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~ Callison, James and Katherine Aillaud

Mr. & Mrs. Callison Observe 50th Anniversary
Held Reception Monday in Celebration of Golden Anniversary
Married: April 2, 1884

Celebrating their golden wedding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. James C. Callison held a reception Monday afternoon and evening at their home southwest of Newton. They were assisted in receiving by their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Callison of Des Moines.

More than 160 relatives and friends called during the day to offer their congratulations, while others, unable to attend, sent telegrams, cards and letters.

Many Gifts
Lovely bouquets of flowers, gifts of organizations and individuals, formed an attractive setting for the affair, while many other gifts were presented to the couple as mementos of the celebration. An unusual gift was an original poem which Mrs. Arthur Vaughn had written and had had framed for the occasion.

A tray luncheon, featuring colors of yellow and white, was served to the guests by Mrs. Walter Callison, Mrs. Lily Newton, and Mrs. W. H. DeBok.

Attend in Body
During the afternoon, a delegation of the White Shrine, of which Mr. Callison is a past officer, called and presented the couple with a large bouquet. In the evening, 45 members of the O. E. S. attended after their regular chapter meeting, bringing their own refreshments and a gift for the honorees. Mr. Callison, who is serving in his twentieth year as sentinel for the latter group, has been a Mason for more than 30 years and has held the highest office in all the local orders.

Also attending in a body in the evening were the following relatives: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Aillaud, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Aillaud, Mrs. C. W. Aillaud, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Aillaud and daughter LeNore, Mr. and Mrs. James Dodge, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Snook.

Old-Fashioned Music
A special feature of the evening was an informal entertainment of old-fashioned music, presented by John Healy and son, Cletus, William Aillaud, and Ray Whittaker.

Those from out-of-town for the affair were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Callison and son, James, II, Mrs. Louise Koons, Miss Dorothy Rolf, George Koons, and Mrs. J. Patterson, all of Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Will Hetzel of Davenport; Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Bentley and Mr. and Mrs. James Veach of Rhodes, Mrs. Russell Hampton of Baxter; Mr. and Mrs. John Veach of Prairie City; Fern Kruseman of Sully, Mrs. Nora Engle and Archie Engle of Colfax and James Dodge of Buffalo, Kan.

Miss Katherine Ailluad and James C. Callison were married April 2, 1884, in Newton by the Rev. R. A. Carimine, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church.

They went to housekeeping at their present farm home, living their continuously, with the exception of a few years spent in Newton. ~ Newton Daily News, April 1934. ~ From Lenore Aillaud Skow scrapbook.

~ Campbell, Culver W. & Skiles, Margaret E. ~

The Twenty-Fifth Milestone
Married: December 28, 1870

C. W. Campbell & Margaret Skiles Wedding Photo

Photo provided by Larry Campbell

A quarter of a century ago last Saturday Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Campbell were made man and wife.

Saturday evening their friends and relatives to the number of about one hundred gathered at their beautiful home to commemorate the happy the happy event. The home was nicely decorated in honor of the occasion and the evening was given over to social enjoyment. A bountiful supper was served during the evening. A large number of handsome silver presents were left by the guests as evidence of their esteem.

We hope that at the end of the next quarter century of wedded bliss this worthy couple may celebrate the event as happily as they did Saturday evening. ~ The Newton Record, Part 2, Friday, January 3, 1896, Page 5, Column 6

Note: Research on this site and rootsweb.com verified the names. The couple was married in N Walcott, Scott Co., Iowa.

~ Clement, Jessie & Cynthia Meek ~

~ Cannon, George & Sarah Miller ~

Double Golden Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Clement
Mrs. and Mrs. George H. Cannon
Married: April 16, 1854

The sun shone brightly and the day was glad last Saturday as if in token of appreciation of the day's event.

Fifty years prior to Saturday, near Newcastle, Indiana, Miss Cynthia Jane Meek and Mr. Jesse Hollis Clement were pronounced man and wife. On the same day, in a little log cabin west of W. J. Miller's present home, Mr. George H. Cannon took until himself a wife--Miss Sarah Maria Miller. At the same time his sister, now a widow, was married to Mr. John Weems.

The two couples have mastered the storms of fifty years, have overcome the trials and tribulations of life, have raised their families and been blessed with grandchildren, have buried loved ones, seen pleasures and sorrows, joys and afflictions, but now are satisfied with the whole and with grateful hearts and satisfied minds await the future.

The children of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Clement planned a big surprise on their parents for this day and in its preparation discovered the similarity existing in the home of Mr. George Cannon, and it was decided to make the affair a double golden wedding, but still a surprise on Mr. and Mrs. Clement. This was done nicely. The parents were expecting their children to spend the day with them--and they did, together with about a hundred neighbors and friends.

Invitations were issued for the occasion which read "Surprise," "Basket Dinner at twelve." The immediate family were there ahead of time, and when the other guests arrived there was surprise, and possibly consternation, but a hearty welcome for one and all.

The good cooks brought their best and the railroad house, being vacant, was used at the banquet hall, and it was filed with all that is good. The two brides of fifty years were presented with a bunch of daffodils and led the procession to the alter, where 'Squire Peter Earley reunited them in a most approved fashion. Congratulations followed and they were as sincere as those offered fifty years ago. The wedding dinner followed and it took but little imagination for those present to think what the first wedding ceremony had been just as completed and all was "as merry as a marriage ball."

The posing for photographs under the supervision of Artist Allen was the immediate pastime after dinner and there will be a big demand for the results of his efforts.

Master of Ceremonies George Hitchler called the company to the inside of the house where a musical and literary program was enjoyed, during which Mr. Andrew Engle presented the two couples with a handsome remembrance from the friends present. One number deserves special mention -- the vaudeville duet, "My Pa's Richer than your Pa," sung by Theona, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. T. Miller, and Ethyl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Clement, of Carlisle, Ia. It was just as cute and catchy as it could be and the little ladies kindly sang it a second time. The remarks made by those present were full of pathos and all seem imbued with the spirit of sanctity hovering over the two couples -- gray with age, with eyes and faces that sparkle not as in former years -- but who were just as happy as ever.

The responses by Mr. Clement and Mr. Cannon were from the heart and many a tear was wiped away during the talk because the heart of the hearer was touched with veneration and respect for these old trees of the forest, and the blessings for their friends fell like the dews of heaven and all felt better for having been there.

As the sun began to show signs of retiring, so did the guests, and that which was never before celebrated in Jasper county was at an end - but not is lessons and benefits.

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Clement gave their parents a big surprise by putting in place a flue cooking stove and then calling in the old folks and watching the surprise and joy on their faces. They were also kindly remembered by numerous other tokens of esteem by friends and relatives.

The living children of Mr. and Mrs. George Cannon are Mrs. Edward Griswold, of Victory, Iowa, who has two daughters; Mrs. Samuel Clement of Prairie City, who has two sons; Mrs. Oliver Wilson, of Metz, with two boys and two girls; and Mr. Henry Cannon, of Metz, with two daughters and one son.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Clement have children living as follows: J. B. Clement, of Metz, with two sons and a daughter; Mrs. Melvin Engle, of Metz, two sons and a daughter; S. B. Clement of Carlisle, three sons and two daughters; and Mrs. R. G. Allen of Newton.~ The Newton Daily News, April 16, 1904.

Submitted by Barbara Hug e-mail: bhgenealogy@gmail.com

~ Clement, Homer & Carrie Lind ~

Mr. and Mrs. Homer Clement of route 2 Tuesday observed their golden wedding anniversary.
Married: March 6, 1912

During the afternoon and evening, a number of relatives and friends called on them. Refreshments, including a cake, baked and decorated by a granddaughter, Mrs. Edgar Rasmussen, were served. The table was laid with lace over gold and a centerpiece was gold chrysanthemums and pussy willows in a gold planter, a gift of grandchildren. Gold candles were on either side.

Mrs. Clement was attired in a green wool dress and Mr. Clement in a dark suit. Her gold corsage and his gold boutonniere were also gifts of grandchildren.

In the afternoon, among those present were great grandchildren, Carol Ann, and Linda Rasmussen.

In the evening, the family and a few guests dined at Fenner's. Decorated napkins and individual decorated cakes, made by Mrs. Rasmussen, were highlights of the party. Pictures were taken both afternoon and evening.

At the dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Roy G. Allen of Newton, Mrs. Frank Fisher and Mrs. Lorna Bay Bowe of Des Moines and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Butler of Ames; also Mr. and Mrs. Carl Clement, Mr. and Mrs. Leland Clement, Conrad, Larry, Bruce, David, Stanley, Bradley and Carmen, Mr. and Mrs. John Rorabaugh, Marvin and Joyce of Colfax and Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Rasmussen. ~ Newton Daily News, March 7, 1962.

Submitted by Barbara Hug e-mail: bhgenealogy@gmail.com

~ Coe, Mr. & Mrs. William V. ~

Wooden Anniversary
Married: October 1890

Killduff - Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Coe were surprised last Tuesday evening by about sixty-five of their neighbors and friends coming in to help them celebrate their wooden (5th) wedding anniversary. The visitors presented a fine sofa to the old folks as a token of their esteem and respect. An elegant supper was served. Everybody enjoyed the evening and it will be long remembered by all present. Those present from Newton were: Mrs. John Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Al Parish and family, Miss Nellie Fisher, Miss Emma Needham and Mr. Walter Needham. ~ The Newton Record, Friday, October 4, 1895, Page 10, Column 5

~ Cogley, John & Clara Figland ~

Family Honors Parents On Their Fortieth Wedding Anniversary
Married: February 17, 1920

On the fortieth anniversary of their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. John (Clara nee Figland) Cogley, Jr., were entertained by members of their family at a dinner held in Dick's restaurant near Toledo on Wednesday evening.

As the family assembled, they were seated at a banquet table which held a lovely bouquet of ruby red and white flowers. This was a special gift from the Tama bank.

After dinner had been served, Mrs. Cogley cut the tiered anniversary cake which was decorated with the names of the thirteen children in the family. A son, James of Kansas City, Mo., gave the cake for the occasion.

John Cogley, Jr., and Clara Figland exchanged their wedding vows on Feb. 17, 1920 in Grinnell. They have been residents of the Sheridan area since their marriage where Mr. Cogley has farmed. They are the parents of thirteen children: Mrs. Alvin (Betty) Bryan of Marshalltown, Mrs. Dale (Eleanor) Mason of Tama, Mrs. Claire (Bernice) Mithelman of Grinnell, Mrs. Laverne (Avis) Kelm of Malcom, Miss Joan Cogley of Milwaukee, Wis., Mrs. Don (Barbara) Danskin of Cedar Rapids, Clarence Cogley of rural Grinnell, James Cogley of Kansas City, Mrs. James (Marilyn) Copeland of Fort Dodge, Keith Cogley of Ames, Mrs. John (Patricia) Lang of Grinnell, Alan Cogley of Ames and Leroy Cogley, of the home.

Mr. and Mrs. Cogley have sixteen grandchildren.

Submitted by Esther Breeden

~ Cowan, Rev. & Mrs. C. V. ~

Warmly Welcomed
Married: November 1880

Rev. C. V. Cowan and wife were given a royal welcome to our city at the Methodist parsonage Monday evening. The self-invited guests fill the house to overflowing and they were delightfully entertained. Fifteen years before, Rev. and Mrs. Cowan had commenced the long walk together, so that the occasion was a celebration of their wedding anniversary as well as a welcome to Newton. An excellent musical and literary program was rendered, Newton's accomplished elocutionists, Misses Patten and Lambert, gave choice selections and Messers. Long and Wilson sang solos. After the evening's program had been rendered, Mrs. L. L. Miller, in behalf of the company, presented the pastor and wife with a sugar bowl filled apparently with sugar, but upon investigation it was found to contain twenty-five silver dollars. Rev. Cowan is never at a loss for words. He responded to the presentation speech in a neat address sparkling with humor.

The Methodist people are more than pleased with their new pastor. He has touched a popular chord and his pastorage here cannot but be productive of much good. ~ The Newton Record, Friday, November 8, 1895, Page 1, Column 6

~ Cool, Peter J. & Lucinda ~

Wed 52 Years
Married: March 27, 1878 in Jasper Co.

BAXTER---March 27 will be the fifty-second wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Cool of Baxter. Mr. Cool has been a resident of Jasper county for seventy-six years and Mrs. Cool for fifty five years. They lived in the Baxter community for forty-five years. They are the parents of six daughters, Mrs. Agnes Workman of Marshalltown, Iowa., Mrs. LeOta Allan, Baxter, Mrs. Winifred Curyea, Long Beach, Cal., Mrs. Jennie A. Goodwin, Baxter, Mrs. Alphond Gallagher, Missoula, Mont., and Mrs. Ethel Franklin, Burlingame, Cal. There are also ten grandchildren. At present they are visiting in the home of their daughter, Mrs. Franklin, at Burlingame, Cal.

We might add further that this record of 52 years of married life is remarkable because of the fact, the family of six daughters and ten grand children are living, not a death having occurred in the entire family. Mr. Cool is a hundred per cent democrat and has been active in local affairs and politics. He was appointed postmaster at Baxter by President Wilson continuing in that capacity for eight years. Mr. and 'Mrs. Cool are charter members of the Congregational church at Baxter and Mrs. Cool is a charter member of the Ladies Aid Society. Mrs. Cool has always been very active in church work giving freely of her time and service in church and charitable organizations. ~ The Baxter (Iowa) New Era, March 27, 1930

~ Cross, Jesse & Mary Dawson ~

Married: October 13, 1877

The golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Cross was celebrated at the family home Sunday, October 16th. There was a large gathering of relatives and friends present at the big family dinner which was served cafeteria style at noon. The dinner was prepared from seasonable delicacies and had as its crowning feature three fine cakes, decorated in gold. One of these cakes was really four cakes, pyramided one on top of the other. This was baked by Mrs. Will Baker and was decorated by Mrs. Zenas Jones.

Following the dinner Mr. and Mrs. Cross threw open their home to friends and all afternoon there was a continual stream of callers, come to congratulate the worthy couple who have spent half a century of time side by site and who have shared life's offerings with each other. They also received a number of fine presents.

Mr. and Mrs. Cross were married October 13th, 1877, the bride of that time being Miss Mary Dawson. They were not then possessed of much of this world's goods, but both were ambitious, hard working and economical, and together they farmed the land and accumulated a fair share of wealth. To them were born eight children, all but one of whom are living.

Today, as they rest in the twilight of their life-journey, they have the satisfaction of knowing that they achieved success. They have reared a large family, have acquired a competence for their old age and they hold the love and esteem of the community at large.~ The Baxter (Iowa) New Era, October 27, 1927

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