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Standard Historical Atlas of Jasper County, Iowa

The Huebenger Survey and Map Publishing Co.,
Davenport, Iowa, 1901.

Biographical Sketches

~ Eatwell, Cyrus J. ~Photo

Cyrus J. Eatwell, agriculturalist, residing on Section 29, Clear Creek Township, was born in Dane County, Wisconsin, March 17, 1859, and has been a resident of Jasper County since 1867. He came here with his parents, John and Helen (Gardner) Eatwell. His father was a native of England, and his mother of Ohio. His father is deceased. His mother is living, and also her mother. Arpie Longnecker became his wife November 5, 1882. She was born in Polk County, Iowa, April 9, 1864. They have six children living: Edith, Edna, Frank, John, Thomas, and Carl. Our subject started in life with limited means, but has been successful in nearly all his business ventures, and today possesses a comfortable home. Page 32

~ Ebert, William ~Photo

William Ebert is a well-to-do farmer living in one of the most comfortable homes in Mariposa Township. His farm residence graces Section 32. Mr. Ebert was born in Germany June 11, 1833, where he resided until 1856, when he came to America, locating in Council Bluffs, Iowa. In 1859, in company with Henry Kanne, they crossed the plains to California in search or gold, the journey being made with an ox team, taking about four months to make the trip. During their stay there, our subject and Mr. Kanne worked in partnership, dividing with each other so that their earnings were equal. They remained in that section about five years, and when they returned, Mr. Ebert had saved about $800.00. He might have laid by a sum considerably greater than this, only for the fact that he was constantly coming in contact with people who were in hard circumstances, and he being a man with a warm heart, was inclined to help them along. On his first trip through the state of Iowa, enroute to Council Bluffs from Freeport, Illinois, to Jasper County, he was accompanied by William Klopping and others. William Bergman was then a resident of Jasper County. Mr. Ebert having been acquainted with him, and being very favorably impressed with this section of the Hawkeye State, made up his mind that at some future date this would be his home; therefore, when he returned from the gold fields in California, he soon became a resident or Jasper County, and dates his settlement here from 1864. His first purchase of land was an 80-acre tract, comprising part of his present farm. He now owns 500 acres, all well improved. Dora Pahl became his wife December 20, 1866. She was a native of Germany, and was an early settler in Illinois. By this union seven children have been born, five of whom are living. Page 27

~ Eichner, William ~

William Eichner, Killduff, Jasper County, Iowa, was born in Germany, November 22, 1844, and came to America in 1866. Located at Davenport, and engaged in farming. Married to Mary E. Culberson September 8, 1866. In 1867 he moved to Jasper County, where he has been engaged in agricultural pursuits until 1899. In 1899 he engaged in general merchandise, groceries, meat and flour, boots and shoes. On January 1, 1900, he was elected postmaster. They were the parents of the following children: Peter L., born May 10, 1867; Geo. E., born November 25, 1868; Anna M., born July 25, 1870; Zetta M., born March 23, 1872; Will H., born July 8, 1874; Vernon C., born November 16, 1880. Mr. Eichner is one of the most progressive and enterprising citizens of the county, and takes an active interest pertaining to the development of the community in which he lives. Page 11

~ Eilert, Herman ~

Herman W. Eilert, of Section 31, Mariposa Township, is a rustling and enterprising German settler of 1895. Mr. Eilert was born in Germany May 3, 1858, where he grew to manhood and became an expert brick and stonemason, which business he followed most of the time in his native land. He came to America in 1892, and located in Marshall County, and divided his time between farming and working at his trade, until he came to Jasper County in 1895. He has since bought 160 acres of land located on Section 31. The same is a well-improved place, which makes his family a comfortable home. He was married in Germany April 6, 1885, to Mary Beye. Six interesting children have been born to them, all at home. Page 24

~ Eldridge, J. R. ~Photo

J. R. Eldridge, residing on Section 5, Lynn Grove Township, was born in Morgan County, Illinois, July 27,1835, and is the son of Zachariah and Annie Eldridge. Our subject came to Jasper County in January 1857, and has been prominently identified with the history and growth of the County since that date. The first two years of his residence in the County was spent on rented land in Lynn Grove town- ship, after which he bought the place on which he now resides. August 17,1859, Sarah J. Holmes, daughter of John W. and Lydia Holmes, became his wife. Her parents came to Jasper County from Illinois in 1856. Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge are the parents of eight children, seven of whom are living: Clarence, born June 5, 1861, now a resident of Cass County, Illinois; Lyda A., born September 25, 1863, deceased; Claburn, born September 5, 1865, single, and resides at home; Mary J., born January 3, 1868, married, and lives in Kirksville, Missouri; James, born March 28, 1871, married, and lives in Richland Township; John W., born December 25, 1878, at home; Fred L., born February 23, 1881, and Everett L., born May 12, 1883. Page 19

~ Emerson, Abel K. ~Photo

Abel K. Emerson, of the firm of Maytag & Emerson, lumber dealers in Newton, has been identified with the history and business interests of Jasper County since 1854. He was born in Vermont in 1832, and received his education in the Green Mountain State. In1852 he removed to Ottawa, Illinois, where he was employed as a clerk in a dry goods store for about two years. We next find him in Newton, and from 1854 to 1858 he ran a general dry goods store. After going out of the mercantile trade, he became an extensive farmer and stock grower, and followed agricultural pursuits in Malaka Township, running a large stock farm for about twenty years, breeding fine horses and cattle. He took an active interest in this line of business, and was president of the Agricultural Society for six years. Mr. Emerson has been an active businessman all his life. January 1, 1895, he associated himself with F. L. Maytag and engaged in the lumber trade, and still continues in the business. Page 43

~ Engle, Dr. Harry P. ~Photo

Dr. Harry P. Engle, physician and oculist, practicing in Newton, was born here November 12, 1872. He is the son of Dr. Perry and Kate (Madison) Engle, natives of Ohio and Michigan, respectively. His early education was received in the schools of Newton. In 1892 he entered the State University of Iowa, and was president of his graduating class in the spring of 1898. In 1899 he took a special course on the eye, ear, nose and throat in the Chicago Post Graduate College and Hospital, and later in that year, and early in 1900, he took a course in the Ophthalmic Institute of New York. In the latter part of 1900 and the early part of 1901 he was in Europe studying the hospitals there, and in Vienna took a special course under Prof. Fuchs, the leading oculist of the world, returning to Newton in the fall of 1901. October 3, 1900, he was united in marriage to Shirley Mann, daughter of W. G. Mann, of Newton. Socially, he is a member of Sigma N. U. fraternity, Delta Lodge No. 53, Knights of Pythias, Newton Tent No. 23, Knights of the Maccabees, and the Woodmen of the World. The doctor is without a doubt the leading oculist in this section of the state, and his office is a busy spot during all hours of the day. Page 44

~ Engle, Dr. Perry ~Photo

Dr. Perry Engle was born near Findley, Ohio, July 16, 1841. He was left an orphan when fifteen years of age, and commenced reading medicine while working on a farm. He afterward attended the University of Michigan, and graduated from the medical department in the class of 1871. We next find him in the Long Island College at Brooklyn, New York, where he also graduated. In 1862 he had charge of the Third Street Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, and helped care for the wounded from the battle of Shiloh. The doctor has been a resident of Newton since 1871, and stands well at the head of his profession. He has held various local offices, each of which he filled with ability. He cast his first vote for Abraham Lincoln. His sentiments have always been for the oppressed, and was a strong anti-slavery and anti-monopolist. His manner is plain, unassuming and reserved. He established the Newton Herald in 1876, and was its editor and proprietor for twenty-four years. In 1889 he was nominated for senator by the Union Labor Party of his county, and was afterward nominated by the Democrats. In the latter campaign it seemed like a hopeless fight for Jasper County was strongly Republican, but he was elected by nearly two hundred majority, and has the honor of being the first man elected to the legislature from this county in opposition to the Republican nominee. He served in the state senate in the Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth general assemblies. He was the People's Party candidate for congress in 1892, and a candidate for lieutenant governor in 1901. He is the son of Jacob and Louisa (Probst) Engle, natives of Pennsylvania. There were six sons and one daughter in his father's family, our subject being the second child. He was united in marriage in 1871 to Miss Kate Madison. They are the parents of two sons: Harry, a graduate of the Iowa State University, and is considered one of the best oculists in this section of the state, and is officing with his father; his second son, Bert, is a graduate of the Iowa State University from the law department, and is also practicing his profession in Newton. Page 43

~ English, R. T. ~Photo

R. T. English, justice of the peace and collection agent, residing at Lynnville, was born in Pennsylvania in 1834. He was a pioneer of the state of Iowa, locating in Clinton in 1853, and in 1884 became a resident of Jasper County. Page 16

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