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~ Kilgore, Jesse - Ellis, Elvira ~

Wedded Twenty-Five Years
Married: December 28, 1970

Twenty-five years ago last Saturday, on December 28, 1870, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Kilgore, an industrious and worthy young mechanic of our unassuming little town, quietly stole away from his business here and hied himself to Iowa City, where on the evening of that day, he was happily wedded to Miss Elvira Ellis, a prominent young lady of the metropolis. After their marriage they remained in Iowa City for nearly a year, when they came to Newton, and for the past 24 years have lived, moved and had their being among us, making friends of everybody, as such people are ever sure to do. While their lives have contained no little of toil and struggle, they have also met with a goodly share of prosperity, crowned with a beautiful home, a bright and intelligent family, and enough of this world's goods to insure happiness and comfort in their declining years.

Last Saturday evening about fifty friends were invited in to celebrate with them their silver anniversary. It was truly a joyous occasion for both Mr. and Mrs. Kilgore, as well as their guests. The many valuable and useful gifts presented to the bride and groom, were surely tangible evidence of the esteem of their neighbors and friends. The supper was pronounced superlatively good. May Mr. and Mrs. K. live to enjoy and celebrate with their friends their golden anniversary. ~ The Newton Record, Friday, January 3, 1896, Page 4, Column 2

~ Kirby, Joseph & Alma Weaver ~

Newburg Couple Observes 50Th Wedding Anniversary
Married: December 20, 1916

Approximately 100 relatives and friends attended an open house in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Kirby in their home in Newburg on Sunday afternoon, December 18, on the occasion of their Golden Wedding anniversary.

Alma Weaver and Joseph Kirby were united in marriage on December 20, 1916 at Gilman, Iowa.

The honored couple are the parents of 8 children six of whom are living. Those helping them to celebrate the happy occasion were: Mrs. Virgil (Marvel) Adams, Mrs. Weldon (Wanda) Gray, Mrs. Vernon (Phillis) Graham and Rex Kirby. Two sons, Gerald Cincinnati, Ohio and Bernal of Marion, Iowa were unable to attend.

A beautiful 4-tiered layer cake, baked by Mrs. Kenneth Arthur, centered the table decorated with white linen cloth and golden candles. Phyllis Graham served the cake and was ably assisted by granddaughters of the couple with Susan Gray at the coffee service and Connie Kirby presiding at the punch bowl. Another granddaughter, Dianne Kirby had charge of the gift table and the golden money tree. Grandsons David and Ronald Graham and Steven Kirby carried trays. Mrs. Harold Stanley, sister of Mrs. Kirby, assisted at the table.

Guests attended from Gilman, Grinnell, Marshalltown, Tama, Laurel, Conrad and Kellogg, Iowa and from St. Joseph, Missouri; Pekin, Illinois, and Lyons, Colo.

Note: Joseph L. KIRBY and Alma WEAVER married Dec. 20, 1916 in Gilman, Iowa. Wedding anniversary held in the Joseph Kirby home in Newburg

Submitted by Esther Breeden

~ James Kirk and Eleanor Marchbank ~

Married: July 11, 1843

MARRIED--July 11, 1843 at Smithfield, Jefferson County, Ohio by Rev. Joseph Clokey, Mr. James Kirk, of Hopedale and Miss Eleanor Marchbank of Jefferson County.

On the evening of Tuesday July 11, 1893, the fiftieth mile-stone in the married life of this venerable couple having been reached, without previous notice the Kirk domicile was invaded by children, friends and neighbors to the number of over one hundred, bringing with them not only bountifully filled baskets for present good cheer, but also beautiful and useful presents which were left as souvenirs of conjugal love, of friendship unmarred, and of ever growing good neighborhood.

Fifty years of married life finds Father and Mother Kirk in the midst of a bright and green old age, with every faculty undimmed and alert, notwithstanding they were caught napping this time. The evening soon passed in social chat not unmixed with reminiscences of by-gone days. In due time the baskets were rifled of their contents and a bountiful lap supper was partaken of by all, after which Rev. W. N. Dunham renewed the marriage contract between the contracting parties for another fifty yeas, after a form not found in the books, and presented, in behalf of the neighbors a beautiful gold lined cake basket. After which the Divine favor was asked and all returned well pleased to their homes. J. P. B. ~ The Newton Herald, July 21, 1893.

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