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~Failor, Andrew & Lock, Mary Jane

Married 50 Years
Married: July 24, 1845

On the 24th of July, 1845, in the pretty little city of Bucyrus, Ohio, Mr. Andrew Failor and Miss Mary Jane Lock were happily joined in the bonds of holy wedlock, promising to cherish, honor and obey each other while life should last. For fifty years that vow has been faithfully kept- except possibly the obey part. Last Wednesday was the 50th Anniversary of that union and it was fittingly celebrated by the assembling of about a hundred of the relatives - Failors, Lydays, Sloanakers - and old neighbors and friends, at our beautiful fairgrounds, and the joy which reigned throughout was just such as can only be when a genial, happy-hearted set of kindred come together. Feasting, games and a good time was the program fully carried out. Mr. Failor is almost 74 years of age, and his bride of 50 years, but about 5 years his junior - yet they vied with their children and grandchildren in the lively enjoyment of the half-century anniversary. In the evening the K. T. Band serenaded the happy couple and were taken in and royally entertained. ~ The Newton Record, Friday, July 26, 1895, Page 1, Column 5

~ Finch, Ed & Lillie McCord

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Finch - 20th
Married: November 9, 1881

Just twenty short happy years ago last Saturday - November 9th, 1881 - Mr. Ed Finch and Miss Lillie McCord plighted their marriage vows at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McCord, in this city, with Rev. Bissell, then pastor of the Congregational Church, officiating. Last Saturday evening with about sixty of their friends, they celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the happy event, at their home on East Washington Street. Miss Docia Emery, Miss Gertrude Beard and Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Witmer assisted host and hostess in receiving and entertaining their guests. The home was decorated with chrysanthemums and the tables with carnations - the supper being served at the Parvin home - their next-door neighbors. Misses Ethelyn McCord, Katie Wilson and Florence Finch served the guests at supper. The evening was a delightful one and the guests unite with hosts of other friends in hope that Mr. and Mrs. Finch may live to celebrate many future anniversaries under as pleasant circumstances. Mrs. J. Edw. Mershon of Des Moines was the only out of town guest. ~ The Newton Record, Thursday, November 14, 1901, Page 1, Column 3

~ Fitzgerald, Jeremiah & Cynthia Parks ~

Wedding Anniversary - Fitzgarrald
Married: December 8, 1863

On Saturday, December 8th, a number of the friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Fitzgerald, of Sherman Township, -- about ffifty or more, -- gave them a slight surprise in honor of their Twenty Fifth Wedding Anniversary.

It is hardly necessary to say that a great effort was made to relieve the groaning tables of their burden. All were convinced that is was utterly impracticable.

The afternoon was well nigh spent in social enjoyment when it was announced that a wedding was on hand. Justice Leeper was called upon to perform the ceremony, by which Jerry was exhorted to be a husband, faithful and kind to his wife, and to always keep his wood pile as large in the future as he had in the past; and in return for this his good wife was to burn his wood and cook his fine cabbages for him 'till death do us part.'

The presents were useful, such as a newly married couple need. All went home feeling that the day had been well spent, and wishing Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald the best they knew. LSAW. ~ Newton Journal, December 19, 1888.

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~ Frizzell, George & Mary Trivetts ~

Married: January 19, 1871*

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Frizzell, of Kellogg Twp., celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at their home last Saturday, January 18, 1896. A number of invited guests took dinner with them and helped to make merry the occasion. ~ The Newton Record, Part Two, Friday, January 24, 1896, Page 1, Column 3

*Jasper County Marriage Record, Volumn 2, page 156.

~ Fugard, Judson & Ella Slemmons ~

Friends Surprise Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Fugard on 15th Wedding Anniversary
Married: March 4, 1884

Until "the dying day of their death," Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Fugard will never forget the occurrence of last Saturday evening. It was the anniversary of a pleasant affair, which was enacted fifteen years ago at the beautiful farm home of Mr. Ben Slemmons, southeast of Prairie City, in which Judson H. Fugard, an young Newton attorney, and Miss Ella Slemmons, the handsome and accomplished daughter of the home, plighted their marriage vows amid an assembly of nearly two hundred guests - all friends, anxious to witness the happy climax of a real "game of Hearts."

Of course, Mr. and Mrs. Fugard hadn't forgotten that affair of years ago; but they were not thinking of it Saturday evening, when with their little family sat down to enjoy the quiet bliss of their own fireside. Suddenly an "alarm at the inner gate of their temple," was followed by the entrance of a whole host of friends, who took possession of the home and even commanded the unconditional surrender of the host and hostess. Never were Mr. and Mrs. Fugard more completely surprised, since that important moment over fifteen years ago, when Judson "puckered up the courage" to pop the great question to the modest and bashful girl, who he was dying to make his bride.

Well, after a good time spent in congratulations and social greetings, the mysterious baskets and parcels that had been surreptitiously brought into the home, yielded up their contents and the result was a banquet of good things upon which kings and queens might have been glad to eat. At the proper time, O. C. Meredith, in a neat little speech, presented to the host and hostess each a handsome chair, which was responded to by Mrs. Fugard in pretty words, which were endorsed by her husband. Following were the guests: Messrs. And Mesdames O. C. Meredith, L. H. Cope, S. H. Galusha, Dr. Rogers, J. M. Rayburn, G. W. Guthrie, W. R. Kingdon, P. R. Rice, Harry Galusha, A. F. Dunn, A. M. Carl, Ed Scarbrough, C. O. Edge, and J. J. Young; Mesdames D. Van Geisen, E. L. Galusha, F. T. Patterson, J. P. Ramer, D. Loveridge, M. Vanatta, E. A. Brown, E. J. Salmon, L. M. Hart; Misses Ada Guthrie, Clara Williams, Myrtle Guthrie and Evelyn Rogers; A. F. Brown, Albert H. Rogers, and Lee Patterson. ~ The Newton Record, Thursday, June 15, 1899, Page 1, Column 4

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