1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

HOUGH, Edmond - Lincoln, P120, R25, D214, H218
HOUGH, Louisa - Lincoln, P120, R26, D214, H218
HOULTON, G. L. - Eagle, P30, R95, D35, H35
HOULTON, J. C. - Eagle, P30, R96, D35, H35
HOULTON, Clara Ruth - Eagle, P30, R97, D35, H35
HOULTON, Fay Harold - Eagle, P30, R98, D35, H35
HOUROUSE, Henry - Center, P35, R51, D113, H113
HOUSMAN, Fred - Eagle, P32, R24, D56, H56
HOUT, Frank - Buncombe, P11, R86, D244, H244
HOUT, Frank E. - Logan, P127, R97, D65, H75
HOUT, Cora - Logan, P127, R98, D65, H75
HOUT, Jesse M. - Logan, P127, R99, D65, H75
HOUTKOOPER, Arie - Lincoln, P123, R19, D272, H277
HOUTKOOPER, We??ske - Lincoln, P123, R20, D272, H277 (married before to Mr. Haarsma)
HOUTKOOPER, Pieter - Welcome, P228, R21, D73, H73
HOUTSMA, Albert - Nassau, P156, R85, D233, H235
HOUTSMA, Annie - Nassau, P156, R86, D233, H235
HOUTSMA, Peter H. - Nassau, P156, R87, D233, H235
HOUTSMA, Peter - Orange City, P109, R1, D299, H204
HOUTSMA, Gotske - Orange City, P109, R2, D299, H204
HOUTSMA, Willemke - Orange City, P109, R3, D299, H204
HOUTSMA, Cornelius - Welcome, P229, R73, D95, H95
HOUTSMA, Hattie - Welcome, P229, R74, D95, H95
HOUWERS, John W. - Nassau, P152, R41, D163, H164
HOUWERS, Catherine M. - Nassau, P152, R42, D163, H164
HOUWERS, Minnie - Nassau, P152, R43, D163, H164
HOUWERS, Johanna - Nassau, P152, R44, D163, H164
HOUWERS, Mary - Nassau, P152, R45, D163, H164
HOUWERS, Katie - Nassau, P152, R46, D163, H164
HOUWERS, Dina G. - Nassau, P152, R47, D163, H164
HOWARD, N. - Center, P34, R80, D102, H102
HOWARD, John - Center, P34, R81, D103, H103
HOWARD, Ida - Center, P34, R82, D103, H103
HOWARD, Candor D???d - Center, P34, R83, D103, H103
HOWARD, Clayton Leroy - Center, P34, R84, D103, H103
HOWARD, Grace Veyion - Center, P34, R85, D103, H103
HOWARD, Newcomb - Center, P34, R86, D103, H103
HOWARD, Bertram D. - Center, P34, R87, D103, H103
HOWARD, Lindon W. - Logan, P136, R30, D224, H237
HOWARD, Mike F. - Sherman, P218, R26, D91, H91
HOWARD, Kate - Sherman, P218, R27, D91, H91
HOWARD, William J. - Sherman, P218, R28, D91, H91
HOWARD, Mike F. - Sherman, P218, R29, D91, H91
HOWARD, Maggie - Sherman, P218, R30, D91, H91
HOWARD, Ella M. - Sherman, P218, R31, D91, H91
HOWARD, Martin - Sherman, P218, R32, D91, H91
HOWARD, Charles - Sherman, P218, R33, D91, H91
HOWARD, Earl - Sherman, P218, R34, D91, H91
HOWARD, Emit? - Sherman, P218, R35, D91, H91
HOWEN, Cornelius - Sioux, P196, R7, D53, H53
HOWEN, Henry - Sioux, P197, R71, D77, H77
HOXBERGEN, Jacob - Welcome, P226, R72, D48, H48
HOXBERGEN, Jetske - Welcome, P226, R73, D48, H48
HOXBERGEN, Henry - Welcome, P226, R74, D48, H48
HOXBERGEN, Peter - Welcome, P226, R75, D48, H48
HOXBERGEN, James - Welcome, P226, R76, D48, H48
HOXBERGEN, John - Welcome, P226, R77, D48, H48
HOXBERGEN, Henry - Welcome, P226, R84, D50, H50
HOXBERGEN, Magrata - Welcome, P226, R85, D50, H50
HOXBERGEN, John - Welcome, P226, R86, D50, H50
HOXBERGEN, Henry - Welcome, P226, R87, D50, H50
HOXBERGEN, Armina - West Branch, P240, R37, D172, H174
HOXBERN (HOXBERGEN)?, Lewis - West Branch, P237, R61, D116, H118
HOXMEIER, Theodore - Nassau, P149, R96, D113, H114
HOXMEIER, Mary - Nassau, P149, R97, D113, H114
HOXMEIER, Susanna - Nassau, P149, R98, D113, H114
HOXMEIER, Henry - Nassau, P149, R99, D113, H114
HOXMEIER, Mike - Nassau, P149, R100, D113, H114
HOXMEIER, Nick - Nassau, P150, R1, D113, H114
HOXMEIER, Dominic - Nassau, P150, R2, D113, H114
HOXMEIER, Mary - Nassau, P150, R3, D113, H114
HOXMEIER, Barney - Nassau, P150, R4, D113, H114
HOXMEIER, Lizzie - Nassau, P150, R5, D113, H114
HOXMEIER, Clara - Nassau, P150, R6, D113, H114
HOXMEIER, Annie? - Nassau, P150, R7, D113, H114
HOXMEIER, Micheal - Nassau, P150, R76, D129, H130
HOXMEIER, Louisa - Nassau, P150, R77, D129, H130
HOXMEIER, Theodore - Nassau, P150, R78, D129, H130
HOXMEIER, Roman - Nassau, P150, R79, D129, H130
HOXMEIER, Christine - Nassau, P150, R80, D129, H130
HOXMEIER, Simon - Nassau, P150, R81, D129, H130
HOXMEIER, Margareth - Nassau, P153, R3, D174, H175
HOXMEIER, Annie - Nassau, P153, R4, D174, H175
HOYT, Oscar A. - Reading, P175, R64, D244, H246
HOYT, Jane D. - Reading, P175, R65, D244, H246
HOYT, George W. - Reading, P175, R66, D244, H246
HOYT, Bertie C. - Reading, P175, R67, D244, H246
HUBBARD, Ida J. - Buncombe, P7, R89, D164, H164
HUBBARD, Jay C. - Buncombe, P7, R90, D164, H164
HUBBARD, Joy I. - Buncombe, P7, R91, D164, H164
HUBBELINK, Dilmer - Rock, P186, R7, D211, H218
HUBBELINK, Cretia - Rock, P186, R8, D211, H218
HUBBELINK, Fritz - Rock, P186, R9, D211, H218
HUBBELINK, James - Rock, P186, R10, D211, H218
HUBBELINK, John - Rock, P186, R11, D211, H218
HUBBELINK, Jennie - Rock, P186, R12, D211, H218
HUBBLING, Harm - Plato, P76, R44, D177, H178
HUBBLING, Grietje S. - Plato, P76, R45, D177, H178
HUBBLING, John - Plato, P76, R46, D177, H178
HUBBLING, Mary - Plato, P76, R47, D177, H178
HUBBLING, Wilhelm - Plato, P76, R48, D177, H178
HUBBLING, Hillechien - Plato, P76, R49, D177, H178
HUBBLING, Dettmer H. - Plato, P76, R50, D177, H178
HUBBLING, Geertruda - Plato, P76, R51, D177, H178
HUBBLING, Harry - Plato, P76, R52, D177, H178
HUBERS, John - Welcome, P230, R26, D104, H104
HUBERS, Sophia - Welcome, P230, R27, D104, H104 (married before to Mr. VANDERWILT)
HUBERS, Cora - Welcome, P230, R34, D104, H104
HUBERS, Henry - Welcome, P230, R35, D104, H104
HUBERS, John - West Branch, P232, R96, D22, H23
HUBERS, Alice - West Branch, P232, R97, D22, H23
HUBERS, Hattie - West Branch, P232, R98, D22, H23
HUBERS, Winnie - West Branch, P232, R99, D22, H23
HUBERS, John - West Branch, P232, R100, D22, H23
HUBERS, Hann - West Branch, P233, R1, D22, H23
HUBERS, Gertie J. - West Branch, P233, R2, D22, H23
HUBERS, Albert - West Branch, P242, R40, D205, H207
HUBERS, Alice - West Branch, P242, R41, D205, H207
HUBERS, Henry - West Branch, P242, R42, D205, H207
HUBERS, John - West Branch, P242, R43, D205, H207
HUBERS, Garret - West Branch, P242, R44, D205, H207
HUBERS, William - West Branch, P242, R45, D205, H207
HUBERS, Cora - West Branch, P242, R46, D205, H207
HUBERS, Dena - West Branch, P242, R47, D205, H207
HUBERS, Marion - West Branch, P242, R48, D205, H207
HUDSON, John T. - Grant, P83, R20, D110, H111
HUDSON, Martha A. - Grant, P83, R21, D110, H111
HUE, Frederick - West Branch, P238, R40, D133, H135
HUE, Suzanna D. - West Branch, P238, R41, D133, H135
HUE, John F. - West Branch, P238, R42, D133, H135
HUE, Johanna C. - West Branch, P238, R43, D133, H135
HUE, Christian - West Branch, P238, R44, D133, H135
HUE, Frederick C. - West Branch, P238, R45, D133, H135
HUESER, Joseph - Plato, P73, R98, D140, H141
HUGGINS, Seth - Logan, P126, R33, D30, H33
HUGGINS, Flora E. - Logan, P126, R34, D30, H33
HUGGINS, Orrin E. - Logan, P126, R35, D30, H33
HUGGINS, Frank V. - Logan, P126, R36, D30, H33
HUGGINS, Jessie C. - Logan, P126, R37, D30, H33
HUGGINS, Verdine E. - Logan, P126, R38, D30, H33
HUGGINS, Flora L. - Logan, P126, R39, D30, H33
HUGGINS, Seth, Jr. - Logan, P126, R40, D30, H33
HUGHES, Edward W. - Buncombe, P7, R16, D147, H147
HUGHES, Fannie - Logan, P126, R26, D28, H30
HUGHES, Elizabeth J. - Logan, P127, R37, D53, H58
HUGHES, Charles E. - Washington, P141, R50, D325, H338
HUGHES, Mattie M. - Washington, P141, R51, D325, H338 (married before to Mr. STURGIS)
HUGHES, Albert E. - Washington, P141, R52, D325, H338
HUGHES, Annie M. - Washington, P141, R53, D325, H338
HUIBREGTSE, Henry J. - Lincoln, P114, R38, D100, H103
HUIBREGTSE, Minnie - Lincoln, P114, R39, D100, H103
HUIBREGTSE, Cyntha - Lincoln, P114, R40, D100, H103
HUIBREGTSE, Jennie - Lincoln, P114, R41, D100, H103
HUIBREGTSE, Lena - Lincoln, P114, R42, D100, H103
HUIBREGTSE, Evert - Lincoln, P114, R43, D100, H103
HUIBREGTSE, Henry - Lincoln, P114, R44, D100, H103
HUIBREGTSE, Delia - Lincoln, P114, R45, D100, H103
HUIBREGTSE, Joseph - Lincoln, P115, R36, D124, H128
HUIBREGTSE, Alida - Lincoln, P115, R37, D124, H128
HUIBREGTSE, John - Lincoln, P116, R88, D151, H155
HUIBREGTSE, Jennie - Lincoln, P116, R89, D151, H155
HUIBREGTSE, Harry - Lincoln, P116, R90, D151, H155
HUIBREGTSE, Elmer - Lincoln, P116, R91, D151, H155
HUIBREGTSE, Gertrude - Rock, P185, R14, D193, H200
HUISMAN, Mathew - Holland, P88, R89, D71, H71
HUISMAN, Mina - Holland, P88, R90, D71, H71
HUISMAN, Mary - Holland, P88, R91, D71, H71
HUISMAN, Henry - Holland, P88, R92, D71, H71
HUISMAN, Dina - Holland, P88, R93, D71, H71
HUISMAN, Herbert - Holland, P88, R94, D71, H71
HUISMAN, Fred - Plato, P74, R50, D149, H150
HUISMAN, Katie - Plato, P74, R51, D149, H150
HUISMAN, Herman - Plato, P74, R52, D149, H150
HUISMAN, Katie - Plato, P74, R53, D149, H150
HUISMAN, Martin F. - Plato, P74, R54, D149, H150
HUISMAN, Annie K. - Plato, P74, R55, D149, H150
HUISMAN, Fred K. - Plato, P74, R56, D149, H150
HUISMAN, Henry - Plato, P74, R57, D149, H150
HUISMAN, Asha - Rock, P183, R1, D150, H157
HUISMAN, Stephen - Rock, P183, R2, D150, H157
HUISMAN, John - Rock, P183, R3, D150, H157
HUISMAN, Mary - West Branch, P241, R32, D188, H190
HUISMAN, William - West Branch, P241, R34, D189, H191
HUISMAN, Hiltje - West Branch, P241, R35, D189, H191
HUISMAN, Mary - West Branch, P241, R36, D189, H191
HUISMAN, Klaas - West Branch, P241, R37, D189, H191
HUISMAN, Tryntj - West Branch, P241, R38, D189, H191
HUISMAN, Elizabeth - West Branch, P241, R39, D189, H191
HUISMAN, Harber - West Branch, P241, R40, D189, H191
HUITINK, Henry - West Branch, P241, R16, D186, H188
HUITINK, Dora - West Branch, P241, R17, D186, H188
HUITINK, Hendrika - West Branch, P241, R18, D186, H188
HUITINK, Gerritt - West Branch, P241, R19, D186, H188
HUITINK, Gertje - West Branch, P241, R20, D186, H188
HUITINK, Hanna - West Branch, P241, R21, D186, H188
HUITINK, Sientje - West Branch, P241, R22, D186, H188
HUITINK, Hindrik - West Branch, P241, R23, D186, H188
HUITINK, Wilhelmina - West Branch, P241, R24, D186, H188
HUITINK, William - West Branch, P241, R25, D186, H188
HUIZENGA, Otto - Holland, P92, R75, D140, H140
HUIZENGA, Annie - Holland, P92, R76, D140, H140
HUIZENGA, Siebe - Holland, P92, R77, D140, H140
HUIZENGA, Margaret - Orange City, P99, R32, D90, H92
HUIZENGA, John - Orange City, P99, R33, D90, H92
HUIZENGA, F. J. - Rock, P176, R83, D16, H18
HUIZENGA, Elizabeth - Rock, P176, R84, D16, H18
HUIZENGA, Francis - Rock, P176, R85, D16, H18
HUIZENGA, John - Rock, P182, R93, D149, H156
HUIZENGA, Anna - Rock, P182, R94, D149, H156
HUIZENGA, Margaret - Rock, P182, R95, D149, H156
HUIZENGA, Richard - Rock, P182, R96, D149, H156
HUIZENGA, Gertrude - Rock, P182, R97, D149, H156
HUIZENGA, Johne - Rock, P182, R98, D149, H156
HUIZENGA, Elizabeth - Rock, P182, R99, D149, H156
HUIZENGA, Anna - Rock, P182, R100, D149, H156
HULLESMA (HULLEMAN)?, Martin - West Branch, P238, R79, D143, H145
HULLESMA (HULLEMAN)?, Heintje - West Branch, P238, R80, D143, H145
HULLESMA (HULLEMAN)?, Dirik - West Branch, P238, R81, D143, H145
HULLESMA (HULLEMAN)?, Merinas - West Branch, P238, R82, D143, H145
HULLESMA (HULLEMAN)?, Johannes - West Branch, P238, R83, D143, H145
HULLESMA (HULLEMAN)?, Jukj - West Branch, P238, R84, D143, H145
HULSHOF, Evert - Welcome, P229, R14, D89, H89
HULSHOF, Peternella - Welcome, P229, R15, D89, H89
HULSHOF, Herman - Welcome, P229, R16, D89, H89
HULSHOF, John - Welcome, P229, R17, D89, H89
HULSHOF, Cornelia - Welcome, P229, R18, D89, H89
HULSHOF, Maria B. - Welcome, P229, R19, D89, H89
HULST, Klaas - Floyd, P56, R2, D88, H90
HULST, Henrick - Floyd, P58, R69, D127, H129
HULST, Tryntje - Floyd, P58, R70, D127, H129
HULST, Jan - Floyd, P58, R71, D127, H129
HULST, Grace - Floyd, P58, R72, D127, H129
HULST, Dirk - Floyd, P60, R9, D158, H160
HULST, Nie?je - Floyd, P60, R10, D158, H160
HULST, Tryntje - Floyd, P60, R11, D158, H160
HULST, Roelof - Floyd, P60, R12, D158, H160
HULST, Hendrik - Floyd, P60, R13, D158, H160
HULST, Jan - Floyd, P60, R14, D158, H160
HULST, Harm - Floyd, P62, R15, D196, H198
HULST, Aaltje - Floyd, P62, R16, D196, H198
HULST, Tryntje - Floyd, P62, R17, D196, H198
HULSTEIN, William - Plato, P74, R64, D151, H152
HULSTEIN, Susan - Plato, P74, R65, D151, H152
HULSTEIN, Corneluis - Plato, P74, R66, D151, H152
HULSTEIN, Johannus - Plato, P74, R67, D151, H152
HULSTEIN, Richard - Plato, P74, R68, D151, H152
HULSTEIN, Sina - Plato, P74, R69, D151, H152
HULSTEIN, Gerrit - Plato, P74, R70, D151, H152
HULSTEIN, Johanna - Plato, P74, R71, D151, H152
HULSTEIN, Reekjie - Welcome, P224, R9, D3, H3
HULSTEIN, C. - Welcome, P224, R8, D3, H3
HULSTEIN, Garret - Welcome, P228, R95, D86, H86
HULSTEIN, Cornelia - Welcome, P228, R96, D86, H86
HULSTEIN, Reka - Welcome, P228, R97, D86, H86
HULSTEIN, Pieterjie - Welcome, P228, R98, D86, H86
HULSTEIN, Cornelius - Welcome, P228, R99, D86, H86
HULSTEIN, Conrad - Welcome, P228, R100, D86, H86
HULSTEIN, William - Welcome, P229, R1, D86, H86
HULSTEIN, Stephen - West Branch, P236, R79, D101, H103
HULSTEIN, Hannah - West Branch, P236, R80, D101, H103
HULSTEIN, Anthony - West Branch, P236, R81, D101, H103
HULSTEIN, Harret - West Branch, P236, R82, D101, H103
HUNNIE?, Arend - Lincoln, P121, R74, D244, H248
HUNNIE?, Florence - Lincoln, P121, R75, D244, H248
HUNNIE?, Julian - Lincoln, P121, R76, D244, H248
HUNSAKER, Lawrence A. - Eagle, P31, R80, D48, H48
HUNSAKER, Frona A. - Eagle, P31, R81, D48, H48
HUNT, Chas - Lincoln, P123, R48, D278, H283
HUNT, Sophia - Lincoln, P123, R49, D278, H283
HUNT, Lena - Lincoln, P123, R50, D278, H283
HUNTER, William J. - Grant, P77, R60, D10, H10
HURD, Gifford L. - Rock, P176, R19, D4, H5
HURD, Cora L. - Rock, P176, R20, D4, H5
HURD, Mildred - Rock, P176, R21, D4, H5
HURD, Maretta - Rock, P179, R99, D81, H84
HURDELBRINK, John C. - Sioux, P195, R22, D40, H40
HURDELBRINK, Herman - Sioux, P195, R23, D40, H40
HURDELBRINK, Anna - Sioux, P195, R24, D40, H40
HURLBUT, G. B. - Buncombe, P9, R38, D199, H199
HURRTRA, Wm. - Capel, P16, R44, D63, H63
HURT, Alex - Rock, P182, R50, D135, H142
HUSMAN, John - Washington, P142, R55, D345, H358
HUSMAN, Elizabeth - Washington, P142, R56, D345, H358
HUSMAN, Henrietta - Washington, P142, R57, D345, H358
HUSMAN, Tina Mary - Washington, P142, R58, D345, H358
HUSS, Anton - East Orange, P46, R31, D85, H87
HUSS, Anna - East Orange, P46, R32, D85, H87 (married before to Mr. NEMMERS)
HUSS, Theo - East Orange, P46, R33, D85, H87
HUSS, Nick - East Orange, P46, R34, D85, H87
HUSS, Peter J. - East Orange, P46, R35, D85, H87
HUSS, Mathias - East Orange, P46, R36, D85, H87
HUTCHINS, Nathan - Logan, P136, R82, D236, H249
HUTCHINSON, John H. - Logan, P126, R68, D37, H41
HUTCHINSON, Ellen - Logan, P126, R69, D37, H41
HUTCHINSON, Robert - Nassau, P149, R66, D108, H109
HUTCHINSON, William - Nassau, P151, R94, D153, H154
HUTCHINSON, Belle - Nassau, P151, R95, D153, H154
HUTCHINSON, Jessie M. - Orange City, P99, R7, D83, H85
HUTCHISON, Sarah - Sheridan, P205, R92, D64, H64
HUYGENS, Hendricke - Lynn, P22, R1, D154, H154
HUYGENS, Adrian - Lynn, P22, R2, D154, H154
HUYGENS, Albert - Lynn, P22, R3, D154, H154
HYDE, Lelonel - Buncombe, P5, R51, D112, H112
HYDE, Elizabeth - Buncombe, P5, R52, D112, H112
HYDE, Catherine - Lincoln, P115, R20, D120, H124
HYDE, Wilbur - Lincoln, P115, R21, D120, H124
HYINK, John B. - Capel, P19, R40, D109, H109
HYINK, T. - Capel, P19, R41, D109, H109
HYINK, Martin - Capel, P19, R42, D109, H109
HYINK, Ella H. - Capel, P19, R43, D109, H109
HYINK, Benjamin - Capel, P19, R44, D109, H109
HYINK, Henry - Floyd, P53, R65, D38, H39
HYINK, Nettie - Floyd, P53, R66, D38, H39
HYINK, James - Lynn, P21, R16, D139, H139
HYINK, Jennie - Lynn, P21, R17, D139, H139
HYINK, Allie - Orange City, P104, R70, D206, H208
HYINK, Joseph - West Branch, P234, R55, D53, H54
HYINK, Anna B. - West Branch, P234, R56, D53, H54
HYINK, Jennette - West Branch, P234, R57, D53, H54
HYINK, Nelvina - West Branch, P234, R58, D53, H54
HYINK, William B. - West Branch, P234, R59, D53, H54
HYINK, Dorothy N. - West Branch, P234, R60, D53, H54
HYINK, Elsie M. - West Branch, P234, R61, D53, H54
HYINK, Arnold S. - West Branch, P234, R62, D53, H54
HYMANS, H. - Sheridan, P207, R75, D102, H102
HYMANS, Derka - Sheridan, P207, R76, D102, H102
HYMANS, Lucy - Sheridan, P207, R77, D102, H102
HYMANS, Harry - Sheridan, P207, R78, D102, H102
HYMANS, F??s - Sheridan, P207, R79, D102, H102
HYMANS, John - Sheridan, P207, R80, D102, H102
HYMEN, Theodore - Rock, P185, R53, D201, H208
HYMEN, Darkia - Rock, P185, R54, D201, H208
HYMEN, Elizabeth - Rock, P185, R55, D201, H208
HYMEN, Cornelius - Rock, P185, R56, D201, H208
HYMEN, Nellie - Rock, P185, R57, D201, H208
HYMEN, Alexander - Rock, P185, R58, D201, H208
HYMEN, Minnie - Rock, P185, R59, D201, H208
HYNDMAN, John - Grant, P78, R27, D23, H23
HYTHOLT, Ole - Sioux, P193, R39, D7, H7
HYTHOLT, Karen - Sioux, P193, R40, D7, H7
HYTHOLT, Mary - Sioux, P193, R41, D7, H7
HYTHOLT, Martin - Sioux, P193, R42, D7, H7

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