1900 Iowa Census Index

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W?? to WHE - WHI to WYN

W?? to WHE

Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

WABEKE, Jacobus - Center, P35, R24, D109, H109
WABEKE, Christina - Center, P35, R25, D109, H109
WABEKE, Cornelius - Center, P35, R26, D109, H109
WABEKE, Gerrit - Center, P35, R27, D109, H109
WABEKE, Martin - Plato, P72, R77, D121, H122
WABEKE, Bert - Plato, P76, R3, D171, H172
WADE, C??? - Buncombe, P2, R21, D32, H32
WADE, Corra E. - Buncombe, P2, R22, D32, H32
WADLEY, Wm. - Buncombe, P11, R46, D235, H235
WADLEY, Ada - Buncombe, P11, R50, D235, H235
WAGAAER, Wm. - Sheridan, P203, R82, D19, H19
WAGAAER, Mary - Sheridan, P203, R83, D19, H19
WAGAAER, Herbert - Sheridan, P203, R84, D19, H19
WAGAAER, Evan - Sheridan, P203, R85, D19, H19
WAGAAER, Ada - Sheridan, P203, R86, D19, H19
WAGAAER, Edna - Sheridan, P203, R87, D19, H19
WAGAAER, ?a?? - Sheridan, P203, R88, D19, H19
WAGENER, Tjoling - Floyd, P57, R13, D94, H96
WAGENER, Sietske - Floyd, P57, R14, D94, H96
WAGENER, Cornelis - Floyd, P57, R15, D94, H96
WAGNER, Charles B. - East Orange, P41, R19, D5, H5
WAGNER, Mary A. - East Orange, P41, R20, D5, H5
WAGNER, Clarinda M. - East Orange, P41, R21, D5, H5
WAGNER, Mary C. - East Orange, P41, R22, D5, H5
WAGNER, Leo C. - East Orange, P41, R23, D5, H5
WAGNER, Lenora M. - East Orange, P41, R24, D5, H5
WAGNER, George - East Orange, P41, R73, D16, H16
WAGNER, Mary - East Orange, P41, R74, D16, H16
WAGNER, Katie - East Orange, P41, R75, D16, H16
WAGNER, Peter G. - East Orange, P41, R76, D16, H16
WAGNER, Peter J. - East Orange, P46, R87, D92, H94
WAGNER, Theresa - East Orange, P46, R88, D92, H94
WAGNER, Theodore - East Orange, P46, R89, D92, H94
WAGNER, Mary - East Orange, P46, R90, D92, H94
WAGNER, Appolonia - East Orange, P46, R91, D92, H94
WAGNER, Peter - East Orange, P46, R92, D92, H94
WAGNER, Andrew - East Orange, P46, R93, D92, H94
WAGNER, Johanna - East Orange, P46, R94, D92, H94
WAGNER, Fred - Lincoln, P118, R1, D172, H176
WAGNER, Emma - Lincoln, P118, R2, D172, H176
WAGNER, Ella - Lincoln, P118, R3, D172, H176
WAGNER, James W. - Lincoln, P118, R11, D175, H179
WAGNER, Inez A. - Lincoln, P118, R12, D175, H179
WAGNER, Ross - Lincoln, P118, R13, D175, H179
WAGNER, Ralph L. - Lincoln, P118, R14, D175, H179
WAGNER, Lila E. - Lincoln, P118, R15, D175, H179
WAGNER, Ruth - Lincoln, P118, R16, D175, H179
WAGNER, Danl - Lincoln, P124, R24, D292, H297
WAGNER, Laura - Lincoln, P124, R25, D292, H297
WAGNER, Dony - Lincoln, P124, R26, D292, H297
WAGNER, Loyd - Lincoln, P124, R27, D292, H297
WAGNER, Pearl - Lincoln, P124, R28, D292, H297
WAGNER, Josie - Lincoln, P124, R29, D292, H297
WAGONER, Frank - Eagle, P30, R23, D22, H22
WAGONER, Hub M. - Logan, P129, R42, D98, H111
WAHL, G. Adam - Grant, P80, R4, D56, H57
WAILS, Frank - Center, P39, R91, D192, H192
WAITE, Kate C. - Buncombe, P9, R85, D212, H212
WAITE, Ella B. - Buncombe, P9, R88, D212, H212
WAITE, Eugene - Buncombe, P9, R89, D212, H212
WAITE, Irene - Buncombe, P9, R90, D212, H212
WAITE, Harry - Buncombe, P9, R91, D212, H212
WAITE, James W. - Logan, P131, R34, D135, H148
WAITE, M. C. - Sioux, P193, R90, D15, H15
WAITE, Eva - Sioux, P193, R91, D15, H15
WAITE, Lee - Sioux, P193, R92, D15, H15
WAKEFIELD, Will. E. - Sherman, P214, R39, D14, H14
WAKEFIELD, Daisy W. - Sherman, P214, R40, D14, H14
WAKEFIELD, Earle - Sherman, P214, R41, D14, H14
WAKEFIELD, Harvey - Sherman, P214, R42, D14, H14
WAKEFIELD, Dassie - Sherman, P214, R43, D14, H14
WAKEFIELD, Eva - Sherman, P214, R44, D14, H14
WAKEFIELD, William H. - Sherman, P220, R84, D135, H135
WAKEFIELD, Janne M. - Sherman, P220, R85, D135, H135
WAKEFIELD, Hebert - Sherman, P220, R86, D135, H135
WAKEFIELD, May - Sherman, P220, R87, D135, H135
WAKEMAN, Frank - Logan, P137, R58, D256, H269
WAKEMAN, Josephine - Logan, P137, R59, D256, H269
WAKEMAN, Mildred - Logan, P137, R60, D256, H269
WAKERMAN, George H. - Logan, P136, R86, D238, H251
WAKERMAN, Dora L. - Logan, P136, R87, D238, H251
WAKERMAN, Pearl A. - Logan, P136, R88, D238, H251
WAKERMAN, Edith L. - Logan, P136, R89, D238, H251
WAKERMAN, Albert L. - Logan, P136, R90, D238, H251
WAKERMAN, George W. - Logan, P136, R91, D238, H251
WAKERMAN, Thelbert G. - Logan, P136, R92, D238, H251
WALBRIDGE, Ann - Sheridan, P203, R70, D16, H16
WALBRIDGE, Hester - Sheridan, P203, R71, D16, H16
WALBRINK, John - Sheridan, P205, R99, D67, H67
WALBRINK, Syke - Sheridan, P205, R100, D67, H67
WALDROF, Gan - West Branch, P238, R46, D134, H136
WALDROF, Macke - West Branch, P238, R47, D134, H136
WALDROF, Peter E. - West Branch, P238, R48, D134, H136
WALDRON, Libby - Nassau, P150, R84, D129, H130
WALDRON, John - Nassau, P152, R9, D156, H157
WALGERBACH, William - Floyd, P54, R60, D59, H61
WALGERBACH, Susan - Floyd, P54, R61, D59, H61
WALGERBACH, Wilhelminia - Floyd, P54, R62, D59, H61
WALGERBACH, Catharine - Floyd, P54, R63, D59, H61
WALGERBACH, Grover M. - Floyd, P54, R64, D59, H61
WALGERBACH, Martha A. - Floyd, P54, R65, D59, H61
WALGERBACH, Gertrude - Floyd, P54, R66, D59, H61
WALIN, Abbie - Logan, P126, R96, D45, H49
WALIN, Hilda - Logan, P128, R74, D80, H91
WALIN, Abby - Logan, P128, R75, D80, H91
WALKER, Jno. M. - Buncombe, P11, R7, D227, H227
WALKER, William - Lynn, P20, R56, D128, H128
WALKER, Annie - Lynn, P20, R57, D128, H128
WALKER, Nellie - Lynn, P20, R58, D128, H128
WALKER, Willie - Lynn, P20, R59, D128, H128
WALKER, Raphel - Lynn, P20, R60, D128, H128
WALKER, William - Lynn, P20, R61, D128, H128
WALKER, William - Grant, P79, R22, D44, H45
WALKER, Bridget - Grant, P79, R23, D44, H45
WALKER, Mary - Grant, P79, R24, D44, H45
WALKER, James - Reading, P167, R82, D93, H94
WALKER, Esther - Reading, P167, R83, D93, H94
WALKER, Elizabeth J. - Reading, P171, R28, D168, H170
WALKER, David Stephen - Reading, P171, R29, D168, H170
WALKER, Charles Henry - Reading, P171, R30, D168, H170
WALKER, Philip Thomas - Reading, P171, R31, D168, H170
WALKER, Joseph - Sherman, P216, R5, D55, H55
WALKER, Mary E. - Sherman, P216, R6, D55, H55
WALKER, Sh??? R. - Sherman, P216, R7, D55, H55
WALKER, Thomas H. - Sherman, P216, R8, D55, H55
WALLACE, Florance - Buncombe, P1, R17, D3, H3
WALLACE, Wm. - Buncombe, P4, R42, D87, H87
WALLACE, Mary L. - Buncombe, P4, R43, D87, H87
WALLACE, David A. - Buncombe, P4, R44, D87, H87
WALLACE, Margurita J. - Buncombe, P4, R45, D87, H87
WALLACE, Elizabeth M. - Buncombe, P4, R46, D87, H87
WALLACE, Chas W. - Buncombe, P7, R99, D167, H167
WALLACE, Mary M. - Buncombe, P7, R100, D167, H167
WALLACE, Frank B. - Buncombe, P11, R98, D246, H246
WALLACE, Nora A. - Buncombe, P11, R99, D246, H246
WALLACE, Frank D. - Buncombe, P11, R100, D246, H246
WALLACE, Thomas J. - Logan, P127, R71, D59, H68
WALLACE, Ida A. - Logan, P127, R72, D59, H68
WALLEY, Henry - Center, P35, R52, D113, H113
WALPOLE, Emmet E. - Plato, P72, R22, D112, H113
WALPOLE, Lenna - Plato, P72, R23, D112, H113
WALPOLE, Lenore - Plato, P72, R24, D112, H113
WALPOLE, Mabel - Plato, P72, R25, D112, H113
WALPOLE, Jas - Rock, P177, R41, D28, H31
WALPOLE, Annie - Rock, P177, R42, D28, H31
WALPOLE, Gladys - Rock, P177, R43, D28, H31
WALPOLE, Lois - Rock, P177, R44, D28, H31
WALPOLE, Elizabeth - Rock, P177, R45, D28, H31
WALPOLE, John - Rock, P177, R46, D28, H31
WALRATH, Burton - Rock, P177, R38, D27, H30
WALRATH, Jennie - Rock, P177, R39, D27, H30
WALRATH, Fay - Rock, P177, R40, D27, H30
WALRAVEN, Jennie - Holland, P85, R11, D2, H2
WALRAVEN, Arie - Holland, P94, R15, D172, H172
WALRAVEN, Effie H. - Holland, P94, R16, D172, H172
WALRAVEN, John A. - Orange City, P96, R3, D20, H20
WALRAVEN, Gysbertije - Orange City, P96, R4, D20, H20
WALRAVEN, Mary - Orange City, P96, R65, D32, H33
WALRAVEN, Charles D. - Orange City, P96, R66, D32, H33
WALRAVEN, Klaas - Orange City, P100, R9, D109, H111
WALRAVEN, Cornelia - Orange City, P100, R10, D109, H111
WALRAVEN, Peter - Sherman, P215, R83, D48, H48
WALRAVEN, Gertie - Sherman, P215, R84, D48, H48
WALRAVEN, Henry - Welcome, P226, R69, D46, H46
WALRAVEN, Niel - Welcome, P229, R82, D96, H96
WALROD, Henry - Buncombe, P6, R30, D128, H128
WALROD, Rachel - Buncombe, P6, R31, D128, H128
WALROD, Dora M. - Buncombe, P6, R32, D128, H128
WALROD, Harry L. - Buncombe, P6, R33, D128, H128
WALROD, Laura G. - Buncombe, P6, R34, D128, H128
WALROD, Earl - Buncombe, P6, R35, D128, H128
WALSER, Franz A. - Rock, P192, R39, D309, H316
WALSER, Mary - Rock, P192, R40, D309, H316
WALSER, Mary - Rock, P192, R41, D309, H316
WALSER, Frank - Rock, P192, R42, D309, H316
WALTER, George H. - Buncombe, P6, R62, D133, H133
WALTER, Minnie C. - Buncombe, P6, R63, D133, H133
WALTER, Harrold W. - Buncombe, P6, R64, D133, H133
WALTER, Mathias - East Orange, P42, R97, D40, H41
WALTER, Annie - East Orange, P42, R98, D40, H41
WALTER, Mary R. - East Orange, P42, R99, D40, H41
WALTER, Rose L. - East Orange, P42, R100, D40, H41
WALTER, Henry S. - East Orange, P43, R1, D40, H41
WALTER, Hardy G. - Logan, P128, R37, D73, H83
WALTER, Arnina - Logan, P128, R38, D73, H83
WALTER, Harold W. - Logan, P128, R39, D73, H83
WALTERS, Katie C. - Buncombe, P9, R77, D209, H209
WALTERS, James - Lincoln, P114, R11, D93, H96
WALTERS, Annie - Lincoln, P114, R12, D93, H96
WALTERS, Richard D. - Logan, P128, R28, D71, H81
WALTERS, Ann J. - Logan, P128, R29, D71, H81
WALTERS, Fred J. - Logan, P128, R30, D71, H81
WALTERS, Ephraim R. - Logan, P128, R31, D71, H81
WALTERS, Charles H. - Logan, P128, R32, D71, H81
WALTERS, Elizabeth - Logan, P128, R33, D71, H81
WALTERS, Frank - Nassau, P149, R76, D110, H111
WALTERS, Peter - Nassau, P157, R77, D246, H249
WALTON, Clara - Buncombe, P5, R53, D112, H112
WALTON, Clarence O. - Buncombe, P5, R54, D112, H112
WALVOORD, Edith - Holland, P87, R64, D45, H45
WANDSCHEER, Henry - West Branch, P245, R3, D244, H246
WANDSCHEER, Johann - West Branch, P246, R64, D270, H273
WANDSCHEER, Johanna - West Branch, P246, R65, D270, H273
WANDSCHEER, Garret J. - West Branch, P246, R66, D270, H273
WANDSCHEER, Hendrik J. - West Branch, P246, R67, D270, H273
WANDSCHEER, Jacob - West Branch, P246, R68, D270, H273
WANDSCHEER, Daniel - West Branch, P246, R69, D270, H273
WANDSCHEER, Garret - West Branch, P246, R70, D270, H273
WANDSCHEER, Henrietta - West Branch, P246, R71, D270, H273
WANDSCHEER, Reintje - West Branch, P246, R72, D270, H273
WANDSCHEER, Evert - West Branch, P246, R73, D270, H273
WANDSCHEER, Behren - West Branch, P246, R74, D270, H273
WANDSCHEER, Aartje - West Branch, P246, R75, D270, H273
WANDSCHEER, William - West Branch, P246, R76, D270, H273
WANDSCHNEIDER, Wm. - Grant, P77, R27, D6, H6
WANDSCHNEIDER, Mary R. - Grant, P77, R28, D6, H6
WANDSCHNEIDER, Dana - Grant, P77, R29, D6, H6
WANDSCHNEIDER, Lottie M. - Grant, P77, R30, D6, H6
WANLENBERG, J. P. - Welcome, P225, R53, D28, H28
WANLENBERG, Mary - Welcome, P225, R54, D28, H28
WANLENBERG, Synthia - Welcome, P225, R55, D28, H28
WANLENBERG, Maria K. - Welcome, P225, R56, D28, H28
WANLENBERG, Ettie - Welcome, P225, R57, D28, H28
WANLENBERG, Peternella - Welcome, P225, R58, D28, H28
WANNINGEN, G. - Welcome, P225, R11, D21, H21
WANNINGEN, Jantjie - Welcome, P225, R12, D21, H21
WANNINGEN, Jennie - Welcome, P225, R13, D21, H21
WANNINGEN, Garret - Welcome, P225, R14, D21, H21
WARD, Ed - Buncombe, P11, R20, D229, H229
WARD, Benj F. - Lincoln, P110, R5, D2, H2
WARD, Almeda M. - Lincoln, P110, R6, D, H
WARD, Fred - Reading, P172, R87, D194, H196
WARFIELD, Phils Baldwin - Reading, P164, R86, D21, H21
WARMKE, Tena - Capel, P16, R59, D65, H65
WARNDERS, John - Floyd, P54, R50, D56, H58
WARNDERS, Jennie - Floyd, P54, R51, D56, H58
WARNDERS, Doris - Floyd, P54, R52, D56, H58
WARNDERS, Hendrika - Floyd, P54, R53, D56, H58
WARNER, Theodore B. - Buncombe, P7, R74, D160, H160
WARNER, Elizabeth - Buncombe, P7, R75, D160, H160
WARNER, Valasey F. - Buncombe, P7, R76, D160, H160
WARNER, Hugh R. - Buncombe, P7, R77, D160, H160
WARNER, Francis G. - Buncombe, P7, R78, D160, H160
WARNER, John R. - Logan, P134, R7, D182, H195
WARNER, Nellie - Sherman, P217, R55, D79, H79
WARNER, Arthur - West Branch, P234, R89, D59, H60
WARNTES, Henry - Lincoln, P116, R10, D138, H142
WARNTES, Dena - Lincoln, P116, R11, D138, H142
WARNTES, Dena - Lincoln, P116, R12, D138, H142
WARNTJES, Adrian - Lincoln, P117, R18, D157, H161
WARNTJES, Henry - Sherman, P215, R85, D48, H48
WARNTJES, Luke? - Sherman, P216, R69, D68, H68
WARNTJES, John - West Branch, P237, R12, D106, H108
WARREN, Dana W. - Lincoln, P111, R93, D44, H46
WARREN, Dessie - Lincoln, P111, R94, D44, H46
WARREN, Myrtle - Lincoln, P111, R95, D44, H46
WARREN, Arthur - Lincoln, P111, R96, D44, H46
WARREN, Ethel - Lincoln, P111, R97, D44, H46
WARREN, Cecil - Lincoln, P111, R98, D44, H46
WARZAWA, Paul - Nassau, P150, R100, D132, H133
WASHBURN, Benjamin - Center, P36, R98, D142, H142
WASHBURN, Clara - Center, P36, R99, D142, H142
WASHBURN, Edith R. - Logan, P125, R47, D11, H11
WASHBURN, Benson E. - Logan, P125, R48, D11, H12
WASHBURN, Clara E. - Logan, P125, R49, D11, H12
WASS, Frank - Rock, P182, R51, D136, H143
WASS, Louisa - Rock, P182, R52, D136, H143
WASS, Vernon - Rock, P182, R53, D136, H143
WASSENAAR, Johannes - Orange City, P104, R91, D210, H213
WASSENAAR, Tryntje - Orange City, P104, R92, D210, H213
WASSENAAR, Cornelus - Lincoln, P121, R86, D245, H249
WASSENAAR, Jacob - Welcome, P228, R20, D73, H73
WASSENAAR, Jesse - West Branch, P236, R46, D94, H96
WASSENAAR, Tryntje - West Branch, P236, R47, D94, H96
WASSENAAR, Addie - West Branch, P236, R48, D94, H96
WASSENAAR, John - West Branch, P236, R49, D94, H96
WASSENAAR, Frank - West Branch, P236, R50, D94, H96
WASSENAAR, Katie - West Branch, P236, R51, D94, H96
WASSENAAR, Nicholas - West Branch, P237, R81, D121, H123
WASSENAAR, Hattie - West Branch, P237, R82, D121, H123
WASSENAAR, John P. - West Branch, P237, R83, D121, H123
WASSENAAR, Gerrett H. - West Branch, P237, R84, D121, H123
WASSENAR, Garnes - Rock, P192, R57, D312, H319
WASSER, Hays W. - Buncombe, P11, R51, D237, H237
WASSER, Margaret J. - Buncombe, P11, R52, D237, H237
WASSER, Charles E. - Buncombe, P11, R53, D237, H237
WASSER, Roda G. - Buncombe, P11, R54, D237, H237
WASSER, Freeda M. - Buncombe, P11, R55, D237, H237
WATEN, Edward - Settler, P201, R89, D134, H135
WATERBURY, Clarence E. - Logan, P137, R14, D244, H257
WATERBURY, Isaac N. - Logan, P137, R38, D251, H264
WATERBURY, Leva M. - Logan, P137, R39, D251, H264
WATERBURY, Carl LeRoy - Logan, P137, R40, D251, H264
WATERMAN, Arthur - Eagle, P32, R87, D69, H69
WATERMAN, Myron S. - Washington, P141, R95, D333, H346
WATHIER, Sebastian - Floyd, P61, R60, D185, H187
WATHIER, Susan - Floyd, P61, R61, D185, H187
WATHIER, John - Floyd, P61, R62, D185, H187
WATHIER, Elizabeth - Floyd, P61, R63, D185, H187
WATHIER, Joseph - Floyd, P61, R64, D185, H187
WATHIER, Matthias - Floyd, P61, R65, D185, H187
WATHIER, Mary - Floyd, P61, R66, D185, H187
WATHIER, Lena - Floyd, P61, R67, D185, H187
WATHIER, Henry - Floyd, P61, R68, D185, H187
WATHIER, Annie - Floyd, P61, R69, D185, H187
WATHIER, Charlie - Floyd, P61, R70, D185, H187
WATHIER, Clara - Floyd, P61, R71, D185, H187
WATHIER, Mary L. - Nassau, P155, R55, D210, H212
WATKINS, Fred E. - Buncombe, P9, R52, D204, H204
WATKINS, Flora E. - Buncombe, P9, R53, D204, H204
WATKINS, Florence E. - Buncombe, P9, R54, D204, H204
WATKINS, Milo D. - Buncombe, P9, R55, D204, H204
WATKINS, Milo D. - Buncombe, P9, R56, D204, H204
WATKINS, J??? - Buncombe, P9, R57, D204, H204
WATSON, Cris - Lincoln, P114, R85, D112, H115
WATSON, Elizabeth - Lincoln, P114, R86, D112, H115
WATSON, James - Lincoln, P122, R18, D252, H256
WATSON, Adda - Lincoln, P122, R19, D252, H256
WATSON, Maud - Lincoln, P122, R20, D252, H256
WATSON, Ralph - Lincoln, P122, R21, D252, H256
WATSON, Luella - Lincoln, P122, R22, D252, H256
WATSON, Saml. - Lincoln, P122, R23, D252, H256
WATSON, Edith - Lincoln, P122, R24, D252, H256
WATSON, Thomas N. - Washington, P138, R39, D269, H282
WATSON, Ida - Washington, P138, R40, D269, H282
WATT, Geo T. - Buncombe, P5, R12, D103, H103
WATT, Ida M. - Buncombe, P5, R13, D103, H103
WATT, Harry F. - Buncombe, P5, R14, D103, H103
WATT, Percival M. - Buncombe, P5, R15, D103, H103
WATTAWA, Joseph - Sioux, P198, R4, D84, H84
WATTAWA, Te?oess - Sioux, P198, R5, D84, H84
WATTAWA, Charley - Sioux, P198, R6, D84, H84
WATTAWA, John - Sioux, P198, R9, D85, H85
WAYTENDING, John - West Branch, P239, R49, D156, H158
WAYTENDING, Dena - West Branch, P239, R50, D156, H158
WAYTENDING, Gracie - West Branch, P239, R51, D156, H158
WAYTENDING, Cornelia - West Branch, P239, R52, D156, H158
WAYTENDING, Peter - West Branch, P239, R53, D156, H158
WEATHERWAX, James - Lincoln, P118, R80, D188, H192
WEATHERWAX, Elizabeth - Lincoln, P118, R81, D188, H192
WEATHERWAX, Grace - Lincoln, P118, R82, D188, H192
WEATHERWAX, Bessie - Lincoln, P118, R83, D188, H192
WEATHERWAX, Leona - Lincoln, P118, R84, D188, H192
WEATHERWAX, Roy - Lincoln, P118, R85, D188, H192
WEATHERWAX, Robert E. - Lincoln, P118, R86, D188, H192
WEATHERWAX, Nellie E. - Lincoln, P118, R87, D188, H192
WEATHERWAX, Thomas J. - Lincoln, P118, R89, D189, H193
WEAVER, W. W. - Sheridan, P204, R87, D39, H39
WEBB, Porter - Sheridan, P205, R31, D52, H52
WEBB, Margaret - Sheridan, P205, R32, D52, H52
WEBB, Clarence - Sheridan, P205, R33, D52, H52
WEBBEN, Clara - Welcome, P225, R69, D29, H29
WEBBER, William - Settler, P201, R70, D131, H132
WEBEKE, Henry - Plato, P75, R60, D164, H165
WEBEN, John F. - Grant, P83, R29, D111, H114
WEBEN, Mary - Grant, P83, R30, D111, H114
WEBEN, E?? L. - Grant, P83, R31, D111, H114
WEBEN, William L. - Grant, P83, R32, D111, H114
WEBEN, Clara E. - Grant, P83, R33, D111, H114
WEBER, Henry - East Orange, P42, R29, D28, H28
WEBER, Margaret - East Orange, P42, R30, D28, H28
WEBER, Eva E. - East Orange, P42, R31, D28, H28
WEBER, Margaret - East Orange, P43, R30, D46, H47
WEBER, Mathias - East Orange, P47, R51, D100, H102
WEBER, Hans - Lincoln, P122, R14, D251, H255
WEBER, Carrie - Lincoln, P122, R15, D251, H255
WEBER, Wm. - Lincoln, P122, R16, D251, H255
WEBER, Ernest - Lincoln, P122, R17, D251, H255
WEBERT, Frederick - Center, P39, R92, D193, H193
WEBERT, Salome - Center, P39, R93, D193, H193
WEBERT, Charles - Center, P39, R94, D193, H193
WEBERT, Frederick - Center, P39, R95, D193, H193
WEBERT, Maude - Center, P39, R96, D193, H193
WEBERT, Katie - Center, P39, R97, D193, H193
WEBLE, Julius H. - Washington, P138, R87, D279, H282
WEBLE, Lizzie - Washington, P138, R88, D279, H282
WECHATTE, August C. - Reading, P167, R40, D82, H83
WEEDA, Neal - Rock, P188, R30, D245, H252
WEEDA, Hattie - Rock, P188, R31, D245, H252
WEEDA, Johnson - Rock, P188, R32, D245, H252
WEEDA, John - Rock, P188, R33, D245, H252
WEEDA, Mary - Rock, P188, R34, D245, H252
WEEDA, Garret - Welcome, P226, R14, D37, H37
WEEKS, Frank I - Buncombe, P12, R4, D248, H248
WEEKS, Luella E. - Buncombe, P12, R5, D248, H248
WEEKS, Blanche - Buncombe, P12, R6, D248, H248
WEEKS, George A. - Buncombe, P12, R7, D248, H248
WEEKS, Ralph W. - Buncombe, P12, R8, D248, H248
WEEKS, Miles E. - Buncombe, P12, R9, D248, H248
WEEKS, Nellie - Nassau, P153, R43, D181, H182
WEEKS, William - Sherman, P216, R12, D55, H55
WEENICK, Fredrick W. F. - Nassau, P161, R20, D306, H309
WEENICK, Gerdina - Nassau, P161, R21, D306, H309
WEENICK, Herman G. - Nassau, P161, R22, D306, H309
WEENICK, Clarance F. - Nassau, P161, R23, D306, H309
WEGNER, Jurgen - Eagle, P31, R95, D51, H51
WEGNER, Anna - Eagle, P31, R96, D51, H51
WEGNER, Louis - Eagle, P31, R97, D51, H51
WEGNER, Hilda - Eagle, P31, R98, D51, H51
WEGNER, Alina - Eagle, P31, R99, D51, H51
WEGNER, Irene - Eagle, P31, R100, D51, H51
WEGNER, Albert - Eagle, P32, R1, D51, H51
WEIDENFELLER, Anton - Logan, P131, R57, D138, H151
WEIDENFELLER, Kate - Logan, P131, R58, D138, H151
WEIDENFELLER, Christian - Logan, P131, R59, D138, H151
WEIDENFELLER, Anna K. - Logan, P131, R60, D138, H151
WEIDENFELLER, Peter A. - Logan, P131, R61, D138, H151
WEIDENFELLER, Peter - Logan, P132, R55, D158, H171
WEIDENFELLER, Johanna L. - Logan, P132, R56, D158, H171
WEIDENFELLER, Christian - Logan, P132, R57, D159, H172
WEIDENFELLER, Tom - Nassau, P149, R69, D110, H111
WEIDENFELLER, Mary - Nassau, P149, R70, D110, H111
WEIDENFELLER, John - Nassau, P149, R71, D110, H111
WEIDENFELLER, Anna - Nassau, P149, R72, D110, H111
WEIDENFELLER, Elbura - Nassau, P149, R73, D110, H111
WEIDENFELLER, Adam - Nassau, P151, R92, D152, H153
WEIDENFELLER, Anna M. - Nassau, P151, R93, D152, H153
WEIKES, Elizabeth - West Branch, P247, R24, D278, H281
WEINGER, Jannie A. - Buncombe, P7, R92, D165, H165
WEINSTRA, Charles - West Branch, P244, R65, D239, H241
WEIR, Edward L. - Lincoln, P113, R98, D91, H94
WEIR, Addie - Lincoln, P113, R99, D91, H94
WEIR, Evangeline G. - Lincoln, P113, R100, D91, H94
WEIR, Mary A. - Lincoln, P114, R1, D91, H94
WEIR, Loretta A. - Lincoln, P114, R2, D91, H94
WEIS, Mary - East Orange, P44, R29, D63, H64
WEIS, John M. - Nassau, P148, R61, D88, H89
WEIS, Anna - Nassau, P148, R62, D88, H89
WEIS, Irene - Nassau, P148, R63, D88, H89
WEIS, Laura - Nassau, P148, R64, D88, H89
WEISKEICHER, Annie K. - East Orange, P47, R15, D95, H97
WEISKEICHER, Joseph L. - East Orange, P47, R16, D95, H97
WEISKEICHER, Mary - East Orange, P51, R37, D157, H159
WEITZEL, Henry - Reading, P171, R12, D164, H166
WEITZEL, Anna - Reading, P171, R13, D164, H166
WEITZEL, Emma L. - Reading, P171, R14, D164, H166
WEITZEL, Walter - Reading, P171, R15, D164, H166
WELBERN, William - Sherman, P222, R62, D164, H164
WELCH, John H. - Buncombe, P1, R70, D19, H19
WELCH, Jessie - Buncombe, P1, R71, D19, H19
WELCH, Sybil A. - Buncombe, P1, R72, D19, H19
WELCH, Elliott J. - Buncombe, P1, R73, D19, H19
WELCH, Bernard H. - Buncombe, P1, R74, D19, H19
WELCH, Edward H. - Buncombe, P1, R75, D19, H19
WELCH, Henry J. - Reading, P167, R24, D76, H77
WELCH, Marie Petivene - Reading, P167, R25, D76, H77
WELCHERT, Tony - Nassau, P151, R2, D134, H135
WELCHERT, Henry - Nassau, P151, R3, D134, H135
WELCHERT, Anna - Nassau, P151, R4, D134, H135
WELCHERT, H??bert - Nassau, P151, R5, D134, H135
WELD, Samuel J. - Sioux, P193, R87, D14, H14
WELD, Bessie - Sioux, P193, R88, D14, H14
WELD, Fred J. - Sioux, P193, R89, D14, H14
WELLENGA, Jake - Holland, P92, R84, D142, H142
WELLENGA, Kate - Holland, P92, R85, D142, H142
WELLENGA, Peter - Holland, P92, R86, D142, H142
WELLENGA, Nick - Holland, P92, R87, D142, H142
WELLENGA, Lon - Holland, P92, R88, D142, H142
WELLENGA, O??s - Holland, P92, R89, D142, H142
WELLINER, John C. - Washington, P143, R71, D363, H377
WELLS, Mattie O. - Center, P38, R48, D166, H166
WELLS, Clark - Center, P38, R49, D166, H166
WELLS, Frank G. - Center, P38, R50, D166, H166
WELLS, Mary - Center, P38, R51, D166, H166
WELLS, Earl - Center, P38, R52, D166, H166
WELLS, George E. - Logan, P136, R63, D231, H244
WELLS, Flora M. - Logan, P136, R64, D231, H244
WELRUM, John - Sheridan, P203, R54, D13, H13
WELRUM, ????ia - Sheridan, P203, R55, D13, H13
WELRUM, Paul - Sheridan, P203, R56, D13, H13
WELRUM, Gre?e - Sheridan, P203, R57, D13, H13
WELTER, Theresa - East Orange, P43, R92, D56, H57
WEMMERS, Hubert J. - East Orange, P45, R72, D76, H78
WEMMERS, Peter - East Orange, P46, R73, D90, H92
WEMMERS, Josephine - East Orange, P46, R74, D90, H92
WEMMERS, Hildegard A. - East Orange, P46, R75, D90, H92
WEMOTH, Nick - East Orange, P41, R58, D12, H12
WEMOTH, Catherine J. - East Orange, P41, R59, D12, H12
WEMOTH, Adeling G. - East Orange, P41, R60, D12, H12
WEMOTH, Agnes Mary - East Orange, P41, R61, D12, H12
WEMOTH, Clara Mary - East Orange, P41, R62, D12, H12
WENKEL, Dick - West Branch, P238, R74, D142, H144
WENKEL, Dirkje - West Branch, P238, R75, D142, H144
WENKEL, George - West Branch, P238, R76, D142, H144
WENKEL, Mary E. - West Branch, P238, R77, D142, H144
WENKEL, Johanna W. - West Branch, P238, R78, D142, H144
WERKHOVEN, Arie - Orange City, P103, R97, D189, H192
WERKHOVEN, Kate - Orange City, P103, R98, D189, H192
WERKHOVEN, Arnold - Orange City, P103, R99, D189, H192
WERKHOVEN, Dora - Orange City, P103, R100, D189, H192
WERKHOVEN, Cornelia - Orange City, P104, R1, D189, H192
WERKHOVEN, John - Orange City, P104, R2, D189, H192
WERKHOVEN, Harry - Orange City, P104, R3, D189, H192
WERKMAN, Dick J. - Lincoln, P115, R30, D123, H127
WERKMAN, Sena - Lincoln, P115, R31, D123, H127
WERKMAN, Effie H. - Lincoln, P115, R32, D123, H127
WERKMAN, Henryetta - Lincoln, P115, R33, D123, H127
WERKMAN, John d. - Lincoln, P115, R34, D123, H127
WERLEY, John - Sherman, P218, R72, D100, H100
WERNER, Philip - Reading, P171, R37, D169, H171
WESFALL, Adele - Logan, P136, R68, D232, H245
WESKOVEN, Jesse - Rock, P181, R31, D106, H112
WESKOVEN, Mary E. - Rock, P181, R32, D106, H112
WESKOVEN, Nina M. - Rock, P181, R33, D106, H112
WESKOVEN, Sedrick - Rock, P181, R34, D106, H112
WESS, W. E. - Buncombe, P4, R28, D85, H85
WESS, Caroline L. - Buncombe, P4, R29, D85, H85
WESS, Lottie J. - Buncombe, P4, R30, D85, H85
WESS, Lilian - Buncombe, P4, R31, D85, H85
WESS, Letha J. - Buncombe, P4, R32, D85, H85
WESS, Frank C. - Buncombe, P4, R33, D85, H85
WESS, Max E. - Buncombe, P4, R34, D85, H85
WESS, Irl S. - Buncombe, P4, R35, D85, H85
WESSELINK, Hendick John - Center, P35, R98, D122, H122
WESSELINK, Henry B. - Plato, P71, R97, D109, H110
WESSELINK, Henrietta - Plato, P71, R98, D109, H110
WESSELINK, Johanna - Plato, P71, R99, D109, H110
WESSELINK, Richard H. - Plato, P71, R100, D109, H110
WESSELINK, Pearl - Plato, P72, R1, D109, H110
WESSELINK, Minerva M. - Plato, P72, R2, D109, H110
WESSELINK, Margeret M. - Plato, P72, R3, D109, H110
WESSELINK, Fred - Welcome, P231, R76, D128, H128
WESSELINK, Jane - Welcome, P231, R77, D128, H128
WESSINK, Harman - West Branch, P247, R19, D278, H281
WESSINK, Johanna - West Branch, P247, R20, D278, H281
WESSINK, Harmon - West Branch, P247, R21, D278, H281
WESSINK, Jacob - West Branch, P247, R22, D278, H281
WESSINK, Bartha - West Branch, P247, R34, D280, H283
WESSINK, Henry J. - West Branch, P247, R35, D280, H283
WESSINK, Hendrikas - West Branch, P247, R36, D280, H283
WESSINK, Gracie J. - West Branch, P247, R37, D280, H283
WESSINK, Derikje - West Branch, P247, R38, D280, H283
WESSLINK, Dick - Welcome, P228, R58, D81, H81
WESSLINK, Lizzie - Welcome, P228, R59, D81, H81
WESSLINK, Garret D. - Welcome, P228, R60, D81, H81
WESSLINK, Walter - Welcome, P228, R61, D81, H81
WESSLINK, Garret W. - West Branch, P241, R93, D197, H199
WESSLINK, Grace - West Branch, P241, R94, D197, H199
WESSLINK, Dick - West Branch, P244, R99, D244, H246
WESSLINK, Marie - West Branch, P244, R100, D244, H246
WESSLINK, Maria E. - West Branch, P245, R1, D244, H246
WESSLINK, Derik H. - West Branch, P245, R2, D244, H246
WESSNER, Poppe - Sioux, P193, R43, D8, H8
WESSNER, Peter F. - Sioux, P193, R44, D8, H8
WESSNER, William - Sioux, P193, R45, D8, H8
WESSNER, Teata - Sioux, P193, R46, D8, H8
WESSNER, Siesta - Sioux, P193, R47, D8, H8
WEST, Frank - Eagle, P33, R41, D80, H80
WESTEGAARD, Peter - Reading, P174, R68, D227, H229
WESTEGARD, Jesse - Logan, P135, R38, D208, H221
WESTEGARD, Enue K. - Logan, P135, R39, D208, H221
WESTEGARD, Nicholas P. - Logan, P135, R40, D208, H221
WESTEGARD, Christian - Logan, P135, R41, D208, H221
WESTEGARD, Eune - Logan, P135, R42, D208, H221
WESTEGARD, Katie - Logan, P135, R43, D208, H221
WESTEGARD, Clara - Logan, P135, R44, D208, H221
WESTEGARD, Nicholas P. J. - Logan, P135, R51, D210, H223
WESTEGARD, Anna M. - Logan, P135, R52, D210, H223
WESTEGARD, Katie - Logan, P135, R53, D210, H223
WESTEGARD, Teresa - Logan, P135, R54, D210, H223
WESTEGARD, Maggie - Logan, P135, R55, D210, H223
WESTFALL, Charles E. - Logan, P134, R73, D194, H207
WESTFALL, Charles - Washington, P139, R72, D295, H308
WESTING, Evert - Orange City, P96, R34, D26, H27
WESTING, Jane - Orange City, P96, R35, D26, H27
WESTING, Elizabeth - Orange City, P96, R36, D26, H27
WESTOVER, Joseph - Logan, P135, R62, D212, H225
WESTOVER, Kate A. - Logan, P135, R63, D212, H225
WESTOVER, Marie - Logan, P135, R64, D212, H225
WESTOVER, Annie K. - Logan, P135, R65, D212, H225
WESTOVER, John - Logan, P135, R66, D212, H225
WESTRA, S. - Capel, P16, R93, D70, H70
WESTRA, Sikke - Center, P36, R14, D126, H126
WESTRA, Nellie - Center, P36, R15, D126, H126
WESTRA, Bertha - Center, P36, R16, D126, H126
WESTRA, William - Center, P36, R17, D126, H126
WESTRA, Richard - Center, P36, R18, D126, H126
WESTRA, Johanna - Center, P36, R19, D126, H126
WESTRA, Eates - Holland, P93, R8, D146, H146
WESTRA, Dirkie - Holland, P93, R9, D146, H146
WESTRA, Trintje - Holland, P93, R10, D146, H146
WESTRA, Do???e S. - Holland, P93, R86, D165, H165
WESTRA, ??je - Holland, P93, R87, D165, H165
WESTRA, Jannie - Orange City, P99, R54, D96, H98
WESTRA, Mike - Orange City, P100, R52, D118, H120
WESTRA, Brune - Orange City, P100, R53, D118, H120
WESTRA, Jennie - Orange City, P100, R54, D118, H120
WESTRA, Hendrik P. - Orange City, P100, R68, D121, H123
WESTRA, Jantje - Orange City, P100, R69, D121, H123
WESTRA, Peter - Lincoln, P118, R63, D186, H190
WESTRA, Henrika - Lincoln, P118, R64, D186, H190
WESTRA, Jacob - Lincoln, P118, R65, D186, H190
WESTRA, Dora - Lincoln, P118, R66, D186, H190
WESTRA, Simon - Lincoln, P118, R67, D186, H190
WESTRA, John - Lincoln, P118, R68, D186, H190
WESTRA, Barney - Lincoln, P118, R69, D186, H190
WESTRA, Henry - Lincoln, P118, R70, D186, H190
WESTRA, Rena - Lincoln, P118, R71, D186, H190
WESTRA, Peter - Nassau, P146, R95, D54, H54
WESTRA, Peter - Welcome, P230, R88, D112, H112
WESTRA, Johanna - Welcome, P230, R89, D112, H112
WESTRA, Dora H. - Welcome, P230, R90, D112, H112
WESTRA, Fannie - Welcome, P230, R91, D112, H112
WESTRA, John - Welcome, P230, R92, D112, H112
WESTRA, Maggie - West Branch, P239, R71, D163, H165
WETHERLY, Isaac A. - Rock, P184, R1, D168, H175
WETHERLY, Chas E, - Rock, P184, R2, D168, H175
WEYERS, Anthony - Capel, P15, R52, D49, H49
WEYERS, Dick - Capel, P15, R53, D49, H49
WHALEN, Celia - Lincoln, P121, R45, D238, H242
WHALEN, Thomas - Lincoln, P121, R46, D238, H242
WHALEN, James - Lincoln, P121, R47, D238, H242
WHALEN, L???les - Logan, P127, R84, D62, H72
WHALEN, Lois A. - Logan, P127, R85, D62, H72
WHALEN, Ray - Washington, P139, R7, D282, H295
WHEELER, Dea??? - Buncombe, P1, R98, D27, H27
WHEELER, Vina M. - Buncombe, P1, R99, D27, H27
WHEELER, Albert - Buncombe, P1, R100, D27, H27
WHEELER, Florence - Buncombe, P2, R1, D27, H27
WHEELER, Elwin D. - Buncombe, P2, R2, D27, H27
WHEELER, Grace - Buncombe, P2, R3, D27, H27
WHEELER, Ralph - Buncombe, P2, R4, D27, H27
WHEELER, Francis M. - Buncombe, P3, R25, D61, H61
WHEELER, Laura A. - Buncombe, P3, R26, D61, H61
WHEELER, Edward - Buncombe, P3, R27, D61, H61
WHEELER, Harry - Buncombe, P7, R7, D144, H144
WHEELER, D. A. - Center, P38, R39, D165, H165
WHEELER, Reppa - Center, P38, R40, D165, H165
WHEELER, J. W. - Center, P38, R41, D165, H165
WHEELER, Alfred L. - Center, P38, R42, D165, H165
WHEELER, Delbert - Center, P38, R43, D165, H165
WHEELER, Mabel - Center, P38, R44, D165, H165
WHEELER, Nellie - Center, P38, R45, D165, H165
WHEELER, Edna - Center, P38, R46, D165, H165
WHEELER, Melvin - Center, P38, R47, D165, H165
WHEELER, W. A. - Center, P38, R68, D169, H169
WHEELER, Samuel - Garfield, P69, R10, D77, H78
WHEELER, William - Logan, P128, R19, D68, H78
WHEELER, Ruben Terry - Reading, P167, R71, D91, H92
WHEELER, Alice M. - Reading, P167, R72, D91, H92
WHEELER, Elsie May - Reading, P167, R73, D91, H92
WHEELER, Clarence Leo - Reading, P167, R74, D91, H92
WHEELER, Blanche Lolah - Reading, P167, R75, D91, H92
WHEELER, Bernise Rose - Reading, P167, R76, D91, H92
WHEELR, Oliver - Rock, P189, R12, D256, H263
WHEILAND, George C. - Buncombe, P6, R18, D124, H124
WHEILAND, Georgianna - Buncombe, P6, R19, D124, H124
WHEILAND, Minnie M. C. - Buncombe, P6, R20, D124, H124

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