1900 Iowa Census Index

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R?? to RIT

Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

R???CK, Henry - Sheridan, P203, R64, D15, H15
R???CK, Katie - Sheridan, P203, R65, D15, H15
RAAK, Jerry - Orange City, P100, R79, D124, H126
RAAK, Ellen - Orange City, P100, R80, D124, H126
RAAK, Ida - Orange City, P100, R81, D124, H126
RAAK, Minnie - Orange City, P100, R82, D124, H126
RAAK, Rena - Orange City, P100, R83, D124, H126
RAAK, Gerrit - Orange City, P100, R84, D124, H126
RAAK, Edward - Orange City, P100, R85, D124, H126
RAAK, Jerry - Orange City, P100, R86, D124, H126
RAAK, Elmer - Orange City, P100, R87, D124, H126
RAAK, Geert - Nassau, P160, R44, D294, H297
RAAK, Gezina - Nassau, P160, R45, D294, H297
RAAK, Derk H. - Nassau, P160, R46, D294, H297
RAAK, Martin - Nassau, P163, R41, D343, H346
RAAK, Hendrika - Nassau, P163, R42, D343, H346
RAAK, Ida R. - Nassau, P163, R43, D343, H346
RAAK, Arie - Nassau, P163, R44, D343, H346
RAAK, Dena D. - Nassau, P163, R45, D343, H346
RAAK, Gertie - Nassau, P163, R46, D343, H346
RAAK, Gerrit - Nassau, P163, R47, D343, H346
RABE, John K. - Logan, P135, R81, D215, H228
RADKE, Christina - Garfield, P65, R7, D2, H2
RADUG, Douwe - Nassau, P152, R17, D158, H159
RADUG, Annie - Nassau, P152, R18, D158, H159
RADUG, Katie - Nassau, P152, R19, D158, H159
RADUG, Jacob - Nassau, P152, R20, D158, H159
RADUG, Peter - Nassau, P152, R21, D158, H159
RAINES, Geo - Lincoln, P115, R47, D127, H131
RAINES, Hattie - Lincoln, P115, R48, D127, H131
RAINES, George - Lincoln, P115, R49, D127, H131
RAINES, Robert - Lincoln, P115, R50, D127, H131
RAINES, Ella - Lincoln, P115, R51, D127, H131
RAINES, Ruth - Lincoln, P115, R52, D127, H131
RAINES, Vernon - Lincoln, P115, R53, D127, H131
RAKE, George D. - Reading, P164, R98, D24, H24
RAKE, Augusta Mary Dora - Reading, P164, R99, D24, H24
RAKE, Ethel Belle - Reading, P164, R100, D24, H24
RAKERS, Aart - Lynn, P22, R26, D158, H158
RAKERS, Mary - Lynn, P22, R27, D158, H158
RAKERS, Arie - Lynn, P22, R28, D158, H158
RAKERS, Tena - Lynn, P22, R29, D158, H158
RAKERS, Jennie - Lynn, P22, R30, D158, H158
RAKERS, John - Lynn, P22, R31, D158, H158
RAKERS, Mary - Lynn, P22, R32, D158, H158
RAKERS, Henry - Lynn, P22, R33, D158, H158
RAKERS, Kellie - Lynn, P22, R34, D158, H158
RAKERS, Joseph - Lynn, P22, R35, D158, H158
RALSTON, Jesse C. - Grant, P83, R69, D117, H120
RAMHORST, Frederick W. - Reading, P171, R55, D171, H173
RAMIER, Pika - Capel, P14, R39, D28, H28
RANKIN, Jason L. - Logan, P125, R67, D16, H18
RANKIN, Lillian T. - Logan, P125, R68, D16, H18
RANS, Peter - West Branch, P233, R40, D31, H32
RANS, Jantje - West Branch, P233, R41, D31, H32
RANS, William - West Branch, P233, R42, D31, H32
RANS, John - West Branch, P241, R8, D184, H186
RANS, Hattie - West Branch, P241, R9, D184, H186
RANS, Fins - West Branch, P241, R10, D184, H186
RANS, Allie - West Branch, P241, R11, D184, H186
RANS, Jane - West Branch, P241, R12, D184, H186
RANS, Garret J. - West Branch, P241, R13, D184, H186
RANS, Jane - West Branch, P241, R15, D185, H187
RANTER, Peter - Floyd, P58, R76, D129, H131
RANTER, Kate - Floyd, P58, R77, D129, H131
RANTER, Anna - Floyd, P58, R78, D129, H131
RANTER, Lena - Floyd, P58, R79, D129, H131
RANTER, Peter - Floyd, P58, R80, D129, H131
RANTER, Nick - Floyd, P58, R81, D129, H131
RANTER, Celia - Floyd, P58, R82, D129, H131
RANTER, Dorothy - Floyd, P58, R83, D129, H131
RANTER, George - Floyd, P58, R84, D129, H131
RANTER, Leo - Floyd, P58, R85, D129, H131
RASE, Eliza - Buncombe, P2, R86, D52, H52
RASH, David - Lincoln, P111, R41, D28, H30
RASTABAUGH, Eva - Sherman, P214, R49, D15, H15
RATHGEBER, Karl - Garfield, P66, R94, D35, H35
RATHGEBER, Fred - Center, P37, R89, D157, H157
RATHGEBER, Mary - Center, P37, R90, D157, H157
RATHGEBER, Louisa - Center, P37, R91, D157, H157
RATHGEBER, Sophie - Center, P37, R92, D157, H157
RATHGEBER, Charles - Center, P37, R93, D157, H157
RATHGEBER, William - Center, P37, R94, D157, H157
RATHGEBER, Pauline - Center, P37, R95, D157, H157
RATHGEBER, Freda - Center, P37, R96, D157, H157
RATHGEBER, Alma - Center, P37, R97, D157, H157
RATHGEBER, Albert - Center, P37, R98, D157, H157

RATLIFF, Luther - Sherman, P216, R78, D70, H70
RATLIFF, (female) - Sherman, P216, R79, D70, H70
RAVESTYN, Johny - Holland, P89, R1, D72, H72
RAVESTYN, Nellie - Holland, P89, R2, D72, H72
RAVESTYN, Willie - Holland, P89, R3, D72, H72
RAY, Mary E. - Lincoln, P111, R19, D24, H25
REDMOND, Sam - Rock, P177, R75, D34, H37
REDMOND, Charloleett - Rock, P177, R76, D34, H37
REDMOND, Cora - Rock, P177, R77, D34, H37
REDMOND, Gracie - Rock, P177, R78, D34, H37
REECE, Sue H. - Orange City, P99, R62, D98, H100
REED, John C. - Buncombe, P6, R86, D139, H139
REED, Eva - Buncombe, P6, R87, D139, H139
REED, Elmer - Buncombe, P6, R88, D139, H139
REEKER, Henry - Welcome, P226, R70, D47, H47
REEKER, Jennie - Welcome, P226, R71, D47, H47
REEKERS, Jan - Nassau, P162, R35, D325, H328
REEKERS, Marijie - Nassau, P162, R36, D325, H328
REEKERS, Gertie - Nassau, P162, R37, D325, H328
REEKERS, Arie - Nassau, P162, R38, D325, H328
REEKERS, Jennie - Nassau, P162, R39, D325, H328
REEKERS, Janet - Nassau, P162, R40, D325, H328
REEKERS, Mary - Nassau, P162, R41, D325, H328
REEKERS, Aartie - Nassau, P162, R42, D325, H328
REEKERS, Hattie - Nassau, P162, R43, D325, H328
REEKERS, Jan - Nassau, P162, R44, D325, H328
REEVES, Andrew D. - Nassau, P144, R56, D8, H8
REEVES, Anij??e - Nassau, P144, R57, D8, H8
REEVES, Frank - Nassau, P144, R58, D8, H8
REEVES, James - Nassau, P144, R59, D8, H8
REEVES, Maggie - Nassau, P144, R60, D8, H8
REEVES, Elizabeth Ann - Reading, P165, R43, D34, H34
REEVES, Howard - Sherman, P219, R82, D119, H119
REGAN, William - Sioux, P196, R3, D52, H52
REGENBERG, Augusta - Grant, P78, R35, D27, H27
REGENBERG, Herman - Grant, P78, R36, D27, H27
REGENBERG, Mary - Grant, P78, R37, D27, H27
REGENBERG, Henry - Grant, P80, R86, D69, H70
REHBERG, Clarence - Capel, P19, R87, D116, H116
REHBERG, Hannah - Capel, P19, R88, D116, H116
REHBERG, Evalina - Capel, P19, R89, D116, H116
REHBERG, Johnny - Capel, P19, R90, D116, H116
REHBERG, Hery - Sheridan, P211, R83, D177, H177
REHBERG, Anna - Sheridan, P211, R84, D177, H177
REHBERG, Dora - Sheridan, P211, R85, D177, H177
REHBERG, Mary - Sheridan, P211, R86, D177, H177
REHBERGER, Marie A. - Logan, P136, R23, D224, H237
REHBERGER, Henry P. - Logan, P137, R15, D245, H258
REHBERGER, Weltje A. - Logan, P137, R16, D245, H258
REHBERGER, Addie - Logan, P137, R17, D245, H258
REHBERGER, Elizabeth - Logan, P137, R18, D245, H258
REHMSTDT, John W. - Logan, P135, R74, D214, H227
REHMSTDT, Lurhsen A. - Logan, P135, R75, D214, H227
REHMSTDT, Minnie M. - Logan, P135, R76, D214, H227
REIASMA, Henry - Capel, P19, R7, D104, H104
REIASMA, Archie - Capel, P19, R8, D104, H104
REIASMA, Gertie - Capel, P19, R9, D104, H104
REIASMA, Bertha - Capel, P19, R10, D104, H104
REIASMA, Walter - Capel, P19, R11, D104, H104
REIASMA, Artie - Capel, P19, R12, D104, H104
REID, A. J. - Eagle, P34, R6, D92, H92
REID, Vene V. - Eagle, P34, R7, D92, H92
REID, Cecil - Eagle, P34, R8, D92, H92
REID, Carl - Eagle, P34, R9, D92, H92
REID, Mary E. - Logan, P128, R23, D70, H80
REID, Francis E. - Logan, P128, R24, D70, H80
REID, Horice W. - Logan, P128, R25, D70, H80
REID, Della M. - Logan, P128, R26, D70, H80
REIDEMAN, ??? - Nassau, P144, R32, D4, H35
REIDEMAN, ?nnie - Nassau, P144, R33, D4, H35
REIDEMAN, ??ttie - Nassau, P144, R34, D4, H35
REILLEY, Thomas - Sioux, P195, R78, D50, H50
REILLEY, Hate - Sioux, P195, R79, D50, H50
REILLEY, Hannah - Sioux, P195, R80, D50, H50
REILLEY, Patrick - Sioux, P195, R81, D50, H50
REILLEY, Thomas - Sioux, P195, R82, D50, H50
REILLEY, John - Sioux, P195, R83, D50, H50
REILLEY, Bridget - Sioux, P195, R84, D50, H50
REILLEY, Maggie - Sioux, P195, R85, D50, H50
REILLEY, Kate - Sioux, P195, R86, D50, H50
REILLEY, Mary - Sioux, P195, R87, D50, H50
REILLEY, Edward - Sioux, P195, R88, D50, H50
REILLEY, William - Sioux, P195, R89, D50, H50
REILLEY, Rosy - Sioux, P195, R90, D50, H50
REIMAN, Edward H. - Lincoln, P111, R42, D29, H31
REIMAN, Nan??? - Lincoln, P111, R43, D29, H31
REIMAN, Mable - Lincoln, P111, R44, D29, H31
REIMERSMA, John - West Branch, P238, R66, D140, H142
REIMERSMA, Sarah - West Branch, P238, R67, D140, H142
REIMERSMA, Martha - West Branch, P238, R68, D140, H142
REIMERSMA, John - West Branch, P238, R69, D140, H142
REIMERSMA, James - West Branch, P238, R70, D140, H142
REIMERSMA, Johanna - West Branch, P238, R71, D140, H142
REIMERSMA, George - West Branch, P238, R72, D140, H142
REINAGEN, Olin G. - Rock, P181, R51, D112, H118
REINAGEN, Mary E. - Rock, P181, R52, D112, H118
REINAGEN, Caroline - Rock, P181, R53, D112, H118
REINAGEN, Gustovus - Rock, P181, R54, D112, H118
REINAGEN, Wilson S. - Rock, P181, R55, D112, H118
REINAGEN, Olin G., Jr. - Rock, P181, R56, D112, H118
REINDERS, Fred - Floyd, P52, R31, D9, H9
REINDERS, Jantje - Floyd, P52, R32, D9, H9
REINDERS, John Frederick - Floyd, P52, R33, D9, H9
REINDERS, John - Floyd, P57, R16, D95, H97
REINDERS, Alida J. - Orange City, P103, R51, D180, H183
REINDERS, John - Orange City, P103, R52, D180, H183
REINDERS, Femmetje L. - Orange City, P103, R53, D180, H183
REINDERS, Gertrude - Orange City, P103, R54, D180, H183
REINDERS, Alida J. - Orange City, P103, R55, D180, H183
REINDERS, Gerhard - Nassau, P160, R10, D289, H292
REINDERS, Maggie - Nassau, P160, R11, D289, H292
REINDERS, Gertrude - Nassau, P160, R12, D289, H292
REINDERS, Ada H. - Nassau, P160, R13, D289, H292
REINDERS, Gertrude - Nassau, P160, R27, D291, H294
REINDERS, Evert - Nassau, P160, R28, D291, H294
REINDERS, Ryer - Nassau, P160, R29, D291, H294
REINDERS, R?unies - Nassau, P160, R30, D291, H294
REINDERS, John - Nassau, P161, R5, D304, H307
REINDERS, Bertha - Nassau, P161, R6, D304, H307
REINDERS, Gertie - Nassau, P161, R7, D304, H307
REINDERS, Dena - Nassau, P161, R8, D304, H307
REINDERS, John - Nassau, P161, R9, D304, H307
REINDERS, Hattie - Nassau, P161, R10, D304, H307
REINDERS, Jennie - Nassau, P161, R11, D304, H307
REINDERS, Gerrit - Nassau, P161, R86, D318, H321
REINDERS, Dena - Nassau, P161, R87, D318, H321
REINDERS, Gertrude - Nassau, P161, R88, D318, H321
REINDERS, Gerrit J. - Nassau, P161, R89, D318, H321
REINDERS, Dena G. - Nassau, P161, R90, D318, H321
REINERDE, John - Plato, P71, R86, D107, H108
REINERDE, Mary - Plato, P71, R87, D107, H108
REINERDE, Robert - Plato, P71, R88, D107, H108
REINERDE, John G. - Plato, P71, R89, D107, H108
REINERS, John H. - Capel, P16, R50, D65, H65
REINERS, Renske - Capel, P16, R51, D65, H65
REINERS, Henry - Capel, P16, R52, D65, H65
REINERS, Chris - Capel, P16, R53, D65, H65
REINERS, Willie - Capel, P16, R54, D65, H65
REINERS, Johnnie - Capel, P16, R55, D65, H65
REINERS, George - Capel, P16, R56, D65, H65
REINERS, Fred - Capel, P16, R57, D65, H65
REINERS, Maggie - Capel, P16, R58, D65, H65
REINERS, Theodore - Plato, P72, R49, D117, H118
REINERS, Annie - Plato, P72, R50, D117, H118
REINERS, Mamie - Plato, P72, R51, D117, H118
REINERS, Dine - Plato, P72, R52, D117, H118
REINERS, Benjamin - Plato, P72, R53, D117, H118
REINKING, Emma - Reading, P168, R64, D118, H119
REINSMA, Gerrit - Capel, P19, R62, D111, H111
REINSMA, John - Floyd, P61, R85, D188, H190
REINSMA, Sarah - Floyd, P61, R86, D188, H190
REINSMA, Dick - Floyd, P61, R87, D188, H190
REINSMA, Herman - Floyd, P61, R88, D188, H190
REINSMA, Ike - Floyd, P61, R89, D188, H190
REISMA, J. S. - Welcome, P224, R35, D10, H10
REISMA, Grietjie - Welcome, P224, R36, D10, H10
REISMA, Jessie - West Branch, P239, R66, D162, H164
REISMA, Seb?? - West Branch, P239, R67, D162, H164
REITER, Nick - Nassau, P151, R84, D151, H152
REITER, Mary - Nassau, P151, R85, D151, H152
REITER, Mike - Nassau, P151, R86, D151, H152
REITER, Mary E. - Nassau, P151, R87, D151, H152
REITER, Nick - Nassau, P151, R88, D151, H152
REITER, Peter J. - Nassau, P151, R89, D151, H152
REITER, Kate A. - Nassau, P151, R90, D151, H152
REITER, Leo N. - Nassau, P151, R91, D151, H152
REITER, Nickolas - Nassau, P156, R31, D220, H222
REITSEMA, John - Floyd, P53, R82, D42, H43
REITSEMA, Stientje - Floyd, P53, R83, D42, H43
REITSEMA, Jennie - Floyd, P53, R84, D42, H43
REITSEMA, Ralph - Floyd, P60, R8, D157, H159
REITSMA, Jerry - Orange City, P99, R43, D93, H95
REKKERS, Henry - Sioux, P195, R91, D51, H51
REKKERS, Gertie - Sioux, P195, R92, D51, H51
REKKERS, Nellie - Sioux, P195, R93, D51, H51
REKKERS, William - Sioux, P195, R94, D51, H51
REKKERS, Gertie - Sioux, P195, R95, D51, H51
REKKERS, Jennie - Sioux, P195, R96, D51, H51
REKKERS, Henrietta - Sioux, P195, R97, D51, H51
REKKERS, John - Sioux, P195, R98, D51, H51
REKKERS, Henry - Sioux, P195, R99, D51, H51
REMACLE, John - Floyd, P58, R73, D128, H130
REMACLE, Pete - Floyd, P58, R74, D128, H130
REMACLE, Maggie - Floyd, P58, R75, D128, H130
REMACLE, Henry - Floyd, P59, R2, D132, H134
REMACLE, Maggie - Floyd, P59, R3, D132, H134
REMMERDE, Herbert - Plato, P74, R4, D142, H143
REMMERDE, Roos Anne - Plato, P74, R5, D142, H143
REMMERDE, Agnes - Plato, P74, R6, D142, H143
REMMERDE, John W. - West Branch, P246, R17, D262, H264
REMMERDE, Johanna - West Branch, P246, R18, D262, H264
REMSCLE, John H. - Floyd, P64, R53, D235, H237
REMSCLE, Josephine - Floyd, P64, R54, D235, H237
REMSCLE, Catherine - Floyd, P64, R55, D235, H237
REND, Gustave - Sioux, P194, R44, D24, H24
RENHAM, Clarence - Sioux, P196, R56, D61, H61
RENHAM, Caroline A. - Sioux, P196, R57, D61, H61
RENHAM, Eva Floy - Sioux, P196, R58, D61, H61
RENHAM, Frank H. - Sioux, P196, R59, D61, H61
RENHAM, Fred E. - Sioux, P196, R60, D61, H61
RENHAM, Clarence S. - Sioux, P196, R61, D61, H61
RENHAM, Caaude A. - Sioux, P196, R62, D61, H61
RENKEN, Robert J. - Washington, P142, R49, D345, H358
RENKEN, Lena - Washington, P142, R50, D345, H358
RENKEN, Herman - Washington, P142, R51, D345, H358
RENKEN, T. Mary - Washington, P142, R52, D345, H358
RENKEN, Maggie A. - Washington, P142, R53, D345, H358
RENKEN, Anna S. - Washington, P142, R54, D345, H358
RENS, Lambert - Capel, P18, R73, D99, H99
RENS, Ida - Capel, P18, R74, D99, H99
RENS, Timothy - Capel, P18, R75, D99, H99
RENS, ??? - Capel, P18, R76, D99, H99
RENS, Jennie - Capel, P18, R77, D99, H99
RENS, Bert - Capel, P18, R78, D99, H99
RENS, Katie - Capel, P18, R79, D99, H99
RENS, Cornie - Capel, P18, R80, D99, H99
RENS, Reyer - Welcome, P226, R1, D36, H36
RENS, Engeltjie - Welcome, P226, R2, D36, H36
RENS, Fym - Welcome, P226, R3, D36, H36
RENS, Hendreka - Welcome, P226, R4, D36, H36
RENS, Lamertjie - Welcome, P226, R5, D36, H36
RENS, John - Welcome, P226, R6, D36, H36
RENS, Lucas - West Branch, P247, R16, D276, H279
RENSEBRINK, Hendrik - Holland, P93, R54, D157, H157
RENSEBRINK, Hendrika - Holland, P93, R55, D157, H157
RENSEBRINK, Jan - Holland, P93, R56, D157, H157
RENSEBRINK, Cornelia - Holland, P93, R57, D157, H157
RENSEBRINK, Jessie - Holland, P93, R58, D157, H157
RENSHAW, David L. - Rock, P179, R44, D72, H75
RENSHAW, Peessia - Rock, P179, R45, D72, H75
RENSHAW, Stella - Rock, P179, R46, D72, H75
RENSHAW, Frank - Rock, P179, R47, D72, H75
RENSHAW, Carrol - Rock, P179, R48, D72, H75
RENSHAW, Henry - Sioux, P194, R7, D19, H19
RENSHAW, Nanice? - Sioux, P194, R8, D19, H19
RENSHAW, Ruth - Sioux, P194, R9, D19, H19
RENSICK, Richard - Sheridan, P210, R69, D157, H157
RENSICK, Hattie - Sheridan, P210, R70, D157, H157
RENSICK, Clarence - Sheridan, P210, R71, D157, H157
RENSICK, Frederick - Sheridan, P210, R72, D157, H157
RENSINGH, Henry - Floyd, P57, R61, D103, H105
RENSINGH, Hendrika - Floyd, P57, R62, D103, H105
RENSINGH, Hendrika - Floyd, P57, R63, D103, H105
RENSINGH, Jane - Floyd, P57, R64, D103, H105
RENSINK, Gerrit J. - Capel, P19, R23, D107, H107
RENSINK, Dena - Capel, P19, R24, D107, H107
RENSINK, Hannah - Capel, P19, R25, D107, H107
RENSINK, Edward - Capel, P19, R26, D107, H107
RENSINK, Albert - Capel, P19, R27, D107, H107
RENSINK, Dena - Capel, P19, R28, D107, H107
RENSINK, Cornia - Capel, P19, R29, D107, H107
RENSINK, Jennie - Capel, P19, R30, D107, H107
RENSINK, Emma - Capel, P19, R31, D107, H107
RENSINK, Arthur J. - Capel, P19, R32, D107, H107
RENSINK, Sylvester - Capel, P19, R33, D107, H107
RENSINK, Gerrit - Floyd, P57, R68, D104, H106
RENSINK, Henry - Floyd, P57, R94, D109, H111
RENSINK, Bert H. - Grant, P80, R46, D63, H64
RENSINK, Goosen - Grant, P80, R47, D63, H64
RENSINK, Bernard - Grant, P80, R48, D63, H64
RENSINK, Dena - Grant, P80, R49, D63, H64
RENSINK, William - Grant, P80, R50, D63, H64
RENSINK, John - Grant, P80, R51, D63, H64
RENSINK, Henry - Grant, P80, R52, D63, H64
RENSINK, Johannes - Grant, P80, R53, D63, H64
RENSINK, Gerrit - Grant, P80, R54, D63, H64
RENSINK, Chrissie - Orange City, P99, R24, D88, H90
RENSINK, Jennie - Nassau, P151, R56, D146, H147
RENSINK, James - Sheridan, P210, R64, D156, H156
RENSINK, Eda - Sheridan, P210, R65, D156, H156
RENSINK, Heny - Sheridan, P210, R66, D156, H156
RENSINK, Bennie - Sheridan, P210, R67, D156, H156
RENSINK, Harry - Sheridan, P210, R68, D156, H156
RENSINK, G. Hr - Welcome, P231, R60, D125, H125
RENSINK, Henry - Welcome, P231, R61, D125, H125
RENSINK, Antonie - Welcome, P231, R62, D125, H125
RENSINK, A. William - Welcome, P231, R63, D125, H125
RENSINK, Hermina - West Branch, P240, R18, D169, H171
RENSINK, Grace - West Branch, P240, R19, D169, H171
RENTSCHLER, George - Plato, P75, R97, D171, H172
RENTSCHLER, Caroline - Plato, P75, R98, D171, H172
RENTSCHLER, Rosa E. - Plato, P75, R99, D171, H172
RENTSCHLER, Cora M. - Plato, P75, R100, D171, H172
RENTSCHLER, George E. - Plato, P76, R1, D171, H172
RENTSCHLER, Ernest H. - Plato, P76, R2, D171, H172
RENTSCHLER, John M. - Reading, P172, R36, D186, H188
RENTSCHLER, Elizabeth - Reading, P172, R37, D186, H188
RENTSCHLER, Henry G. - Reading, P172, R38, D186, H188
RENTSCHLER, Rudolph - Reading, P172, R39, D186, H188
RENTSCHLER, Clara M. - Reading, P172, R40, D186, H188
RENTSCHLER, August Ernest - Reading, P172, R41, D186, H188
RERKERT, Kate - Washington, P139, R96, D300, H313
REUTER, Otto E. - Sioux, P198, R81, D97, H97
REUTER, Sarah A. - Sioux, P198, R82, D97, H97
REUTER, Bertha - Sioux, P198, R83, D97, H97
REUVERS, John - Nassau, P146, R25, D43, H43
REUVERS, Martha - Nassau, P146, R26, D43, H43
REUVERS, Gertrude - Nassau, P146, R27, D43, H43
REUVERS, Lena - Nassau, P146, R28, D43, H43
REUVERS, Derk - Nassau, P146, R29, D43, H43
REUVERS, Jacob - Nassau, P146, R30, D43, H43
REUVERS, John H. - Nassau, P146, R31, D43, H43
REUVERS, Henry - Nassau, P146, R32, D43, H43
REUVERS, Thomas - Nassau, P146, R33, D43, H43
REXWINKEL, William - Floyd, P57, R100, D111, H113
REXWINKEL, Johanna - Floyd, P58, R1, D111, H113
REXWINKEL, Dena - Floyd, P58, R2, D111, H113
REXWINKEL, Henry J. - Nassau, P144, R85, D12, H12
REXWINKEL, Johanus - Nassau, P156, R88, D234, H236
REXWINKEL, Susanna H. - Nassau, P156, R89, D234, H236
REXWINKEL, Dena J. - Nassau, P156, R90, D234, H236
REXWINKEL, John C. - Nassau, P156, R91, D234, H236
REYELS, Sophia - Lincoln, P110, R100, D20, H21
REYELT, Claus - Sheridan, P213, R13, D200, H200
REYELT, Mary - Sheridan, P213, R14, D200, H200
REYELT, John - Sheridan, P213, R15, D200, H200
REYELT, Anna - Sheridan, P213, R16, D200, H200
REYELTS, Claus - Lincoln, P121, R8, D231, H235
REYETTS, Bartlett - Sheridan, P212, R12, D181, H181
REYETTS, Bet?y - Sheridan, P212, R13, D181, H181
REYETTS, Sostna - Sheridan, P212, R14, D181, H181
REYETTS, Bertha - Sheridan, P212, R15, D181, H181
REYETTS, Wm. - Sheridan, P212, R16, D181, H181
REYETTS, Hanna - Sheridan, P212, R17, D181, H181
REYETTS, Herman - Sheridan, P212, R18, D181, H181
REYETTS, Mary - Sheridan, P212, R19, D181, H181
REYETTS, John - Sheridan, P212, R20, D181, H181
REYETTS, Anna - Sheridan, P212, R21, D181, H181
REYNOLDS, Jas - Eagle, P32, R86, D69, H69
REYNOLDS, Abel - Grant, P77, R61, D10, H10
REYNOLDS, William W. - Logan, P128, R20, D69, H79
REYNOLDS, Alice J. - Logan, P128, R21, D69, H79
REYNOLDS, Marion S. - Logan, P128, R22, D69, H79
REYNOLDS, Edith - Rock, P176, R18, D3, H4
REYNOLDS, Catherine - Rock, P181, R50, D111, H117
REZEBOOM, John - West Branch, P239, R69, D163, H165
RHINES, David H. - Rock, P182, R86, D145, H152
RHINES, Sarah N. - Rock, P182, R87, D145, H152
RHINES, Peter J. - Rock, P182, R88, D145, H152
RHJNBARGER, Nellie - Orange City, P97, R27, D45, H46
RHODES, Myron O. - Logan, P131, R56, D137, H150
RHYNSBURGER, Mariner - Orange City, P106, R79, D251, H255
RHYNSBURGER, Teuntje - Orange City, P106, R80, D251, H255
RHYNSBURGER, Mary - Orange City, P106, R81, D251, H255
RHYNSBURGER, Minnie - Orange City, P106, R82, D251, H255
RHYNSBURGER, Dick C. - Orange City, P106, R83, D251, H255
RHYNSBURGER, Hubert - Orange City, P107, R90, D276, H281
RHYNSBURGER, Nora - Orange City, P107, R91, D276, H281
RICE, Mary - Buncombe, P9, R42, D201, H201
RICE, Knute - Buncombe, P9, R43, D201, H201
RICE, Carl - Buncombe, P9, R44, D201, H201
RICE, Johan M. - Buncombe, P9, R45, D201, H201
RICHARD, Edward - Buncombe, P4, R21, D84, H84
RICHARD, Margaret - Buncombe, P4, R22, D84, H84
RICHARD, Leslie - Buncombe, P4, R23, D84, H84
RICHARD, Bessie - Buncombe, P4, R24, D84, H84
RICHARD, Hazel B. - Buncombe, P4, R25, D84, H84
RICHARD, Lavon - Buncombe, P4, R26, D84, H84
RICHARDS, William - Nassau, P144, R25, D2, H2
RICHARDS, William B. - Nassau, P150, R55, D125, H126
RICHARDS, Lettie C. - Nassau, P150, R56, D125, H126
RICHARDS, Dickinson C. - Nassau, P150, R57, D125, H126
RICHARDS, Jean - Nassau, P150, R58, D125, H126
RICHARDSON, Au?in - Eagle, P31, R47, D44, H44
RICHARDSON, Julia - Eagle, P31, R48, D44, H44
RICHARDSON, Joseph - Eagle, P31, R49, D44, H44
RICHARDSON, Oliver - Eagle, P31, R50, D44, H44
RICHARDSON, Stephen - Eagle, P31, R51, D44, H44
RICHARDSON, Anna - Eagle, P31, R52, D44, H44
RICHARDSON, Moses A. - Plato, P76, R4, D172, H173
RICHARDSON, Caroline - Plato, P76, R5, D172, H173
RICHARDSON, Anfen O. - Plato, P76, R6, D172, H173
RICHARDSON, Amos N. - Plato, P76, R7, D172, H173
RICHARDSON, Helen S. - Plato, P76, R8, D172, H173
RICHARDSON, Sarah B. - Plato, P76, R9, D172, H173
RICHARDSON, Malinda - Plato, P76, R10, D172, H173
RICHARDSON, Bertha - Plato, P76, R11, D172, H173
RICHARDSON, Ole - Plato, P76, R12, D172, H173
RICHARDSON, Theodore - Plato, P76, R13, D172, H173
RICHARDSON, Mina - Plato, P76, R14, D172, H173
RICHARDSON, Lewis - Plato, P76, R15, D172, H173
RICHARDSON, Nels - Plato, P76, R16, D172, H173
RICHARDSON, Sylvester - Rock, P187, R31, D229, H236
RICHARDSON, Fanny - Rock, P187, R32, D229, H236
RICHARDSON, Nettie - Rock, P187, R33, D229, H236
RICHARDSON, Jane - Rock, P187, R34, D229, H236
RICHARDSON, Floyd - Rock, P187, R35, D229, H236
RICHARDSON, Jessie - Rock, P187, R36, D229, H236
RICHARDSON, Fred - Rock, P187, R37, D229, H236
RICHTER, Dick - Reading, P174, R38, D219, H221
RICHTER, William - Rock, P188, R94, D255, H262
RICHTER, Mary - Rock, P188, R95, D255, H262
RICHTER, Katie - Rock, P188, R96, D255, H262
RICHTER, William - Rock, P188, R97, D255, H262
RICHTER, Edwin - Rock, P188, R98, D255, H262
RICHTER, Laura - Rock, P188, R99, D255, H262
RICHTER, Clara - Rock, P188, R100, D255, H262
RICHTER, Benjamin - Sioux, P197, R13, D69, H69
RICHTER, Lizzie - Sioux, P197, R14, D69, H69
RICHTER, Albert - Sioux, P197, R15, D69, H69
RICHTER, Ida - Sioux, P197, R16, D69, H69
RICHTER, Louie - Sioux, P197, R17, D69, H69
RICHTER, Ella - Sioux, P197, R18, D69, H69
RICHTER, Frank - Sioux, P197, R19, D69, H69
RICKER, Joseph - East Orange, P41, R41, D9, H9
RICKER, Margaret - East Orange, P41, R42, D9, H9
RICKER, Clara M. - East Orange, P41, R43, D9, H9
RICKER, Renel N. - East Orange, P41, R44, D9, H9
RICKER, Philip C. - East Orange, P41, R45, D9, H9
RICKER, Elmer W. - East Orange, P41, R46, D9, H9
RICKER, Henry - East Orange, P42, R54, D33, H33
RICKER, Lucy - East Orange, P42, R55, D33, H33
RICKER, Annie M. - East Orange, P42, R56, D33, H33
RICKER, Henry J. - East Orange, P42, R57, D33, H33
RICKER, Ignatus N. - East Orange, P43, R2, D41, H42
RICKER, Anna - East Orange, P43, R3, D41, H42
RICKER, Lizzie - East Orange, P43, R4, D41, H42
RICKER, Clara - Orange City, P99, R65, D98, H100
RICKERS, Bert - Welcome, P226, R45, D43, H43
RICKERS, Jannetjie - Welcome, P226, R46, D43, H43
RICKERS, Bertha - Welcome, P226, R47, D43, H43
RICKERS, Lubertus - Welcome, P226, R48, D43, H43
RICKERS, Gertie - Welcome, P226, R49, D43, H43
RICKERS, Winnie - Welcome, P226, R50, D43, H43
RICKLEFS, Herman A. - Reading, P165, R13, D27, H27
RICKLEFS, Margaret C. - Reading, P165, R14, D27, H27
RICKLEFS, John G. - Reading, P173, R61, D207, H209
RICKLEFS, Geisinna - Reading, P173, R62, D207, H209
RICKLEFS, George Henry - Reading, P173, R63, D207, H209
RICKLEFS, Eilt - Reading, P173, R64, D207, H209
RICKLEFS, Mary Maggie - Reading, P173, R65, D207, H209
RICKLEFS, Gerrit - Reading, P174, R99, D232, H234
RICKLEFS, Catharin - Reading, P174, R100, D232, H234
RICKLEFS, George - Reading, P175, R1, D232, H234
RICKTER, John - Rock, P189, R40, D261, H268
RICKTER, Mary - Rock, P189, R41, D261, H268
RICKTER, Katie - Rock, P189, R42, D261, H268
RICKTER, Julia - Rock, P189, R43, D261, H268
RICKTER, Alfred - Rock, P189, R44, D261, H268
RICKTER, Josie - Rock, P189, R45, D261, H268
RICKTER, John - Rock, P189, R46, D261, H268
RICKTER, Lawrence - Rock, P189, R47, D261, H268
RIDDERBOS, Sim - Sherman, P223, R44, D177, H177
RIDDERBOS, Jens - Sherman, P223, R45, D177, H177
RIEBELING, Andrew - Lincoln, P117, R48, D162, H166
RIEBELING, Maggie - Lincoln, P117, R49, D162, H166
RIEBELING, Peter - Lincoln, P117, R50, D162, H166
RIEBELING, John - Lincoln, P117, R51, D162, H166
RIECKHOFF, William F. - Orange City, P96, R25, D24, H24
RIECKHOFF, Alice - Orange City, P96, R26, D24, H24
RIECKHOFF, Emily L. - Orange City, P96, R27, D24, H24
RIEDEL, Erhardt - Reading, P171, R91, D177, H179
RIEDEL, Amelia - Reading, P171, R92, D177, H179
RIEDEMAN, ???man - Nassau, P144, R82, D12, H12
RIEDEMAN, Denatj - Nassau, P144, R83, D12, H12
RIEDEMAN, Jennie - Nassau, P144, R84, D12, H12
RIEDEMAN, Henry W. - Nassau, P144, R86, D13, H13
RIEDEMAN, Lottie C. - Nassau, P144, R87, D13, H13
RIEDEMAN, Ruth - Nassau, P144, R88, D13, H13
RIEDEMAN, Maurice - Nassau, P144, R89, D13, H13
RIEF, Fredrick - Nassau, P156, R25, D219, H221
RIEGEL, Benjamin - Reading, P171, R64, D173, H175
RIEGEL, Emilie - Reading, P171, R65, D173, H175
RIEGEL, Charles Arthur - Reading, P171, R66, D173, H175
RIEGEL, Alma Emily - Reading, P171, R67, D173, H175
RIEGEL, Cora W. - Reading, P171, R68, D173, H175
RIEGEL, Linda L. - Reading, P171, R69, D173, H175
RIEGEL, Oscar E. - Reading, P171, R70, D173, H175
RIEMERSMA, Jan - Floyd, P57, R95, D110, H112
RIEMERSMA, Jeltje - Floyd, P57, R96, D110, H112
RIEMERSMA, Agnes - Floyd, P57, R97, D110, H112
RIEMERSMA, Cornelia - Floyd, P57, R98, D110, H112
RIEMERSMA, Henry - Floyd, P57, R99, D110, H112
RIEMERSMA, Wiebe - Floyd, P59, R62, D146, H148
RIEMERSMA, Annie - Floyd, P59, R63, D146, H148
RIENSTRA, Simon - Lynn, P23, R14, D174, H174
RIENSTRA, Bee - Lynn, P23, R15, D174, H174
RIENSTRA, Indra - Lynn, P23, R16, D174, H174
RIEPMA, Evert - Holland, P93, R67, D160, H160
RIEPMA, Minnie - Holland, P93, R68, D160, H160
RIEPMA, Teunis - Holland, P93, R69, D160, H160
RIEPMA, Jacob - Orange City, P101, R25, D134, H137
RIEPMA, Mary - Orange City, P101, R26, D134, H137
RIGDON, Lucas V - Buncombe, P3, R69, D72, H72
RIGDON, Louella - Buncombe, P3, R70, D72, H72
RIGDON, Lena O. - Buncombe, P3, R71, D72, H72
RIGDON, Orville V. - Buncombe, P3, R72, D72, H72
RIGDON, Vilas W. - Buncombe, P3, R73, D72, H72
RIGDON, Ivie L. - Buncombe, P3, R74, D72, H72
RIGDON, Ima S. - Buncombe, P3, R75, D72, H72
RIGGEN, Gerret - Capel, P13, R57, D13, H13
RIGGEN, Johannah - Capel, P13, R58, D13, H13
RIGGEN, Arie - Capel, P13, R59, D13, H13
RIGGEN, Mary - Capel, P13, R60, D13, H13
RIGGEN, Martin - Capel, P13, R61, D13, H13
RILEA, Elmer E. - Washington, P141, R17, D320, H333
RILEA, Alta M. - Washington, P141, R18, D320, H333
RILEA, Clara M. - Washington, P141, R19, D320, H333
RILEY, Elmer - Washington, P139, R97, D300, H313
RILEY, Pitt - Rock, P179, R60, D76, H79
RILEY, Alice - Rock, P179, R61, D76, H79
RILEY, Mason - Rock, P179, R62, D76, H79
RILEY, Arnold - Rock, P179, R63, D76, H79
RILEY, Maud - Rock, P179, R64, D76, H79
RILEY, Claudia - Rock, P179, R65, D76, H79
RILEY, Mortimer - Rock, P179, R66, D76, H79
RILEY, Harry - Rock, P179, R67, D76, H79
RILEY, Willie - Rock, P179, R68, D76, H79
RILEY, Anna - Rock, P179, R69, D76, H79
RILEY, Cora - Rock, P179, R70, D76, H79
RILEY, Carrie - Rock, P179, R71, D76, H79
RILEY, Gladys - Rock, P179, R72, D76, H79
RILEY, Blanche - Rock, P179, R73, D76, H79
RILEY, Alonzo - Rock, P179, R74, D76, H79
RINDERTSINA, Freitse - Eagle, P32, R74, D67, H67
RIONTEN, John - Washington, P139, R64, D293, H306
RITZ, Elonora B. - East Orange, P51, R15, D153, H155
RITZ, Cecelia - East Orange, P51, R23, D154, H156

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