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~ Eastman, George & Winnie ~

Mr. & Mrs. George Eastman - 1st
Married: November 30, 1895

Mr. and Mrs. George Eastman have been married just one year, last Monday, Nov. 30th, being their first anniversary, which they celebrated with appropriate ceremony over a sumptuous dinner of turkey and "fixins." The relatives on both sides were guests. Two handsome chairs were given as souvenirs of the occasion. We hope they may live to enjoy many future anniversaries, with joys multiplied year by year, until the "golden wedding" morn has been attained. ~ The Newton Record, Friday, December 4, 1896, Page 12, Column 5

A Pleasant Anniversary Married: November 30, 1895

Tuesday evening was the second wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Eastman, and they celebrated the happy event by giving a six o'clock dinner to a number of their friends - the guests being the members of the jolly fishing party that camped out on the river for several days last summer, viz: Ernest Finch and wife, Will Harvey and wife, Geo. Quaintance and wife, James Eastman, Jr. and wife, Misses Joe O'Leary, Florence Eastman, Katie Healy and Etta Harvin; Messrs. Geo. Selbers and Walter Stanton. ~ The Newton Record, Friday, December 3, 1897, Page 1, Column 2

~ Eastman, James and Martha Hadley ~

Married: July 6, 1865

Sunday the 8th inst., was the forty-fifth wedding anniversary of our good friends, Mr. and Mrs. James Eastman, and their numerous relatives considered the event worthy of being properly commemorated. Accordingly a surprise visit was suggested and properly carried out, about thirty dropping unexpectedly into the Eastman home on that bright Sunday afternoon. To add to the pleasure of the occasion, and make the surprise complete, Mrs. J. S. Roupe, a sister of Mrs. Eastman, arrived the day before in order to be at the anniversary reunion. The sisters had not seen each other for several years and the meeting was of course a happy one. An elegant dinner was served and the day was full of joy as it could possibly be. An elegant extension dining table was one of the gifts presented to the "bride and groom."

James Eastman and Martha Hadley were married at Arcade, New York, on the 8th day of July 1855. Their honeymoon trip was to Iowa, soon after their marriage, where their first housekeeping experience was in Newton. The writer, who was then a lad of eleven years, well remembers when, forty-five years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Eastman arrived. Newton wasn't as big as it is now, and newcomers always aroused considerable curiosity, and everybody wanted to get acquainted with them and make them feel at home. The Eastmans were a handsome couple then, and by the way, time has made but little change in that respect with the bride since. From the very first they have ever been numbered among our best people, and hundreds of friends - old and new - unite in congratulating them on their happy anniversary, hoping that thy may be spared to celebrate their golden and even diamond wedding days. ~ The Newton Record, Thursday, July 19, 1900, Page 1, Column 5

~ Emmack, Donovan & Ella Anthony ~

Married: November 27, 1927

Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Emmack of rural Newton were honored at an impromptu celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary Sunday afternoon at their home. A cake resembling an open book and a large tier cake were served. The cakes were made by Mrs. Francis Anthony, sister-in-law of Mrs. Emmack.

Present for the event were their children Mr. and Mrs. Mark Emmack of Newton and Mr. and Mrs. Richard (Beverly) Allfree of Ames. Also grandchildren Jill and Kirk Allfree of Ames and Guy Allfree of Estherville.

Other relatives present were Francis Anthony, Mrs. Fern Coffman, Mattie Acord, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sille, all of Newton, and Mrs. Ila Lunnen and Mrs. Olive Danley of Des Moines.

Others attending the celebration were Gene Danley and Cyndie of Des Moines and Mable Hardenbrook, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Klaunberg and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Townsend, all of Newton.

The Emmacks were married Nov. 27, 1927. ~ Newton Daily News, November 27, 1977.

Submitted by Barbara Hug e-mail: bhgenealogy@gmail.com

~ Emmack, Elmer & Georgiana Miller ~

Emmacks Observe Golden Wedding
Married: September 28, 1898

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Emmack celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Sept. 28, 1948 at their farm home near Metz, Iowa. 241 relatives and friends called during the day.

Mrs. Glen Blackledge and Mrs. Richard Sille, daughters of the couple poured in the afternoon from a beautiful table covered with a lace cloth, a gift from cousins. The table was centered with a three tier wedding cake, white candles in gold holders and yellow roses in white bowls. They were a gift from the children, carrying out the white and gold color scheme.

Beverly Emmack and Roberta Blackledge, granddaughters, poured in the evening.

Mark Emmack had charge of the guest book.

Mrs. Guy Emmack, Dale Emmack, Donovan Emmack, Delmar Emmack and Mrs. Richard Sille acted as hosts and hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Walker entertained by singing "Some Sunday Morning" and "Mother MaCree." Ruth Jackson sang "Because", and "Loves Old Sweet Song", accompanied by her mother, Mrs. R. L. Jackson. Many gifts, flowers and cards were received, including special congratulations from California, Colorado and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

They are the fifth in the G. W. Miller family to celebrate 50 years of wedded life. Mrs. Emmack's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Miller, 1909; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brock, a sister; Mr. and Mrs. M.T. Miller, 1943; Mr. and Mrs. C.I. Miller, 1945; and his parents celebrated their golden anniversary in 1923.

Georgia W. Miller, daughter of the late G. W. and Emiley Helphrey Miller, was born near Metz. Elmer C. Emmack, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Emmack was born at Aledo, Ill., and came to Iowa two years later and at the age of 5 years moved to Jasper County. His home was in Sherman Township, near the Sugar Grove Grange.

They were united in marriage at the home of her parents and lived near Metz all their married life, and in the present home 45 years. The couple have three sons, Dale, Donovan and Delmar, two daughters, Mrs. Glen "LeOra" Blackledge and Mrs. Richard "Maxine" Sille, all of Newton. Also 12 grandchildren, all of whom were present for the occasion. Mr. and Mrs. Emmack have been members of the Metz church over 55 years.

Callers during the day who were present at the wedding 50 years ago were Mr. Emmack's mother, Mrs. Ch. H. Emmack, who is 88 years old, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Emmack, Mrs. Clara Brock, Mrs. W. H. Parsons, Mrs. Dolar Huff, Mrs. Floyd Logsdon and E.M. Hardenbrook. Guests from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. John Gant, Mrs. Frank Gant, Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Ramie, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gant and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Logsdon of Des Moines; Mr. and Mrs. Ed McHarog of Brooklyn, Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Parson of Popejoy, Mrs. Lila Frizzell of Kellogg, Mr. and Mrs. Chase Rinehart, Mrs. L. C. Rinehart, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Brock, Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Clark, Mrs. Nellie Taylor, Mrs. Jack Jennings all of Prairie City; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brock, Mr. and Mrs. John Brock, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Emmack, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Runyon of Monroe, Mrs Myrtle Clymer, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Faidley, Mr. and Mrs. John Clymer, Mrs. Vernon Brock, Mr. and Mrs. Merl Van Silder, J. H. Hahn, and Mr. and Mrs. Francis Anthony and Mike of Lynnville.

Submitted by Charles Emmack e-mail: cemmack@yahoo.com

~ Emmack, Guy & Myra Brock ~

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Emmack
Married: February 25, 1903

About 150 guests called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Emmack, ten miles south of Newton, when they observed their golden wedding anniversary with open house Wednesday.

Presiding at the guest book was Jean Ball, a granddaughter.

The four children of the honorees and the ten grandchildren were all present. They are Mrs. ZelmaWilliams, Maurice and Donita, Mrs. Earl Runyan, Janice, Robert Earl and Lana Fay, Mrs. John Ball, Robert and Jean, and Lyle Emmack, Charles, Norman and Malcom. Mr. and Mrs. Emmack were married at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brock, Feb 25, 1903. Sevearl guests were present at the anniversary who attended the wedding.

They were Mrsdames W. H. Parsons of Garrison, sister of Mrs. Emmack, Jake Herwehe, Elmer Emmack, Alfred Hauge, George Brock, Bonnie Coy, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Shaw and Vernon Brock.

Out of town guests were Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Parsons of Garrison, brother-in-law and sister of Mrs. Emmack.

A two tiered cake decorated in yellow and topped with a bride and groom centered the table which was laid with lace over l=yellow. Crystal candleholders held yellow tapers. The home was attrative with arrangements of yellow roses and potted plants. White napkins were printed in gold with "10-3 Myra and Guy 1953." Individual cakes wer topped with gold wreaths with "50" in the center.

Presiding at the silver service in the afternoon were Mrs. Bonnie Coy and Mrs. W. H. Parsons and in the evening Donita Williams and Janice Runyan. Helping in the kitchen were the sons-in-law, Earl Runyan and John Ball and Mesdames Dale, Donovan and Delmar Emmack, Worthing Brock and Charles Roberts.

Mrs. Lyle Emmack, daughter-in-law, presented programs during the afternoon and evening.

In the afternoon Jean Ball played "Wagner's Bridal Chorus", Janice Runyan played "Memories"; Mrs. Clara Zang read an original poem, "Golden Memories"; Charles Emmack played a coronet solo, "When You and I Were Young, Maggie," accompanied by Janice Runyan; Mrs. Lyle Emmack sang, "Silver Threads Among the Gold," accompanied by Janice.

Rev. Allan K. Williams, pastor of First Methodist church which Mr. and Mrs. Emmack have attended for the past 33 years, spoke briefly, stressing the influence of a Christian home and Christian parents on the children and the community.

In the evening, Terry Brain, Phil Peterson and Charles Emmack were accompanied by Eddie Roberts as they played a trumpet trio, "Jim Dandies." Eddie Roberts played "Liebestraum" and "Put on Your Old Gray Bonnet" and the trio played "My Old Kentucky Home" and "Way Down Upon the Swanee River." Ruth Jackson sang "Through the Years," accompanied by her mother, Mr.s R. L. Jackson and Mr. Jackson, teacher of the Sunday school class which Mr. Emmack attends, spoke briefly.

Mrs. W. H. Parsons played "Wedding Bells March" and Miss Jackson closed the program with the number, "End of a Perfect Day."

Mrs. Emmack wore a light blue dress with yellow rose corsage, a gift of her grandchilddren and Mr. Emmack wore a dark suit with yellow boutonniere. Mrs. Emmack also wore a wristwatch, an anniversary gift of Mr. Emmack.

~ Emmack, Lyle & Audra Brooks ~

150 Persons Attend 50th Wedding Anniversay Open House Sunday
Married: May 3, 1931

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Emmack of 829 E 7th St. N. were honored at an open house Sunday afternoon in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary. Hosts were their sons Charles of Osceola, Norman of Omaha, Neb., and Malcolm of Indianapolis, Ind. and their families. One hundred fifty persons attended.

The table was laid with lace over gold. A yellow and white floral arrangement centered with a candle served as the centerpiece. Individual cakes and mints were white with yellow and orchid.

Dining room hostesses were Mrs. Erskine Bennett and Mrs. Lester Tinnermeier. Assisting at the serving table were Mrs. Alvin Rempp and Mrs. L. E. Auten, Mrs. Paul Murdy and Mrs. Rex Gibson.

Appropriate piano selections were played during the afternoon by the Rev. Stan Wierson.

Following the open house a buffet supper was served to the immediate family and out-of-state guests by the honorees in their home. Saturday evening Malcolm and Norman Emmack and their families were hosts to a dinner at the Newton Motor Inn in honor of their parents.

Submitted by Charles Emmack e-mail: cemmack@yahoo.com

~ Engle, Fred & Elizabeth Lind ~

Golden Wedding Anniversary
Married: March 4, 1903

Nearly 250 friends and neighbors called during the afternoon and evening when Mr. and Mrs. Fred Engle Sr., presided at open house at Sugar Grove Grange hall Wednesday. The occasion was their 50th wedding anniversary. Their gifts and flowers were displayed on the stage of the hall and the gift and serving tables were lace covered and centered with yellow jonquils, carnations and roses.

Mrs. Engle wore a fuchsia suit with white accessories and a yellow rose corsage. Mr. Engle wore a gray business suit with a yellow boutonniere. They wore matching gold watches, gifts from their children.

They are parents of four children and have 12 grandchildren, all of whom were present. The children are Mrs. Theodore Matheny, Fred Engle, Gail Engle and Mrs. Frank Wing. Grandchildren are Mrs. Robert Anthony, Donovan Engle, Mrs. Kenney Veverka, Mrs. Floyd Mulbrook, Harold Engle, Gorman Engle, Mrs. Richard Lincoln, Bette Ann Engle, Douglas, Lea Marjean, Andrea and Teddy Wing.

Granddaughters, Mrs. Harold Engle and Mrs. Robert Anthony presided at the guest book while those at the gift table were granddaughters, Mrs. Gorman Engle and Mrs. Floyd Mulbrook, in the evening.

The serving table was laid with lace and centered with a three tiered wedding cake topped with an ornament with "50" in gold. Gold and aqua tapers were at either side. Mrs. H.H. Clement, Mrs. Clara Lind, Mrs. Bertha O'Leary and Mrs. Gail Engle presided at the silver service during the afternoon and Mrs. A. L. Scarbrough, Mrs. Floyd Mulbrook and Mrs. Virgil O'Leary during the evening.

Out of town guests were Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Scarbrough of Ottumwa; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Engle, Mr. and Mrs. James Allfree, Colfax; Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Thorp, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Emmack, Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Emmack, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Veverka, Monroe; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Emmack, Prairie City; Mrs. Raymond Van Zee, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jensen, Ben Sideman, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wing, Shirley and Leslie of Des Moines and Mr. and Mrs. James McKenzie of Baxter. The entire family had supper together between the afternoon and evening hours of the open house. Gail Engle, whose birthday was the same day, was also honored. Women of the Grange took complete charge of the kitchen throughout the afternoon and evening. ~ The Newton Daily News, March 6, 1953.

Submitted by Barbara Hug e-mail: bhgenealogy@gmail.com

~ Esler, Mr & Mrs. Paul ~

Couple Surprised On Wedding Anniversary
Married: October 25, 1936

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Esler, Rte. 1, Grinnell, were surprised in their home on Sunday, Oct. 22, in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary. They were married Oct. 25, 1936, by the Rev. Clarence Willard, now of Brooklyn, a cousin of Mr. Esler. A white baby mum corsage, tied in silver ribbon, was presented to Mrs. Esler and and Mr. Esler received a boutonniere from their children, Ken and Carolyn (Mrs. Dick Ritter).

A gift of dishes was presented to the couple from those attending. A heart shaped cake decorated in blue and white, centered the lace covered table. White mints with tiny blue flowers were served with the cake.

Those attending were: Mr. Esler's 92-year-old mother, Mrs. Margaret Esler; Mrs. Elizabeth Buffum, Mrs. Robert McDowell, Mr. and Mrs. William Esler, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Esler, Mr. and Mrs. Rolla Whitaker, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bacon, Mr. and Mrs. Berkley Gould, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ritter, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Ritter and Steve, Ken Esler and the honored couple.

Submitted by Esther Breeden

~ Eberhart, Mr. & Mrs. L. ~

Mr. & Mrs. L. Eberhart - 56th
Married: February 1845

D. J. Eberhart was in Fairview, Ill., one of the beautiful suburbs of Chicago, last Saturday, to attend the fifty-sixth wedding anniversary of his parents, the venerable L. Eberhart and wife, who were residents of Newton some eighteen years ago. Father Eberhart has almost reached his eightieth birthday, and his wife has passed her seventy-sixth. Both are in the enjoyment of good health, and give promise of being spared for several years more to bless their children and friends. They have been blessed with four children all of whom are living and were with their parents on their anniversary day. They are Frank Eberhart, Mrs. Emma Green and Mrs. Josephine Emmert of Chicago and D. J. Eberhart of this city. ~ The Newton Record, Thursday, February 27, 1902, Page 1, Column 2

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