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 Census Records Online

One of my goals is to get all the census records transcribed and online. If you would like to help, please contact me :)

Population History of Clinton County

Federal Census Records


1840 Census Index
1840 Census Notes
1840 Census


1850 Mortality Schedule
1850index Index
1850-1 Transcript: Part 1
1850-2 Transcript: Part 2
1850-3 Transcript: Part 3
1850-4 Transcript: Part 4


1860index-a-f Index: A-F
1860index-g-n Index: G-N
1860index-o-z Index: O-Z
1860berlin-twp Berlin Twp.
1860bloomfield Bloomfield Twp.
1860camanche-twp Camanche Twp - Part 1
1860camanche-twp2 Camanche Twp - Part 2
1860center1-twp Center Twp. - Part 1
1860center2-twp Center Twp. - Part 2
1860washington-twp Washington Twp.
1860mortality 1860 Mortality Schedule


1870index-a-c   Index: A-C
1870index-d-g   Index: D-G
1870index-h-l   Index: H-L
1870index-m-q Index: M-Q
1870index-r-s  Index: R-S
1870index-t-z Index: T-Z
1870-liberty-twp Liberty Twp. (Index)
1870-camanche-city Partial Camanche City
1870mortality 1870 Mortality Schedule



1880 Abstracts


1900inx.txt Name index for the Town of Delmar, Bloomfield Twp., Washington Twp., & Welton Twp.
1900cen.txt Partial


berlin.txt Name Index to Berlin Twp.
delmar.txt Name Index to Delmar, Bloomfield Twp.
bloom.txt   Name Index to Bloomfield Twp.
brook.txt   Name Index to Brookfield Twp.
camanche.txt Name Index to Camanche Twp.
center.txt Name Index to Center Twp.
dewitt.txt Name Index to DeWitt


1920indx.htm 1920 Partial Index
1920poorfarm.html 1920 Poor Farm


1930.htm 1930 Census Enumeration Districts
1930bloomfield.htm Bloomfield Twp.
1930poorfarm.html 1930 Poor Farm (County Home)


1940 Census at the National Archives
1940poorfarm.html 1940 Poor Farm (County Home)

Wisconsin Territorial Census

1838 (Wisconsin Territorial Census) Census Introduction

State Census Records

1847 - Complete

1847cen 1847 Census - Heads of Households

1849 - Complete

1849cen 1849 Census - Heads of Households
1851 - Complete
1851cen.htm 1851 Census - Heads of Households

1852 - Complete

1852-ia-clinton 1852 - Complete

1854 - Complete

1854-ia-clinton 1854 - Complete


1856-berlin Berlin Twp
1856-bloomfield Bloomfield Twp
1856-brookfield Brookfield Twp
  Camanche Twp
1856-center Center Twp
1856-clinton Clinton Twp
1856-deepcreek Deep Creek Twp
1856-dewitt DeWitt Twp w/ DeWitt Village
  Eden Twp
1856-elkriver Elk River Twp
1856-liberty Liberty Twp
1856-lyons Lyons Twp
1856-olive Olive Twp
1856-orange Orange Twp
1856-sharon Sharon Twp
1856-springrock Spring Rock Twp
1856-washington Washington Twp
1856-waterford Waterford Twp







1887 Special Census




In Progress Contact me to Help
1895-berlin-twp Berlin Twp
1895-bloomfield-twp Bloomfield Twp
1895-brookfield-twp Brookfield Twp
1895-camanche-city City of Camanche
1895-camanche-twp Camanche Twp
1895-clinton-ward1 City of Clinton - Ward 1 Part 1
1895-clinton-part2 City of Clinton - Ward 1 Part 1
1895-elk-river-twp Elk River Twp










While censuses for 1840 and earlier list only the heads of families, those from 1850 on can show names of each member of the household, age, place of birth, occupation and race.  It is one of the first steps you should take when researching your family.  So many questions can be answered and clues given that can lead to further research.  So many times the volunteers and myself get questions from visitors who want to know what so-and-so's wife's name was, who his parents or children were, where they came from, etc.  These and so many more questions can be answered with good census research.  

Many census records are online and many aren't.  We are currently working on transcribing the 1895 state census records for Clinton County but I sincerely hope you will take the time to view the actual records yourself.

Federal censuses in Iowa began in 1850, and were taken every ten years. They are currently available through 1920, except for the mostly destroyed 1890 census. All but the 1910 census are indexed. 

There were several territorial censuses also taken for the area. The Wisconsin Territorial Census for 1836 includes the original counties of Dubuque and Des Moines, Iowa. These are online at Dubuque County.

Numerous censuses were conducted on the county level while under territorial and state status, with a variety still in existence for 1838-1897. Concerted efforts, however, were made for statewide enumerations in 1885, 1895, 1905, 1915 and 1925. These are some of the richest and informative censuses ever taken in this country. While the censuses from 1885-1895 provide much the same information as federal censuses, they also inquire as to county of birth if within the state of Iowa, as well as inquiries into military service. The 1905 and 1915 censuses inquire about parents' birth places as well. The 1925 is the most informative of all, asking for the names of parents and their birth place.

There is no state-wide index for the censuses of 1856, 1885, 1895, 1905, 1915 or 1925. Indexes, however, for counties or portions of counties are becoming available through individuals, chapters of the Iowa Genealogical Society, Hawkeye Heritage, or the staff of the State Historical Society. All extant state censuses are microfilmed, available for research at the State Historical Society of Iowa and the FHL and all Clinton Co. census records are on microfilm at the library.

Census Info: Something to keep in mind

The Soundex Machine

The Soundex coding system was developed so that you can find a surname even though it may have been recorded under various spellings. Knowing a surname's Soundex code is an important first step in research using NARA's census microfilm holdings (1880-1920). 

The 1910 census does not have a Soundex index for Iowa; however, if you know the town or city where your ancestor lived, you can find the appropriate county, enumeration district number, and Family History Library film number by looking in the following source:

Buckway, Eileen G., comp. U. S. 1910 Federal Census: Unindexed States: A Guide to Finding Census Enumeration Districts for Unindexed Cities, Towns, & Villages. Salt Lake City: Family History Library, 1992. (FHL book 973 X2bu 1910; fiche 6101340; computer number 678265.)

The following are the available census records and census substitutes for the state of Iowa:

  • Federal Census: 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, & 1920

  • Federal Mortality Schedules: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880.  These schedules list the names of persons who died during the year preceding the census.  Mortality schedules contain info on a person's age, state or country of birth, month of death, cause of death, number of days ill, race, occupation, and for 1880, parents' birthplace.  

  • State/Territorial Census: 1836, 1838, 1840-1849, 1851, 1852, 1854, 1856, 1859, 1885, 1895, 1905, 1915, 1925  (The 1895 State Census of Iowa lists the company and regiment for any veterans of the "War of the Rebellion." With this info you can send for the civil war military and/or pension file.)

  • Sac and Fox Indian Census: 1847

  • The following census records are available at the Clinton Library
    • Clinton – 1850, 1856, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1885, 1895, 1900, 1905, 1910, 1915, 1920, 1925 (index)
    • Census records for a few other Iowa counties.

For those of you interested, here is what the 2000 census form had on it.  It has been suggested that you fill it out and keep a copy for your own records for future generations.  You are more than welcome to print it out and fill it in. There is also a short form which only asks for the names, sex, race, age and birthdate of those living in the home.

Check out Census Tools  where you can download several cool things including a spreadsheet to keep track of your census info. 

You can also find Federal film numbers, eds, townships, etc for all Iowa counties at the following site also:

From the LDS: A List of all the census records.

IA State Census records: