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Standard Historical Atlas of Jasper County, Iowa

The Huebenger Survey and Map Publishing Co.,
Davenport, Iowa, 1901.

Biographical Sketches

~ Macy, Charles~Photo

Charles O. Macy, of the firm of Macy Bros., Bankers and Lumber Dealers, in the town of Lynnville, became identified with the business interests of the county in 1889. He was born in Poweshiek county, Iowa, in 1867. Page 11

~ Macy, Elgar B. ~Photo

Elgar B. Macy, of the firm of Macy Bros., became a resident of Jasper county in 1889, locating at Lynnville, where he and his brother, Charles O., engaged in the Grain, Lumber and Live Stock business, and in 1893 engaged in the banking business. Page 11

~ Macy, Seth W. ~

Seth W. Macy, residing on Section 20, Mound Prairie Township, was born in Rush County, Indiana, March 23, 1841, and with his parents, Jonathon W. and Hannah T. Macy, migrated to Jasper County in 1854, and thereby became a pioneer in the County. Arabella Edmundson became his wife June 28, 1866. She was born in Des Moines County, Iowa, and was the daughter of David and Temperance Edmundson, who settled in Des Moines County in 1836, and in Jasper County in 1846. Mr. and Mrs. Macy are the parents of four children: Jessie Alvin, Elizabeth G., Alice J., and Evangeline C. Page 23

~ Maddy, Isaac T. ~

Isaac T. Maddy, proprietor of the Valley View Stock Farm, which is situated in Palo Alto Township, on Section 28, has just cast his lot among the settlers of Jasper County. Mr. Maddy was born in Monroe County, Iowa, June 16, 1858. His father was Jacob Maddy, and his mother, before her marriage, Carlinda Kelsey, both natives of Indiana, who became residents of Iowa in 1854, locating at that time in Monroe County. When our subject was about nine years of age, the family removed to Marion County, where he grew to manhood, receiving his education in the district schools. In the spring of 1878, Nancy Roberts became his wife. She was born in Marion County, and since that date he has been one of the progressive farmers and stock raisers of that County. How well he has succeeded in his business ventures may be judged when we state that this year he purchased 755 acres of Jasper County soil, and is fitting the same to handle cattle extensively, and will feed annually about two hundred head. He has been a member of the American Hereford Breeders' Association for the past ten years. Mr. and Mrs. Maddy have seven children in their family: Golie, Linnie, Lois, Herman, Zella, Leo, and Elmer. Page 43

~ Main, Rezin L. ~Photo

Rezin L. Main was born in Highland County, Ohio, January 14, 1850, and with his parents came to Jasper County in 1856, and is therefore well termed a pioneer. His parents, Daniel W. and Aner (Kelso) Main, were both natives of the Buckeye State. His father is deceased, and his mother is now a resident of Prairie City. There were eleven children in his father's family, seven sons and four daughters, R. L. being the third child. He was united in marriage to Nancy A. Decker September 7, 1876. She was born in Mahaska County, Iowa, February 28, 1858. They are the parents of four children: Jennie Gertrude, now Mrs. Bert Cross; Vogle D., Catherine S., and Andrew J. Mr. Main has been more than ordinarily successful in all his business enterprises. He now owns 240 acres of Jasper County soil, for which he has refused $85 dollars per acre. Besides doing general farming, he turns his attention quite extensively to the breeding of Polled Angus cattle, Chester White hogs, and Plymouth Rock chickens; is also a buyer and shipper of stock, and has started on his farm one of the best orchards in this part of the state. Politically, he has always been a stanch supporter of the Republican Party. Socially, he and his wife are members of the M. E. Church. Page 44

~ Marshall, George F. ~

George F. Marshall, a farmer residing on Section 33, Fairview Township was born in Scotland June 15, 1858. He came to Jasper County in June 1866. He is the son of Robert D. and Mary (Forsythe) Marshall, who were natives of Scotland. They had eight children, of which Geo. F. was the oldest. He purchased his first piece of land, 55 acres, in 1884. About one year later he sold this and bought his present farm of 110 acres, where he has lived since that time. He has been a large breeder of Poland China hogs, and an exhibitor at the state and county fairs. At the Des Moines State Fair in 1899 he was awarded the grand sweepstakes prize, including the silver cup, and also the sweep stakes at the state fair in 1900. At the Newton fair he won seven prizes, and in that year carried away 11 premiums. Mr. Marshall was married March 3, 1883, to Ulissia A. Tool, daughter of James A. and Sarah Tool. They are the parents of eight children, seven of whom are now living, Florence A., Beatrice A., Winnifred, James R., Frances, Geneva and Hubert. Page 51

~ Martin, Harry S. and Samuel L. ~

Harry S. and Samuel L. Martin, two young and progressive farmers, residing on Section 22, Fairview Township, were born in Jasper County, November 13, 1877, and November 18, 1878, respectively. They are the sons of Robert and Rebecca (Simpson) Martin, who came to Jasper County in 1864. Page 12

~ Matthews, Jonathan R. ~

Jonathan R. Matthews, son of Mathew T. and Nancy O. (Swan) Matthews, was born on Section 1 of Lynn Grove Township, January 20, 1848. His father, Mathew T., and family came to Jasper County in 1845. He was born in Green County, Kentucky, February 8, 1813; moved to Crawford County, Illinois, when about eight years old, and later to Morgan County. In this County he married Nancy Swan in 1834. She was a native of North Carolina, and died February 5, 1870. In 1836 he emigrated to Iowa, settling in Van Buren County, but only remained about four years, when he returned to Illinois, where he resided until 1845, and came to Jasper County, Iowa. Mr. Matthews figured prominently in all the early history of Jasper County, and was an honored and respected citizen. He died here October 10, 1892. Our subject, J. R. Matthews, with his parents, has experienced the hardships that were endured by the early pioneer, and has seen all he cares to see of pioneer life. Sina T. Mendenhall became his wife February 22, 1877. She was a native of Richland Township, this County. They are the parents of one child, General Elsworth, born September 13, 1877. Mrs. Matthews died August 12, 1878. Page 24

~ Mendenhall, Ezekiel ~Photo

Ezekiel Mendenhall, an enterprising farmer of Section 27, Kellogg Township, became a settler of Jasper County in 1870. His first three years he worked out by the month as a farm hand. From 1873 to 1875 he was a traveling salesman for a pump house, his field of labor being in Hardin County, this state. In 1875 he purchased land on Section 21, Richland Township, which he still owns. When he started in life for himself, his only capital was his hands and a will to succeed. He now possesses 290 acres of Jasper County soil. Harriet E. Taylor became his wife in 1873. She was a native of Ohio, and came to Jasper County with her mother in 1869. They are the parents of five children, two sons and three daughters. Socially, he is a member of I. O. O. F. Lodge No. 181, Kellogg. Page 27

~ Mendenhall, Miles R. ~

Miles R. Mendenhall, a prominent settler of Richland Township, is the son of Jacob and Hannah (Morgan) Mendenhall, born in Indiana March 18, 1850, and came with his parents to Jasper County in 1868, locating on Section 26 in the township in which he now resides. He has been twice married, the date of the first being September 28, 1871, to Rachel J. Williams, a native of Indiana, who passed from this world to the world beyond March 1873. August 9, 1876, he was again united in marriage to Sibbie White, a native of Iowa, a daughter of Milton White, an early settler of Jasper County. Mr. Mendenhall has held numerous township offices, is now Township Trustee, and has been school treasurer in the township for five years. Both he and his wife are members of the M. E. Church. Page 11

~ Mendenhall, Temple ~Photo

Temple Mendenhall, deceased, one of the early and respected Quakers of Lynn Grove Township, is justly entitled to a notice in the history of Jasper County. He came to the County in 1859, a poor man, and located on Section 1, Lynn Grove. He was born in North Carolina, where he grew to manhood, receiving a limited education in his native state. However, he became a shrewd business man, and had acquired at the time of his death, December 14, 1874, 930 acres of land in Jasper County, the same being worth today over $40,000.00. January 20, 1835, he married Sarah Newlin. They became the parents of 14 children, 13 living to maturity, and nine still living: Zimri, Esther, Allen, Temple, Jeremiah, Sarah, Mary, Enos P. and Calvin W., twins. Page 24

~ Mengershausen, Herman ~Photo

Herman Mengershausen, residing on Section 28, Elk Creek Township, has been a resident of Jasper County since the spring of 1872. Our subject was born in Germany February 18, 1835, and is the Son of Herman and Elizabeth (Voigt) Mengershausen, and came to America August 14, 1854. June 16, 1862, he enlisted in Company F, 51st Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and participated in several different engagements, including that of Stone River; he received his discharge July 9, 1865. Rosa Dorlas became his wife in January 1879. One son has been born to them, William W., born November 20, 1880. Politically, our subject is a stanch Republican. Socially, they are members of the Methodist Church. Page 15

~ Meredith, John ~

John Meredith was born in Pendleton County, South Carolina, in 1809, and was reared by an aunt, and while yet a small boy, they removed to North Carolina, where he grew to his majority. We next find them in Kentucky. In 1850 he came to Jasper County, and in 1853 married Martha Brown. He was a blacksmith and wagon maker by trade, and followed his chosen profession in Newton for several years, after which he located in Lynn Grove Township, and March 1, 1866, located in Richland Township. He passed from the scenes of this earth May 17, 1888. Henry C. Meredith, his oldest son, was united in marriage July 9, 1878, to Etta Lurania Brooks. Three children were born to them, W. H., Luetta, and Ethel L., two of whom are living. His wife died April 4, 1884. December 13, 1885, he married again, to Shrildia Parmalee. The date of his third marriage was February 11, 1896, to Cora Rebecca Enfield. Three children came of this union, Harry Canton, Cora Rebecca, and Cecyl Ree, of whom two are living. Mrs. Meredith had seven children by her former husband, Mr. Dencore, six of whom are living. She was born in Warren County, Illinois, January 18, 1864, and came to Iowa July 25, 1893. The names of her children by her former marriage are: Grace, Goldie, Myrtle, Pearl, Edna, and Emery. Page 31

~ Meredith, Oliver C. ~Photo

Oliver C. Meredith, a highly respected citizen of Newton, was born in Indiana December 15, 1847, and removed to Jasper County, Iowa, with his parents in 1859, arriving here September 15th. November 21, 1877, he was admitted to the bar, and has been a practicing attorney since that date. Mr. Meredith served four years as county attorney, is president of the Jasper County Bar Association, and is the senior member of the firm of Meredith & Son, who do a law, loan, abstract and real estate business. Page 19

~ Miles, E. J. ~Photo

E. J. Miles, one of the prominent citizens of Newton and at present an alderman of the city and conducting a bicycle and repair shop, was born Dec. 12, 1862, in Brooklyn, Ia., and moved with his parents to Harden County. He attended the public schools at Union, and in 1880 went to Marshalltown, and there learned the tinner's trade. After completing his trade he worked at various places, including Eldora, Steamboat Rock, and Kellogg. In 1886 he came to Newton. Mr. Miles was married May 20, 1882, to Miss Bertha Frisbie, who was born in Hardin County. Her father was prominent in politics and held the office of county auditor from 1873 to 1877. Her mother, Arlette Griffin, was born in Bradford, Penn. Her grandfather fought in the Revolutionary War, and three of her brothers took part in the War of the Rebellion. Mr. and Mrs. Frisbie came to Iowa in 1853. Mr. Miles' father, John C. was born in Pennsylvania. Both he and Mrs. Miles removed to Iowa at an early date. He was both a physician and a Baptist minister. He at first located in the Southeastern part of the state, and traveled from place to place wherever his services were required. He died at Union in 1871. Mrs. Miles is still living, and at present resides at Mason City, Iowa. The Miles family originally came from South Wales, England, three brothers going to America in 1871 and settling in Pennsylvania near Pittsburg. One of the brothers returned to the old country, and another moved south. Both General Miles now commanding the United States Army, and Mr. Miles, the superintendent of the Reform School at Eldora, are direct descendants of this branch of the Miles family. The third brother remained in the vicinity of Pittsburgh, and his numerous descendants are distributed all over the United States, and our Mr. Miles is a descendant of this branch. Mr. E. J. Miles has an interesting family of four boys and four girls, all living at home. He is a member of the W. O. W. and an honorary member of the Newton fire department. He has voted with the Republican Party since he has been of age. Page 48

~ Miller, George W. ~Photo

George W. Miller, an extensive landowner and pioneer of Jasper County, residing on Section 12, Mound Prairie Township, was born in New York December 19, 1835. In the spring of 1845, in company with his parents, he located in Kendall County, Illinois. In 1853, accompanied by his brother, John, he came to Jasper County, bringing with them about $600.00. They soon located on Section 2. Their nearest mill at that time was Oskaloosa, about sixty miles away. Our subject was united in marriage, January 20, 1859, to Emily Helphrey, a native of Ohio. Nine children have been born to them: Melville, Clara, Clarence I., Mary N., deceased, Sarah E., Ola May, deceased, Bertha J., deceased, Georgia W., and Bertha Baker, deceased. Mr. Miller is considered one of the well-to-do and substantial farmers of Jasper County, and owns 700 acres of Jasper County soil, all of which is well improved. Page 23

~ Miller, T. J., Sr. ~Photo

T. J. Miller, Sr., was born in Loudon County, Virginia, January 8, 1827. In 1832 his parents removed to Highland County, Ohio, where they resided until 1855, and emigrated to Jasper County, coming overland with a canvas top wagon and three horses, and were six weeks on the journey. On arriving in Jasper County our subject purchased 200 acres of land in Des Moines Township, where he has since resided. Their nearest mill at that early date was at Red Rock, Marion County. Although coming to the County with about $1,500.00, the family endured many of the hardships of the early pioneer. Our subject was united in marriage in 1851 to Jemima Spreuance. Eight children have been born to them: Maggie, Charles, Ellen, Mary, T. J. Jr., Alice, Clara, and Dora. Politically, our subject affiliates with the Republican Party. Page 27

~ Miller, William J. ~Photo

William J. Miller, proprietor of the Sugar Grove Stock Farm, Section 2, Mound Prairie Township, is the son of John and Jane (Cannon) Miller, natives of New York and Indiana, respectively, who came to Jasper County in company with G. W. Miller in 1853. Their father was deceased, and their mother came west to establish them in a home. William J. was born in Jasper County April 29, 1858, and received his education in the district schools of his native county. He first started for himself in 1879. His first purchase of real estate was the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter of Section 1, and the northeast quarter of the northeast quarter of Section 2, Mound Prairie Township. He now owns 505 acres, which is well improved. In December 1894, he started breeding Aberdeen Angus cattle, and has been a marked success in this line of business, and now has about 40 head of fine specimens of this breed on his farm, besides 150 head of high grades. February 26, 1879, Emma Leeper became his wife. She is the daughter of John and Jeanette Leeper. Six children have been born to them: Jennie P., Ralph L., John E., Edith M., Florence A., and Floyd. In the fall of 1895 he was elected as a member of the County Board and served with satisfaction to his constituents until the fall of 1901. Page 28

~ Millgate, George ~Photo

George Millgate, deceased, was born in England October 5, 1849; came to America in 1871 and located on Long Island. In 1876 he came to Jasper County and engaged in farming. His parents were William and Harriet Millgate, born in County Kent, England. Our subject was married in Jasper County August 14, 1884, to Roxy Foster. Four children were born to them: Sylvester, Oliver, Maria, and Verner. Mr. Millgate passed from this world to the world beyond August 11, 1901, at his comfortable home on Section 34, Rock Creek Township. Page 24

~ Miskimins, Sidney ~Photo

Sidney I. Miskimins, an enterprising young attorney residing in Baxter, was born in Jasper County in 1873, received his education in the district schools of Jasper County, Normal College at Newton and Iowa State University Law School, where he graduated June 7, 1899, and has practiced law at Baxter since that date. Politically, he is a Republican. Page 11

~ Moller, James K. ~Photo

James K. Moller, President of the State Bank of Prairie City, was born in Wayne County, Ohio, October 24, 1839. In the spring of 1859 he left the Buckeye State on horseback and proceeded to Indiana, locating in La Porte County, where he remained about one year. We next find him in La Salle County, Illinois. August 12, 1861, he enlisted in Company C, 7th Illinois Cavalry, and was in the service until October 21, 1864. During his service he participated in many sharp engagements, among them the battle of New Madrid, Missouri, one near Pittsburg Landing, Farmington, Collierville and Iuka. At the latter place Price and Van Dorn drove them out and took possession. They were soon reinforced by Grant's Army, but instead of capturing the wily generals, as had been anticipated, they made their escape. The battle of Corinth, Mississippi, October 7, 1863, was also in the list. In March 1863, Grierson took the 7th regiment and made what was known as the Grierson Raid to Baton Rouge, after which our subject was south with Grant through Holly Springs and on to Coffeeville, having engagements nearly every day. He was also on General Sturgis' expedition to Guntown, and several other minor engagements. He was at Memphis, and when General Forest made his dash into that place, he passed through their company ground. After receiving his discharge he returned to Illinois and taught school that winter. In March 1865, he joined General Hatch's Cavalry Division as clerk in the quartermaster's department, and remained until the close of the war. He then located in La Salle, Illinois, and as principal of the Fifth Ward schools, taught for about 15 years. In 1885 Mr. Moller came to Des Moines, Iowa, and in the spring of 1886 commenced in the banking business at Mitchellville, where he remained for about ten years. In February 1899, he purchased a controlling interest in his present bank. Letitia Porter and our subject were married March 1866. They are the parents of two sons and one daughter: Albert R., in the bank at Prairie City, Harry L., teaching in Charles City, Iowa, and Amie L., bookkeeper in the bank. Page 12

~ Moore, William H. ~

William H. Moore, a prosperous farmer residing on Section 9, Mound Prairie Township, was born in Richland County, Ohio, May 5, 1852, and became a resident of Jasper County in 1871. His parents were Jackson and Mina (Corson) Moore, natives of New York State. In 1869 the family came west and located at West Liberty, Muscatine County, this state. In 1871 they became residents of Jasper County. The parents are both deceased, the father dying in Jasper County, and the mother in Kansas. William H. started for himself when seventeen years of age, and worked out by the month for about six years, receiving from $8.00 to $20.00 per month. Mr. Moore is what may be termed a self-made man, having never received a dollar, other than the results of his own efforts. His first purchase of real estate was an 80-acre tract, part of his present farm. He now owns 160 acres, which is well improved. Augusta Baker became his wife October 29, 1874. She was a native of Ohio, and a daughter of Charles and Aurelia (Trimble) Baker. Ten children have been born to them: Charles Elzy, Lewis A., Mina A., Marlow Curtis, Frank Alonzo, Alva, Stella, Dora, William Allen, and Galen; the latter is deceased. Page 12

~ Mowry, Henry ~Photo and Photo of Residence

Henry Mowry, residing on Section 24, Poweshiek Township, was born in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, July 11, 1835, and has been a resident of Jasper County since 1883. He is a blacksmith by trade, which business he has followed for many years. Mr. Mowry was married in the Keystone State, March 29, 1857, to Mary Beegle. She was born in Pennsylvania April 29, 1835. Six children were born to them: J. Clarence, deceased; Anna M., deceased; Harry B., deceased; Percival, Grace, and Binnie. Mrs. Mowry is now deceased, the date of her death being March 5, 1901. Page 12

~ Mulock, Robert P. ~Photo

Robert P. Mulock, now living retired in Colfax, has been an active and successful businessman all his life, but is now enjoying the fruits of his labor during his declining years. Mr. Mulock was born in Ireland in 1826, and is of English descent, his grandfather coming from Twickenham on the Thames. His father, William Mulock, was a native of Ireland, and married Sarah Paisley, and resided in the Emerald Isle until 1832, when with his eldest son, William, he came to America, and located on Lake Simcoe, Canada. Two years later the remainder of the family came across the water. His father was a retired capitalist, and reared a family of seven sons and one daughter. The Mulock family became prominently identified in business and social circles in that section of the country. William Mulock, a nephew of our subject, is now Postmaster General of Canada. Our subject is a millwright, and in 1849 left home and proceeded to the Bruce copper mines, where he worked at his trade. In the spring of 1850 we find him in Ontonagon on Lake Superior, Michigan, where he was engaged at his chosen profession and mining for twenty-six years and was superintendent of the Portage Lake and Lake Superior ship canal at its finish in1872. He left Michigan in the spring of 1874, and became a resident of Johnson County, Iowa, where, for twelve years he was engaged in agricultural pursuits. In 1886 he came to Colfax, Jasper County, and has been living retired since that date. Mary A. Conklin was a native of Chipaway, Canada, and became the wife of our subject October 26, 1852. To this union eight children were born, four sons and four daughters, six of whom are living. His wife died April 14, 1870. His second marriage took place October 6, 1872, in Johnson County, to Rachael A. Pain. They have been blessed with two children: Edwin Hulbert, now attending the Iowa State University, and Josephine R., Mrs. Kelly, residing at home. Socially, our subject is a member of the Masonic fraternity. Both he and his wife are devoted members of the M. E. Church. Page 36

~ Murphy, John Wildman ~Photo

John Wildman Murphy, an early pioneer of Jasper County, was born in Highland County, Ohio, May 12, 1825; but before giving the details of this man's life, we will endeavor to give something of a tracing of his ancestors, Hugh Murphy, great-great grandfather of our subject, was one of the Lords of "Auld Ireland," a wealthy Catholic. He had four sons, among them John, who was educated as a Catholic priest, but finally joined the Church of England and was disinherited therefore. He married Mary Campbell, a Scotch lady. Their son, Hugh Murphy, was born in County Down, Ireland, March 5, 1756, married Mary Beatty, a native of New Jersey, born in 1764, Presbyterian. Their son Daniel was the father of our subject, and was born in Fredrick County, Virginia, October 3, 1798, married Cynthia Wildman, a native of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, born July 24, 1796. Her people for generations back had been Quakers. The subject of this sketch was born, raised and educated in the forests of the new state of Ohio, and assisted in opening a farm covered with heavy timber. Log rollings, house and barn raisings, corn huskings, apple cuttings and apple-butter boilings were the sociables of the young people in those days. Facilities for an education were limited. He attended the common school, and was a graduate of "Apple Sprout and Brush College." By constant application he became well informed, and taught school eight or ten terms in the Buckeye State. November 16, 1845, he became a member of the M. E. Church. Ann Eliza Russell became his wife September 19, 1847. To them have been born five sons and three daughters. Two of the sons died in infancy. The others grew to man and womanhood, and married. The oldest son resides in Eureka, Utah, a Methodist minister. One daughter lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. The youngest daughter died in Northwest Nebraska. The others live in Iowa. Mr. Murphy dates his settlement in the Hawkeye State from October 1857, locating in Buena Vista Township, Jasper County, and has taken an active part in the development of the new county; has served in various township offices, was on the school board from 1858 to 1876, justice of the peace eight years. He served as secretary of the Iowa State Grange six years, secretary Iowa Annual Conference of M. E. Church 21 years, secretary Jasper County Farmers' Mutual Insurance Company 13 years, secretary and treasurer of Hixson Grove Church 34 years, secretary Farmers' Cooperative Grange Store six years. Politically, up to the war of the rebellion he was a Democrat, but has generally voted since that with either the Greenback or Prohibition Parties. Mr. Murphy is of a sanguine temperament and usually accomplishes what he undertakes, and by some he is called a crank. It has been said that cranks move the world and are the only people remembered after death, so he accepts the cognomen. Part III, Page 3

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