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~ Laird, James A. & Jane Humphreys ~

Laird - Humphreys - 50th
Married: January 15, 1852

There was a jolly time over at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Laird on West Marion Street, last Wednesday evening, according to a program which Mr. and Mrs. L. had but little to do in the arranging. It was their fiftieth wedding anniversary, and it had been their idea to have all their children home with them on the occasion; but sickness, distance, etc., prevented the coming of all but Curtis and his wife and baby, Marion, of Des Moines - enough to ensure a merry celebration of the golden anniversary, anyway. But they were not allowed to have it all their own way. In the early evening, a company of neighbors and friends appeared on the scene, and demanded admittance, which was immediately granted. Well, there was a jolly crowd of about twenty-five, and they had one of the merriest time on record - the happiest ones in the crowd being the bride and groom of fifty years ago. Their children remembered them with four bright 20 dollar gold pieces, Jim got from his other friends a fine gold-headed cane, and Mrs. Laird a beautiful gold brooch and other pretty souvenirs.

James A. Laird and Jane Humphreys were married near Hayesville, Ohio, January 15, 1852, the groom not yet reached his twentieth birthday, and the bride a few months younger; they loved, and the matter of age was not allowed to stand in the way of the consummation of their bright young dream. Their half-century of married life has had its full measure of happiness and sunshine, with enough only of the shadows of sorrow to make them fully appreciate the blessing showered upon them. They have been blessed with eight children, six of whom are living; Mrs. Barnet Brouhard, Colo, Iowa; Mrs. Mary Elwood and Mrs. Alf Miller, Gresham, Neb.; W. S. Laird, Atlantic; C. E. Laird, Des Moines; J. Lester Laird, Fremont, Neb.

Well, we all hope that the future will be as bright for Mr. and Mrs. Laird as the past fifty years have been. ~ The Newton Record, Thursday, January 23, 1902, Page 1, Column 2

~ Leeper, John & Jeannet McCartney ~

Married Fifty Years
Married: August 24, 1848

John Leeper and wife celebrated their golden wedding on Wednesday at their home five miles west of town.

Over a hundred were present and the festivities lasted all day. Mr. and Mrs. Leeper were married 50 years ago in Guernsey County, Ohio. Good music, a great dinner and a number of short addresses fill in the hours. A large number of handsome presents were presented to this worthy couple.

Rob Leeper, a son from Nebraska, Mrs. Moore, a sister of Mrs. Leeper of Wisconsin, and a brother of Mr. Leeper of Warren County, Iowa, were present. ~ The Newton Record, Thursday, August 25, 1898, Page 1, Column 5

Half A Century Together

On a certain day in August, in the year of our Lord 1848, a young man and maiden plighted their marriage vows in the county of Guernsey, in Ohio. Their names were John Leeper and Janet McCartney. In the course of time, they came to the then "far west," and settled in Jasper county; and on their farm five miles west of Newton they have lived for a goodly number of years.

For full fifty years they have been granted each other's companionship and the date of their Golden Wedding occurred last Wednesday, August the twenty-fourth. They made no special arrangements to celebrate it, but their relations, neighbors and friends did, and that morning over a hundred of them went to their home with well filled baskets, and at noon a big dinner was served.

Mr. and Mrs. Leeper have eight children, all but one being present, who were as follows: Joseph, from northern Nebraska; Al., Will and Mrs. W. J. Miller, all of Jasper county; and Charlie, Lizzie and Jennie, who still live with their parents. The one absent is a son who lives in the west. At one time during the day, all assembled together, and quite a program was given, of recitations, songs and speeches. The most important speech was that by Rev. John Ferguson, who gave a tribute to the noble Christian character of both host and hostess, told something of the history of their lives, and then, in a graceful manner, presented various handsome presents, the principal ones of which were two elegant chairs, given by relatives and neighbors, and gold spectacles for Mr. Leeper, and a beautiful rug for Mrs. Leeper, by the members of the United Presbyterian church. It was a day brimful of pleasure to all present. ~ The Newton Journal, Wednesday, 31 Aug. 1898, page 2, column 4.

~ Lamb, Caleb & Olive Kennedy ~

Married: June 2, 1842

On the second day of June, in the year eighteen hundred and forty-wto, in Hendricks county, Indiana, a fair young maiden of fourteen years, and a youth of twenty, plighted heir troth at Love's alter. Their names were Caleb Lamb and Olive Kennedy. Fifty years haave rolled by, and this man and wife who have shared together the sunshine and shadow, leasure and pain, success and adversity of the passing years, were permitted to live to see their golden wedding day. In commemeration of the event, over a hundred guests, in response to an invitation, assembled at their pleasant home in Newton, last Thursday evening. Congratulatins were lavished upon them and hopes expressed that they may yet be spared many years. Mother Lamb, as she is familiarly called, was very becomingly dressed in black silk trimmed with lace. She is very much beloved by all who know her for her warm, motherly heart and charitable disposition. Mr. Lamb, with his erect, vigorous carriage and keen eyes, looked years younger than he really is.

Supper was served at nin o'clock. This was elaborate and delicious, skilled hands having prepared it and the guests showed their appreciation.--The service was exceptional, friends having this part in charge. The waiters were: Frank and Sara Winn, Anna Tremain, Ora and Stella Townsend, Mac Rodgers, Miss Kennedy and Dell Kennedy.

After supper, Mr. N. Townsend read the telegrams and letters of congratulations that had been sent. Telegrams were sent by Arthur Craven, Helena, Montana, and Mr. Wm. Rodgers, San Louis Obispo, California; letters were received from Emily C. Crane, of Grinnell, Ch. H. Wooder, of Boston, Mrs. G. T. Springer, of Chicago, Chas. W. Eaton, of Des Moines. The presents were handsome and choice, many of them being of solid silver, others of furniture, fine linen and ornaments. Some were sent from friends in California, Boston, Chicago, Missouri, and different points in Iowa, but most from home friends.

The evening was very pleasantly spent in social conversation. Toward the close, Mr. Lamb gave a short speech, telling a few interesting reminiscences. He and his wife arrived in Newton, the 18th of October, 1850. The next year he built the west end of the old Clifton house. Mr. A. Lufkin was the first, of the assembled company, who had boarded with them. Many of the invited guests had boarded with them at some time. Mrs. L. was then called upon for a short speech and responded in a happy manner by reading a poem. ~ Newton Journal, June 8, 1892.

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