Microfilm #T626-649

ED Description Index or Transcript
23-1 Delmar Town  
23-2 Bloomfield Twp. excluding Delmar Town 1930 Bloomfield Index
23-3 Brookfield Twp.  
23-4 Camanche Town  
23-5 Camanche Twp. excluding Camanche Town  
23-6 Center Twp.  
23-7 Clinton City, Ward 1 (Part), bounded by (N) City Limits, Ward Line; (E) Mississippi River; (S) 4Th Ave. N. Extended, 4Th Ave. N.; (W) N. Bluff Blvd., Springdale Dr..
Includes:  Clinton City Jail; Clinton Co. Jail
23-8 Clinton City, Ward 1 (Part), bounded by (N) 1St Ave., 1St Ave. Extended, 1St Ave., 1St Ave. Extended; (E) Mississippi River; (S) 4Th Ave. S. Extended, 4Th Ave. S., S. Bluff Blvd., Langan Ave., Ward Line, Woodlawn Ave.; (W) City Limits.  
23-9 Clinton City, Ward 1 (Part), bounded by (N) City Limits, Springdale Dr., N. Bluff Blvd., 4Th Ave. N., 4Th Ave. N. Extended; (E) Mississippi River; (S) 1St Ave. Extended, 1St Ave., 1St Ave. Extended, 1St Ave.; (W) N. 14Th, City Limits.
Includes:  Mt. Alverno
23-10 Includes:  Mt. St. Clare's Convent and Boarding School (Novitiate)  
23-11 Clinton City, Ward 2, bounded by (N) Woodlawn Ave., Ward Line, Langan Ave., S. Bluff Blvd., 4Th Ave. S., 4Th Ave. S. Extended; (E) Mississippi River; (S) 7Th Ave. S. Extended, 7Th Ave. S., Bluff Blvd., Ward Line, 8Th Ave. S.; (W) City Limits.
Includes:  Isolation Hospital; Jane Lamb Memorial Hospital
23-12 Clinton City, Ward 3, bounded by (N) 8Th Ave. S., Ward Line, S. Bluff Blvd., 7Th Ave. S., 7Th Ave. S. Extended; (E) Mississippi River; (S) 10Th Ave. S., Lane Ave., Ward Line, 10Th Ave. S., S. 14Th, 12Th Ave. S., Bluff Blvd.; (W) City Limits.
Includes:  Holy Family Convent; Wartburg College
23-13 Clinton City, Ward 4 (Part), bounded by (N) 10Th Ave. S.; (E) Mississippi River; (S) Mississippi River; (W) Ward Line, S. 8Th Extended, S. 8Th.  
23-14 Clinton City, Ward 4 (Part), bounded by (N) Bluff Blvd., 12Th Ave. S., S. 14Th, 10Th Ave. S., Ward Line, Lane Ave., 10Th Ave. S.; (E) S. 8Th, 15Th Ave. S., S. 14Th, S. 14Th Extended; (S) City Limits; (W) S. 22D.  
23-15 Clinton City, Ward 5, bounded by (N) 15Th Ave. S.; (E) S. 8Th Extended, Ward Line; (S) Mississippi River, City Limits; (W) S. 14Th Extended, S. 14Th.  
23-16 Clinton City, Ward 6 (Part), bounded by (N) Buell Ave., Main Ave.; (E) Mississippi River; (S) 19Th Ave. N.; (W) City Limits.
Includes:  Our Lady of Angels Academy
23-17 Clinton City, Ward 6 (Part), bounded by (N) 19Th Ave. N.; (E) Mississippi River; (S) Ward Line; (W) City Limits.
Includes:  St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital and Nurses Home
23-18 Clinton City, Ward 7, bounded by (N) City Limits; (E) Mississippi River; (S) Main Ave., Buell Ave.; (W) City Limits.  
Microfilm #T626-650
ED Description
23-19 Goose Lake Town
23-20 Deep Creek Twp. excluding Goose Lake Town
23-21 Dewitt City
Includes:  St. Joseph's Academy
23-22 Dewitt Twp. excluding Dewitt City
23-23 Low Moor Town
23-24 Eden Twp. excluding Low Moor Town
23-25 Andover Town
23-26 Elk River Twp. excluding Andover Town
23-27 Grant Twp
23-28 Hampshire Twp.
23-29 Toronto Town
23-30 Liberty Twp. excluding Toronto Town
23-31 Lincoln Twp.
23-32 Calamus Town
23-33 Olive Twp. excluding Calamus Town
23-34 Grand Mound Town
23-35 Orange Twp. excluding Grand Mound Town
23-36 Lost Nation Town
23-37 Sharon Twp. excluding Lost Nation Town
23-38 Wheatland Town
23-39 Spring Rook Twp. excluding Wheatland Town
23-40 Spring Valley Twp.
23-41 Washington Twp.
23-42 Includes:  Clinton Co. Home
23-43 Charlotte Town
23-44 Waterford Twp. excluding Charlotte Town
23-45 Welton Town
23-46 Welton Twp. excluding Welton Town