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Standard Historical Atlas of Jasper County, Iowa

The Huebenger Survey and Map Publishing Co.,
Davenport, Iowa, 1901.

Biographical Sketches

~ Sadler, William ~Photo of Residence

William Sadler, a farmer and stock raiser, residing on Section 1, Poweshiek Township, became a resident of Jasper County in 1886. Mr. Sadler was born in Yorkshire, England, December 19, 1842, and came to the United States with his parents, John and Jane (Kilvington) Sadler, in 1869. These people are both deceased. Sarah A. Rawstern was born in Ohio December 6, 1849, and before her marriage was known as a successful teacher. She became the wife of our subject February 4, 1875. Two children have been born to them: Nellie J., now Mrs. Butterbaugh, residing in Indiana, and Edith M. Both Mr. and Mrs. Sadler take an active interest in all school matters, and have given each of their daughters a liberal school education, Edith M. being a graduate of the Iowa State Normal School and at present is a teacher in Colfax. Politically, Mr. Sadler is a firm supporter of the Republican Party, having been converted to that faith but recently, but is proud of the fact. Page 31

~ Sanderson, J. Henry ~

J. Henry Sanderson, steward of the Jasper County poor farm, was born in Scott County, Iowa, in 1868. He is the son of William and Olive (Warren) Sanderson, and came to Jasper County in 1872 with his parents, and located in Clear Creek Township, where his family remained about two years. September 10, 1890, marked an important period in this man's life, for it was at that date he was united in marriage to Miss Olivia Jorgensen. They are the parents of one child, Florence N. William Sanderson, father of our subject, was born in New York City, received a liberal education at Hamilton College, was admitted to the bar in 1857, and in 1864 was elected to the state legislature from Scott County. Our subject, J. H. Sanderson, attended the common schools of Jasper County, and was an apt scholar in the schools of Newton. He received the appointment to his present position in March 1897. Part III, page 4

~ Scarbrough, C. F. ~Photo

C. F. Scarbrough, of Palo Alto Township, and living on Section 2, has been a resident of Jasper County since 1874. He was born in Ohio in 1854. His parents, Samuel and Mary (Craft) Scarbrough, were natives of Pennsylvania, the father now living a retired life in Newton. When the family first came to the County, they located in Fairview Township, where our subject purchased his first piece of land in 1890. The farm on which he now resides is a hundred and forty acre tract, purchased in 1898. Debbie McCauley became his wife in 1880. She was a native of Illinois, and came to Jasper County with her parents, James and Mary McCauley. Mr. and Mrs. Scarbrough are the parents of seven children, all residing at home. Page 16

~ Scarbrough, Charles ~

Charles Scarbrough, an enterprising young agriculturalist, carries on farming on Section 18, Fairview Township. He is the son of Andrew J. and Emily (Jackson) Scarbrough, born May 9, 1864, married December 10, 1889, to Lulu Murphy, daughter of Hugh M. and Caroline (Dowler) Murphy. Two sons have been born to them, Hugh Andrew and Claude M. The family is identified with the Methodist Episcopal Church. Part III, page 7

~ Scharf, Adam ~Photo

Adam Scharf, who is now living retired in the city of Newton, was born in Germany January 14, 1831, and became a resident of Jasper County in 1855, and is therefore counted among the pioneers. He is the son of John Philip and Margaret (Hildebrand) Scharf. His father died in the old country. His mother came to America in 1853, and died in Springfield, Illinois. Our subject came to America in 1852, and when he landed in St. Louis was the possessor of $20.00 in money. He had learned the tailor's trade in his native country, and after his arrival here followed his profession for about two and one-half years. He was advised by the doctors then to quit his trade, which he did, and then learned the trade of a barber, which business he followed for thirty-two years, and in which business he accumulated a competency, and retired in 1882 in comfortable circumstances. Since that date he has never engaged in any particular kind of business. Sophia Weller, a native of Germany, became the wife of our subject in 1858. They reared a family of seven children, five sons and two daughters, all of whom are living and are residents of Newton: John, a blacksmith, William, a barber, George A., Jr., a clerk, Philip, a hardware merchant, Kate, Charles, a tinner, and Anna. With their children about them all making a comfortable living, it is certainly a great source of satisfaction to this old couple in their declining years. Page 39

~ Scharf, Phillip ~Photo

Phillip Scharf, a leading hardware dealer in the city of Newton, is the son of Adam and Sophia (Weller) Scharf, and was born in Newton March 17, 1865. His parents were natives of Germany, a sketch of whom very appropriately appears elsewhere in this work. Our subject received his education in the public schools of Jasper County. His first experience in the hardware business was in learning the tinner's trade, and by following his chosen profession he laid by an amount sufficient to establish him in the hardware business for himself in 1888. He has a business today second to none in his line in the county, and has the satisfaction of knowing that what he possesses is the results of his own efforts. Page 43

~ Scheark, William ~Photo

William Scheark, proprietor of a wagon and carriage shop in the city of Newton, was born in Elsterwerda, Germany, May 27, 1848. He is the son of Traugot and Ammalia (Scher) Scheark. His father was a farmer in his native country, and reared a family of two children, William being the oldest. He commenced to learn his trade in the old country at the age of fifteen years. He served three years and two months in the Prussian army under King William, and was in the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1. He came to America in 1873, landing at New York in March, where he remained for about one year. The next year and one-half was spent in St. Louis, and the next six months in the Black Hills, S. D. In the fall of 1875 he came to Newton and began work for W. G. Mann, and was in his employ seven and one half years. In 1882 he started in business on his own account, and besides doing an extensive business in blacksmithing, wagon and carriage repair work, he also has a good trade as a dealer in wagons and carriages. January 29, 1879, he married Henrietta Geise, a native of Newton. They are the parents of two children, Carl H. and Harry. Socially, Mr. Scheark is a member of Newton Lodge No. 59, A. F. & A. M., Gebel Chapter No. 12, and Oriental Commandery No. 22, and Za-Ga Zig Temple, Des Moines. Page 40

~ Schlosser, John Henry ~Photo

John Henry Schlosser, whose comfortable farm residence graces Section 32, Mound Prairie Township, was born in Pella, Marion County, Iowa, July 29, 1861. He is the son of John and Barbarba (Volk) Schlosser, natives of Germany. His father came to America in 1848, when Pella was a very small station. He came to America a poor man, but through energy and careful management he succeeded well, and is now living a retired life in Des Moines. There were nine children in his father's family, John Henry being the third child. Our subject purchased his present farm May 5, 1891, which was his first piece of real estate. It is a 200-acre tract, under a high state of cultivation, on which is located suitable buildings, two spacious barns being built in 1901. April 26, 1885, Estella Park became his wife. She was born in Polk County, and is the daughter of James and Nancy (Newel) Park, early settlers in Polk County. Her father was twice married, she being the youngest child of the first marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Schlosser are the parents of six children: Mabel C., Roy, L. Hazel, L. Roscoe, Carl E., and Edith E. Page 12

~ Schlosser, Louis P. ~Photo

Louis P. Schlosser, an enterprising young agriculturalist residing on Section 16, Washington Township, was born on his present farm July 21, 1878. His parents are John and Barbara (Volk) Schlosser, natives of Germany. Our subject has always resided on the old homestead, and received his education in the district schools in his native township. June 12, 1901, marked a new epoch in this man's life, for it was at this date he was united in marriage to Miss Carrie Krohn, daughter of William and Margret (Dries) Krohn. Page 27

~ Schmitt, Henry ~

Henry Schmitt, residing on Section 21, Washington Township, was born in Lee County, Iowa, May 6, 1860. He is the son of Jacob and Henriettie (Rauscher) Schmitt. His father was born in Germany, and his mother on the Atlantic Ocean. When Henry was 11 years of age his parents removed to Louisa County. There Henry learned the painter's trade, starting when a small boy. He followed this business for about six years. He received his education in the district schools of Louisa and Jasper Counties, and in Franklin German Select School, coming to Jasper County with his parents in 1874. September 23, 1891, he was united in marriage to Anna Warner. She was born in Prairie City. They moved onto their present farm in 1892, purchasing it the following year. Three children have been born to them: Lyle, Clifford V., and a baby girl. Page 24

~ Schmitt, Jacob ~

Jacob Schmitt, residing on Section 15, Washington Township, was born in Germany September 10, 1831, and came to Jasper County in the spring of 1874. He came to New Orleans June 14, 1847. Part III, page 4

~ Scholes, R. C. ~Photo

R. C. Scholes, Section 6, Newton Township, came to Jasper County in 1875, arriving June 23. Mr. Scholes was born in Sullivan County, New York, December 17, 1851. October 29, 1879, he was united in marriage to Ida Bigelow, a native of Iowa, born April 20, 1860. They are the parents of three children: Robert F., born August 1, 1880; Charles P., born November 15, 1881, and Margaret, born February 24, 1900. Besides doing a general farming business, Mr. Scholes devotes his attention to the breeding of thoroughbred Short Horn cattle and Duroc Jersey swine. The Orchard Hill Farm is well known throughout the County. Politically, our subject supports the Republican Party, while socially he is identified with the Presbyterian church of Newton. Page 16

~ Schormann, Fred W. ~

Fred W. Schormann, a farmer and stock dealer, residing on Section 12, Independence Township, was born in Allamakee County, Iowa, July 30, 1863, and has been a resident of Jasper County since March 1876. His parents were Fred and Henrietta (Dravis) Schormann. He is a good businessman, having attended the common schools of this County, and was a student of Drake University for several years. He has been successful in his business enterprises and is the possessor of a comfortable home. Page 20

~ Scoville, Joseph R. ~Photo

Joseph R. Scoville, deceased, was born in New York, where he lived until he was 8 or 9 years old, then removed with his parents to Ohio, where he grew to manhood. After spending four years in Wisconsin, he came to Jasper County, Iowa, and entered land in what is now Buena Vista Township. He was one among the earliest settlers, coming here in 1854. He was married to Mary A. Trotter July 22, 1858. Five children were born to them, all of whom are now living. They endured the privations and hardships of a new country, and became possessed of a good competence. Charles B. Scoville, who resides on Section 4, in Buena Vista Township, is the son of Joseph R. and Mary A. (Trotter) Scoville, natives of New York and Indiana, respectively, and was born in Jasper County in 1860. Charles B. Scoville was united in marriage, June 17, 1896, to Lucy J. Mark, born in Marion County, this state. Three children have been born to them, two of whom are now living. Charles B. had always remained at home, assisting his father in carrying on the farm, and at the death of his parents, acquired the old homestead, on which he has spent his life up to this time. Part III, page 7

~ Shaffer, A. L. ~Photo

A. L. Shaffer is a prosperous farmer of Newton Township, and has resided in Jasper County for the past 36 years. Mr. Shaffer's parents were Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Bartow) Shaffer, both of whom are deceased. Our subject was born in Van Buren County, Iowa, March 29, 1862, and came with his parents to Jasper County in 1864, settling in Lynn Grove Township. A. L. received his education in the common schools of this County, and when he reached his majority, started in life empty-handed, but with a determination to succeed. August 15, 1886, he was united in marriage to Matilda Burton, who was born in Mahaska, County, this state, March 15, 1865. They are the parents of two children, Bert L., born May 30, 1887, and Maude May, born July 30, 1900. Socially, Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer are members of the Methodist Church. Politically, Mr. Shaffer is a stanch Republican. Part III, page 7

~ Shankland, George E. ~

George E. Shankland, an agriculturalist of Newton Township, was born in Ashtabula, Ohio; January 21, 1861; came to Jasper County in 1866. Was married to Nora Lufkin, a schoolteacher of Galesburg, Iowa, June 28, 1891. She was born at Freeport, Maine, June 26, 1866. To them four children were born: Albert Sherwood, Edith Lillian, Robert Lawrence and Charles Raymond. Edith Lillian died at the age of 11 months. His father, Robert B. Shankland, was born in Cannon City, Wayne County, Ohio, October 1, 1831. Was united in marriage to Kate Williams, of Geneva, Ohio, March 1, 1858; moved to Illinois in 1862. In the same year enlisted in the 36th Illinois Regiment and served till the close of the war. In the spring of 1866 he moved with his family to Monroe, Iowa, where he chose farming as an occupation. The country was new at that time, and they, the same as all early settlers, endured many disadvantages and hardships. There were no good roads or bridges. He was compelled to ford the river in summer and cross on the ice in winter. Once on his return he found the ice had broken loose on the opposite side, and as it was then very dark he was compelled to remain on the ice all night in mid-river and walk about to keep from freezing. Page 11

~ Shaw, Samuel W. ~Photo of Residence

Samuel W. Shaw, a representative farmer of Section 31, Fairview Township, was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, May 4, 1849. His parents were Thomas L. and Rebecca (Robertson) Shaw. Our subject was married in October 1885, to Cora Ink, of Mt. Vernon, Iowa. She was the daughter of Abram and Mary (Weider) Ink. They have four children living: Eula Belle, Florence I., William B., and John Raymond. The South View Farm, which lies just outside the corporation of Monroe, is a well-known place, where our subject carries on quite an extensive stock business in thoroughbred Short Horn cattle and Poland China swine. Mr. and Mrs. Shaw are members of the United Presbyterian Church. Page 19

~ Sheeler, Daniel ~Photo

Daniel Sheeler, a prominent and highly respected pioneer, now residing on Section 34, Fairview Township, has been identified with the interests and development of Jasper County since March 19, 1847. Our subject was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, September 15, 1812. His parents were Abram and Mary (Miller) Sheeler. April 5, 1840, our subject was united in marriage to Margaret Snyder, daughter of John and Mary Snyder. They became the parents of eight children, five sons and three daughters. Six of the children are still living: Jane, Susan, Francis M., John, George, and James. When Mr. Sheeler landed in Jasper County he had about $600.00 in money, which was judiciously invested. He was a good businessman, and by industry and careful management he has become one of the wealthy agriculturalists of the county, owning at one time about 900 acres of Jasper County soil, which was free from encumbrance. He gave each of his children at the time of their marriage a good farm. Page 20

~ Sheeler, G. W. ~Photo

G. W. Sheeler, an industrious farmer, residing on Section 20, Des Moines Township, was born in Jasper County September 2, 1858. His parents were Daniel and Margaret (Snyder) Sheeler, natives of Pennsylvania and Maryland, respectively, and were early pioneers In Jasper County. When our subject started for himself his father gave him 80 acres of land, to which he has added until he now owns. 240 acres. Isabel Rodgers became his wife in November 1882. She was the daughter of Thomas and Margaret (Baxter) Rodgers, natives of Scotland. By this union two children have been born: Clarence E., born July 27, 1883, and Chester R., born March 13, 1885. Mr. and Mrs. Sheeler are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Page 20

~ Sherman, Edwin S. ~Photo

Edwin S. Sherman, a young and enterprising farmer of Lynn Grove Township, was born on the old Sherman homestead, April 10, 1870. He is the son of Thomas and Penina (Sparks) Sherman, old and respected citizens of the County in which they now reside. Mr. Sherman received his education in the district schools of his township, and also attended Iowa College at Grinnell a short time. He early showed his love for the farm, and grew to manhood, honest and God-fearing, having formed no bad habits. December 31, 1892, he married Dora Patterson, a very estimable young lady of the neighborhood. She was born April 27, 1871, and is the daughter of James and Elizabeth. (Parker) Patterson, upright Christian people, still residing near by. Mr. Sherman, with his bride, began housekeeping on his farm, which was a gift from his father. Since that time 40 more acres have been added to it, making 120 acres in all. The years have brought sunshine and shadows into their lives. In the year 1898 their little two-year-old son Lyle very suddenly died, leaving only a daughter, Hazel, near five years old in the saddened home. A year later a daughter, Gladys, was born to them. The little one was three months old when, without any warning, death claimed her, and the spirit returned to God who gave it. However, their hearts were gladdened recently by the advent of a little son, Charles, into their home. Part III, page 7

~ Sherman, Frank G. ~Photo

Frank G. Sherman, a prominent young banker of Sully, is the son of Thomas and Peninah (Sparks) Sherman, and was born on the old Sherman homestead November 1, 1876, where he grew to manhood. The bank which he now operates was started by L. H. Sherman in 1889, our subject purchasing a controlling interest September 1, 1897, but has been acting as assistant cashier from July 1896. Our subject received his education in the district schools of Lynn Grove Township, the public schools at Lynnville, Highland Park Business College and Iowa Business College of Des Moines, and Gem City Business College of Quincy, Illinois. January 10, 1898, he was united in marriage to Clara M. Forsyth, a native of Lucas County, Iowa. She was the daughter of A. W. and Pryscilla Forsyth, residents of Lynn Grove Township. Page 28

~ Sherman, Frederick M. ~Photo

Frederick M. Sherman, son of Thomas and Peninah (Sparks) Sherman, was born in Lynn Grove Township July 12, 1872, and remained at the old homestead until he reached his majority, and acquired his first land, a gift of his father, 60 acres, in 1893. To this he has since added 60 acres more, purchasing the same in 1898, and resides on the old homestead. October 10, 1899, Ella A. Andreas became his wife. She was born May 8, 1872, and is the daughter of Frederick C. and Wilhelmina (Castorf) Andreas, early settlers in Jasper County, who now reside in Elk Creek Township. Our subject acquired an education in the common schools of his Township, the Iowa College at Grinnell, and the Iowa Business College at Des Moines. Page 16

~ Sherman, J. H. ~

J. H. Sherman, son of Thomas and Penina (Sparks) Sherman, was born on Section 17, Lynn Grove Township, March 23, 1861. Here he has grown to manhood, receiving a liberal education in the district schools of the township in which he now resides, and Iowa College at Grinnell, which he attended for four years. Anna L. Shoop became his wife December 23, 1887. She is a native of Ohio. Her father William Shoop, was a veteran of the Civil War, and was disabled through sickness, received his discharge, and died one year later. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman are the parents of three children: J. Emerson, born November 5, 1888; W. Raymond, born September 9, 1890, and Florence M., born August 6, 1900. Page 23

~ Sherman, Thomas ~Photo

Thomas Sherman, now living a retired life at Sully, was born in Hampden County, Massachusetts, September 6, 1828. When only three years old his parents removed to Portage County, Ohio, and engaged in farming. His father [Harris] followed agricultural pursuits in that County for many years, and died on the farm at the advanced age of eighty-seven years. Here our subject grew to manhood, receiving his education in the common schools of that County. Thomas Sherman early in life showed marked ability as a financier. Coming west in 1854, with a small capital, he located on Section 17, Jasper County, purchasing at that time 240 acres. Lynn Grove Township was less than 200 population. His first house was a cottage 18x24, of native walnut lumber. April 10, 1856, Peninah Sparks became his wife. She was a native of Morgan, County, Illinois. Her father, John R. Sparks, was one of the earliest settlers in Jasper County. Her father and mother died here, their deaths taking place about two months apart, and at their death, each was about eighty years of age. To Mr. and Mrs. Sherman eight children were born, six sons and two daughters, seven of whom survive. The children have all had good educational advantages, and are prosperous and well-to-do citizens. Mr. Sherman has owned at one time 1,060 acres of Jasper County soil, which has mostly been divided among his children, he only retaining 240 acres. He is a stanch Republican in his political views, and both he and his wife are members of the Methodist Protestant Church. Page 36

~ Shissler, Isaac ~

Isaac Shissler, a retired farmer in the city of Colfax, was born in Carroll County, Ohio, April 31, 1826. His parents, Peter and Mary P. (Linduff) Shissler were natives of Maryland, and were of German and English extraction. They came west in 1848, our subject coming in the fall of 1850, and located in what is now Poweshiek Township. He had a wife and two children, and with them endured all the hardships of the early pioneer in opening up the new country. On his arrival here his cash capital amounted to $45.00. His first house was a log cabin 14x16, dirt fireplace, and sod chimney. However, he succeeded well, and became one of Jasper County's most thrifty farmers, and owned at one time about 350 acres of Jasper County soil. Mr. Shissler had the misfortune of losing his first wife. His second marriage took place September 1, 1874, to Eliza Bair. She was a native of Tuscarawas County, Ohio, and was the second child of a family of 11 children. Her parents, David and Knavel Bair, were natives of Pennsylvania, her father a genuine Pennsylvania German. Mr. Shissler is the parent of nine children by his first wife, six of whom are living: David Harvey, a farmer in Poweshiek Township; Adaline, Mrs. John C. Fisher, of Audubon County, Iowa; John, in Colfax; Emory, a railroad man in Council Bluffs; Ellis, a farmer in Poweshiek Township; Howard, an engineer, residing in Arcadia, Iowa. Page 51

~ Signs, J. Emery ~

J. Emery Signs, a farmer residing on Section 13, Clear Creek Township, was born in this Township March 1, 1859. His parents were pioneers in Jasper County, settling here in the 40's. His father was James Signs, and his mother, before her marriage, Sarah Kintz. Ida M. Hampton and our subject were united in marriage November 7, 1879. She was born in Clear Creek Township November 5, 1861. By this union six children have been born: Earl Carson, deceased; Sarah P., Jessie B., Alta, Ora F., and Edward. When Mr. Signs started out for himself, his worldly possessions were a team of horses, one cow and two small pigs. He has proven himself a careful manager, and has secured a comfortable home. Page 35

~ Silwold, Henry ~Photo

Henry Silwold, a highly respected German farmer, residing on Section 23, Malaka Township, was born in Germany in 1822, came to America in 1852, and located in Illinois. Three years later he removed to Wisconsin, where he resided until 1866, and cast his lot among the settlers of Jasper County. When he came to America his cash capital amounted to about $100.00, but by good management, up to the time he located in Jasper County, he had laid by about $1,600.00. He now possesses a comfortable home, and is practically living a retired life during his declining years. Our subject was married when 36 years of age to Charlotte Depping. They became the parents of six children: Henry, an attorney of Newton; Minnie, Mrs. Herman Clausen; Sophia, single; Lottie, married Charles Helming, and resides in Allamakee County, Iowa; Fred, and Mary, single. Page 20

~ Slaughter, Taylor ~Photo

Taylor Slaughter, residing on Section 8, Mound Prairie Township, was born on Section 5, January 27, 1849. He is the son of Joseph and Belinda (Myers) Slaughter, natives of Ohio, born in 1818 and 1817, respectively. They were married in the Buckeye State, and came to Jasper County in May 1846. On their arrival here they settled where they now reside. There were seven children in this family, Taylor, our subject, being the fifth born. Taylor Slaughter and Maggie Waggoner became husband and wife in 1882. She was a native of Pennsylvania, and came to Jasper County when one year old. Seven children have been born to them: Melville S., Joseph M., James T., Ethel B., Chester E., Archie B., and Blanch K., all of whom are living. Our subject has been identified with the growth and development of Jasper County, and is considered one of its most well to do citizens. He owns 560 acres of Jasper County soil, which is under a high state of cultivation. Page 15

~ Smead, Dr. Carroll C. ~Photo

Dr. Carroll C. Smead, a practicing physician in the city of Newton, has been a resident of Jasper County since 1878. His father was Dr. Alonzo Smead, and his mother, before her marriage, was Miss Elizabeth Crane. They were natives of New York and New Jersey, respectively, and were of German descent. His father came west in 1863, and located in Peoria, Illinois, and died in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1873. His mother died in Pocahontas County, this state, where she was visiting at the time. Our subject was born in Belleville, Ohio, in 1856, and received his education in the public schools of Fon du Lac, Wisconsin, De Land Academy, and a medical- course in 1873 at Detroit, Michigan, after which he commenced to practice in Illinois. In 1878 he came to Reasnor, Jasper County. In the fall of 1879 he went to Chicago and attended the Rush Medical College, graduating the following spring. We next find him in Sully, where he followed his chosen profession until 1891, when he located in Newton, where he enjoys a large and growing practice. The firm of Smead & Boyd was formed in 1900. Besides attending to his duties in this firm, the doctor is also interested in one of the leading drug stores in the city under the firm name of Wagley & Smead, having been a member of this firm since 1891, and is the local surgeon for the Chicago, Rock Island Railway company. Annette Hestwood is a daughter of Rev. S. Hestwood, and became the wife of our subject in the spring of 1879. They have two children: Leslie L., now attending Rush Medical College, Chicago, and Edna I., at home. Socially, the doctor is a member of Newton Lodge No. 59, A. F. & A. M., Gebel Chapter No. 12, and Oriental Commandery No. 22. He is a thirty-second degree Mason, member of Consistory No. 12, and Za-Ga-Zig Temple of Des Moines. Page 44

~ Smith, Elvah Clinton ~Photo

Elvah Clinton Smith, president of the Newton Steel Cut Milling Co., in the city of Newton, was born on Cherry Creek, north- west of Newton, January 26, 1871. While a child, our subject with the family removed to Rushville, where he resided until 1885. His father died when he was quite small, and at the latter date, accompanied by his mother, they became residents of Newton. His parents, John Malay and Susan Smith, were natives of Pennsylvania, and came to Jasper County soon after the Civil War. His father was a mason by trade, which business be followed for many years. Our subject received his education in the district school at Rushville and the public schools of Newton, and later took a business course in a correspondence school of Springfield, Massachusetts. When about fifteen years of age he began work in the gristmill of S. Richards & Son, to learn the miller's trade, and remained nearly two years. After leaving the employ of this company, he entered the cooper shop of S. B. Dennis, and learned the cooper's trade, and followed this line of work in different parts of the state three or four years, after which he was with the Nelson, Morse Packing Co., of Chicago. After leaving the latter concern he accepted a position as locomotive fireman on the Michigan Central railway out of Chicago, and later on the D. M. & K. C., running from Des Moines to Carnesville, Missouri. The last three years of his railway experience was on the Iowa and Dakota division of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul. During his service with this company, assisted by his brother Oliver, they perfected an invention, and secured a patent, dated December 7, 1897, on a cutting machine to be used in the manufacture of breakfast foods. The following May he left the road and engaged in the manufacture of breakfast foods in Newton. The firm was composed of E. C. and J. O. Smith and T. B. Callison, and was known as the Newton Milling Co. This firm existed, however, only a short time, when J. O. Smith and Mr. Callison retired. Our subject then interested A. H. Bergman and J. H. Lyday. A Company was formed under the name of the Newton Steel Cut Milling Co., and incorporated under the laws of Iowa with $10,000.00 capital. The experience Mr. Smith had when a boy in the milling business now came into practical use, and has proven very helpful to him in his present line of business, which has proven an entire success. Wheat-O has become one of the leading breakfast foods on the market, and Grandma's Wonder, Self-Rising Pancake Flour, manufactured by this firm is an advertisement for itself wherever used. Mr. Smith and Miss Maggie R. Harp were united in marriage May 2, 1900, and reside in one of the most comfortable cottages in the city of Newton. Socially, our subject is a member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, which order he joined in Chicago, when firing on the Michigan Central. Page 43

~ Schnathorst, Henry ~

Henry Schnathorst, a prosperous, energetic and conservative farmer residing on section 23, Malaka Township, was born in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Aug. 9, 1859, and with his parents came to Jasper County in 1878. October 4, 1887, he was united in marriage to Dora Hattebuhr. She was a native of Jasper County, born Aug. 13, 1862. Their children are Theodore, Roy, Fredrick and Lizzie. Mr. Schnathorst is a thorough businessman and has been reasonably successful in all his business undertakings and takes an active interest in the education of his children. Page. 48

~ Schnathorst, Herman W. ~

Herman W. Schnathorst, residing on, Section 23, Malaka Township, was born in Wisconsin, June 16, 1860, and came to Jasper County with his parents in October 1868, and located on Section 25. Part of the land now owned by our subject is a part of his father's old estate. His parents were William and Charlotte (Schuttz) Schnathorst. His father was born in Germany and came to America when 24 years of age, only having enough money to pay his transportation to the United States. His first settlement was in Wisconsin, where he engaged in farming. His first house was a hued log structure, and the table and chairs were made of slabs. The family experienced many hardships in the Badger State. During the larger portion of one winter, they ground their wheat in a coffee mill to make their flour. He was energetic and a good financier, and owned in Jasper County at the time of his death over four hundred acres of land. Herman Schnathorst, our subject, was united in marriage Feb. 20, 1901, to Annie Stork. She was born in Jasper County Aug. 23, 1882. He owns two good farms, is a close calculator and is considered one of the thrifty and well-to-do farmers in his township, and is now one of the township trustees. Page 48

Transcribed by Ernie Braida
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