1900 Iowa Census Index

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K?? to KIP

Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

K???, S. E. - Sheridan, P204, R85, D39, H39
K???DY, Lul? D. - Buncombe, P11, R56, D237, H237
K??TEN, ??? - Lynn, P27, R25, D233, H233
K??TEN, ???ta - Lynn, P27, R26, D233, H233
K??TEN, ?el? - Lynn, P27, R27, D233, H233
K??TEN, ??? - Lynn, P27, R28, D233, H233
K??TEN, ??? - Lynn, P27, R29, D233, H233
K??TEN, ??? - Lynn, P27, R30, D233, H233
K??TSON, Helma - Buncombe, P2, R91, D53, H53
KAANES, Garret - Welcome, P228, R2, D72, H72
KAANES, Giesbertijie - Welcome, P228, R3, D72, H72
KAANES, Jennie - Welcome, P228, R4, D72, H72
KAANES, Giesbert - Welcome, P228, R5, D72, H72
KAANES, Francis - Welcome, P228, R6, D72, H72
KAANES, Henry - Welcome, P228, R7, D72, H72
KAANES, Arie - Welcome, P228, R8, D72, H72
KAANES, Herman - Welcome, P228, R9, D72, H72
KAANES, Maria M. - Welcome, P228, R10, D72, H72
KACH, Nick - Nassau, P147, R42, D63, H63
KACH, Anna - Nassau, P147, R43, D63, H63
KACH, Mary - Nassau, P147, R44, D63, H63
KACH, Nick - Nassau, P147, R45, D63, H63
KACK, John - Capel, P19, R85, D115, H115
KACK, Annie - Capel, P19, R86, D115, H115
KACK, Joseph - Lynn, P24, R11, D189, H189
KACK, Mary - Lynn, P24, R12, D189, H189
KAGGE, George - Center, P36, R7, D124, H124
KALKA, Charley - Sioux, P197, R59, D76, H76
KALLMAN, Fianna - Center, P36, R94, D142, H142
KALSBECK, Sarah - Orange City, P102, R67, D164, H167
KALSBECK, Aaltje - Orange City, P102, R68, D164, H167
KALSBECK, Sarah - Orange City, P102, R69, D164, H167
KALSBECK, German - Orange City, P109, R29, D307, H312
KALSBECK, Anna - Orange City, P109, R30, D307, H312
KALSBECK, Jacob - Orange City, P109, R31, D307, H312
KALSBECK, Sarah - Orange City, P109, R32, D307, H312
KALSBECK, Johannes - Orange City, P109, R33, D307, H312
KALSBECK, Henry - Orange City, P109, R34, D307, H312
KALSBECK, Peter - Orange City, P109, R35, D307, H312
KALSBECK, Eljon - Orange City, P109, R36, D307, H312
KALSBECK, Augustus - Orange City, P109, R37, D307, H312
KALSE, Henry - Rock, P189, R27, D259, H266
KALSE, Annie - Rock, P189, R28, D259, H266
KALSE, Lucy - Rock, P189, R29, D259, H266
KALSE, Lucy - Rock, P189, R30, D259, H266
KAMBER, J. Frank - Nassau, P150, R28, D118, H119
KAMBER, ??? - Nassau, P150, R29, D118, H119
KAMBER, Abbie - Nassau, P150, R30, D118, H119
KAMBER, Earl - Nassau, P150, R31, D118, H119
KAMERMAN, Cornelius - West Branch, P237, R36, D112, H114
KAMERMAN, Hattie - West Branch, P237, R37, D112, H114
KAMERMAN, Bennie - West Branch, P237, R38, D112, H114
KAMERMAN, Marjie - West Branch, P237, R39, D112, H114
KAMERMAN, Henrietta - West Branch, P237, R40, D112, H114
KAMERMAN, Bertie - West Branch, P237, R41, D112, H114
KAMERMAN, John - West Branch, P237, R42, D112, H114
KAMMALADE, George J. - Grant, P82, R67, D101, H102
KAMMALADE, Frances O. - Grant, P82, R68, D101, H102
KAMMALADE, Earl F. - Grant, P82, R69, D101, H102
KAMMALADE, Susie V. - Grant, P82, R70, D101, H102
KAMMALADE, Georgia S. - Grant, P82, R71, D101, H102
KAMMALADE, Don Roland - Grant, P82, R72, D101, H102
KAMMERMAN, Henry - West Branch, P244, R86, D242, H244
KAMMERMAN, Corneliusen - West Branch, P244, R87, D242, H244
KAMMERMAN, Bela - West Branch, P244, R88, D242, H244
KAMMERMAN, Aart - West Branch, P246, R11, D261, H263
KAMMERMAN, Bendina - West Branch, P246, R12, D261, H263
KAMMERMAN, Magaret - West Branch, P246, R13, D261, H263
KAMMERMAN, Henry - West Branch, P246, R14, D261, H263
KAMMERMAN, Bert - West Branch, P246, R15, D261, H263
KAMMINGA, Ramson - Grant, P83, R70, D118, H121
KAMMINGA, ??? - Grant, P83, R71, D118, H121
KAMMINGA, Henry - Grant, P83, R72, D118, H121
KAMPER, Alex - Rock, P176, R49, D10, H11
KAMPER, Cornelia - Rock, P176, R50, D10, H11
KAMPER, Cornelius - Rock, P176, R51, D10, H11
KAMPER, Levitus - Rock, P176, R52, D10, H11
KAMPER, John - Rock, P176, R53, D10, H11
KAMPER, Fretia - Rock, P176, R54, D10, H11
KAMPER, Levitt - Rock, P176, R55, D10, H11
KAMPER, Levitt - Rock, P176, R56, D10, H11
KAMSTRA, Wiebe - Orange City, P101, R92, D148, H151
KAMSTRA, Jennie - Orange City, P101, R93, D148, H151
KAMSTRA, Effie - Orange City, P101, R94, D148, H151
KAMSTRA, Gertie - Orange City, P101, R95, D148, H151
KAMSTRA, Martha - Orange City, P101, R96, D148, H151
KAMSTRA, Tony - Orange City, P101, R97, D148, H151
KAMSTRA, Johnnie - Orange City, P101, R98, D148, H151
KAMSTRA, Martin - Reading, P169, R6, D127, H128
KAMSTRA, Hieltije - Reading, P169, R7, D127, H128
KAMSTRA, Albert - Sioux, P197, R76, D79, H79
KAMSTRA, Anna - Sioux, P197, R77, D79, H79
KAMSTRA, John - Sioux, P197, R78, D79, H79
KAMSTRA, Bert - Sioux, P197, R79, D79, H79
KAMSTRA, Effie - Sioux, P197, R80, D79, H79
KAMSTRA, George - Sioux, P197, R81, D79, H79
KAMSTRA, John - Sioux, P197, R83, D79, H79
KANZ, Nickolas - Settler, P200, R38, D109, H109
KANZ, Alma - Settler, P200, R39, D109, H109
KANZ, Amelia - Settler, P200, R40, D109, H109
KANZ, Anna - Settler, P200, R41, D109, H109
KANZ, Bernard - Settler, P200, R42, D109, H109
KARHOFF, Benjamin J. - East Orange, P42, R51, D32, H32
KARHOFF, Selona - East Orange, P42, R52, D32, H32
KARR, Alexander Scott - Eagle, P31, R72, D48, H48
KARR, - Eagle, P31, R73, D48, H48
KARR, - Eagle, P31, R74, D48, H48
KARR, - Eagle, P31, R75, D48, H48
KARR, - Eagle, P31, R76, D48, H48
KARR, - Eagle, P31, R77, D48, H48
KARR, - Eagle, P31, R78, D48, H48
KARR, - Eagle, P31, R79, D48, H48
KARR, J. C. - Eagle, P33, R5, D73, H73
KARR, F. M. - Eagle, P33, R6, D73, H73
KARR, Royal - Eagle, P33, R7, D73, H73
KARR, Ray - Eagle, P33, R8, D73, H73
KARR, Mary - Eagle, P33, R9, D73, H73
KARR, Ralph - Eagle, P33, R10, D73, H73
KARR, Robert D. - Eagle, P33, R11, D73, H73
KARR, Mitchell A. - Washington, P141, R32, D322, H335
KARR, Lizzie - Washington, P141, R33, D322, H335
KARR, J. Weaver - Washington, P141, R34, D322, H335
KARR, F. Eva - Washington, P141, R35, D322, H335
KARR, Jennie M. - Washington, P141, R36, D322, H335
KARR, Rockie H. - Washington, P141, R37, D322, H335
KARS, Gertie - Orange City, P98, R1, D60, H61
KARS, Johanna - Orange City, P99, R69, D99, H101
KAS, Gert - Holland, P93, R31, D152, H152
KAS, Rennie - Holland, P93, R32, D152, H152
KAS, Rena - Holland, P93, R33, D152, H152
KAS, Peter - Holland, P93, R34, D152, H152
KAS, Dick - Holland, P93, R35, D152, H152
KAS, Effie - Holland, P93, R36, D152, H152
KAS, Johannah - Holland, P93, R37, D152, H152
KASBERGEN, Errett A. - Rock, P184, R26, D174, H181
KASBERGEN, Anna - Rock, P184, R27, D174, H181
KASBERGEN, Alice - Rock, P184, R28, D174, H181
KASBERGEN, Willie - Rock, P184, R29, D174, H181
KASBERGEN, Mary - Rock, P184, R30, D174, H181
KASBERGEN, Gerret - Rock, P184, R31, D174, H181
KASBERGEN, Cornelius - Rock, P184, R32, D174, H181
KASBERGEN, Albertus - Rock, P184, R33, D174, H181
KASHMITTER, Louisa - Nassau, P153, R31, D179, H180
KASKIE, Mike - Sioux, P193, R18, D5, H5
KASKIE, Mary - Sioux, P193, R19, D5, H5
KASKIE, John R. - Sioux, P193, R20, D5, H5
KASKIE, Martin - Sioux, P193, R21, D5, H5
KASKIE, Joseph - Sioux, P193, R22, D5, H5
KASKIE, Lucy - Sioux, P193, R23, D5, H5
KASKIE, Francis - Sioux, P193, R24, D5, H5
KASKIE, Teresa - Sioux, P193, R25, D5, H5
KASKIE, Ollie - Sioux, P193, R26, D5, H5
KASKIE, leo - Sioux, P193, R27, D5, H5
KASKIE, Paullina - Sioux, P193, R28, D5, H5
KASKIE, Henry - Sioux, P193, R29, D5, H5
KASKIE, John - Sioux, P194, R50, D26, H26
KASKIE, Josephine - Sioux, P194, R51, D26, H26
KASKIE, Raymond - Sioux, P194, R52, D26, H26
KASKIE, Albert - Sioux, P194, R53, D26, H26
KASKIE, Evert - Sioux, P194, R54, D26, H26
KASKIE, Edward - Sioux, P194, R55, D26, H26
KASKIE, William - Settler, P200, R29, D108, H108
KASKIE, Mathilda - Settler, P200, R30, D108, H108
KASKIE, Ida - Settler, P200, R31, D108, H108
KASKIE, Arthur - Settler, P200, R32, D108, H108
KASKIE, Ada - Settler, P200, R33, D108, H108
KASKIE, Lawrence - Settler, P200, R34, D108, H108
KASKIE, Roy - Settler, P200, R35, D108, H108
KASKIE, Vincent - Settler, P200, R36, D108, H108
KASMA, Sam - Plato, P73, R5, D125, H126
KASMA, Herman - Rock, P191, R94, D301, H308
KASS, Nicholas J. - East Orange, P41, R1, D1, H1
KASS, Mary M. - East Orange, P41, R2, D1, H1
KASS, Martha M. E. - East Orange, P41, R3, D1, H1
KASS, Alvina M. M. - East Orange, P41, R4, D1, H1
KASS, Joseph - Nassau, P145, R15, D19, H19
KASS, Annie A. - Nassau, P145, R16, D19, H19
KASS, Jennie - Nassau, P145, R17, D19, H19
KASS, Edwin - Nassau, P145, R18, D19, H19
KASS, Irene - Nassau, P145, R19, D19, H19
KASS, Peter - Nassau, P147, R11, D58, H58
KASS, Mary - Nassau, P147, R12, D58, H58
KASS, Clara M. - Nassau, P147, R13, D58, H58
KASS, Oldis - Nassau, P147, R14, D58, H58
KASS, Olga - Nassau, P147, R15, D58, H58
KASS, John - Nassau, P148, R7, D76, H76
KASS, Annie M. - Nassau, P148, R8, D76, H76
KASSELMAN, G. - Capel, P15, R90, D57, H57
KASSELMAN, Dena - Capel, P15, R91, D57, H57
KASSELMAN, Henry - Capel, P15, R92, D57, H57
KASSELMAN, Ben - Capel, P15, R93, D57, H57
KASSELMAN, Josie - Capel, P15, R94, D57, H57
KASSELMAN, Dena - Capel, P15, R95, D57, H57
KASSELMAN, ???? - Capel, P15, R96, D57, H57
KASSELMAN, Gertie - Capel, P15, R97, D57, H57
KASSELMAN, G. - Capel, P15, R100, D57, H57
KASSELMAN, J. A. - Capel, P16, R1, D57, H57
KASSELMAN, Gracie - Capel, P16, R2, D57, H57
KASSELMAN, Dick - Capel, P16, R3, D57, H57
KASSMITTER, Joseph - Nassau, P147, R18, D59, H59
KASSMITTER, Anna - Nassau, P147, R19, D59, H59
KASSMITTER, Louisa - Nassau, P147, R20, D59, H59
KASSMITTER, John - Nassau, P147, R21, D59, H59
KASSMITTER, Corline - Nassau, P147, R22, D59, H59
KASSMITTER, Otto - Nassau, P147, R23, D59, H59
KASSMITTER, Mary - Nassau, P147, R24, D59, H59
KASSMITTER, Clotilda - Nassau, P147, R25, D59, H59
KASSMITTER, Henry - Nassau, P147, R26, D59, H59
KASTEIN, Berand - Holland, P89, R68, D87, H87
KASTEIN, Willie - Holland, P90, R28, D100, H100
KASTIEN, Ralph - West Branch, P237, R11, D106, H108
KASTIJN, Gerrit - Orange City, P106, R27, D241, H244
KASTIJN, Ev??the - Orange City, P106, R28, D241, H244
KASTIJN, Lena - Orange City, P106, R29, D241, H244
KASTIJN, Hendrik J. - Orange City, P106, R30, D241, H244
KASTIJN, Annie H. - Orange City, P106, R31, D241, H244
KASTINE, Ella - Garfield, P67, R23, D43, H43
KASTINE, Dena - Nassau, P158, R25, D253, H256
KATHAN, Edward - Logan, P126, R41, D30, H34
KATHAN, Gretta - Logan, P126, R42, D30, H34
KATHAN, Charles U. - Logan, P126, R43, D30, H34
KAZEN, Herman - Orange City, P101, R67, D143, H146
KAZEN, Julia T. C. - Orange City, P101, R68, D143, H146
KAZEN, Jacob - Orange City, P101, R69, D143, H146
KAZEN, Gerrit - Orange City, P101, R70, D143, H146
KAZEN, Trynie - Orange City, P101, R71, D143, H146
KEEHN, Mary F. - Logan, P134, R15, D184, H197
KEEHN, Charles M. - Logan, P134, R14, D184, H197
KEEHN, John - Logan, P134, R18, D184, H197
KEEHN, Ray W. - Logan, P134, R16, D184, H197
KEEHN, Lee A. - Logan, P134, R17, D184, H197
KEEP, Frank E. - Lincoln, P112, R17, D50, H52
KEEP, Ida M. - Lincoln, P112, R18, D50, H52
KEEP, Margeret M. - Lincoln, P112, R19, D50, H52
KEEP, Paul A. - Lincoln, P112, R20, D50, H52
KEEP, Kester L. - Lincoln, P112, R21, D50, H52
KEEP, Carlton F. - Lincoln, P112, R22, D50, H52
KEEP, Willis Art - Lincoln, P112, R23, D50, H52
KEEP, Inez M. - Lincoln, P112, R24, D50, H52
KEEP, Edward C. - Lincoln, P112, R25, D50, H52
KEITH, Eri Dotterlee - Reading, P168, R38, D113, H114
KEITH, Adaline - Reading, P168, R39, D113, H114
KEITH, Hattie E. - Reading, P168, R40, D113, H114
KEITH, Jessie L. - Reading, P168, R41, D113, H114
KEITH, Edith Beulah - Reading, P168, R42, D113, H114
KELLARD, Katie - Nassau, P151, R77, D149, H150
KELLEN, Peter - East Orange, P45, R45, D73, H75
KELLEN, Elizabeth - East Orange, P45, R46, D73, H75
KELLEN, Tillie C. - East Orange, P45, R47, D73, H75
KELLEN, Otto M. - East Orange, P45, R48, D73, H75
KELLEN, Henry N. - East Orange, P45, R49, D73, H75
KELLEN, Jennie A. - East Orange, P45, R50, D73, H75
KELLEN, Anna L. - East Orange, P45, R51, D73, H75
KELLEN, Mathias - East Orange, P51, R39, D158, H160
KELLEN, Clara - East Orange, P51, R40, D158, H160
KELLEN, William F. - East Orange, P51, R41, D158, H160
KELLEN, Jennie - East Orange, P51, R42, D158, H160
KELLEN, Martha K. - East Orange, P51, R43, D158, H160
KELLEN, Cecelia - East Orange, P51, R44, D158, H160
KELLEN, Francis - East Orange, P51, R45, D158, H160
KELLEN, Elanore - East Orange, P51, R46, D158, H160
KELLEN, Florence - East Orange, P51, R47, D158, H160
KELLER, John - East Orange, P46, R48, D87, H89
KELLER, Josephine - East Orange, P46, R49, D87, H89
KELLER, Leonard M. - East Orange, P46, R50, D87, H89
KELLER, Camellus - East Orange, P51, R10, D153, H155
KELLER, Carolina S. - East Orange, P51, R11, D153, H155
KELLER, Angeline M. - East Orange, P51, R12, D153, H155
KELLER, Leo M. - East Orange, P51, R13, D153, H155
KELLER, Raymond J. - East Orange, P51, R14, D153, H155
KELLER, Lawrence - Rock, P178, R60, D55, H58
KELLER, May - Rock, P178, R61, D55, H58
KELLER, Agnes - Rock, P178, R62, D55, H58
KELLEY, James - Buncombe, P9, R79, D210, H210
KELLEY, Thomas - Logan, P136, R19, D223, H236
KELLEY, Michael J. - Washington, P141, R88, D332, H345
KELLEY, Patrick - Washington, P143, R37, D358, H371
KELLOGG, Henry W. - Logan, P133, R34, D173, H186
KELLOGG, Ida E. - Logan, P133, R35, D173, H186
KELLOGG, Leta I. - Logan, P133, R36, D173, H186
KELLOGG, Lester N. - Logan, P133, R37, D173, H186
KELLOGG, Lois B. - Logan, P133, R38, D173, H186
KELLOGG, Dewey A. - Logan, P134, R9, D183, H196
KELLOGG, Etta M. - Logan, P134, R10, D183, H196
KELLOGG, Edith B. - Logan, P134, R11, D183, H196
KELLOGG, Clarence - Logan, P134, R12, D183, H196
KEMNER, John - Reading, P172, R4, D180, H182
KEMP, Scott - Sheridan, P203, R11, D3, H3
KEMP, Abbie - Sheridan, P203, R12, D3, H3
KEMP, Colonel - Sheridan, P203, R13, D3, H3
KEMPERS, Barney - Welcome, P225, R16, D22, H22
KEMPERS, Lillie - Welcome, P225, R17, D22, H22
KEMPERS, Denie - Welcome, P225, R18, D22, H22
KEMPERS, Winnie - Welcome, P225, R19, D22, H22
KEMPERS, Hanna - Welcome, P225, R20, D22, H22
KEMPERS, Garret - Welcome, P225, R21, D22, H22
KEMPERS, John - Welcome, P230, R13, D102, H102
KEMPERS, Annie - Welcome, P230, R14, D102, H102
KEMPERS, Jaana B. - Welcome, P230, R15, D102, H102
KEMPERS, Garret - Welcome, P230, R16, D102, H102
KEMPERS, John R. - Welcome, P230, R17, D102, H102
KEMPERS, Gerret - West Branch, P240, R6, D167, H169
KEMPERS, Dina - West Branch, P240, R7, D167, H169
KEMPERS, Simon - West Branch, P240, R8, D167, H169
KEMPERS, Garret G. - West Branch, P240, R9, D167, H169
KEMPERS, James - West Branch, P240, R10, D167, H169
KEMPSTRA, John - Lynn, P22, R4, D154, H154
KEMPSTRA, Hendricke - Lynn, P22, R5, D154, H154
KENDEL, William - Sherman, P217, R88, D84, H84
KENGMAN, Jennie - Lincoln, P124, R72, D300, H305
KENISTON, Chas W. - Buncombe, P8, R9, D170, H170
KENISTON, Hattie M. - Buncombe, P8, R10, D170, H170
KENISTON, Harry E. - Buncombe, P8, R11, D170, H170
KENISTON, Arthur M. - Buncombe, P8, R12, D170, H170
KENKEL, John P. - Nassau, P159, R38, D277, H280
KENKEL, Annie - Nassau, P159, R39, D277, H280
KENKEL, William - Nassau, P159, R40, D277, H280
KENKEL, Lucy - Nassau, P159, R41, D277, H280
KENNARD, Mary - East Orange, P41, R92, D20, H20
KENNARD, Christins M. - East Orange, P41, R93, D20, H20
KENNARD, John T. - East Orange, P41, R94, D20, H20
KENNARD, Maggie S. - East Orange, P41, R95, D20, H20
KENNEDY, Thos H. - Buncombe, P3, R88, D76, H76
KENNEDY, Ella A. - Buncombe, P3, R89, D76, H76
KENNEDY, John C. - Buncombe, P3, R90, D76, H76
KENNEDY, Leonard P. - Buncombe, P3, R91, D76, H76
KENNEDY, William - Orange City, P104, R8, D192, H195
KENNEDY, Mary - Orange City, P104, R9, D192, H195
KENNEDY, Dale - Orange City, P104, R10, D192, H195
KENNING, Mike - Holland, P93, R49, D155, H155
KENNING, Florie - Holland, P93, R50, D155, H155
KENNING, Katie - Holland, P93, R51, D155, H155
KENNY, Luther T. - Logan, P129, R62, D102, H115
KENNY, Mary A. - Logan, P129, R63, D102, H115
KENNY, Roy L. - Logan, P129, R64, D102, H115
KENNY, Mabel L. - Logan, P129, R65, D102, H115
KENT, Arthur R. - Buncombe, P8, R42, D179, H179
KENT, Kittie June - Buncombe, P8, R43, D179, H179
KENT, Hazel J. - Buncombe, P8, R44, D179, H179
KENT, Edward M. - Buncombe, P8, R45, D179, H179
KENT, Arthur K. - Buncombe, P8, R46, D179, H179
KENT, Harold P. - Buncombe, P8, R47, D179, H179
KENT, Evaline B. - Buncombe, P8, R48, D179, H179
KENT, Donald R. - Buncombe, P8, R49, D179, H179
KENT, Chas W. - Rock, P179, R83, D78, H81
KENT, Elizabeth - Rock, P179, R84, D78, H81
KENT, Chas - Rock, P179, R85, D78, H81
KENT, Tom - Rock, P179, R86, D78, H81
KENT, Louella - Rock, P179, R87, D78, H81
KENT, Haleana - Rock, P179, R88, D78, H81
KENT, Lillian - Rock, P179, R89, D78, H81
KENT, Norman - Rock, P179, R90, D78, H81
KENYON, Malcohn L. - Logan, P127, R82, D61, H71
KENYON, Eva C. - Logan, P127, R83, D61, H71
KEOUGH, Michael - Reading, P172, R15, D183, H185
KEOUGH, Hannah - Reading, P172, R16, D183, H185
KEOUGH, William - Reading, P172, R17, D183, H185
KEOUGH, Annie - Reading, P172, R18, D183, H185
KEOUGH, Thomas H. - Reading, P172, R19, D183, H185
KEOUGH, Alice - Reading, P172, R20, D183, H185
KEOUGH, John P. - Reading, P172, R21, D184, H186
KEOUGH, Kate H. - Reading, P172, R22, D184, H186
KEOUGH, Les H. - Reading, P172, R23, D184, H186
KEOUGH, Aloysious B. - Reading, P172, R24, D184, H186
KEOUGH, Phelix Bernard - Reading, P172, R25, D184, H186
KEOUGH, Verne John - Reading, P172, R26, D184, H186
KEPURES, John - Sioux, P198, R10, D86, H86
KEPURES, Jennie - Sioux, P198, R11, D86, H86
KEPURES, Frank - Sioux, P198, R12, D86, H86
KEPURES, Jennie - Sioux, P198, R13, D86, H86
KEPURES, Maggie - Sioux, P198, R14, D86, H86
KEPURES, Kate - Sioux, P198, R15, D86, H86
KEPURES, Ida - Sioux, P198, R16, D86, H86
KERGHERHOUSE, Barney - Floyd, P62, R56, D202, H204
KERKVLIET, John - Sioux, P195, R30, D41, H41
KERN, Ernest - Nassau, P155, R56, D210, H212
KERN, John - Nassau, P159, R10, D273, H276
KERN, Elizebeth - Nassau, P159, R11, D273, H276
KERN, Anton - Nassau, P159, R12, D273, H276
KERN, Henry - Nassau, P159, R13, D273, H276
KERN, Kathrine - Nassau, P159, R14, D273, H276
KERN, Annie E. - Nassau, P159, R15, D273, H276
KERN, John - Nassau, P159, R16, D273, H276
KERN, Elizebeth - Nassau, P159, R17, D273, H276
KERN, Peter B. - Nassau, P159, R18, D273, H276
KERN, Otto - Nassau, P159, R19, D273, H276
KERPER, Katie - Lynn, P24, R22, D191, H191
KERWINK, John - Rock, P190, R56, D280, H287
KERWINK, Mary - Rock, P190, R57, D280, H287
KERWINK, Ralph - Rock, P190, R58, D280, H287
KERWINK, Charles - Rock, P190, R59, D280, H287
KERWINK, John - Rock, P190, R60, D280, H287
KERWINK, Mary - Rock, P190, R61, D280, H287
KERWINK, William - Rock, P190, R62, D280, H287
KERWINK, Jennie - Rock, P190, R63, D280, H287
KERWINK, Fred - Rock, P190, R64, D280, H287
KESSEY, Orville - Reading, P164, R10, D3, H3
KESSEY, Mary Margaret - Reading, P164, R11, D3, H3
KESSEY, Verde Johnson - Reading, P164, R12, D3, H3
KESSLER, Jacob - Rock, P184, R6, D170, H177
KESSLER, Jennie - Rock, P184, R7, D170, H177
KESSLER, Eda - Rock, P184, R8, D170, H177
KESSLER, Bert - Rock, P184, R9, D170, H177
KESSLER, Earl - Rock, P184, R10, D170, H177
KESSLER, Susan - Rock, P184, R11, D171, H178
KESSLER, George - Rock, P184, R12, D171, H178
KESSLER, Andy - Rock, P184, R13, D171, H178
KESSLER, Ida - Rock, P184, R14, D171, H178
KESSLER, Susan - Rock, P184, R15, D171, H178
KESSLER, Howard - Rock, P184, R16, D171, H178
KESSLER, Harry - Settler, P201, R33, D126, H127
KESSLER, Frederik - Settler, P201, R34, D126, H127
KETEL, Lawrence - Holland, P86, R70, D31, H31
KETEL, Lorenel - Holland, P94, R44, D177, H177
KETEL, Hendrik - Holland, P94, R45, D177, H177
KETEL, Nicholas - Holland, P94, R46, D177, H177
KETEL, Jan G. - Holland, P94, R47, D177, H177
KETELS, Paul - Lincoln, P114, R67, D106, H109
KETELS, Amanda - Lincoln, P114, R68, D106, H109
KETING, John - Eagle, P31, R40, D41, H41
KETTERER, Lous - Sioux, P196, R63, D61, H61
KETTERMAN, Guy - Plato, P74, R3, D141, H142
KETTLE, Santrisa - Holland, P86, R34, D23, H23
KEWLEY, Ely - Settler, P201, R31, D126, H127
KEWLEY, Sarah - Settler, P201, R32, D126, H127
KEWLEY, Pearl - Settler, P201, R35, D126, H127
KEYMAN, John H. - West Branch, P234, R90, D60, H61
KEYMAN, Hendrika - West Branch, P234, R91, D60, H61
KEYMAN, John - West Branch, P234, R92, D60, H61
KIDDER, George O. - Buncombe, P4, R88, D98, H98
KIDDER, Mary E. - Buncombe, P4, R89, D98, H98
KIDDER, Cora M. - Buncombe, P4, R90, D98, H98
KIDSON, May A. - Washington, P139, R24, D285, H298
KIDSON, Francis - Reading, P166, R32, D53, H53
KIDSON, Elizabeth D. - Reading, P166, R33, D53, H53
KIDWILER, Joseph H. - Reading, P165, R76, D42, H42
KIDWILER, Sarah M. - Reading, P165, R77, D42, H42
KIDWILER, Chester L. - Reading, P165, R78, D42, H42
KIDWILER, Marvin O. - Reading, P165, R79, D42, H42
KIEL, Hans - Sheridan, P209, R9, D127, H127
KIEL, Stanton - Sheridan, P210, R23, D150, H150
KIEL, Hermana - Sheridan, P210, R24, D150, H150
KIEL, Hale - Sheridan, P210, R25, D150, H150
KIEL, Hans - Sheridan, P210, R26, D150, H150
KIEL, John - Sheridan, P210, R27, D150, H150
KIEL, Terneus - Sheridan, P210, R28, D150, H150
KIEL, Gerrett - Sheridan, P210, R29, D150, H150
KIEL, Stephen - Sheridan, P210, R30, D150, H150
KIEL, John - Sheridan, P210, R31, D150, H150
KIEL, Herman - West Branch, P236, R40, D92, H94
KIEL, Lizzie - West Branch, P236, R41, D92, H94
KIEL, Lea - West Branch, P236, R42, D92, H94
KIJMPEMA, Pete - Orange City, P109, R47, D309, H315
KIJMPEMA, Henke - Orange City, P109, R48, D309, H315
KILLEN, Rose C. - Rock, P181, R20, D104, H108
KIMMEL, Tobias L. - Grant, P80, R99, D73, H74
KIMMEL, Eva??? - Grant, P80, R100, D73, H74
KIMMEL, Charlie E. - Grant, P81, R1, D73, H74
KIMMEL, Milton L. - Grant, P81, R2, D73, H74
KIMMEL, Theda M. - Grant, P81, R3, D73, H74
KIMMEL, Samuel H. - Grant, P81, R4, D73, H74
KIMMEL, Elizabeth - Grant, P81, R5, D73, H74
KIMMEL, T. L. - Grant, P81, R6, D73, H74
KIMMEL, William C. - Grant, P83, R54, D116, H119
KIMMEL, Anna - Grant, P83, R55, D116, H119
KIMMEL, Ada L. - Grant, P83, R56, D116, H119
KIMMEL, Etta S. - Grant, P83, R57, D116, H119
KIMMEL, James B. - Grant, P83, R58, D116, H119
KIMMEL, Mary M. - Grant, P83, R59, D116, H119
KIMMEL, Lizzie V. - Grant, P83, R60, D116, H119
KIMMEL, Fannie M. - Grant, P83, R61, D116, H119
KIMMEL, Daniel P. - Grant, P83, R62, D116, H119
KIMMEL, Benjamin H. - Grant, P83, R63, D116, H119
KIMMEL, Case R. - Grant, P83, R64, D116, H119
KIMMEL, John O. - Grant, P83, R66, D117, H120
KIMMEL, Mar?? - Grant, P83, R67, D117, H120
KIMMEL, ??? W. - Grant, P83, R68, D117, H120
KING, William A. - Logan, P133, R46, D177, H190
KING, Thomas - Sherman, P214, R1, D1, H1
KING, Anna - Sherman, P214, R2, D1, H1
KINGERY, William - West Branch, P233, R86, D41, H42
KINGERY, Maria C. - West Branch, P233, R87, D41, H42
KINGERY, Edith M. - West Branch, P233, R88, D41, H42
KINGERY, Ina P. - West Branch, P233, R89, D41, H42
KINGERY, Vera J. - West Branch, P233, R90, D41, H42
KINGERY, Lloyd W. - West Branch, P233, R91, D41, H42
KINGERY, John - West Branch, P233, R92, D41, H42
KINGHT, Joseph - Logan, P132, R71, D161, H174
KINNEY, Michiel - Nassau, P159, R73, D282, H285
KINNEY, Margaret - Nassau, P159, R74, D282, H285
KINNEY, Mary A. - Nassau, P159, R75, D282, H285
KINNEY, James - Nassau, P159, R76, D282, H285
KINNEY, Michiel J. - Nassau, P159, R77, D282, H285
KINNEY, Margaret - Nassau, P159, R78, D282, H285
KINNEY, Johanna - Nassau, P159, R79, D282, H285
KINZIE, James N. - Grant, P81, R40, D80, H81
KINZIE, Lida - Grant, P81, R41, D80, H81
KINZIE, Arnold - Grant, P81, R42, D80, H81
KINZIE, Laura - Grant, P81, R43, D80, H81
KINZIE, R. Hale - Grant, P81, R44, D80, H81
KINZIE, Gordon - Grant, P81, R45, D80, H81
KINZIE, Ryllis L. - Grant, P81, R46, D80, H81
KIPP, John H. - East Orange, P42, R83, D38, H38
KIPP, Mary - East Orange, P42, R84, D38, H38
KIPP, John - East Orange, P50, R99, D151, H153

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