1900 Iowa Census Index

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Name, Township, Page, Row, Dwelling/Household

HILAND, Bertha - Settler, P201, R62, D130, H131
HILBELINK, John N. - Floyd, P57, R85, D109, H111
HILBELINK, Aggie - Floyd, P57, R86, D109, H111
HILBELINK, Gertie - Floyd, P57, R87, D109, H111
HILBELINK, Florence - Floyd, P57, R88, D109, H111
HILBELINK, Rosella M. - Floyd, P57, R89, D109, H111
HILBELINK, Jacob J> - Floyd, P57, R90, D109, H111
HILBELINK, Sarah - Floyd, P57, R91, D109, H111
HILBELINK, Winnie H. - Floyd, P57, R92, D109, H111
HILBELINK, Celia Ruth - Floyd, P57, R93, D109, H111
HILDESHEIM, Joseph - Nassau, P148, R44, D85, H85
HILDESHEIM, Margeretta - Nassau, P148, R45, D85, H85
HILDESHEIM, Mary - Nassau, P148, R46, D85, H85
HILDESHEIM, Roman - Nassau, P148, R47, D85, H85
HILDESHEIM, Esabella - Nassau, P148, R48, D85, H85
HILDESHEIM, Mary - Nassau, P150, R88, D130, H131
HILDESHEIM, Jacob - Nassau, P150, R89, D130, H131
HILL, John W. - Buncombe, P11, R47, D236, H236
HILL, Isa?lla E. - Buncombe, P11, R48, D236, H236 (maiden name could be Wadley)
HILL, Terresa - Buncombe, P11, R49, D236, H236
HILL, Roland - Nassau, P152, R34, D161, H162
HILL, Sidersa - Nassau, P152, R35, D161, H162
HILL, Lida - Nassau, P152, R36, D161, H162
HILLMANN, Mary - Reading, P166, R20, D49, H49 (married)
HILLMANN, Fred - Reading, P171, R44, D170, H172 (married)
HILLMER, Anton - Center, P36, R35, D131, H131
HILLMER, Mathilda - Center, P36, R36, D131, H131
HILLMER, Aug - Rock, P181, R76, D114, H120
HILLS, Mamie - West Branch, P234, R42, D51, H52
HILTON, Henry C. - Buncombe, P3, R55, D67, H67
HILTON, Annie E. - Buncombe, P3, R56, D67, H67
HILTON, Henry - Buncombe, P7, R19, D149, H149
HILTON, Martha - Buncombe, P7, R20, D149, H149
HILTON, Robert Thos. - Buncombe, P7, R21, D149, H149
HILTON, Roscoe E. - Buncombe, P7, R22, D149, H149
HILTON, Matilda P. - Buncombe, P7, R23, D149, H149
HILTON, Euadell - Buncombe, P7, R24, D149, H149
HILTON, Iris M. - Buncombe, P7, R25, D149, H149
HILTON, Calvin E. - Eagle, P33, R98, D91, H91
HILTON, Mary - Eagle, P33, R99, D91, H91
HILTON, Laura - Eagle, P33, R100, D91, H91
HILTON, Pearl - Eagle, P34, R1, D91, H91
HILTON, Edna - Eagle, P34, R2, D91, H91
HILTON, Ward - Eagle, P34, R3, D91, H91
HILTON, Ray - Eagle, P34, R4, D91, H91
HILTON, Edgar G. - Garfield, P67, R3, D39, H39
HILTON, Julia - Garfield, P67, R4, D39, H39
HILTON, J. Everett - Garfield, P67, R5, D39, H39
HILTON, John E. - Garfield, P68, R11, D60, H60
HILTON, Donsell - Garfield, P68, R12, D60, H60
HILTON, Joseph - Reading, P165, R37, D33, H33
HILTON, Caroline - Reading, P165, R38, D33, H33
HILTON, Arvilla - Reading, P165, R39, D33, H33
HINDE, Richard - Nassau, P161, R74, D316, H319
HINDE, Mary A. - Nassau, P161, R75, D316, H319
HINDE, Ralph H. - Nassau, P161, R76, D316, H319
HINDE, Edward J. - Nassau, P161, R77, D316, H319
HINDE, George W. - Nassau, P161, R78, D316, H319
HING, Henry - East Orange, P41, R28, D6, H6
HINKLEY, Bert - Sherman, P218, R45, D94, H94
HINRICHER, Anton - East Orange, P47, R20, D96, H98
HIRSCH, Leslie C. - Rock, P181, R35, D107, H113
HIRSCH, Susie - Rock, P181, R36, D107, H113
HIRSCHINGER, Jacob - Rock, P184, R48, D179, H186
HIRSCHINGER, Mary - Rock, P184, R49, D179, H186
HIRSCHINGER, Lydia - Rock, P184, R50, D179, H186
HITCHCOCK, Wm. - Buncombe, P5, R16, D104, H104
HITCHCOCK, Minnie M. - Buncombe, P5, R17, D104, H104
HITCHCOCK, Oive E. - Buncombe, P5, R18, D104, H104
HITTGEN, William - West Branch, P235, R58, D73, H75
HITTGEN, Hulda - West Branch, P235, R59, D73, H75
HITTGEN, Walter - West Branch, P235, R60, D73, H75
HITTGEN, Wilfred - West Branch, P235, R61, D73, H75
HITTGEN, Perry - West Branch, P235, R62, D73, H75
HOAG, Frank - Floyd, P58, R93, D131, H133
HOAG, Alice M. - Floyd, P58, R94, D131, H133
HOAG, Stella - Floyd, P58, R95, D131, H133
HOAG, George - Floyd, P58, R96, D131, H133
HOAG, Louis - Floyd, P58, R97, D131, H133
HOAG, Helen - Floyd, P58, R98, D131, H133
HOAG, Cyrel - Floyd, P58, R99, D131, H133
HOAG, Isabel - Floyd, P58, R100, D131, H133
HOAG, Winifred - Floyd, P59, R1, D131, H133
HOAG, Adam - Floyd, P59, R38, D139, H141
HOAG, Phillene - Floyd, P59, R39, D139, H141
HOBSON, James H. - Logan, P130, R81, D128, H141
HOBSON, Lucy R. - Logan, P130, R82, D128, H141
HOBSON, Flora A. - Logan, P130, R83, D128, H141
HOBSON, Lola F. - Logan, P130, R84, D128, H141
HOCKSTATTER, John - Lynn, P23, R82, D185, H185
HOCKSTATTER, Ella - Lynn, P23, R83, D185, H185
HOCKSTATTER, Annie - Lynn, P23, R84, D185, H185
HOCKSTATTER, Katie - Lynn, P23, R85, D185, H185
HOCKSTATTER, Dena - Lynn, P23, R86, D185, H185
HOCKSTATTER, Mary - Lynn, P23, R87, D185, H185
HOCKSTATTER, Johnny - Lynn, P23, R88, D185, H185
HOCKSTATTER, Willie - Lynn, P23, R89, D185, H185
Hodam, Albert G. - Reading, P169, R28, D131, H132
Hodam, Carl Herman F. - Reading, P169, R29, D131, H132
HODGIN, Fred A. - Buncombe, P3, R43, D64, H64
HODGIN, Jeanette R. - Buncombe, P3, R44, D64, H64
HODGIN, Rachel L. - Buncombe, P3, R45, D64, H64
HODGIN, Arthjur Wm. - Buncombe, P3, R46, D64, H64
HODGIN, Wm. E. - Buncombe, P4, R13, D82, H82
HODGIN, Fannie M. - Buncombe, P4, R14, D82, H82
HODGIN, Wm. E. - Buncombe, P6, R82, D138, H138
HODGIN, Merium - Buncombe, P6, R83, D138, H138
HODGIN, Ina - Buncombe, P6, R84, D138, H138
HODGIN, Earl - Buncombe, P6, R85, D138, H138
HODGIN, Fred - Eagle, P29, R62, D10, H10
HODGIN, Amos - Logan, P130, R77, D124, H137
HODGIN or JENSEN, Karolina - Buncombe, P4, R15, D82, H82
HODGINS, John - Nassau, P149, R77, D110, H111
HODOWAY, Pierce - Buncombe, P5, R88, D120, H120
HODOWAY, Berttia N. - Buncombe, P5, R89, D120, H120
HODOWAY, Harry W. - Buncombe, P5, R90, D120, H120
HODOWAY, John W. - Buncombe, P5, R91, D120, H120
HODOWAY, Margarett I. - Buncombe, P5, R92, D120, H120
HODWICKSON, Peter - Sioux, P198, R57, D93, H93
HOEFAKKER, R. - Center, P34, R65, D99, H99
HOEFAKKER, Eugellina M. - Center, P34, R66, D99, H99
HOEFAKKER, Hendrik - Center, P34, R67, D99, H99
HOEFAKKER, Earnist - Center, P34, R68, D99, H99
HOEFAKKER, Henry - Reading, P170, R22, D149, H150
HOEFLER, John - Floyd, P64, R45, D234, H236
HOEFLER, Dena - Floyd, P64, R46, D234, H236
HOEFLER, Fred - Floyd, P64, R47, D234, H236
HOEFLER, Joseph - Floyd, P64, R48, D234, H236
HOEFLER, John - Floyd, P64, R49, D234, H236
HOEFLER, Vincent - Floyd, P64, R50, D234, H236
HOEFLER, Katie - Floyd, P64, R51, D234, H236
HOEFLER, Clara - Floyd, P64, R52, D234, H236
HOEKER, Henry - Floyd, P63, R28, D213, H215
HOEKSTRA, Sietse - Garfield, P65, R72, D15, H15
HOEKSTRA, Anna - Garfield, P65, R73, D15, H15
HOEKSTRA, Dennis - Garfield, P65, R74, D15, H15
HOEKSTRA, Dora - Garfield, P65, R75, D15, H15
HOEKSTRA, Tunis - Garfield, P69, R22, D80, H81
HOEKSTRA, Jessie - Garfield, P69, R23, D80, H81
HOEKSTRA, Nettie - Garfield, P69, R24, D80, H81
HOEKSTRA, Jennie T. - Garfield, P69, R25, D80, H81
HOEPPNER, Leopold - Lincoln, P113, R97, D90, H93
HOERE, Isaac - Capel, P13, R41, D10, H10
HOERE, Gertie - Capel, P13, R42, D10, H10
HOERE, John - Capel, P13, R43, D10, H10
HOERE, Fann?? - Capel, P13, R44, D10, H10
HOERT (HORN)?, J. W. - Capel, P16, R27, D62, H62
HOERT (HORN)?, Laura - Capel, P16, R28, D62, H62
HOERT (HORN)?, Della - Capel, P16, R29, D62, H62
HOERT (HORN)?, Effie - Capel, P16, R30, D62, H62
HOERT (HORN)?, Hattie - Capel, P16, R31, D62, H62
HOERT (HORN)?, Orlen - Capel, P16, R32, D62, H62
HOERT (HORN)?, Olive - Capel, P16, R33, D62, H62
HOERT (HORN)?, Georgia - Capel, P16, R34, D62, H62
HOERT (HORN)?, Vina - Capel, P16, R35, D62, H62
HOESHEN, Herman J. - Sherman, P219, R21, D106, H106
HOEVEN, Maggie - Floyd, P52, R27, D8, H8
HOEVEN, Eddie Ben - Floyd, P52, R28, D8, H8
HOEVEN, Henry - Floyd, P52, R29, D8, H8
HOEVEN, John K. - Floyd, P52, R30, D8, H8
HOEVEN, Gerrit - Floyd, P56, R5, D90, H92
HOEVEN, Lena - Floyd, P56, R6, D90, H92
HOEVEN, Charlie - Floyd, P56, R7, D90, H92
HOEVEN, Allie - Floyd, P56, R8, D90, H92
HOEVEN, Andor J. - Floyd, P56, R9, D90, H92
HOEVEN, Evert - Floyd, P59, R56, D145, H147
HOEVEN, Aaltje - Floyd, P59, R57, D145, H147
HOEVEN, Allie - Floyd, P59, R58, D145, H147
HOEVEN, Maggie - Floyd, P59, R59, D145, H147
HOEVEN, Abraham - Floyd, P59, R60, D145, H147
HOEVEN, Andrew - West Branch, P239, R59, D158, H160
HOEVEN, Dora - West Branch, P239, R60, D158, H160
HOEVEN, Edward - West Branch, P239, R61, D158, H160
HOEVEN, William - West Branch, P239, R62, D158, H160
HOEVENS, Johannah - Lincoln, P120, R96, D228, H232
HOF, Jennie - Welcome, P225, R3, D19, H19
HOF, Cornelius - Welcome, P229, R100, D99, H99
HOF, Gysbertjie - Welcome, P230, R1, D99, H99
HOF, Hendrika - Welcome, P230, R2, D99, H99
HOF, John - Welcome, P230, R3, D99, H99
HOF, Garret - Welcome, P230, R4, D99, H99
HOFF, Harvey - Sherman, P221, R57, D146, H146
HOFF, John - Welcome, P224, R10, D4, H4
HOFF, Hieltjie - Welcome, P224, R11, D4, H4
HOFF, John - Welcome, P225, R2, D19, H19
HOFFE, Andrick - Floyd, P59, R40, D140, H142
HOFFE, Jantje - Floyd, P59, R41, D140, H142
HOFFE, Jantje - Floyd, P59, R42, D140, H142
HOFFE, Antje - Floyd, P59, R43, D140, H142
HOFFE, Jacobus - Floyd, P59, R44, D140, H142
HOFFE, Cornelia - Floyd, P59, R45, D140, H142
HOFFMAN, Mattias - Nassau, P155, R91, D215, H217
HOFFMAN, Elizebeth - Nassau, P155, R92, D215, H217
HOFFMAN, Mary - Nassau, P155, R93, D215, H217
HOFFMAN, Meichiel - Nassau, P155, R94, D215, H217
HOFFMAN, Nickolas - Nassau, P155, R95, D215, H217
HOFFMAN, John - Nassau, P155, R96, D215, H217
HOFFMAN, Alouis - Nassau, P155, R97, D215, H217
HOFFMAN, Peter - West Branch, P243, R19, D217, H219
HOFFMANN, Chas F. - Lincoln, P111, R46, D30, H32
HOFFMANN, Abbie C. - Lincoln, P111, R47, D30, H32
HOFFMANN, Helena - Lincoln, P111, R48, D30, H32
HOFFS, Henry - Capel, P19, R34, D108, H108
HOFFS, Mary - Capel, P19, R35, D108, H108
HOFFS, Albert - Capel, P19, R36, D108, H108
HOFFS, Adolf - Capel, P19, R37, D108, H108
HOFFS, Hattie - Capel, P19, R38, D108, H108
HOFFS, Alice - Capel, P19, R39, D108, H108
HOFFS, Hendrickus - Holland, P85, R92, D17, H17
HOFFS, D. Willlemina - Holland, P85, R93, D17, H17
HOFFS, Dora W. - Holland, P85, R94, D17, H17
HOFLAND, Jan - Holland, P85, R40, D8, H8
HOFLAND, Catherina - Holland, P85, R41, D8, H8
HOFLAND, James M. - Holland, P85, R42, D8, H8
HOFLAND, G. A. - Holland, P85, R43, D8, H8
HOFLAND, Johanna C. - Holland, P85, R44, D8, H8
HOFLAND, Neltje A. - Holland, P85, R45, D8, H8
HOFLAND, Kate - Holland, P92, R96, D143, H143
HOFLAND, Hendrick - Orange City, P100, R32, D115, H117
HOFLAND, Katie - Orange City, P100, R33, D115, H117
HOFLAND, Johanna F. - Orange City, P100, R34, D115, H117
HOFLAND, Maria H. - Orange City, P100, R35, D115, H117
HOFLAND, Jan F. - Orange City, P100, R36, D115, H117
HOFLAND, Zena M. - Orange City, P100, R37, D115, H117
HOFLAND, Fuzentruns J. - Orange City, P100, R38, D115, H117
HOFLAND, Hendrika M. - Orange City, P100, R39, D115, H117
HOFMAN, Martin - Nassau, P155, R82, D213, H215
HOFMAN, Rosa - Nassau, P155, R83, D213, H215
HOFMAN, Florance - Nassau, P155, R84, D213, H215
HOFMEYER, Johannah - Capel, P15, R99, D57, H57
HOFMEYER, Harvey - Floyd, P62, R76, D206, H208
HOFMEYER, Lambertina - Floyd, P62, R77, D206, H208
HOFMEYER, Gerrit - Floyd, P62, R78, D206, H208
HOFMEYER, Dick - Floyd, P62, R79, D206, H208
HOFMEYER, Josie - Floyd, P62, R80, D206, H208
HOFMEYER, George - Floyd, P62, R81, D206, H208
HOFMEYER, Willie - Floyd, P62, R82, D206, H208
HOFMEYER, Gertie - Floyd, P62, R83, D206, H208
HOFMEYER, Jacob - Floyd, P62, R84, D206, H208
HOFMEYER, Gerrit J. - Nassau, P157, R84, D248, H251
HOFMEYER, Gertrude - Nassau, P157, R85, D248, H251
HOFMEYER, Gerrit - Nassau, P157, R86, D248, H251
HOFMEYER, Henry - Nassau, P157, R87, D248, H251
HOFMEYER, Gerrit J. - Nassau, P157, R88, D248, H251
HOFMEYER, Berend J. - Nassau, P161, R100, D319, H322
HOFMEYER, Jan W. - Orange City, P105, R8, D214, H217
HOFMEYER, Jane - Orange City, P105, R9, D214, H217
HOFMEYER, Hendrika - Orange City, P105, R10, D214, H217
HOFMEYER, Jennie - Orange City, P105, R11, D214, H217
HOFMEYER, Jan W. - Orange City, P105, R12, D214, H217
HOFSLA, H. - Center, P35, R99, D123, H123
HOGAN, Mike C. - Lincoln, P122, R78, D265, H270
HOGAN, Julia - Lincoln, P122, R79, D265, H270
HOGAN, Eugene - Lincoln, P122, R80, D265, H270
HOGAN, James - Lincoln, P122, R81, D265, H270
HOGAN, Kate - Lincoln, P122, R82, D265, H270
HOGAN, Hugh - Lincoln, P122, R83, D265, H270
HOLFORD, Beatrice - Holland, P92, R39, D134, H134
HOLIHAN, Joseph H. - Reading, P166, R82, D65, H65
HOLIHAN, Edith M. - Reading, P166, R83, D65, H65
HOLLAND, Joeseph - Logan, P132, R49, D156, H169
HOLLANDER, C. - Sheridan, P211, R49, D169, H169
HOLLANDER, Chris - Sheridan, P212, R55, D190, H190
HOLLANDER, Maggie - Sheridan, P212, R56, D190, H190
HOLLANDER, Katie - Sheridan, P212, R57, D190, H190
HOLLANDER, John - Sheridan, P212, R58, D190, H190
HOLLANDER, Emma - Sheridan, P212, R59, D190, H190
HOLLANDER, James - Sherman, P220, R21, D125, H125
HOLLANDER, Lucy - Sherman, P220, R22, D125, H125
HOLLANDER, Dennis - Sherman, P220, R23, D125, H125
HOLLANDER, Anna - Sherman, P220, R24, D125, H125
HOLLANDER, John - West Branch, P235, R85, D79, H81
HOLLANDER, Carrie - West Branch, P235, R86, D79, H81
HOLLEBECK, Dirk - Welcome, P229, R67, D94, H94
HOLLENBECK, Zeph - Rock, P180, R12, D85, H88
HOLLENBECK, Lynn - Rock, P180, R13, D85, H88
HOLLENBECK, Robt - Rock, P180, R14, D85, H88
HOLLENBECK, Henry C. - Rock, P180, R15, D85, H88
HOLLENBECK, Esther - Rock, P180, R16, D85, H88
HOLLINGA, Jantje - Orange City, P99, R23, D88, H90
HOLLINGSWORTH, Lydia - Sioux, P196, R64, D61, H61
HOLLISTER, Cyrus - Lincoln, P111, R24, D25, H26
HOLLISTER, Mina - Lincoln, P111, R25, D25, H26
HOLLISTER, Earnest - Lincoln, P111, R26, D25, H26
HOLLISTER, Chas - Lincoln, P111, R68, D37, H39
HOLLISTER, Carrie - Lincoln, P111, R69, D37, H39
HOLLISTER, Lena - Lincoln, P111, R70, D37, H39
HOLLISTER, Loyd - Lincoln, P111, R71, D37, H39
HOLLISTER, Edward - Lincoln, P111, R72, D37, H39
HOLLISTER, John - Lincoln, P111, R73, D37, H39
HOLMES, John - Sheridan, P209, R98, D144, H144
HOLMES, Mary - Sheridan, P209, R99, D144, H144
HOLMES, Harry - Sheridan, P209, R100, D144, H144
HOLMES, Anna - Sheridan, P210, R1, D144, H144
HOLMES, Rose - Sheridan, P210, R2, D144, H144
HOLMES, Richard - Sheridan, P213, R28, D205, H205
HOLMES, Mary - Sheridan, P213, R29, D205, H205
HOLMES, Ruth - Sheridan, P213, R30, D205, H205
HOLTDORF, Albert - Reading, P170, R54, D154, H155
HOLTDORF, Emma - Reading, P170, R55, D154, H155
HOLTDORF, Clarence - Reading, P170, R56, D154, H155
HOLTDORF, Albert - Reading, P170, R57, D154, H155
HOLTDORF, Esther Pear Lillian - Reading, P170, R58, D154, H155
HOLTON, C. B. - Eagle, P30, R16, D21, H21
HOLTON, ?. A. - Eagle, P30, R17, D21, H21
HOLTROP, John - Lynn, P21, R60, D146, H146
HOLTROP, Geet?? - Lynn, P21, R61, D146, H146
HOLTROP, Hattie - Lynn, P21, R62, D146, H146
HOLTROPH, Fred - Lynn, P22, R40, D161, H161
HOLTROPH, Albertia - Lynn, P22, R41, D161, H161
HOLTROPH, Albertia - Lynn, P22, R42, D161, H161
HOLTROPH, Eda - Lynn, P22, R43, D161, H161
HOLZ, Henry - Lincoln, P120, R51, D219, H223
HOMAN, John - Nassau, P149, R58, D107, H108
HOMAN, Louisa - Nassau, P149, R59, D107, H108
HOMAN, Joseph H. - Nassau, P149, R60, D107, H108
HOMAN, Frank P. - Nassau, P149, R61, D107, H108
HOMAN, Scholaetice - Nassau, P149, R62, D107, H108
HOMAN, Benjamin - Nassau, P149, R63, D107, H108
HOMAN, Charles A. - Nassau, P149, R64, D107, H108
HOMAN, Hilderd?? - Nassau, P149, R65, D107, H108
HONE, Sarah - Logan, P132, R40, D152, H165
HONEYWELL, Geo M. - Buncombe, P3, R16, D59, H59
HONEYWELL, Rose A. - Buncombe, P3, R17, D59, H59
HONEYWELL, Mary M. - Buncombe, P3, R18, D59, H59
HONEYWELL, Charlotte G. - Buncombe, P3, R19, D59, H59
HONEYWELL, Robert L. - Buncombe, P3, R20, D59, H59
HONEYWELL, Gladdis M. - Buncombe, P3, R21, D59, H59
HONLON, Patrick - Rock, P180, R24, D87, H90
HONLON, Annie - Rock, P180, R25, D87, H90
HONLON, Lizzie - Rock, P180, R26, D87, H90
HONLON, Josie - Rock, P180, R27, D87, H90
HONLON, James - Rock, P180, R28, D87, H90
HONLON, Tony - Rock, P180, R29, D87, H90
HONLON, Ellen - Rock, P180, R30, D87, H90
HONLON, Mary - Rock, P180, R31, D87, H90
HONNEMEYER, Elijah - Rock, P189, R60, D264, H271
HONNEMEYER, Pauline - Rock, P189, R61, D264, H271
HONNEMEYER, Nick - Rock, P189, R62, D264, H271
HONNEMEYER, Louisa - Rock, P189, R63, D264, H271
HONNEMEYER, Peter - Rock, P189, R64, D264, H271
HONNEMEYER, Ben - Rock, P189, R65, D264, H271
HONNOLD, Guy - Floyd, P52, R75, D17, H17
HOOGDALEN, Henry - Rock, P187, R8, D225, H232
HOOGDALEN, Jennie - Rock, P187, R9, D225, H232
HOOGDALEN, Gertie - Rock, P187, R10, D225, H232
HOOGDALEN, Gracie - Rock, P187, R11, D225, H232
HOOGDALEN, Annie - Rock, P187, R12, D225, H232
HOOGDALEN, Jennie - Rock, P187, R13, D225, H232
HOOGLAND, Roel - Orange City, P105, R49, D224, H227
HOOGLAND, Martha - Orange City, P105, R50, D224, H227
HOOGLAND, Walter - Orange City, P105, R51, D224, H227
HOOGLAND, Jacob - Orange City, P105, R52, D224, H227
HOOGLAND, Sadie - Orange City, P105, R53, D224, H227
HOOGLAND, Peter - Orange City, P105, R54, D224, H227
HOOGLAND, Andrew - Orange City, P105, R55, D224, H227
HOOGSCHAGEN, Peter - Orange City, P104, R25, D196, H199
HOOGSCHAGEN, Wm. - Welcome, P228, R27, D75, H75
HOOGSCHAGEN, Johanna - Welcome, P228, R28, D75, H75
HOOGSCHAGEN, Mary - Welcome, P228, R29, D75, H75
HOOGSCHOGEN, Peter - Sioux, P198, R92, D99, H99
HOOIVELD, Eike - Orange City, P104, R59, D204, H207
HOOK, Calvin - Lincoln, P116, R70, D147, H151
HOOK, Flora - Lincoln, P116, R71, D147, H151
HOOK, Clarence - Lincoln, P116, R72, D147, H151
HOOK, Ella M. - Lincoln, P116, R73, D147, H151
HOOK, Anna - Lincoln, P116, R74, D147, H151
HOOKER, Christian - Lincoln, P123, R15, D271, H276
HOOKER, Maril - Lincoln, P123, R16, D271, H276
HOOKER, Sivert - Lincoln, P123, R17, D271, H276
HOOKSTRA, Gerrett - Rock, P187, R80, D235, H242
HOOKSTRA, Alice - Rock, P187, R81, D235, H242
HOOZETERF, Hil??? - Floyd, P55, R35, D77, H79
HOOZETERF, Seke - Floyd, P55, R36, D77, H79
HOOZETERF, Freddie - Floyd, P55, R37, D77, H79
HOOZETERF, Broer - Floyd, P55, R38, D77, H79
HOOZETERF, Tryntje - Floyd, P55, R39, D77, H79
HOOZETERF, Ian - Floyd, P55, R40, D77, H79
HOOZETERF, Ray - Floyd, P55, R41, D77, H79
HOP, Wilemina - Orange City, P106, R13, D237, H240
HOP, Henry - Sherman, P223, R51, D179, H179
HOP, Boone - Sherman, P223, R52, D179, H179
HOP, Jacob - Sherman, P223, R53, D179, H179
HOP, Garret - Sherman, P223, R54, D179, H179
HOP, Crist - Sherman, P223, R55, D179, H179
HOP, Henry - Sherman, P223, R56, D179, H179
HOP, Hattie - Sherman, P223, R57, D179, H179
HOP, Peter - Welcome, P230, R79, D110, H110
HOPMAN, Jan - Orange City, P105, R35, D220, H223
HOPP, Jacob - Orange City, P97, R77, D56, H57
HOPP, Hattie - Orange City, P97, R78, D56, H57
HOPP, Minnie - Orange City, P97, R79, D56, H57
HOPP, Charles E. - Orange City, P97, R80, D56, H57
HOPPE, Frank - Lincoln, P121, R93, D247, H251
HORLINGS, R. - Sheridan, P209, R13, D128, H128
HORN, John - Capel, P16, R45, D64, H64
HORN, Minnie - Capel, P16, R46, D64, H64
HORN, Willie - Capel, P16, R47, D64, H64
HORN, Henry - Capel, P16, R48, D64, H64
HORN, Prent - Capel, P18, R8, D88, H88
HORN, ??? - Capel, P18, R9, D88, H88
HORN, M?? - Capel, P18, R10, D88, H88
HORN, ??? - Capel, P18, R11, D88, H88
HORN, A?n?e - Capel, P18, R12, D88, H88
HORN, Luther - Sheridan, P203, R100, D22, H22
HORN, Gertrude - Sheridan, P204, R1, D22, H22
HORSMA, Dirk - Rock, P191, R86, D299, H306
HORSMA, Peter - Rock, P191, R87, D299, H306
HORSMA, Dora - Rock, P191, R88, D299, H306
HORSMA, Gertie - Rock, P191, R89, D299, H306
HORT (HART)?, Inez B. - Sioux, P194, R70, D29, H29
HORT (HART)?, Ira W. - Sioux, P194, R71, D29, H29
HORT (HART)?, Edith C. - Sioux, P194, R72, D29, H29
HORT (HART)?, Mary L. - Sioux, P194, R73, D29, H29
HORTON, Alfred D. - Buncombe, P3, R47, D65, H65
HORTON, Eunice N. - Buncombe, P3, R48, D65, H65
HORTON, Bessie A. - Buncombe, P3, R49, D65, H65
HORTON, Ray - Buncombe, P3, R50, D65, H65
HORTON, Blanche W. - Buncombe, P3, R51, D65, H65
HORTON, Joe - Buncombe, P3, R52, D65, H65
HORTON, Harry - Washington, P142, R37, D342, H355
HORVEN (HOWEN HONEN), Albert - Buncombe, P11, R59, D239, H239
HORVEN (HOWEN HONEN), Anna M. - Buncombe, P11, R60, D239, H239
HORVEN (HOWEN HONEN), Herbert H. - Buncombe, P11, R61, D239, H239
HORVEN (HOWEN HONEN), John A. - Buncombe, P11, R62, D239, H239
HORVEN (HOWEN HONEN), William D. - Buncombe, P11, R63, D239, H239
HOSCH, Frank - Floyd, P52, R83, D19, H19
HOSPERS, Cornelius - Holland, P87, R57, D45, H45
HOSPERS, Nellie - Holland, P87, R58, D45, H45
HOSPERS, Cornelius E. - Holland, P87, R59, D45, H45
HOSPERS, Dora W. - Holland, P87, R60, D45, H45
HOSPERS, Evelyn - Holland, P87, R61, D45, H45
HOSPERS, Frank - Holland, P87, R62, D45, H45
HOSPERS, Carl - Holland, P87, R63, D45, H45
HOSPERS, William - Orange City, P105, R67, D227, H230
HOSPERS, Mary H. - Orange City, P105, R68, D227, H230
HOSPERS, John W. - Orange City, P105, R69, D227, H230
HOSPERS, Hattie - Orange City, P105, R70, D227, H230
HOSPERS, Jacob - Orange City, P105, R71, D227, H230
HOSPERS, May - Orange City, P105, R72, D227, H230
HOSPERS, Willie - Orange City, P105, R73, D227, H230
HOSPERS, Henry - Orange City, P108, R78, D294, H299
HOSPERS, Hendrina - Orange City, P108, R79, D294, H299
HOSPERS, Effie - Orange City, P108, R80, D294, H299
HOSPERS, Isaac - Orange City, P108, R81, D294, H299
HOSPERS, John - Orange City, P108, R95, D298, H303
HOSPERS, Effie - Orange City, P108, R96, D298, H303
HOSPERS, Dora - Orange City, P108, R97, D298, H303
HOSPERS, Johannes - Orange City, P108, R98, D298, H303
HOSPERS, Dena - Orange City, P108, R99, D298, H303
HOSPERS, Winnie - Orange City, P108, R100, D298, H303
HOTZ, Henry - Lincoln, P123, R66, D281, H286

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