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Standard Historical Atlas of Jasper County, Iowa

The Huebenger Survey and Map Publishing Co.,
Davenport, Iowa, 1901.

Biographical Sketches

~ Van Baren, William ~Photo

William Van Baren, residing on Section 25, Fairview Township, came to Jasper County in the spring of 1894. His parents were John and Sarah Jane (Mitchell) Van Baren, who were residents of Marion County, where our subject was born December 13, 1873. His wife, Jennie, is the daughter of John and Lena (Scarff) Boot, who became the wife of our subject March 7, 1894. They have one daughter, Sarah Jane, born February 8, 1900. Our subject is interested in all school work, and is now secretary of the Cottage Grove Independent District. Mr. and Mrs. Van Baren are members of the Reform Church of America, of Galesburg. Page 24

~ Van Der Pol, John ~Photo

John Van Der Pol is a native of Mahaska County, Iowa, born June 26, .1869. He is the son of Stoffel and Gertie (Corver) Van Der Pol, who became residents of Jasper County in the fall of 1877. His farm residence is now located on Section 25, Fairview Township. March 7, 1894, Theodore Boot became his wife. She was the daughter of Helena Marie (Scarff) Boot. One son and one daughter have been born to them, Christopher and Helena Marie. Mr. Van Der Pol is a member of the Reform Church of America. Page 24

~ Van Dusseldorp, L. C. ~Photo

L. C. Van Dusseldorp, a gardener, residing in Section 26, Newton Township, was born in Holland in 1860. In 1879 he came to the United States and located at Pella, Iowa, where he lived for about 12 years. We next find him in Chicago. In 1894 he located in Jasper County, and has been following gardening here since that date. Nellie Van Dermeyden became his wife July 10, 1883. She was born in Holland December 14, 1863. They are the parents of four children: John, Nellie, Martha and Wilhelmina. When our subject came to Jasper County he had but limited means, but by good management and industry he is establishing a permanent and lucrative business. Part III, page 7

~ Van Epps, Edwin P. ~Photo and Photo of Residence

Edwin P. Van Epps, whose comfortable farm residence is located on Section 11, Buena Vista Township, is an enterprising young farmer who came to Jasper County February 18, 1884. He was born in Muscatine County, Iowa, September 1, 1865. His parents, H. V. and Amanda M. (Cunningham) Van Epps, were natives of Schenectady County, New York, and Noble County, Indiana, respectively, and were early settlers in Muscatine County, Iowa. They were the parents of three sons and one daughter, our subject being the second child. Edwin P. was married December 9, 1891, to Miss Ella Scoville. They have one daughter, Bertha S., born April 6, 1895. Mr. Van Epps and, family reside in a comfortable home erected in the spring of 1892. Page 15

~ Van Neerbos, John ~

John Van Neerbos, residing on Section 23, Elk Creek Township, is a single man who became a resident of Jasper County in 1894. He was born in Holland September 8, 1872. Page 28

~ Van Rees, Lawrence ~Photo and Residence Photo

Lawrence Van Reese, an extensive landowner and stock feeder of Section 24, Elk Creek Township, was born in Marion County, Iowa, December 16, 1856. His father, Leenderd Van Rees, was born in Holland in 1821, where he grew to manhood, and was employed as a watchman on the dykes. He came to the United States in 1855, and settled in Marion County. He was twice married, first to Miss Sygje Weda. By this union thirteen children were born, two of whom are living, Lawrence and Johanna. He married, the second time, Allje De Vries. By this marriage three children were born, Basteaan, Agnes and Lena. Leenderd Van Rees, at the time of his death, in February 1880, was an extensive landowner, and left a large estate in Marion County. Lawrence Van Rees acquired his first land, 60 acres, a gift of his father, in 1981. This he operated one year, residing on another farm of his father's estate. In August of that year he sold his landed interests in Marion County and came to Jasper County, purchasing 320 acres in Sections 24 and 25. He now owns 580 acres, well improved, and on which he feeds about 160 head of cattle each year. He also owns a half interest in 1,600 acres in Brown County, South Dakota. The year of 1880 marked an important period in this man's life, for it was in that year he was united in marriage to Sarah Vries, a native of the Netherlands, who had come to America with her mother when five years old. Nine days after their landing, her mother died, leaving five children. Sarah was reared by her grandmother, Sarah (VanDermullen) Yelsma. Mr. and Mrs. Van Rees are the parents of six children: Leenderd, Andrew, Sygje, Lawrence, Joe E., and David D. Page 11

~Van Spanckeren, John H. H. ~

John H. H. Van Spanckeren was born in Pella in 1875. He is the son of Bernhard H. and Dora (Versteeg) Van Spanckeren, natives of Holland, who came to America in 1847 as a part of the Holland colony that located in Marion County at that early date. His father is still living in Pella, where our subject received a liberal school education in the public schools. He came to Jasper County in 1898 and became a member of the above firm. Page 31

~ Vance, William S. ~

William S. Vance, whose comfortable farm residence graces Section 23, Kellogg Township, has been a resident of Jasper County since October 1882. His farm, which is one of the most picturesque places in Jasper County, is termed the Oak Hill stock farm. It comprises 1,300 acres, the biggest portion of which is in pasture, and the scattering of oak trees rough the different pasture fields makes it one of the best appointed places for stock feeding in the county. Our subject was born in Morgan County, Illinois March 4 1840. His people where Samuel S. and Martha (Stephenson) Vance, natives of Kentucky. His father was an extensive farmer and stock grower in Illinois. Here our subject grew to his majority, receiving his education in the district schools and a practical business education on his father's estate. He left home when 26 years of age at which time he was united in marriage to Mary Dwelle, a native or New York, She was a daughter of Albert and Mary (Warren) Dwelle. Her father was a machinist by trade, which business he always followed. Our Subject purchased his first piece of land after his father's death in Cass County, Illinois, which was a portion of his father's estate the family having removed to Illinois in 1839. He immediately entered into the stock business, in which he had been reared and drilled by his father and like him, he had remarkable success, and is today one of the stock feeders of Jasper County that feeds upward of 600 head each year. He devoted at one time about ten years to the breeding and growing of thoroughbred, Short Horns, but now turns his attention almost entirely to feeding. Mr. and Mrs., Vance are the parents of three children two of whom are living, Nettie G. and Alberta. Nettie G. married W. J. Kelly, proprietor of the Clark ranch in Laramie County Wyoming an extensive stock raiser. Part III, Page 3

~Vanscoy, Milton ~Photo

Milton Vanscoy, located on Section 8, Buena Vista Township, was born in West Virginia in 1849. In 1867 he borrowed money with which to pay his way to Jasper County, and for many years thereafter worked by the month as a farm hand, receiving from $15.00 to $20.00 per month for his services. His first purchase of land in this County was about 1879, which was a small tract, on which he now resides. He has since added to it until he owns 139 acres, quite well improved. Mary C. Davis became his wife in 1880. She was born in Indiana, and is the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Fleece) Davis, natives of Kentucky. Our subject and wife have two children living: Nora B. and Euta Pearl. Page 24

~ Veach, Charles C. ~Photo

Charles C. Veach, an enterprising young farmer of Section 31, Newton Township, was born in Jasper County October 14, 1870, on the old homestead on which he now resides. Our subject has received a liberal school education, having attended the district schools of his township and Hazel Dell Academy at Newton. He is a stanch supporter of the Democratic Party, and has held numerous township offices, including school treasurer, assessor, and has been road supervisor for the past seven years. Samuel Veach, father of our subject, was born in Hendricks County, Indiana, August 17, 1828, and came to Lynn County, Iowa, in 1849; but in a short time returned to Indiana, where he remained until the following year, again coming to Iowa. In 1851, Mr. Veach crossed the plains to California, remaining there until 1854. Mr. Veach was united in marriage October 17, 1850, to Maria J. Parks. She was a native of Hendricks County, Indiana. Their sons, James T., John W., and Charles C., have each been given a liberal education. Page 11

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