1900 Iowa Census Index

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W?? to WHE - WHI to WYN


Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

WHIT, Gradus - Welcome, P228, R79, D73, H73
WHITAKER, Jacob - Buncombe, P5, R57, D113, H113
WHITAKER, Mary T. - Buncombe, P5, R58, D113, H113
WHITAKER, Ralph - Buncombe, P5, R59, D113, H113
WHITAKER, Stentz - Buncombe, P5, R60, D113, H113
WHITAKER, Mark - Buncombe, P5, R61, D113, H113
WHITE, Frank - Buncombe, P11, R57, D238, H238
WHITE, Elmer - Buncombe, P11, R58, D238, H238
WHITE, James - Eagle, P34, R11, D93, H93
WHITE, Alice E. - Eagle, P34, R12, D93, H93
WHITE, William E. - Eagle, P34, R13, D93, H93
WHITE, Lucy - Eagle, P34, R14, D93, H93
WHITE, Josie - Eagle, P34, R15, D93, H93
WHITE, Florence - Eagle, P34, R16, D93, H93
WHITE, Silvia - Eagle, P34, R17, D93, H93
WHITE, Robert - Eagle, P34, R18, D93, H93
WHITE, Ruth - Eagle, P34, R19, D93, H93
WHITE, Harry C. - Logan, P127, R24, D51, H56
WHITFIELD, Arthur - Buncombe, P4, R95, D100, H100
WHITFIELD, Mary A. - Buncombe, P4, R96, D100, H100
WHITFIELD, Edward F. - Buncombe, P4, R97, D100, H100
WHITNEY, Joshua - Washington, P142, R34, D342, H355
WHITNEY, Maude - Washington, P142, R35, D342, H355
WHITNEY, Cora M. - Washington, P142, R36, D342, H355
WHITNEY, Charles L. - Reading, P173, R76, D210, H212
WHITTMAN, Manus - Rock, P189, R52, D262, H269
WIAMER, Jennie - Holland, P87, R88, D49, H49
WIBBEN, Nettie - Orange City, P105, R29, D219, H222
WIBBEN, Clara - Orange City, P105, R30, D219, H222
WIBBEN, Tena - Orange City, P105, R31, D219, H222
WIBBEN, Ebenezer - Orange City, P105, R32, D219, H222
WIBBEN, mary - Orange City, P105, R33, D219, H222
WIBBEN, Clarence - Orange City, P105, R34, D219, H222
WICKHAM, B. D. - Buncombe, P6, R55, D131, H131
WICKHAM, Bella - Buncombe, P6, R56, D131, H131
WICKHAM, May B. - Buncombe, P6, R57, D131, H131
WICKHAM, Charly C. - Buncombe, P6, R58, D131, H131
WICKS, Grace - Sherman, P214, R45, D14, H14
WIECAMP, John M. - Floyd, P58, R86, D130, H132
WIECAMP, Geziena - Floyd, P58, R87, D130, H132
WIECAMP, Annie - Floyd, P58, R88, D130, H132
WIECAMP, Arie - Floyd, P58, R89, D130, H132
WIECAMP, Henry - Floyd, P58, R90, D130, H132
WIECAMP, Dena - Floyd, P58, R91, D130, H132
WIECAMP, Lizzie - Floyd, P58, R92, D130, H132
WIEDEMAN, George - Plato, P72, R28, D113, H114
WIEDEMAN, Ida - Plato, P72, R29, D113, H114
WIEDEMAN, Grace - Plato, P72, R30, D113, H114
WIEDEMAN, George - Plato, P72, R31, D113, H114
WIELENGA, Reindert - Holland, P94, R56, D180, H180
WIELENGA, Willempe - Holland, P94, R57, D180, H180
WIELENGA, Sara - Holland, P94, R58, D180, H180
WIELENGA, Susie - Holland, P94, R59, D180, H180
WIELENGA, Peter - Orange City, P104, R72, D206, H209
WIELENGA, Sarah - Orange City, P104, R73, D206, H209
WIELENGA, Aaltje - Orange City, P104, R74, D206, H209
WIEMER, William - Rock, P189, R10, D256, H263
WIENSTRA, Frank - West Branch, P244, R15, D231, H233
WIER, James - Sheridan, P210, R15, D147, H147
WIER, Ann - Sheridan, P210, R16, D147, H147
WIERDA, Peter - Floyd, P52, R9, D4, H4
WIERDA, Sitske - Floyd, P52, R10, D4, H4
WIERDA, Jacob P. - Floyd, P52, R11, D5, H5
WIERDA, Winnie - Floyd, P52, R12, D5, H5
WIERDA, Sadie - Floyd, P52, R13, D5, H5
WIERDA, Tilly - Floyd, P52, R14, D5, H5
WIERDA, Anna - Floyd, P54, R10, D47, H48
WIERDA, Trientje - Floyd, P54, R11, D47, H48
WIERDA, Bowke - Floyd, P57, R82, D108, H110
WIERDA, Tryntje - Floyd, P57, R83, D108, H110
WIERENGA, Klaas - Floyd, P59, R47, D142, H144
WIERENGA, Susana - Floyd, P59, R48, D142, H144
WIERENGA, Hattie - Floyd, P59, R49, D142, H144
WIERKS, Sebastian - Floyd, P53, R52, D34, H35
WIERKS, Bertha - Floyd, P53, R53, D34, H35
WIERKS, Clarence - Floyd, P53, R54, D34, H35
WIERKS, Sebastian - Floyd, P53, R56, D35, H36
WIERSEMA, Aarout - Lincoln, P120, R60, D222, H226
WIERSEMA, Lizzie - Lincoln, P120, R61, D222, H226
WIERSMA, Jan - Holland, P91, R31, D117, H117
WIERSMA, ??edje - Holland, P91, R32, D117, H117
WIERSMA, Jacob - Holland, P91, R33, D117, H117
WIERSMA, Jan - Holland, P91, R34, D117, H117
WIERSMA, Fredrika - Holland, P91, R35, D117, H117
WIERSMA, peter - Holland, P91, R36, D117, H117
WIERSMA, Sjoerd - Holland, P91, R37, D117, H117
WIERSMA, Annie - Holland, P91, R38, D117, H117
WIERSMA, Johannes - Holland, P91, R39, D117, H117
WIERSMA, Gerrit - Holland, P91, R40, D117, H117
WIERSMA, Douwe - Holland, P91, R41, D117, H117
WIERSMA, Samuel - Holland, P91, R42, D117, H117
WIERSMA, Pier - Holland, P91, R43, D117, H117
WIERSMA, Aaltje - Holland, P91, R44, D117, H117
WIERSMA, Jetske - Orange City, P101, R99, D149, H152
WIERSMA, Forman - Orange City, P104, R23, D196, H199
WIERSMA, Cornelia A. J. - Orange City, P104, R24, D196, H199
WIERSMA, Wm. - Sheridan, P210, R6, D146, H146
WIERSMA, Fannie - Sheridan, P210, R7, D146, H146
WIERSMA, Reka - Sheridan, P210, R8, D146, H146
WIERSMA, Anna - Sheridan, P210, R9, D146, H146
WIERSMA, Vena - Sheridan, P210, R10, D146, H146
WIERSMA, John - Sheridan, P210, R11, D146, H146
WIERSMA, Fannie - Welcome, P228, R18, D73, H73
WIERSMA, John - Welcome, P229, R83, D97, H97
WIERSMA, Tryntjie - Welcome, P229, R84, D97, H97
WIERSMA, Ijse - Welcome, P229, R85, D97, H97
WIERSMA, Minnie - Welcome, P229, R86, D97, H97
WIERSMA, Ben - Welcome, P229, R87, D97, H97
WIERSMA, Jennie - Welcome, P229, R88, D97, H97
WIESE, Herman - Lincoln, P121, R5, D231, H235
WIESE, Hans - Lincoln, P121, R6, D231, H235
WIESE, Lena - Lincoln, P121, R7, D231, H235
WIESE, Fred - Lincoln, P123, R58, D281, H286
WIESE, Mary - Lincoln, P123, R59, D281, H286
WIESE, Elizabeth - Lincoln, P123, R60, D281, H286
WIESE, Annie - Lincoln, P123, R61, D281, H286
WIESE, Mary - Lincoln, P123, R62, D281, H286
WIESE, Frederick - Lincoln, P123, R63, D281, H286
WIESE, Emma - Lincoln, P123, R64, D281, H286
WIESENGA, E??? - Lynn, P27, R70, D239, H239
WIGGMAN, Joe - Rock, P179, R34, D70, H73
WIGGMAN, Harriett A. - Rock, P179, R35, D70, H73
WIGGMAN, Euda - Rock, P179, R36, D70, H73
WIGGMAN, Ester - Rock, P179, R37, D70, H73
WIGGMAN, Frank - Rock, P179, R38, D70, H73
WIGGMAN, Harriett - Rock, P179, R39, D70, H73
WIGHT, Ida E. - Buncombe, P7, R4, D144, H144
WIGHT, Edgar E. - Buncombe, P7, R5, D144, H144
WIGHTMAN, James D. - Logan, P129, R23, D96, H107
WIGHTMAN, Lydia A. - Logan, P129, R24, D96, H107
WIGHTMAN, M. Essa - Logan, P129, R25, D96, H107
WIGHTMAN, Lela E. - Logan, P129, R26, D96, H107
WILCOX, Clarence L. - Orange City, P95, R94, D17, H17
WILCOX, Estella M. - Orange City, P95, R95, D17, H17
WILCOX, Leter Ree - Orange City, P95, R96, D17, H17
WILCOX, Fay - Orange City, P95, R97, D17, H17
WILCOX, Marguirete M. - Orange City, P95, R98, D17, H17
WILDER, Fred A. - Nassau, P152, R11, D157, H158
WILDER, Hattie E. - Nassau, P152, R12, D157, H158
WILDER, Syl??? - Nassau, P152, R13, D157, H158
WILDER, Raymond W. - Nassau, P152, R14, D157, H158
WILDER, Ella J. - Nassau, P152, R15, D157, H158
WILDSCHUTZ, Peter - East Orange, P41, R29, D7, H7
WILDSCHUTZ, L?a?? - East Orange, P41, R30, D7, H7
WILDSCHUTZ, Mary - East Orange, P41, R31, D7, H7
WILDSCHUTZ, Mathew - East Orange, P41, R32, D7, H7
WILDSCHUTZ, Lizzie - East Orange, P41, R33, D7, H7
WILESBIS, Harry - Sheridan, P209, R78, D140, H140
WILKINSON, Wm. - Lincoln, P114, R75, D108, H111
WILKINSON, Allie - Lincoln, P114, R76, D108, H111
WILKINSON, Zeno C. - Lincoln, P114, R77, D108, H111
WILL, Robert C. - Logan, P130, R73, D122, H135
WILL, Jennie L. - Logan, P130, R74, D122, H135
WILL, Roy O. - Logan, P130, R75, D122, H135
WILLEMSEN, William - Capel, P14, R46, D30, H30
WILLEMSEN, Mary - Capel, P14, R47, D30, H30
WILLEMSEN, Te??it - Capel, P14, R48, D30, H30
WILLEMSEN, Henry - Capel, P14, R49, D30, H30
WILLEMSEN, Jennie - Capel, P14, R50, D30, H30
WILLEOER, G. E. - Sheridan, P213, R12, D199, H199
WILLEY, Josehine S. - Logan, P130, R80, D127, H140
WILLHOUSE, Garret - Welcome, P231, R40, D120, H120
WILLIAMS, H. D. - Eagle, P30, R32, D24, H24
WILLIAMS, Irene - Eagle, P30, R33, D24, H24
WILLIAMS, Lana - Eagle, P30, R34, D24, H24
WILLIAMS, Walter - Eagle, P30, R35, D24, H24
WILLIAMS, Virgil - Eagle, P30, R36, D24, H24
WILLIAMS, N. Edwin - Grant, P78, R88, D40, H41
WILLIAMS, Edith - Grant, P78, R89, D40, H41
WILLIAMS, Lena - Grant, P78, R90, D40, H41
WILLIAMS, Gladys - Grant, P78, R91, D40, H41
WILLIAMS, Roxana - Grant, P78, R92, D40, H41
WILLIAMS, Ann - Logan, P127, R42, D55, H62
WILLIAMSON, William - Capel, P14, R33, D28, H28
WILLIAMSON, ??? - Capel, P14, R34, D28, H28
WILLIAMSON, Mary - Capel, P14, R35, D28, H28
WILLIAMSON, ??? - Capel, P14, R36, D28, H28
WILLIAMSON, Johnny - Capel, P14, R37, D28, H28
WILLIAMSON, ??? - Capel, P14, R38, D28, H28
WILLIMSEN, William - Holland, P85, R65, D11, H11
WILLINGA, Lewis - West Branch, P242, R29, D204, H206
WILLINGA, Mary - West Branch, P242, R30, D204, H206
WILLINGA, Sarah - West Branch, P242, R31, D204, H206
WILLINGA, Herbert - West Branch, P242, R32, D204, H206
WILLINGA, Peter - West Branch, P242, R33, D204, H206
WILLINGA, Mary - West Branch, P242, R34, D204, H206
WILLINGA, Jacob - West Branch, P242, R35, D204, H206
WILLINGA, Elizabeth - West Branch, P242, R36, D204, H206
WILLINGA, Reinder - West Branch, P242, R37, D204, H206
WILLINGA, Andrew - West Branch, P242, R38, D204, H206
WILLIS, Ira - Logan, P130, R63, D119, H132
WILLIS, Susan - Logan, P130, R64, D119, H132
WILLIS, Minnie E. - Logan, P130, R65, D119, H132
WILLIS, Alberta M. - Logan, P130, R66, D119, H132
WILLIS, Iva - Logan, P130, R67, D119, H132
WILLS, S. R. - Eagle, P29, R80, D14, H14
WILLS, Emma R. - Eagle, P29, R81, D14, H14
WILLS, Thomas E. - Eagle, P29, R82, D14, H14
WILLS, Clyde - Eagle, P29, R83, D14, H14
WILLS, Irene - Eagle, P29, R84, D14, H14
WILLS, Earnest - Eagle, P29, R85, D14, H14
WILLS, Vern - Eagle, P29, R86, D14, H14
WILPER, Henry - Floyd, P64, R24, D231, H233
WILPER, Christena - Floyd, P64, R25, D231, H233
WILPER, Frank - Floyd, P64, R26, D231, H233
WILPER, Mary - Floyd, P64, R27, D231, H233
WILSON, John - Buncombe, P6, R17, D123, H123
WILSON, D. W. - Eagle, P30, R99, D35, H35
WILSON, ??? - East Orange, P42, R59, D33, H33
WILSON, Mary A. - Holland, P85, R61, D10, H10
WILSON, James - Lincoln, P111, R12, D23, H24
WILSON, Gertrude - Lincoln, P111, R13, D23, H24
WILSON, Carl - Lincoln, P111, R14, D23, H24
WILSON, Madge - Lincoln, P111, R15, D23, H24
WILSON, Robert - Lincoln, P111, R16, D23, H24
WILSON, Kenneth - Lincoln, P111, R17, D23, H24
WILSON, Tom - Nassau, P144, R16, D2, H2
WILSON, Benjamin Charles - Reading, P164, R48, D12, H12
WILSON, Grace - Reading, P164, R49, D12, H12
WILSON, Effa Luverne - Reading, P164, R51, D12, H12
WILSON, Carl Shrus - Reading, P164, R52, D12, H12
WILSON, Lelia Glove - Reading, P164, R53, D12, H12
WILSON, Oscar Dewitt - Reading, P165, R40, D34, H34
WILSON, Elsie Martha Winnifred - Reading, P165, R41, D34, H34
WILSON, Oscar - Reading, P165, R42, D34, H34
WILSON, Gene - Rock, P181, R1, D102, H106
WILSON, Theresa - Rock, P181, R2, D102, H106
WILSON, Milanda - Rock, P181, R3, D102, H106
WILSON, Florence - Rock, P181, R4, D102, H106
WILSON, Harry - Rock, P181, R5, D102, H106
WILSON, Elsie - Rock, P181, R6, D102, H106
WILSON, Bertha - Rock, P181, R7, D102, H106
WILSON, Walter - Rock, P181, R8, D102, H106
WILSON, Zina - Rock, P181, R9, D102, H106
WILSON, Harvey D. - Rock, P181, R10, D102, H106
WILSON, William - Rock, P182, R25, D128, H135
WILSON, Nancy - Rock, P182, R26, D128, H135
WILSON, Ira - Rock, P185, R49, D200, H207
WILSON, Margaret - Rock, P185, R50, D200, H207
WILSON, Leota - Rock, P185, R51, D200, H207
WILSON, Leon - Rock, P185, R52, D200, H207
WILTGEN, Theodore - East Orange, P44, R35, D65, H67
WILTGEN, Christine M. A. - East Orange, P44, R36, D65, H67
WILTGEN, Josepha M. - East Orange, P44, R37, D65, H67
WILTGEN, Al?nsia A. - East Orange, P44, R38, D65, H67
WILTGEN, Philonena M. - East Orange, P44, R39, D65, H67
WILTGEN, Antonia M. - East Orange, P44, R40, D65, H67
WILTGEN, Mary C. - East Orange, P44, R41, D65, H67
WILTGEN, Peter - Nassau, P149, R16, D99, H100
WILTGEN, Cathrine - Nassau, P149, R17, D99, H100
WILTGEN, Mary - Nassau, P149, R18, D99, H100
WILTGEN, Peter - Nassau, P149, R19, D99, H100
WILTGEN, ?ick - Nassau, P149, R20, D99, H100
WILTGEN, Maggie - Nassau, P149, R21, D99, H100
WILTGEN, Tracy - Nassau, P149, R22, D99, H100
WILTGEN, Torey - Nassau, P149, R23, D99, H100
WILTS, Herman - Plato, P72, R60, D119, H120
WILTS, Mary - Plato, P72, R61, D119, H120
WILTS, Tina - Plato, P72, R62, D119, H120
WILTS, Katie - Plato, P72, R63, D119, H120
WILTS, Minnie - Plato, P72, R64, D119, H120
WILVERT, Philip - Floyd, P57, R19, D97, H99
WILVERT, Sena - Floyd, P57, R20, D97, H99
WILVERT, Peter - Floyd, P57, R21, D97, H99
WILVERT, Mary - Floyd, P57, R22, D97, H99
WILVERT, Lizzie - Floyd, P57, R23, D97, H99
WILVERT, Annie - Floyd, P57, R24, D97, H99
WILVERT, Laurette - Floyd, P57, R25, D97, H99
WILVERT, Nick - Floyd, P57, R26, D97, H99
WILVERT, Lena - Floyd, P57, R27, D97, H99
WING, David Eugene - Reading, P169, R21, D129, H130
WING, Frances R. - Reading, P169, R22, D129, H130
WING, Hattie L. - Reading, P169, R38, D129, H130
WING, Fred S. - Reading, P174, R39, D220, H222
WING, Clara E. - Reading, P174, R40, D220, H222
WING, Herbert E. - Reading, P175, R5, D234, H236
WING, Laura M. - Reading, P175, R6, D234, H236
WING, Iona - Reading, P175, R7, D234, H236
WINGAR, Jake - West Branch, P239, R31, D153, H155
WINGAR, Jennie - West Branch, P239, R32, D153, H155
WINKEL, Michael A. - Orange City, P109, R14, D303, H308
WINKEL, Ella - Orange City, P109, R15, D303, H308
WINKEL, Harold - Orange City, P109, R16, D303, H308
WINKEL, Albert - Nassau, P151, R14, D137, H138
WINKEL, Maggie - Nassau, P151, R15, D137, H138
WINKEL, Katie - Nassau, P151, R16, D137, H138
WINKEL, Joseph - Nassau, P151, R17, D137, H138
WINKLE, Peter - Center, P36, R47, D133, H133
WINTER, Mitchel - Capel, P20, R19, D121, H121
WINTER, Peter - Lynn, P21, R12, D137, H137
WINTER, Bert - Holland, P92, R47, D135, H135
WINTER, Jerry P. - Orange City, P98, R62, D74, H75
WINTER, Sebia - Orange City, P98, R63, D74, H75
WINTER, Sarah A. - Orange City, P98, R64, D74, H75
WINTER, Anna R. - Orange City, P98, R65, D74, H75
WINTER, Geraldine S. - Orange City, P98, R66, D74, H75
WINTER, Alice E. - Orange City, P98, R67, D74, H75
WINTER, Martin - Orange City, P104, R60, D204, H207
WINTER, Johanna H. - Nassau, P157, R37, D240, H243
WINTER, John - Nassau, P163, R49, D343, H346
WINTER, Anna - Sheridan, P203, R58, D13, H13
WINTER, Jerry G. - West Branch, P232, R44, D9, H9
WINTER, Jennie - West Branch, P232, R45, D9, H9
WINTER, John W. - West Branch, P232, R46, D9, H9
WINTER, George H. - West Branch, P232, R47, D9, H9
WINTERCLEAR, Wm. H. - Buncombe, P2, R99, D55, H55
WINTERCLEAR, Sarah M. - Buncombe, P2, R100, D55, H55
WINTERCLEAR, Tamice L. - Buncombe, P3, R1, D55, H55
WINTERCLEAR, Edmond J. - Buncombe, P3, R2, D55, H55
WINTERCLEAR, Alice L. - Buncombe, P3, R3, D55, H55
WINTERFELD, Henry - Plato, P75, R79, D168, H169
WINTERFELD, Amelia - Plato, P75, R80, D168, H169
WINTERFELD, Matilda C. - Plato, P75, R81, D168, H169
WINTERFELD, Linda M. - Plato, P75, R82, D168, H169
WINTERFELD, Louis H. - Plato, P75, R83, D168, H169
WINTERFELD, Clara E. - Plato, P75, R84, D168, H169
WINTERFELD, August H. - Plato, P76, R26, D175, H176
WINTERFELD, Caroline F. - Plato, P76, R27, D175, H176
WINTERFELD, Arnold - Plato, P76, R28, D175, H176
WINTERFELD, Herman H. A. - Plato, P76, R29, D175, H176
WINTERFELD, Theodore L. D. - Plato, P76, R30, D175, H176
WINTERFELD, John J. - Plato, P76, R32, D176, H177
WINTERFELD, Emma M. M. - Plato, P76, R33, D176, H177
WINTERFELD, Amelia E. A. - Plato, P76, R34, D176, H177
WINTERFELD, Albert J. L. - Plato, P76, R35, D176, H177
WINTERFELD, George F. H. - Plato, P76, R36, D176, H177
WINTERFELD, Charley G. A. - Plato, P76, R37, D176, H177
WINTERFELD, Lizzie M. C. - Plato, P76, R38, D176, H177
WINTERFELD, Eda C. - Plato, P76, R39, D176, H177
WINTERFELD, Amil H. - Plato, P76, R40, D176, H177
WINTERFELD, Emma M. A. - Plato, P76, R41, D176, H177
WINTERFELD, John F. - Plato, P76, R42, D176, H177
WINTERMANTLE, Jacob - Lincoln, P112, R67, D61, H63
WINTERMANTLE, Amelia - Lincoln, P112, R68, D61, H63
WINTERMANTLE, Emmet A. - Lincoln, P112, R69, D61, H63
WINTERS, Dove B. - Rock, P178, R42, D50, H53
WINTERS, Maggie M. - Rock, P178, R43, D50, H53
WINTERS, Chester D. - Rock, P178, R44, D50, H53
WINTERS, Henry - Sheridan, P210, R88, D161, H161
WINTERS, Mattie - Sheridan, P210, R89, D161, H161
WINTERS, Lizzie - Sheridan, P210, R90, D161, H161
WINTERS, Fred - Sheridan, P210, R91, D161, H161
WINTERS, Mary - Sheridan, P210, R92, D161, H161
WINTERS, Henry - Sheridan, P210, R93, D161, H161
WINTERS, amelia - Sheridan, P210, R94, D161, H161
WINTERS, William - Sheridan, P210, R95, D161, H161
WINTERS, Wilhimena - Sheridan, P210, R96, D161, H161
WINTERS, Edith - Sheridan, P210, R97, D161, H161
WINTERS, Matilda - Sheridan, P210, R98, D161, H161
WINTERS, August - Sheridan, P211, R8, D163, H163
WINTERS, Anna - Sheridan, P211, R9, D163, H163
WINTERS, Dora - Sheridan, P211, R10, D163, H163
WINTERS, Alvine - Sheridan, P211, R11, D163, H163
WINTERS, Herman - Sheridan, P211, R12, D163, H163
WINTERS, Wm. - Sheridan, P211, R13, D163, H163
WINTERS, Henry - Sheridan, P211, R14, D163, H163
WINTERS, Emma - Sheridan, P211, R15, D163, H163
WINTERS, John - Sheridan, P211, R16, D163, H163
WINTERS, Adolph - Sheridan, P211, R17, D163, H163
WISEMAN, James A. - Washington, P143, R24, D356, H369
WISEMAN, Bertha F. - Washington, P143, R25, D356, H369
WISEMAN, James D. - Washington, P143, R26, D356, H369
WISEMAN, Oscar H. - Washington, P143, R27, D356, H369
WISMER, Gardie - Holland, P89, R81, D90, H90
WISSE, Peter - Nassau, P145, R66, D29, H29
WISSE, ??? - Nassau, P145, R67, D29, H29
WISSINK, Martin - Plato, P70, R29, D5, H6
WISSINK, Delia - Plato, P70, R30, D5, H6
WISSINK, Herman - Plato, P70, R31, D5, H6
WISSINK, Minnie - Plato, P70, R32, D5, H6
WISSINK, Johanna - Plato, P70, R33, D5, H6
WISSINK, Gerrit H. - Plato, P70, R34, D5, H6
WISSINK, Karl - Nassau, P157, R63, D245, H248
WISSINK, Minnie - Nassau, P157, R64, D245, H248
WISSINK, Benjamin - Nassau, P157, R65, D245, H248
WISSINK, Hattie - Nassau, P157, R66, D245, H248
WISSINK, Annie - Nassau, P157, R67, D245, H248
WISSINK, Hermanus - West Branch, P247, R86, D290, H293
WISSINK, ?riertje - West Branch, P247, R87, D290, H293
WISSINK, Harmen J. - West Branch, P247, R88, D290, H293
WISSINK, Rientje - West Branch, P247, R89, D290, H293
WISSINK, Henry J. - West Branch, P247, R90, D290, H293
WITT, Charles - Buncombe, P3, R57, D68, H68
WITT, Phebe - Buncombe, P3, R58, D68, H68
WITT, May - Buncombe, P3, R59, D68, H68
WITT, Herman - Eagle, P29, R16, D4, H4
WITT, Minnie - Eagle, P29, R17, D4, H4
WITT, Etta - Eagle, P29, R18, D4, H4
WITT, Mabel - Eagle, P29, R19, D4, H4
WITT, Adolph - Eagle, P30, R7, D20, H20
WITT, Mary - Eagle, P30, R8, D20, H20
WITT, Edith - Eagle, P30, R9, D20, H20
WITT, Eva - Eagle, P30, R10, D20, H20
WITT, Fritz - Eagle, P30, R11, D20, H20
WITT, Arthur - Eagle, P30, R12, D20, H20
WITT, Martha - Eagle, P30, R13, D20, H20
WITT, Robert - Eagle, P30, R14, D20, H20
WITT, Charles - Logan, P131, R1, D130, H143
WITT, Herman - Washington, P138, R67, D275, H288
WITT, Fred - Washington, P138, R68, D275, H288
WITT, Edith - Washington, P138, R69, D275, H288
WITT, Henry - Washington, P138, R70, D275, H288
WITTI, J. Herman - Logan, P137, R26, D248, H261
WITTI, Minnie - Logan, P137, R27, D248, H261
WIXSON, William M. - Logan, P131, R92, D145, H158
WIXSON, Minnie L. - Logan, P131, R93, D145, H158
WIXSON, Ruth M. - Logan, P131, R94, D145, H158
WIXSON, Harold W. - Logan, P131, R95, D145, H158
WOERTINK, Henry - Floyd, P53, R67, D39, H40
WOERTINK, Jantje - Floyd, P53, R68, D39, H40
WOERTINK, Herman - Floyd, P53, R69, D39, H40
WOERTINK, Lizzie - Floyd, P53, R70, D39, H40
WOERTINK, Johnnie - Floyd, P53, R71, D39, H40
WOERTINK, Henry H. - Floyd, P53, R92, D44, H45
WOERTINK, Ellen - Floyd, P53, R93, D44, H45
WOLF, Nicholas - Lynn, P24, R50, D196, H196
WOLF, Louisa - Lynn, P24, R51, D196, H196
WOLF, John H. - Lynn, P24, R52, D196, H196
WOLF, George - Lynn, P24, R53, D196, H196
WOLF, Ma?? - Lynn, P24, R54, D196, H196
WOLF, Frank - Center, P40, R6, D195, H195
WOLF, Sophia - East Orange, P41, R27, D6, H6
WOLF, Frederick A. - Grant, P81, R51, D82, H83
WOLF, Margaret A. - Grant, P81, R52, D82, H83
WOLF, Christian S. - Grant, P83, R77, D121, H124
WOLF, Elizabeth S. - Grant, P83, R78, D121, H124
WOLF, Joseph - Grant, P83, R79, D121, H124
WOLF, Charles B. - Nassau, P149, R43, D103, H104
WOLF, Maggie - Nassau, P159, R20, D274, H277
WOLF, William - Nassau, P159, R21, D274, H277
WOLF, Christina - Nassau, P159, R22, D274, H277
WOLF, Peter - Nassau, P159, R23, D274, H277
WOLFSWINKEL, John - Capel, P13, R84, D18, H18
WOLFSWINKEL, Jennie - Capel, P13, R85, D18, H18
WOLFSWINKEL, Albert - Plato, P71, R37, D100, H101
WOLFSWINKEL, Jennie B. - Plato, P71, R38, D100, H101
WOLFSWINKEL, Jennie - Plato, P71, R39, D100, H101
WOLFSWINKEL, Grace - Plato, P71, R40, D100, H101
WOLFSWINKEL, Brennes - Plato, P71, R42, D101, H102
WOLFSWINKEL, Jennie - Plato, P71, R43, D101, H102
WOLFSWINKEL, Henry - Plato, P71, R44, D101, H102
WOLFSWINKEL, Cornelius - Plato, P71, R45, D101, H102
WOLKE, Henry C. - East Orange, P42, R36, D29, H29
WOLTER, Henry - Lincoln, P117, R95, D171, H175
WOLTER, Annie - Lincoln, P117, R96, D171, H175
WOLTER, Mary - Lincoln, P117, R97, D171, H175
WOLTER, August - Lincoln, P117, R98, D171, H175
WOLTER, Jurgen - Lincoln, P117, R99, D171, H175
WOLTER, Mary - Lincoln, P117, R100, D171, H175
WOLVINS, Wm. - Sheridan, P203, R40, D9, H9
WOLVINS, Batsain - Sheridan, P203, R41, D9, H9
WOOD, Gus H. - Buncombe, P1, R87, D22, H22
WOOD, Gortis H. - Buncombe, P1, R88, D22, H22
WOOD, Coy H. - Buncombe, P1, R89, D22, H22
WOOD, Delbert A. - Buncombe, P5, R80, D117, H117
WOOD, Emma J. - Buncombe, P5, R81, D117, H117
WOOD, Hardy L. - Buncombe, P10, R15, D218, H218
WOOD, Carrie E. - Buncombe, P10, R16, D218, H218
WOOD, Florence C. - Buncombe, P10, R17, D218, H218
WOOD, Gracie M. - Buncombe, P10, R18, D218, H218
WOOD, Hobart L. - Buncombe, P10, R19, D218, H218
WOOD, Keng??? O. - Buncombe, P11, R77, D243, H243
WOOD, Mary M. - Buncombe, P11, R78, D243, H243
WOOD, I. L. - Eagle, P31, R45, D43, H43
WOOD, M. H. - Eagle, P31, R46, D43, H43
WOOD, Hirm - Garfield, P68, R28, D65, H65
WOOD, Harriet E. - Garfield, P68, R29, D65, H65
WOOD, Nellie A. - Garfield, P68, R30, D65, H65
WOOD, Herbert L. - Garfield, P68, R31, D65, H65
WOOD, Hazel M. - Garfield, P68, R32, D65, H65
WOOD, Myrtle B. - Garfield, P68, R33, D65, H65
WOOD, Hiram J. - Garfield, P68, R34, D65, H65
WOOD, Mary - Lincoln, P112, R75, D63, H65
WOOD, John C. - Lincoln, P112, R76, D63, H65
WOOD, Fred W. - Logan, P128, R79, D81, H92
WOOD, John W. - Logan, P130, R8, D110, H123
WOOD, Mary B. - Logan, P130, R9, D110, H123
WOOD, Guy C. - Logan, P130, R10, D110, H123
WOOD, Mabel A. - Logan, P130, R11, D110, H123
WOOD, Walter A. - Logan, P130, R12, D110, H123
WOOD, Ruth F. - Logan, P130, R13, D110, H123
WOOD, Marion L. - Logan, P130, R14, D110, H123
WOOD, Lawrence T. - Logan, P130, R15, D110, H123
WOOD, Fred W. - Logan, P132, R50, D156, H169
WOOD, Benjamin G. - Logan, P133, R26, D171, H184
WOOD, Cora M. - Logan, P133, R27, D171, H184
WOOD, Elliot M. - Logan, P133, R28, D171, H184
WOOD, Ellis A. - Logan, P133, R29, D171, H184
WOOD, Mildred E. - Logan, P133, R30, D171, H184
WOOD, Frank E. - Logan, P133, R39, D174, H187
WOOD, Maggie C. - Logan, P133, R40, D174, H187
WOOD, Walter V - Logan, P133, R49, D178, H191
WOOD, Norman - Rock, P179, R93, D80, H83
WOOD, Anna - Rock, P179, R94, D80, H83
WOOD, Ida - Rock, P179, R95, D80, H83
WOOD, Dawa - Rock, P179, R96, D80, H83
WOOD, Emmet - Rock, P179, R97, D80, H83
WOOD, Fern - Rock, P179, R98, D80, H83
WOOD, May - Sheridan, P203, R10, D2, H2
WOODALL, Thomas - Reading, P172, R67, D192, H194
WOODALL, Mary H. - Reading, P172, R68, D192, H194
WOODALL, Adron - Reading, P172, R69, D192, H194
WOODALL, Eddie - Reading, P172, R70, D192, H194
WOODALL, William - Sherman, P214, R15, D6, H6
WOODALL, Mary - Sherman, P214, R16, D6, H6
WOODS, Frank - Buncombe, P7, R79, D161, H161
WOODS, Maggie - Buncombe, P7, R80, D161, H161
WOODS, Mamie - Buncombe, P7, R81, D161, H161
WOODS, Alvord T. - Logan, P133, R52, D179, H192
WOODS, Bonny - Rock, P177, R51, D30, H33
WOODS, Mary - Rock, P177, R52, D30, H33
WOODS, Grace - Rock, P177, R53, D30, H33
WOODS, Kate - Rock, P177, R54, D30, H33
WOODSIDE, James L. - Logan, P129, R71, D104, H117
WOODSIDE, Grace L. - Logan, P129, R72, D104, H117
WOODSIDE, Ralph c. - Logan, P129, R73, D104, H117
WOODWARD, James R. - Logan, P132, R29, D151, H164
WOODWARD, Laura M. - Logan, P132, R30, D151, H164
WOODWARD, Mabel I. - Logan, P132, R31, D151, H164
WOODWARD, Jennie M. - Logan, P132, R32, D151, H164
WOODWARD, Margaret - Logan, P132, R33, D151, H164
WOODWARD, Nellie M. - Logan, P132, R34, D151, H164
WOOSTER, W. Ward - Buncombe, P4, R83, D97, H97
WOOSTER, Henrietta - Buncombe, P4, R84, D97, H97
WOOSTER, Roy N. - Buncombe, P4, R85, D97, H97
WOOSTER, William H. - Buncombe, P4, R86, D97, H97
WOR?ALL, Mary E. - Buncombe, P8, R60, D182, H182
WORCESTER, Fred B. - Washington, P143, R72, D364, H378
WORCESTER, Julia E. - Washington, P143, R73, D364, H378
WORCESTER, George F. - Washington, P143, R74, D364, H378
WORCESTER, Herbert H. - Washington, P143, R75, D364, H378
WORCESTER, Victor E. - Washington, P143, R76, D364, H378
WORCESTER, Myrtle - Washington, P143, R77, D364, H378
WORCESTER, Henry L. - Washington, P143, R78, D364, H378
WORCESTER, Charles H. - Reading, P172, R53, D189, H191
WORCESTER, Addie I. - Reading, P172, R54, D189, H191
WORCESTER, Earl Charles - Reading, P172, R55, D189, H191
WORCESTER, Herbert Dewey - Reading, P172, R56, D189, H191
WORK, Charles E. - Sheridan, P204, R21, D26, H26
WORK, Verna - Sheridan, P204, R22, D26, H26
WORK, Pearl - Sheridan, P204, R23, D26, H26
WORK, Ruby - Sheridan, P204, R24, D26, H26
WORK, Geneva - Sheridan, P204, R25, D26, H26
WORK, Madge - Sheridan, P204, R26, D26, H26
WORK, Henry - Sheridan, P205, R34, D53, H53
WORK, Grace - Sheridan, P205, R35, D53, H53
WORK, Perl - Sheridan, P205, R51, D57, H57
WORK, Annie - Sheridan, P205, R52, D57, H57
WORMHOUDT, Isaac - West Branch, P236, R77, D100, H102
WORMHOUDT, Minnie - West Branch, P236, R78, D100, H102
WORMSER, Carl - Orange City, P95, R89, D16, H16
WORMSER, Helena F. - Orange City, P95, R90, D16, H16
WORMSER, Anna C. - Orange City, P95, R91, D16, H16
WORMSER, Helena F. - Orange City, P95, R92, D16, H16
WORMSER, Mary - Orange City, P95, R93, D16, H16
WORNKA, Gustie - Capel, P20, R46, D125, H125
WORREN, Abraham J. - Rock, P182, R1, D122, H128
WORREN, Julia - Rock, P182, R2, D122, H128
WORREN, Thomas - Rock, P182, R3, D122, H128
WORTHE, Andrew H. - East Orange, P49, R78, D135, H137
WORTHE, Justina S. - East Orange, P49, R79, D135, H137
WORTHE, Mathew J. - East Orange, P49, R80, D135, H137
WORTHE, L???en S. - East Orange, P49, R81, D135, H137
WORTHE, Viola M. - East Orange, P49, R82, D135, H137
WRIGHT, Carl - Eagle, P29, R79, D13, H13
WRIGHT, Albert John - Reading, P167, R55, D88, H89
WRIGHT, Anna Carel - Reading, P167, R56, D88, H89
WRIGHT, Edna Alberts - Reading, P167, R57, D88, H89
WRIGHT, Alfie Mary - Reading, P167, R58, D88, H89
WRIGHT, George A. - Reading, P169, R78, D144, H145
WRIGHT, Anna M. - Reading, P169, R79, D144, H145
WRIGHT, Eva - Reading, P169, R80, D144, H145
WRIGHT, Elmer - Reading, P169, R81, D144, H145
WRIGHT, Herbert - Rock, P177, R1, D20, H23
WRIGHT, Belle - Rock, P177, R2, D20, H23
WRIGHT, Marion E. - Rock, P177, R3, D20, H23
WSAJS, Walter - West Branch, P243, R4, D215, H217
WSAJS, Dora - West Branch, P243, R5, D215, H217
WSAJS, Nellie - West Branch, P243, R6, D215, H217
WUDDEL, Peter - Grant, P83, R34, D112, H115
WUDDEL, Elizabeth - Grant, P83, R35, D112, H115
WUDDEL, Philomena - Grant, P83, R36, D112, H115
WURLEY, Charles - Reading, P171, R24, D166, H168
WYA, Hattie - West Branch, P237, R62, D117, H119
WYBERGA, Dirk - Floyd, P59, R51, D143, H145
WYCHERS, Jan - Welcome, P224, R57, D12, H12
WYCHERS, Hendrijkjie - Welcome, P224, R58, D12, H12
WYCHERS, Jennie - Welcome, P224, R59, D12, H12
WYCHERS, Koop - Welcome, P224, R60, D12, H12
WYCHERS, Ralph - Welcome, P224, R61, D12, H12
WYFFELS, Ben - Plato, P70, R91, D13, H14
WYFFELS, Louisa - Plato, P70, R92, D13, H14
WYFFELS, Evalin - Plato, P70, R93, D13, H14
WYFFELS, Charley J. - Plato, P70, R94, D13, H14
WYFFELS, Benjamin - Plato, P70, R95, D13, H14
WYFFELS, John B. - Plato, P72, R93, D124, H125
WYFFELS, Colela M. - Plato, P72, R94, D124, H125
WYFFELS, Edward - Plato, P72, R95, D124, H125
WYFFELS, Nellit - Plato, P72, R96, D124, H125
WYFFELS, Phillip - Plato, P72, R97, D124, H125
WYFFELS, Henry - Plato, P72, R98, D124, H125
WYFFELS, Emil - Plato, P72, R99, D124, H125
WYFFELS, John - Plato, P73, R29, D130, H131
WYFFELS, Emoromsia - Plato, P73, R30, D130, H131
WYFFELS, Freda - Plato, P73, R31, D130, H131
WYFFELS, Emma - Plato, P73, R32, D130, H131
WYFFELS, John - Plato, P73, R33, D130, H131
WYFFELS, Joseph - Plato, P73, R34, D130, H131
WYFFELS, Henry - Plato, P73, R35, D130, H131
WYFFELS, Louisa - Plato, P73, R36, D130, H131
WYFFELS, Theophil - Plato, P73, R37, D130, H131
WYFFELS, Edward - Plato, P73, R38, D130, H131
WYFFLES, David - Rock, P192, R43, D309, H316
WYMAN, George H. - Logan, P130, R97, D130, H143
WYNIA, Louis - Center, P35, R68, D116, H116
WYNIA, Sufter DeVries - Center, P35, R69, D116, H116
WYNIA, Frank - Center, P35, R70, D116, H116
WYNIA, Samuel - Center, P35, R71, D116, H116
WYNIA, Hannah - Center, P35, R72, D116, H116
WYNIA, Margaret - Center, P35, R73, D116, H116
WYNIA, Pier - Plato, P71, R12, D97, H98
WYNIA, Alidas - Plato, P71, R13, D97, H98
WYNIA, Anna - Plato, P71, R14, D97, H98
WYNIA, Henry - Plato, P71, R15, D97, H98
WYNIA, Frunk - Plato, P71, R16, D97, H98
WYNIA, Alice - Plato, P71, R17, D97, H98
WYNIA, William - Plato, P71, R18, D97, H98
WYNIA, John - Plato, P71, R19, D97, H98
WYNIA, Erivina - Plato, P71, R20, D97, H98
WYNIA, Simon - Holland, P89, R24, D76, H76
WYNIA, Ellie - Holland, P89, R25, D76, H76
WYNIA, Nellie - Reading, P171, R71, D173, H175
WYNIA, Richard - Sheridan, P207, R56, D97, H97
WYNIA, William - West Branch, P246, R43, D267, H269
WYNIA, Anna - West Branch, P246, R44, D267, H269
WYNIA, Mary - West Branch, P246, R45, D267, H269
WYNIA, Anna - West Branch, P246, R46, D267, H269

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