Clinton County 1860 Census Index
The individual's last name, first name, locality, and census page number are included.  
Thanks to Justina, who helped get this info 'internet' ready.

NAME                       LOCATION         PAGE

Abbey, Elizabeth           EDEN TWP         115
Abbott, Abram              EDEN TWP         115
Abbott, Daniel P.          HAMPSHIRE TWP    265
Abbott, William            ELK RIVER TWP    259
Abby, Mariaon J.           SHARON TWP       474
Abraham, Scott             DE WITT TWP      140
Ackart, Benjamin           BLOOMFIELD TWP   201
Ackerman, John P.          LIBERTY TWP      454
Ackran, John               LYONS TWP        341
Ackrell, Thomas            WASHINGTON TWP   059
Adam, Morris               WASHINGTON TWP   061
Adams, Abel                SHARON TWP       474
Adams, Alfred L.           SHARON TWP       490
Adams, Benjamin            ELK RIVER TWP    261
Adams, James               WATERFORD TWP    100
Adams, Thomas              CAMANCHE TWP     024
Adams, William M.          LYONS TWP        391
Adison, Virginia           DE WITT TWP      129
Aemer, Willaim             CAMANCHE TWP     011
Afer, John                 CAMANCHE TWP     019
Agart, Adolph              CENTRE TWP       075
Aggart, Adolph             WASHINGTON TWP   062
Ahrens, Irenka             LYONS TWP        343
Aiken, Jane                LYONS TWP        366
Aikman, Oliver P.          WATERFORD TWP    094
Ains, Anna J.              DE WITT TWP      173
Akiman, William            CAMANCHE TWP     020
Akin, William              EDEN TWP         110
Akins, Jerod               CLINTON TWP      295
Akinson, Thomas            WASHINGTON TWP   057
Albaw, Thomas              LYONS TWP        343
Albert, Columbus           EDEN TWP         117
Albert, Nancy              WASHINGTON TWP   053
Albright, Andrew           WATERFORD TWP    094
Albright, Emanuel E.       HAMPSHIRE TWP    284
Albright, Harriett A.      HAMPSHIRE TWP    284
Albright, Michael          HAMPSHIRE TWP    283
Albright, S. W.            WATERFORD TWP    093
Albright, Samuel           LYONS TWP        347
Albrite, Even              WATERFORD TWP    093
Alephant, Michael          SHARON TWP       467
Alexander, William         ELK RIVER TWP    244
Alford, Lewis              SPRING ROCK TWP  435
Alford, Willis D.          LYONS TWP        365
Alger, Abner               OLIVE TWP        423
Alger, Suwell              OLIVE TWP        422
Alis, Mathais              SHARON TWP       478
Allan, Silas               WASHINGTON TWP   070
Allen, Amasa               SHARON TWP       472
Allen, Ellenor             CLINTON TWP      290
Allen, George              LYONS TWP        398
Allen, Joshua              SHARON TWP       471
Allen, Nathan              CAMANCHE TWP     007
Allen, Robert              HAMPSHIRE TWP    284
Allen, Russel              CAMANCHE TWP     023
Allen, W. M.               SHARON TWP       469
Aller, Thomas              CLINTON TWP      296
Allermong, Henry           OLIVE TWP        412
Allison, Abul              WASHINGTON TWP   059
Allison, Anderson          ORANGE TWP       222
Allison, Anderson          ORANGE TWP       223
Allison, David             ORANGE TWP       222
Allison, James             LYONS TWP        383
Allison, John              HAMPSHIRE TWP    282
Allison, John              WASHINGTON TWP   058
Allison, Margaret          WASHINGTON TWP   060
Alstres, John              CAMANCHE TWP     024
Alton, John                DE WITT TWP      154
Ames, George W.            DE WITT TWP      129
Ames, Lovina               SHARON TWP       466
Ames, Lyman P.             LYONS TWP        381
Ames, Susan                DE WITT TWP      128
Ames, William              CLINTON TWP      315
Amos, Simeon               SHARON TWP       486
Anante, William            ELK RIVER TWP    257
Anderson, A. S.            DE WITT TWP      162
Anderson, Bringel          OLIVE TWP        419
Anderson, Daniel           WELTON TWP       190
Anderson, Emanuel          LYONS TWP        365
Anderson, Eugene           SHARON TWP       488
Anderson, George H.        SHARON TWP       481
Anderson, H.               LIBERTY TWP      447
Anderson, John             WASHINGTON TWP   047
Anderson, Peter            DE WITT TWP      153
Andreson, H.               LIBERTY TWP      447
Andrews, Casper            EDEN TWP         111
Andrews, Mary L.           ELK RIVER TWP    260
Andry, Matilda L. E.       WASHINGTON TWP   069
Anger, Perin J.            CAMANCHE TWP     025
Aniton, James              HAMPSHIRE TWP    270
Ankeney, Augustus L.       CLINTON TWP      306
Ankiney, Oliver R.         DE WITT TWP      126
Anp, Asmus                 CAMANCHE TWP     028
Answorth, William S.       CLINTON TWP      297
Anthony, E. G.             OLIVE TWP        427
Anthony, Ephraim S.        OLIVE TWP        428
Anthony, Harriet           CLINTON TWP      322
Anthony, James             OLIVE TWP        428
Anthony, Joseph G.         CAMANCHE TWP     024
Anthony, Nathaniel         CLINTON TWP      320
Anthony, Oscar A.          CAMANCHE TWP     020
Antswing, H.               CAMANCHE TWP     025
Anwater, Henry             SHARON TWP       471
Appleton, George           SHARON TWP       468
Ardmer, Henry              HAMPSHIRE TWP    268
Areas, Charles             CAMANCHE TWP     016
Arf, Johin                 CAMANCHE TWP     021
Arkey, John                CLINTON TWP      328
Arkinace, Henry            HAMPSHIRE TWP    284
Arkinace, William          HAMPSHIRE TWP    284
Armitage, E.               SHARON TWP       488
Armitage, Theodore         SHARON TWP       488
Armstrong, Henry           CLINTON TWP      333
Armstrong, Henry           SHARON TWP       462
Armstrong, James J.        ELK RIVER TWP    236
Armstrong, Mary            DE WITT TWP      178
Armstrong, Oscar           ELK RIVER TWP    241
Armstrong, Platt           SHARON TWP       462
Armstrton, John            DEEP CREEK TWP   081
Arnold, Gardinia           OLIVE TWP        425
Arnold, Zera W.            CLINTON TWP      333
Arp, Clouse                SPRING ROCK TWP  439
Artenberg, Henry           WATERFORD TWP    105
Artes, Louisa              ORANGE TWP       223
Ashard, Jane               LYONS TWP        378
Ashpoole, Frederick        HAMPSHIRE TWP    277
Ashworth, Samuel           CLINTON TWP      330
Ashworth, Seviters         CLINTON TWP      297
Askenburg, Burnett         WATERFORD TWP    099
Atchison, Ann M.           LYONS TWP        341
Atwood, Henry B.           ELK RIVER TWP    235
Atwood, Mary               ELK RIVER TWP    236
Aucker, Samuel             SPRING ROCK TWP  432
Auger, Benjamin            BLOOMFIELD TWP   217
Aughubaugh, John           LYONS TWP        368
August, Henrietta M.       LYONS TWP        395
Auim, Dennis               DE WITT TWP      174
Averill, John              BERLIN TWP       496
Avery, Amos A.             LYONS TWP        383
Avis, Fritz                CENTRE TWP       074
Babcock, Chester           ELK RIVER TWP    254
Babcock, James O.          BLOOMFIELD TWP   218
Babcock, John              BLOOMFIELD TWP   218
Backley, John              WASHINGTON TWP   049
Backus, Robert             DE WITT TWP      157
Bager, Andrew              CAMANCHE TWP     020
Bagley, Harrey             BLOOMFIELD TWP   211
Bahans, William            CAMANCHE TWP     016
Bahner, Henry              CAMANCHE TWP     003
Bailey, Hannah             CLINTON TWP      317
Bailey, Orvillo C.         BLOOMFIELD TWP   204
Baily, Ann                 LYONS TWP        361
Baily, Barthelton          CAMANCHE TWP     027
Baines, William            WASHINGTON TWP   042
Baird, Edward B.           SHARON TWP       487
Baird, Thomas              OLIVE TWP        419
Bairley, Henry             DE WITT TWP      175
Bakaus, Anna               DE WITT TWP      168
Bakaus, George             DE WITT TWP      167
Baker, Abraham             DE WITT TWP      156
Baker, Benjamin G.         LYONS TWP        342
Baker, Chester P.          HAMPSHIRE TWP    266
Baker, Edward              HAMPSHIRE TWP    291
Baker, George P.           HAMPSHIRE TWP    266
Baker, George W.           LYONS TWP        400
Baker, Hanna               LYONS TWP        351
Baker, Nathaniel B.        CLINTON TWP      295
Baker, Nesbert             LYONS TWP        357
Baker, William             HAMPSHIRE TWP    265
Baker, William             HAMPSHIRE TWP    290
Baker, William             LYONS TWP        352
Balch, Daniel              LYONS TWP        383
Baldwin, Alice S.          LYONS TWP        382
Baldwin, Caroline          ELK RIVER TWP    249
Baldwin, Edward            SHARON TWP       471
Baldwin, Ezra              LYONS TWP        386
Baldwin, Isaac, Jr.        CLINTON TWP      315
Baldwin, Nelsson           ELK RIVER TWP    248
Baldwin, Oster             ELK RIVER TWP    245
Baldwin, Richard           OLIVE TWP        422
Baldwin, Simeon            CLINTON TWP      325
Bale, Michael              ELK RIVER TWP    254
Balentine, James           WASHINGTON TWP   058
Balker, Mary               DE WITT TWP      171
Ball, Benjamin             SHARON TWP       465
Ball, James V.             HAMPSHIRE TWP    273
Ball, Ruben                LYONS TWP        377
Ball, William              ELK RIVER TWP    252
Ballard, Eli               SPRING ROCK TWP  444
Ballard, Louis             OLIVE TWP        425
Baller, Patrick            EDEN TWP         116
Ballinger, Melchoir        SHARON TWP       480
Balmer, Henry              LIBERTY TWP      453
Baltedo, John              LYONS TWP        390
Bamans, James H.           LYONS TWP        404
Banett, Richard            OLIVE TWP        420
Bank, Ann E.               WASHINGTON TWP   043
Banks, Abram               CLINTON TWP      316
Banks, Henry A.            ELK RIVER TWP    239
Banks, John                DE WITT TWP      138
Banks, Kate                BLOOMFIELD TWP   211
Banks, Seth L.             ELK RIVER TWP    239
Banks, William             WELTON TWP       191
Bannom, Patrick            CLINTON TWP      323
Bantz, Frederick           SHARON TWP       492
Barber, Ambrose            DE WITT TWP      141
Barber, Catharine          LYONS TWP        345
Barber, Edwin              SPRING ROCK TWP  446
Barber, George             SPRING ROCK TWP  435
Barber, Henry              SPRING ROCK TWP  435
Barber, Larnan             SPRING ROCK TWP  431
Barber, Nathaniel          ORANGE TWP       225
Barber, Solomon            OLIVE TWP        409
Barber, William            CLINTON TWP      313
Barbington, William        ELK RIVER TWP    231
Bard, Samuel M.            LYONS TWP        388
Barday, Emma G.            LYONS TWP        366
Bark, Bridget              CAMANCHE TWP     026
Barker, Addison            CAMANCHE TWP     012
Barker, Beardsly           CAMANCHE TWP     020
Barker, Edward             EDEN TWP         111
Barker, Edwin              CAMANCHE TWP     014
Barker, John               CAMANCHE TWP     012
Barker, Rachel H.          LYONS TWP        350
Barklow, Ellen             ORANGE TWP       227
Barks, Lucy                SHARON TWP       477
Barlen, William            LYONS TWP        361
Barlington, Henry          WASHINGTON TWP   043
Barlington, Thomas         WASHINGTON TWP   044
Barnam, Sarah              DE WITT TWP      172
Barnes, Addison            BLOOMFIELD TWP   202
Barnes, Alexander          BERLIN TWP       497
Barnes, Barton             BERLIN TWP       500
Barnes, George             HAMPSHIRE TWP    265
Barnes, John               DE WITT TWP      180
Barnes, Nathan             BERLIN TWP       496
Barnes, William H.         DE WITT TWP      130
Barnett, George R.         WATERFORD TWP    096
Barney, Ester              CAMANCHE TWP     005
Barnhart, James            LIBERTY TWP      450
Barnhart, Peter B.         LIBERTY TWP      451
Barr, John G.              DE WITT TWP      175
Barr, John L.              WASHINGTON TWP   067
Barr, Mary J.              ELK RIVER TWP    247
Barr, R. P.                DE WITT TWP      132
Barr, Samuel               CAMANCHE TWP     032
Barrach, William           WATERFORD TWP    104
Barret, Thomas             CLINTON TWP      312
Barrett, Jacob             LIBERTY TWP      448
Barrett, Jacob             SPRING ROCK TWP  444
Barrett, John              DE WITT TWP      151
Barrett, Martin            LIBERTY TWP      449
Barrett, Michael           LIBERTY TWP      448
Barrey, Francis            LYONS TWP        369
Barrey, William            CAMANCHE TWP     005
Barrrous, Charles          ELK RIVER TWP    253
Barry, James               LYONS TWP        352
Barry, Mary                LYONS TWP        370
Barryman, Johnson          CLINTON TWP      293
Bartlett, James            DE WITT TWP      152
Bartlett, Roger            DE WITT TWP      135
Barton, Anna               CAMANCHE TWP     003
Barton, Emma               EDEN TWP         110
Barton, Uriah S.           SHARON TWP       494
Barton, William            DEEP CREEK TWP   089
Basey, John                CAMANCHE TWP     033
Basey, Patrick             OLIVE TWP        417
Baslenbury, Mathias        DEEP CREEK TWP   083
Basler, Jacob              ELK RIVER TWP    256
Bassett, Henry             LYONS TWP        395
Batcheller, Eboneza P.     ELK RIVER TWP    234
Batcheller, Ezra           LYONS TWP        382
Batcheller, Tappan         OLIVE TWP        418
Batcheller, Thomas         WELTON TWP       189
Batcheller, William        BLOOMFIELD TWP   200
Batcheller, William        LYONS TWP        364
Batenford, William         CAMANCHE TWP     024
Bates, D. B.               DEEP CREEK TWP   078
Bates, O. C.               DE WITT TWP      178
Bates, W. M.               WASHINGTON TWP   067
Bates, William             DE WITT TWP      134
Bather, John R.            CLINTON TWP      301
Bathwaidt, H. B.           DEEP CREEK TWP   078
Batrick, Louisa M.         CLINTON TWP      318
Batterson, William         SHARON TWP       465
Baty, Edmond               DE WITT TWP      144
Baumbroy, August           LYONS TWP        353
Baumgarten, Augustu        LYONS TWP        386
Baxter, A.                 DE WITT TWP      166
Beach, George              DE WITT TWP      174
Beach, George              WELTON TWP       195
Beal, Nicholas             OLIVE TWP        420
Beard, A.                  DE WITT TWP      163
Beard, Benjamin            DE WITT TWP      149
Beard, C. L.               DE WITT TWP      174
Beark, Emma L.             DE WITT TWP      179
Beasel, John               BERLIN TWP       496
Beatty, Richard            ELK RIVER TWP    250
Beaty, Charles             ELK RIVER TWP    258
Beaty, Urlan               WASHINGTON TWP   061
Beaty, W. W.               WASHINGTON TWP   061
Beavet, Losinda            CAMANCHE TWP     030
Bechtel, David             DE WITT TWP      163
Beck, Christopher          CAMANCHE TWP     015
Beck, Christopher          LYONS TWP        398
Beck, Elizabeth            WATERFORD TWP    104
Beck, V. L.                WATERFORD TWP    103
Beck, William              CAMANCHE TWP     015
Beckon, William H.         SHARON TWP       485
Bedds, Robert              LIBERTY TWP      452
Bedford, Alfred            ELK RIVER TWP    237
Bedford, Elias             ELK RIVER TWP    237
Bedford, Hiram             DEEP CREEK TWP   080
Bedinger, John             CAMANCHE TWP     007
Beebe, Charles             WATERFORD TWP    106
Beebe, Day                 DE WITT TWP      146
Beebe, Henry               DE WITT TWP      132
Beebe, Samuel              WELTON TWP       196
Beebee, Absolem            EDEN TWP         124
Beekon, John A.            SHARON TWP       475
Beers, Seth A.             HAMPSHIRE TWP    273
Beiman, Frank              LYONS TWP        358
Belford, Newell            DE WITT TWP      172
Bell, Howard               LYONS TWP        357
Bell, James                CLINTON TWP      333
Bell, John                 WELTON TWP       185
Bell, William              LYONS TWP        394
Bender, Michael            LYONS TWP        402
Bendick, Ambrose           CLINTON TWP      300
Benedict, Levi             LIBERTY TWP      452
Benham, Thomas             EDEN TWP         110
Benjamin, Joseph           BLOOMFIELD TWP   201
Benks, Wvansausaler        EDEN TWP         110
Bennett, Elizabeth         WATERFORD TWP    103
Bennett, Elizabeth C.      BLOOMFIELD TWP   201
Bennett, Francis R.        LYONS TWP        382
Bennett, George            SHARON TWP       462
Bennett, John L.           SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Bennett, Joseph            CLINTON TWP      320
Bennett, Rebecca           LYONS TWP        352
Bennett, Stephen           SHARON TWP       471
Bennett, William H.        DE WITT TWP      128
Benning, William           CAMANCHE TWP     014
Bennitt, Mary L.           LYONS TWP        384
Benrod, Frederick          LIBERTY TWP      447
Benson, Henry D.           ELK RIVER TWP    244
Benson, James D.           ELK RIVER TWP    239
Benson, Robert H.          CLINTON TWP      309
Bentley, L. C.             SPRING ROCK TWP  446
Benton, George             DE WITT TWP      142
Bergen, Nicholas           SHARON TWP       493
Berger, Charles            SHARON TWP       485
Bergn, Joseph              CAMANCHE TWP     008
Berke, Daniel              WATERFORD TWP    106
Berkshaw, Frederick        WASHINGTON TWP   055
Bernard, James             WATERFORD TWP    103
Berner, William            LIBERTY TWP      455
Bernon, John               CLINTON TWP      311
Bernum, Washington         DE WITT TWP      178
Berry, Michael             LYONS TWP        391
Berryman, Henry            HAMPSHIRE TWP    276
Bertelsen, Andrias         ELK RIVER TWP    238
Beryman, Samuel            CLINTON TWP      289
Bess, Henry                LYONS TWP        363
Betts, Charles             SHARON TWP       487
Betts, Ellis               DE WITT TWP      166
Betts, Henry S.            LYONS TWP        366
Betts, Willidus            LYONS TWP        341
Bettsworth, George C.      LYONS TWP        348
Betty, John F.             DE WITT TWP      137
Betty, Oliver P.           DE WITT TWP      138
Beyer, George              ELK RIVER TWP    242
Biderton, John             LYONS TWP        346
Biers, Michael             LIBERTY TWP      456
Bigalow, Timothy           CAMANCHE TWP     032
Biglow, L. D.              CAMANCHE TWP     030
Bignel, Thomas             BERLIN TWP       499
Billo, Christopher         LYONS TWP        375
Bilts, Charles             SHARON TWP       487
Bingham, Andrew J.         ELK RIVER TWP    251
Bird, Eli                  ELK RIVER TWP    252
Bird, Eliza                LYONS TWP        347
Bird, Isaac                ELK RIVER TWP    242
Bird, Kate                 DE WITT TWP      179
Bird, Mary                 DEEP CREEK TWP   078
Bird, Rebecc               ELK RIVER TWP    251
Birkhead, L. R.            WASHINGTON TWP   070
Bishop, Clark P.           SHARON TWP       465
Bishop, Edon S.            DE WITT TWP      167
Bishop, J.                 DE WITT TWP      166
Bissell, A. R.             DE WITT TWP      176
Black, John                WELTON TWP       187
Blades, S. P.              EDEN TWP         124
Blair, Edward              OLIVE TWP        409
Blake, Johnston            OLIVE TWP        410
Blake, William             CLINTON TWP      313
Blakeley, Anna             CAMANCHE TWP     002
Blakeley, Gilbert          CAMANCHE TWP     002
Blakely, Layfayette        CAMANCHE TWP     003
Blakely, Lgniam            CAMANCHE TWP     001
Blakely, William           CAMANCHE TWP     002
Blakley, Amos B.           HAMPSHIRE TWP    266
Blanchard, Jsoeph          LIBERTY TWP      450
Blanding, Abram O.         LYONS TWP        386
Blane, William             SHARON TWP       481
Blesington, James          HAMPSHIRE TWP    274
Blesington, John           HAMPSHIRE TWP    275
Blesington, Philip         HAMPSHIRE TWP    271
Blitzendorffer, Philip     BLOOMFIELD TWP   208
Bloom, Adam                DE WITT TWP      175
Blow, Joseph               LIBERTY TWP      457
Bluns, Patrick             SPRING ROCK TWP  434
Bly, D. C.                 SHARON TWP       469
Boar, Mary                 DEEP CREEK TWP   085
Boardman, Norman           LYONS TWP        364
Bock, Michael              CLINTON TWP      327
Bodfish, Major C. M.       CLINTON TWP      334
Bogender, William          CLINTON TWP      306
Bohart, Jacob              WASHINGTON TWP   058
Bohart, John C.            WASHINGTON TWP   055
Bokart, Henry              EDEN TWP         112
Bolan, Angaline            CAMANCHE TWP     027
Boland, Henry              CLINTON TWP      322
Bolen, John                WASHINGTON TWP   062
Bolte, Diedorsh            DE WITT TWP      153
Bolte, Henry               DE WITT TWP      152
Bomeer, David              LYONS TWP        370
Bomer, George H.           LYONS TWP        376
Bonder, Daniel             CAMANCHE TWP     028
Bonholt, John              SPRING ROCK TWP  436
Bonling, George D.         SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Bonnell, Charles           DE WITT TWP      133
Bonner, Enoch              SPRING ROCK TWP  435
Bonney, Elizabeth          CLINTON TWP      313
Bonny, William A.          EDEN TWP         112
Boon, Daniel               LYONS TWP        381
Born, Henry                ORANGE TWP       220
Bosworth, Roswell G.       LYONS TWP        377
Botts, Franklin            WELTON TWP       193
Bouck, George H.           CENTRE TWP       074
Boueselot, Frederick       OLIVE TWP        423
Bourne, James D.           DE WITT TWP      179
Bourne, Sarah K.           DE WITT TWP      180
Bovard, Harriet            CAMANCHE TWP     025
Bowb, Kate                 CAMANCHE TWP     035
Bowen, Eva A.              SPRING ROCK TWP  445
Bowen, Frederick           CAMANCHE TWP     034
Bowen, George              EDEN TWP         109
Bowen, J.                  SPRING ROCK TWP  444
Bowen, James               CLINTON TWP      331
Bowen, Malinda             SHARON TWP       464
Bower, Humphrey            EDEN TWP         116
Bower, John                CAMANCHE TWP     026
Bowers, Henry              DE WITT TWP      130
Bowers, Rachel             LYONS TWP        344
Bowers, Thomas             EDEN TWP         117
Bowken, William            HAMPSHIRE TWP    280
Bowles, Joshua             CAMANCHE TWP     034
Bowls, Erse                EDEN TWP         110
Bowman, G. W.              BLOOMFIELD TWP   207
Bowman, George             CLINTON TWP      314
Bowman, Henry J.           HAMPSHIRE TWP    277
Bowman, John C.            OLIVE TWP        428
Bowman, John W.            WELTON TWP       190
Bowman, Joseph             HAMPSHIRE TWP    278
Bowman, Wesley             HAMPSHIRE TWP    278
Boyd, James                ELK RIVER TWP    255
Boyd, John A.              DE WITT TWP      158
Boyd, John A.              OLIVE TWP        428
Boyd, John L.              EDEN TWP         115
Boyd, Joseph               LYONS TWP        398
Boyd, Ohn R.               ELK RIVER TWP    256
Boyd, Phebeo               DE WITT TWP      159
Boyd, Theodore             ELK RIVER TWP    259
Boyenton, Charles          LYONS TWP        382
Boyer, Margaret            LIBERTY TWP      450
Boyintre, Orson S.         ELK RIVER TWP    259
Boyle, Cornelius           DE WITT TWP      156
Boyle, Daniel              DE WITT TWP      158
Boyle, Mary                LYONS TWP        369
Boyling, Patrick           OLIVE TWP        409
Boynton, Amos              ELK RIVER TWP    243
Bracelin, John             DE WITT TWP      148
Brady, Robert              SHARON TWP       493
Braen, Charles             LYONS TWP        397
Brainard, William          WATERFORD TWP    107
Branard, Francis           ELK RIVER TWP    252
Branard, George W.         WATERFORD TWP    096
Branard, John              WATERFORD TWP    096
Branard, Lewis C.          WATERFORD TWP    107
Brandt, August             HAMPSHIRE TWP    284
Brandt, Henry              LYONS TWP        355
Braney, Patrick            WASHINGTON TWP   045
Brant, George              CLINTON TWP      311
Brasn, Charles             LYONS TWP        397
Brateman, Joseph           LYONS TWP        348
Brather, Clement           DEEP CREEK TWP   085
Braun, James               DEEP CREEK TWP   088
Bray, Nathan               DE WITT TWP      147
Bray, Robert               WASHINGTON TWP   069
Braymer, Anderw            BLOOMFIELD TWP   202
Brech, John                WASHINGTON TWP   066
Breeman, Caroline          LYONS TWP        404
Brennan, William           ELK RIVER TWP    231
Brent, William             CAMANCHE TWP     027
Brett, John                CLINTON TWP      316
Brewer, Isaac P.           CLINTON TWP      334
Brewer, Nathanile          SHARON TWP       467
Brewster, Edwin            SPRING ROCK TWP  429
Brickley, Hellen           CLINTON TWP      334
Bridle, Jane M.            CLINTON TWP      297
Brigett, Michael           CLINTON TWP      331
Briggs, Charles T.         CAMANCHE TWP     004
Briggs, Kate               LYONS TWP        370
Brigham, John              LYONS TWP        398
Bright, Lucretia           SPRING ROCK TWP  430
Bring, Neurietta           LYONS TWP        349
Brington, Ellen            LYONS TWP        380
Briscoo, Thomas S.         CLINTON TWP      305
Brissell, A. G.            EDEN TWP         120
Bristol, Abram             LYONS TWP        372
Bristol, Horace            CAMANCHE TWP     004
Bristol, Ward              CAMANCHE TWP     004
Brite, Thomas              LYONS TWP        366
Britt, Martin              LYONS TWP        368
Brmard, John               WATERFORD TWP    097
Broden, Timothy            DEEP CREEK TWP   087
Broderick, Anthony         ELK RIVER TWP    253
Broderick, Patrick         LYONS TWP        339
Brogan, Catharine          CLINTON TWP      331
Brogan, Francis            DE WITT TWP      132
Brogan, James              CLINTON TWP      334
Brogan, John               DE WITT TWP      128
Brogan, John               WASHINGTON TWP   042
Broker, John               CLINTON TWP      319
Broman, Walter             WATERFORD TWP    105
Bromley, George A.         CLINTON TWP      312
Bromley, George D.         CLINTON TWP      313
Bronson, Hiram             LYONS TWP        361
Bronson, William N.        DEEP CREEK TWP   087
Bronton, Rilla             LYONS TWP        368
Brook, James               WATERFORD TWP    107
Brookfield, Mahlon         SHARON TWP       489
Brooks, John               CAMANCHE TWP     013
Brooks, Lucy C.            CAMANCHE TWP     014
Brooks, William            WELTON TWP       193
Brouck, August             CENTRE TWP       074
Browman, D. W. C.          CAMANCHE TWP     024
Brown, A.                  ELK RIVER TWP    245
Brown, Alma                SPRING ROCK TWP  435
Brown, Andrew              ELK RIVER TWP    247
Brown, Anna M.             BLOOMFIELD TWP   201
Brown, Augustus            ELK RIVER TWP    255
Brown, Benjamin            BLOOMFIELD TWP   204
Brown, Bernard             WATERFORD TWP    098
Brown, Cecelia             WELTON TWP       194
Brown, Charles G.          BLOOMFIELD TWP   211
Brown, Clanus              LIBERTY TWP      450
Brown, Cornelius           DE WITT TWP      130
Brown, David               DE WITT TWP      165
Brown, David               ELK RIVER TWP    246
Brown, Elizabeth           DE WITT TWP      176
Brown, Elizabeth J.        CLINTON TWP      329
Brown, EmelF.              DE WITT TWP      129
Brown, Emeline E.          EDEN TWP         108
Brown, Emily               DE WITT TWP      164
Brown, Emily               WELTON TWP       195
Brown, Emma                DE WITT TWP      147
Brown, Eyu.                WASHINGTON TWP   068
Brown, Frances             WELTON TWP       196
Brown, Frederick           BLOOMFIELD TWP   210
Brown, George              CLINTON TWP      301
Brown, George H.           CLINTON TWP      311
Brown, Hannah              BLOOMFIELD TWP   201
Brown, Harrison            DE WITT TWP      141
Brown, Henry               DE WITT TWP      176
Brown, Henry               HAMPSHIRE TWP    278
Brown, Henry T.            CLINTON TWP      319
Brown, Herbert             BLOOMFIELD TWP   212
Brown, Hiram               ORANGE TWP       222
Brown, John                BLOOMFIELD TWP   204
Brown, John                CLINTON TWP      312
Brown, John                DEEP CREEK TWP   087
Brown, John                ELK RIVER TWP    233
Brown, John                ELK RIVER TWP    241
Brown, John                ELK RIVER TWP    254
Brown, John                LYONS TWP        394
Brown, Joseph              LYONS TWP        377
Brown, L.                  CAMANCHE TWP     036
Brown, Lucy                DE WITT TWP      127
Brown, Mary J.             CLINTON TWP      329
Brown, Noble H.            CLINTON TWP      320
Brown, Oliver T.           CLINTON TWP      320
Brown, R. G.               DE WITT TWP      173
Brown, R. P.               WASHINGTON TWP   044
Brown, Robert              LYONS TWP        393
Brown, Samuel              DE WITT TWP      166
Brown, Samuel              HAMPSHIRE TWP    266
Brown, Samuel C.           ELK RIVER TWP    247
Brown, Silvester P.        CLINTON TWP      303
Brown, Sylvester D.        WATERFORD TWP    100
Brown, William             CLINTON TWP      315
Brown, William             DE WITT TWP      129
Brownby, George A.         CAMANCHE TWP     036
Brownby, George D.         CAMANCHE TWP     036
Brownell, John             DE WITT TWP      166
Browning, Hezekiah         DE WITT TWP      160
Brownson, Samuel           DE WITT TWP      178
Broyman, Benjamin          WELTON TWP       193
Bruman, Sarah              ELK RIVER TWP    258
Brumer, John               SPRING ROCK TWP  441
Brush, John B.             WASHINGTON TWP   065
Bryant, Elizabeth          LYONS TWP        377
Buch, Dedrick              SHARON TWP       477
Buchanan, Archibald        ORANGE TWP       220
Buchanan, Moses            BLOOMFIELD TWP   215
Buchanan, William H.       DE WITT TWP      165
Bucher, John C.            CLINTON TWP      325
Buchnel, James             CAMANCHE TWP     009
Buck, Andrew               WASHINGTON TWP   041
Buck, Charles A.           LIBERTY TWP      447
Buck, Elisha               LYONS TWP        365
Buck, Patrick              WASHINGTON TWP   057
Buck, William              WASHINGTON TWP   041
Bucker, Sylvester          DE WITT TWP      145
Buckley, James             LYONS TWP        353
Buckly, Hannah             CLINTON TWP      331
Buckly, Lawrence           CLINTON TWP      330
Budd, Eli B.               CLINTON TWP      320
Budgett, Charles           DE WITT TWP      154
Budgett, Thomas            DE WITT TWP      155
Budgett, William C.        DE WITT TWP      155
Buell, Elijah              LYONS TWP        376
Buell, Freeman             HAMPSHIRE TWP    278
Buell, Robert              HAMPSHIRE TWP    285
Buell, Sherman             LYONS TWP        337
Buell, William             LYONS TWP        379
Buford, Radick             WASHINGTON TWP   058
Bugher, Henry D.           CLINTON TWP      315
Buker, Mary                CLINTON TWP      317
Bulgar, Rynard             LYONS TWP        380
Bulger, James              LYONS TWP        339
Bull, F. D.                WATERFORD TWP    103
Bull, George               WASHINGTON TWP   048
Bull, Marian               WASHINGTON TWP   064
Bullock, D. S.             LIBERTY TWP      456
Bulster, Fritz             HAMPSHIRE TWP    269
Buman, George              CAMANCHE TWP     021
Bunce, Ephraim             OLIVE TWP        427
Bunce, Thomas              OLIVE TWP        427
Bundle, J. L.              DE WITT TWP      136
Bunington, William W.      LIBERTY TWP      455
Bunker, Melvin             HAMPSHIRE TWP    276
Bunnell, Carilla L.        WELTON TWP       188
Bunowen, Robert N.         LYONS TWP        342
Burdett, Samuel L.         DE WITT TWP      172
Burdick, George            CAMANCHE TWP     014
Burdock, John              DE WITT TWP      166
Burgess, John              BLOOMFIELD TWP   201
Burgoine, Robert           WELTON TWP       190
Burk, George               WASHINGTON TWP   064
Burk, John                 ELK RIVER TWP    229
Burk, Mary                 CLINTON TWP      333
Burk, Michael              WASHINGTON TWP   053
Burk, Sarah C.             WASHINGTON TWP   042
Burke, James               LYONS TWP        386
Burke, John                ELK RIVER TWP    241
Burke, John                WELTON TWP       194
Burke, Patrick             ELK RIVER TWP    251
Burken, Anthony            HAMPSHIRE TWP    280
Burlingame, James          CLINTON TWP      297
Burlingson, Edgar          CLINTON TWP      294
Burman, George             CAMANCHE TWP     021
Burns, Piere               WASHINGTON TWP   052
Burns, Rosa                LYONS TWP        364
Burr, Caroline             CLINTON TWP      310
Burr, Thearn R.            LYONS TWP        371
Burr, Tinley               CLINTON TWP      309
Burrens, David             CLINTON TWP      305
Burrows, William           DEEP CREEK TWP   091
Burson, Lynn               CLINTON TWP      313
Burton, George             LYONS TWP        391
Burton, S. P.              DE WITT TWP      166
Buscesta, Hiram            CLINTON TWP      313
Bush, Augustus             DE WITT TWP      172
Bush, Henry                DEEP CREEK TWP   078
Bushey, Peter              OLIVE TWP        424
Bushford, George           WELTON TWP       196
Busing, Frederick          LYONS TWP        352
Busiss, Prudence           DE WITT TWP      176
Bussell, Jacob             SHARON TWP       467
Butcher, Theodore          CAMANCHE TWP     025
Butler, Anna               CLINTON TWP      333
Butler, Anson R.           DE WITT TWP      162
Butler, Charles            EDEN TWP         118
Butler, Edward             CAMANCHE TWP     028
Butler, Franklin           DE WITT TWP      156
Butler, Horace             DE WITT TWP      181
Butler, J. S.              CAMANCHE TWP     016
Butler, John               DE WITT TWP      179
Butler, John P.            DE WITT TWP      151
Butler, Patrick            WASHINGTON TWP   052
Butler, Thomas M.          DE WITT TWP      156
Butter, George D.          LYONS TWP        363
Butter, Joseph             CAMANCHE TWP     014
Butterfield, Caroline H.   DE WITT TWP      163
Butterfield, T. F.         DE WITT TWP      162
Byd, Francis G.            LYONS TWP        359
Byee, David                DE WITT TWP      134
Byee, David                DE WITT TWP      135
Byrig, John                EDEN TWP         109
Byrnt, Edwin               CLINTON TWP      293
Bzerwilager, Simon         LYONS TWP        373
Cady, William              CAMANCHE TWP     018
Caeron, Daniel L.          WELTON TWP       185
Caglahan, John             HAMPSHIRE TWP    283
Caidier, Robert S.         LYONS TWP        378
Caill, Patrick             LYONS TWP        377
Calbrman, Christian        CAMANCHE TWP     021
Calder, George W.          LYONS TWP        348
Caldwell, James            CAMANCHE TWP     013
Caldwell, William          BLOOMFIELD TWP   206
Calender, William L.       LYONS TWP        368
Callahan, John             WATERFORD TWP    097
Callahan, Michael          WASHINGTON TWP   047
Callahan, Orren O.         WASHINGTON TWP   063
Callerton, Mary M.         WASHINGTON TWP   050
Calvert, William H.        ELK RIVER TWP    252
Calwell, Charles           CAMANCHE TWP     033
Calwell, John              DE WITT TWP      159
Cambell, Robert            EDEN TWP         111
Cambell, William B.        DE WITT TWP      164
Cameron, Archabold         ELK RIVER TWP    242
Camon, Mary                LYONS TWP        397
Camp, George               WASHINGTON TWP   064
Campbell, Ann              LYONS TWP        402
Campbell, Cornelius        CLINTON TWP      318
Campbell, Mary             CAMANCHE TWP     003
Campbell, Robert S.        DE WITT TWP      164
Campbell, William          DE WITT TWP      150
Campbell, William R.       DE WITT TWP      125
Campton, Paemes            OLIVE TWP        411
Can, Egbert                CLINTON TWP      311
Canada, John               HAMPSHIRE TWP    272
Canady, John               DE WITT TWP      149
Canady, William M.         DE WITT TWP      150
Canall, Lawrence           SPRING ROCK TWP  445
Canan, Stephen             HAMPSHIRE TWP    271
Cane, Mary                 BLOOMFIELD TWP   205
Canfield, Michael          LIBERTY TWP      449
Canfield, William H.       ELK RIVER TWP    259
Cannole, Bridgett A.       WELTON TWP       190
Cannole, Thomas            WELTON TWP       189
Canole, Patrick            WASHINGTON TWP   052
Cape, John                 EDEN TWP         109
Cape, William              EDEN TWP         110
Carey, Daniel              LIBERTY TWP      454
Carey, Julia               LIBERTY TWP      455
Carin, John                DE WITT TWP      149
Carl, James                CENTRE TWP       073
Carley, Edward             LYONS TWP        397
Carlin, Elizabeth          DE WITT TWP      157
Carlin, William            DE WITT TWP      136
Carney, Mary               LYONS TWP        385
Caroline, Patrick          LYONS TWP        378
Caroline, William P.       LYONS TWP        379
Carpenter, Abram           LYONS TWP        401
Carpenter, Henry A.        LYONS TWP        349
Carpenter, John T.         LYONS TWP        400
Carr, Balis                ORANGE TWP       220
Carr, David                LYONS TWP        386
Carr, George               WELTON TWP       193
Carr, John                 LYONS TWP        396
Carr, John                 ORANGE TWP       223
Carr, Lot                  DE WITT TWP      147
Carrell, William           DEEP CREEK TWP   082
Carry, Ellen               LIBERTY TWP      458
Carry, Michael             LIBERTY TWP      457
Carston, Jn                DE WITT TWP      179
Cart, John                 EDEN TWP         114
Carter, Alophron           DEEP CREEK TWP   087
Carter, J. B.              SHARON TWP       470
Carter, John               HAMPSHIRE TWP    276
Cary, Daniel               DE WITT TWP      126
Cary, Henry                LYONS TWP        401
Cary, William E.           DE WITT TWP      174
Casady, Henry              HAMPSHIRE TWP    272
Casady, James              HAMPSHIRE TWP    276
Case, Beniah               ELK RIVER TWP    233
Case, Louisanna            ELK RIVER TWP    232
Case, Luek                 SHARON TWP       476
Case, Obediah              ELK RIVER TWP    232
Casey, David               OLIVE TWP        414
Casey, Francis             DE WITT TWP      156
Casey, Henry               EDEN TWP         122
Casey, James T.            DE WITT TWP      127
Casey, Joseph              DE WITT TWP      128
Casey, Margaret            OLIVE TWP        415
Casey, Mary                BLOOMFIELD TWP   199
Casey, Mathew              OLIVE TWP        414
Casey, Patrick             CLINTON TWP      332
Casman, Mary               LYONS TWP        377
Casper, Albert             HAMPSHIRE TWP    271
Casper, Allice             HAMPSHIRE TWP    272
Caspeth, Elizabeth         CLINTON TWP      314
Cassaday, Bridget          WASHINGTON TWP   045
Cassaday, Michael          WASHINGTON TWP   044
Cassaday, Thomas           WASHINGTON TWP   044
Cassady, Margaret          WATERFORD TWP    098
Cassey, Margaret           ELK RIVER TWP    251
Castle, Edward             CLINTON TWP      292
Castle, John               LIBERTY TWP      456
Catell, Joseph M.          DEEP CREEK TWP   079
Caton, D. M.               DEEP CREEK TWP   082
Caton, Margaret            CLINTON TWP      305
Catroe, Henry              CAMANCHE TWP     024
Caugan, Jesse              LIBERTY TWP      450
Caughman, Charles E.       DE WITT TWP      171
Caulfield, William         DE WITT TWP      168
Caulkin, Philip            CAMANCHE TWP     023
Cauty, William             CAMANCHE TWP     010
Cauunt, E.                 SHARON TWP       469
Cavanaugh, Michael         OLIVE TWP        414
Cave, Sinclair             LIBERTY TWP      452
Caveng, Owen               DEEP CREEK TWP   091
Cawell, William            DEEP CREEK TWP   082
Ccrasia, Ann               EDEN TWP         114
Cear, Christian            CAMANCHE TWP     022
Ceklin, Thomas             WELTON TWP       196
Censer, John               OLIVE TWP        420
Chadwick, Clark            SPRING ROCK TWP  429
Chaffe, Mary               DE WITT TWP      168
Chaffer, Ambron W.         SHARON TWP       486
Chaffer, Lucy H.           LYONS TWP        374
Chaffin, Mary B.           DE WITT TWP      172
Chafins, Lavina            DE WITT TWP      143
Chamberlain, I. J.         DE WITT TWP      170
Chamberlin, Edwin          LYONS TWP        360
Chambers, Ens.             LIBERTY TWP      453
Chambers, Harman           LIBERTY TWP      454
Champer, Henry             CLINTON TWP      327
Chandler, Abel             CLINTON TWP      329
Chandler, Casper           EDEN TWP         112
Chandler, Ireb B.          CLINTON TWP      303
Chandler, John             LYONS TWP        401
Chandler, William          EDEN TWP         111
Chang, Frederick           WASHINGTON TWP   057
Chapin, Louisa             DE WITT TWP      168
Chapman, Adaliza C.        ORANGE TWP       225
Chapman, James L.          ORANGE TWP       224
Chapman, Sarah             EDEN TWP         124
Chase, George              CAMANCHE TWP     018
Chase, Mary                LYONS TWP        344
Chase, Peretia             SHARON TWP       488
Chase, Rida T.             CAMANCHE TWP     027
Cheney, Albert             CAMANCHE TWP     003
Cheney, Hibbard            DEEP CREEK TWP   080
Cheney, Luke               CAMANCHE TWP     003
Child, Joseph              LYONS TWP        343
Childs, Andrew             HAMPSHIRE TWP    279
Chinel, Alfred E. S.       CLINTON TWP      328
Chinel, Russell M.         CLINTON TWP      292
Chitester, Ann L.          ELK RIVER TWP    240
Chrader, Henry             DE WITT TWP      181
Christenaen, John          OLIVE TWP        416
Christensen, Hene          OLIVE TWP        418
Christenson, Carston N.    CENTRE TWP       074
Christian, Edward          CAMANCHE TWP     012
Christian, Joseph          LYONS TWP        395
Christian, Rush C.         SHARON TWP       488
Chruch, Sarah              SPRING ROCK TWP  432
Church, Sylvester          LYONS TWP        347
Church, William O.         OLIVE TWP        420
Churchill, Charles         LIBERTY TWP      448
Churchill, Enoch           CLINTON TWP      310
Churchill, Thomas E.       OLIVE TWP        423
Cinkle, William            CLINTON TWP      309
Clane, Henry               SPRING ROCK TWP  440
Clark, Alexander           WASHINGTON TWP   055
Clark, Byron               BLOOMFIELD TWP   214
Clark, Charles             CAMANCHE TWP     012
Clark, Craman              BLOOMFIELD TWP   213
Clark, Daniel              LYONS TWP        347
Clark, David J.            CLINTON TWP      317
Clark, Gideon              DEEP CREEK TWP   087
Clark, Hannah              CAMANCHE TWP     013
Clark, Hariet              SHARON TWP       490
Clark, Jane                BLOOMFIELD TWP   202
Clark, John K.             ORANGE TWP       227
Clark, Margaret            CAMANCHE TWP     035
Clark, Mary A.             DE WITT TWP      167
Clark, Nathaniel           CAMANCHE TWP     011
Clark, O. B.               SPRING ROCK TWP  430
Clark, S. H.               SHARON TWP       493
Clark, Sambert             WASHINGTON TWP   057
Clark, Samuel              DE WITT TWP      171
Clark, Thomas W.           DE WITT TWP      167
Clark, William             DE WITT TWP      163
Clarke, Henry G.           CAMANCHE TWP     013
Clarke, Pulaski            DEEP CREEK TWP   089
Clasy, Julia               WATERFORD TWP    103
Clasy, Ohn                 WATERFORD TWP    106
Clauney, M.                CLINTON TWP      308
Clauson, Henry             DEEP CREEK TWP   091
Clauson, Marx              CLINTON TWP      290
Claussen, John C.          DEEP CREEK TWP   091
Clavens, Mary A.           LYONS TWP        382
Cleary, Margret            LYONS TWP        376
Cleaveland, Hiram          DE WITT TWP      173
Cleavland, Charles         CAMANCHE TWP     005
Cleavland, William         CAMANCHE TWP     005
Clement, Benjamin          BLOOMFIELD TWP   210
Clement, Charles           CAMANCHE TWP     011
Clement, Charles           CAMANCHE TWP     031
Clenshaw, Robert           WATERFORD TWP    093
Clet, Barney               SHARON TWP       475
Cleveland, Russell         EDEN TWP         111
Cliffin, Thomas            CLINTON TWP      314
Cliford, Valoras           LYONS TWP        363
Clifton, William C.        ELK RIVER TWP    252
Climon, Thomas             WASHINGTON TWP   055
Clindt, Abal               CAMANCHE TWP     034
Cline, Elizabeth A.        LYONS TWP        338
Cline, George              EDEN TWP         113
Cline, Ruben               LYONS TWP        338
Clint, Peter               EDEN TWP         117
Clover, Preston            DE WITT TWP      131
Clurger, Christian         DEEP CREEK TWP   082
Clymer, Peter              DE WITT TWP      150
Coan, William F.           CLINTON TWP      317
Coars, Christopher         HAMPSHIRE TWP    279
Coates, John               HAMPSHIRE TWP    273
Coates, Thomas             DE WITT TWP      177
Coburan, Ellen             CLINTON TWP      302
Cock, Joseph               CAMANCHE TWP     005
Cockman, John              DE WITT TWP      129
Cockran, Amanda            LYONS TWP        384
Cockran, Russel            LYONS TWP        383
Coffee, Daniel             LYONS TWP        346
Coffee, Jeremiah           LYONS TWP        394
Coffman, George M.         EDEN TWP         114
Coffman, M. W.             EDEN TWP         113
Cold, Gurdinaud            ELK RIVER TWP    245
Colder, Catharine          ORANGE TWP       225
Colder, Frank              ELK RIVER TWP    229
Coldwood, Hugh             ELK RIVER TWP    262
Coldwood, Thomas           ELK RIVER TWP    261
Cole, Chalres L.           LYONS TWP        349
Cole, Richard E.           DE WITT TWP      129
Coler, William             BLOOMFIELD TWP   214
Colfun, J. M.              CAMANCHE TWP     007
Collins, Catherine         DE WITT TWP      172
Collins, Daniel            DE WITT TWP      134
Collins, Elizabeth         LYONS TWP        396
Collins, Franklin H.       LYONS TWP        384
Collins, John D.           DEEP CREEK TWP   088
Collins, JulA.             DEEP CREEK TWP   086
Collins, Michael           CLINTON TWP      328
Collins, William           HAMPSHIRE TWP    282
Colloy, David              CLINTON TWP      326
Collum, Joseph             DE WITT TWP      164
Colsworthy, Hiram F.       WELTON TWP       185
Coltman, George            LYONS TWP        390
Colton, Garret             CLINTON TWP      312
Combes, John M.            LIBERTY TWP      454
Combs, Thomas              ELK RIVER TWP    254
Coming, Nathan             LYONS TWP        350
Comish, Charles            HAMPSHIRE TWP    275
Comish, Daniel             HAMPSHIRE TWP    275
Coms, Prudence             ELK RIVER TWP    253
Comstock, D. D.            SHARON TWP       470
Comstock, Horace           CAMANCHE TWP     034
Comstock, William          ORANGE TWP       225
Conant, Edward             CLINTON TWP      312
Conant, George             LYONS TWP        392
Conaway, John              DE WITT TWP      179
Conden, Thomas             SPRING ROCK TWP  434
Cone, Adolphus             CENTRE TWP       075
Cone, Frederick            CLINTON TWP      289
Cone, Patrick              HAMPSHIRE TWP    274
Conery, Daniel R.          SHARON TWP       490
Conery, Jesse A.           DE WITT TWP      177
Conery, O. S.              SHARON TWP       489
Conery, Solomon            DE WITT TWP      177
Conery, Warren H.          SHARON TWP       491
Confar, Daniel             ELK RIVER TWP    260
Conger, Abram              SHARON TWP       468
Coningham, Frederick       WELTON TWP       194
Conins, Albert A.          ELK RIVER TWP    240
Conley, Matthew            DE WITT TWP      133
Conlin, James              ELK RIVER TWP    231
Connall, Dennis            ELK RIVER TWP    230
Connan, Michael            LYONS TWP        374
Connan, Stephen            LYONS TWP        379
Connan, Thomas             LYONS TWP        374
Connell, Phebee            DEEP CREEK TWP   079
Connen, Mary               WATERFORD TWP    098
Connen, Patrick            WATERFORD TWP    097
Conner, Ellen              CLINTON TWP      325
Conner, John               LYONS TWP        399
Conner, Thomas             CLINTON TWP      329
Conner, William            CLINTON TWP      308
Conners, John              DE WITT TWP      125
Conners, Martin            SPRING ROCK TWP  432
Connor, Joseph             ELK RIVER TWP    244
Connors, William           LYONS TWP        382
Conoly, Michael            LYONS TWP        372
Conoly, Thomas             LYONS TWP        379
Conrad, Daniel             DEEP CREEK TWP   080
Conroe, Liscom             CAMANCHE TWP     029
Conroy, Absolom            BLOOMFIELD TWP   215
Conroy, Benjamin           BLOOMFIELD TWP   215
Conroy, John               BLOOMFIELD TWP   198
Conroy, Margaret           WATERFORD TWP    102
Consoon, J. M.             DE WITT TWP      152
Conway, Allace             LYONS TWP        395
Conway, Daniel             LIBERTY TWP      448
Conway, Margaret           CLINTON TWP      333
Conway, Mary               LYONS TWP        372
Cook, A. B.                LIBERTY TWP      449
Cook, Augusuts             LIBERTY TWP      456
Cook, C. W.                DEEP CREEK TWP   079
Cook, David                DEEP CREEK TWP   079
Cook, David                WASHINGTON TWP   045
Cook, F. M.                DE WITT TWP      152
Cook, Fanny                CLINTON TWP      323
Cook, George               WASHINGTON TWP   042
Cook, H. V.                SHARON TWP       469
Cook, Hiram                SHARON TWP       476
Cook, Jackson              LYONS TWP        364
Cook, James P.             ORANGE TWP       219
Cook, Jane                 DE WITT TWP      169
Cook, John                 CAMANCHE TWP     032
Cook, John                 LYONS TWP        386
Cook, John                 SPRING ROCK TWP  440
Cook, John B.              ELK RIVER TWP    256
Cook, John M.              ORANGE TWP       221
Cook, Marshall             SHARON TWP       478
Cook, Martin               CLINTON TWP      322
Cook, Matilda              DEEP CREEK TWP   079
Cook, P. F.                DEEP CREEK TWP   078
Cook, Patrick              DE WITT TWP      168
Cook, Peter                DE WITT TWP      158
Cook, Rebecca              CAMANCHE TWP     033
Cook, Robert               SHARON TWP       482
Cook, Robert E.            ELK RIVER TWP    239
Cook, Thomas               CLINTON TWP      321
Cook, William              BLOOMFIELD TWP   217
Cook, William H.           LYONS TWP        379
Cooley, Derby              LYONS TWP        371
Cooley, Mary A.            ELK RIVER TWP    258
Coolshaw, Terressa         CLINTON TWP      305
Coon, Aaron C.             HAMPSHIRE TWP    290
Coon, John                 SPRING ROCK TWP  445
Coon, Nicholas M.          BLOOMFIELD TWP   209
Coons, George              BLOOMFIELD TWP   199
Coons, Retner              BLOOMFIELD TWP   200
Coons, Wesley B.           BLOOMFIELD TWP   205
Cooper, Charles            CLINTON TWP      314
Cooper, Charles            DE WITT TWP      131
Cooper, David B.           LYONS TWP        388
Cooper, Dvid M.            LYONS TWP        362
Cooper, George             WELTON TWP       190
Cooper, John               DE WITT TWP      126
Cooper, John               WATERFORD TWP    096
Cooper, R.                 WASHINGTON TWP   069
Cooper, Richard            CLINTON TWP      318
Cooper, Samuel             ELK RIVER TWP    241
Cooper, Samuel             LIBERTY TWP      453
Cooper, Thomas             CLINTON TWP      333
Cooper, William            ELK RIVER TWP    242
Coosard, Jacob             CLINTON TWP      294
Cooty, Thomas              ELK RIVER TWP    258
Copp, William J.           CLINTON TWP      334
Copps, James M.            SHARON TWP       480
Corbit, James              ELK RIVER TWP    230
Corebaugh, Peter D.        LYONS TWP        375
Corey, Elisha              SPRING ROCK TWP  444
Coring, Charles            ELK RIVER TWP    243
Corling, Charles P.        ELK RIVER TWP    239
Corman, John               LYONS TWP        380
Cornell, H. R.             SHARON TWP       491
Cornell, Hiram             DE WITT TWP      175
Cornish, John E.           LYONS TWP        380
Cornwall, James            WASHINGTON TWP   043
Correll, Jacob             BERLIN TWP       495
Corrm, Frederick           EDEN TWP         114
Corrom, John L.            WELTON TWP       195
Corstensen, Souke          DEEP CREEK TWP   088
Cortes, George H.          WASHINGTON TWP   067
Cortis, Joseph             EDEN TWP         117
Cortis, Thomas             WASHINGTON TWP   067
Corwin, Hrmon              DEEP CREEK TWP   090
Cose, Joseph R.            WATERFORD TWP    096
Cose, Russell A.           WATERFORD TWP    097
Coshell, Hannah            WATERFORD TWP    101
Coshell, Michael           WATERFORD TWP    100
Cosman, Anna               HAMPSHIRE TWP    280
Cosman, Christian          LYONS TWP        355
Cosmsee, Huttrd            LYONS TWP        353
Coss, Jeremiah             DEEP CREEK TWP   084
Costelli, Mary             WASHINGTON TWP   050
Costello, Ann              WATERFORD TWP    101
Costello, John             WATERFORD TWP    101
Costello, Mary             WASHINGTON TWP   050
Costello, Peter            SPRING ROCK TWP  432
Costillo, Mathew           WATERFORD TWP    101
Costor, Antoine            LYONS TWP        355
Coswly, Peter              CLINTON TWP      319
Cottell, Rosanna           LYONS TWP        385
Cottle, Marrison A.        CLINTON TWP      316
Cotton, Aylett R.          LYONS TWP        404
Cotton, Charles            LYONS TWP        383
Cotton, Edward             LYONS TWP        378
Cotton, John               DE WITT TWP      181
Cotton, Salem              DE WITT TWP      181
Couk, Harman               OLIVE TWP        412
Coules, Willaim C.         LYONS TWP        360
Couray, Patrick            LYONS TWP        369
Courtright, Ira            LIBERTY TWP      449
Cousins, John              EDEN TWP         109
Cousins, Thomas            EDEN TWP         110
Cousins, William           EDEN TWP         114
Couvin, Julia              DEEP CREEK TWP   076
Coverdale, John            SHARON TWP       493
Covert, D. Esteing S.      LYONS TWP        362
Cowley, Margaret           LYONS TWP        347
Cox, Columbus W.           BLOOMFIELD TWP   208
Cox, John                  OLIVE TWP        410
Cox, Mary                  BERLIN TWP       500
Cox, Samuel P.             LYONS TWP        350
Cox, Thomas                CENTRE TWP       075
Cox, Thomas                CLINTON TWP      292
Cox, William               BERLIN TWP       499
Coy, Cisero                HAMPSHIRE TWP    266
Coy, Joseph B.             LYONS TWP        405
Coy, Shivbail              LYONS TWP        337
Crabb, Isaih               SHARON TWP       475
Craig, David A.            DE WITT TWP      174
Craig, Merrilla            CAMANCHE TWP     022
Craiig, Franklin           CAMANCHE TWP     024
Crain, James               LYONS TWP        387
Crampton, William          EDEN TWP         120
Crandal, George T.         LYONS TWP        402
Crandall, E.               WELTON TWP       193
Crandall, Lucinda E.       WELTON TWP       194
Crandall, William          ELK RIVER TWP    249
Cranell, Jonathan          DEEP CREEK TWP   079
Craney, Timothy            WASHINGTON TWP   041
Cransen, Peter             DEEP CREEK TWP   083
Cranston, John B.          BERLIN TWP       496
Cranston, Wililam          DE WITT TWP      151
Crassen, Peter             CAMANCHE TWP     012
Crathers, Robert           ELK RIVER TWP    243
Crawford, Cornilious       LYONS TWP        382
Crawford, David            SHARON TWP       485
Crawford, Jesse J.         ELK RIVER TWP    243
Crawford, John             DE WITT TWP      147
Crawford, Margaret         DE WITT TWP      176
Crawford, Michael          DE WITT TWP      138
Crawford, Morrell T.       DE WITT TWP      126
Crawford, William          BLOOMFIELD TWP   211
Creger, Ferdinand          SHARON TWP       485
Crew, Thomas               LYONS TWP        395
Crews, Peter               CAMANCHE TWP     035
Crimiel, Deliverance       SHARON TWP       467
Crimiel, Jacob             SHARON TWP       466
Crimons, William           CLINTON TWP      322
Crioeling, George H.       HAMPSHIRE TWP    267
Criping, Georg R.          LYONS TWP        370
Crippen, D. K.             DE WITT TWP      164
Crisar, Adam               LYONS TWP        394
Crissy, James              LYONS TWP        396
Crone, George              CAMANCHE TWP     010
Croniga, Charles B.        LYONS TWP        390
Crosby, Charles            WASHINGTON TWP   067
Crosby, David              LYONS TWP        347
Crosby, John               WATERFORD TWP    106
Crosby, John B.            LYONS TWP        345
Cross, Bailey J.           EDEN TWP         122
Crouck, John               WASHINGTON TWP   051
Crow, Mary                 CLINTON TWP      306
Crowley, Daniel            DE WITT TWP      169
Crowley, Ellen             CLINTON TWP      299
Crowley, Harman            CLINTON TWP      327
Crowley, Johanna           CLINTON TWP      301
Crowley, Johanna           CLINTON TWP      316
Crowley, Julia             LYONS TWP        349
Crowley, Julia             LYONS TWP        404
Crowley, Timothy           CLINTON TWP      298
Crowley, Timothy           LYONS TWP        373
Crozier, Samuel            CLINTON TWP      325
Crueman, John              DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Crueman, William           DEEP CREEK TWP   076
Crum, S. O.                DEEP CREEK TWP   084
Cssall, Norman C.          WELTON TWP       189
Csucker, Matthew           SPRING ROCK TWP  431
Ctary, Patrick             WATERFORD TWP    103
Cue, Saloman               LYONS TWP        396
Cuene, Michael             WATERFORD TWP    095
Cukey, William             BLOOMFIELD TWP   200
Cullin, Francis            WASHINGTON TWP   048
Cullmary, David            CLINTON TWP      302
Cumings, A. M.             OLIVE TWP        411
Cumings, Elenor M.         OLIVE TWP        412
Cumings, James             LIBERTY TWP      450
Cummings, James            DE WITT TWP      132
Cummings, James            LYONS TWP        376
Cummings, John             ELK RIVER TWP    249
Cummings, Robert           LIBERTY TWP      448
Cummings, William          LIBERTY TWP      450
Cummons, Thomas            DE WITT TWP      133
Cunningham, Courtland D.   LYONS TWP        365
Cunningham, Mary           CLINTON TWP      320
Cunningham, Michael        HAMPSHIRE TWP    274
Cunningham, Patrick        CLINTON TWP      332
Cunningham, Patrick        EDEN TWP         120
Cureant, J. B.             SHARON TWP       468
Currin, Catherine          DE WITT TWP      172
Currtiss, John C           LYONS TWP        373
Curry, John                DE WITT TWP      169
Curry, Nancy               DEEP CREEK TWP   078
Curry, William             CLINTON TWP      310
Curry, William H.          DE WITT TWP      170
Curtis, Charles            CLINTON TWP      308
Curtis, Leavitt C.         OLIVE TWP        425
Curtiss, Leonard A.        HAMPSHIRE TWP    273
Cusham, Richard            CAMANCHE TWP     035
Cushman, Charles           ORANGE TWP       221
Cushman, Jesse             OLIVE TWP        424
Cushman, Richard           OLIVE TWP        425
Cusine, Antoine            OLIVE TWP        425
Cutell, Joseph             DEEP CREEK TWP   079
Cutell, William            DEEP CREEK TWP   079
Cutopy, Thomas             CLINTON TWP      304
Cutter, Amelia             LYONS TWP        365
Daicloe, Henry             CAMANCHE TWP     024
Dailey, Jessy S.           CAMANCHE TWP     026
Dailey, Michael            DE WITT TWP      144
Daily, Ann                 LYONS TWP        349
Daily, Catharine           ELK RIVER TWP    230
Daily, Frank               LYONS TWP        345
Daily, Michael             LYONS TWP        346
Dais, J. S.                DEEP CREEK TWP   089
Dakin, George              CLINTON TWP      317
Daley, Willaim F.          DE WITT TWP      129
Dalley, Catherine          SHARON TWP       482
Dalley, William            SHARON TWP       481
Dalpham, John              CLINTON TWP      327
Dalphin, Bridget           DE WITT TWP      171
Dalton, L. D.              OLIVE TWP        422
Daly, Mary                 CLINTON TWP      326
Daly, Perry A.             WASHINGTON TWP   053
Damer, Joseph              WASHINGTON TWP   060
Daney, Thomas              CLINTON TWP      294
Daniel, Abram              SHARON TWP       487
Daniel, S. B.              EDEN TWP         122
Daniels, Calvin            OLIVE TWP        412
Daniels, Joseph            OLIVE TWP        412
Danion, Frederick          SHARON TWP       478
Dankara, John              LYONS TWP        355
Danman, Frederick          CAMANCHE TWP     014
Dann, John                 EDEN TWP         113
Dann, Peter                WASHINGTON TWP   049
Dannah, Robert             CAMANCHE TWP     031
Dannatt, Emely             EDEN TWP         118
Dannatt, Tobias            EDEN TWP         115
Dannet, John               CAMANCHE TWP     011
Dantger, Georgannia        CLINTON TWP      304
Darling, Abner             ELK RIVER TWP    240
Darling, Bradley           CLINTON TWP      319
Darling, Charles L.        ELK RIVER TWP    240
Darling, Gennett           CLINTON TWP      313
Darling, Harrison          ELK RIVER TWP    253
Darling, James             WATERFORD TWP    097
Darling, Richard           CLINTON TWP      304
Darling, Samuel            DEEP CREEK TWP   079
Darling, Thomas            DEEP CREEK TWP   080
Darling, Viola             CLINTON TWP      316
Darling, William           ELK RIVER TWP    238
Darmott, Benjamin          EDEN TWP         120
Darmott, Robert J.         EDEN TWP         121
Darmott, Thomas            EDEN TWP         120
Dartuell, John             LYONS TWP        380
Daugherty, James           DE WITT TWP      153
Daugherty, John            WASHINGTON TWP   044
Dauson, Thomas             EDEN TWP         111
Davenport, Charles         SHARON TWP       486
Davenport, Cornelius F.    DE WITT TWP      152
Davenport, Laura J.        SHARON TWP       487
Davidson, B. A. E.         LIBERTY TWP      458
Davidson, Perry            LYONS TWP        365
Davidson, William          CAMANCHE TWP     028
Davis, A. J.               WELTON TWP       188
Davis, Absalom             DE WITT TWP      148
Davis, Alexander           DEEP CREEK TWP   084
Davis, Alfred              DE WITT TWP      170
Davis, Amelia              CAMANCHE TWP     037
Davis, Benton              CAMANCHE TWP     008
Davis, Calvin              BLOOMFIELD TWP   214
Davis, Charles             DEEP CREEK TWP   089
Davis, Clement             SHARON TWP       486
Davis, Daniel              EDEN TWP         115
Davis, Enos                WELTON TWP       188
Davis, George M.           LYONS TWP        401
Davis, Harriet             CLINTON TWP      294
Davis, J. C.               SHARON TWP       470
Davis, James               CAMANCHE TWP     005
Davis, Johanna             DE WITT TWP      147
Davis, John                CAMANCHE TWP     008
Davis, John                DE WITT TWP      146
Davis, John L.             ORANGE TWP       223
Davis, Joseph              BLOOMFIELD TWP   216
Davis, Louis A.            WELTON TWP       188
Davis, M. D.               BLOOMFIELD TWP   209
Davis, Marcus J.           DE WITT TWP      163
Davis, Martha              LYONS TWP        400
Davis, Odis R.             LYONS TWP        339
Davis, Pardon G.           BLOOMFIELD TWP   202
Davis, R. J.               WELTON TWP       188
Davis, Timothy             CLINTON TWP      323
Davis, Wealthy A.          SHARON TWP       471
Davison, Emily             SPRING ROCK TWP  431
Davison, Nathan            SPRING ROCK TWP  431
Davisson, Pensons          ORANGE TWP       221
Davy, Samuel               LYONS TWP        381
Davy, William              EDEN TWP         117
Dawson, George H.          DE WITT TWP      180
Dawson, Joseph             CLINTON TWP      311
Dawson, Thomas             EDEN TWP         120
Day, Clarissa M.           WATERFORD TWP    097
Day, Gindon                CAMANCHE TWP     017
Day, James                 CAMANCHE TWP     015
Day, L. W.                 BLOOMFIELD TWP   205
Day, William R.            HAMPSHIRE TWP    281
Dayton, George             CAMANCHE TWP     024
Deal, Isaac                ELK RIVER TWP    245
Dean, Alias                WELTON TWP       196
Dean, Christiania          CAMANCHE TWP     005
Dean, Daniel               LYONS TWP        343
Dean, Henry                CAMANCHE TWP     001
Dean, Samuel T.            CAMANCHE TWP     004
Dean, Timothy M.           SHARON TWP       468
Dearborn, A. G.            DE WITT TWP      145
Dearborn, A. W.            DE WITT TWP      145
Dearks, Peter              HAMPSHIRE TWP    267
Decker, John               BLOOMFIELD TWP   199
Decker, Levi               BLOOMFIELD TWP   202
Deeds, Philip              LYONS TWP        391
Deefmer, Rosanna           EDEN TWP         122
Deffer, Preston            BLOOMFIELD TWP   206
Defrest, Jennie            LYONS TWP        398
Defrest, William H.        LYONS TWP        397
Degraw, John               WATERFORD TWP    099
Dehaven, Jonas             SHARON TWP       483
Dehaven, Josiah            SHARON TWP       484
Deitz, Edward F. E.        CENTRE TWP       073
Delane, Benjamin           LYONS TWP        403
Delany, John               ELK RIVER TWP    258
Delany, Patrick            CLINTON TWP      302
Delarm, John               WATERFORD TWP    104
Deleney, Timothy           EDEN TWP         117
Dellman, Christopher       DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Delmore, Patrick           OLIVE TWP        415
Delong, Albert             EDEN TWP         123
Delun, Peter               WATERFORD TWP    103
Demars, John               LYONS TWP        355
Dempsey, Patrick           EDEN TWP         116
Denham, Willaim            WASHINGTON TWP   053
Dennett, Samuel            EDEN TWP         117
Dennis, Jeptha             DE WITT TWP      148
Dennis, Lucinda            DEEP CREEK TWP   084
Dennis, Nathaniel          DEEP CREEK TWP   084
Dennison, Thomas           WELTON TWP       189
Densomre, Alvin            BERLIN TWP       499
Deo, Anson                 ELK RIVER TWP    250
Depere, Steven             DEEP CREEK TWP   078
Dermatt, Benjamin          EDEN TWP         116
Dermott, Timothy           CLINTON TWP      300
Derrey, John               OLIVE TWP        423
Derrey, Lucy               OLIVE TWP        424
Dervey, Enos               BLOOMFIELD TWP   201
Desbran, Martin            LYONS TWP        395
Desmond, Elizabeth M.      SPRING ROCK TWP  432
Desmond, Michael           DE WITT TWP      136
Determan, Barney           HAMPSHIRE TWP    269
Determan, Clemens          HAMPSHIRE TWP    268
Determan, Harmon           HAMPSHIRE TWP    269
Detman, Benedict           ELK RIVER TWP    233
Detman, Henry              ELK RIVER TWP    233
Detman, William            ELK RIVER TWP    235
Devenpeck, Garet           EDEN TWP         118
Devenpeck, Isaac           EDEN TWP         113
Devine, Frank              CLINTON TWP      327
Devitt, Anthony            LIBERTY TWP      450
Devitt, James              LIBERTY TWP      451
Devitt, Lawrence           LIBERTY TWP      449
Devlin, Thomas             EDEN TWP         116
Devline, Dennid            HAMPSHIRE TWP    282
Dewey, Mary                OLIVE TWP        425
Dewey, Thomas              WASHINGTON TWP   051
Dexter, Parker             CLINTON TWP      303
Dick, Levi M.              LYONS TWP        369
Dickey, Francis            DEEP CREEK TWP   088
Dickey, John               DEEP CREEK TWP   087
Dickey, Mary J.            LYONS TWP        386
Dickinson, J. R.           LIBERTY TWP      460
Dickinson, Mary E.         LIBERTY TWP      461
Dickman, Joseph            HAMPSHIRE TWP    267
Dickson, John              WASHINGTON TWP   065
Dighton, R.                CAMANCHE TWP     016
Dignan, John               DE WITT TWP      159
Digrat, George R.          DE WITT TWP      172
Dillen, John C.            CLINTON TWP      292
Dillen, John F.            HAMPSHIRE TWP    291
Dillon, Peter              CAMANCHE TWP     030
Dillon, Samuel             CAMANCHE TWP     018
Diman, Frank               LYONS TWP        398
Dimick, J. F.              CAMANCHE TWP     008
Dimona, Joseph             WASHINGTON TWP   050
Dimona, Julia              WASHINGTON TWP   051
Dinks, John                HAMPSHIRE TWP    271
Dinn, Catharine            CAMANCHE TWP     016
Dinnan, John               LYONS TWP        348
Dinsworth, William         DE WITT TWP      138
Dinwidder, Robert J.       HAMPSHIRE TWP    273
Dinwidder, William         LYONS TWP        339
Diviney, James             CAMANCHE TWP     004
Dixon, Charles             CLINTON TWP      300
Dixon, Coleb               WATERFORD TWP    104
Dixon, John                CAMANCHE TWP     013
Dixon, Samuel B.           CAMANCHE TWP     013
Dloan, John                WATERFORD TWP    105
Dobbin, David P.           WASHINGTON TWP   061
Dobler, Martin             WELTON TWP       190
Dobs, Charles L.           CAMANCHE TWP     036
Dobs, Joshua               CAMANCHE TWP     035
Dobson, Cornelius          DE WITT TWP      171
Dobson, Jacob              ELK RIVER TWP    259
Dodd, James C.             CLINTON TWP      315
Dodge, David A.            CLINTON TWP      334
Dodge, George              BLOOMFIELD TWP   202
Dohehy, John               LYONS TWP        374
Doherty, Ann               ELK RIVER TWP    231
Doherty, Daniel            ELK RIVER TWP    230
Doherty, James             HAMPSHIRE TWP    269
Doherty, Michael           HAMPSHIRE TWP    282
Dohorty, Hannah            LYONS TWP        404
Dolan, Ann                 SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Dolan, Bridget             LYONS TWP        399
Dolan, Daniel              WATERFORD TWP    103
Dolan, Edward              SPRING ROCK TWP  436
Dolan, Fenton              DEEP CREEK TWP   086
Dolan, James               ELK RIVER TWP    230
Dolan, James               WATERFORD TWP    098
Dolan, Jams                ELK RIVER TWP    252
Dolan, John                DE WITT TWP      169
Dolan, John                LYONS TWP        375
Dolan, John                WASHINGTON TWP   054
Dolan, Martin              ELK RIVER TWP    231
Dolan, Michael             LYONS TWP        399
Dolan, Patrick             LYONS TWP        397
Doland, Mary               CLINTON TWP      320
Dolany, John B.            LYONS TWP        392
Dolen, Michael             ELK RIVER TWP    254
Dolly, Timothy             CLINTON TWP      295
Doman, Louisa              DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Donahoe, Mary              DE WITT TWP      171
Donahoe, Nicholas          CLINTON TWP      304
Donahu, Margaret M.        LYONS TWP        354
Donahy, Cornlious          LYONS TWP        361
Donahy, Jane               LYONS TWP        402
Donaley, Joseph            LYONS TWP        341
Donaly, Patrick            CLINTON TWP      332
Donley, Edward             WASHINGTON TWP   046
Donohey, Dennis            LYONS TWP        354
Donohue, Ellen             LYONS TWP        388
Donovan, John              DEEP CREEK TWP   092
Dooley, Kate               LYONS TWP        378
Doolittle, Catharine       LYONS TWP        386
Doolittle, Jane            DE WITT TWP      170
Dooly, Patrick             LYONS TWP        369
Dorain, Manssa H.          LYONS TWP        376
Dorcas, Elizabeth          LYONS TWP        356
Dormann, Frederick         WASHINGTON TWP   066
Dorr, Edward               CLINTON TWP      334
Dorsey, Jemy               WASHINGTON TWP   063
Dorsing, James             OLIVE TWP        421
Dorsing, Smith             OLIVE TWP        421
Dose, Decliff              SPRING ROCK TWP  439
Dougherty, Abba            OLIVE TWP        411
Dougherty, Ann             ELK RIVER TWP    231
Dougherty, Daniel          ELK RIVER TWP    230
Dougherty, James           DE WITT TWP      153
Dougherty, James           HAMPSHIRE TWP    269
Dougherty, James           HAMPSHIRE TWP    283
Dougherty, John            CLINTON TWP      299
Dougherty, John            HAMPSHIRE TWP    282
Dougherty, John            WASHINGTON TWP   044
Dougherty, Michael         HAMPSHIRE TWP    282
Dougherty, Patrick         HAMPSHIRE TWP    282
Douglass, James P.         LYONS TWP        376
Douglass, Minerva          WATERFORD TWP    094
Dougwell, Jeremiah         WATERFORD TWP    102
Dowlan, Edward             CAMANCHE TWP     013
Downes, John               LYONS TWP        388
Downes, Maggie             LYONS TWP        378
Downing, George            LYONS TWP        395
Downs, James               LYONS TWP        397
Doyle, James               HAMPSHIRE TWP    283
Doyle, John                ELK RIVER TWP    248
Drainn, Patrick            CLINTON TWP      319
Drake, E. G.               DE WITT TWP      146
Drake, Minet               WASHINGTON TWP   064
Drake, Philip              CLINTON TWP      314
Drake, William M.          CAMANCHE TWP     017
Dray, Anthony              WATERFORD TWP    107
Dray, George               WASHINGTON TWP   049
Dray, Joseph               WASHINGTON TWP   051
Dray, William              DE WITT TWP      158
Drees, Henry               WASHINGTON TWP   051
Drew, David                DE WITT TWP      175
Driffell, Thomas           LYONS TWP        391
Driffett, Thmas            WELTON TWP       190
Drisher, Peter             LYONS TWP        404
Droste, Barnard            HAMPSHIRE TWP    269
Drouk, Ezra                WATERFORD TWP    105
Drury, Thomas              DEEP CREEK TWP   078
Dubois, James G.           OLIVE TWP        413
Duck, Frank J.             CLINTON TWP      333
Duddy, Mary                WASHINGTON TWP   064
Dudley, Michael            WELTON TWP       189
Duffey, Daniel             ELK RIVER TWP    229
Duffey, Martin             WELTON TWP       189
Duffy, Michael             ELK RIVER TWP    230
Dumavan, William           ELK RIVER TWP    251
Dunbar, Robert             CLINTON TWP      314
Dunbar, William            LYONS TWP        359
Duncan, Francis            ELK RIVER TWP    236
Duncan, Richard F., Jr.    ORANGE TWP       226
Duncan, Richard F., Sr.    ORANGE TWP       226
Duncan, William            WELTON TWP       197
Dunham, Alford             LYONS TWP        362
Dunham, Elizabeth          DE WITT TWP      141
Dunham, George             LYONS TWP        372
Dunham, James B.           DE WITT TWP      160
Dunham, Sylvester          DE WITT TWP      168
Dunigan, Jeremiah          WELTON TWP       187
Dunkelman, Henry           CENTRE TWP       073
Dunken, Oliver P.          SHARON TWP       480
Dunlap, J. W.              SHARON TWP       488
Dunlivey, Henry            WASHINGTON TWP   063
Dunn, Adam                 CLINTON TWP      295
Dunn, Adam                 CLINTON TWP      296
Dunn, Alexander            CAMANCHE TWP     014
Dunn, Edmund               SPRING ROCK TWP  430
Dunn, Henry                DEEP CREEK TWP   082
Dunn, Henry                SHARON TWP       484
Dunn, James                HAMPSHIRE TWP    279
Dunn, Jatha P.             LYONS TWP        361
Dunn, John                 CLINTON TWP      296
Dunn, John                 WASHINGTON TWP   050
Dunn, Patrick              CAMANCHE TWP     014
Dunn, Peter                WASHINGTON TWP   049
Dunn, Sarah A.             WASHINGTON TWP   047
Dunn, Thomas               CAMANCHE TWP     011
Dunn, Thomas               WASHINGTON TWP   049
Dunning, Martin            CAMANCHE TWP     013
Dunning, Martin            CAMANCHE TWP     025
Dunscomb, Garet            SHARON TWP       493
Dunscomb, George           SHARON TWP       492
Dunster, Isah H.           CAMANCHE TWP     004
Durgan, Richard            SHARON TWP       480
Durlin, Abnor P.           LYONS TWP        402
Durling, Laittur           LYONS TWP        364
Dutcher, Calvin S.         HAMPSHIRE TWP    281
Dutcher, J. S.             SHARON TWP       469
Dutcher, James A.          LYONS TWP        364
Dutton, Jerome             OLIVE TWP        426
Dutton, Leroy              OLIVE TWP        422
Dves, Ludwick              SPRING ROCK TWP  446
Dvoisl, Stephen            CAMANCHE TWP     026
Dwire, Daniel              DE WITT TWP      148
Dwire, Samuel              DE WITT TWP      148
Dyer, Adam                 SHARON TWP       491
Dyer, Augustus L.          SHARON TWP       488
Dyer, Thomas C.            CAMANCHE TWP     027
Eaker, Benjamin            BLOOMFIELD TWP   211
Ealy, H. T.                WASHINGTON TWP   059
Earhart, Daniel            HAMPSHIRE TWP    278
Earis, Henry               SHARON TWP       476
Eart, Thomas               WASHINGTON TWP   060
Easton, John               CAMANCHE TWP     009
Eaton, Andrew D.           LYONS TWP        353
Eaton, Ralph               SHARON TWP       476
Eaton, William             LYONS TWP        392
Ebert, Henry               LYONS TWP        355
Eby, Andrew J.             ELK RIVER TWP    256
Eby, Ann                   DEEP CREEK TWP   083
Eby, Benjamin              ELK RIVER TWP    244
Eby, Delorisa A.           ELK RIVER TWP    256
Eby, Jacob S.              ELK RIVER TWP    234
Eby, Josephine E.          ELK RIVER TWP    257
Eckman, Frank              BLOOMFIELD TWP   211
Eckman, Levi               WATERFORD TWP    094
Eddy, Agariah              LYONS TWP        356
Eddy, Jane                 DEEP CREEK TWP   087
Eddy, John                 DEEP CREEK TWP   086
Eddy, Nelson H.            LYONS TWP        370
Edgeston, Ranson           LYONS TWP        351
Edmindter, John            CAMANCHE TWP     007
Edmonds, Henry             SHARON TWP       469
Edmonds, Mary E.           ELK RIVER TWP    256
Egerter, Jeremiah          HAMPSHIRE TWP    270
Eggerty, Mary              LYONS TWP        402
Eggleston, David           DE WITT TWP      146
Eglerson, Royal            WASHINGTON TWP   057
Egleson, R. D.             WASHINGTON TWP   057
Egleston, Charles          DE WITT TWP      163
Egleston, William          CLINTON TWP      308
Ehber, Peter               DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Ehlen, John                DEEP CREEK TWP   083
Ekel, Luon                 LYONS TWP        403
Elam, Abijah               HAMPSHIRE TWP    276
Elber, Orin S.             CAMANCHE TWP     028
Elce, Thomsa               CAMANCHE TWP     006
Eldridge, James            SPRING ROCK TWP  438
Elea, Millinger W. T.      DE WITT TWP      127
Elee, William              CAMANCHE TWP     019
Ell, John                  WELTON TWP       195
Ellinger, Eli              SHARON TWP       479
Ellingsworth, Isaac        SHARON TWP       477
Ellirly, Thomas            WASHINGTON TWP   067
Ellis, Daniel N.           LYONS TWP        350
Ellis, George W., Jr.      CLINTON TWP      315
Ellis, John L.             DE WITT TWP      132
Ellis, Thomas              DE WITT TWP      176
Ellythorp, Mary            BLOOMFIELD TWP   213
Ely, Henry                 BLOOMFIELD TWP   212
Ely, Hiram                 BLOOMFIELD TWP   214
Ely, Israel                BLOOMFIELD TWP   209
Ely, Samuel                BLOOMFIELD TWP   215
Ely, Solomon               WELTON TWP       196
Ely, William               BLOOMFIELD TWP   215
Emerley, Ann               WASHINGTON TWP   067
Emerts, William            WASHINGTON TWP   068
Emmett, John A.            DE WITT TWP      154
Endolph, William           LIBERTY TWP      447
English, D. S.             EDEN TWP         123
English, William           WELTON TWP       185
Ennis, Alexander E.        LYONS TWP        385
Ennis, John E.             LYONS TWP        386
Epuar, Robert              LYONS TWP        356
Erickson, Erick            ELK RIVER TWP    230
Erickson, Peter            HAMPSHIRE TWP    285
Ervin, Robert              SHARON TWP       467
Esgate, Elizabeth          ELK RIVER TWP    238
Esgate, Madora L.          ELK RIVER TWP    239
Estabrook, William W.      DE WITT TWP      156
Euites, Elizabeth          WASHINGTON TWP   067
Evans, B.                  DE WITT TWP      154
Evans, Catharine           LYONS TWP        368
Evans, John                DEEP CREEK TWP   086
Evans, John                LYONS TWP        367
Evans, John                LYONS TWP        403
Evans, Lyman               DE WITT TWP      178
Evans, Lyman E.            DE WITT TWP      155
Evans, Norman              DE WITT TWP      136
Evans, William M.          LYONS TWP        382
Evanston, James A.         DE WITT TWP      178
Everhart, Christopher      ELK RIVER TWP    234
Everhart, Frederick        HAMPSHIRE TWP    271
Everson, Clark             WASHINGTON TWP   060
Evins, Martha              DEEP CREEK TWP   088
Faary, O. N.               SPRING ROCK TWP  431
Faber, Caleb               WATERFORD TWP    094
Faffries, Mary             LYONS TWP        391
Fahsey, Edward             LYONS TWP        396
Fall, Simon J.             LYONS TWP        383
Falnery, Mary              WASHINGTON TWP   043
Falney, Magy               DEEP CREEK TWP   085
Familton, William          DE WITT TWP      178
Fanell, John               WATERFORD TWP    094
Farber, John               DEEP CREEK TWP   076
Farich, Samuel             LYONS TWP        399
Farl, Andrew               ELK RIVER TWP    247
Farl, John                 CLINTON TWP      330
Farl, Patrick              CLINTON TWP      330
Farlow, Mary               LYONS TWP        396
Farmer, Jacob              SPRING ROCK TWP  434
Farmer, John               HAMPSHIRE TWP    281
Farmington, Thomas P.      SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Farnam, E. J.              SPRING ROCK TWP  446
Farnsworth, A. A.          CAMANCHE TWP     013
Farr, John                 ORANGE TWP       219
Farr, Mose                 CAMANCHE TWP     004
Farrell, Daniel            LYONS TWP        377
Farrell, James E.          ELK RIVER TWP    256
Farrell, John              LYONS TWP        377
Farrell, Thomas            LYONS TWP        379
Fatchel, Joseph            CAMANCHE TWP     010
Fatchett, George           WASHINGTON TWP   068
Fatchett, Thomas           EDEN TWP         116
Fathergill, John           LYONS TWP        339
Faulton, Edward            SPRING ROCK TWP  445
Fawell, Jams E.            ELK RIVER TWP    256
Faye, William              LYONS TWP        399
Fean, Joseph               LYONS TWP        361
Fee, Dennis                DEEP CREEK TWP   081
Fefis, Magness             EDEN TWP         117
Fegan, Bessie              SPRING ROCK TWP  444
Fegan, J. D.               SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Feibel, Nathan             LYONS TWP        388
Feknig, Lake               WATERFORD TWP    099
Felch, Nicholas A.         CLINTON TWP      333
Felton, Susan              DE WITT TWP      125
Fenn, Alfred               CAMANCHE TWP     007
Fenney, Joel B.            CAMANCHE TWP     006
Fenns, Joseph              CLINTON TWP      307
Fenton, M. E.              SHARON TWP       489
Ferguson, Henry            OLIVE TWP        413
Ferguson, Lewis C.         LIBERTY TWP      460
Ferguson, Victor E.        BLOOMFIELD TWP   207
Ferguson, William          DE WITT TWP      179
Ferguson, Wilson           LIBERTY TWP      459
Ferrell, Adonijah          ORANGE TWP       225
Ferrell, James D.          CLINTON TWP      313
Ferrell, Peter             SHARON TWP       463
Ferrell, Sheldon R.        ORANGE TWP       226
Ferugson, William          BLOOMFIELD TWP   205
Field, Levi                SHARON TWP       467
Fife, Lucious              CLINTON TWP      334
Filmore, Catharine         DE WITT TWP      144
Finch, Ambrose             DEEP CREEK TWP   078
Finch, Charles             LYONS TWP        372
Finch, Francis             CAMANCHE TWP     031
Finch, William             WATERFORD TWP    096
Finde, John L.             LYONS TWP        368
Finn, John                 WASHINGTON TWP   043
Finton, Marson             BLOOMFIELD TWP   216
Firrell, George            WASHINGTON TWP   048
Fish, Alpha                DEEP CREEK TWP   079
Fish, Alvira               DEEP CREEK TWP   090
Fish, Elleroy              ELK RIVER TWP    237
Fish, James                DEEP CREEK TWP   089
Fish, Jerome B.            ELK RIVER TWP    237
Fisher, Henry              EDEN TWP         113
Fisher, Henry              LIBERTY TWP      447
Fisher, Mary               CLINTON TWP      295
Fisk, D. H.                SHARON TWP       470
Fisk, W. H.                BLOOMFIELD TWP   204
Fitsgerald, Orland         OLIVE TWP        422
Fitsgerald, Patrick        SPRING ROCK TWP  431
Fitsgerlad, Richard        OLIVE TWP        412
Fitsgerlad, Thomas         OLIVE TWP        413
Fitzgerald, Ann            BLOOMFIELD TWP   218
Fitzgerlad, Frank          WATERFORD TWP    103
Fitzgerold, Margret        HAMPSHIRE TWP    270
Fitzpatrick, Catharine     WELTON TWP       185
Flanery, Barnard           WASHINGTON TWP   043
Flaney, Ebenezer           DE WITT TWP      139
Flanigan, John             ELK RIVER TWP    232
Flaning, Ellen             CLINTON TWP      315
Flanney, Thomas J.         CLINTON TWP      318
Flarity, Jams              LYONS TWP        387
Flatchell, John            EDEN TWP         117
Flathers, Thomas S.        BERLIN TWP       495
Fleming, Thomas            CLINTON TWP      325
Flemings, Martn            WASHINGTON TWP   063
Fletcher, Darkin           LYONS TWP        341
Fletcher, Elizabeth        SHARON TWP       475
Fletcher, William          ELK RIVER TWP    252
Flinn, Catharine           WELTON TWP       188
Flinn, Mary                DE WITT TWP      165
Flinn, Matthew             DEEP CREEK TWP   085
Flinn, Patrick             WASHINGTON TWP   043
Flinns, Martin             DE WITT TWP      138
Flint, Henry               LYONS TWP        369
Flint, John                CLINTON TWP      319
Flint, Joseph H.           LYONS TWP        350
Floid, John                WASHINGTON TWP   047
Flood, John                CLINTON TWP      319
Flowers, Elizabeth A.      LYONS TWP        344
Flowers, Hugh              LYONS TWP        343
Flute, Michael             CLINTON TWP      323
Flynn, John                HAMPSHIRE TWP    270
Flynn, John                LYONS TWP        366
Flynn, Michael             LYONS TWP        365
Foddler, John M.           BLOOMFIELD TWP   217
Fogg, Charles W.           SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Foley, Homora              LYONS TWP        362
Foley, Johnh.              CLINTON TWP      320
Foley, Lawrence            LYONS TWP        353
Foley, Mary                WASHINGTON TWP   047
Foley, Thomas              DE WITT TWP      161
Followsbee, Henry          CLINTON TWP      334
Folson, Erick              DE WITT TWP      129
Foran, Barney              LYONS TWP        396
Forbes, John               LIBERTY TWP      451
Ford, Patrick              CLINTON TWP      308
Ford, Patrick              CLINTON TWP      318
Ford, Patrick              CLINTON TWP      334
Forrest, Charles P.        ELK RIVER TWP    238
Fose, Henry                DE WITT TWP      141
Foss, John                 CAMANCHE TWP     019
Fossy, Georeg              CAMANCHE TWP     019
Foster, Allen              CAMANCHE TWP     017
Foster, D. B.              EDEN TWP         122
Foster, Ellenon            DE WITT TWP      158
Foster, Greer              DE WITT TWP      125
Foster, James              ORANGE TWP       223
Foster, Joseph T.          LYONS TWP        354
Foster, L. H.              DE WITT TWP      141
Foster, Mason J.           DE WITT TWP      161
Foster, Matilda            ORANGE TWP       224
Foster, William F.         ORANGE TWP       221
Fouldbehs, Dettaf          ELK RIVER TWP    248
Foulke, Sarah              LYONS TWP        384
Foulke, Stehen A.          LYONS TWP        383
Fovoargan, David           ELK RIVER TWP    253
Fovoargue, John            ELK RIVER TWP    254
Fowler, James              LYONS TWP        393
Fox, Edward                HAMPSHIRE TWP    272
Fox, James                 ELK RIVER TWP    232
Fox, Mary                  LYONS TWP        348
Fox, Samuel                LYONS TWP        348
Fox, Thomas                ELK RIVER TWP    231
Foy, Martha J.             CAMANCHE TWP     012
Fralick, Johnathan H.      LYONS TWP        389
France, Richard H.         CLINTON TWP      328
Frances, Henry             CLINTON TWP      312
Frances, Naoma             LYONS TWP        340
Francis, George            HAMPSHIRE TWP    284
Frank, C. A.               WATERFORD TWP    103
Frank, Isaac M.            LYONS TWP        388
Frank, Julius              LYONS TWP        367
Frank, Mary                EDEN TWP         118
Frank, Simon               LYONS TWP        382
Franklin, Charles          DE WITT TWP      140
Franklin, Louisa F.        DE WITT TWP      141
Fraver, Michael            DE WITT TWP      127
Fray, John                 BLOOMFIELD TWP   199
Fray, Reuben               ORANGE TWP       225
Frazier, Lyman             SHARON TWP       465
Frazier, William           SHARON TWP       477
Frederick, Christopher W.  LYONS TWP        361
Frederick, John            LYONS TWP        365
Frederick, Nicholas        BERLIN TWP       496
Freeman, Rufus H.          CLINTON TWP      321
Freeman, Silas             EDEN TWP         108
French, Artemas A.         SPRING ROCK TWP  435
French, Elizabeth          ELK RIVER TWP    249
French, George M.          ELK RIVER TWP    249
French, George M.          LYONS TWP        391
French, James              HAMPSHIRE TWP    279
French, John H.            CLINTON TWP      334
French, Josiaph N.         ELK RIVER TWP    249
Fricka, Ephraim            ELK RIVER TWP    250
Fridolof, Henry            SHARON TWP       478
Frink, Louis               DEEP CREEK TWP   086
Fritz, Joseph              LIBERTY TWP      448
Fritz, Mathias             WATERFORD TWP    106
Fruch, Isaac C.            ELK RIVER TWP    253
Fruer, S. C.               CAMANCHE TWP     030
Fry, Berry                 CAMANCHE TWP     006
Fry, John D.               CAMANCHE TWP     031
Fry, Ross                  ORANGE TWP       220
Fuelick, Matthias          CENTRE TWP       074
Fuido, Licy                LYONS TWP        337
Fuish, John                LYONS TWP        389
Fuler, Richard W.          LYONS TWP        390
Fulks, John                WELTON TWP       194
Full, Thomas O.            WASHINGTON TWP   050
Fuller, Catharine          BLOOMFIELD TWP   203
Fuller, Dena F.            CLINTON TWP      321
Fuller, Theopulus          LIBERTY TWP      453
Fuller, William            DE WITT TWP      180
Fullick, James G.          DE WITT TWP      166
Fully, Thomas              LYONS TWP        369
Fulton, Jane               DE WITT TWP      137
Fulton, Jane               DE WITT TWP      146
Funnell, Peter             EDEN TWP         117
Furgason, Mary             LYONS TWP        395
Furman, Eliza              LYONS TWP        393
Fvooargus, Isaac           ELK RIVER TWP    253