Clinton County 1860 Census Index
The individual's last name, first name, locality, and census page number are included.  
Thanks to Justina, who helped get this info 'internet' ready.

NAME                       LOCATION         PAGE

Gabarrer, William          LYONS TWP        345
Gabel, Peer                LYONS TWP        354
Gabriel, Anna F.           LYONS TWP        363
Gabril, Charles            LYONS TWP        362
Gaffauy, James             ELK RIVER TWP    248
Gage, James P.             LYONS TWP        378
Gage, Moses                DE WITT TWP      172
Gainan, Stehen             HAMPSHIRE TWP    283
Galagher, James            DE WITT TWP      136
Galaher, Fergus            WATERFORD TWP    098
Galaher, William           WATERFORD TWP    098
Galbreath, Charles H.      HAMPSHIRE TWP    278
Galbreath, Josiah          HAMPSHIRE TWP    277
Gale, Menzo                LIBERTY TWP      451
Gallaher, Cornelius        DE WITT TWP      168
Gallaher, Mary             WATERFORD TWP    103
Gallaher, Nancy            ELK RIVER TWP    250
Gallaher, Patrick          SHARON TWP       485
Gallaher, Patrick          WATERFORD TWP    102
Galliger, Michael          CLINTON TWP      321
Gallion, John              LYONS TWP        404
Galloney, JulA.            DE WITT TWP      144
Galloney, Michael          DE WITT TWP      143
Galloway, Erbin            LIBERTY TWP      452
Galloway, H. B.            LIBERTY TWP      453
Galloway, Hiram            BERLIN TWP       499
Galoni, James              LYONS TWP        373
Galoway, Carlias           DE WITT TWP      169
Gamble, Thomas D.          SPRING ROCK TWP  442
Ganagell, James            LIBERTY TWP      454
Ganfield, James            LIBERTY TWP      449
Gansendorf, Anna           ELK RIVER TWP    250
Ganson, Frederick          SPRING ROCK TWP  441
Ganst, Henry               ELK RIVER TWP    243
Garagan, Cornelius         CLINTON TWP      299
Gardiner, Herman           SHARON TWP       494
Gardiner, James            ELK RIVER TWP    241
Gardiner, William          ELK RIVER TWP    236
Gardner, A. A.             SHARON TWP       462
Gardner, Alvira J.         SPRING ROCK TWP  438
Gardner, Ira               SPRING ROCK TWP  438
Gardner, Stephen           SPRING ROCK TWP  437
Garge, Charles             ELK RIVER TWP    243
Gargo, William             ELK RIVER TWP    262
Garlick, Henry S.          EDEN TWP         113
Garlick, William           EDEN TWP         119
Garlig, Elenbert           LYONS TWP        359
Garlock, Eward             CLINTON TWP      314
Garry, Malcomn             SHARON TWP       475
Garter, J. R.              SHARON TWP       465
Garton, John               LYONS TWP        351
Gash, Jacob                BLOOMFIELD TWP   216
Gasper, Martin             LYONS TWP        351
Gasper, Marx               LYONS TWP        352
Gaston, Manson             LYONS TWP        366
Gates, Henry               CAMANCHE TWP     028
Gates, Henry E.            LYONS TWP        391
Gates, Hiram               LYONS TWP        388
Gates, John M.             DE WITT TWP      173
Gates, William             CLINTON TWP      304
Gats, Riza                 CAMANCHE TWP     029
Gauge, Jane                LYONS TWP        354
Gauge, Mary                ELK RIVER TWP    254
Gaynor, Jams               CLINTON TWP      312
Gear, Dolly A.             DE WITT TWP      162
Gearhart, Charles          LYONS TWP        340
Geer, A. F.                BLOOMFIELD TWP   215
Geoin, Philip              HAMPSHIRE TWP    270
George William,            SPRING ROCK TWP  433
Gercken, Theodore          LIBERTY TWP      447
Gerguson, Ebenezer         BLOOMFIELD TWP   205
Gerhardt, William          DE WITT TWP      142
Germaine, Joseph           BERLIN TWP       495
Gerney, Frederick A.       SHARON TWP       474
Gerney, Hugh               SHARON TWP       475
Gettes, John D.            OLIVE TWP        428
Getty, James               ELK RIVER TWP    241
Getty, James E.            ELK RIVER TWP    256
Getty, Samuel              ELK RIVER TWP    256
Getty, Thomas              ELK RIVER TWP    256
Gibbons, John              LYONS TWP        337
Gibbons, Mary              HAMPSHIRE TWP    282
Gibbs, Wiliam H.           LYONS TWP        366
Gibson, Detrick            SHARON TWP       478
Gibson, Henry              EDEN TWP         113
Giddleman, Adam            SPRING ROCK TWP  437
Gideon, George             OLIVE TWP        410
Gieger, Joseph             ELK RIVER TWP    232
Gieze, John                OLIVE TWP        422
Gilbert, E. H.             DE WITT TWP      172
Gilbert, Edward            EDEN TWP         114
Gilbert, Robert            ELK RIVER TWP    236
Gilbreth, Samuel           CLINTON TWP      311
Gill, John                 HAMPSHIRE TWP    268
Gill, Patrick              HAMPSHIRE TWP    268
Gillett, Groves            BLOOMFIELD TWP   203
Gillett, Henry F.          BLOOMFIELD TWP   203
Gillett, William F.        BLOOMFIELD TWP   203
Gillin, James              CAMANCHE TWP     011
Gilling, James             LYONS TWP        372
Gillis, John M.            CLINTON TWP      311
Gillitt, Betsey            CLINTON TWP      316
Gilmer, Alexander          SHARON TWP       463
Gilmore, Albert            WATERFORD TWP    106
Gilmore, Amsa              WATERFORD TWP    095
Gilmore, J. F.             DE WITT TWP      168
Gilmore, Jams              DE WITT TWP      144
Gilmore, Margaret          CLINTON TWP      299
Gilroy, James              SHARON TWP       478
Gilshauan, Thomas          ELK RIVER TWP    247
Ginton, James              CLINTON TWP      318
Gish, David                SHARON TWP       490
Gladden, John W.           CLINTON TWP      323
Gladden, John W.           CLINTON TWP      324
Gladwin, Wallace J.        ELK RIVER TWP    238
Glahaer, Edward            CLINTON TWP      326
Glahn, George W.           DEEP CREEK TWP   080
Glahn, John                DEEP CREEK TWP   084
Glakel, Albert             LYONS TWP        360
Glass, Anna                CAMANCHE TWP     022
Gleason, A. B.             CAMANCHE TWP     007
Gleason, Abel              LYONS TWP        363
Gleason, Bridget           CLINTON TWP      311
Gleason, Endora            LIBERTY TWP      451
Glenn, James               LYONS TWP        376
Gloe, Mark                 DEEP CREEK TWP   083
Gloor, Catharine           DEEP CREEK TWP   085
Glynn, Mary                LYONS TWP        395
Gnguire, Martimus          EDEN TWP         110
Goast, Albrain             ELK RIVER TWP    244
Godard, Reuben             CAMANCHE TWP     029
Goddard, Alfonzo           SHARON TWP       482
Goddard, George            SPRING ROCK TWP  434
Godley, Mahlon             BERLIN TWP       499
Gody, Henry                CAMANCHE TWP     015
Goff, David                DE WITT TWP      138
Goff, Henry J.             DE WITT TWP      139
Gohlman, John G.           WATERFORD TWP    106
Gohlman, M. G.             WATERFORD TWP    095
Goldy, Isaih               LYONS TWP        383
Golliday, B. C.            CAMANCHE TWP     035
Goodall, Archer            BLOOMFIELD TWP   198
Goodenow, James B.         SHARON TWP       488
Goodenow, Mary E.          SHARON TWP       489
Goodrich, Amos H.          CLINTON TWP      334
Goodridge, Aaron H.        DE WITT TWP      170
Goodridge, D. M.           DE WITT TWP      159
Goodridge, L. M.           DE WITT TWP      159
Goodwell, Gideon L.        OLIVE TWP        418
Goodwell, Oscar M.         OLIVE TWP        418
Gooenow, Royal S.          BLOOMFIELD TWP   214
Gordon, Amos W.            WASHINGTON TWP   069
Gordon, Edward             CLINTON TWP      318
Gordon, George             LYONS TWP        396
Gordon, Hezekiah           SHARON TWP       473
Gordon, James              LYONS TWP        372
Gordon, James              SHARON TWP       466
Gorham, Warren B.          SHARON TWP       464
Gorman, Patrick            DE WITT TWP      133
Gosh, Jacob H.             CAMANCHE TWP     021
Gosham, Josiah             CLINTON TWP      311
Goswell, Abby W.           CLINTON TWP      333
Gotsh, Henry               EDEN TWP         117
Gottsh, Asmus              OLIVE TWP        414
Gowdy, Daniel              DE WITT TWP      181
Gowdy, George              DE WITT TWP      180
Gowdy, Samuel              DE WITT TWP      180
Grable, Joseph             DE WITT TWP      147
Grace, Sarah A.            ORANGE TWP       225
Grades, Betham             LYONS TWP        382
Grady, Catharine           LYONS TWP        392
Graham, Benjamin J.        LYONS TWP        364
Graham, James              ELK RIVER TWP    229
Graham, John               CLINTON TWP      323
Graham, William G.         LYONS TWP        388
Graham, William T.         DE WITT TWP      178
Grance, John D.            BERLIN TWP       497
Granger, Lucy              LYONS TWP        375
Graning, James             DE WITT TWP      161
Grant, David               DE WITT TWP      133
Grant, Eliza               EDEN TWP         121
Grason, David              SHARON TWP       482
Graver, Daniel             SHARON TWP       465
Graver, John               SHARON TWP       465
Graves, A.                 SHARON TWP       473
Graves, Henry              SHARON TWP       473
Graves, Jamian             SHARON TWP       472
Graves, Rhoda              SHARON TWP       473
Graves, William            CAMANCHE TWP     033
Graves, William            DE WITT TWP      159
Grawford, Thomas           DE WITT TWP      147
Gray, C.                   DE WITT TWP      162
Gray, Daniel               CLINTON TWP      309
Gray, David                DE WITT TWP      156
Gray, David                DEEP CREEK TWP   082
Gray, Jane                 CLINTON TWP      292
Gray, Jerome               SHARON TWP       479
Gray, Joseph               CLINTON TWP      296
Gray, Margret              LYONS TWP        340
Green, Atwell E.           DEEP CREEK TWP   082
Green, Charles             LYONS TWP        389
Green, Henry               SHARON TWP       463
Green, Joseph              LIBERTY TWP      447
Green, Nancy               SHARON TWP       464
Green, Patrick             LYONS TWP        353
Green, Samuel              LYONS TWP        393
Greenleaf, William         CAMANCHE TWP     005
Greenough, Miniram         ELK RIVER TWP    240
Greer, Nancy G.            EDEN TWP         121
Greer, Robert              EDEN TWP         122
Gregory, D. D.             DE WITT TWP      166
Gregory, Elias             SHARON TWP       494
Gregory, Isaac             SHARON TWP       482
Gregory, Martha            SHARON TWP       483
Greguin, Oliver            CAMANCHE TWP     024
Greguire, James            CAMANCHE TWP     030
Greisen, Christian         ELK RIVER TWP    238
Grell, John                WASHINGTON TWP   052
Gressy, John               SHARON TWP       464
Greth, John                CAMANCHE TWP     022
Gribben, Henry             WELTON TWP       185
Gribben, Patrick           WELTON TWP       185
Gribbs, Erwin              DE WITT TWP      132
Grieseon, John M.          SHARON TWP       466
Griffin, Amanda            DE WITT TWP      131
Griffin, J. M.             DE WITT TWP      130
Griffith, Clemmons         ELK RIVER TWP    253
Griggs, Philander          BLOOMFIELD TWP   212
Grigwire, John             DE WITT TWP      129
Grimes, Hanna              WELTON TWP       186
Grimes, John               SPRING ROCK TWP  445
Grinnell, Joel             OLIVE TWP        426
Gripp, Francis             ELK RIVER TWP    237
Griswold, George A.        ELK RIVER TWP    254
Griton, Michael            LYONS TWP        398
Griwire, Alexander         DE WITT TWP      128
Griywire, Matilda          DE WITT TWP      128
Grodnt, John               CAMANCHE TWP     029
Groff, John                LYONS TWP        377
Groff, John                WASHINGTON TWP   067
Groney, Adam               WASHINGTON TWP   059
Grovener, Aarell           LIBERTY TWP      454
Grug, Thomas               WASHINGTON TWP   041
Grugendorf, Christian      LYONS TWP        357
Grundy, Rachael            CAMANCHE TWP     013
Grusneday, Frederick       LYONS TWP        390
Guartz, Frederick          ELK RIVER TWP    250
Gucken, Charles            LIBERTY TWP      447
Guegley, John              WATERFORD TWP    102
Guffy, Isaac               SPRING ROCK TWP  437
Gugwire, Allen             EDEN TWP         118
Guilbick, Abram            EDEN TWP         118
Gult, Andrew J.            SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Gulvin, Michael            LYONS TWP        401
Gunn, Emeline J.           EDEN TWP         109
Gunn, John                 CAMANCHE TWP     014
Gunther, Agustus           SHARON TWP       474
Habrisk, John              LYONS TWP        357
Hacket, Margaret           LYONS TWP        398
Hackins, John              WASHINGTON TWP   053
Hadley, Mary Ann           CAMANCHE TWP     017
Hadley, N.                 LYONS TWP        374
Hadson, Robert             WASHINGTON TWP   070
Haeb, John                 LYONS TWP        352
Haeng, Theodore            HAMPSHIRE TWP    268
Hafrall, Charles           CLINTON TWP      318
Hage, George               WASHINGTON TWP   042
Hagen, Robert S.           OLIVE TWP        426
Hagen, William             OLIVE TWP        427
Hageon, Jospeh             SHARON TWP       463
Hagerty, F. J.             WASHINGTON TWP   041
Hagerty, Michael           DE WITT TWP      144
Hagerty, Thomas            CLINTON TWP      299
Hagun, Elizabeth           LYONS TWP        404
Haight, John               SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Hain, Mathew               CLINTON TWP      323
Hainer, Anna M.            SHARON TWP       472
Haley, Ann                 LYONS TWP        371
Haley, Ann                 LYONS TWP        382
Haley, Edward              CLINTON TWP      331
Haley, Johanna             CLINTON TWP      316
Haley, Mary                CLINTON TWP      324
Haley, Michael             CLINTON TWP      327
Haley, Patrick             CLINTON TWP      331
Haley, Patrick             LYONS TWP        387
Haley, Peter               LYONS TWP        371
Halfin, Patrick            CLINTON TWP      318
Halkinson, Martha J.       LYONS TWP        350
Hall, Alva                 ELK RIVER TWP    243
Hall, Amanda               DE WITT TWP      129
Hall, B. F.                WATERFORD TWP    097
Hall, Beebe                EDEN TWP         110
Hall, Edify W.             LYONS TWP        340
Hall, Edward               LYONS TWP        346
Hall, Edwin                LYONS TWP        388
Hall, Israel               DE WITT TWP      134
Hall, Jams                 ELK RIVER TWP    243
Hall, John                 HAMPSHIRE TWP    277
Hall, Levi P.              CLINTON TWP      296
Hall, Mary                 LYONS TWP        364
Hall, Peter                EDEN TWP         115
Hall, Phebe Ann            CAMANCHE TWP     034
Hall, Philo E.             DE WITT TWP      178
Hall, William              SPRING ROCK TWP  430
Hall, William              SPRING ROCK TWP  431
Hallison, Michael          DE WITT TWP      169
Halsey, William            EDEN TWP         123
Hamahan, Michael           DE WITT TWP      144
Hamer, Hiram G.            HAMPSHIRE TWP    265
Hamer, Hiram L.            HAMPSHIRE TWP    265
Hamerhouse, Francis        SPRING ROCK TWP  442
Hamiaha, Patrick           LYONS TWP        400
Hamilton, Henry            EDEN TWP         115
Hamilton, Herriet          DE WITT TWP      140
Hamilton, James            OLIVE TWP        414
Hamilton, James G.         DE WITT TWP      169
Hamilton, John             HAMPSHIRE TWP    276
Hamilton, Maria            EDEN TWP         116
Hamilton, Sanford S.       ELK RIVER TWP    250
Hamiston, James A.         LYONS TWP        340
Hammel, Susanna            BLOOMFIELD TWP   199
Hammon, George             BLOOMFIELD TWP   210
Hammond, A. B.             WASHINGTON TWP   061
Hammond, Albert            HAMPSHIRE TWP    273
Hammond, B. R.             EDEN TWP         121
Hammond, Charles B.        DE WITT TWP      131
Hammond, F. M.             ORANGE TWP       227
Hammond, Fanny             SPRING ROCK TWP  447
Hammond, George H.         LYONS TWP        350
Hammond, John              CLINTON TWP      307
Hammond, Luther            CAMANCHE TWP     008
Hammond, Nancy             CAMANCHE TWP     029
Hammond, Wiliam J.         DE WITT TWP      127
Hanch, Frederick           DE WITT TWP      134
Hand, James                HAMPSHIRE TWP    272
Hand, Owen                 HAMPSHIRE TWP    272
Handaham, Daniel           DEEP CREEK TWP   076
Handeaham, Martin          WASHINGTON TWP   052
Handly, Thomas             CAMANCHE TWP     016
Handrelan, Martin          BLOOMFIELD TWP   198
Hanes, R.                  BLOOMFIELD TWP   214
Haney, Simeon              DE WITT TWP      162
Haney, William             LYONS TWP        386
Hanlan, George             LYONS TWP        399
Hanlany, Thomas            HAMPSHIRE TWP    272
Hanley, Kate               WASHINGTON TWP   041
Hanna, Edward R.           WATERFORD TWP    093
Hanna, James               CENTRE TWP       073
Hanna, Patrick             CENTRE TWP       073
Hanna, William             WASHINGTON TWP   066
Hannah, Mary               CAMANCHE TWP     007
Hannaka, John              LYONS TWP        354
Hansand, Rodolphus         DEEP CREEK TWP   078
Hanson, A. M.              CENTRE TWP       073
Hanson, Haus               HAMPSHIRE TWP    265
Hanson, Jane               WASHINGTON TWP   067
Hanson, Preben             ELK RIVER TWP    245
Hanson, William            WASHINGTON TWP   066
Hanting, Daniel L.         CLINTON TWP      322
Harahan, Francis           ELK RIVER TWP    236
Haran, Margaret O.         DE WITT TWP      169
Harbaugh, Isaac            LYONS TWP        392
Harbron, Thomas            HAMPSHIRE TWP    279
Hardge, Joseph             OLIVE TWP        410
Harding, Henry             CLINTON TWP      326
Harding, Jacob             BLOOMFIELD TWP   205
Harding, James             WASHINGTON TWP   053
Hardy, George              EDEN TWP         111
Harkins, Henry             LIBERTY TWP      447
Harkins, James             WASHINGTON TWP   041
Harm, John S.              LYONS TWP        366
Harman, John R.            DEEP CREEK TWP   084
Harpe, Anna                SPRING ROCK TWP  429
Harpee, William            LYONS TWP        367
Harper, Cyrus              LYONS TWP        357
Harper, Olive              CLINTON TWP      295
Harra, Michael             CLINTON TWP      304
Harrington, C. L.          BLOOMFIELD TWP   215
Harrington, Daniel J.      BLOOMFIELD TWP   218
Harrington, Jacob          OLIVE TWP        427
Harrington, James          DE WITT TWP      180
Harrington, Jemmett        LYONS TWP        392
Harrington, L. K.          BLOOMFIELD TWP   218
Harrington, M. A.          ORANGE TWP       223
Harrington, Norman         ORANGE TWP       223
Harris, Orange F.          CAMANCHE TWP     036
Harrison, Alvin J.         DE WITT TWP      171
Harrison, Charles          CLINTON TWP      294
Harrison, John             LYONS TWP        398
Harrison, Thomas           DE WITT TWP      178
Harsse, Anna               SPRING ROCK TWP  429
Hart, Benjamin B.          LYONS TWP        350
Hart, Eli S.               LYONS TWP        382
Hart, Fanny B.             CAMANCHE TWP     018
Hart, Hiram A.             CAMANCHE TWP     012
Hart, J. H.                OLIVE TWP        422
Hart, James                ELK RIVER TWP    248
Hart, John                 CAMANCHE TWP     018
Hart, Joseph               SHARON TWP       489
Hart, Mary J.              OLIVE TWP        423
Hart, N. E.                BLOOMFIELD TWP   217
Hart, Peter                ELK RIVER TWP    248
Hart, Peter                LIBERTY TWP      460
Hart, W. R.                CAMANCHE TWP     017
Hart, William              BLOOMFIELD TWP   214
Hartling, Samuel           BLOOMFIELD TWP   200
Hartnett, Jams             ELK RIVER TWP    239
Harty, William             WATERFORD TWP    105
Harvers, Samuel A.         LYONS TWP        388
Harvey, Christopher        CLINTON TWP      301
Harvey, James              DE WITT TWP      158
Harvey, Ruth               SHARON TWP       474
Harvey, S. T.              CAMANCHE TWP     037
Harwell, Jaems             SHARON TWP       483
Has, Martin                CAMANCHE TWP     031
Hascal, Elizabeth          CAMANCHE TWP     002
Hascel, John               CAMANCHE TWP     036
Haskell, Joseph            EDEN TWP         115
Haskin, Orrin              SHARON TWP       475
Haskin, Russel             LYONS TWP        388
Haskins, Edward            EDEN TWP         116
Haskins, Joseph            SHARON TWP       485
Hassatt, Barholomew        BERLIN TWP       498
Hassatt, Patrick           BERLIN TWP       498
Hassen, Otto               DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Hassen, Otto               DEEP CREEK TWP   078
Hasson, William            ELK RIVER TWP    244
Hasson, William H. H.      ELK RIVER TWP    245
Hatch, Chester W.          LIBERTY TWP      456
Hatch, Nelly               CLINTON TWP      309
Hatfield, Alonzo           CLINTON TWP      296
Hatfield, Eli              BLOOMFIELD TWP   203
Hatfield, Nathan           BLOOMFIELD TWP   212
Hatfield, Perkins          SHARON TWP       488
Hatfield, Thomas           DE WITT TWP      125
Hatfield, William G.       DE WITT TWP      125
Hathaway, William H.       LYONS TWP        382
Hatson, Alexander          ELK RIVER TWP    243
Hatson, John               SPRING ROCK TWP  430
Hattis, Rosetta            ELK RIVER TWP    247
Hatton, Elijah             LYONS TWP        383
Haud, Andrew               HAMPSHIRE TWP    273
Haud, David                HAMPSHIRE TWP    274
Haud, James                HAMPSHIRE TWP    272
Hauger, Jedediah           HAMPSHIRE TWP    284
Hauington, Josiah          SPRING ROCK TWP  432
Haun, Augustus             DE WITT TWP      152
Haun, F. Nicholas          DE WITT TWP      153
Haun, Flornoy B.           ELK RIVER TWP    251
Haun, John R.              ELK RIVER TWP    253
Haun, Louis                DE WITT TWP      152
Haun, William F.           DE WITT TWP      176
Haun, William G.           ELK RIVER TWP    250
Haun, William J.           HAMPSHIRE TWP    276
Haus, Owen                 HAMPSHIRE TWP    272
Hauson, Haus               HAMPSHIRE TWP    265
Hautey, William            SPRING ROCK TWP  444
Havey, John                LYONS TWP        386
Hawkins, Alpha A.          BLOOMFIELD TWP   205
Hawkins, Lydia             LIBERTY TWP      449
Hawman, Eliza              CAMANCHE TWP     019
Hawman, John               CAMANCHE TWP     018
Haws, John H.              LYONS TWP        371
Hawson, Richard            EDEN TWP         112
Hay, Saloma                CAMANCHE TWP     004
Hay, Thomas                LYONS TWP        370
Hay, Wiliam                EDEN TWP         117
Hayes, John                LYONS TWP        373
Hayland, Eliza A.          LYONS TWP        374
Haylark, Joseph            BLOOMFIELD TWP   200
Haynes, Henry              CLINTON TWP      298
Haynes, Thomas             CLINTON TWP      297
Hayse, Jonathan            OLIVE TWP        418
Hayte, Edward              LYONS TWP        383
Hayward, Henry             CLINTON TWP      319
Haywood, Goerge            LYONS TWP        378
Head, Charles B.           LIBERTY TWP      457
Head, Ellen                LYONS TWP        391
Head, George               DE WITT TWP      129
Healy, James               ELK RIVER TWP    235
Heart, Patrick             DEEP CREEK TWP   085
Heath, Alexander           DE WITT TWP      150
Heath, John                LYONS TWP        385
Heath, Richard             WASHINGTON TWP   053
Heath, Salinda             LYONS TWP        374
Heath, Serane D.           CLINTON TWP      324
Heather, James             DEEP CREEK TWP   089
Heavener, Joseph           SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Heaver, Elizabeth          CAMANCHE TWP     032
Hebord, George D. H.       CLINTON TWP      320
Hedden, Henry              DE WITT TWP      127
Hedden, James              DE WITT TWP      127
Hedden, Wililam            DE WITT TWP      164
Hedges, William            EDEN TWP         112
Hedget, Polley             LYONS TWP        395
Hediger, C. E.             SHARON TWP       494
Hediger, Minne             SHARON TWP       493
Hedley, George             WELTON TWP       191
Heiner, Henry              SPRING ROCK TWP  441
Helfert, George            ELK RIVER TWP    248
Hemasy, Dennis             ELK RIVER TWP    239
Henassay, Dennis           CLINTON TWP      327
Henderleigh, Albert        WATERFORD TWP    107
Henderson, Alva            LYONS TWP        393
Henderson, Betheul         SHARON TWP       473
Henderson, John            DE WITT TWP      150
Henderson, William A.      SHARON TWP       470
Henderson, William J.      SHARON TWP       474
Hendrick, Daniel           ELK RIVER TWP    239
Hendrick, Lawrence         LYONS TWP        349
Hendricks, Franklin C.     WELTON TWP       193
Hendricks, Jacob           WELTON TWP       192
Hendricks, John            WELTON TWP       192
Hendrickson, Abram         OLIVE TWP        418
Hendy, Ellen               DE WITT TWP      130
Henika, Henry              CENTRE TWP       074
Henkley, O. J.             BLOOMFIELD TWP   213
Henle, Fideli              LYONS TWP        388
Henly, Zulian              CAMANCHE TWP     007
Henrich, Frederick G.      LYONS TWP        395
Henricks, Amos             OLIVE TWP        411
Henry, A. B.               SPRING ROCK TWP  435
Henry, Catharine           ORANGE TWP       223
Henry, Daniel              ELK RIVER TWP    242
Henry, Francis H.          SHARON TWP       468
Henry, Owen                SHARON TWP       468
Henry, Wilson              DE WITT TWP      157
Heottey, James W.          DE WITT TWP      145
Herd, Morna                ELK RIVER TWP    254
Hereick, M. T.             DE WITT TWP      135
Herrick, Eliza             LYONS TWP        384
Herrick, F. P.             OLIVE TWP        426
Herst, John                BLOOMFIELD TWP   212
Hervick, John              ELK RIVER TWP    255
Hervick, Joseph S.         ELK RIVER TWP    260
Hess, David                HAMPSHIRE TWP    279
Hess, David                HAMPSHIRE TWP    280
Hess, Frederick            HAMPSHIRE TWP    279
Hess, Isaac                CAMANCHE TWP     026
Heth, George               OLIVE TWP        417
Hewig, Adolph              SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Hewitt, CelL.              LYONS TWP        382
Hiborn, Frederick          SHARON TWP       468
Hickey, John               DE WITT TWP      174
Hickey, Mary               WATERFORD TWP    094
Hickey, Thomas             CLINTON TWP      319
Hicks, Stephen             DE WITT TWP      164
Hicks, William             SPRING ROCK TWP  444
Hide, Iedson               CLINTON TWP      307
Hide, John                 BERLIN TWP       497
Hide, Peter D.             CLINTON TWP      328
Hierscher, Rodolph         BERLIN TWP       499
Hierscher, Winsel          BERLIN TWP       499
Higby, S. C.               DE WITT TWP      172
Higgin, Owen               DEEP CREEK TWP   086
Higgins, J.                EDEN TWP         115
Higgins, Michael           EDEN TWP         116
High, James                SPRING ROCK TWP  429
High, William              ORANGE TWP       224
Hikman, Henry H.           HAMPSHIRE TWP    266
Hill, Arthur               OLIVE TWP        425
Hill, Charles              CLINTON TWP      329
Hill, Charles              OLIVE TWP        423
Hill, Clark                HAMPSHIRE TWP    291
Hill, E. H.                SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Hill, George               CLINTON TWP      333
Hill, Henry                CLINTON TWP      311
Hill, Henry G.             LYONS TWP        383
Hill, James                ELK RIVER TWP    251
Hill, John                 OLIVE TWP        426
Hill, John                 SHARON TWP       463
Hill, John M.              ELK RIVER TWP    254
Hill, Mary A.              ELK RIVER TWP    257
Hill, Peter                BLOOMFIELD TWP   208
Hill, Thomas               EDEN TWP         116
Hill, William              CLINTON TWP      322
Hill, William              ELK RIVER TWP    251
Hillmote, Murray           OLIVE TWP        425
Hills, Mary J.             CAMANCHE TWP     036
Hillwood, Elizabeth        ELK RIVER TWP    242
Himard, William            LYONS TWP        400
Himmel, Daniel P.          BLOOMFIELD TWP   213
Hinds, Ebenezer            BLOOMFIELD TWP   201
Hinds, William J.          BLOOMFIELD TWP   202
Hiner, Mary                SHARON TWP       487
Hines, Edward              SPRING ROCK TWP  435
Hines, William             EDEN TWP         119
Hinman, D.                 CAMANCHE TWP     037
Hinman, David              EDEN TWP         119
Hinman, Samuel C.          LYONS TWP        382
Hiram, Margaret            DE WITT TWP      140
Hitcher, Ann               ELK RIVER TWP    241
Hithlow, Stephen           LYONS TWP        338
Hoag, Henry                LYONS TWP        350
Hoag, Howard               CAMANCHE TWP     022
Hoag, Martha               LYONS TWP        370
Hoasen, George             CAMANCHE TWP     036
Hobbrice, Augustus         LYONS TWP        379
Hobney, Franklin N.        CLINTON TWP      317
Hobnie, Leonard            LYONS TWP        359
Hobson, Henry              LYONS TWP        393
Hocum, Elvira              CAMANCHE TWP     025
Hodgekin, William          LYONS TWP        341
Hodges, Jesse              CAMANCHE TWP     005
Hodges, Miner C.           LYONS TWP        395
Hoey, William              CLINTON TWP      310
Hoff, John                 SHARON TWP       490
Hoffman, Henrietta         LYONS TWP        358
Hoffman, Joseph            LYONS TWP        386
Hoffman, Mathias           BERLIN TWP       495
Hoffman, Robert            CLINTON TWP      306
Hoft, Lenna                CAMANCHE TWP     008
Hogan, John                DE WITT TWP      153
Hogan, John                DEEP CREEK TWP   081
Hogan, Patrick             LYONS TWP        361
Hogle, Robert              CAMANCHE TWP     023
Hoglett, James             LYONS TWP        403
Hoiston, Abram             LYONS TWP        346
Holcum, Zopher             OLIVE TWP        422
Holdolph, Hans H.          LIBERTY TWP      448
Holinganth, Francis        CLINTON TWP      313
Holland, Archibal H.       LYONS TWP        401
Holliday, A. G.            DE WITT TWP      165
Holliday, William A.       DE WITT TWP      177
Hollinger, William         DE WITT TWP      138
Hollis, John               ELK RIVER TWP    247
Hollis, Rosetta            ELK RIVER TWP    247
Hollis, Thomas             CLINTON TWP      308
Hollwood, Andrew           DE WITT TWP      144
Holmes, George W.          DE WITT TWP      170
Holmes, Thomas             DEEP CREEK TWP   091
Holpin, Patrick            CLINTON TWP      330
Holt, David T.             DE WITT TWP      157
Holt, Nickolas J.          WASHINGTON TWP   059
Holtfrafer, Elizabeth      ELK RIVER TWP    229
Homer, John F.             DE WITT TWP      163
Homer, Robert              ELK RIVER TWP    229
Homerton, Elial B.         DE WITT TWP      140
Homerton, Enos             DE WITT TWP      141
Honeyway, Sarah            BLOOMFIELD TWP   211
Honston, George            CAMANCHE TWP     004
Hoodward, Charlotte        ELK RIVER TWP    241
Hooker, Ira A.             BLOOMFIELD TWP   216
Hooker, William F.         BLOOMFIELD TWP   215
Hoover, Christian          ELK RIVER TWP    260
Hoover, Elliott            ELK RIVER TWP    243
Hoover, Jacob              ELK RIVER TWP    242
Hopkins, Doren             SHARON TWP       476
Hora, Henry                EDEN TWP         116
Horasty, Michael           CLINTON TWP      326
Horn, Haus                 HAMPSHIRE TWP    265
Horn, John                 CAMANCHE TWP     022
Hornman, I.                CLINTON TWP      321
Horsefall, John            LYONS TWP        368
Horst, Magdaline           CENTRE TWP       073
Horten, George W.          LYONS TWP        366
Horton, Ezra S.            LYONS TWP        363
Horton, Harry B.           CLINTON TWP      334
Horton, John W.            CAMANCHE TWP     036
Horton, Mark               SHARON TWP       470
Hosey, William             CLINTON TWP      332
Hosford, Abram             CLINTON TWP      329
Hoskin, Hilan              LIBERTY TWP      451
Hoskin, O. A.              SPRING ROCK TWP  438
Hotel, James               SHARON TWP       483
Hotts, Carson              CENTRE TWP       074
Houk, Robert E.            BERLIN TWP       496
Houke, George              CLINTON TWP      289
Hount, Richard             DEEP CREEK TWP   078
House, Jason               CLINTON TWP      306
Houser, Aaron              CAMANCHE TWP     004
Houser, Daniel             SHARON TWP       464
Houston, Amos              DE WITT TWP      140
Houston, George            CAMANCHE TWP     010
Houston, Harriet           CAMANCHE TWP     011
How, Richmond              CLINTON TWP      334
Howard, C. W.              CENTRE TWP       073
Howard, Gorden             DEEP CREEK TWP   082
Howard, John               DE WITT TWP      131
Howard, Lucius             CLINTON TWP      333
Howard, Samuel             CAMANCHE TWP     013
Howard, Sanborn            CLINTON TWP      317
Howard, Sebra              DEEP CREEK TWP   078
Howard, Stephen            CAMANCHE TWP     032
Howe, Henry                LIBERTY TWP      459
Howell, George             ELK RIVER TWP    255
Howell, Platt E.           LYONS TWP        386
Howell, William            CLINTON TWP      334
Hower, Matilda             CAMANCHE TWP     017
Howig, Frank A.            DE WITT TWP      175
Howig, Robert              DE WITT TWP      177
Howley, Catharine          LYONS TWP        344
Howley, Thomas             HAMPSHIRE TWP    275
Hows, Philip               CLINTON TWP      303
Hoyde, Frederick           ELK RIVER TWP    251
Hoyt, Henry S.             LYONS TWP        383
Hoyt, William              CAMANCHE TWP     026
Htnn, Catharine            LYONS TWP        369
Hubbard, E. J.             DE WITT TWP      176
Hubbard, Nathan D.         DEEP CREEK TWP   086
Hubble, Frederick          CLINTON TWP      300
Hudson, Abijah T.          LYONS TWP        386
Hudson, J. M.              SHARON TWP       477
Hudson, Jacob              SHARON TWP       476
Hudson, John S.            SHARON TWP       475
Hudson, Martha             CAMANCHE TWP     031
Hudson, Rufus              SHARON TWP       463
Hudson, Thomas             LYONS TWP        385
Hughes, Michael            BERLIN TWP       498
Hughes, Michael            SHARON TWP       494
Hughes, Richard            BERLIN TWP       498
Hughs, Michael             CLINTON TWP      332
Hulett, Charles            OLIVE TWP        424
Hulett, Joel               OLIVE TWP        424
Hult, John                 EDEN TWP         117
Hungerford, John C.        LYONS TWP        363
Hungergord, Elial C.       DE WITT TWP      136
Hunklebarr, Jacob          WASHINGTON TWP   066
Hunningcon, Kerson         HAMPSHIRE TWP    267
Hunt, George               HAMPSHIRE TWP    266
Hunt, George               WASHINGTON TWP   067
Hunt, Harvey H.            CAMANCHE TWP     009
Hunt, Ida                  LYONS TWP        387
Hunt, John H.              CAMANCHE TWP     010
Hunt, Russel               CAMANCHE TWP     010
Hunt, Warren P.            LYONS TWP        386
Hunte, R Oziel             WATERFORD TWP    097
Hunter, Albert             WATERFORD TWP    095
Hunter, Alphews            DEEP CREEK TWP   086
Hunter, Robert             CLINTON TWP      306
Hunter, Robert             DEEP CREEK TWP   086
Hunter, William            CLINTON TWP      322
Hunter, William            DEEP CREEK TWP   090
Hunter, William            WATERFORD TWP    093
Huntington, Alonzo R.      OLIVE TWP        409
Huntington, John H.        OLIVE TWP        412
Huntington, William A.     OLIVE TWP        413
Hurd, Gilbert              DE WITT TWP      133
Hurley, Leven              BLOOMFIELD TWP   218
Hurst, Amos                BLOOMFIELD TWP   213
Hutcherman, Martin         SPRING ROCK TWP  438
Hutchinson, Thomas         DE WITT TWP      157
Hutting, Thomas            BLOOMFIELD TWP   216
Hyde, Frederick            CAMANCHE TWP     028
Hydeman, John              CAMANCHE TWP     035
Hyman, S.                  CAMANCHE TWP     018
Hyne, Philip               BLOOMFIELD TWP   206
Hynes, Martin              LYONS TWP        396
Hynes, Thomas              BLOOMFIELD TWP   204
Ifford, Richard            WASHINGTON TWP   054
Ihoe, Frederick            DEEP CREEK TWP   090
Iliff, Isadore             CAMANCHE TWP     037
Iliff, Jacob               CAMANCHE TWP     011
Imbrow, Philip             SHARON TWP       469
Imox, Henry A.             LYONS TWP        372
Inani, Walter S.           HAMPSHIRE TWP    273
Indacott, Lewis            LYONS TWP        392
Ingerson, Francis          WASHINGTON TWP   053
Ingerson, William          WASHINGTON TWP   053
Ingeverson, Charles        CENTRE TWP       073
Inglerby, Eliza A.         BLOOMFIELD TWP   209
Ingussen, Henry            DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Ingwason, Ellen            WASHINGTON TWP   057
Ingwason, G. H.            WASHINGTON TWP   056
Inington, Samuel W.        CLINTON TWP      319
Inoun, David               WASHINGTON TWP   043
Inright, Richard           SPRING ROCK TWP  433
Inrohn, Lautz              WATERFORD TWP    095
Iowry, John                DE WITT TWP      151
Irah, Peter                ELK RIVER TWP    246
Ireland, A. B.             CAMANCHE TWP     018
Irons, Elizabeth           ELK RIVER TWP    236
Irons, Jacob Mill          CAMANCHE TWP     034
Irons, John                ELK RIVER TWP    241
Irons, Ruben H.            ELK RIVER TWP    230
Irons, Zilphia             ELK RIVER TWP    241
Irsham, Nancy E.           DE WITT TWP      172
Irven, William             OLIVE TWP        414
Irving, Charles J.         CAMANCHE TWP     028
Irvn, Charles J.           WATERFORD TWP    100
Irwin, James G.            CLINTON TWP      316
Irwin, Richard             CAMANCHE TWP     021
Isafort, Lewis             LYONS TWP        396
Isbel, Thomas A.           DE WITT TWP      174
Ives, John                 ELK RIVER TWP    261
Ives, William              EDEN TWP         116
Ivre, Thomas               DEEP CREEK TWP   081
Ivson, Albert              OLIVE TWP        419
Iwiss, J. R.               SHARON TWP       489
Jack, Kentuckey            CAMANCHE TWP     014
Jackson, Albet M.          LYONS TWP        404
Jackson, Henry             EDEN TWP         122
Jackson, Jarvis            ELK RIVER TWP    259
Jackson, Oliver H.         LYONS TWP        367
Jackson, Silas A.          CLINTON TWP      306
Jacob, Hans                SHARON TWP       494
Jacobs, Ira D.             LIBERTY TWP      456
Jamason, Mary              LYONS TWP        392
James, Simpson             CAMANCHE TWP     006
Jameson, Samuel N.         ELK RIVER TWP    246
Jamisson, Margaret         ORANGE TWP       220
Jamisson, R. J.            ORANGE TWP       219
Jams, Hattie               LYONS TWP        337
Jamyson, Christina         HAMPSHIRE TWP    266
Jamyson, Elias             ELK RIVER TWP    260
Janyson, Caroline M.       ELK RIVER TWP    235
Janyson, Charles           ELK RIVER TWP    234
Jarline, Lawrence          OLIVE TWP        421
Jasbyn, James H.           LYONS TWP        389
Jasman, John               CAMANCHE TWP     028
Jast, Joseph               ELK RIVER TWP    258
Jean, Frederick C.         LYONS TWP        349
Jefferno, John J.          LYONS TWP        374
Jemyson, Charles           ELK RIVER TWP    234
Jenk, Christian            CENTRE TWP       074
Jenkins, Alexander H.      SHARON TWP       489
Jenkins, J. H.             SHARON TWP       489
Jenkins, John A.           BLOOMFIELD TWP   212
Jenkins, William           WATERFORD TWP    094
Jenks, Albert D.           LYONS TWP        367
Jenks, George P.           CLINTON TWP      329
Jenks, R. J.               SPRING ROCK TWP  430
Jenney, JulA.              CLINTON TWP      325
Jennings, F. A.            OLIVE TWP        412
Jennings, Lewis            OLIVE TWP        423
Jerrett, Nancy             BERLIN TWP       497
Jerrett, Restic            BERLIN TWP       497
Jewell, Martin             DEEP CREEK TWP   092
Jielman, Daniel            CAMANCHE TWP     004
Jim, English               CAMANCHE TWP     014
Jobgen, William            LYONS TWP        361
Jobson, Mary A.            LYONS TWP        362
Jogben, Henry              HAMPSHIRE TWP    280
Johamson, Marcus           CENTRE TWP       074
John, Catherine            SPRING ROCK TWP  445
Johnans, Peter             DEEP CREEK TWP   083
Johnosn, George L.         ELK RIVER TWP    251
Johnosn, Wlater            LYONS TWP        378
Johnson, Aaron             OLIVE TWP        419
Johnson, Alexander         LYONS TWP        395
Johnson, Alfred            LYONS TWP        387
Johnson, C. F.             DEEP CREEK TWP   084
Johnson, Caroline          LYONS TWP        403
Johnson, Daniel            CLINTON TWP      313
Johnson, Elizabeth         ELK RIVER TWP    253
Johnson, Francis           LYONS TWP        369
Johnson, George            WASHINGTON TWP   046
Johnson, George W.         CLINTON TWP      334
Johnson, Henry             ELK RIVER TWP    233
Johnson, Henry P.          LYONS TWP        391
Johnson, Horace            DE WITT TWP      141
Johnson, James             SHARON TWP       473
Johnson, James             WASHINGTON TWP   046
Johnson, John              LYONS TWP        388
Johnson, John              OLIVE TWP        419
Johnson, John              SPRING ROCK TWP  432
Johnson, John              SPRING ROCK TWP  435
Johnson, John              WASHINGTON TWP   066
Johnson, Jonahtna          DE WITT TWP      172
Johnson, Julius B.         CLINTON TWP      325
Johnson, Mary B.           HAMPSHIRE TWP    275
Johnson, Melinda           SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Johnson, Milton            DE WITT TWP      137
Johnson, Robert            LIBERTY TWP      454
Johnson, Samuel            WASHINGTON TWP   065
Johnson, Thomas            WASHINGTON TWP   046
Johnson, William           DE WITT TWP      179
Johnston, George B.        EDEN TWP         122
Johnston, Josa             OLIVE TWP        416
Jones, Charles             CLINTON TWP      295
Jones, Charles A.          DE WITT TWP      171
Jones, Edward              LYONS TWP        361
Jones, Henry               LYONS TWP        337
Jones, Isaac               LYONS TWP        344
Jones, Joel                DE WITT TWP      147
Jones, John                DE WITT TWP      131
Jones, John                SPRING ROCK TWP  434
Jones, John W.             EDEN TWP         121
Jones, Martha              EDEN TWP         119
Jones, Owen G.             SHARON TWP       468
Jones, Samuel              DE WITT TWP      176
Jones, William             DE WITT TWP      139
Jones, William             DE WITT TWP      179
Jones, William             ORANGE TWP       227
Jordan, Thomas             DE WITT TWP      177
Jordon, William            BLOOMFIELD TWP   208
Jourdon, Hannora           ELK RIVER TWP    252
Journey, MarE.             DE WITT TWP      126
Jubar, Julius              OLIVE TWP        424
Jubar, Thomas              OLIVE TWP        424
Judd, Calvin               CAMANCHE TWP     033
Judge, John                LYONS TWP        389
Judge, Patrick             CLINTON TWP      299
Judge, Patrick             WASHINGTON TWP   057
Judson, Chester A.         LIBERTY TWP      457
Judson, Henry W.           EDEN TWP         119
Judson, Lewis B.           LIBERTY TWP      457
Juhl, George               WATERFORD TWP    106
Justee, John               LYONS TWP        382
Kahl, John                 CAMANCHE TWP     032
Kahler, Kano               LIBERTY TWP      457
Kail, Davis                CAMANCHE TWP     003
Kain, John                 ELK RIVER TWP    232
Kaiser, Frederick          OLIVE TWP        420
Kaiser, Minna              OLIVE TWP        421
Kalahan, Samuel            LYONS TWP        339
Kalenborn, Ludwig          LYONS TWP        359
Kalpan, Thomas             LYONS TWP        337
Kammer, Daniel             SHARON TWP       462
Kammer, William            SHARON TWP       462
Kane, Adam                 BLOOMFIELD TWP   207
Kane, Anthony              LIBERTY TWP      450
Kane, Bridgett             ELK RIVER TWP    251
Kane, David                LYONS TWP        361
Kane, Dennis               SPRING ROCK TWP  433
Kane, John                 LYONS TWP        382
Kane, John                 SHARON TWP       494
Kane, John                 SPRING ROCK TWP  436
Kane, Michael              SPRING ROCK TWP  436
Kane, Richard              LIBERTY TWP      448
Kane, Thomas               SHARON TWP       495
Kankean, William           CLINTON TWP      318
Kanker, William            LYONS TWP        357
Kanna, Ann                 LYONS TWP        352
Kanna, James               LYONS TWP        350
Kanna, Richard             LYONS TWP        351
Kasey, Mary E.             DE WITT TWP      129
Kateman, Henry             CLINTON TWP      324
Katerman, Henry            CLINTON TWP      324
Kather, Joseph             WELTON TWP       191
Kaufman, Chares A.         LYONS TWP        383
Kauis, Joshua              SHARON TWP       483
Kavanagh, John             LYONS TWP        371
Kavanaugh, Bridget         ELK RIVER TWP    245
Kavanaugh, Philip          ELK RIVER TWP    247
Kayler, Samuel             WASHINGTON TWP   061
Kaylor, Fredrick           LYONS TWP        359
Kaylor, William F.         HAMPSHIRE TWP    274
Keel, James                DE WITT TWP      138
Keeler, Nusau              LYONS TWP        364
Kehoe, Margaret            LYONS TWP        354
Kehoe, Thomas              LYONS TWP        353
Keiff, Thomas              CLINTON TWP      304
Keiser, Henry              ELK RIVER TWP    258
Keith, Hannah              LYONS TWP        391
Keith, Joseph              BERLIN TWP       499
Keley, Henry               DE WITT TWP      179
Keller, George             WASHINGTON TWP   055
Keller, Joseph B.          LYONS TWP        385
Kelley, Adam               WASHINGTON TWP   070
Kelley, Alexander          OLIVE TWP        417
Kelley, Dennis             DE WITT TWP      131
Kelley, Edward             DE WITT TWP      132
Kelley, Edward             WASHINGTON TWP   050
Kelley, James              WELTON TWP       191
Kelley, John               DE WITT TWP      179
Kelley, Joseph             LYONS TWP        391
Kelley, Micahel            DE WITT TWP      169
Kelley, Michael            SHARON TWP       465
Kelley, Patrick            BLOOMFIELD TWP   199
Kelley, Rosanna            DE WITT TWP      134
Kelley, Thomas             LYONS TWP        381
Kellog, Mary               LYONS TWP        403
Kelly, Charles             EDEN TWP         108
Kelly, Thomas              DEEP CREEK TWP   082
Kelog, Louther             WASHINGTON TWP   069
Kelogg, Mary               LYONS TWP        403
Kelse, Nancy               SHARON TWP       473
Kendall, D. Coy            OLIVE TWP        424
Kendin, Franklin           DEEP CREEK TWP   086
Kenedy, Bridgett           CLINTON TWP      299
Kenedy, Martin             CLINTON TWP      319
Keneon, Solomon            BLOOMFIELD TWP   217
Kenidy, Bridget            DE WITT TWP      171
Kenle, Michael             WATERFORD TWP    099
Kennedey, David            ORANGE TWP       219
Kennedy, Bridget           DE WITT TWP      144
Kennedy, William           DE WITT TWP      135
Kenning, John              HAMPSHIRE TWP    284
Kenyon, Phineas            SHARON TWP       491
Keohaven, John             WATERFORD TWP    105
Keottey, James W.          DE WITT TWP      145
Keplar, John A.            OLIVE TWP        416
Kerkock, Henry             LYONS TWP        342
Kerney, James              WELTON TWP       185
Kerney, Mary               WELTON TWP       186
Kerrill, M.                WASHINGTON TWP   056
Kerst, John                BLOOMFIELD TWP   212
Kerst, Mary                BLOOMFIELD TWP   213
Kerwin, Patrick            WATERFORD TWP    105
Kessen, Frederick          SPRING ROCK TWP  446
Keswin, James              DEEP CREEK TWP   085
Ketchen, Thomas            DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Ketchum, Abijah            CAMANCHE TWP     019
Ketchum, Catharine         CAMANCHE TWP     001
Key, Harman                EDEN TWP         117
Key, Herman                CAMANCHE TWP     004
Keyes, Jonas C.            CLINTON TWP      295
Keyser, John               LYONS TWP        387
Kgnett, Rev. A. J.         LYONS TWP        366
Kibby, Meggs               SPRING ROCK TWP  430
Kieff, James               CLINTON TWP      304
Kiggin, Thomas             DEEP CREEK TWP   081
Killam, Jmary A.           LYONS TWP        359
Killam, John               LYONS TWP        358
Kilmes, Jerimiah           CAMANCHE TWP     012
Kilrain, Patrick           SHARON TWP       485
Kimbal, George             LYONS TWP        364
Kimball, Haris             SPRING ROCK TWP  441
Kimball, Isaac             WELTON TWP       187
Kimball, Jacob             WELTON TWP       187
Kincade, Michael           ELK RIVER TWP    252
Kincol, George             CLINTON TWP      323
Kindol, James              CAMANCHE TWP     021
Kindred, Martha            ELK RIVER TWP    255
Kine, Jason B.             CLINTON TWP      319
King, Catharine            LYONS TWP        403
King, Florence             CLINTON TWP      314
King, George               OLIVE TWP        422
King, James                CLINTON TWP      327
King, John W.              DE WITT TWP      172
King, Patrick              CLINTON TWP      328
King, Philip H.            LYONS TWP        390
Kingley, Genett            CLINTON TWP      314
Kingon, Thomas B.          OLIVE TWP        420
Kinkade, Isabella          WASHINGTON TWP   055
Kinkade, John              WASHINGTON TWP   068
Kinkade, Robert            DE WITT TWP      151
Kinney, Bridget            WASHINGTON TWP   058
Kinney, George             DE WITT TWP      167
Kinney, Harrow             DE WITT TWP      164
Kinney, Louis              DE WITT TWP      167
Kinney, Thomas             BERLIN TWP       499
Kinsey, John               WELTON TWP       197
Kirkham, Mark              CLINTON TWP      297
Kittle, Joisha W.          LYONS TWP        388
Kittle, L. D.              BLOOMFIELD TWP   202
Kitty, John                LYONS TWP        349
Klange, Fritz              WASHINGTON TWP   066
Klein, Ellen               HAMPSHIRE TWP    265
Klepisco, Theodore         HAMPSHIRE TWP    267
Klindt, David              CAMANCHE TWP     029
Klunbrink, Charles         LIBERTY TWP      447
Klutz, John                BLOOMFIELD TWP   207
Knapp, Jackson             HAMPSHIRE TWP    279
Knapp, Mary                CAMANCHE TWP     029
Knight, A. P.              DE WITT TWP      167
Knight, Louisa             OLIVE TWP        425
Knight, William            OLIVE TWP        424
Knigton, Thomas            LYONS TWP        351
Knowles, G. R.             BERLIN TWP       497
Knox, Lizzie               LYONS TWP        376
Koch, Peter                ELK RIVER TWP    238
Kohll, Hiram               ELK RIVER TWP    258
Kohoe, Bartholomew         DE WITT TWP      149
Koldhamer, Kaleb           ELK RIVER TWP    262
Koon, David                WATERFORD TWP    096
Koon, Edwin                WATERFORD TWP    103
Koons, William             CLINTON TWP      302
Kossare, William           LYONS TWP        358
Kosterman, Fritz           LYONS TWP        359
Krabo, John                LYONS TWP        357
Kramer, John               ELK RIVER TWP    250
Krase, Pauyl               DEEP CREEK TWP   090
Krebs, Frederick           CLINTON TWP      295
Kreim, Henry               CLINTON TWP      324
Kresant, Mettis            LYONS TWP        359
Krimer, Barney             ELK RIVER TWP    229
Krocht, Ernst              ELK RIVER TWP    240
Kroh, Henry                CAMANCHE TWP     034
Krons, Jacob               CLINTON TWP      298
Krouse, Peter              EDEN TWP         110
Krouse, Sebastian          LYONS TWP        348
Kruse, Paul                DEEP CREEK TWP   090
Kublar, Lunhart            OLIVE TWP        417
Kuesel, John               DE WITT TWP      148
Kummy, Samuel              DE WITT TWP      126
Labbus, John               LYONS TWP        393
Labold, Martin             LYONS TWP        358
Labracek, Joseph           LYONS TWP        379
Labren, Neilse             HAMPSHIRE TWP    267
Lackey, Charles            ORANGE TWP       222
Lackey, Timothy            WELTON TWP       187
Lacsvet, Killum            CLINTON TWP      330
Ladler, Robert             BLOOMFIELD TWP   211
Ladur, Jane                CLINTON TWP      332
Laferty, John              OLIVE TWP        427
Lafferty, Barney           HAMPSHIRE TWP    283
Lafferty, Owen             HAMPSHIRE TWP    282
Lage, Peter                CAMANCHE TWP     022
Lague, Daniel              WASHINGTON TWP   054
Lahann, Clause             SPRING ROCK TWP  439
Lahey, Timothy             DE WITT TWP      177
Lake, Benjamin             LYONS TWP        402
Lake, William              CLINTON TWP      301
Lakefield, Andrew J.       HAMPSHIRE TWP    277
Lakey, William C.          DE WITT TWP      146
Lally, Martin              DE WITT TWP      125
Lally, Tersia              DE WITT TWP      126
Lamb, Chancy               CLINTON TWP      305
Lamb, William H.           CLINTON TWP      309
Lambert, John H.           LIBERTY TWP      453
Lambert, William           EDEN TWP         108
Lamborg, Margaret          WASHINGTON TWP   060
Lamont, Wiliam B.          LYONS TWP        364
Lamotte, Alexander         SHARON TWP       473
Lamp, Henry                ELK RIVER TWP    233
Lamp, Lewis                WASHINGTON TWP   060
Lanagan, Patrick           LYONS TWP        342
Lanagan, William           CLINTON TWP      301
Lanagars, William          LYONS TWP        353
Lanagna, William           CLINTON TWP      301
Landerbaugh, Miles         WATERFORD TWP    095
Landrakin, Archibald       DE WITT TWP      129
Landshof, Henry            CAMANCHE TWP     021
Lane, Amos                 WASHINGTON TWP   064
Lane, Edward               DE WITT TWP      140
Lane, James                CLINTON TWP      319
Lane, Mary                 DE WITT TWP      181
Lane, Patrick              WASHINGTON TWP   064
Laneck, Ann                WASHINGTON TWP   062
Laneck, H.                 WASHINGTON TWP   061
Langan, Bernard            WASHINGTON TWP   053
Langer, Justus             DE WITT TWP      137
Langford, Charles E.       LYONS TWP        362
Langran, Charles           LYONS TWP        381
Langran, Patrick           LYONS TWP        353
Lank, George               WASHINGTON TWP   052
Lanka, Fritz               DE WITT TWP      138
Lankar, Charles            LYONS TWP        395
Lanning, Martha            CAMANCHE TWP     022
Lanphere, Mary             SPRING ROCK TWP  442
Lanphere, William          SPRING ROCK TWP  441
Lantmire, John N.          HAMPSHIRE TWP    267
Large, Thomas              DE WITT TWP      140
Larry, John                LYONS TWP        347
Larry, Patrick             LYONS TWP        346
Latfield, Polly            SHARON TWP       482
Latham, James              DE WITT TWP      173
Lathrop, Charles           LYONS TWP        370
Latton, Charles            OLIVE TWP        420
Lauagan, Patrick           ELK RIVER TWP    229
Lauderakin, Hnery          DE WITT TWP      128
Lauell, James              EDEN TWP         121
Laughan, George            SHARON TWP       479
Laughlin, John             DEEP CREEK TWP   076
Laughlin, John             DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Laughlin, Patrick          DEEP CREEK TWP   076
Launing, Samuel            CAMANCHE TWP     013
Laurance, Isaac            CAMANCHE TWP     012
Laurance, Susan            CAMANCHE TWP     013
Lauring, Eli               CAMANCHE TWP     017
Lavelle, John              LIBERTY TWP      460
Lavine, Silva O.           HAMPSHIRE TWP    280
Laweekiss, Doris           CENTRE TWP       074
Lawler, Daniel             WASHINGTON TWP   049
Lawler, Elizabeth          WASHINGTON TWP   049
Lawler, John               WASHINGTON TWP   049
Lawler, Patrick            WASHINGTON TWP   048
Lawning, Samuel            CAMANCHE TWP     003
Lawton, Mary L.            LYONS TWP        402
Lawton, P.                 CAMANCHE TWP     022
Lawton, William            CAMANCHE TWP     016
Layck, Ruben               HAMPSHIRE TWP    291
Laycock, Andrew B.         CLINTON TWP      293
Laycock, William           WASHINGTON TWP   056
Leaper, Mary               LYONS TWP        337
Lee, Edward                DE WITT TWP      158
Lee, Francis               CLINTON TWP      313
Lee, Harry W.              CAMANCHE TWP     033
Lee, J. H.                 CAMANCHE TWP     037
Lee, John                  LYONS TWP        361
Lee, M. J.                 WATERFORD TWP    093
Lee, Nornan                CAMANCHE TWP     036
Lee, Robert                WASHINGTON TWP   068
Leedam, William            LYONS TWP        394
Leedham, Thomas            LYONS TWP        380
Leeper, Charles            DE WITT TWP      148
Leeper, Mary M.            DE WITT TWP      149
Leffingwell, William E.    LYONS TWP        404
Lehman, Adam               HAMPSHIRE TWP    266
Leits, Barbara             OLIVE TWP        421
Leland, Ezra               LYONS TWP        392
Lendehoff, Henry           EDEN TWP         117
Lengard, James             EDEN TWP         116
Lentz, Joseph              DE WITT TWP      155
Leonard, Charles           CLINTON TWP      324
Leonard, Elijah            OLIVE TWP        413
Leowillen, Joseph E.       LYONS TWP        367
Lepper, J.                 WASHINGTON TWP   065
Lepper, James              BLOOMFIELD TWP   216
Leptine, Weebaca           SPRING ROCK TWP  440
Leroy, Abram               LYONS TWP        367
Leroy, William G.          CLINTON TWP      310
Leslie, Robert             CLINTON TWP      300
Levitt, Edward             DE WITT TWP      139
Levson, Andrew C.          CENTRE TWP       074
Levson, Lawrence           CENTRE TWP       073
Lewis, Agnes M.            LYONS TWP        338
Lewis, Alfred              CLINTON TWP      333
Lewis, Daniel              CLINTON TWP      321
Lewis, Efliet              OLIVE TWP        428
Lewis, Florance C.         CLINTON TWP      312
Lewis, George S.           SPRING ROCK TWP  433
Lewis, Hanah L.            CLINTON TWP      290
Lewis, Morris D.           CLINTON TWP      311
Lewisfield, Frederick      SHARON TWP       485
Leymor, Alford             WASHINGTON TWP   058
Lillers, James             LYONS TWP        346
Lilley, Edwin J.           CLINTON TWP      296
Lilley, Mark               CLINTON TWP      308
Lilley, Rolland L.         CLINTON TWP      296
Lillie, Alice              SHARON TWP       466
Lillie, Arthur             SHARON TWP       465
Lillie, B. A.              SHARON TWP       465
Lillie, George             SHARON TWP       475
Lilly, August              CAMANCHE TWP     020
Limbeck, John              CAMANCHE TWP     031
Limman, Casper             LYONS TWP        348
Linbach, William           LYONS TWP        384
Lincoln, Paterson          EDEN TWP         123
Lincon, Josiah             CLINTON TWP      311
Linders, Christian         HAMPSHIRE TWP    271
Lindley, Edward S.         CLINTON TWP      315
Lindly, John               CAMANCHE TWP     019
Lindsay, Edward            ELK RIVER TWP    251
Line, John                 WASHINGTON TWP   061
Line, Robert               CLINTON TWP      289
Lingard, Edward            DE WITT TWP      155
Lingard, William           CAMANCHE TWP     030
Lingnid, Mathew            CAMANCHE TWP     010
Linney, Edward             LIBERTY TWP      456
Linney, Joshua             LIBERTY TWP      456
Lint, John                 CAMANCHE TWP     013
Liskey, William            CAMANCHE TWP     018
Lisor, George              DEEP CREEK TWP   078
Littig, Mary C.            CAMANCHE TWP     023
Little, Elizabeth          CAMANCHE TWP     035
Lity, Fredrick             CAMANCHE TWP     026
Lloyd, Charles             CLINTON TWP      311
Lobens, Frank              LYONS TWP        358
Lockwood, Hiram            SHARON TWP       481
Lockwood, Lucy             LYONS TWP        395
Lockwood, Stephen          DE WITT TWP      178
Lockwood, William          WATERFORD TWP    103
Lodd, J. A.                LIBERTY TWP      453
Lodumel, Gustaous O.       LYONS TWP        344
Lofborough, Davis          BLOOMFIELD TWP   217
Lofborough, Isaac N.       BLOOMFIELD TWP   217
Lofborough, John W.        BLOOMFIELD TWP   218
Lohse, Christian           SPRING ROCK TWP  440
Loman, Henry               LIBERTY TWP      448
Long, Andrew               SPRING ROCK TWP  446
Long, Daniel               CLINTON TWP      328
Long, Farret               HAMPSHIRE TWP    271
Long, Frederick            ELK RIVER TWP    243
Long, Garret               ELK RIVER TWP    231
Long, Jacob                SHARON TWP       464
Long, Jeremiah             CLINTON TWP      323
Long, John                 LYONS TWP        337
Long, Joseph               ELK RIVER TWP    238
Long, L. W. J.             CAMANCHE TWP     027
Longpass, Henry            SPRING ROCK TWP  436
Lonusberry, William        ELK RIVER TWP    240
Looby, Martin              CLINTON TWP      312
Loomis, Matilda M.         CLINTON TWP      328
Lord, Harley               LYONS TWP        384
Lord, O. P.                DE WITT TWP      168
Lorett, Edwin              CLINTON TWP      307
Lorgenfera, Henry          LYONS TWP        390
Loring, William H.         BLOOMFIELD TWP   200
Lorson, Michael            OLIVE TWP        418
Loss, Peter                WATERFORD TWP    098
Louge, David               WASHINGTON TWP   048
Louis, Nicholas            HAMPSHIRE TWP    280
Louk, George               OLIVE TWP        411
Lourg, George              DEEP CREEK TWP   088
Louse, Jochim              SPRING ROCK TWP  446
Love, Benjamin F.          DE WITT TWP      131
Love, William              DE WITT TWP      152
Lovejoy, George F.         CLINTON TWP      312
Lovell, Allen J.           LYONS TWP        343
Lovell, Sephus O.          DE WITT TWP      160
Loveney, Maratte           EDEN TWP         108
Lowe, George A.            DE WITT TWP      181
Lowe, Henry                WASHINGTON TWP   065
Lowe, John A.              CLINTON TWP      334
Lowe, Philip               LYONS TWP        386
Lowery, Isreal H.          LYONS TWP        367
Lowney, Robert             LYONS TWP        402
Lowrey, George             DEEP CREEK TWP   088
Lowry, Henry               DE WITT TWP      148
Lowry, Kate                DE WITT TWP      169
Lowry, Louis               ORANGE TWP       224
Lowy, John                 ELK RIVER TWP    240
Loyns, John                LYONS TWP        342
Lucas, Alexander           WASHINGTON TWP   068
Lucas, Edwin               DE WITT TWP      157
Lucas, Louis               DE WITT TWP      132
Luck, John                 DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Luckey, Jackson            ORANGE TWP       223
Lucus, John                ELK RIVER TWP    254
Lucus, Nancy               LYONS TWP        370
Lucy, Jane                 WASHINGTON TWP   054
Lucy, Jeremiah             WELTON TWP       197
Ludden, Amings             LIBERTY TWP      456
Ludinek, Samuel            EDEN TWP         108
Ludwick, Jacob             SHARON TWP       482
Luher, Daniel              SHARON TWP       482
Luig, John                 EDEN TWP         111
Lukens, Eliam              LYONS TWP        364
Lum, Seth                  DE WITT TWP      151
Lumback, Casper            LYONS TWP        393
Lumbard, Andros S.         DEEP CREEK TWP   092
Lumes, Anna                WASHINGTON TWP   058
Luming, James              BLOOMFIELD TWP   216
Lundy, C. H.               SHARON TWP       490
Lunow, James               CAMANCHE TWP     013
Lutt, Minna                LIBERTY TWP      447
Lyall, William             LYONS TWP        378
Lyman, Benjamin            SHARON TWP       477
Lymbly, Robert F.          WASHINGTON TWP   070
Lynch, Bridget             ELK RIVER TWP    257
Lynch, Dennis              ELK RIVER TWP    255
Lynch, George              WELTON TWP       192
Lynch, James               OLIVE TWP        411
Lynch, Margaret            WELTON TWP       193
Lynch, Patrick             LYONS TWP        353
Lynch, Robert              WELTON TWP       192
Lynch, William             CLINTON TWP      324
Lynn, Charles              LYONS TWP        384
Lynn, David                CLINTON TWP      292
Lynn, Joseph               LYONS TWP        400
Lyon, Jams                 WASHINGTON TWP   048
Lyons, Cornelius           LYONS TWP        379
Lyons, John                LYONS TWP        338
Lyons, Luri                LYONS TWP        338
Lyons, Richard A.          EDEN TWP         111
Lyons, Richard A.          CAMANCHE TWP     014
Lytle, C. C.               DE WITT TWP      173
Lytle, Joseph              DE WITT TWP      134
Macquigg, William          CAMANCHE TWP     035
Madden, Martin D.          LYONS TWP        391
Madian, Polley             LYONS TWP        371
Magher, Kate               DE WITT TWP      171
Magill, Samuel G.          LYONS TWP        385
Maglon, Catharine          LYONS TWP        400
Magnar, John               SPRING ROCK TWP  438
Maguire, William L.        LYONS TWP        388
Mahan, Edward              WASHINGTON TWP   043
Mahan, Mary                LYONS TWP        339
Mahan, Nicholas            LYONS TWP        338
Mahara, Bridget            LYONS TWP        362
Maharry, Samuel            DE WITT TWP      150
Maher, David               OLIVE TWP        415
Maher, Edward              DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Maher, Michael             OLIVE TWP        415
Maher, Patrick             WATERFORD TWP    099
Mahon, Roger               WASHINGTON TWP   069
Mahoney, James D.          CLINTON TWP      319
Mahoney, John              CLINTON TWP      333
Maine, Gardner             LIBERTY TWP      454
Mair, Jacob                WASHINGTON TWP   060
Mairs, John                WASHINGTON TWP   050
Maker, Cornelius           LYONS TWP        382
Maker, George              WASHINGTON TWP   058
Makinson, Sawyer           LYONS TWP        346
Malaher, William           LYONS TWP        353
Malia, Naphy               CLINTON TWP      299
Mallory, William           WASHINGTON TWP   045
Malone, James              CLINTON TWP      319
Malony, Michael            CLINTON TWP      302
Malony, Michael            CLINTON TWP      327
Maloy, Edward              LYONS TWP        343
Maloy, Michael             LYONS TWP        342
Malu, Richard              CLINTON TWP      333
Manan, Patrick             LYONS TWP        377
Manham, Mary               WATERFORD TWP    097
Maning, Lorinda            LIBERTY TWP      448
Maning, William            LIBERTY TWP      447
Manley, Daniel             WASHINGTON TWP   059
Mann, Anthony              DE WITT TWP      140
Manning, ???               CAMANCHE TWP     008
Manning, Abigal            CAMANCHE TWP     022
Manning, Dennis            HAMPSHIRE TWP    275
Manning, Elenore           CAMANCHE TWP     008
Manning, Hannah            LYONS TWP        401
Manning, John F.           HAMPSHIRE TWP    284
Manning, Peter             DE WITT TWP      133
Mans, Rebecca H.           OLIVE TWP        416
Mansfield, Michael         SPRING ROCK TWP  444
Manville, Isaac N.         LYONS TWP        376
Manwarran, Alvin           ORANGE TWP       220
Manwarren, George          LIBERTY TWP      455
Maples, Thomas             CAMANCHE TWP     022
Maraw, Franis              LYONS TWP        401
Marcellus, Charles         LYONS TWP        393
Marcom, Byron              ORANGE TWP       225
Mariam, Jane               WASHINGTON TWP   057
Markham, Elijah            WATERFORD TWP    094
Markland, Jesse            WELTON TWP       186
Markland, Sylvanus         WELTON TWP       186
Marks, Hannah              CAMANCHE TWP     016
Maron, Christopher         EDEN TWP         121
Marron, James              HAMPSHIRE TWP    284
Marron, John               LYONS TWP        371
Marrow, John               ELK RIVER TWP    236
Marrow, Patrick            ELK RIVER TWP    236
Marroy, Michael            DE WITT TWP      142
Marsh, Ann                 DEEP CREEK TWP   087
Marshall, Harmon           SHARON TWP       480
Marshall, Henry            DE WITT TWP      146
Marshall, Joseph           DE WITT TWP      145
Martin, Adaline            LYONS TWP        350
Martin, Caleb C.           SHARON TWP       484
Martin, Catharine          CLINTON TWP      296
Martin, Cornelius          LYONS TWP        388
Martin, Edwin              SHARON TWP       472
Martin, Jacob              WATERFORD TWP    099
Martin, Michael            LYONS TWP        348
Martin, Paul               SPRING ROCK TWP  445
Martin, Samuel             LYONS TWP        360
Martin, Wiliam             WATERFORD TWP    093
Martin, William            SHARON TWP       471
Martin, William A.         SHARON TWP       471
Martins, Hans              SPRING ROCK TWP  445
Martins, John              SPRING ROCK TWP  444
Marvin, John C.            CLINTON TWP      334
Marx, Theodore             LYONS TWP        352
Mary, Bertha               LYONS TWP        403
Mary, Leopold              LYONS TWP        402
Mason, Alexander           OLIVE TWP        414
Mason, Calin               DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Mason, Thomas              DE WITT TWP      161
Mast, Anna                 SHARON TWP       486
Mast, Christina            SHARON TWP       485
Masterson, Thomas          CLINTON TWP      302
Matha, Abel                LYONS TWP        392
Mathar, Smith              WASHINGTON TWP   065
Mathew, John H.            CAMANCHE TWP     031
Mathews, Sanford           CAMANCHE TWP     011
Mattesson, Oliver          DE WITT TWP      137
Mattis, Romane             CAMANCHE TWP     015
Mattus, William J.         CLINTON TWP      326
Matz, John                 DE WITT TWP      153
Mauman, Barnard            HAMPSHIRE TWP    268
Maxwell, J. S.             SHARON TWP       494
Maxwell, Lyman             LIBERTY TWP      457
May, Catharine             DE WITT TWP      138
May, Catherine             OLIVE TWP        416
May, Ellen                 DE WITT TWP      171
May, George                HAMPSHIRE TWP    280
May, Henry                 WATERFORD TWP    099
May, James                 OLIVE TWP        415
May, Jane                  OLIVE TWP        413
Maynard, Cyrus C.          OLIVE TWP        426
Maynard, John W.           DE WITT TWP      171
Maynard, Manley A.         DE WITT TWP      146
Maynard, Oliver            OLIVE TWP        423
Maynard, Solomon           DE WITT TWP      171 
Mays, Alexander            DE WITT TWP      126
Mays, Calvin               DE WITT TWP      126
Mays, Mary                 DE WITT TWP      130
Mayson, William            CLINTON TWP      301
Mayton, William M.         CLINTON TWP      301
Mc Mahan, Louisa           LYONS TWP        350
Mcadnrew, Michael          LIBERTY TWP      459
Mcalister, Patrick         DEEP CREEK TWP   083
Mcallister, Achable        DE WITT TWP      163
Mcallister, Hugh           CLINTON TWP      326
Mcallister, Peter          DE WITT TWP      142
Mcandress, Edward          LIBERTY TWP      455
Mcarthur, Joseph E.        OLIVE TWP        426
Mcbride, Robert            DE WITT TWP      167
Mccann, Catharine          DE WITT TWP      158
Mccann, John               DE WITT TWP      157
Mccann, John               LYONS TWP        353
Mccann, Philip             WATERFORD TWP    103
Mccann, William            WASHINGTON TWP   060
Mccarmick, Henry           CLINTON TWP      317
Mccarter, Robert           SHARON TWP       466
Mccarty, Charles           WASHINGTON TWP   062
Mccarty, Elizabeth         WASHINGTON TWP   063
Mccarty, Ellen             CLINTON TWP      302
Mccarty, James             WASHINGTON TWP   051
Mccarty, Jams              CENTRE TWP       075
Mccarty, Jesse             EDEN TWP         117
Mccarty, John              CLINTON TWP      301
Mccarty, John              SPRING ROCK TWP  432
Mccarty, Joshua            DE WITT TWP      144
Mccarty, Richard           OLIVE TWP        421
Mccarty, Sarah             CLINTON TWP      320
Mcccas, Jacob              CLINTON TWP      290
Mccinn, Hugh               WASHINGTON TWP   047
Mcclanahan, John M.        ELK RIVER TWP    237
Mcclaney, Michael          CLINTON TWP      318
Mcclay, Charles            CLINTON TWP      311
Mcclellan, Hugh            SHARON TWP       470
Mcclellan, James           DEEP CREEK TWP   089
Mcclintock, Francis        ELK RIVER TWP    257
Mcclintock, George         SHARON TWP       475
Mcclister, Elizabeth       LYONS TWP        392
Mcclockey, Patrick         WASHINGTON TWP   064
Mccloe, Peter              SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Mcclue, Archibald          WATERFORD TWP    097
Mcclues, George            CLINTON TWP      303
Mccoller, Mary J.          ELK RIVER TWP    237
Mccollom, Emma J.          SHARON TWP       476
Mccollough, Jaems          WASHINGTON TWP   067
Mccone, Alexander          HAMPSHIRE TWP    279
Mccone, Catharine          HAMPSHIRE TWP    279
Mccone, George             HAMPSHIRE TWP    278
Mccone, John               HAMPSHIRE TWP    278
Mccone, Thomas             ELK RIVER TWP    230
Mcconnel, James C.         CLINTON TWP      290
Mccorkle, Benjamin E.      DE WITT TWP      154
Mccormick, J. N.           DE WITT TWP      167
Mccormick, James B.        DE WITT TWP      168
Mccormick, Thomas          DEEP CREEK TWP   092
Mccormick, Thomas          HAMPSHIRE TWP    280
Mccortney, Isabelle        LYONS TWP        396
Mccoy, Anthony             BLOOMFIELD TWP   204
Mccoy, Dennis              WASHINGTON TWP   063
Mccoy, Edward              LYONS TWP        382
Mccoy, James               WASHINGTON TWP   054
Mccoy, John                WASHINGTON TWP   050
Mccoy, Michael             BLOOMFIELD TWP   200
Mccoy, Patrick             WASHINGTON TWP   054
Mccracken, William         DE WITT TWP      173
Mccreany, Eliza            ELK RIVER TWP    253
Mccue, James               LIBERTY TWP      460
Mccullogh, James N.        ELK RIVER TWP    244
Mccullough, Ann            DE WITT TWP      177
Mccune, Samuel             ELK RIVER TWP    240
Mcdannel, Perry P.         CLINTON TWP      309
Mcdennud, Henry            HAMPSHIRE TWP    275
Mcdermot, Luke             WASHINGTON TWP   053
Mcdermot, Thomas           WASHINGTON TWP   047
Mcdesmond, Elizabeth       SPRING ROCK TWP  432
Mcdevitt, Charles          DE WITT TWP      139
Mcdevitt, Daniel           DE WITT TWP      136
Mcdevitt, Elizabeth        DE WITT TWP      172
Mcdevitt, Jane             DE WITT TWP      180
Mcdevitt, John             DE WITT TWP      134
Mcdevitt, John             WASHINGTON TWP   063
Mcdivit, Patrick           LYONS TWP        362
Mcdonald, Alexander        LIBERTY TWP      458
Mcdonald, Anthony          LIBERTY TWP      460
Mcdonald, Daniel           LYONS TWP        401
Mcdonald, James            LYONS TWP        399
Mcdonald, Jams             LYONS TWP        378
Mcdonald, John J.          WASHINGTON TWP   045
Mcdonald, Kate             CLINTON TWP      333
Mcdonald, Lalwer           CAMANCHE TWP     028
Mcdonald, Maria            LYONS TWP        399
Mcdonald, Michael          ELK RIVER TWP    246
Mcdonald, Moriah           CAMANCHE TWP     027
Mcdonald, Patrick          LIBERTY TWP      458
Mcdonald, Peter            CLINTON TWP      311
Mcdonald, Rodalinde        DE WITT TWP      173
Mcdonald, Sarah            LYONS TWP        401
Mcdonald, Thomas           DEEP CREEK TWP   085
Mcdonnah, Ramey            LYONS TWP        369
Mcdonnell, James           WATERFORD TWP    102
Mcdougall, John            DE WITT TWP      137
Mcdough, Michael           DE WITT TWP      144
Mcdwit, Susan              LYONS TWP        341
Mcelhattam, John           WASHINGTON TWP   051
Mcelhattan, Daniel         WASHINGTON TWP   051
Mcentire, Sarah P.         CAMANCHE TWP     026
Mcfaden, Patrick           CLINTON TWP      299
Mcfarlan, Abram Y.         ELK RIVER TWP    236
Mcgarnard, Ellen           CLINTON TWP      334
Mcgary, Ames               WASHINGTON TWP   043
Mcgary, Martin             EDEN TWP         117
Mcgaue, William            DE WITT TWP      174
Mcgaughy, Ann              DE WITT TWP      171
Mcgaughy, John             ORANGE TWP       224
Mcgavrey, A. J.            DE WITT TWP      179
Mcgee, Thomas H.           LYONS TWP        402
Mcgenty, Owen              CLINTON TWP      332
Mcgill, Frances            CAMANCHE TWP     005
Mcginis, William           WASHINGTON TWP   046
Mcginity, John             EDEN TWP         118
Mcginn, Christopher        WASHINGTON TWP   052
Mcginn, Peter              WASHINGTON TWP   052
Mcginn, William            BLOOMFIELD TWP   218
Mcginnly, James            HAMPSHIRE TWP    273
Mcgintry, John             CLINTON TWP      294
Mcginty, Bernard           WASHINGTON TWP   058
Mcglimore, Catherine       WASHINGTON TWP   046
Mcglimore, John            WASHINGTON TWP   045
Mcglowen, John             CLINTON TWP      326
Mcglyn, Edward             ELK RIVER TWP    232
Mcglyn, Peter              ELK RIVER TWP    232
Mcgonale, Patrick          HAMPSHIRE TWP    275
Mcgonson, Anthony          DEEP CREEK TWP   081
Mcgonson, Francis          DEEP CREEK TWP   082
Mcgoude, Jams              LYONS TWP        348
Mcgown, Catharine          HAMPSHIRE TWP    275
Mcgown, Francis            HAMPSHIRE TWP    274
Mcgown, Michael            LIBERTY TWP      448
Mcgra, Mary                CAMANCHE TWP     005
Mcgra, William             CAMANCHE TWP     001
Mcgrad, Michael            CLINTON TWP      330
Mcgrain, James             HAMPSHIRE TWP    270
Mcgrain, Mathew            HAMPSHIRE TWP    270
Mcgran, Patrick            LYONS TWP        352
Mcgrath, Frank             CLINTON TWP      308
Mcgrath, Jams              ELK RIVER TWP    257
Mcgraw, Richard            CLINTON TWP      319
Mcguire, Christoper        CLINTON TWP      330
Mcguire, Joseph            WATERFORD TWP    106
Mcguire, Patrick           CLINTON TWP      307
Mcgullen, Richard          LYONS TWP        343
Mcgunagle, Edward          HAMPSHIRE TWP    270
Mchale, Thmas              DE WITT TWP      144
Mchanes, John              WELTON TWP       187
Mcherman, Bernard          WASHINGTON TWP   047
Mcintire, William          ELK RIVER TWP    244
Mcintyre, Catharine        OLIVE TWP        409
Mckale, Michael            SPRING ROCK TWP  445
Mckeen, Adam               ELK RIVER TWP    242
Mckeen, David              ELK RIVER TWP    242
Mckeen, John               ELK RIVER TWP    244
Mckeller, Daniel           LIBERTY TWP      449
Mckenson, Evan             LYONS TWP        366
Mckim, William             DE WITT TWP      178
Mckim, William C.          DE WITT TWP      179
Mckindrick, Andrew         CAMANCHE TWP     029
Mckindrick, Idy J.         CAMANCHE TWP     030
Mckinna, John              HAMPSHIRE TWP    269
Mckinney, James W.         CAMANCHE TWP     005
Mckinney, Michael          CLINTON TWP      293
Mckinney, Moris            CAMANCHE TWP     004
Mckinney, Patrick          ELK RIVER TWP    232
Mclain, James              OLIVE TWP        422
Mclane, David R.           DE WITT TWP      167
Mclane, P. C.              CAMANCHE TWP     037
Mclauflin, Anna            CAMANCHE TWP     035
Mclaughlin, Alanson        DE WITT TWP      167
Mclaughlin, Bernard        HAMPSHIRE TWP    271
Mclaughlin, Dennis         CLINTON TWP      299
Mclaughlin, James          HAMPSHIRE TWP    283
Mclaughlin, John           SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Mclaughlin, Malissa        DE WITT TWP      130
Mclaughlin, Margaret       DE WITT TWP      170
Mclaughlin, Mary           CLINTON TWP      308
Mclaughlin, Mary           LYONS TWP        398
Mclaughlin, Michael        CLINTON TWP      326
Mclaughlin, Michael        WASHINGTON TWP   064
Mclaughlin, Timothy        HAMPSHIRE TWP    272
Mclaughlin, William        WATERFORD TWP    104
Mclaughlin, William J.     LIBERTY TWP      449
Mcluskie, John             CAMANCHE TWP     026
Mcmahan, Barnard           LYONS TWP        345
Mcmahan, Dennis            SPRING ROCK TWP  444
Mcmahan, Hugh              LYONS TWP        345
Mcmahan, Margaret          CLINTON TWP      309
Mcmahan, Oliver            LYONS TWP        385
Mcmahan, Thomas            CLINTON TWP      303
Mcmalley, Owen             CLINTON TWP      328
Mcmamara, John             CLINTON TWP      319
Mcmanis, Patrick           WASHINGTON TWP   047
Mcmanus, Michael           WATERFORD TWP    103
Mcmanus, Patrick           WASHINGTON TWP   061
Mcmaylow, John             DE WITT TWP      144
Mcmillan, Mary E.          LIBERTY TWP      459
Mcmillan, William C.       LIBERTY TWP      458
Mcmullen, Adam             LYONS TWP        381
Mcmullen, Daniel           EDEN TWP         117
Mcmullen, Edward           EDEN TWP         116
Mcmullen, John             BERLIN TWP       496
Mcmullen, Nancy            WASHINGTON TWP   046
Mcmullen, Patrick          WASHINGTON TWP   041
Mcmullin, Patrick          WASHINGTON TWP   046
Mcmuran, James             EDEN TWP         112
Mcnally, Philip            SHARON TWP       478
Mcnaly, Ann                CLINTON TWP      328
Mcnamara, John             CLINTON TWP      319
Mcnaughton, Thomas         BERLIN TWP       497
Mcnaughton, William        BERLIN TWP       497
Mcneal, Joseph             CLINTON TWP      322
Mcneil, Daniel             DE WITT TWP      172
Mcneil, Lorett             DE WITT TWP      136
Mcneil, Patrick            CLINTON TWP      322
Mcniel, D. C.              DE WITT TWP      159
Mcnugent, William          LYONS TWP        382
Mcquinton, Joseph          DE WITT TWP      157
Mcsweeney, William         WASHINGTON TWP   067
Mead, Chaney W.            CLINTON TWP      290
Mead, Jay                  SHARON TWP       465
Meagher, Thomas            DE WITT TWP      142
Meagler, John              DE WITT TWP      144
Meaher, Arthur             WASHINGTON TWP   053
Mecorneg, William J.       SPRING ROCK TWP  446
Medcalf, David             CAMANCHE TWP     033
Meddoon, Michael           ELK RIVER TWP    258
Meddoon, Thomas            ELK RIVER TWP    257
Medford, Edwad G.          LIBERTY TWP      460
Meek, David                LYONS TWP        388
Meese, John                SPRING ROCK TWP  439
Meice, John M.             WATERFORD TWP    100
Melany, James              CLINTON TWP      313
Melick, Jacob B.           LYONS TWP        367
Melick, Ssarah             LYONS TWP        364
Mellon, Daniel             BLOOMFIELD TWP   198
Mellon, Ellen              BLOOMFIELD TWP   199
Melony, James              CLINTON TWP      313
Melvin, Michael            CLINTON TWP      332
Menike, Frederick          ELK RIVER TWP    240
Mensinger, Fredrick        CAMANCHE TWP     026
Meon, John                 CLINTON TWP      328
Meow, John                 CLINTON TWP      328
Merchant, Charles          DE WITT TWP      166
Meredith, David            ORANGE TWP       225
Merriam, William P.        LYONS TWP        381
Messer, Oliver             CLINTON TWP      295
Messinger, Joseph          LYONS TWP        400
Metcalf, John              WELTON TWP       188
Meyeman, Henry             ELK RIVER TWP    258
Meyer, August              ELK RIVER TWP    261
Meyer, Emstine             LYONS TWP        403
Meyer, John                CLINTON TWP      324
Meyers, Adam               ELK RIVER TWP    256
Meyers, Nicholas           ELK RIVER TWP    236
Miacham, Milo F.           LYONS TWP        369
Mickey, William            DE WITT TWP      152
Mickle, George             CLINTON TWP      322
Mieach, Frederick          LYONS TWP        390
Milan, Ann                 WATERFORD TWP    101
Miles, Charles M.          DE WITT TWP      175
Miles, James N.            DE WITT TWP      159
Miles, Mary                LYONS TWP        404
Millard, Amherst           EDEN TWP         114
Millard, C. J.             CAMANCHE TWP     013
Millard, Deloss A.         CAMANCHE TWP     013
Millard, R. R.             EDEN TWP         118
Miller, Alie               EDEN TWP         112
Miller, Allen              ORANGE TWP       219
Miller, Antoine            EDEN TWP         122
Miller, Augustus           DE WITT TWP      178
Miller, Augustus           LYONS TWP        396
Miller, Charles            CAMANCHE TWP     014
Miller, David              CAMANCHE TWP     035
Miller, Detlof             HAMPSHIRE TWP    267
Miller, Edward             CLINTON TWP      329
Miller, Eliza              LYONS TWP        384
Miller, Enoch H.           LYONS TWP        390
Miller, Griffith           ELK RIVER TWP    261
Miller, Henry              LYONS TWP        400
Miller, Henry B.           DE WITT TWP      162
Miller, Horace             SHARON TWP       483
Miller, John               CAMANCHE TWP     028
Miller, John A.            LYONS TWP        378
Miller, John B.            ELK RIVER TWP    251
Miller, Josiah             ELK RIVER TWP    261
Miller, Marcus             EDEN TWP         108
Miller, Mary               LYONS TWP        384
Miller, Nicholas           LYONS TWP        357
Miller, Oliver             EDEN TWP         111
Miller, Peter Y.           LYONS TWP        361
Miller, Peter, Jr.         LYONS TWP        392
Miller, Philip             DEEP CREEK TWP   086
Miller, Sally A.           ORANGE TWP       222
Miller, Thomas             CLINTON TWP      311
Miller, William            ELK RIVER TWP    255
Miller, William            LYONS TWP        390
Miller, William S.         LYONS TWP        344
Miller, Ziblo M            DE WITT TWP      145
Milliard, H. W.            WASHINGTON TWP   060
Milligan, Margaret         WASHINGTON TWP   070
Millirons, Jacob           CAMANCHE TWP     034
Millisons, Eli             CAMANCHE TWP     033
Millner, William           WELTON TWP       197
Mills, John C.             EDEN TWP         115
Mills, Patrick             LIBERTY TWP      461
Mills, Samuel J.           LYONS TWP        349
Milow, Edward              LYONS TWP        369
Miner, George S.           CLINTON TWP      334
Minney, Ellen              DE WITT TWP      137
Minson, Mary F.            EDEN TWP         115
Miscall, Michael           CLINTON TWP      296
Mitchell, David A.         CLINTON TWP      334
Mitchell, E. W.            DE WITT TWP      169
Mitchell, James            WASHINGTON TWP   052
Mitchell, Jane             WASHINGTON TWP   053
Mitchell, John S.          LYONS TWP        371
Mitchell, Mehalia          LYONS TWP        399
Mith, William              HAMPSHIRE TWP    281
Mithcell, Mary             SHARON TWP       468
Mitle, John G.             LYONS TWP        350
Mitter, Joseph             CLINTON TWP      290
Mix, Leonard               EDEN TWP         112
Mlvina, Mary               LYONS TWP        351
Mmieske, Michael           HAMPSHIRE TWP    269
Mnieker, Frederick         LYONS TWP        358
Mockey, Thomas             ORANGE TWP       220
Mockridge, George          DE WITT TWP      149
Moefinger, Christian       LYONS TWP        401
Moffatt, John L.           LYONS TWP        337
Moffatt, Sarah             ELK RIVER TWP    240
Moher, John                HAMPSHIRE TWP    265
Molay, Edward              LYONS TWP        341
Mole, William              SHARON TWP       486
Moley, Anderson            WASHINGTON TWP   054
Moller, Christopher        HAMPSHIRE TWP    268
Mollerstell, Christiana    WATERFORD TWP    106
Mollett, Myron             WELTON TWP       196
Mommy, Alexander           DE WITT TWP      127
Mommy, Jacinda             DE WITT TWP      128
Monahan, Humprey           WATERFORD TWP    094
Monroe, William            LYONS TWP        398
Montague, John             CAMANCHE TWP     017
Montgomery, Washington     DE WITT TWP      130
Montgomery, William        CAMANCHE TWP     027
Month, Peter               CENTRE TWP       073
Monthrope, William         WASHINGTON TWP   045
Moody, Joseph              LYONS TWP        378
Moon, William J.           SHARON TWP       492
Mooney, Bridget            DE WITT TWP      171
Mooney, Jacob              DE WITT TWP      162
Mooney, John               DE WITT TWP      153
Mooney, Margaret           DE WITT TWP      165
Moore, Abram               SHARON TWP       465
Moore, Blandra             LYONS TWP        386
Moore, Charles             ELK RIVER TWP    258
Moore, David               SPRING ROCK TWP  434
Moore, Emma L.             SPRING ROCK TWP  435
Moore, Emond               DE WITT TWP      142
Moore, Francis H.          SPRING ROCK TWP  440
Moore, Henry               SPRING ROCK TWP  440
Moore, Isaac               OLIVE TWP        409
Moore, James               DE WITT TWP      142
Moore, James R.            OLIVE TWP        409
Moore, John                SPRING ROCK TWP  439
Moore, Patrick             DE WITT TWP      142
Moore, Patrick             LIBERTY TWP      459
Moore, Peter               CAMANCHE TWP     030
Moore, William             LIBERTY TWP      451
Moose, James               CAMANCHE TWP     022
Moose, Peter               CAMANCHE TWP     023
Moose, Peter               CAMANCHE TWP     030
Moragn, William B.         DE WITT TWP      174
Morard, Milton             CAMANCHE TWP     005
More, James                CAMANCHE TWP     024
More, Jams                 CAMANCHE TWP     029
More, Matilda              CAMANCHE TWP     025
Morety, John               CLINTON TWP      308
Morey, David               CLINTON TWP      307
Morey, Edward              WASHINGTON TWP   056
Morgan, Ada                DE WITT TWP      174
Morgan, Calister           CLINTON TWP      321
Morgan, J. F.              DE WITT TWP      157
Morgan, James              EDEN TWP         121
Morgan, Samuel             OLIVE TWP        410
Morgan, Townsend           OLIVE TWP        413
Morgens, Christopher       HAMPSHIRE TWP    267
Morrell, Charles J.        LYONS TWP        377
Morrell, Lewis J. V.       LYONS TWP        381
Morrell, Marinda           LYONS TWP        378
Morres, Ellen M.           LYONS TWP        349
Morris, Anson L.           SPRING ROCK TWP  429
Morris, Daniel             DEEP CREEK TWP   080
Morris, Eliza J.           CLINTON TWP      324
Morris, Emma               LYONS TWP        376
Morris, James              DE WITT TWP      140
Morris, John               CLINTON TWP      308
Morris, John               WASHINGTON TWP   061
Morris, Lewis              CLINTON TWP      320
Morris, Mark               SHARON TWP       488
Morris, Michael F.         LYONS TWP        393
Morris, Nelson S.          LYONS TWP        363
Morrison, Samuel           CLINTON TWP      316
Morrison, Samuel           DE WITT TWP      131
Morse, Francis             CLINTON TWP      307
Mortin, Ellen              WASHINGTON TWP   058
Mortin, James              WASHINGTON TWP   057
Morton, Samuel             DE WITT TWP      159
Moses, Thomas              DE WITT TWP      171
Moses, Thompson            LYONS TWP        383
Moss, Alvin                CLINTON TWP      296
Moss, Amos                 BLOOMFIELD TWP   203
Moss, Perkins              BLOOMFIELD TWP   203
Motts, William             WELTON TWP       190
Mowry, JunS.               OLIVE TWP        427
Moxson, John T.            DE WITT TWP      130
Moyer, Louisa C.           SHARON TWP       491
Moyers, James              CAMANCHE TWP     029
Mudg, Mary J.              CAMANCHE TWP     027
Mudgett, Philip            CAMANCHE TWP     036
Mudgett, Wilson            EDEN TWP         119
Muldon, Levina             CLINTON TWP      333
Muldoon, Ann               LYONS TWP        400
Muldoon, Michael           ELK RIVER TWP    258
Muldson, Susan             ELK RIVER TWP    250
Mullet, Reuben S.          BERLIN TWP       495
Mullett, Alnes J.          BLOOMFIELD TWP   203
Mulveyhill, Edwin          LIBERTY TWP      458
Mumford, Ann               WASHINGTON TWP   047
Mumford, Jackson           HAMPSHIRE TWP    275
Mumford, James             WASHINGTON TWP   046
Mumford, Michael           DE WITT TWP      142
Mundy, Margaret            CLINTON TWP      333
Munger, Abner              ELK RIVER TWP    237
Munger, Mary J.            ELK RIVER TWP    238
Munger, Matilda            HAMPSHIRE TWP    277
Munroe, B. F.              SHARON TWP       462
Munroe, Thomas             CLINTON TWP      321
Munsby, Charles            CAMANCHE TWP     031
Munson, Alice J.           DE WITT TWP      163
Munson, Lucino             SPRING ROCK TWP  442
Muprhey, Patrick           LYONS TWP        387
Muprhy, Aaron              DE WITT TWP      164
Muprhy, John               WELTON TWP       195
Muprhy, Michael            OLIVE TWP        416
Muprhy, Patrick            CLINTON TWP      304
Muprhy, William            CLINTON TWP      310
Murdorn, Michael           LYONS TWP        396
Murdough, M. C.            DE WITT TWP      168
Murdy, George              WASHINGTON TWP   058
Murell, Nathaniel A.       DE WITT TWP      165
Murphy, C. B.              BLOOMFIELD TWP   201
Murphy, Edward             OLIVE TWP        415
Murphy, James              DEEP CREEK TWP   081
Murphy, James              ELK RIVER TWP    236
Murphy, John               CLINTON TWP      304
Murphy, Michael            LYONS TWP        350
Murphy, Nelly              CLINTON TWP      333
Murphy, Patrick            CLINTON TWP      308
Murphy, Patrick            DEEP CREEK TWP   081
Murphy, Patrick            WASHINGTON TWP   059
Murphy, Robert             WASHINGTON TWP   054
Murry, Ann                 LYONS TWP        360
Murtha, Margaret           LYONS TWP        379
Mury, Henry                WASHINGTON TWP   047
Mussigan, John             LYONS TWP        338
Mutarth, William           CLINTON TWP      312
Myder, George N.           LYONS TWP        375
Myers, Cathrine            CAMANCHE TWP     020
Myers, Emma                DE WITT TWP      154
Myers, Henry               LIBERTY TWP      448
Myers, John                CAMANCHE TWP     019
Myers, Michael             CAMANCHE TWP     023
Myers, Ruben               CAMANCHE TWP     013
Myler, Jacob               CAMANCHE TWP     029
Myott, Richard             SHARON TWP       477
Myre, Barnard H.           LYONS TWP        390
Myres, Christopher         DEEP CREEK TWP   091
Nabava, Catharine          ELK RIVER TWP    246
Names, Abraham             BLOOMFIELD TWP   210
Names, Catharine           ORANGE TWP       226
Names, William             OLIVE TWP        421
Narfee, John               CLINTON TWP      331
Nash, John                 LYONS TWP        342
Nava, Catharine M.         ELK RIVER TWP    245
Nava, Francis              ELK RIVER TWP    260
Neave, Mary                ELK RIVER TWP    238
Neiter, Austin             BERLIN TWP       499
Nelson, Peter              LYONS TWP        348
Nelson, Thomas             WELTON TWP       189
Nelson, Thore              OLIVE TWP        419
Nelson, William            LYONS TWP        365
Nessen, Edward             DEEP CREEK TWP   083
Neth, George               OLIVE TWP        417
Neutson, Peter             OLIVE TWP        416
Never, Jame                WASHINGTON TWP   055
Nevitt, George W.          DE WITT TWP      130
Newcomb, O. M.             BERLIN TWP       500
Newhouse, William          OLIVE TWP        423
Newkirk, James             SHARON TWP       479
Newland, Nancy             LYONS TWP        356
Newman, Thomas             CAMANCHE TWP     007
Nichar, Julia              LYONS TWP        350
Nichol, James              SHARON TWP       471
Nichol, John               SHARON TWP       462
Nicholas, Lucia            HAMPSHIRE TWP    281
Nichole, Peter             WELTON TWP       186
Nichols, Bruce             SHARON TWP       462
Nichols, Daniel            CAMANCHE TWP     008
Nichols, George W.         CLINTON TWP      310
Nichols, Gorton            SPRING ROCK TWP  438
Nichols, Johnathan         CAMANCHE TWP     009
Nichols, M. B.             SHARON TWP       474
Nichols, William           SPRING ROCK TWP  440
Nickersn, MarE.            LYONS TWP        363
Nickolson, Joseph          DE WITT TWP      141
Nickus, William            LYONS TWP        366
Nills, Sarah C.            LYONS TWP        349
Nilson, Eliza              ELK RIVER TWP    237
Nittle, George             CLINTON TWP      334
Nixon, Catharine           CLINTON TWP      290
Nixon, Elias               CLINTON TWP      289
Nixon, John G.             CLINTON TWP      290
Nixon, Lewis B.            LYONS TWP        347
Nixon, Sarah               CLINTON TWP      290
Noble, James H.            LIBERTY TWP      455
Noble, James S.            LIBERTY TWP      456
Noble, Judson              LIBERTY TWP      455
Nodle, John                SHARON TWP       464
Noel, Martha               LYONS TWP        356
Nolan, Abraham             BLOOMFIELD TWP   217
Nolan, Mary                LYONS TWP        342
Nolan, Susan               DEEP CREEK TWP   092
Nolen, Carrie              LYONS TWP        376
Nonnamacker, Anthony       DE WITT TWP      175
Noon, Patrick              CLINTON TWP      328
Noon, William              CLINTON TWP      330
Noonen, Mary               CLINTON TWP      316
Norman, Albert A.          ORANGE TWP       227
Norman, William T.         ORANGE TWP       226
Northrop, A. R.            BLOOMFIELD TWP   208
Norton, A.                 BLOOMFIELD TWP   209
Norton, George S.          SHARON TWP       487
Norton, John               LYONS TWP        352
Norton, John H.            LYONS TWP        343
Norton, L. C.              BLOOMFIELD TWP   201
Notingham, Mary            CAMANCHE TWP     003
Notteman, John             HAMPSHIRE TWP    271
Nottingham, Josephius      EDEN TWP         110
Nova, John                 ELK RIVER TWP    261
Noyes, Frank G.            CLINTON TWP      324
Nttyets, Nicholas          LYONS TWP        384
Nutbrook, Sarah            DE WITT TWP      166