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~ Selbher, John & Louise Pink ~

Wedded Twenty-Five Years
Married: April 4, 1875

There was a jolly time out at the home of John Selbher, in Palo Alto Township, on Wednesday evening of last week, when about fifty genial neighbors and friends assembled to celebrate the silver anniversary of the host and hostess. It was just twenty-five years before that John Selbher and Louise Pink plighted their marriage vows, the ceremony occurring at Greencastle, with Rev. Carr, the Methodist pastor, officiating. John and his bride were happy ten in each other's love, have had their full share of blessings along the journey of life, and have never had occasion to regret the vows they took upon themselves a quarter of a century ago. The received from their friends a large number of silver presents and a handsome rocker as souvenirs of the happy anniversary. ~ The Newton Record, Thursday, April 12, 1900, Page 1, Column 2

~ Sherman, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas ~

Mr. & Mrs. Thos. Sherman - 46th
Married: April 10, 1856

Thursday, the 10th, was the 46th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. B. Sherman, of this place. May this very worthy couple live to celebrate many, many more anniversaries, is the wish of all who know them. ~ The Newton Record, Thursday, April 17, 1902, Page 4, Column 2 - Sully

~ Sparks, Jeremiah & Nancy Sims ~

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah S. Sparks - 50th
Married: October 2, 1851

On Wednesday of last week, Oct. 2nd occurred one of the most notable social events in the history of Lynn Grove Township - the celebration of the Golden Wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Sparks, at their farm home near Lynnville. The day dawned bright and clear and by 10 o'clock relatives to the number of about forty, had gathered to celebrate an event that but few couples are permitted to enjoy. A friend sends us a report of the occasion with brief biographical sketches of the host and hostess.

J. S. Sparks was born in Morgan Co., Ill. Aug. 8, 1829. Moved to Lee Co., Ia., with his parents, Uncle John and Aunt Betsy Sparks in 1836 and to Jasper County in 1845. Married to Nancy M. Sims in Lynn Grove Township Oct. 2, 1851, by Ephraim Parks, a Justice of the Peace. She was born in Logan Co., Ky., Sept. 30, 1828, and moved to Logan Co., Ill., with her parents when one year old and to Jasper County, Ia., in 1849. They have six children living and one deceased: Mary E., now Mrs. Roten, born July 7, 1852; Martha P., now Mrs. Sylvester, born Feb. 28, 1854; David J., born Oct. 7, 1859; John H., born Dec. 19, 1862 and now living in Lead City, S. Dak.; Benj. M., born April 3, 1865, died Jan. 18, 1866; and Nellie L., now Mrs. Maxon, born April 24, 1867.

At high noon, a bountiful dinner having been prepared, Grandma and Grandma Sparks, with brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren, to the number of forty, partook of the feast with feelings of good cheer and thankfulness. Afterward the venerable couple were escorted to the parlor by their son David J., where Rev. P. A. Keoppel gave a very interesting talk and in closing read a very pretty poem, following which he presented father and mother Sparks with a number of presents as tokens of love from children and relatives:

Upholstered rockers for each, with footstools - from D. J., A. L. and H. J. Sparks and Mesdames M. E. Roten, Mattie Sylvester and Nellie Maxon.
Set of solid silver teaspoons - Mrs. T. Sherman, Mrs. Lizzie Noble and J. B. Sparks.
A fancy workbox of oak, from H. J. Sparks, made with his own hands and composed of fifty different pieces of wood.
A gold pin from Mrs. Samuel Sparks to grandma.
Golden Wedding ring from "groom to bride."
Cane from Samuel Sparks.
Aquarium of goldfish from Glen Maxon.
Silver berry spoon from Florence Sparks.

In the afternoon an artist from Newton sketched five different groups of families and children and grandchildren. The relatives present from a distance were J. R. W. Sims, Jennings, Kan.; Lizzie Noble, Des Moines; H. J. Sparks and family of Lead City, South Dak.; and D. J. Sparks from Alton, Kan.

In the evening the Sully Cornet Band surprised the company of friends who yet remained by a fine outdoor serenade. The band were then invited to partake of refreshments, after which a number of selections of music were rendered and the evenings entertainment closed with a song by a quartette of Kansas girls. All present bade goodnight and wended their way homeward taking with them many pleasant memories of the day's pleasures. ~ The Newton Record, Thursday, October 10, 1901, Page 1, Column 5

~ Steele, John & Nell Newell ~

Their Silver Anniversary
Married: June 16, 1874

Mrs. and Mrs. John M. Steele of Perry will have reached their twenty-fifth matrimonial milestone, tomorrow evening, and the good people of their town are preparing to give them an anniversary surprise. Mrs. S. H. Galusha of this city and Mrs. Henry McFarland, sisters of the "bride," went to Perry Monday and Sim, with Harry Galusha and wife will go in the morning. It don't seem like a quarter of a century since that happy June day evening when Johnny Steele and pretty Nell Newell plighted their marriage vows in the Samuel Newell home in this city. There have been wonderful changes since then, but providence has been very generous and kind to Mr. and Mrs. Steele, and they have deserved all the good things that have come to them. May they reach their golden anniversary under as pleasant circumstances as not bless their happy Silver wedding. ~ The Newton Record, Thursday, June 15, 1899, Page 1, Column 4

~ Stewart, J. K & Nellie Townsend ~

A Merry Tin Wedding
Married: October 4, 1889

There was a jolly time out at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Stewart, in Richland Township, on Tuesday of last week. Just ten years before, J. K. Stewart and pretty Nellie Townsend were made husband and wife according to the ritual of the M. E. Church, by Rev. John Potter, and the nuptial knot tied by him then, has neither loosened a particle or become the least bit irksome to the bride and groom of ten years; on the contrary their happiness has only increased as the years have gone by, and to the new home made under such favorable circumstances has been added a group of five children - a bright boy and four pretty daughters.

It was "meet and proper" that their tenth wedding anniversary should be duly celebrated by Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, and accordingly neighbors and friends in goodly numbers were invited to "eat, drink and be merry" with them. The guests came at ten o'clock in the morning and remained until four in the afternoon. Of course there was feasting and everybody was happy - the Stewarts having a peculiar facility of making all happy who cross their threshold. Their friends hope that they may be spared to celebrate their golden wedding day. ~ The Newton Record, Thursday, October 12, 1899, Page 1, Column 6

~ Stewart, Squire & Amelia Harvey ~

Squire & Mrs. R. N. Stewart - 10th
Married: September 1891

The home of Squire and Mrs. R. N. Stewart in Mound Prairie Township was a merry place last Monday, when a number of friends assembled to celebrate the tenth wedding anniversary of the host and hostess. Mrs. Stewart was formerly Miss Amelia Harvey, eldest daughter of John H. Harvey, of this city. A sumptuous dinner was served and the occasion was one of rare enjoyment, which will long be remembered by all present. The Stewart farm is one of Jasper County's ideal homes, where hospitality and good cheer always abound, and where Mr. and Mrs. Steward are never happier than when entertaining their friends. Those from Newton in attendance were all the Harvey families, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morgan, Mrs. Mathew Derbyshire, Miss Nellie Pangborn and Miss Delia Morgan. ~ The Newton Record, Thursday, September 19, 1901, Page 1, Column 6

~ Strand, Jesse & Ruth Somme ~

Gilman Methodist Church
Scene Of Golden Anniversary Observance
Married: February 10, 1916

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Strand of Gilman were honored on the occasion of their Golden Wedding anniversary Sunday afternoon, Feb. 6, at an open house at the Gilman Methodist church.

Guests were greeted by the couple's sons, Glen, rural Grinnell, and Lyle of Marshalltown, and by their daughter, Mrs. Eugene (Lorraine) Zucker of Springfield, Va.

Alternating at the guest book were the two granddaughers of the couple, Mrs. Earl Lewis and Miss Gencie Strand, registering approximately 150 friends and relatives.

Yellow, Gold Color Theme

Dining room hostesses were Mrs. Glen Strand and Mrs. Beckham Sutton. The serving table was covered with a yellow linen cloth, trimmed with yellow and gold lace. The centerpiece was a beautiful arrangement of yellow mums, sprinkled with gold glitter.

Those who presided at the serving table were Mrs. Lyle Strand, Miss Inez Vosburg, Mrs. Earl Lewis and Miss Irene Weir. Refreshments included punch, coffee, nuts mints and individual cake squares, beautifully frosted and decorated with white wedding bells. Welcoming guests at the door were three grandsons of the couple, Timothy Strand, Gregory Strand, and Michael Sawyer.

Present From A Distance

Those attending from a distance were: Mrs. Eugene Zucker and Dona of Springfield, Va. and Michael Sawyer of Scottsbluff, Neb. Guests also registered from State Center, Marshalltown, Albion, Altoona, Pella, Le Grand, Kellogg, Newton, Des Moines, and Adel, in addition to those from Grinnell.

All members of the family were able to be present with the exception of a grandson, Neil Strand, who is in the armed services and stationed in Germany and Major Zucker and Kevin of Springfield, Va. Ruth Somme and Jesse Strand were married on February 10, 1916 at Oskaloosa. Their attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Strand. The couple lived in the Chester Center area for four years before moving to their present home where they have lived for 46 years.

note: Jesse Strand and Ruth Somme married Feb. 10, 1916 at Oskaloosa. Wedding Anniversary held at the Gilman Methodist Church.

Submitted by Esther Breeden

~ Sulser, Garrison & Jane Bicknell ~

Sulser - Bicknell 53rd
Married: April 29, 1847

Last Saturday was the fifty-third anniversary of the marriage of our old friends, Garrison Sulser and wife, who reside on Walnut Street, in what is known as the A. K. Campbell property. They were in the quiet Sabbath day enjoyment of the comforts of their home, not even thinking of the fact that it was their anniversary, when their children, relatives and old neighbors from Kellogg and Buena Vista Township, to the number of forty, drove to their door, and without waiting for an invitation, went in and took possession of the home, together with father and mother Sulser, who made no resistance, but rather showed a desire to become "martyrs" for the occasion. When the noon hour come long tables had been spread from which a feast was served. Well, there was a good time from the start which continued to the finish, and it was time to go home.

Garrison Sulser and Miss Jane Bicknell were married on the 29th day of April 1847, near Richmond, in Wayne County, Ind. They have had two children, Madison Sulser of Kellogg Township, and Melvina, now Mrs. Thos. Beals, living in Kellogg, both being present at the anniversary dinner.

They have had their ups and downs, like all mortals have, during the fifty-three years that have passed since their wedding day. He is not about eighty-two years of age and she is seventy-six. As a result of their long years of toil and mutual saving and economy, they have now, in the sunset of life, an abundance of this world's goods, and elegant home with every desired comfort, and hearts still full of the love which they pledged to each other on their happy wedding day. ~ The Newton Record, Thursday, May 3, 1900, Page 1, Column 5

~ Sutton, Beckham & Alice Strand ~

Open House
Married: June 25, 1930

Mr. and Mrs. Beckham Sutton of rural Grinnell will be honored by their family at an open house on the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary. The open house will be held at the Chester Church on Sunday, June 28 from two to five p.m.

Alice Strand and Beckham Sutton were married by the Rev. H. L. Whistler at the Chester parsonaage on June 25, 1930. They were attended by Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Heisel of San Carlos, Calif.

The Suttons have three children, Mrs. William (Beatrice) Wentzel of Muscatine, Mrs. Arthur (Bernadine) Mann of Ames, and Ronald Sutton of Marion. Another son, Ronald Wayne, died in infancy. The couple has nine grandchildren.

The Suttons request no gifts.

Submitted by Esther Breeden

~ Swihart, Eli & Anna Deutsch ~

Mr. & Mrs. Eli Swihart - 10th
Married: January 1892

There was a "Tin Wedding" out at the home of Eli Swihart on Tuesday night, in commemoration of the marriage of Eli Swihart and Anna Deutsch, which took place just ten years before. There was a large gathering of friends and old neighbors to make merry with the "bride and groom," and the occasion was one of the jolliest that has ever taken place in that vicinity. The best of everything good to eat was served to the guests, and the host and hostess, by the large number of anniversary gifts, were reassured of the esteem in which they are held by the friends who know them best. ~ The Newton Record, Thursday, January 16, 1902, Page 1, Column 3

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