1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

KOOB, Henry - East Orange, P49, R68, D133, H135
KOOB, John - East Orange, P51, R27, D155, H157
KOOB, Barney - Floyd, P63, R78, D224, H226
KOOB, Annie - Floyd, P63, R79, D224, H226
KOOB, Nick - Floyd, P63, R80, D224, H226
KOOB, Maggie - Floyd, P63, R81, D224, H226
KOOB, Johnnie - Floyd, P63, R82, D224, H226
KOOB, Nicholas - Nassau, P153, R23, D178, H179
KOOB, Anna M. - Nassau, P153, R24, D178, H179
KOOI, Remko - Garfield, P67, R15, D43, H43
KOOI, Grada - Garfield, P67, R16, D43, H43
KOOI, Gertie - Garfield, P67, R17, D43, H43
KOOI, Bernard - Garfield, P67, R18, D43, H43
KOOI, Peter - Garfield, P67, R19, D43, H43
KOOI, Frederick - Garfield, P67, R20, D43, H43
KOOI, Bertha - Garfield, P67, R21, D43, H43
KOOI, John - Garfield, P67, R22, D43, H43
KOOI, Henry - Sherman, P215, R82, D47, H47
KOOI, Hattie - West Branch, P237, R86, D121, H123
KOOIKER, Alberta - Capel, P15, R64, D52, H52
KOOIKER, Lubert - Capel, P15, R65, D52, H52
KOOIKER, Lambert - Capel, P15, R66, D52, H52
KOOIKER, Jennie - Capel, P15, R67, D52, H52
KOOIKER, Ruth - Capel, P15, R68, D52, H52
KOOIKER, William - Capel, P16, R4, D58, H58
KOOIKER, Clara - Capel, P16, R5, D58, H58
KOOIKER, Herman - Capel, P16, R6, D58, H58
KOOIKER, Mary - Capel, P16, R7, D58, H58
KOOIKER, Nick - Capel, P16, R8, D58, H58
KOOIKER, Helen - Capel, P16, R9, D58, H58
KOOIKER, Ralph - Capel, P16, R36, D62, H62
KOOIKER, John - Lincoln, P119, R85, D206, H210
KOOIKER, Jennie - Lincoln, P119, R86, D206, H210
KOOIKER, Herman - Lincoln, P119, R87, D206, H210
KOOIKER, Lucas - Lincoln, P119, R88, D206, H210
KOOIKER, Ralph - Lincoln, P119, R89, D206, H210
KOOIKER, Klaas - Lincoln, P119, R90, D206, H210
KOOIKER, Ella - Lincoln, P119, R91, D206, H210
KOOIKER, Dick - Lincoln, P119, R92, D206, H210
KOOIKER, Ross - Lincoln, P119, R93, D206, H210
KOOIKER, Dick - Lincoln, P119, R94, D206, H210
KOOIMA, Jacob - Garfield, P65, R35, D8, H8
KOOIMA, Fannie H. - Garfield, P65, R36, D8, H8
KOOIMA, Jessie - Garfield, P65, R37, D8, H8
KOOIMA, Tryntje - Garfield, P65, R38, D8, H8
KOOIMA, Simon - Garfield, P65, R39, D8, H8
KOOIMAN, Cornelius - Plato, P70, R45, D7, H8
KOOIMAN, Annie - Plato, P70, R46, D7, H8
KOOIMAN, Minnie - Plato, P70, R47, D7, H8
KOOIMAN, Clara - Plato, P70, R48, D7, H8
KOOIMAN, Tena - Plato, P70, R49, D7, H8
KOOIMAN, Walter - Plato, P70, R50, D7, H8
KOOIMAN, Gertrude - Plato, P70, R51, D7, H8
KOOIMAN, William - Plato, P70, R52, D7, H8
KOOIMAN, Gracie - Plato, P70, R53, D7, H8
KOOIMAN, Annie - Plato, P70, R54, D7, H8
KOOIMAN, Wilhelmina - Orange City, P102, R2, D150, H153
KOOIMAN, Susie - Orange City, P102, R3, D150, H153
KOOIMAN, Grietje - Orange City, P105, R13, D215, H218
KOOISTRA, Siebe - Nassau, P160, R37, D292, H295
KOOISTRE, Martin J. - Plato, P76, R18, D174, H175
KOOISTRE, Annie - Plato, P76, R19, D174, H175
KOOISTRE, John M. - Plato, P76, R20, D174, H175
KOOISTRE, Nellie M. - Plato, P76, R21, D174, H175
KOOISTRE, Effie M. - Plato, P76, R22, D174, H175
KOOISTRE, Albert M. - Plato, P76, R23, D174, H175
KOOISTRE, Cynthia M. - Plato, P76, R24, D174, H175
KOOISTRE, Martin M. - Plato, P76, R25, D174, H175
KOOL, John - Lynn, P20, R70, D130, H130
KOOL, Herman - Rock, P183, R64, D162, H169
KOOL, Jennie - Rock, P183, R65, D162, H169
KOOL, Dora - Rock, P183, R66, D162, H169
KOOL, John - Rock, P183, R67, D162, H169
KOOL, Johannah - Rock, P183, R68, D162, H169
KOOL, Mary - Rock, P183, R69, D162, H169
KOOL, Dick - Rock, P190, R32, D275, H282
KOOLBECK, Maggie - Floyd, P52, R84, D20, H20
KOOLBECK, Nellie M. - Floyd, P52, R85, D20, H20
KOOLBECK, Jakie C. - Floyd, P52, R86, D20, H20
KOOLBECK, Jennie S. F. - Floyd, P52, R87, D20, H20
KOOLBECK, Jacob - Floyd, P52, R95, D22, H22
KOOLBECK, Flora - Floyd, P52, R96, D22, H22
KOOLBECK, Florence - Floyd, P52, R97, D22, H22
KOOLE, Arie - Grant, P79, R12, D43, H44
KOOLE, Engetje - Grant, P79, R13, D43, H44
KOOLE, Bastian - Grant, P79, R14, D43, H44
KOOLE, Leonard Tysl - Grant, P79, R15, D43, H44
KOOLE, Ariie B. - Grant, P79, R16, D43, H44
KOOLE, Tys L. - Grant, P79, R17, D43, H44
KOOLE, Cornelius - Grant, P79, R18, D43, H44
KOOLE, Johan - Grant, P79, R19, D43, H44
KOOLE, Anne - Grant, P79, R20, D43, H44
KOOLE, Annetje - Grant, P79, R21, D43, H44
KOOLE, Peter - Lincoln, P115, R96, D136, H140
KOOLE, Elizabeth - Lincoln, P115, R97, D136, H140
KOOLE, Elizabeth - Lincoln, P115, R98, D136, H140
KOOLE, Peter - Lincoln, P115, R99, D136, H140
KOOLE, Dirkie - Lincoln, P115, R100, D136, H140
KOOLE, Anne - Lincoln, P116, R1, D136, H140
KOOLE, Leonard - Sheridan, P210, R42, D152, H152
KOONS, Ulah - Sheridan, P208, R85, D123, H123
KOOP, August - Lincoln, P117, R52, D163, H167
KOOP, Carrie - Lincoln, P117, R53, D163, H167
KOOP, Ferdinand - Lincoln, P117, R54, D163, H167
KOOP, Albert - Lincoln, P117, R55, D163, H167
KOOP, Alvina - Lincoln, P117, R56, D163, H167
KOOPMANS, A. - Welcome, P227, R59, D64, H64
KOOPMANS, John - Welcome, P227, R100, D71, H71
KOOPMANS, Jennie - Welcome, P228, R1, D71, H71
KOOPS, Heinrick - Sherman, P219, R8, D107, H107
KOOREMAN, Edward - Orange City, P101, R19, D132, H135
KOOREMAN, John - Nassau, P144, R35, D5, H5
KOOREMAN, Annie - Nassau, P144, R36, D5, H5
KOOREMAN, Doris - Nassau, P144, R37, D5, H5
KOOREMAN, Milton A. - Nassau, P144, R38, D5, H5
KOOREMAN, He?en - Nassau, P144, R39, D5, H5
KOOREMAN, Johanna - Nassau, P144, R40, D5, H5
KOOREMAN, John - Nassau, P147, R54, D66, H66
KOOREMAN, Johanna - Nassau, P147, R55, D66, H66
KOOREMAN, William - Nassau, P147, R56, D66, H66
KOOREMAN, Edward J. - Nassau, P147, R57, D66, H66
KOOREMAN, Alfred H. - Nassau, P147, R58, D66, H66
KOOREMAN, Jennie - Nassau, P147, R59, D66, H66
KOOREMAN, Thomas - Nassau, P148, R17, D80, H80
KOOREMAN, Nellie - Nassau, P148, R18, D80, H80
KOOREMAN, Andrew - Nassau, P148, R19, D80, H80
KOOREMAN, Edward - Nassau, P148, R20, D80, H80
KOOYMAN, Peter - Nassau, P154, R95, D201, H203
KOOYMAN, Maggie - Nassau, P154, R96, D201, H203
KOOYMAN, Harry - Nassau, P154, R97, D201, H203
KOOYMAN, Jacob - Nassau, P154, R98, D201, H203
KOOYMAN, Grace - Nassau, P154, R99, D201, H203
KOOYMAN, Lena - Nassau, P154, R100, D201, H203
KOPPERT, Andrew - Logan, P137, R49, D255, H268
KOPPERT, Barbara - Logan, P137, R50, D255, H268
KOPPERT, John B. - Logan, P137, R51, D255, H268
KOPPERT, Lena - Logan, P137, R52, D255, H268
KOPPERT, Henry A. - Logan, P137, R53, D255, H268
KOPPERT, Angie - Logan, P137, R54, D255, H268
KOPPERT, Barbara M. - Logan, P137, R55, D255, H268
KOPPERT, Angela - Nassau, P151, R11, D135, H136
KORENDER, Rozina - Settler, P201, R68, D131, H132
KORENDER, Christian - Settler, P201, R82, D132, H133
KORT, Na??? - Nassau, P158, R38, D256, H259
KORT, Jennie - Nassau, P158, R39, D256, H259
KORT, Mary - Nassau, P158, R40, D256, H259
KORT, Jacob - Nassau, P158, R41, D256, H259
KORTHOUSE, Hendrick - Center, P39, R20, D179, H179
KORTHOUSE, Gerritta - Center, P39, R21, D179, H179
KORTHOUSE, Hendrick - Center, P39, R22, D179, H179
KORTHOUSE, Maas - Center, P39, R23, D179, H179
KORTHOUSE, Evert - Center, P39, R24, D179, H179
KORTHOUSE, ??udert - Center, P39, R25, D179, H179
KORTHOUSE, Cateina - Center, P39, R26, D179, H179
KORTHOUSE, Gerrit - Center, P39, R27, D179, H179
KORVER, William - Holland, P85, R29, D6, H6
KORVER, Martena - Holland, P85, R30, D6, H6
KORVER, Gertie - Holland, P85, R31, D6, H6
KORVER, Willimpe - Holland, P85, R32, D6, H6
KORVER, Gerrit - Holland, P85, R33, D6, H6
KORVER, John - Holland, P94, R38, D176, H176
KORVER, Kate - Holland, P94, R39, D176, H176
KORVER, Martina - Holland, P94, R40, D176, H176
KORVER, Johnie - Holland, P94, R41, D176, H176
KORVER, Willie - Holland, P94, R42, D176, H176
KOSEHMELLER, Mathias - Rock, P189, R92, D269, H276
KOSEHMELLER, ??? - Rock, P189, R93, D269, H276
KOSEHMELLER, Joseph - Rock, P189, R94, D269, H276
KOSEHMELLER, Raymond - Rock, P189, R95, D269, H276
KOSEHMELLER, Mary - Rock, P189, R96, D269, H276
KOSEHMELLER, Henry - Rock, P189, R97, D269, H276
KOSEHMELLER, Alvonzo - Rock, P189, R98, D269, H276
KOSEHMELLER, Willie - Rock, P189, R99, D269, H276
KOSEHMELLER, Annie - Rock, P189, R100, D269, H276
KOSSEN, Arie - West Branch, P235, R77, D77, H79
KOSSEN, Dora - West Branch, P235, R78, D77, H79
KOSSEN, Peter C. - West Branch, P235, R79, D77, H79
KOSSEN, Margaret N. - West Branch, P235, R80, D77, H79
KOSTER, Albert - Lynn, P22, R46, D162, H162
KOSTER, John - Lynn, P23, R30, D176, H176
KOSTER, Maaria - West Branch, P236, R39, D91, H93
KOSTERS, John - Center, P36, R89, D141, H141
KOSTERS, Annie - Center, P36, R90, D141, H141
KOSTERS, Hattie - Center, P36, R91, D141, H141
KOSTERS, Henry - Center, P36, R92, D141, H141
KOSTERS, Henry - West Branch, P238, R51, D136, H138
KOSTERS, Jennie - West Branch, P238, R52, D136, H138
KOSTERS, Hendrik D. - West Branch, P246, R77, D271, H274
KOSTERS, Fannie - West Branch, P246, R78, D271, H274
KOSTERS, Albert - West Branch, P246, R79, D271, H274
KOSTERS, Allie - West Branch, P246, R80, D271, H274
KOSTERS, John W. - West Branch, P246, R81, D271, H274
KOSTERS, Garret - West Branch, P246, R82, D271, H274
KOSTERS, Garret W. - West Branch, P246, R94, D273, H276
KOSTERS, Nieltje - West Branch, P246, R95, D273, H276
KOSTERS, Alice - West Branch, P246, R96, D273, H276
KOSTERS, Garret - West Branch, P246, R97, D273, H276
KOSTERS, Helen - West Branch, P246, R98, D273, H276
KOSTERS, Hendrikas - West Branch, P246, R99, D273, H276
KOSTERS, Antony M. - West Branch, P246, R100, D273, H276
KOSTERS, Alida - West Branch, P247, R1, D273, H276
KOSTERS, Neiltje - West Branch, P247, R2, D273, H276
KOSTERS, Hein - West Branch, P247, R25, D279, H282
KOSTERS, Geradina - West Branch, P247, R26, D279, H282
KOSTERS, Christina - West Branch, P247, R27, D279, H282
KOSTERS, Hattie - West Branch, P247, R28, D279, H282
KOSTERS, Minnie - West Branch, P247, R29, D279, H282
KOSTERS, Henry - West Branch, P247, R30, D279, H282
KOSTERS, Eddie - West Branch, P247, R31, D279, H282
KOTS, Minnie - Capel, P19, R51, D110, H110
KOTS, Henry - Lynn, P27, R69, D239, H239
KOTS, - Sherman, P216, R61, D67, H67
KOTS, Hanna - Sherman, P216, R62, D67, H67
KOTS, Bert - Sherman, P220, R38, D128, H128
KOTS, Ella C. - Sherman, P220, R39, D128, H128
KOTS, Gerret J. - Sherman, P220, R40, D128, H128
KOTS, Henry - Sherman, P220, R41, D128, H128
KOTS, Hattie - Sherman, P220, R42, D128, H128
KOTS, Jessie - Sherman, P220, R43, D128, H128
KRAAI, Evert - Orange City, P95, R84, D14, H14
KRAAI, Jacoba A. - Orange City, P95, R85, D14, H14
KRAAI, Jas - Orange City, P103, R7, D172, H175
KRAAI, Minnie - Orange City, P103, R8, D172, H175
KRAAI, Mary - Orange City, P103, R9, D172, H175
KRAAI, Jennie - Orange City, P103, R10, D172, H175
KRAAI, Martin - Orange City, P103, R11, D172, H175
KRAAI, Jacob - Orange City, P103, R12, D172, H175
KRAAI, John - Nassau, P155, R12, D204, H206
KRAAI, Mary - Nassau, P155, R13, D204, H206
KRAAI, Edward - Nassau, P155, R14, D204, H206
KRAAI, Jerry - Nassau, P155, R15, D204, H206
KRAAI, William - Nassau, P155, R16, D204, H206
KRAAI, Christian F. - Nassau, P155, R17, D204, H206
KRAIMA, Gerret - West Branch, P241, R27, D187, H189
KRAIMA, Dina - West Branch, P241, R28, D187, H189
KRAIMA, Wilmina J. - West Branch, P241, R29, D187, H189
KRAIMA, Johanna - West Branch, P241, R30, D187, H189
KRAMER, Bessie - Lynn, P26, R5, D217, H217
KRAMER, John - Lynn, P26, R6, D217, H217
KRAMER, Henry - Lynn, P26, R7, D217, H217
KRAMER, ??? - Lynn, P26, R8, D217, H217
KRAMER, Joseph - Lynn, P26, R9, D217, H217
KRAMER, Herman - East Orange, P42, R24, D27, H27
KRAMER, Katie O. - East Orange, P42, R25, D27, H27
KRAMER, Maggie F. - East Orange, P42, R26, D27, H27
KRAMER, John P. - East Orange, P43, R36, D48, H49
KRAMER, Annie K. - East Orange, P43, R37, D48, H49
KRAMER, Nick J. - East Orange, P43, R38, D48, H49
KRAMER, Lizzie - East Orange, P43, R39, D48, H49
KRAMER, Bernard - East Orange, P43, R40, D48, H49
KRAMER, Nick - East Orange, P43, R41, D48, H49
KRAMER, Katie - Floyd, P53, R55, D34, H35
KRAMER, Derkie - Holland, P85, R74, D12, H12
KRAMER, Hendrik - Holland, P93, R27, D151, H151
KRAMER, Yeltsike - Holland, P93, R28, D151, H151
KRAMER, Tecke - Holland, P93, R29, D151, H151
KRAMER, Henry - Holland, P93, R30, D151, H151
KRAMER, Kate - Orange City, P101, R81, D144, H147
KRAMER, Jan - Orange City, P102, R54, D162, H165
KRAMER, Tj?ttje - Orange City, P102, R55, D162, H165
KRAMER, Elizabeth - Orange City, P102, R56, D162, H165
KRAMER, Frederic - Orange City, P102, R57, D162, H165
KRAMER, Rinza - Orange City, P102, R58, D162, H165
KRAMER, Barney - Rock, P192, R8, D305, H312
KRAMER, Annie - Rock, P192, R9, D305, H312
KRAMER, Henson - Rock, P192, R10, D305, H312
KRAMER, Mike - Rock, P192, R11, D305, H312
KRAMER, Joe - Rock, P192, R12, D305, H312
KRAMER, Rosa - Rock, P192, R13, D305, H312
KRAMER, Mary - Rock, P192, R14, D305, H312
KRAMER, Henry - Rock, P192, R15, D305, H312
KRAMER, Frank - Rock, P192, R16, D305, H312
KRAMER, Tillie - West Branch, P236, R93, D102, H104
KRANS, John M. - East Orange, P45, R15, D69, H71
KRANS, John - Floyd, P63, R92, D226, H228
KRANS, Maggie - Floyd, P63, R93, D226, H228
KRANS, John P. - Floyd, P63, R94, D226, H228
KRANS, Margaret - Floyd, P63, R95, D226, H228
KRANS, Jake - Floyd, P63, R96, D226, H228
KRANS, Mary - Floyd, P63, R97, D226, H228
KRANSE, May - East Orange, P44, R27, D63, H64
KRANTZ, Mary - Floyd, P64, R64, D236, H238
KRANZ???, Lawrence - Nassau, P148, R51, D86, H87
KRANZ???, Ma?? H. - Nassau, P148, R52, D86, H87
KRANZ???, ??? - Nassau, P148, R53, D86, H87
KRANZ???, Elizebeth - Nassau, P148, R54, D86, H87
KRANZ???, Mary O. - Nassau, P148, R55, D86, H87
KRANZ???, Lawrence - Nassau, P148, R56, D86, H87
KRANZ???, Fredrick - Nassau, P148, R57, D86, H87
KRAUPERT, Conrad - Floyd, P62, R63, D204, H206
KRAUPERT, Mary - Floyd, P62, R64, D204, H206
KRAUPERT, Anna B. - Floyd, P62, R65, D204, H206
KRAUPERT, Teken - Floyd, P62, R66, D204, H206
KRAUPERT, Michael - Floyd, P62, R67, D204, H206
KRAUPERT, Heinrich - Floyd, P62, R68, D204, H206
KRAUPERT, Servas - Floyd, P62, R69, D204, H206
KRAUSE, Christian - Grant, P81, R16, D73, H74
KREBECK, Harry - Logan, P137, R3, D241, H254
KREBS, Joseph - Nassau, P154, R64, D196, H198
KREBS, Margaret - Nassau, P154, R65, D196, H198
KREBS, Maggie - Nassau, P154, R66, D196, H198
KREBS, Annie - Nassau, P154, R67, D196, H198
KREBS, Lewis - Nassau, P154, R68, D196, H198
KREBS, Cecelia - Nassau, P154, R69, D196, H198
KREGER, Nick - East Orange, P47, R99, D107, H109
KREIDEMAN, William - Reading, P173, R10, D198, H200
KREIDEMAN, Frederka - Reading, P173, R11, D198, H200
KREIDEMAN, Charles - Reading, P173, R23, D200, H202
KREIDEMAN, Wilhelmina - Reading, P173, R24, D200, H202
KREIDEMAN, annie - Reading, P173, R25, D200, H202
KREIDEMAN, Pollie - Reading, P173, R26, D200, H202
KREIDEMAN, Willie - Reading, P173, R27, D200, H202
KRELL, Jacob - Floyd, P63, R40, D215, H217
KREYKES, John H. - Floyd, P53, R30, D31, H32
KREYKES, Magdeline - Floyd, P53, R31, D31, H32
KREYKES, Willie - Floyd, P53, R32, D31, H32
KREYKES, Annie - Floyd, P53, R33, D31, H32
KREYKES, Jennie - Floyd, P53, R34, D31, H32
KREYKES, Siskie - Floyd, P53, R35, D31, H32
KREYKES, Fannie - Floyd, P53, R36, D31, H32
KREYKES, Gerrit - Floyd, P53, R37, D31, H32
KREYKES, Johnnie - Floyd, P53, R38, D31, H32
KREYKES, Edward - Floyd, P53, R39, D31, H32
KREYKES, Johan - Floyd, P54, R54, D57, H59
KREYKES, Aaltje - Floyd, P54, R55, D57, H59
KREYKES, Frederick - Floyd, P54, R56, D57, H59
KREYKES, Hendrika - Floyd, P54, R57, D57, H59
KREYKES, Jan W. - Floyd, P55, R100, D88, H90
KREYKES, Hendrika - Floyd, P56, R1, D88, H90
KRIER, John - Nassau, P155, R53, D209, H211
KROH, Lester C. - Buncombe, P8, R78, D187, H187
KROH, Mary E. - Buncombe, P8, R79, D187, H187
KROH, William L. - Buncombe, P8, R80, D187, H187
KROH, Mabel A. - Buncombe, P8, R81, D187, H187
KROLL, Emil - Washington, P141, R66, D327, H340
KROLL, Carl - Reading, P169, R16, D128, H129
KRONE, Dick - Lincoln, P117, R65, D164, H168
KROON, Maggie - Lincoln, P111, R92, D43, H45
KROON, Henry - Welcome, P227, R14, D55, H55
KROON, Hendrekjie - Welcome, P227, R15, D55, H55
KROON, Marichie - Welcome, P227, R16, D55, H55
KROON, Eibert - Welcome, P227, R17, D55, H55
KROON, Minnie - Welcome, P227, R18, D55, H55
KROON, Henry - Welcome, P227, R19, D55, H55
KRUEGER, August - East Orange, P41, R53, D11, H11
KRUEGER, Amelia - East Orange, P41, R54, D11, H11
KRUGER, Fred - Washington, P141, R63, D326, H339
KRUISE, Peter - West Branch, P244, R33, D235, H237
KRUISE, Elizabeth - West Branch, P244, R34, D235, H237
KRUISE, John - West Branch, P244, R35, D235, H237
KRUISE, Sarah - West Branch, P244, R36, D235, H237
KRUISE, George - West Branch, P244, R37, D235, H237
KRUISE, Jessie - West Branch, P244, R38, D235, H237
KRUISZENGA, Dick - West Branch, P240, R80, D180, H182
KRUISZENGA, Dina - West Branch, P240, R81, D180, H182
KRUISZENGA, Henry - West Branch, P240, R82, D180, H182
KRUISZENGA, Ella - West Branch, P240, R83, D180, H182
KRUISZENGA, John - West Branch, P240, R84, D180, H182
KRUISZENGA, Jennie - West Branch, P240, R85, D180, H182
KRUISZENGA, Anna - West Branch, P240, R86, D180, H182
KRUISZENGA, Dina - West Branch, P240, R87, D180, H182
KRUISZENGA, Dick - West Branch, P240, R88, D180, H182
KRUISZENGA, Peter - West Branch, P240, R89, D180, H182
KRUIT, Martin - Sioux, P196, R18, D55, H55
KRUIT, Martha - Sioux, P196, R19, D55, H55
KRUIT, Flores - Sioux, P196, R20, D55, H55
KRUIT, Gertie - Sioux, P196, R21, D55, H55
KRUIT, Mary - Sioux, P196, R22, D55, H55
KRULL, William - Logan, P132, R99, D167, H180
KRULL, Susan - Logan, P132, R100, D167, H180
KRULL, Frank - Logan, P133, R1, D167, H180
KRULL, Peter - Logan, P133, R2, D167, H180
KRULL, Jacob - Logan, P133, R3, D167, H180
KRULL, Frances - Logan, P133, R4, D167, H180
KRULL, John W. - Logan, P133, R5, D167, H180
KRUNISA, Garret - West Branch, P245, R18, D248, H250
KRUNISA, Etsy - West Branch, P245, R19, D248, H250
KRUNISA, Johannas - West Branch, P245, R20, D248, H250
KRUNISA, Harvy - West Branch, P245, R21, D248, H250
KRUNISA, Gertie - West Branch, P245, R22, D248, H250
KRUNISA, Jessie - West Branch, P245, R23, D248, H250
KRUSE, Peter M. - Grant, P81, R29, D75, H76
KRUSE, Fred - Sheridan, P211, R87, D178, H178
KRUSE, Margeret - Sheridan, P211, R88, D178, H178
KRUSE, Peter - Sheridan, P211, R89, D178, H178
KRUSE, John - Sheridan, P211, R90, D178, H178
KRUSE, Emma - Sheridan, P211, R91, D178, H178
KRUSE, Ernest - Sheridan, P211, R92, D178, H178
KRUSE, August - Sheridan, P211, R93, D178, H178
KRUSE, Herman - Sheridan, P212, R69, D194, H194
KRUSE, Kate - Sheridan, P212, R70, D194, H194
KRUSE, Richard - Sheridan, P212, R71, D194, H194
KRUSE, Joseph - Sherman, P218, R3, D88, H88
KRUSE, Julie - Sherman, P218, R4, D88, H88
KRUSE, Vreda - Sherman, P218, R5, D88, H88
KRUSE, Renia - Sherman, P218, R6, D88, H88
KRUSE, Henry - Sherman, P218, R7, D88, H88
KRUSE, Etta - Sherman, P218, R8, D88, H88
KRUSE, Harry - Sherman, P218, R9, D88, H88
KRUSE, Joseph - Sherman, P218, R10, D88, H88
KRUSE, Vena - Sherman, P218, R11, D88, H88
KUECK, John - Sherman, P219, R57, D115, H115
KUEKER, Diedrick - Reading, P171, R72, D174, H176
KUEKER, Clary - Reading, P171, R73, D174, H176
KUEKER, Charlie - Reading, P171, R74, D174, H176
KUEKER, Wilhilmena - Reading, P171, R75, D174, H176
KUEKER, Henry - Reading, P171, R76, D174, H176
KUEKER, Herman - Reading, P171, R77, D174, H176
KUEKER, Emma - Reading, P171, R78, D174, H176
KUEKER, Daniel - Reading, P171, R79, D174, H176
KUEKER, Amelia - Reading, P171, R80, D174, H176
KUEKER, Mary - Reading, P171, R81, D174, H176
KUEL, John - Sheridan, P208, R80, D121, H121
KUEMPER, Herman H. - Washington, P143, R38, D358, H372
KUEMPER, Minnie M. A. - Washington, P143, R39, D358, H372
KUEMPER, Joseph A. - Washington, P143, R40, D358, H372
KUEMPER, Henry G. - Washington, P143, R41, D358, H372
KUEMPER, Oliver J. - Washington, P143, R42, D358, H372
KUEMPER, Isadore M. - Washington, P143, R43, D358, H372
KUEMPER, Veronica M. - Washington, P143, R44, D358, H372
KUEMPER, Gerhardt J. - Washington, P143, R45, D359, H373
KUEMPER, Josephine - Washington, P143, R46, D359, H373
KUEMPER, Mary - Washington, P143, R47, D359, H373
KUEMPER, Kate - Washington, P143, R48, D359, H373
KUEMPER, John - Washington, P143, R49, D359, H373
KUEMPER, M. Josephine - Washington, P143, R50, D359, H373
KUEMPER, Veronica - Washington, P143, R51, D359, H373
KUEMPER, Anton - Washington, P143, R52, D359, H373
KUEMPER, Frank - Washington, P143, R53, D359, H373
KUEVER, Martin - Floyd, P62, R5, D193, H195
KUEVER, Jennie - Floyd, P62, R6, D193, H195
KUEVER, Gradus - Floyd, P62, R7, D194, H196
KUEVER, Christina - Floyd, P62, R8, D194, H196
KUEVER, Willem - Floyd, P62, R9, D194, H196
KUEVER, Hendrika - Floyd, P62, R10, D194, H196
KUHL, Bertha J. - East Orange, P43, R57, D51, H52
KUHL, John - Sherman, P214, R79, D22, H22
KUHL, Luize(Louise) - Sherman, P214, R80, D22, H22
KUHL, Anna - Sherman, P214, R81, D22, H22
KUHL, Otto - Sherman, P219, R58, D116, H116
KUHL, Clara - Sherman, P219, R59, D116, H116
KUHL, Myrtle - Sherman, P219, R60, D116, H116
KUHL, (not named) - Sherman, P219, R61, D116, H116
KUHL, Charles - Welcome, P229, R46, D93, H93
KUHL, Dellia - Welcome, P229, R47, D93, H93
KUHL, Reka - Welcome, P229, R48, D93, H93
KUHL, Jennie - Welcome, P229, R49, D93, H93
KUHL, Annie - Welcome, P229, R50, D93, H93
KUHL, Fred - Welcome, P229, R51, D93, H93
KUHL, Mary - Welcome, P229, R52, D93, H93
KUHL, Coba - Welcome, P229, R53, D93, H93
KUHL, Ella - Welcome, P229, R54, D93, H93
KUHL, George - Welcome, P229, R55, D93, H93
KUHL, Dellia - Welcome, P229, R56, D93, H93
KUHL, Herman C. - West Branch, P237, R2, D105, H107
KUHL, Nellie - West Branch, P237, R3, D105, H107
KUHL, La?I? - West Branch, P237, R4, D105, H107
KUHL, Kate - West Branch, P237, R5, D105, H107
KUHL, John - West Branch, P237, R6, D105, H107
KUHL, William - West Branch, P239, R64, D160, H162
KUHL, Frederick - West Branch, P240, R76, D179, H181
KUHL, Fredrica - West Branch, P240, R77, D179, H181
KUHL, Fred - West Branch, P240, R78, D179, H181
KUHL, George - West Branch, P240, R79, D179, H181
KUHNE, August H. - Rock, P186, R31, D216, H223
KUHNE, Minnie - Rock, P186, R32, D216, H223
KUHNE, August - Rock, P186, R33, D216, H223
KUHNE, Minnie - Rock, P186, R34, D216, H223
KUHNE, Bertha - Rock, P186, R35, D216, H223
KUHUKE, Peter H. - East Orange, P43, R89, D56, H57
KUHUKE, Mary B. - East Orange, P43, R90, D56, H57
KUHUKE, Alma - East Orange, P43, R91, D56, H57
KUIKEN, Doamer - Holland, P93, R38, D153, H153
KUIKEN, Seppje - Holland, P93, R39, D153, H153
KUIKEN, Gerrit - Holland, P93, R40, D153, H153
KUIKEN, Gertie - Holland, P93, R41, D153, H153
KUIKEN, Rosie - Holland, P93, R42, D153, H153
KUIKEN, Nellie - Holland, P94, R67, D181, H181
KUIPER, Nick - Capel, P15, R74, D54, H54
KUIPER, Gertrude - Capel, P15, R75, D54, H54
KUIPER, Minnie - Capel, P15, R76, D54, H54
KUIPER, Winnie - Capel, P15, R77, D54, H54
KUIPER, James - Capel, P15, R78, D54, H54
KUIPER, Ralph - Capel, P15, R79, D54, H54
KUIPER, Jennie - Capel, P15, R80, D54, H54
KUIPER, Samuel - Capel, P15, R81, D54, H54
KUIPERS, Meider - Garfield, P65, R52, D10, H10
KUIPERS, Lissie - Garfield, P65, R53, D10, H10
KUIPERS, Ike R. - Garfield, P66, R76, D31, H31
KUNGER, Edward C. - Plato, P72, R83, D122, H123
KUNTZEN, P. H. - Sheridan, P205, R36, D54, H54
KUNTZEN, Kate - Sheridan, P205, R37, D54, H54
KUNTZEN, Lena - Sheridan, P208, R44, D113, H113
KUPERUS, John - Plato, P73, R21, D127, H128
KURSCH, Albert - Washington, P143, R35, D357, H370
KURTENACKER, William - Nassau, P150, R43, D121, H122
KURTENACKER, Marguerite - Nassau, P150, R44, D121, H122
KURTENACKER, Anna - Nassau, P150, R45, D121, H122
KURTENACKER, Matilda - Nassau, P150, R46, D121, H122
KURTENACKER, Helen - Nassau, P150, R47, D121, H122
KURTENACKER, Susan - Nassau, P150, R48, D121, H122
KURTENACKER, Joseph - Nassau, P150, R49, D121, H122
KURTENLACK, John - Lynn, P23, R98, D186, H186
KURTENLACK, Katie - Lynn, P23, R99, D186, H186
KUYPER, Gysbert - Plato, P71, R46, D102, H103
KUYPER, Ellen - Plato, P71, R47, D102, H103
KUYPER, Jennie - Plato, P71, R48, D102, H103
KUYPER, Cornelius - Plato, P71, R49, D102, H103
KUYPER, Harry - Plato, P71, R50, D102, H103
KUYPER, Netty - Plato, P71, R51, D102, H103
KUYPER, Katie - Plato, P71, R52, D102, H103
KUYPER, John - Plato, P71, R53, D102, H103
KUYPER, Walter - Plato, P71, R54, D102, H103
KUYPER, Gerrit - Plato, P71, R55, D102, H103
KUYPER, Benjamin - Plato, P74, R12, D144, H145
KUYPER, Hattie C. - Plato, P74, R13, D144, H145
KUYPER, Ralph - Plato, P74, R14, D144, H145
KUYPER, Elizabeth M. - Plato, P74, R15, D144, H145
KUYPER, Jennie - Plato, P74, R16, D144, H145
KUYPER, Johanna - Plato, P74, R17, D144, H145
KUYPER, Grace - Plato, P74, R18, D144, H145
KUYPER, Jacob - Plato, P75, R34, D159, H160
KUYPER, Jacob - Plato, P75, R35, D160, H161
KUYPER, Gertude - Plato, P75, R36, D160, H161
KUYPER, Anthony - Plato, P75, R37, D160, H161
KUYPER, Jacoba H. - Plato, P75, R38, D160, H161
KUYPER, James C. - Plato, P75, R39, D160, H161
KUYPER, John - Plato, P75, R40, D160, H161
KUYPER, Dina J. - Plato, P75, R41, D160, H161
KUYPER, Arie - Holland, P85, R62, D11, H11
KUYPER, Antje - Holland, P85, R63, D11, H11
KUYPER, Maggie - Holland, P85, R64, D11, H11
KUYPER, Arie - Holland, P89, R86, D92, H92
KUYPER, Antonie J. - Orange City, P96, R83, D36, H37
KUYPER, Effie - Orange City, P96, R84, D36, H37
KUYPER, Hugo - Orange City, P96, R85, D36, H37
KUYPER, Henry E. - Orange City, P96, R86, D36, H37
KUYPER, John - Orange City, P97, R61, D52, H53
KUYPER, Gijsbertje - Orange City, P97, R62, D52, H53
KUYPER, Hubert - Orange City, P97, R63, D52, H53
KUYPER, Mary - Orange City, P97, R64, D52, H53
KUYPER, Arie C. - Orange City, P97, R65, D52, H53
KUYPER, Adrianus - Orange City, P100, R55, D119, H121
KUYPER, Dena - Orange City, P100, R56, D119, H121
KUYPER, Annie M. - Orange City, P100, R57, D119, H121
KUYPER, Ballie - Nassau, P154, R93, D200, H202
KUYPER, John W. - Nassau, P158, R32, D254, H257
KUYPER, Arie - Sheridan, P209, R35, D133, H133
KUYPER, Cornelia - Sheridan, P209, R36, D133, H133
KUYPER, Agnes - Sheridan, P209, R38, D133, H133
KUYPER, Ade - Sheridan, P209, R40, D134, H134
KUYPER, Lena - Sheridan, P209, R41, D134, H134
KUYPER, Wm. - Sheridan, P209, R42, D134, H134
KUYPER, Hattie - Sheridan, P209, R43, D134, H134
KUYPER, Eddie - Sheridan, P209, R44, D134, H134
KUYPER, Dina - Sheridan, P209, R45, D134, H134
KUYPER, Aris A. - Sheridan, P213, R36, D207, H207
KUYPER, Gysbertje - Sheridan, P213, R37, D207, H207
KUYPER, Edward - Sheridan, P213, R38, D207, H207
KUYPER, Antonette - Sheridan, P213, R39, D207, H207
KUYPER, Jennie - Sheridan, P213, R40, D207, H207
KUYPER, Cornelius - Sheridan, P213, R41, D207, H207
KUYPER, Kobe - Sheridan, P213, R42, D207, H207
KUYPER, Guy - Sheridan, P213, R43, D207, H207
KUYPER, Joseph - Sheridan, P213, R44, D207, H207
KUYPER, John - Sheridan, P213, R45, D207, H207
KUYPER, Charles - Sheridan, P213, R46, D207, H207
KUYPER, Marion - Sheridan, P213, R47, D207, H207
KUYPER, Isac - Welcome, P225, R33, D24, H24
KUYPER, Elisabeth - Welcome, P225, R34, D24, H24
KUYPER, Jacob - Welcome, P225, R35, D24, H24
KUYPER, Garret - Welcome, P225, R36, D24, H24
KUYPER, Cornelius - West Branch, P243, R60, D225, H227
KUYPER, Mary - West Branch, P243, R61, D225, H227
KUYPER, Albert - West Branch, P243, R62, D225, H227
KUYPER, Cornelius - West Branch, P243, R63, D225, H227
KUYPERS, John - Center, P39, R55, D187, H187
KVALSTAD, Ole - Lincoln, P123, R18, D271, H276
KWINKEL, Adam - Sheridan, P205, R80, D62, H62
KWINKEL, Annie - Sheridan, P205, R81, D62, H62
KWINKEL, Kate - Sheridan, P205, R82, D62, H62
KWINKEL, Wm. - Sheridan, P205, R83, D62, H62
KWINKEL, Nellie - Sheridan, P205, R84, D62, H62

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