEEVER, Rose I - Reading, P166, R14, D48, H48
MCKEEVER, Robert E. - Reading, P166, R15, D48, H48
MCKEEVER, Francis H. - Reading, P169, R27, D48, H48
MCKEISSUK, Ernest - Sioux, P199, R20, D102, H102
MCKELLAR, John - Plato, P70, R96, D14, H15
MCKELLAR, Jenette - Plato, P70, R97, D14, H15
MCKELLAR, Fred A. - Lincoln, P111, R84, D42, H44
MCKELLAR, Mayne - Lincoln, P111, R85, D42, H44
MCKELVIE, Dugald C. - Reading, P165, R60, D38, H38
MCKELVIE, Jane - Reading, P165, R61, D38, H38
MCKELVIE, Anna L. - Reading, P165, R62, D38, H38
MCKELVIE, Nellie B. - Reading, P165, R63, D38, H38
MCKELVIE, Johanna - Reading, P165, R64, D38, H38
MCKEMIE, Maggie - Rock, P177, R91, D36, H39
MCKENNA, Michael P. - East Orange, P47, R52, D101, H103
MCKENNA, Katie A. - East Orange, P47, R53, D101, H103
MCKENNA, Aleysius J. - East Orange, P47, R54, D101, H103
MCKENNA, Mary A. - East Orange, P47, R55, D101, H103
MCKENNA, Laineta R. - East Orange, P47, R56, D101, H103
MCKENNA, Catherine E. M. - East Orange, P47, R57, D101, H103
MCKENNA, Clement L. - East Orange, P47, R58, D101, H103
MCKENNA, Evrides L. - East Orange, P47, R59, D101, H103
MCKENNA, Thomas J. - East Orange, P47, R60, D101, H103
MCKENNA, John L. - East Orange, P47, R61, D101, H103
MCKENNA, George - Rock, P190, R71, D282, H289
MCKENNA, Nellie - Rock, P190, R72, D282, H289
MCKENNA, Leo - Rock, P190, R73, D282, H289
MCKENNA, Susan - Rock, P190, R74, D282, H289
MCKENNA, Marie - Rock, P190, R75, D282, H289
MCKENNA, Sarah - Rock, P190, R76, D282, H289
MCKENNA, Clara - Rock, P190, R77, D282, H289
MCKENNA, Lena - Rock, P190, R78, D282, H289
MCKENNA, Edna - Rock, P190, R79, D282, H289
MCKENNA, Argilla - Rock, P190, R80, D282, H289
MCKINLEY, James M. - Washington, P141, R77, D330, H343
MCKINLEY, Hannah - Washington, P141, R78, D330, H343
MCKINLEY, Mary A. - Washington, P141, R79, D330, H343
MCKINLEY, Bessie S. - Washington, P141, R80, D330, H343
MCKINNEY, Nathaniel - Grant, P83, R42, D114, H117
MCKINNEY, Susan - Grant, P83, R43, D114, H117
MCKINNEY, Belva S. - Grant, P83, R44, D114, H117
MCKINNEY, R. Earl - Grant, P83, R45, D114, H117
MCKINNEY, Defta M. - Grant, P83, R46, D114, H117
MCKINNEY, William K. - Grant, P83, R47, D114, H117
MCKINNEY, Ralph T. - Grant, P83, R48, D114, H117
MCKINNEY, Mary H. - Grant, P83, R49, D114, H117
MCKISSIE, William - Rock, P189, R13, D257, H264
MCKISSIE, Julie - Rock, P189, R14, D257, H264
MCKISSIE, Eugene - Rock, P189, R15, D257, H264
MCKISSIE, Vera - Rock, P189, R16, D257, H264
MCKISSIE, John - Rock, P189, R17, D257, H264
MCKUINEY, Bert - Sioux, P198, R25, D87, H87
MCLEAN, Robert H. - Garfield, P69, R9, D77, H78
MCLEAN, Robt - Rock, P179, R40, D71, H74
MCLEAN, Mary - Rock, P179, R41, D71, H74
MCLEAN, Inez - Rock, P179, R42, D71, H74
MCLEON, William J. - Rock, P191, R21, D290, H297
MCLEON, Nellie - Rock, P191, R22, D290, H297
MCLEON, Neom - Rock, P192, R89, D318, H325
MCLEON, Edith - Rock, P192, R90, D318, H325
MCLEON, Kenneth - Rock, P192, R91, D318, H325
MCMANAMAN, Peter - Logan, P128, R9, D68, H78
MCMANAMAN, Mary - Logan, P128, R10, D68, H78
MCMANAMAN, Mary E. - Logan, P128, R11, D68, H78
MCMANAMAN, Margaret E. - Logan, P128, R12, D68, H78
MCMANAMAN, Peter, Jr. - Logan, P128, R13, D68, H78
MCMANAMAN, Agness - Logan, P128, R14, D68, H78
MCMANAMAN, Bernie P. - Logan, P128, R15, D68, H78
MCMANAMAN, Rosie A. - Logan, P128, R16, D68, H78
MCMANAMAN, Mamie - Logan, P128, R94, D85, H96
MCMANNS, Hiram J. - Buncombe, P1, R61, D17, H17
MCMANNS, Julia - Buncombe, P1, R62, D17, H17
MCMILLIAN, Alex M. - Rock, P185, R1, D190, H197
MCMILLIAN, Minnie - Rock, P185, R2, D190, H197
MCMILLIAN, Wayne - Rock, P185, R3, D190, H197
MCMULLEN, Thomas - Lincoln, P123, R4, D268, H273
MCNALLEY, Frank - Buncombe, P9, R86, D212, H212
MCNALLEY, Margret - Buncombe, P9, R87, D212, H212
MCNALLY, John - Washington, P141, R82, D331, H344
MCNALLY, Caroline - Washington, P141, R83, D331, H344
MCNALLY, John, Jr. - Washington, P141, R84, D331, H344
MCNALLY, Michael - Washington, P142, R41, D344, H357
MCNALLY, Margaret A. - Washington, P142, R42, D344, H357
MCNALLY, Mary A. - Washington, P142, R43, D344, H357
MCNALLY, John H. - Washington, P142, R44, D344, H357
MCNALLY, Frances E. - Washington, P142, R45, D344, H357
MCNALLY, Andrew M. - Washington, P142, R46, D344, H357
MCNEAL, Silius - Rock, P181, R86, D117, H123
MCNEAL, Lottie - Rock, P181, R87, D117, H123
MCNEAL, Lenora - Rock, P181, R88, D117, H123
MCNEAL, Cecil - Rock, P181, R89, D117, H123
MCNEAL, Eva - Rock, P181, R90, D117, H123
MCNEAL, Donell - Rock, P181, R91, D117, H123
MCNETT, Christian - Grant, P77, R59, D10, H10
MCPHERSON, William T. - Logan, P132, R9, D147, H160
MCPHERSON, Josepha - Logan, P132, R10, D147, H160
MCPHERSON, Susie M. - Logan, P132, R11, D147, H160
MCPHERSON, Jennie P. - Logan, P132, R12, D147, H160
MCPHERSON, William J. - Logan, P132, R13, D147, H160
MCPHERSON, Maggie M. - Logan, P132, R14, D147, H160
MCPHERSON, John E. - Sherman, P215, R77, D44, H44
MCPHERSON, Hattie - Sherman, P215, R78, D44, H44
MCUMBER, Simeon D. - Logan, P133, R50, D179, H192
MCUMBER, Susa A. - Logan, P133, R51, D179, H192
MECKLE??OSSY, Nick - Rock, P191, R65, D297, H304
MECKLE??OSSY, Maggie - Rock, P191, R66, D297, H304
MECKLE??OSSY, John - Rock, P191, R67, D297, H304
MECKLE??OSSY, Freda - Rock, P191, R68, D297, H304
MECKLE??OSSY, Emiel - Rock, P191, R69, D297, H304
MECKLE??OSSY, Louisa - Rock, P191, R70, D297, H304
MECKLE??OSSY, Herman - Rock, P191, R71, D297, H304
MECKLE??OSSY, Elsie - Rock, P191, R72, D297, H304
MECKLE??OSSY, August - Rock, P191, R73, D297, H304
MEEKER, Loren S. - Nassau, P159, R60, D280, H283
MEEKER, Augusta T. - Nassau, P159, R61, D280, H283
MEERDINK, Gerrit - Lincoln, P113, R69, D84, H86
MEERDINK, Jana - Lincoln, P113, R70, D84, H86
MEERDINK, Delia - Lincoln, P113, R71, D84, H86
MEERDINK, Wm. - Sheridan, P207, R61, D99, H99
MEERDINK, Lena - Sheridan, P207, R62, D99, H99
MEERDINK, George - Sheridan, P207, R63, D99, H99
MEERDINK, Henry - Sheridan, P207, R64, D99, H99
MEERDINK, Jennie - Sheridan, P207, R65, D99, H99
MEERDINK, Synthia - Sheridan, P207, R66, D99, H99
MEESTER, Harm H. - Grant, P78, R47, D30, H30
MEESTER, Mary - Grant, P78, R48, D30, H30
MEESTER, Gertie - Grant, P78, R49, D30, H30
MEESTER, George - Grant, P78, R50, D30, H30
MEESTER, Henry - Grant, P78, R51, D30, H30
MEESTER, Charlie - Grant, P78, R52, D30, H30
MEESTER, Dena - Grant, P78, R53, D30, H30
MEESTER, Jacob - Grant, P78, R54, D30, H30
MEESTER, Bernett - Welcome, P231, R41, D121, H121
MEESTER, Garretjie - Welcome, P231, R42, D121, H121
MEETER, Lewis M. - Logan, P131, R70, D141, H154
MEETER, Harriet J. - Logan, P131, R71, D141, H154
MEETER, Herbert C. - Logan, P131, R72, D141, H154
MEETER, Louis R. - Logan, P131, R73, D141, H154
MEETER, Florence O. - Logan, P131, R74, D141, H154
MEETER, Effie I. - Logan, P131, R75, D141, H154
MEETER, Aurilla - Logan, P131, R76, D141, H154
MEIVARD, Adelade - Plato, P72, R92, D123, H124
MELAND, Bertha - East Orange, P47, R68, D102, H104
MELLEMA, D??we - Lincoln, P123, R29, D274, H279
MELLEMA, Anna - Lincoln, P123, R30, D274, H279
MELLIES, Herman - Reading, P171, R93, D178, H180
MELLIES, Gertie - Reading, P171, R94, D178, H180
MELLIES, John?? H. - Reading, P171, R95, D178, H180
MELROSE, Harry - Orange City, P99, R1, D83, H85
MELROSE, Mary - Orange City, P99, R2, D83, H85
MELROSE, Helen - Orange City, P99, R3, D83, H85
MELROSE, Elizabeth - Orange City, P99, R4, D83, H85
MENGELKAMP, Mary - East Orange, P44, R34, D64, H66
MENNING, Roelf - Holland, P88, R3, D53, H53
MENNING, Annie - Holland, P88, R4, D53, H53
MENNING, Allie - Holland, P88, R5, D53, H53
MENNING, Gerrit - Holland, P88, R6, D53, H53
MENNING, Tillie - Holland, P88, R7, D53, H53
MENNING, Susan - Holland, P88, R8, D53, H53
MENNING, Simon - Holland, P88, R9, D53, H53
MENNING, Annie - Holland, P88, R10, D53, H53
MENNING, Roelf - Holland, P88, R11, D53, H53
MENNING, Sei?et - Holland, P88, R12, D54, H54
MENNING, Albertje - Holland, P88, R13, D54, H54
MENNING, Bert - Nassau, P145, R68, D30, H30
MENNING, Coba - Nassau, P145, R69, D30, H30
MENNING, Simon - Nassau, P145, R70, D30, H30
MENNING, Tilly - Nassau, P145, R71, D30, H30
MENNING, Abbie - Nassau, P145, R72, D30, H30
MENNING, John - Nassau, P145, R73, D30, H30
MENNING, Rolfs - Nassau, P145, R74, D30, H30
MENSINK, Henry N. - Sherman, P215, R54, D40, H40
MENSINK, Susan - Sherman, P215, R55, D40, H40
MENSINK, Maud - Sherman, P215, R56, D40, H40
MENSINK, Ella - Sherman, P215, R57, D40, H40
MENSINK, Eva - Sherman, P215, R58, D40, H40
MENSINK, Benian(Vernon) - Sherman, P215, R59, D40, H40
MENSKINS, Cornelius - Floyd, P58, R6, D113, H115
MENSKINS, Henrietta - Floyd, P58, R7, D113, H115
MENSKINS, Tilly - Floyd, P58, R8, D113, H115

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