1900 Iowa Census Index

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R?? to RIT - ROA to RYS


Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

RO?, Th? - Settler, P202, R13, D138, H139
RO?, Agn - Settler, P202, R14, D138, H139
RO?, Marion - Settler, P202, R15, D138, H139
ROANTREE, Robert - Rock, P178, R1, D40, H43
ROANTREE, Essie - Rock, P178, R2, D40, H43
ROANTREE, Ava - Rock, P178, R3, D40, H43
ROANTREE, Robert - Rock, P178, R4, D40, H43
ROANTREE, Fred - Rock, P178, R5, D40, H43
ROANTREE, Peter - Rock, P178, R6, D40, H43
ROBB, Albert - Washington, P138, R52, D272, H285
ROBB, Hattie B. - Washington, P138, R53, D272, H285
ROBENS, Franc - Logan, P133, R53, D179, H192
ROBERTS, Anna - Buncombe, P1, R64, D17, H17
ROBERTS, Joseph - Rock, P176, R8, D2, H2
ROBERTS, Catherine - Rock, P176, R9, D2, H2
ROBERTS, Cora G. - Rock, P176, R10, D2, H2
ROBERTS, Edna S. - Rock, P176, R11, D2, H2
ROBERTS, Grant - Rock, P176, R12, D2, H3
ROBERTS, Gertrude M. - Rock, P176, R13, D2, H3
ROBERTS, Art A. - Rock, P181, R57, D113, H119
ROBERTS, Stella - Rock, P181, R58, D113, H119
ROBERTS, Oileen - Rock, P181, R59, D113, H119
ROBERTS, Ruby - Rock, P185, R81, D205, H212
ROBERTSON, William C. - Logan, P136, R54, D228, H241
ROBERTSON, Eugeina E. - Logan, P136, R55, D228, H241
ROBERTSON, William E. - Logan, P136, R56, D228, H241
ROBERTSON, Cyrus - Sheridan, P204, R73, D36, H36
ROBERTSON, Eva B. - Sheridan, P204, R74, D36, H36
ROBEY, Edgar W. - Orange City, P99, R76, D101, H103
ROBEY, Tryntje - Orange City, P99, R77, D101, H103
ROBEY, Carrie M. - Orange City, P99, R78, D101, H103
ROBEY, Charles H. - Orange City, P99, R79, D101, H103
ROBIN, Harry - Sioux, P196, R74, D63, H63
ROBINET, John - Lynn, P25, R97, D216, H216
ROBINET, Annie - Lynn, P25, R98, D216, H216
ROBINET, Annie - Lynn, P25, R99, D216, H216
ROBINET, Susan - Lynn, P25, R100, D216, H216
ROBINET, Antone - Lynn, P26, R1, D216, H216
ROBINET, Antonette - Lynn, P26, R2, D216, H216
ROBINET, Susana - Lynn, P26, R3, D216, H216
ROBSON, William A. - Logan, P131, R67, D140, H153
ROBSON, Rosa B. - Logan, P131, R68, D140, H153
ROBSON, Mattie B. - Logan, P131, R69, D140, H153
ROBY, Catherine - Buncombe, P8, R39, D178, H178
ROBY, Joseph - Buncombe, P8, R40, D178, H178
ROBY, Edmond H. - Buncombe, P8, R41, D178, H178
ROCK, Ambrous - Holland, P92, R40, D134, H134
RODENBORE, John - Reading, P172, R27, D185, H187
RODENBORE, Anna - Reading, P172, R28, D185, H187
RODENBORE, Nicholas - Reading, P172, R29, D185, H187
RODENBORE, John - Reading, P172, R30, D185, H187
RODENBORE, Susie - Reading, P172, R31, D185, H187
RODENBORE, Theresa - Reading, P172, R32, D185, H187
RODENBORE, Amelia - Reading, P172, R33, D185, H187
ROEDER, Micheal - East Orange, P41, R47, D10, H10
ROEDER, Catherine - East Orange, P41, R48, D10, H10
ROEDER, John ?. - East Orange, P41, R49, D10, H10
ROEDER, Mary - East Orange, P41, R50, D10, H10
ROEDER, Lena - East Orange, P41, R51, D10, H10
ROEDER, Mathias - East Orange, P41, R52, D10, H10
ROEDER, Alegoins - East Orange, P49, R23, D125, H127
ROEDER, George - Logan, P135, R56, D210, H223
ROEFER, Geo - Lincoln, P119, R78, D203, H207
ROELFS, John - Holland, P85, R51, D9, H9
ROELFS, Jan - Nassau, P146, R47, D47, H47
ROELFS, Martha - Nassau, P146, R48, D47, H47
ROELFS, Eve C. - Nassau, P146, R49, D47, H47
ROELFS, Gertie - Nassau, P146, R50, D47, H47
ROELFS, Jennie - Nassau, P146, R51, D47, H47
ROELFS, Evert ? E. - Nassau, P146, R52, D47, H47
ROELFS, ??? - Nassau, P146, R53, D47, H47
ROELFS, John - Sheridan, P205, R40, D55, H55
ROELFS, Lizzie - Sheridan, P205, R41, D55, H55
ROELOFF, Albert - Rock, P184, R17, D172, H179
ROELOFF, Anna - Rock, P184, R18, D172, H179
ROELOFFS, Henry - West Branch, P242, R27, D203, H205
ROELOFS, Dirk - Grant, P80, R56, D63, H64
ROELOFS, Rena - West Branch, P239, R75, D165, H167
ROELOFSON, Carl P. G. - Orange City, P96, R52, D29, H30
ROELOFSON, Hendrika - Orange City, P96, R53, D29, H30
ROELOFSON, Lyda - Orange City, P96, R54, D29, H30
ROELOFSON, Hattie J. - Orange City, P96, R55, D29, H30
ROELOFSON, Johanna G. - Orange City, P96, R56, D29, H30
ROELOFSON, Effie C. - Nassau, P152, R16, D157, H158
ROEPER, Henry - Logan, P127, R91, D64, H74
ROEPER, Mary - Logan, P127, R92, D64, H74
ROEPER, Mary - Logan, P127, R93, D64, H74
ROEPER, Anna - Logan, P127, R94, D64, H74
ROEPER, Anton - Logan, P127, R95, D64, H74
ROEPER, Louise - Logan, P127, R96, D64, H74
ROESMA, Ren - Capel, P19, R52, D110, H110
ROESSELMNA, ? - Capel, P13, R12, D3, H3
ROETMAN, Lambert - Floyd, P52, R4, D2, H2
ROETMAN, Jentje - Floyd, P52, R5, D2, H2
ROETMAN, Gerrit - Floyd, P52, R6, D2, H2
ROETMAN, Jane - Floyd, P56, R14, D92, H94
ROETMAN, Florence - Floyd, P56, R15, D92, H94
ROETMAN, Annie - Floyd, P56, R16, D92, H94
ROETMAN, Mary - Floyd, P56, R17, D92, H94
ROETMAN, Gerrit - Orange City, P97, R81, D57, H58
ROETMAN, Mary C. - Orange City, P97, R82, D57, H58
ROETMAN, Swier - Orange City, P97, R83, D57, H58
ROETMAN, Gertie - Orange City, P97, R84, D57, H58
ROETMAN, Jennie - Orange City, P97, R85, D57, H58
ROETMAN, Tieman - Lincoln, P119, R99, D208, H211
ROETMAN, Aaltje - Lincoln, P119, R100, D208, H211
ROETMAN, Aaltje - Lincoln, P120, R1, D208, H211
ROETMAN, Gerrit - Lincoln, P120, R2, D208, H211
ROETMAN, Frank - Lincoln, P120, R3, D208, H211
ROETMAN, Marrines - Lincoln, P120, R4, D208, H211
ROETMAN, Dick - Lincoln, P120, R5, D208, H211
ROETMAN, Grieje - Lincoln, P120, R6, D208, H211
ROETMAN, John - Rock, P190, R16, D273, H280
ROETMAN, Kate - Rock, P190, R17, D273, H280
ROETMAN, Grace - Rock, P190, R18, D273, H280
ROETMAN, Jennie - Rock, P190, R19, D273, H280
ROETMAN, Gerrett - Rock, P190, R20, D273, H280
ROETMAN, Frank - Rock, P190, R21, D273, H280
ROETMAN, Maggie - Rock, P190, R22, D273, H280
ROETMAN, Grace - Rock, P190, R23, D273, H280
ROETMAN, Henry - Rock, P190, R30, D275, H282
ROETMAN, Gertrude - Rock, P190, R31, D275, H282
ROGERS, George Anders - Reading, P169, R58, D139, H140
ROGERS, Isabella - Reading, P169, R59, D139, H140
ROGERS, Burtren Warren - Reading, P169, R60, D139, H140
ROGERS, Everett Andrew - Reading, P169, R61, D139, H140
ROGERS, Bertha Isabela - Reading, P169, R62, D139, H140
ROGERS, Ethel May - Reading, P169, R63, D139, H140
ROGERS, Walter - Reading, P174, R98, D231, H233
ROGERS, Ethel - Rock, P182, R45, D133, H140
ROGERS, Arthur H. - Sherman, P215, R96, D52, H52
ROGERS, Anna L. - Sherman, P215, R97, D52, H52
ROGGEN, John - Nassau, P158, R33, D254, H257
ROGGEN, A. - Welcome, P225, R43, D26, H26
ROGGEN, Alada - Welcome, P225, R44, D26, H26
ROGGEN, Ella - Welcome, P225, R45, D26, H26
ROGGEN, Cornelius - Welcome, P225, R46, D26, H26
ROGGEN, Katie - Welcome, P225, R47, D26, H26
ROGGEN, John - Welcome, P225, R48, D26, H26
ROGGEN, Marg - Welcome, P225, R49, D26, H26
ROGGEN, Tillie - Welcome, P225, R50, D26, H26
ROGGEN, James - Welcome, P225, R51, D27, H27
ROGGEN, Hattie - Welcome, P225, R52, D27, H27
ROGGMARIN, Wm. - Lincoln, P121, R48, D239, H243
ROGGMARIN, Cris - Lincoln, P121, R49, D239, H243
ROGGMARIN, Dora - Lincoln, P121, R50, D239, H243
ROGGMARIN, Annie - Lincoln, P121, R51, D239, H243
ROGHAIR, Nicholas - Holland, P86, R25, D23, H23
ROGHAIR, Christina - Holland, P86, R26, D23, H23
ROGHAIR, John J. - Holland, P86, R27, D23, H23
ROGHAIR, Gertie - Holland, P86, R28, D23, H23
ROGHAIR, Christina - Holland, P86, R29, D23, H23
ROGHAIR, Nicholas - Holland, P86, R30, D23, H23
ROGHAIR, Ha??trise J. - Holland, P86, R31, D23, H23
ROGHAIR, Johana - Sherman, P222, R14, D157, H157
ROGHAIR, Jacoba - Sherman, P222, R15, D157, H157
ROGHAIR, Johana - Sherman, P222, R16, D157, H157
ROGHAIR, Nick - Sherman, P222, R17, D157, H157
ROGHAIR, Hendrieka - Sherman, P222, R18, D157, H157
ROGHAIR, Louisa - Sherman, P222, R19, D157, H157
ROGHAIR, Garret - Sherman, P222, R20, D157, H157
ROGHAIR, Mary - Sherman, P222, R21, D157, H157
ROGHAIR, Henry - Sherman, P222, R22, D157, H157
ROGHAIR, Johanna - Sherman, P222, R23, D157, H157
ROGHAIR, John - Sherman, P222, R25, D158, H158
ROGHAIR, Trintji - Sherman, P222, R26, D158, H158
ROGHAIR, Garret - Sherman, P222, R27, D158, H158
ROGHAR, Evert J. - West Branch, P244, R21, D233, H235
ROGHAR, Hentje - West Branch, P244, R22, D233, H235
ROGHAR, Henry - West Branch, P244, R23, D233, H235
ROGHAR, Jennie - West Branch, P244, R24, D233, H235
ROGHAR, Gertie - West Branch, P244, R25, D233, H235
ROGHAR, Jacob - West Branch, P244, R26, D233, H235
ROGHAR, Evert - West Branch, P244, R27, D233, H235
ROHDE, John - Sheridan, P209, R21, D130, H130
ROHDE, Emma - Sheridan, P209, R22, D130, H130
ROHDE, Peter H. - Sheridan, P209, R23, D130, H130
ROHDE, Mary - Sheridan, P209, R24, D130, H130
ROHENKOH, John A. - Logan, P128, R81, D82, H93
ROHENKOH, Amelia A. - Logan, P128, R82, D82, H93
ROHLFS, John - Capel, P20, R42, D125, H125
ROHLFS, Lena - Capel, P20, R43, D125, H125
ROHLFS, Johnny - Capel, P20, R44, D125, H125
ROHLFS, Henry - Capel, P20, R45, D125, H125
ROISMA, Sjerk - Floyd, P52, R93, D21, H21
ROLFS, R. - Lynn, P21, R18, D140, H140
ROLFS, Lopena - Lynn, P21, R19, D140, H140
ROLFS, Je???a - Lynn, P21, R20, D140, H140
ROLFS, Elsie - Lynn, P21, R21, D140, H140
ROLFS, Johnny - Lynn, P21, R22, D140, H140
ROLLINGS, William - Garfield, P68, R41, D67, H67
ROLLINGS, Emma - Garfield, P68, R42, D67, H67
ROLLINGS, Sidney - Garfield, P68, R43, D67, H67
ROLLINGS, Leona P. - Garfield, P68, R44, D67, H67
ROLLINGS, Thomas E. - Garfield, P68, R45, D67, H67
ROMAN/ROMAIN, John - Buncombe, P1, R94, D25, H25
ROMAN/ROMAIN, Anna M. - Buncombe, P1, R95, D25, H25
ROMBERG, Roelf - Nassau, P146, R58, D49, H49
ROMBERG, ??? - Nassau, P146, R59, D49, H49
ROMBERG, Roelf - Nassau, P146, R60, D49, H49
ROMBERG, Roef?je - Nassau, P146, R61, D49, H49
ROMBERG, Henry - Nassau, P146, R62, D49, H49
ROMBERG, Margje - Nassau, P146, R63, D49, H49
ROMBERG, Hendrike - Nassau, P146, R64, D49, H49
ROMBOUGH, Nelson - Lincoln, P111, R61, D35, H37
ROMBOUGH, Maggie - Lincoln, P111, R62, D35, H37
ROMBOUGH, Wm. - Lincoln, P112, R53, D57, H59
ROMBOUGH, Mary - Lincoln, P112, R54, D57, H59
ROMBOUGH, Harry M. - Lincoln, P112, R55, D57, H59
ROMIG, Gust - Lynn, P22, R94, D171, H171
ROMIG, Kate - Lynn, P22, R95, D171, H171
ROMIG, Clarence - Lynn, P22, R96, D171, H171
ROMIG, Simeon E. - Lincoln, P112, R84, D65, H67
ROMIG, Nellie - Lincoln, P112, R85, D65, H67
ROMINA, Peter - Buncombe, P1, R65, D17, H17
RONSIEK, August - Washington, P140, R55, D311, H324
RONSIEK, Kate - Washington, P140, R56, D311, H324
RONSIEK, Lena B. M. - Washington, P140, R57, D311, H324
RONSIEK, Henry A. - Washington, P140, R58, D311, H324
RONSIEK, Fred - Washington, P140, R59, D311, H324
ROOD, Michael - Capel, P16, R18, D58, H58
ROORDA, Hetssel - Plato, P74, R98, D156, H157
ROORDA, Rena - Plato, P74, R99, D156, H157
ROORDA, Sytze - Plato, P74, R100, D156, H157
ROORDA, Emma - Plato, P75, R1, D156, H157
ROORDA, Delmer - Plato, P75, R2, D156, H157
ROORDA, Bessie - Plato, P75, R3, D156, H157
ROORDA, Spencer - Plato, P75, R4, D156, H157
ROORDA, Alvin - Plato, P75, R5, D156, H157
ROOS, Arie - Lynn, P26, R65, D225, H225
ROOS, Jane - Lynn, P26, R66, D225, H225
ROOS, Dirk - Lynn, P26, R67, D225, H225
ROOS, Tillie - Lynn, P26, R68, D225, H225
ROOS, Gerrit - Lynn, P26, R69, D225, H225
ROOS, Jake - Lynn, P26, R70, D225, H225
ROOS, Jessie - Lynn, P26, R71, D225, H225
ROOS, Mattie - Lynn, P26, R72, D225, H225
ROOS, Annie - Lynn, P26, R73, D225, H225
ROOS, Ed - Floyd, P60, R91, D172, H174
ROOS, Dena - Floyd, P60, R92, D172, H174
ROOS, Dirk - Floyd, P60, R93, D172, H174
ROOS, Peter - Floyd, P60, R94, D172, H174
ROOS, Jaspke - Floyd, P60, R95, D172, H174
ROOS, Dirk - Floyd, P60, R96, D172, H174
ROOS, Dick - Holland, P87, R85, D49, H49
ROOS, Jane - Holland, P87, R86, D49, H49
ROOS, Gertie - Holland, P87, R87, D49, H49
ROOS, Arend - Lincoln, P111, R36, D27, H29
ROOS, Maggie - Lincoln, P111, R37, D27, H29
ROOS, Jantja - Lincoln, P111, R38, D27, H29
ROOS, Jacob - Lincoln, P121, R65, D242, H246
ROOS, Jacob A. - Lincoln, P121, R66, D242, H246
ROOS, Kate - Lincoln, P121, R67, D242, H246
ROOS, Bestiaan - Sherman, P214, R25, D9, H9
ROOS, Katie - Sherman, P214, R26, D9, H9
ROOS, Andrew - West Branch, P243, R73, D227, H229
ROOS, Alte - West Branch, P243, R74, D227, H229
ROOS, Mary - West Branch, P243, R75, D227, H229
ROOS, Kate - West Branch, P243, R76, D227, H229
ROOS, Cornelius - West Branch, P243, R77, D227, H229
ROOS, Winnie - West Branch, P243, R78, D227, H229
ROOS, John - West Branch, P243, R79, D227, H229
ROOS, Jantje - West Branch, P243, R80, D227, H229
ROOT, Matilda A. - Buncombe, P4, R54, D90, H90
ROOYSTRA, Wm. - Welcome, P228, R23, D74, H74
ROOYSTRA, Johanna - Welcome, P228, R24, D74, H74
ROOYSTRA, Pietjie - Welcome, P228, R25, D74, H74
ROOYSTRA, Wietske - Welcome, P228, R26, D74, H74
ROPE, John - Buncombe, P7, R13, D146, H146
ROPE, Elizabeth A. - Buncombe, P7, R14, D146, H146
ROPE, Daisy G. - Buncombe, P7, R15, D146, H146
ROSENBERG, Jan - Holland, P93, R80, D163, H163
ROSENBERG, Kate - Holland, P93, R81, D163, H163
ROSENBERG, Jelle - Holland, P93, R82, D163, H163
ROSENBOOM, Henry - Sheridan, P210, R43, D153, H153
ROSENBOOM, Martha - Sheridan, P210, R44, D153, H153
ROSENBOOM, Ella - Sheridan, P210, R45, D153, H153
ROSENBOOM, Henry - Sheridan, P210, R46, D153, H153
ROSENBOOM, Martin - Sheridan, P210, R47, D153, H153
ROSENBOOM, Mannie - Sheridan, P210, R48, D153, H153
ROSENBOOM, John - Sheridan, P210, R49, D153, H153
ROSENBOOM, Andrew - Sheridan, P210, R50, D153, H153
ROSENBOOM, Henrietta - Sheridan, P210, R51, D153, H153
ROSENBOOM, Raymond - Sheridan, P210, R52, D153, H153
ROSENDALL, Andrew - Rock, P187, R89, D236, H243
ROSIER, Thomas, Sr. - Settler, P201, R12, D122, H122
ROSIER, H N. - Settler, P201, R13, D122, H122
ROSIER, Arthur J. - Settler, P201, R14, D122, H122
ROSIER, Mabel H. - Settler, P201, R15, D122, H122
ROSIER, Harold - Settler, P201, R16, D122, H122
ROSIER, Thomas, Jr. - Settler, P201, R17, D123, H123
ROSIER, Be - Settler, P201, R18, D123, H123
ROSIER, L - Settler, P201, R19, D123, H123
ROSKAM, Charlie - Grant, P83, R7, D108, H109
ROSKAM, Katherine - Grant, P83, R8, D108, H109
ROSKAM, Albert - Grant, P83, R9, D108, H109
ROSKAM, John - Grant, P83, R10, D108, H109
ROSKAM, Leonard - Grant, P83, R11, D108, H109
ROSKAMP, John - Sheridan, P206, R33, D77, H77
ROSS, James - Floyd, P64, R85, D239, H241
ROSS, Walter - Floyd, P64, R86, D239, H241
ROSS, Chas. - Lincoln, P122, R65, D262, H266
ROSS, Cora - Lincoln, P122, R66, D262, H266
ROSS, Ivan - Lincoln, P122, R67, D262, H266
ROSS, Irwin - Lincoln, P122, R68, D262, H266
ROSS, Pearl - Lincoln, P124, R23, D291, H296
ROSS, Geo G. - Lincoln, P124, R30, D293, H298
ROSS, Emma J. - Lincoln, P124, R31, D293, H298
ROSS, Edwin - Lincoln, P124, R32, D293, H298
ROSS, Floyd - Lincoln, P124, R33, D293, H298
ROSS, Elizabeth - Logan, P125, R38, D9, H9
ROSS, William H. - Logan, P127, R6, D47, H52
ROSS, Lorenia I. - Logan, P127, R7, D47, H52
ROSS, Granville - Logan, P127, R8, D47, H52
ROSS, Claudius B. - Logan, P131, R62, D139, H152
ROSS, Permelia A. - Logan, P131, R63, D139, H152
ROSS, Marie A. - Logan, P131, R64, D139, H152
ROSS, Musa P. - Logan, P131, R65, D139, H152
ROSS, Merton - Logan, P131, R66, D139, H152
ROSS, James - Logan, P137, R22, D246, H258
ROSS, Margaret J. - Logan, P137, R23, D246, H258
ROSS, Jesse - Rock, P182, R4, D123, H129
ROSS, Francis - Rock, P182, R5, D123, H129
ROSS, Clarence - Rock, P182, R6, D123, H129
ROSS, Walter - Rock, P182, R7, D123, H129
ROSSUM, Even - Garfield, P68, R17, D63, H63
ROSSUM, Anna - Garfield, P68, R18, D63, H63
ROSSUM, Christ. E. - Garfield, P68, R19, D63, H63
ROSSUM, Anna M. - Garfield, P68, R20, D63, H63
ROTE, - Settler, P200, R56, D112, H112
ROTE, - Settler, P200, R57, D112, H112
ROTE, Martha E. - Settler, P200, R58, D112, H112
ROTE, - Settler, P200, R59, D112, H112
ROTE, Cora Irene - Settler, P200, R60, D112, H112
ROUNDS, Herbert - Rock, P182, R46, D134, H141
ROUNDS, Jennie - Rock, P182, R47, D134, H141
ROUNDS, Arvich - Rock, P182, R48, D134, H141
ROUNDS, Elden - Rock, P182, R49, D134, H141
ROUNDY, George W. - Eagle, P34, R20, D94, H94
ROUNDY, Nancy - Eagle, P34, R21, D94, H94
ROUNDY, Leroy R. - Eagle, P34, R22, D94, H94
ROUNDY, Guy E. - Eagle, P34, R23, D94, H94
ROUNDY, Mabel - Eagle, P34, R24, D94, H94
ROUNDY, Clarence - Eagle, P34, R25, D94, H94
ROUNDY, Alice - Eagle, P34, R26, D94, H94
ROUWENHORST, H. - Sheridan, P207, R93, D106, H106
ROUWENHORST, Nellie - Sheridan, P207, R94, D106, H106
ROUWENHORST, Lena - Sheridan, P207, R95, D106, H106
ROUWENHORST, John - Sheridan, P207, R96, D106, H106
ROUWENHORST, Otto - Sheridan, P207, R97, D106, H106
ROUWENHORST, Wm. - Sheridan, P207, R98, D106, H106
ROUWENHORST, Albert - Sheridan, P207, R99, D106, H106
ROUWENHORST, Christian - Sheridan, P207, R100, D106, H106
ROUWENHORST, Nettie - Sheridan, P208, R1, D106, H106
ROUWENHORST, Cristina - Sheridan, P208, R2, D106, H106
ROUWENHORST, Margret - Sheridan, P208, R3, D106, H106
ROUWENHORST, Nicholas - Sheridan, P208, R4, D106, H106
ROUWENHORST, Baby - Sheridan, P208, R5, D106, H106
ROWE, John - Lincoln, P114, R79, D110, H113
ROWE, Mary - Lincoln, P114, R80, D110, H113
ROWE, Henry - Lincoln, P122, R99, D268, H273
ROWE, Anna - Lincoln, P122, R100, D268, H273
ROWE, Lucele - Lincoln, P123, R1, D268, H273
ROWE, Beula - Lincoln, P123, R2, D268, H273
ROWE, Baby - Lincoln, P123, R3, D268, H273
ROWE, William E. - Logan, P126, R30, D29, H32
ROWE, Ellen - Logan, P126, R31, D29, H32
ROWENHORST, Wm. - Holland, P86, R12, D19, H19
ROWENHORST, Albert - Holland, P88, R37, D60, H60
ROWENHORST, Christina - Holland, P88, R38, D60, H60
ROWENHORST, Johannah - Holland, P88, R39, D60, H60
ROWENHORST, Henry - Holland, P88, R51, D65, H65
ROWENHORST, Wilhelmia - Holland, P88, R52, D65, H65
ROWENHORST, Christina - Holland, P88, R53, D65, H65
ROWENHORST, Jennie - Holland, P88, R54, D65, H65
ROWENHORST, Annie - Holland, P88, R55, D65, H65
ROWENHORST, Herman - Holland, P88, R56, D65, H65
ROWENHORST, Otto - Holland, P88, R57, D65, H65
ROWENHORST, Marinus - Holland, P92, R98, D144, H144
ROWENHORST, Maggie - Holland, P92, R99, D144, H144
ROWENHORST, Catherine - Holland, P92, R100, D144, H144
ROWENHORST, Christina - Holland, P93, R1, D144, H144
ROWENHORST, Ottolena - Holland, P93, R2, D144, H144
ROWENHORST, Otto - Holland, P94, R55, D179, H179
ROWLEY, Brainard L. - Logan, P126, R71, D38, H42
ROWLEY, Ida C. - Logan, P126, R72, D38, H42
ROWLEY, ?uburt E. - Logan, P126, R73, D38, H42
ROWLEY, Charles H. - Logan, P126, R74, D38, H42
ROWLEY, Fred K. - Logan, P126, R75, D38, H42
ROWLEY, Harry W. - Logan, P126, R76, D38, H42
ROZEBOOM, Rejer - Orange City, P103, R67, D183, H186
ROZEBOOM, Hattie - Orange City, P103, R68, D183, H186
ROZEBOOM, William - Orange City, P106, R55, D248, H252
ROZEBOOM, Antoinette - Orange City, P106, R56, D248, H252
ROZEBOOM, Jacoba M. - Orange City, P106, R57, D248, H252
ROZEBOOM, Henry - Orange City, P106, R58, D248, H252
ROZEBOOM, Gertie - Orange City, P106, R59, D248, H252
ROZEBOOM, Kornie - Orange City, P106, R60, D248, H252
ROZEBOOM, Willie - Orange City, P106, R61, D248, H252
ROZEBOOM, Nettie - Orange City, P106, R62, D248, H252
ROZEBOOM, Bennie - Orange City, P106, R63, D248, H252
ROZEBOOM, Helen - Orange City, P106, R64, D248, H252
ROZEBOOM, John, Sr. - Welcome, P229, R22, D90, H90
ROZEBOOM, Jane - Welcome, P229, R23, D90, H90
ROZEBOOM, Maggie - Welcome, P229, R24, D90, H90
ROZEBOOM, Henry - Welcome, P229, R25, D90, H90
ROZEBOOM, Garret - Welcome, P229, R26, D90, H90
ROZEBOOM, Johanna - Welcome, P229, R27, D90, H90
ROZEBOOM, Cornelius - Welcome, P229, R28, D90, H90
ROZEBOOM, Richard - Welcome, P229, R29, D90, H90
ROZEBOOM, Lamert - Welcome, P231, R8, D115, H115
ROZEBOOM, Maria B. - Welcome, P231, R9, D115, H115
ROZEBOOM, John L. - Welcome, P231, R10, D115, H115
ROZEBOOM, Jana M. - Welcome, P231, R11, D115, H115
ROZEBOOM, Heremena - Welcome, P231, R12, D115, H115
ROZEBOOM, Lamert - Welcome, P231, R13, D115, H115
ROZEBOOM, John - Welcome, P231, R33, D120, H120
ROZEBOOM, Aaltjie - Welcome, P231, R34, D120, H120
ROZEBOOM, John - Welcome, P231, R35, D120, H120
ROZEBOOM, Willimena - Welcome, P231, R36, D120, H120
ROZEBOOM, Heremina - Welcome, P231, R37, D120, H120
ROZEBOOM, Eibertjie J. - Welcome, P231, R38, D120, H120
ROZEBOON, Bertha - West Branch, P240, R33, D172, H174
ROZEBOON, Aartje - West Branch, P240, R34, D172, H174
ROZEBOON, Johanna H. - West Branch, P240, R35, D172, H174
ROZEBOON, Hermina J. - West Branch, P240, R36, D172, H174
ROZELL, ?? L. - Buncombe, P1, R30, D8, H8
ROZELL, M??? E, - Buncombe, P1, R31, D8, H8
ROZEN, Karl H. H. - Orange City, P99, R15, D86, H88
ROZEN, Rookje - Orange City, P99, R16, D86, H88
ROZEN, Johanna K. M/ - Orange City, P99, R17, D86, H88
ROZENBOOM, Edward - Nassau, P150, R8, D114, H115
ROZENBOOM, Clara - Nassau, P150, R9, D114, H115
ROZENBOOM, Mary - Nassau, P150, R10, D114, H115
ROZENBOOM, Gerrit - Nassau, P150, R13, D116, H117
ROZENBOOM, Willimpie - Nassau, P150, R14, D116, H117
ROZENBOOM, William - Nassau, P150, R15, D116, H117
ROZENBOOM, Artie - Nassau, P150, R16, D116, H117
ROZENBOOM, Gerritie - Nassau, P150, R17, D116, H117
RUBY, Chancy B. - Lincoln, P118, R32, D180, H184
RUBY, Mary - Lincoln, P118, R33, D180, H184
RUBY, Alvie - Lincoln, P118, R34, D180, H184
RUBY, Lottie - Lincoln, P118, R35, D180, H184
RUBY, Gladys - Lincoln, P118, R36, D180, H184
RUBY, Beulah - Lincoln, P118, R37, D180, H184
RUDD, Silas - Rock, P180, R40, D89, H93
RUDD, Lizzie - Rock, P180, R41, D89, H93
RUDD, Irene - Rock, P180, R42, D89, H93
RUDE, A - Settler, P201, R59, D130, H131
RUDE, G - Settler, P201, R60, D130, H131
RUDE, Gilbert L. - Settler, P201, R61, D130, H131
RUDOLPH, Hans - Eagle, P33, R97, D90, H90
RUELINK, Derk - Nassau, P162, R86, D333, H336
RUELINK, Nancy S. - Nassau, P162, R87, D333, H336
RUELINK, John W. - Nassau, P162, R88, D333, H336
RUELINK, Crissie - Nassau, P162, R89, D333, H336
RUELINK, Sophia - Nassau, P162, R90, D333, H336
RUELINK, Minnie - Nassau, P162, R91, D333, H336
RUELINK, Derk - Nassau, P162, R92, D333, H336
RUELINK, Benjamin - Nassau, P162, R93, D333, H336
RUELINK, Nancy - Nassau, P162, R94, D333, H336
RUELINK, Ettie - Nassau, P162, R95, D333, H336
RUISCH, Dick - Nassau, P154, R91, D200, H202
RUISCH, Annie S. - Nassau, P154, R92, D200, H202
RUISCH, Gerrit - Nassau, P156, R54, D226, H228
RUISCH, Mary J. - Nassau, P156, R55, D226, H228
RUISCH, Edward - Nassau, P156, R56, D226, H228
RUISCH, William - Nassau, P159, R94, D286, H289
RUISCH, Jane - Nassau, P159, R95, D286, H289
RUISCH, Douwe - Nassau, P159, R96, D286, H289
RUISCH, Hattie - Nassau, P159, R97, D286, H289
RUISCH, Allie - Nassau, P159, R98, D286, H289
RUISCH, Christina - Nassau, P159, R99, D286, H289
RUISCH, Jan - Nassau, P159, R100, D286, H289
RUMMEL, Bernard - Buncombe, P6, R1, D122, H122
RUMMEL, Lizzie C. - Buncombe, P6, R2, D122, H122
RUMMEL, Maggie - Buncombe, P6, R3, D122, H122
RUMMEL, Cora P. - Buncombe, P6, R4, D122, H122
RUMMEL, ???? M. - Buncombe, P6, R5, D122, H122
RUMMEL, Lottie Bell - Buncombe, P6, R6, D122, H122
RUMMEL, Ella D. - Buncombe, P6, R7, D122, H122
RUMMEL, Harry W. - Buncombe, P6, R8, D122, H122
RUNQUIST, Nels - Nassau, P158, R86, D266, H269
RUNTE, Charles - Grant, P77, R89, D16, H16
RUNTE, Bertha - Grant, P77, R90, D16, H16
RUNTE, Ida - Grant, P77, R91, D16, H16
RUNTE, Minnie - Grant, P77, R92, D16, H16
RUNTE, Laura - Grant, P77, R93, D16, H16
RUNTE, Eddiw - Grant, P77, R94, D16, H16
RUNYAN, Gertick - Settler, P200, R15, D105, H105
RUNYAN, Addria - Settler, P200, R16, D105, H105
RUNYAN, William - Settler, P200, R17, D105, H105
RUNYAN, Dena - Settler, P200, R18, D105, H105
RUPPERT, M. Nickolas - Nassau, P158, R90, D268, H271
RUPPERT, Susan - Nassau, P158, R91, D268, H271
RUPPERT, Dora - Nassau, P158, R92, D268, H271
RUPPERT, Leo P. - Nassau, P158, R93, D268, H271
RUPPERT, Aleysious - Nassau, P158, R94, D268, H271
RUPPERT, Clara A. - Nassau, P158, R95, D268, H271
RUPPERT, Matilda - Nassau, P158, R96, D268, H271
RUPPERT, Peter D. - Nassau, P159, R90, D285, H288
RUPPERT, Albertha - Nassau, P159, R91, D285, H288
RUPPERT, Ada M. - Nassau, P159, R92, D285, H288
RUPPERT, Willard T. - Nassau, P159, R93, D285, H288
RUSH, A. N. - Buncombe, P5, R85, D119, H119
RUSH, Contie F. - Buncombe, P5, R86, D119, H119
RUSH, not named - Buncombe, P5, R87, D119, H119
RUSSELL, Obed - Lincoln, P111, R20, D24, H25
RUSSELL, May - Lincoln, P111, R21, D24, H25
RUSSELL, Edna - Lincoln, P111, R22, D24, H25
RUSSELL, Myra - Lincoln, P111, R23, D24, H25
RUTHFORD, Robt - Lincoln, P118, R88, D188, H192
RUTTAN, Samuel G. - Logan, P136, R15, D223, H236
RUTTAN, Mary A. - Logan, P136, R16, D223, H236
RUTTAN, William O. - Logan, P136, R17, D223, H236
RUTTAN, Wesley - Logan, P136, R18, D223, H236
RYAN, Cylstia - Center, P37, R18, D145, H145
RYAN, Thomas - Grant, P80, R75, D68, H69
RYAN, Margaret - Grant, P80, R76, D68, H69
RYAN, William H. - Grant, P80, R77, D68, H69
RYAN, Katherine H. - Grant, P80, R78, D68, H69
RYAN, Ellen F. - Grant, P80, R79, D68, H69
RYAN, Thomas J. - Grant, P80, R80, D68, H69
RYAN, Hanora - Grant, P80, R81, D68, H69
RYPKEMA, Dirk T. - Welcome, P230, R18, D102, H102
RYSDAM, Wynand - Nassau, P162, R52, D328, H331
RYSDAM, Gertie - Nassau, P162, R53, D328, H331

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