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Hello and Welcome!

My name is John Schulte and welcome to Clinton County IaGenWeb. We are very fortunate to have two former county coordinators teaming up to offer you the best we can to improve the Clinton County IaGenWeb site.

I am returning to Clinton County to explore my maternal family from the Sugar Creek area by Charlotte and Goose Creek and help Clinton County IaGenWeb as well.

Nettie Mae Lucas previously volunteered as the corrdinator. She lives in Clinton County but is unable to do research and look-ups for people. She has had an interest in genealogy since she was a teenager and worked for a lady during the summers who would have me transcribe stuff for her and type it up - on a manual typewriter no less! She gave me some family group sheets and I had such a fun time getting them filled out. This connected me to an aunt that had been doing research on our family and I was totally hooked!

If you have questions, updates, submissions or suggestions, visit our Contact page. NOTE: We are not able to do look-ups or research at this time. For that, please visit our Resources page.

The Clinton County IAGenWeb is a volunteer effort to promote genealogical research and to promote records preservation and availability by providing online access to records and information for free. We are a part of the IAGenWeb Project which is part of the USGenWeb Project. These sites are dedicated to providing free online genealogy records and resources.

Our main goal is to bring some of the genealogical and historical information available in Clinton County to you in a way that helps you learn more about your ancestors and, hopefully, causes you to be curious enough to want to learn even more. We are not here to provide you with ALL the information but rather an index or some other indication that there IS info and where you might find out more.


Please keep in mind that All the work here is done by wonderful volunteers. If you have time or information to share, we would love to hear from you.

There are so many areas of interest in Clinton County, genealogy and local history. We have tried to put as much online as we can, and we continue to add information. Much of our information comes from the Clinton County Historical Society, to whom we are greatly indebted and thankful.

The best resource of all continues to be the volunteers and visitors to our website -- You! Many visitors have typed and submitted some of the most interesting items found within these pages. I hope, as you have time, you will consider sending us your info or transcribing and typing up info to share with others here on our site.

Volunteers are desperately needed to transcribe records that help us continually update the site. We are currently working on transcribing the 1895 census. I am a true believer in new blood is always great. If you'd want to volunteer to help, please Join Our Team, or contact me directly.

Clinton County, Iowa

Clinton County is located on the Mississippi River at the eastern most tip of Iowa. It is bordered to the north by Jackson county, to the west by Jones and Cedar counties and to the south by Scott county. Across the river to the east are Carroll, Whiteside and Rock Island counties in Illinois.

Iowa was originally part of the Louisiana Purchase and was a part of the District of Louisiana in 1804. In 1807, Iowa was included in the Territory of Illinois and, in 1812, part of the Territory of Missouri.

After 1821, Iowa was unattached to any territory until it became part of Michigan Territory in 1834. In 1836, Iowa became part of Wisconsin Territory until 1838, when it was finally established as the Territory of Iowa.

On the 11th of January, 1840, the Territorial Legislature organized the county of Clinton and made Camanche the county seat. By this time, Elijah Buell had settled Lyons and J. M. Bartlett had founded New York, which was re-named Clinton.

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