Clinton County 1860 Census Index
The individual's last name, first name, locality, and census page number are included.  
Thanks to Justina, who helped get this info 'internet' ready.

NAME                       LOCATION         PAGE

Oak, Royal                 DEEP CREEK TWP   084
Oak, William               BLOOMFIELD TWP   200
Oaks, William              CLINTON TWP      301
Oatman, Lucy A.            CLINTON TWP      334
Oberegge, Peter            SHARON TWP       494
Oboyle, Margaret           LIBERTY TWP      455
Obrien, Bridget            DE WITT TWP      163
Obrien, Bridget            WASHINGTON TWP   046
Obrien, Daniel             DE WITT TWP      160
Obrien, Edward             LYONS TWP        349
Obrien, Edward             OLIVE TWP        414
Obrien, Henry              BLOOMFIELD TWP   217
Obrien, James              DEEP CREEK TWP   092
Obrien, James              OLIVE TWP        415
Obrien, John               DEEP CREEK TWP   092
Obrien, John               LYONS TWP        340
Obrien, Margaret           BLOOMFIELD TWP   199
Obrien, Mary A.            DE WITT TWP      161
Obryan, John               CAMANCHE TWP     018
Ocallahan, Francis O.      WASHINGTON TWP   042
Ocallahan, James           WASHINGTON TWP   043
Ocerholtzer, Jacob         WELTON TWP       186
Oconal, Oscar              CLINTON TWP      304
Oconnel, Martin            LIBERTY TWP      451
Oconnel, Thomas            LYONS TWP        400
Oconnell, Ann              LYONS TWP        399
Oconnell, James            SPRING ROCK TWP  440
Oconner, Ellen             CLINTON TWP      334
Oconner, Patrick           DE WITT TWP      136
Oconner, Patrick           LYONS TWP        365
Oconnor, John              SPRING ROCK TWP  444
Oconnor, Lawrence          SPRING ROCK TWP  442
Oconnor, Mathew            LYONS TWP        379
Oconnor, Patrick           HAMPSHIRE TWP    274
Oconol, John               LYONS TWP        373
Oconor, Catharine          HAMPSHIRE TWP    283
Odea, Christian            ELK RIVER TWP    258
Odonnell, Bridget          WASHINGTON TWP   043
Odonnell, William          CLINTON TWP      307
Ogden, J. J.               BLOOMFIELD TWP   217
Ohair, Artur               CAMANCHE TWP     022
Oharan, Margaret           LYONS TWP        374
Oharon, Margaret           OLIVE TWP        421
Oharon, Patrick            OLIVE TWP        421
Oharren, Patrick           CLINTON TWP      299
Ohsann, Christian          LYONS TWP        401
Ohsann, Elizabeth          LYONS TWP        402
Okane, Owen                ELK RIVER TWP    253
Okelley, Willaim           SHARON TWP       472
Olcott, Horatio L.         CLINTON TWP      317
Olesen, John               OLIVE TWP        419
Olesen, Oli                OLIVE TWP        419
Oli, Epter                 SPRING ROCK TWP  445
Olinghouse, Isrial         ELK RIVER TWP    237
Olinghouse, Temperance     ELK RIVER TWP    237
Oliver, Edwin              OLIVE TWP        418
Olucy, Timothy             LYONS TWP        352
Omala, Ann                 CLINTON TWP      312
Omaley, Mathew             LYONS TWP        398
Oman, Lydia                SHARON TWP       473
Omara, Patrick             BLOOMFIELD TWP   198
Omara, William             BLOOMFIELD TWP   199
Omara, William             BLOOMFIELD TWP   200
Omen, John B.              HAMPSHIRE TWP    280
Omora, Thomas              WATERFORD TWP    102
Oneal, Bridget             SPRING ROCK TWP  433
Oneil, John                LYONS TWP        346
Ordway, Walter             DE WITT TWP      150
Ormsby, Margaret           LYONS TWP        391
Ormsby, Patrick            WATERFORD TWP    107
Ornes, John B.             CENTRE TWP       073
Orouke, Timothy            LYONS TWP        379
Orowsin, William           SHARON TWP       469
Orurey, Bridget            CLINTON TWP      333
Osborn, Ella               CAMANCHE TWP     017
Osborn, James              LYONS TWP        340
Osborn, William            LYONS TWP        348
Osburn, Robert             LIBERTY TWP      450
Osburn, Symantha           LIBERTY TWP      454
Osgood, John               EDEN TWP         109
Osselrode, Jacob           CLINTON TWP      292
Ostraub, Terrissa S.       CAMANCHE TWP     002
Otoole, Jacob              SPRING ROCK TWP  444
Ott, John                  LYONS TWP        342
Otto, C. H.                CAMANCHE TWP     023
Otto, Henry                CAMANCHE TWP     030
Overcamp, Henry            LYONS TWP        398
Overpeck, Lewis            CAMANCHE TWP     034
Owenlin, Lawrence          DEEP CREEK TWP   081
Owens, Alice J.            OLIVE TWP        426
Owens, Catharine           HAMPSHIRE TWP    272
Owens, Christopher         WASHINGTON TWP   066
Owens, Edward J.           OLIVE TWP        425
Owens, Jamse               HAMPSHIRE TWP    274
Owens, Michael             ELK RIVER TWP    248
Owens, Ruben               HAMPSHIRE TWP    285
Owlen, Nelson              EDEN TWP         113
Padmer, William H.         WASHINGTON TWP   061
Page, B. F.                DE WITT TWP      175
Page, Ebenezer             LYONS TWP        342
Pages, Tyrus               LIBERTY TWP      449
Paige, Francis             LYONS TWP        373
Paine, Richard             LYONS TWP        360
Palley, Jerome B.          ELK RIVER TWP    235
Palmer, Henry              ORANGE TWP       219
Palmer, L. M.              SHARON TWP       476
Pankan, Louis              LYONS TWP        375
Papen, Henry               DEEP CREEK TWP   085
Pardy, Edward              EDEN TWP         121
Paris, Charles             CLINTON TWP      325
Park, Isaac                CAMANCHE TWP     034
Parker, Alford             DE WITT TWP      151
Parker, George N.          SPRING ROCK TWP  434
Parker, Henry              CLINTON TWP      311
Parker, Lucy L.            DE WITT TWP      134
Parker, Samuel             WELTON TWP       188
Parker, William H.         BLOOMFIELD TWP   212
Parker, Willis L.          LYONS TWP        381
Parkinshaw, George         EDEN TWP         120
Parkinson, John            HAMPSHIRE TWP    281
Parkinson, Joseph H.       HAMPSHIRE TWP    282
Parks, Joseph              WASHINGTON TWP   070
Parks, Otis                OLIVE TWP        422
Parks, Wadworth M.         EDEN TWP         119
Parmarter, Peter           ORANGE TWP       226
Parmellie, Alexis          LYONS TWP        395
Parmer, Miles              CAMANCHE TWP     033
Parnell, James             SHARON TWP       493
Parnell, John D.           SHARON TWP       487
Parrish, Jaun              LYONS TWP        376
Parrott, Richard W.        WELTON TWP       190
Parsns, C. M.              SPRING ROCK TWP  429
Parson, N. H.              WASHINGTON TWP   059
Parsons, Darwin A.         CLINTON TWP      305
Parsons, Francis J.        SPRING ROCK TWP  429
Parsos, George             EDEN TWP         116
Partridge, Catherine       WASHINGTON TWP   042
Partridge, Stephen         LYONS TWP        370
Parvis, John               CLINTON TWP      311
Pate, Belzora              CAMANCHE TWP     008
Pate, David B.             CLINTON TWP      295
Pate, Henry                CAMANCHE TWP     037
Pates, John H.             LYONS TWP        368
Patridge, Austin           DE WITT TWP      154
Patter, John B.            LYONS TWP        405
Patterson, George W.       CLINTON TWP      300
Patterson, Joseph          SPRING ROCK TWP  445
Patterson, M. B.           DE WITT TWP      165
Patterson, William         CLINTON TWP      311
Patterson, William         SPRING ROCK TWP  446
Patton, Charles            OLIVE TWP        420
Patts, William L.          LYONS TWP        360
Pauss, John                SHARON TWP       479
Pauthin, Frederick         LIBERTY TWP      447
Payne, Arza B.             ELK RIVER TWP    254
Payne, Charles H.          HAMPSHIRE TWP    283
Peabody, Alfred S.         CLINTON TWP      334
Peacock, Henry             EDEN TWP         111
Peaerly, Samuel C.         CLINTON TWP      314
Peans, Daniel H.           CLINTON TWP      292
Pearce, George             CLINTON TWP      296
Pearce, John L.            CLINTON TWP      295
Pearce, John R.            HAMPSHIRE TWP    278
Pearman, J. R.             WASHINGTON TWP   064
Pearsall, William R.       ORANGE TWP       226
Pearsoll, Cyrus            ORANGE TWP       227
Pearsoll, Jesse            DE WITT TWP      145
Pearson, Samuel            DE WITT TWP      168
Peas, Edward H.            SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Peck, Eliza                BLOOMFIELD TWP   199
Peck, Elizabeth            WATERFORD TWP    104
Peck, Francis B.           CLINTON TWP      297
Peck, Franklin             CLINTON TWP      297
Peck, George               BLOOMFIELD TWP   199
Peck, James J.             CLINTON TWP      316
Peck, Jerome L.            LYONS TWP        342
Peck, Lewis                CLINTON TWP      306
Peck, V. L.                WATERFORD TWP    103
Peffer, John               WATERFORD TWP    093
Pellan, Syrenus            EDEN TWP         123
Pendergrast, Patrick       DE WITT TWP      177
Penn, Catharine            LYONS TWP        351
Penn, Henry                WATERFORD TWP    099
Pennman, Jessey B.         LYONS TWP        381
Pense, Patrick             WASHINGTON TWP   062
Peoples, George            CAMANCHE TWP     019
Perce, George B.           HAMPSHIRE TWP    283
Percil, Mary               CLINTON TWP      334
Perkins, Amanda            CAMANCHE TWP     011
Perkins, Asa               CAMANCHE TWP     031
Perkins, Jacob             DE WITT TWP      143
Perkins, Mary J.           DE WITT TWP      168
Perkins, Moses             CAMANCHE TWP     032
Pero, Antoine              ELK RIVER TWP    250
Perrin, Samuel J.          CLINTON TWP      310
Perry, Benjamin            LYONS TWP        347
Perry, John                ORANGE TWP       221
Perry, John                SHARON TWP       481
Perry, Leonard             SHARON TWP       468
Perry, Mary A.             CLINTON TWP      311
Perur, Sarah G.            CLINTON TWP      306
Peskey, Christopher        BERLIN TWP       495
Pesper, Philip             CAMANCHE TWP     020
Peters, Clemens            LYONS TWP        354
Peters, Elija              DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Peters, Jacob              HAMPSHIRE TWP    276
Peters, Jacob A.           LYONS TWP        340
Peters, Lewis              LYONS TWP        355
Peters, Martin             WASHINGTON TWP   065
Peters, Richard            ELK RIVER TWP    247
Peters, Thomas             ELK RIVER TWP    246
Peters, William            ELK RIVER TWP    235
Peterso, Peter             DEEP CREEK TWP   091
Peterson, Clarissa         WASHINGTON TWP   058
Peterson, Dalof            ELK RIVER TWP    246
Peterson, Emma             WASHINGTON TWP   057
Peterson, Haus             ELK RIVER TWP    246
Peterson, MarM.            ELK RIVER TWP    248
Peterson, Peter            ELK RIVER TWP    246
Peterson, Peter            ELK RIVER TWP    247
Peterson, Peter Hanns      DEEP CREEK TWP   083
Peterson, Thomas           ELK RIVER TWP    246
Petree, John               HAMPSHIRE TWP    285
Petrie, Levi               LYONS TWP        343
Peutch, Christian          SPRING ROCK TWP  436
Phelps, Banager            BLOOMFIELD TWP   205
Phelps, Curtis             LYONS TWP        391
Philbert, John             DE WITT TWP      129
Philips, Christian         LYONS TWP        390
Philips, David W.          CLINTON TWP      290
Philips, Jane              WASHINGTON TWP   069
Philips, John E.           SHARON TWP       488
Philips, Louis             DE WITT TWP      135
Philips, Martin            LIBERTY TWP      448
Philips, Norman            LIBERTY TWP      448
Philips, Oliver F.         ORANGE TWP       226
Philips, Rufus             WATERFORD TWP    094
Philips, William           CLINTON TWP      313
Phillips, Frank C.         CLINTON TWP      314
Phillips, Jane             HAMPSHIRE TWP    279
Phillips, John             CLINTON TWP      314
Phillips, Rosanna          ORANGE TWP       220
Pholhman, Thomas           CLINTON TWP      292
Pickering, John            LYONS TWP        368
Pickett, Charles H.        LYONS TWP        388
Piece, Joseph              LYONS TWP        399
Pierce, Charles            CAMANCHE TWP     028
Pierce, John H.            SPRING ROCK TWP  445
Pierce, Lafayette          BLOOMFIELD TWP   216
Pierce, Liddy              BLOOMFIELD TWP   208
Pierce, William W.         CAMANCHE TWP     004
Pierson, Joseph            WELTON TWP       188
Pietgens, Haus             HAMPSHIRE TWP    268
Pigeon, William            LYONS TWP        383
Pike, Abram                LIBERTY TWP      451
Pike, Filena               LIBERTY TWP      452
Pilbeam, Henry             DE WITT TWP      160
Pilknton, James            CLINTON TWP      298
Pillbeam, Mary             WASHINGTON TWP   064
Pillsbury, David           CLINTON TWP      289
Pindell, Henry             SPRING ROCK TWP  440
Pinkham, Charles B.        LYONS TWP        385
Pinter, Ingelina           BERLIN TWP       496
Pinter, John               BERLIN TWP       495
Piper, Godley              LYONS TWP        348
Pitchaun, William          SHARON TWP       485
Pitts, G. M.               BLOOMFIELD TWP   211
Pitts, John                WATERFORD TWP    098
Plank, Dolley              HAMPSHIRE TWP    280
Plank, Richard V.          HAMPSHIRE TWP    279
Platt, Sarah               CLINTON TWP      312
Plitt, George              CLINTON TWP      334
Plumb, Zenas               DE WITT TWP      171
Plummer, Casper            OLIVE TWP        420
Plummer, Talbert           OLIVE TWP        416
Plympton, Dwight           DE WITT TWP      132
Poeplis, Hellen            CAMANCHE TWP     001
Poet, Margaret             WASHINGTON TWP   068
Poet, Nelson               WASHINGTON TWP   067
Pollard, James             SHARON TWP       478
Polley, Hiram              ELK RIVER TWP    260
Polley, John C.            DE WITT TWP      159
Pollock, John              DE WITT TWP      173
Pomroy, Francis            DEEP CREEK TWP   089
Porter, Andrew             SPRING ROCK TWP  442
Porter, James              HAMPSHIRE TWP    274
Porter, James H.           SPRING ROCK TWP  431
Porter, John               SPRING ROCK TWP  430
Porter, Samuel             DE WITT TWP      148
Porter, Silvey V.          SPRING ROCK TWP  431
Porter, William H.         LYONS TWP        345
Post, Frank                LYONS TWP        403
Pothemer, Catherine        SHARON TWP       485
Pothemer, Erwin            SHARON TWP       484
Potter, Ezra H.            SHARON TWP       492
Potter, Ira                SHARON TWP       492
Potter, John               DE WITT TWP      140
Potter, Peter              SHARON TWP       484
Potter, Reuben             SHARON TWP       492
Potter, Samuel             CLINTON TWP      305
Potter, Sidney             CLINTON TWP      305
Potter, William            SHARON TWP       492
Powell, Elizabeth          DE WITT TWP      148
Powell, George W.          DE WITT TWP      134
Powell, Jams               LYONS TWP        368
Powell, Thomas             CAMANCHE TWP     011
Powell, William            CAMANCHE TWP     029
Powell, William            LYONS TWP        340
Powers, Catharine          HAMPSHIRE TWP    267
Powers, Lourence           WATERFORD TWP    099
Powers, Mary               DE WITT TWP      156
Powers, Richard            WATERFORD TWP    098
Powverson, Rhuma           WASHINGTON TWP   062
Pratt, Elvira              DE WITT TWP      140
Pray, Milton N.            ELK RIVER TWP    239
Prendergrast, Thomas       DE WITT TWP      138
Press, Henry               LYONS TWP        378
Press, Press               EDEN TWP         116
Presser, Lydia             SHARON TWP       473
Preston, Edwin             DE WITT TWP      162
Preston, Julius            WASHINGTON TWP   057
Preston, Levi S.           SHARON TWP       483
Preston, Perin             SHARON TWP       471
Prettyman, Richard         LIBERTY TWP      452
Price, Eliza H.            ELK RIVER TWP    253
Price, Richard             CLINTON TWP      292
Price, T. S.               SPRING ROCK TWP  438
Price, William J.          ELK RIVER TWP    230
Priest, Alexander          OLIVE TWP        413
Priest, Doratha            LIBERTY TWP      460
Pruet, James               BERLIN TWP       500
Prusia, Sophia             DEEP CREEK TWP   079
Pryor, Isabell J.          SHARON TWP       468
Pryor, Samuel              SHARON TWP       467
Pulker, Charles            LYONS TWP        394
Purcell, Catharine         CLINTON TWP      298
Purcell, Catharine         ORANGE TWP       225
Purcell, Martin            LIBERTY TWP      453
Purshall, Delman           WELTON TWP       192
Pury, Franklin             SHARON TWP       487
Quandt, August             EDEN TWP         119
Quick, David               EDEN TWP         109
Quick, Dorsey              DE WITT TWP      173
Quick, Elijah              EDEN TWP         109
Quick, Elmira              DE WITT TWP      174
Quick, John M.             EDEN TWP         109
Quigley, Edward            WASHINGTON TWP   048
Quigley, Sarah             CLINTON TWP      298
Quigley, Sarah             CLINTON TWP      333
Quigley, William           CLINTON TWP      316
Quigley, William           WASHINGTON TWP   043
Quincy, John               DE WITT TWP      178
Quinlin, William           ELK RIVER TWP    229
Quinn, Austin              HAMPSHIRE TWP    274
Quinn, John                LYONS TWP        379
Quinn, John                LYONS TWP        397
Quinn, John                WASHINGTON TWP   042
Quinn, Thomas              OLIVE TWP        414
Quinn, Thomas M.           WASHINGTON TWP   041
Rabedian, Ira              DE WITT TWP      143
Radcliff, John W.          DEEP CREEK TWP   089
Radeliff, Charles          DE WITT TWP      153
Radliff, August            OLIVE TWP        411
Raleston, Robert           CAMANCHE TWP     006
Ralston, Robert            CLINTON TWP      314
Ramard, Henry              LYONS TWP        356
Rambalk, William           LYONS TWP        357
Rambo, Edwrd               DE WITT TWP      160
Ramlee, R. R.              EDEN TWP         119
Ramsay, Lewis              DEEP CREEK TWP   087
Ramsay, Martha             DEEP CREEK TWP   085
Ramsey, John               LYONS TWP        388
Ramsum, Lewis S.           DE WITT TWP      169
Rand, Robert H.            LYONS TWP        383
Rand, Robert N.            LYONS TWP        382
Rand, William N.           LYONS TWP        382
Randal, Margaret           CLINTON TWP      292
Randall, Edward            WELTON TWP       193
Randall, Jaems             WELTON TWP       193
Randall, John              SPRING ROCK TWP  430
Randall, Richard H.        SPRING ROCK TWP  430
Randell, P. F.             DE WITT TWP      172
Randle, E.                 WELTON TWP       186
Ranfelt, Claw              WASHINGTON TWP   065
Ranfelt, Linna             WASHINGTON TWP   066
Rascoe, W. H.              CAMANCHE TWP     025
Rasher, Jacob              EDEN TWP         117
Rasick, Martha             SHARON TWP       488
Rasick, William H.         SHARON TWP       487
Ratnborer, Henry           CAMANCHE TWP     021
Ray, David                 LIBERTY TWP      460
Ray, Emeline               SHARON TWP       465
Ray, James                 DEEP CREEK TWP   088
Ray, John                  LYONS TWP        393
Ray, John W.               EDEN TWP         123
Raymond, Charles           LYONS TWP        347
Raymond, John              CLINTON TWP      320
Rayner, James              ORANGE TWP       219
Readar, Edwin              LYONS TWP        393
Readen, Ellen              CLINTON TWP      320
Reader, Margaret           CLINTON TWP      308
Reading, Anna              CLINTON TWP      309
Ready, Bridget             CLINTON TWP      329
Ready, Ramard              HAMPSHIRE TWP    267
Ready, Thomas              ELK RIVER TWP    231
Ready, William             HAMPSHIRE TWP    267
Reaes, Sarah               CAMANCHE TWP     010
Recker, Charles            DE WITT TWP      158
Record, Crandall           EDEN TWP         108
Record, John F.            EDEN TWP         108
Redfield, James M.         CAMANCHE TWP     026
Redfield, Oliver           ELK RIVER TWP    255
Redford, William           WASHINGTON TWP   042
Redman, John               WATERFORD TWP    106
Reed, Charles              CLINTON TWP      327
Reed, George C.            SHARON TWP       470
Reed, Henry C.             ELK RIVER TWP    239
Reed, Oliva E.             BLOOMFIELD TWP   210
Reed, Richard              WELTON TWP       185
Reed, Thomas               WASHINGTON TWP   041
Reeder, Thomas J.          CLINTON TWP      305
Refreller, Samuel          HAMPSHIRE TWP    266
Reily, John                ELK RIVER TWP    258
Reily, Mary A.             LYONS TWP        399
Reily, Rebecca             ELK RIVER TWP    231
Remyon, James H.           DE WITT TWP      178
Renfield, Frederick        WASHINGTON TWP   066
Resenfield, Samuel         LYONS TWP        382
Ressing, Harry             LYONS TWP        380
Retasel, L. W.             SPRING ROCK TWP  442
Reyman, Mary               ELK RIVER TWP    257
Reynolds, Augustus B.      LYONS TWP        405
Reynolds, Ferrell          BLOOMFIELD TWP   203
Reynolds, Luke             LYONS TWP        385
Reynolds, Milo             BLOOMFIELD TWP   203
Reynolds, Patrick          ELK RIVER TWP    250
Reynolds, Riley            BLOOMFIELD TWP   208
Reynolds, Russell L.       BLOOMFIELD TWP   208
Reynolds, Sayms            CLINTON TWP      334
Reyonon, John              ELK RIVER TWP    255
Rhine, Frederick           CAMANCHE TWP     035
Rhineham, Rachael          DE WITT TWP      176
Rhodenrather, Mark         WASHINGTON TWP   062
Rhodes, Henry              SPRING ROCK TWP  440
Riah, Clous                ELK RIVER TWP    259
Rianey, Patrick            HAMPSHIRE TWP    273
Ricardson, Thomas          CAMANCHE TWP     011
Rice, Edward               LYONS TWP        396
Rice, John                 OLIVE TWP        417
Rice, John C.              WASHINGTON TWP   060
Rice, John J.              BLOOMFIELD TWP   209
Rice, Joshua P.            LYONS TWP        403
Rice, William A.           BLOOMFIELD TWP   206
Rich, Charles              LYONS TWP        385
Rich, George               DE WITT TWP      161
Richards, Charles D.       LYONS TWP        367
Richardsn, Amelia          ELK RIVER TWP    243
Richardson, George R.      LYONS TWP        403
Richerson, W.              CAMANCHE TWP     008
Rickard, Alvin             HAMPSHIRE TWP    281
Rickardson, Thomas         CAMANCHE TWP     012
Rickenburg, J.             SHARON TWP       480
Rickord, Harvey            HAMPSHIRE TWP    277
Ride, George A.            LYONS TWP        351
Rider, Patrick             CLINTON TWP      305
Ridgeman, William H.       ELK RIVER TWP    254
Rieky, Robert              CAMANCHE TWP     034
Rieley, Hugh               CLINTON TWP      330
Rieley, Patrick            CLINTON TWP      298
Riggan, James              DEEP CREEK TWP   080
Riggan, Michael            DEEP CREEK TWP   081
Riggs, Alma                BLOOMFIELD TWP   212
Riggs, William             DE WITT TWP      161
Right, Mary J.             BLOOMFIELD TWP   212
Right, Pilkin C.           DE WITT TWP      181
Rilley, Charles            LYONS TWP        380
Rimfield, William          CAMANCHE TWP     026
Ringer, John G. W.         LYONS TWP        382
Ringer, R. D.              WASHINGTON TWP   065
Ringlett, Daniel           BLOOMFIELD TWP   213
Ripe, John                 CLINTON TWP      332
Ripen, Clouse              DEEP CREEK TWP   090
Risdon, John A.            LYONS TWP        366
Risdon, Sarah A. C.        LYONS TWP        399
Risen, Ludert              CENTRE TWP       073
Risjaw, Jane               LYONS TWP        403
Ristine, John J.           SPRING ROCK TWP  438
Ristine, Susannah          SPRING ROCK TWP  439
Ristmer, Charles           EDEN TWP         118
Ritard, Ludwick            SPRING ROCK TWP  439
Ritasel, Henry             SPRING ROCK TWP  437
Rithcers, John             LYONS TWP        386
Ritter, William            SHARON TWP       474
Rixen, Henry C.            DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Roach, Samuel              BLOOMFIELD TWP   209
Roader, Aleous             LYONS TWP        344
Roast, Jacob               SHARON TWP       477
Roast, Margaret            SHARON TWP       478
Robb, Achiles              DE WITT TWP      146
Robb, David                DE WITT TWP      150
Robb, John                 DE WITT TWP      154
Robbins, Hanah             SHARON TWP       469
Robbins, Henry             WATERFORD TWP    104
Roberts, Amy               SHARON TWP       476
Roberts, Chancey S.        LYONS TWP        356
Roberts, Daniel            DE WITT TWP      180
Roberts, Jane E.           SHARON TWP       482
Roberts, Moses             EDEN TWP         115
Roberts, William           CLINTON TWP      317
Roberts, William           ELK RIVER TWP    254
Robins, David              WATERFORD TWP    104
Robins, Francess           BLOOMFIELD TWP   210
Robins, William            CLINTON TWP      315
Robinson, Asa T.           LYONS TWP        354
Robinson, John             HAMPSHIRE TWP    291
Robinson, Samuel O.        BERLIN TWP       500
Robinson, Thomas           WASHINGTON TWP   042
Robinson, William          DE WITT TWP      181
Robison, Eliza J.          WELTON TWP       187
Robison, James M.          WELTON TWP       186
Roch, Bridget              LYONS TWP        394
Roche, Thomas C.           LYONS TWP        384
Rochford, William          CAMANCHE TWP     003
Rockafeller, Amanda M.     LYONS TWP        392
Rockafeller, John A.       LYONS TWP        391
Rockford, Ellen            SHARON TWP       489
Rockwell, James H.         HAMPSHIRE TWP    280
Rockwood, John F.          CLINTON TWP      324
Rodden, James              CLINTON TWP      304
Roder, August              SHARON TWP       483
Roderick, Philip           CAMANCHE TWP     016
Rodkroke, Frederick        DEEP CREEK TWP   076
Rodman, Asa B.             DEEP CREEK TWP   087
Rodman, Emma J.            DEEP CREEK TWP   087
Rodman, John               WATERFORD TWP    106
Rodman, Levi J.            DEEP CREEK TWP   087
Rodman, William            DEEP CREEK TWP   086
Roe, Nelson C.             LYONS TWP        405
Roe, Philip T.             LYONS TWP        356
Rogan, Mary                CLINTON TWP      299
Rogan, William J.          HAMPSHIRE TWP    270
Rogers, Chancy             LIBERTY TWP      452
Rogers, Edward             SHARON TWP       466
Rogers, G. H.              SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Rogers, Gane B.            SHARON TWP       470
Rogers, James              CLINTON TWP      316
Rogers, John               WELTON TWP       190
Rogers, Lewis T.           ELK RIVER TWP    256
Rogers, Louisa             LIBERTY TWP      450
Rogers, M. L.              SPRING ROCK TWP  446
Rogers, Thomas             CLINTON TWP      329
Rogers, Thomas             CLINTON TWP      330
Rogers, William            ELK RIVER TWP    244
Rogers, William            SHARON TWP       466
Rohander, Catharine        LYONS TWP        390
Roland, Jesse              WATERFORD TWP    095
Roland, W.                 WATERFORD TWP    093
Romaher, M.                CAMANCHE TWP     020
Romans, Elizabeth          EDEN TWP         124
Romer, David               LYONS TWP        344
Ronals, John               CAMANCHE TWP     001
Rontgomery, Washington     DE WITT TWP      130
Rookwood, Stephen M.       BERLIN TWP       495
Root, Aaron                LIBERTY TWP      448
Root, Anuline C.           LYONS TWP        400
Root, Hirace               CLINTON TWP      294
Root, Horace               LIBERTY TWP      448
Root, John Q.              LYONS TWP        401
Root, John R.              EDEN TWP         112
Root, Joseph               SHARON TWP       493
Root, Rufus                LIBERTY TWP      450
Root, Thomas               LIBERTY TWP      449
Roscoe, Mary               CAMANCHE TWP     007
Rose, Augustusu            WELTON TWP       185
Rose, George R.            LYONS TWP        377
Rose, Miles L.             DE WITT TWP      157
Rose, Miss                 CAMANCHE TWP     004
Roseter, Jams              WASHINGTON TWP   051
Ross, Amanda               DEEP CREEK TWP   082
Ross, Gano                 LIBERTY TWP      456
Ross, Malissa              ELK RIVER TWP    244
Ross, Sarah                DEEP CREEK TWP   083
Ross, Walter               OLIVE TWP        427
Roth, Solomon              OLIVE TWP        413
Rouse, Albert              ELK RIVER TWP    233
Rouse, Charles B.          ELK RIVER TWP    234
Rouse, Deliff              EDEN TWP         110
Rouse, Georeg              DE WITT TWP      145
Rouse, Holdan              DE WITT TWP      174
Routaney, Washington       DE WITT TWP      180
Rowen, Patrick             LYONS TWP        396
Rowen, Peter               LYONS TWP        379
Rowen, Thomas              LYONS TWP        369
Rower, Lybil W.            LYONS TWP        350
Rowland, John              EDEN TWP         118
Rowsin, William O.         SHARON TWP       469
Roxley, Robert G.          ORANGE TWP       226
Royalty, David B.          LYONS TWP        392
Royalty, Jesse G.          LYONS TWP        352
Royalty, Menerva           LYONS TWP        392
Royalty, O. C.             WATERFORD TWP    098
Ruber, Jacob               OLIVE TWP        418
Ruber, Margaret            OLIVE TWP        417
Rubert, John               LYONS TWP        398
Ruby, William H.           SHARON TWP       477
Ruddock, Asa S.            HAMPSHIRE TWP    283
Ruell, Robert              HAMPSHIRE TWP    285
Ruinner, Thomas            CAMANCHE TWP     017
Rule, Cassanden            EDEN TWP         121
Rule, George               SPRING ROCK TWP  429
Rule, William              DE WITT TWP      176
Rule, William              SPRING ROCK TWP  430
Rummley, William           CLINTON TWP      308
Rundell, G.                SPRING ROCK TWP  437
Rundell, Leland            SPRING ROCK TWP  437
Runfield, John             WASHINGTON TWP   066
Runnion, A. H.             DE WITT TWP      140
Ruse, Henry                DEEP CREEK TWP   090
Russell, Amherst           EDEN TWP         114
Russell, Ferdinand         SHARON TWP       479
Russell, Frank             EDEN TWP         114
Russell, Georg A.          LYONS TWP        370
Russell, Lawrence          BLOOMFIELD TWP   205
Russell, William A.        LYONS TWP        389
Rust, Christopher          EDEN TWP         113
Rust, Henry                CENTRE TWP       074
Rutenbeck, Christof        SHARON TWP       479
Ruth, William T.           BLOOMFIELD TWP   209
Ruthaford, William         WELTON TWP       191
Rutherford, David          CLINTON TWP      311
Ruttlidge, Foster          OLIVE TWP        423
Ryan, Charles              LYONS TWP        386
Ryan, David                HAMPSHIRE TWP    291
Ryan, Edward               DE WITT TWP      135
Ryan, John                 ELK RIVER TWP    261
Ryan, Mary                 LIBERTY TWP      449
Ryan, Patrick              HAMPSHIRE TWP    273
Ryan, Patrick              LYONS TWP        379
Ryan, Phillip              ELK RIVER TWP    235
Ryan, William              ELK RIVER TWP    247
Ryder, Johnathan H.        LYONS TWP        359
Ryder, Sylvester           HAMPSHIRE TWP    277
Ryle, Thomas               ORANGE TWP       222
Ryley, Thomas              DE WITT TWP      169
Ryner, John C.             LYONS TWP        388
Ryner, Jonathan            DE WITT TWP      128
Rynor, John P.             CLINTON TWP      317
Sabren, Neilse             HAMPSHIRE TWP    267
Sackrider, Isaac           SHARON TWP       491
Sackrider, Theodore        SHARON TWP       492
Sage, R.                   CAMANCHE TWP     033
Sakrider, Solomon          SHARON TWP       492
Salar, Sepelina            WASHINGTON TWP   058
Sally, Martin              DE WITT TWP      125
Sally, Tersia              DE WITT TWP      126
Samp, Peter                WASHINGTON TWP   062
Sampson, William           EDEN TWP         110
Sanburn, William N.        LYONS TWP        376
Sanderson, Andrew          WASHINGTON TWP   064
Sanderson, Charles         SHARON TWP       468
Sandes, C. W.              DE WITT TWP      132
Sanford, Charles           ELK RIVER TWP    253
Sanford, John              LYONS TWP        389
Sanford, Oran              DE WITT TWP      160
Sanger, Felix              SHARON TWP       483
Sanger, John               CLINTON TWP      318
Santmire, John N.          HAMPSHIRE TWP    267
Saon, J. P.                LIBERTY TWP      457
Sareth, John               CLINTON TWP      304
Sarets, Joseph             CAMANCHE TWP     002
Sargant, Edward P.         CLINTON TWP      289
Sargent, Ezra P.           CLINTON TWP      289
Savage, Edward             LYONS TWP        387
Savage, Patrick            CLINTON TWP      300
Saxton, John               WELTON TWP       186
Sayles, Albert P.          LYONS TWP        350
Scallon, James             DE WITT TWP      181
Scally, Thomas             DE WITT TWP      169
Scanlon, Thomas            BERLIN TWP       496
Scanson, Peter             CLINTON TWP      302
Scanton, Patrick           CLINTON TWP      303
Scarborough, Charles       ELK RIVER TWP    254
Scarbough, Catherine L.    WASHINGTON TWP   070
Scarbrough, Elisim         BLOOMFIELD TWP   212
Schlabach, Charles         DE WITT TWP      174
Schliney, Constanstien     LYONS TWP        340
Schmitz, Andrew            SHARON TWP       484
Schmitz, Casper            SHARON TWP       484
Schnock, Claus             CENTRE TWP       075
Schouber, Rodolph          SPRING ROCK TWP  444
Schrader, William          CENTRE TWP       073
Schricker, George M.       SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Schrober, Herbet           ELK RIVER TWP    256
Schuyler, Peter J.         EDEN TWP         119
Schwarz, Nicholas          ELK RIVER TWP    234
Scofield, Augustus         ELK RIVER TWP    233
Scofield, Howaco           LYONS TWP        375
Scofield, Jerome           WASHINGTON TWP   061
Scofield, William          LYONS TWP        373
Scott, Abraham P.          DE WITT TWP      141
Scott, Charles             CLINTON TWP      294
Scott, Charles             LYONS TWP        382
Scott, Elija               LYONS TWP        402
Scott, George              BLOOMFIELD TWP   210
Scott, George W.           DE WITT TWP      139
Scott, James               ELK RIVER TWP    261
Scott, Joseph              LYONS TWP        356
Scott, Joseph              SHARON TWP       462
Scott, Patrick             CLINTON TWP      309
Scott, Singleton           BLOOMFIELD TWP   216
Scott, Walter              LYONS TWP        395
Scott, William             OLIVE TWP        425
Scott, William O.          OLIVE TWP        425
Scully, Patrick            LYONS TWP        368
Scully, Thomas             WASHINGTON TWP   043
Scutcher, George           CAMANCHE TWP     036
Seaman, David              ELK RIVER TWP    235
Seaman, Haus               ELK RIVER TWP    235
Seaman, Richard S.         CLINTON TWP      323
Seamonds, Adaline          LYONS TWP        349
Sears, Lucy A              CLINTON TWP      306
Segars, Delila             DE WITT TWP      171
Segars, Hugh               WASHINGTON TWP   061
Selfitz, Charles           HAMPSHIRE TWP    265
Selitz, Sarah E.           HAMPSHIRE TWP    266
Sellers, George W.         SHARON TWP       480
Sellers, Mary              SHARON TWP       493
Senate, William            CAMANCHE TWP     034
Send, Jams                 WASHINGTON TWP   059
Senl, John                 CLINTON TWP      328
Servert, H. W.             CAMANCHE TWP     009
Sessions, M. G.            CAMANCHE TWP     037
Sessons, A. G.             CAMANCHE TWP     037
Sewell, Fanny              LYONS TWP        380
Sewell, Sanford            DEEP CREEK TWP   083
Seyman, Ruben              CLINTON TWP      293
Seymon, Charles            CLINTON TWP      293
Seymon, Stephen            CLINTON TWP      293
Seymond, William P.        CLINTON TWP      290
Seymoud, David             CLINTON TWP      290
Shack, James               WASHINGTON TWP   058
Shadduck, David            ELK RIVER TWP    261
Shadduck, Ira              ELK RIVER TWP    256
Shadduck, Keith            ELK RIVER TWP    255
Shadduck, Levi             ELK RIVER TWP    255
Shadduck, Seth             ELK RIVER TWP    260
Shade, Jeremiah            LIBERTY TWP      461
Shadle, Daniel             CAMANCHE TWP     002
Shadle, George             CAMANCHE TWP     001
Shadle, Henry              CAMANCHE TWP     001
Shadle, Indiana            CAMANCHE TWP     002
Shadle, Samuel             CAMANCHE TWP     002
Shaffer, Alanson           BLOOMFIELD TWP   216
Shaffer, Jacob             DE WITT TWP      161
Shaffer, William F.        LYONS TWP        400
Shaft, Heman B.            CAMANCHE TWP     001
Shaft, Lucy T.             CAMANCHE TWP     002
Shaft, Sarah J.            CLINTON TWP      306
Shaft, Thomas              CLINTON TWP      305
Shall, R. R.               WATERFORD TWP    094
Shallers, Cyrus F.         ELK RIVER TWP    236
Shambough, Jacob           WASHINGTON TWP   068
Shanks, Joseph             LIBERTY TWP      461
Shanon, Patrick            WASHINGTON TWP   044
Shaver, Rudolph            LYONS TWP        357
Shaw, D. H.                BLOOMFIELD TWP   204
Shaw, Joseph               DE WITT TWP      165
Shawley, Louis             ELK RIVER TWP    243
Shay, Cornelius            CLINTON TWP      304
Sheady, Dennis             LYONS TWP        384
Sheady, Michael            LYONS TWP        339
Sheale, Henry              LYONS TWP        360
Sheaman, James             CAMANCHE TWP     010
Shearn, Bell               LYONS TWP        380
Shearon, E. Michael        LYONS TWP        390
Sheaver, Joseph            DE WITT TWP      131
Sheckley, Henry D.         CLINTON TWP      322
Sheeker, Mary              CAMANCHE TWP     008
Sheel, Hans                DEEP CREEK TWP   091
Sheel, James               DE WITT TWP      138
Sheen, John                LYONS TWP        354
Sheffer, Henry             CLINTON TWP      321
Sheldon, Jamera            LIBERTY TWP      451
Sheldon, Malinda D.        SHARON TWP       466
Sheldon, Oscar             BLOOMFIELD TWP   200
Sheldon, Seth              DE WITT TWP      163
Sheldon, Seth              DE WITT TWP      169
Sheldon, Thomas            WELTON TWP       188
Shelly, Marry              CLINTON TWP      329
Shepard, Henry             SHARON TWP       490
Shepart, Lewis             LYONS TWP        351
Sheperd, Henry             LYONS TWP        344
Sheppard, John             CLINTON TWP      327
Sheppard, Joseph           CLINTON TWP      327
Sherman, L. P.             DE WITT TWP      160
Sherman, William           HAMPSHIRE TWP    276
Sheron, Francis            LYONS TWP        347
Sheron, Julia              LYONS TWP        348
Sherrick, Ester            CAMANCHE TWP     024
Sherwood, Charles          BERLIN TWP       498
Sherwood, John             BERLIN TWP       498
Sherwood, Lewis            BERLIN TWP       498
Sherwood, Sidney           BLOOMFIELD TWP   214
Shever, Jacob              OLIVE TWP        417
Shiady, Patrick            LYONS TWP        339
Shidy, Jennie              LYONS TWP        383
Shiffer, Eather M.         LYONS TWP        337
Shiffer, Henry P.          LYONS TWP        337
Shipman, Fredrick          CAMANCHE TWP     023
Shockey, Elias             DE WITT TWP      130
Shoe, Hane                 CENTRE TWP       074
Shoecraft, Peter J.        DE WITT TWP      170
Shoecraft, Simon           DE WITT TWP      171
Shoemaker, George          SPRING ROCK TWP  441
Shoemaker, Henry           DE WITT TWP      172
Shoemaker, James           LIBERTY TWP      453
Shoemaker, Joseph          CAMANCHE TWP     009
Shoemaker, William         SPRING ROCK TWP  441
Shomaker, Henry            DEEP CREEK TWP   084
Shood, Catharine           DE WITT TWP      181
Short, Daniel              CLINTON TWP      301
Shott, Joseph              DE WITT TWP      162
Showmann, Morman           LYONS TWP        392
Shrader, Christian         HAMPSHIRE TWP    265
Shrader, Christian         HAMPSHIRE TWP    271
Shrader, Minnie            LYONS TWP        353
Shroeder, Henry            CENTRE TWP       074
Shubenne, James            CLINTON TWP      318
Shull, Hiram               DEEP CREEK TWP   084
Shull, Lewis               WATERFORD TWP    107
Shults, Frederick          ELK RIVER TWP    250
Shults, John               DEEP CREEK TWP   091
Shults, Joshua             SHARON TWP       482
Shults, Rudolph            ELK RIVER TWP    235
Shuly, Anthony             WELTON TWP       187
Shumbaugh, John            WASHINGTON TWP   056
Shvoer, Augustus           EDEN TWP         109
Sidle, John                SHARON TWP       481
Silley, Mark               CLINTON TWP      308
Silly, Dennis              ELK RIVER TWP    230
Simen, Eliza               LIBERTY TWP      447
Simmon, Nelson             DE WITT TWP      169
Simmons, Charles W.        CLINTON TWP      315
Simmons, Edward            LIBERTY TWP      452
Simmons, Egbert            DEEP CREEK TWP   086
Simons, George             CAMANCHE TWP     010
Simons, John               LYONS TWP        359
Simons, Mary               LYONS TWP        358
Simons, Nicholas           LYONS TWP        357
Simper, William            OLIVE TWP        414
Simpson, Andrew            DE WITT TWP      129
Simpson, Harriet           SPRING ROCK TWP  438
Simpson, Jacob             SPRING ROCK TWP  438
Simpson, Walter            WASHINGTON TWP   051
Sims, George               BLOOMFIELD TWP   205
Simson, Albert             DE WITT TWP      162
Simson, George W.          ORANGE TWP       226
Simson, John               BLOOMFIELD TWP   211
Sinclair, Lucy A.          CLINTON TWP      315
Sisco, Levi                CLINTON TWP      308
Sisco, Solomon             CLINTON TWP      303
Sixbery, Henry             CAMANCHE TWP     005
Skinner, William           WELTON TWP       197
Skneck, Dealiff            DEEP CREEK TWP   092
Slack, Allen               LYONS TWP        375
Slaughter, Alanzo          EDEN TWP         118
Slaughter, Candis          CAMANCHE TWP     007
Slaughter, Charles         CAMANCHE TWP     006
Slaughter, Georg           CAMANCHE TWP     006
Slaughter, Samuel          CAMANCHE TWP     006
Sleeper, Peter             BLOOMFIELD TWP   213
Sloan, John                LYONS TWP        357
Sloan, William             LYONS TWP        374
Slodfelt, Jacob            WASHINGTON TWP   059
Slomma, August             LYONS TWP        337
Sloper, William            SHARON TWP       472
Sloweye, Rose              ELK RIVER TWP    247
Sluttman, Henry            CAMANCHE TWP     019
Small, Josiah              ELK RIVER TWP    244
Smidt, John                SPRING ROCK TWP  446
Smidt, Trang               SPRING ROCK TWP  441
Smiley, Abel               CLINTON TWP      329
Smily, John                ELK RIVER TWP    244
Smily, William             ELK RIVER TWP    244
Smith, A. J.               OLIVE TWP        422
Smith, Aaron               OLIVE TWP        419
Smith, Almon E.            DE WITT TWP      129
Smith, Andrew M.           ORANGE TWP       221
Smith, Catharine           CLINTON TWP      327
Smith, Charles             DE WITT TWP      155
Smith, Charles             LYONS TWP        340
Smith, Charles             WATERFORD TWP    105
Smith, Daniel              DE WITT TWP      180
Smith, Daniel              ELK RIVER TWP    253
Smith, Daniel              OLIVE TWP        422
Smith, David               BLOOMFIELD TWP   210
Smith, David               SHARON TWP       466
Smith, Elizabeth           DE WITT TWP      149
Smith, Elizabeth           LYONS TWP        337
Smith, Ella                CAMANCHE TWP     034
Smith, George C.           CLINTON TWP      329
Smith, Goodleb             CAMANCHE TWP     025
Smith, Hannah              LYONS TWP        388
Smith, Harvey J.           LYONS TWP        373
Smith, Henry W.            DE WITT TWP      139
Smith, J. H.               WASHINGTON TWP   064
Smith, James               CLINTON TWP      306
Smith, James               CLINTON TWP      324
Smith, James               DE WITT TWP      144
Smith, James               LYONS TWP        337
Smith, James               WASHINGTON TWP   044
Smith, James               WATERFORD TWP    100
Smith, Jane                OLIVE TWP        426
Smith, Jeremiah            CAMANCHE TWP     003
Smith, John                DE WITT TWP      156
Smith, John                LYONS TWP        338
Smith, John                LYONS TWP        341
Smith, John                ORANGE TWP       224
Smith, John J.             DE WITT TWP      159
Smith, John M.             OLIVE TWP        419
Smith, John W.             CLINTON TWP      334
Smith, Joseph              BLOOMFIELD TWP   200
Smith, Joseph S.           LYONS TWP        372
Smith, Josephine           OLIVE TWP        414
Smith, L. P.               OLIVE TWP        422
Smith, Lorence             LIBERTY TWP      448
Smith, Manerva             DE WITT TWP      160
Smith, Milo                CLINTON TWP      334
Smith, Nancy               LYONS TWP        382
Smith, Noah                ORANGE TWP       224
Smith, Oliver              CLINTON TWP      316
Smith, Patrick             WATERFORD TWP    101
Smith, Paul                EDEN TWP         117
Smith, R. L.               DE WITT TWP      145
Smith, Samuel              LYONS TWP        346
Smith, Sarah               CAMANCHE TWP     023
Smith, Sarah E.            DE WITT TWP      156
Smith, Simon               BLOOMFIELD TWP   199
Smith, Sylvester           DE WITT TWP      137
Smith, Uriah               ELK RIVER TWP    249
Smith, William             CAMANCHE TWP     032
Smith, William             EDEN TWP         120
Smith, William             ORANGE TWP       221
Smithson, Thomas           OLIVE TWP        413
Snake, Dalof               DEEP CREEK TWP   076
Sneed, Curtiss             LYONS TWP        403
Sneeklot, Anna             CENTRE TWP       075
Sneeklot, Catharine        CENTRE TWP       075
Sneeklot, John             CENTRE TWP       074
Sneger, Catharine          CAMANCHE TWP     020
Snell, William             WATERFORD TWP    095
Snoddy, Mathew             SHARON TWP       494
Snoke, Dalof               DEEP CREEK TWP   076
Snow, Anson                ELK RIVER TWP    234
Snow, Sophronia            CLINTON TWP      318
Snowson, Thomas            CLINTON TWP      307
Snyder, Benjamin           DEEP CREEK TWP   083
Snyder, Daniel D.          LYONS TWP        402
Snyder, George             LYONS TWP        358
Snyder, George             SPRING ROCK TWP  436
Snyder, George             SPRING ROCK TWP  437
Snyder, George G.          SPRING ROCK TWP  436
Snyder, John               OLIVE TWP        420
Snyder, L. H.              SPRING ROCK TWP  442
Snyder, Ludwick            SPRING ROCK TWP  432
Snyder, Lymon              SHARON TWP       486
Snyder, Phineas            LYONS TWP        395
Sobens, Frank              LYONS TWP        358
Soctt, William A.          LYONS TWP        391
Solomo, Theodore           HAMPSHIRE TWP    265
Solomon, Sarah A.          DE WITT TWP      164
Sophy, Peter               WASHINGTON TWP   050
Souter, Frederick          LYONS TWP        368
Spague, Byron              ELK RIVER TWP    245
Spain, Cornelius           WATERFORD TWP    102
Spain, Daniel              WATERFORD TWP    102
Spalsly, William           WASHINGTON TWP   067
Sparks, E. P.              SHARON TWP       486
Sparks, John M.            SHARON TWP       486
Sparks, William N.         LYONS TWP        374
Spaslock, Melinda          SPRING ROCK TWP  438
Spaulding, Daniel          DE WITT TWP      135
Spaulding, John            DE WITT TWP      150
Spear, A. R.               DE WITT TWP      170
Spear, E. K.               DE WITT TWP      168
Spear, Soloman R.          LYONS TWP        388
Spells, James              DEEP CREEK TWP   085
Spelman, Patrick           WATERFORD TWP    094
Spence, Graen R.           LYONS TWP        383
Spencer, Benjamin          BLOOMFIELD TWP   207
Spink, Silas V.            OLIVE TWP        412
Spoo, Nicholas             SHARON TWP       478
Spooner, John C.           LYONS TWP        347
Spooner, Merrit H.         LYONS TWP        373
Squbb, William             WASHINGTON TWP   070
Squibb, Aaron              HAMPSHIRE TWP    291
Squibb, Caleb              HAMPSHIRE TWP    291
Staffinbill, John          OLIVE TWP        420
Staggs, Edward E.          DE WITT TWP      128
Stallcup, Clarisa J.       OLIVE TWP        413
Staman, Jacob              BLOOMFIELD TWP   213
Stambaugh, John C.         ELK RIVER TWP    238
Stand, Amasa               SHARON TWP       472
Stankuther, Rev. Amos N.   LYONS TWP        370
Stanley, D. H.             OLIVE TWP        411
Stanley, Joseph W.         DE WITT TWP      137
Stanley, Robert            DE WITT TWP      137
Stanley, Thomas            DE WITT TWP      137
Stanton, James             SHARON TWP       472
Stapleton, Lorance         CLINTON TWP      312
Stapleton, Micahel         SPRING ROCK TWP  442
Starbuck, William          BLOOMFIELD TWP   212
Stardevant, George W.      LYONS TWP        382
Stark, John                CLINTON TWP      298
Starr, William B.          CLINTON TWP      310
Stattenbery, Joseph        CAMANCHE TWP     031
Staum, Frederick           CAMANCHE TWP     020
Stclair, Thomas            WASHINGTON TWP   060
Stear, Dora                ELK RIVER TWP    262
Stearns, Charles           EDEN TWP         121
Stearns, Duncan            EDEN TWP         122
Stearns, Usher             LIBERTY TWP      451
Stebbens, Samuel H.        LYONS TWP        379
Stedman, C. A.             DE WITT TWP      163
Stedman, Frederick         WASHINGTON TWP   062
Steele, George             LIBERTY TWP      453
Stehle, Teressa            LYONS TWP        388
Steinsburf, Ellen          CLINTON TWP      329
Stellerman, Anna           DEEP CREEK TWP   091
Stemburg, Lewis            DEEP CREEK TWP   084
Stencar, Ahart             LYONS TWP        355
Stennbaugh, George N.      LYONS TWP        403
Steno, Jacob L.            SHARON TWP       492
Stephens, John R.          LYONS TWP        351
Stephenson, Emma           DE WITT TWP      177
Stephenson, George         DE WITT TWP      176
Stern, A. H.               CLINTON TWP      324
Stetson, Ethel B.          CLINTON TWP      319
Steuegill, Charles         CLINTON TWP      323
Stevens, Brewster          DE WITT TWP      161
Stevens, John              LYONS TWP        370
Stevens, John E.           EDEN TWP         122
Stevens, Joseph            WASHINGTON TWP   044
Stevens, Leonard           DEEP CREEK TWP   080
Stevens, Mary              LYONS TWP        382
Stevenson, Carie           DE WITT TWP      173
Stevenson, Petron          DE WITT TWP      161
Stevenson, Thomas          DE WITT TWP      145
Steward, Edwin             ELK RIVER TWP    237
Steward, Ellen             LYONS TWP        372
Steward, George            ELK RIVER TWP    242
Steward, Haus              HAMPSHIRE TWP    271
Steward, Henry             BLOOMFIELD TWP   211
Stewart, Alexander         WATERFORD TWP    096
Stewart, Alexander         WATERFORD TWP    100
Stewart, Charles           HAMPSHIRE TWP    269
Stewart, H. E.             SHARON TWP       491
Stewart, Robert            WATERFORD TWP    095
Stiffins, Linda            DE WITT TWP      138
Still, Elizabeth           LYONS TWP        393
Still, Orange              CAMANCHE TWP     025
Stillman, Albert           DE WITT TWP      158
Stillman, Johnd.           DE WITT TWP      168
Stimson, Anna              SHARON TWP       480
Stiner, John               WASHINGTON TWP   065
Stinhilbert, Geroge        OLIVE TWP        414
Stins, Jesse               LIBERTY TWP      454
Stinton, Ann               LYONS TWP        382
Stinton, Joseph            ELK RIVER TWP    241
Stockburgh, Matthias       WELTON TWP       189
Stocker, Harvey            ELK RIVER TWP    229
Stockwell, Benjamin F.     HAMPSHIRE TWP    277
Stockwell, Blance          ELK RIVER TWP    250
Stockwell, Henry B.        ELK RIVER TWP    249
Stockwell, Ira             LYONS TWP        372
Stockwell, Stilman         HAMPSHIRE TWP    276
Stockwell, Wainchester     HAMPSHIRE TWP    277
Stokin, Stephen B.         LYONS TWP        384
Stollenberg, Joseph        CAMANCHE TWP     021
Stone, Daniel P.           LYONS TWP        402
Stone, John                WASHINGTON TWP   045
Stone, Joseph              WASHINGTON TWP   045
Store, Emply               WATERFORD TWP    094
Stotefelt, Detliff         WASHINGTON TWP   059
Stottenbery, Didliff       CAMANCHE TWP     023
Stottenby, Christian       CAMANCHE TWP     024
Straford, William          BLOOMFIELD TWP   206
Straw, James               CAMANCHE TWP     035
Strawther, Wiliam          CAMANCHE TWP     025
Strawtser, William         CAMANCHE TWP     024
Strohm, Samuel             SHARON TWP       491
Strohn, Samuel             SHARON TWP       471
Strong, James              DE WITT TWP      149
Stuck, Henry               CLINTON TWP      327
Stumbaugh, Samuel          ELK RIVER TWP    238
Stump, Joseph              SHARON TWP       474
Stunberg, Lewis            DEEP CREEK TWP   080
Stutsman, William          SHARON TWP       464
Stuzman, Joseph            SHARON TWP       464
Sucket, David              CAMANCHE TWP     025
Sudell, A.                 WASHINGTON TWP   060
Sudell, Sardee S.          WASHINGTON TWP   061
Sulivan, James             DEEP CREEK TWP   076
Sulivan, James             DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Sulivan, John              WASHINGTON TWP   062
Sulivan, Muriah            WASHINGTON TWP   062
Sullivan, John             HAMPSHIRE TWP    279
Sullivan, John             LYONS TWP        351
Sullivan, Maria            CLINTON TWP      328
Sullivan, Patrick E.       LYONS TWP        379
Sullon, Catharine          CLINTON TWP      312
Suman, Sefrem              LYONS TWP        399
Summers, Louis             ELK RIVER TWP    262
Suth, Edward               DE WITT TWP      152
Sutton, Frank              LYONS TWP        373
Sutton, George             LYONS TWP        375
Sutton, Philip             ELK RIVER TWP    251
Sutton, Sarah              LYONS TWP        376
Swanson, William N.        LYONS TWP        353
Swart, Frederick           WASHINGTON TWP   062
Swarts, Frederick          CENTRE TWP       075
Swarts, Johana             CAMANCHE TWP     001
Swartz, Henry S. P.        ELK RIVER TWP    238
Swartz, Mary               LYONS TWP        386
Swat, Mary                 WATERFORD TWP    100
Swat, Sarah                WATERFORD TWP    099
Sweeney, Andrew            WASHINGTON TWP   048
Sweenson, Edward           DEEP CREEK TWP   091
Sweenson, Henry            DEEP CREEK TWP   091
Sweeny, M. T.              CAMANCHE TWP     035
Sweet, Deloss              DEEP CREEK TWP   084
Sweeting, Blinn            DE WITT TWP      161
Sweeting, Elbridge         DE WITT TWP      164
Sweeting, Eveline          DE WITT TWP      162
Sweeting, J.               DE WITT TWP      158
Sweeting, Rosanna          DE WITT TWP      178
Swelell, James W.          ELK RIVER TWP    236
Swits, Henry               DEEP CREEK TWP   091
Switzer, David W.          CLINTON TWP      305
Swonlon, William           CLINTON TWP      319
Swords, John               DE WITT TWP      162
Syall, William             LYONS TWP        378
Syin, Augustus G.          LYONS TWP        380
Tabor, O. P.               WASHINGTON TWP   067
Taft, Lucy                 LYONS TWP        394
Take, James                CLINTON TWP      329
Talbott, Wiliam            DE WITT TWP      179
Tallett, James             LYONS TWP        341
Talman, Benjamin           CAMANCHE TWP     008
Talman, George             CAMANCHE TWP     002
Talman, Jesse H.           CAMANCHE TWP     005
Talman, Lafayette          CAMANCHE TWP     012
Tap, Peggis                LYONS TWP        378
Tapley, Joseph             CLINTON TWP      322
Tarlman, Edward            BLOOMFIELD TWP   206
Tate, Charles              HAMPSHIRE TWP    281
Tate, David                LYONS TWP        356
Tate, Guisne               LYONS TWP        402
Tate, John                 CAMANCHE TWP     010
Tate, John                 DEEP CREEK TWP   090
Tavern, L. M.              WASHINGTON TWP   068
Taylor, Adolphus           BLOOMFIELD TWP   208
Taylor, Alfred C.          ELK RIVER TWP    252
Taylor, Harroti            SHARON TWP       481
Taylor, Joseph             SHARON TWP       469
Taylor, Nathan S.          LYONS TWP        351
Taylor, Robert             BLOOMFIELD TWP   218
Taylor, William            CLINTON TWP      312
Taylor, William            CLINTON TWP      334
Teamey, Patrick            CLINTON TWP      307
Teason, C. W.              WASHINGTON TWP   064
Teason, Harman             WASHINGTON TWP   064
Tedman, John               DEEP CREEK TWP   080
Teedman, Cyrus             WASHINGTON TWP   052
Teeman, Henry              LYONS TWP        360
Teeple, Luther             SHARON TWP       474
Teinney, Kate              CLINTON TWP      312
Templeton, J. F.           DE WITT TWP      155
Teneyck, Jasper            DE WITT TWP      146
Teneyck, William           ORANGE TWP       223
Tensfield, Henry           CLINTON TWP      328
Terwiliger, Samuel         ELK RIVER TWP    259
Teskey, John               LIBERTY TWP      457
Teskey, John               SHARON TWP       494
Thain, Martha W.           CLINTON TWP      320
Thatcher, George           CLINTON TWP      311
Thayer, Alonzo             SHARON TWP       490
Thayer, Ammes              BLOOMFIELD TWP   216
Thiso, Safayette           ELK RIVER TWP    253
Thmas, Henry               DE WITT TWP      148
Thomas, Binson             DE WITT TWP      157
Thomas, Charles            CLINTON TWP      294
Thomas, Charley W.         LYONS TWP        390
Thomas, Edward             LYONS TWP        349
Thomas, Elhaman W.         LYONS TWP        339
Thomas, Elisha B.          BLOOMFIELD TWP   210
Thomas, Emma R.            WELTON TWP       186
Thomas, George             CLINTON TWP      293
Thomas, Harvey             DE WITT TWP      170
Thomas, James A.           CLINTON TWP      294
Thomas, John               DE WITT TWP      150
Thomas, Jonathan           DE WITT TWP      132
Thomas, Mary J.            DE WITT TWP      151
Thomas, Rebecca            ORANGE TWP       227
Thomas, Robert             CLINTON TWP      294
Thomas, Sidney             DE WITT TWP      170
Thomas, Silas              CLINTON TWP      294
Thomas, Thomas             LYONS TWP        383
Thomas, William            CLINTON TWP      293
Thomas, William            SPRING ROCK TWP  438
Thomas, William J.         WASHINGTON TWP   069
Thomas John,               ORANGE TWP       227
Thompson, Catharine        LYONS TWP        337
Thompson, E.               SHARON TWP       466
Thompson, Emma J.          SHARON TWP       464
Thompson, Francis          LYONS TWP        403
Thompson, John             LIBERTY TWP      448
Thompson, Mary             LIBERTY TWP      453
Thompson, Milford          DE WITT TWP      143
Thompson, P. W.            LIBERTY TWP      452
Thompson, Richard G.       LYONS TWP        375
Thompson, Sarah A.         LYONS TWP        338
Thompson, Susanah          LIBERTY TWP      454
Thompson, Thomas J.        SHARON TWP       476
Thompson, William          LYONS TWP        337
Thompson, William          WATERFORD TWP    101
Thorington, Jams           CENTRE TWP       075
Thornberg, Thomas          CAMANCHE TWP     006
Thorne, George W.          LIBERTY TWP      454
Thorne, Mehlon             OLIVE TWP        412
Thorton, Philip            LYONS TWP        386
Thurston, James            LYONS TWP        337
Thymes, Daniel H.          ELK RIVER TWP    230
Tierbury, Maggie           CLINTON TWP      317
Tierney, James             BLOOMFIELD TWP   218
Tierney, Jams J.           LYONS TWP        377
Tierney, Lorenze           CLINTON TWP      292
Tietgens, Henry J.         HAMPSHIRE TWP    265
Tilume, Margaret           CLINTON TWP      333
Timmons, F. J.             ORANGE TWP       221
Timpson, Ellen             DE WITT TWP      130
Timpson, William           DE WITT TWP      176
Tirenay, Thomas            DEEP CREEK TWP   091
Titenash, Richard          LYONS TWP        401
Tmyles, J. C.              DE WITT TWP      181
Tobin, James               DE WITT TWP      158
Today, Frederick           CAMANCHE TWP     006
Toddler, John M.           BLOOMFIELD TWP   217
Toff, Moses                DE WITT TWP      143
Togel, John                CLINTON TWP      296
Toll, Charles H.           CLINTON TWP      308
Toll, Daniel R.            CLINTON TWP      323
Toll, Tracy S.             CLINTON TWP      316
Tolle, John                LYONS TWP        397
Tollet, William D.         CAMANCHE TWP     001
Tollman, Abba              DEEP CREEK TWP   079
Tollman, George H.         EDEN TWP         111
Tollman, W. H.             EDEN TWP         113
Tolson, John               LYONS TWP        345
Tolson, Sarah J.           LYONS TWP        346
Tompson, John              DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Tona, Mary                 LYONS TWP        352
Tong, George               CAMANCHE TWP     008
Tong, Jackson H.           CAMANCHE TWP     009
Tonlson, Thomas M.         CLINTON TWP      295
Took, Andrew               DE WITT TWP      143
Toster, Catharine          CAMANCHE TWP     017
Townlinson, John           CLINTON TWP      320
Townsend, Edwin T.         EDEN TWP         121
Townsend, James A.         CLINTON TWP      323
Townsend, Soloman          LYONS TWP        346
Tracy, Michael             CLINTON TWP      307
Trask, Adaline             LIBERTY TWP      453
Trask, Joseph              LIBERTY TWP      460
Traver, George             DE WITT TWP      145
Traver, John               DE WITT TWP      131
Traver, Peter              DE WITT TWP      127
Trelinger, Abigail         BLOOMFIELD TWP   210
Trelinger, Christopher     BLOOMFIELD TWP   209
Triff, Chancy M.           CAMANCHE TWP     017
Trimble, Michael           WASHINGTON TWP   046
Tripp, Mary                LYONS TWP        357
Trites, John               DE WITT TWP      151
Trites, Nancy              DE WITT TWP      152
Troigstell, David          DE WITT TWP      146
Tubbs, George              BLOOMFIELD TWP   214
Tucer, Ellen               LYONS TWP        343
Tuck, Henry                DE WITT TWP      143
Tuck, John                 CLINTON TWP      306
Tucker, Alenzo             EDEN TWP         109
Tucker, E. M.              SHARON TWP       465
Tucker, Lewis J.           LYONS TWP        387
Tucker, Thadeus            CLINTON TWP      302
Tuckett, Dennis            OLIVE TWP        423
Tucking, Henry             LYONS TWP        358
Tuiter, Frederick          DE WITT TWP      149
Tull, Thomas O.            WASHINGTON TWP   050
Tunklin, Catharine         CAMANCHE TWP     016
Turlong, John              CLINTON TWP      310
Turnan, Michael            WELTON TWP       188
Turner, Charles            BLOOMFIELD TWP   208
Turner, William            DE WITT TWP      151
Turney, James              LYONS TWP        381
Turney, James              LYONS TWP        389
Turney, James              LYONS TWP        390
Tutgens, Haus H.           HAMPSHIRE TWP    271
Tuthill, William C.        DE WITT TWP      146
Tuttle, Charles L.         CLINTON TWP      316
Tuttle, George             CLINTON TWP      316
Twarts, Andrew             CENTRE TWP       074
Twifs, J. L.               BLOOMFIELD TWP   202
Twiss, C. P.               BLOOMFIELD TWP   202
Twiss, Charity             BLOOMFIELD TWP   209
Tyler, Colly               WELTON TWP       187
Tyler, George C.           DE WITT TWP      155
Tylor, John A.             CAMANCHE TWP     004
Upton, Calvin              CLINTON TWP      322
Uran, Sarah                SHARON TWP       468
Usher, William             LIBERTY TWP      451
Usher, William             SHARON TWP       487
Uuran, Jerry               LYONS TWP        378
Value, Eliza               LYONS TWP        390
Vaman, Peter               WATERFORD TWP    093
Vanalstine, Hiram          BERLIN TWP       500
Vanalstine, Nathan         BERLIN TWP       500
Vanantwerp, John           DE WITT TWP      170
Vance, James               OLIVE TWP        410
Vandegriff, John           DE WITT TWP      175
Vanderburgh, Peter         DE WITT TWP      154
Vandermaten, Elmon C.      CAMANCHE TWP     021
Vandermater, Rachael       EDEN TWP         118
Vanderwater, Mary          CLINTON TWP      317
Vandletine, Russel         OLIVE TWP        409
Vanepps, John V.           CAMANCHE TWP     002
Vanepps, Lewis             CAMANCHE TWP     003
Vaneyck, William L.        DE WITT TWP      130
Vanhorn, A. Q.             WELTON TWP       191
Vanhorn, Bernard           WELTON TWP       191
Vanhorn, James R.          WELTON TWP       197
Vanhorn, Job               WELTON TWP       197
Vanhorn, John              WELTON TWP       191
Vanhorn, Mary              WELTON TWP       192
Vanhorn, O. D.             WELTON TWP       197
Vanhorn, Peter L.          WELTON TWP       191
Vankiper, Peter            HAMPSHIRE TWP    273
Vann, Thomas               CAMANCHE TWP     024
Vansivere, Farett          CAMANCHE TWP     002
Vantassel, Henry V.        DEEP CREEK TWP   087
Vantuvent, James           CLINTON TWP      334
Vary, Albert               DE WITT TWP      172
Vary, Eveline              DE WITT TWP      173
Vary, Eveline              DE WITT TWP      175
Veers, Charles             BLOOMFIELD TWP   214
Verdon, Thomas             BLOOMFIELD TWP   200
Vickerstoff, Isaac         EDEN TWP         117
Vickory, Allen             WELTON TWP       188
Vickory, Justus            WELTON TWP       187
Vicory, Edward E.          CAMANCHE TWP     001
Viers, B. W.               SHARON TWP       474
Viers, C. M.               SHARON TWP       472
Villmer, Albert            DE WITT TWP      140
Vincent, Sarah D.          HAMPSHIRE TWP    281
Vinison, Bridget           SPRING ROCK TWP  433
Vinison, Nickolas          SPRING ROCK TWP  432
Vinsmreed, John            SPRING ROCK TWP  446
Vinson, F. W.              SHARON TWP       486
Vissner, Charles           CLINTON TWP      328
Voeller, Augustus          DE WITT TWP      176
Vomer, Conrod              WATERFORD TWP    093
Vormwald, Lorung           DE WITT TWP      175
Wadcock, John              LYONS TWP        338
Wade, Albert               SHARON TWP       463
Wade, Henry E.             LYONS TWP        392
Wade, Smith                SHARON TWP       480
Wadley, Erastus A.         CLINTON TWP      318
Waggos, Chresty            WASHINGTON TWP   062
Wagner, Charles            LYONS TWP        354
Wagoner, Cron              OLIVE TWP        414
Wagoner, Dedrich           CAMANCHE TWP     030
Wagoner, Mary L.           EDEN TWP         120
Wagoner, Richard           EDEN TWP         119
Waher, Michael             DEEP CREEK TWP   077
Wait, James                DEEP CREEK TWP   089
Waiten, Edgar              LYONS TWP        360
Wakefield, Leonard         WASHINGTON TWP   063
Wakerlee, Elizabeth        BLOOMFIELD TWP   207
Wakerlee, Malache          BLOOMFIELD TWP   206
Walch, Ann                 HAMPSHIRE TWP    269
Walch, Mark                HAMPSHIRE TWP    270
Walcuff, Jazabel           BLOOMFIELD TWP   212
Waldorf, J. W.             CAMANCHE TWP     015
Waldorf, Nicholas          LYONS TWP        355
Waliker, Jacob             CLINTON TWP      325
Walker, Benjamin           DE WITT TWP      145
Walker, Byron J.           ELK RIVER TWP    245
Walker, Charles            LYONS TWP        341
Walker, Henry W.           ELK RIVER TWP    245
Walker, Mary J.            ELK RIVER TWP    240
Walker, Thomas R.          DE WITT TWP      166
Walker, William            ELK RIVER TWP    245
Wall, Charles              CLINTON TWP      313
Wallace, G. B.             EDEN TWP         118
Wallace, George W.         DE WITT TWP      128
Wallace, John              DE WITT TWP      177
Wallenburgh, Jonathan      EDEN TWP         112
Walls, Baily               WATERFORD TWP    095
Walls, William K.          BLOOMFIELD TWP   206
Walraven, J.               LIBERTY TWP      451
Walrod, Abner              WASHINGTON TWP   065
Walrod, Abraham            ORANGE TWP       222
Walrod, Abraham            WELTON TWP       194
Walrod, Daniel             BLOOMFIELD TWP   211
Walrod, Hiram              EDEN TWP         108
Walrod, Hiram W.           BLOOMFIELD TWP   211
Walrod, James              BLOOMFIELD TWP   210
Walrod, John               BLOOMFIELD TWP   207
Walrod, John               WELTON TWP       194
Walrod, Nicholas           WELTON TWP       194
Walrod, Nickolas           DE WITT TWP      128
Walrod, Oscar              WELTON TWP       195
Walrod, Susan              BLOOMFIELD TWP   211
Walrod, Tunis              WELTON TWP       196
Walsh, Thomas              BLOOMFIELD TWP   208
Walsh, Thomas              WASHINGTON TWP   043
Walters, James             BLOOMFIELD TWP   199
Walthrop, John             CAMANCHE TWP     027
Walton, George             LYONS TWP        378
Walworth, Joshua           EDEN TWP         122
Wamsley, Benjamin R.       CAMANCHE TWP     032
Ward, Benjamin             SHARON TWP       491
Ward, Charles P.           SHARON TWP       481
Ward, Electa               DE WITT TWP      171
Ward, F. R.                DE WITT TWP      165
Ward, John                 BERLIN TWP       498
Ward, Mary                 CLINTON TWP      315
Ward, Minor                BLOOMFIELD TWP   204
Ward, Rosella              LYONS TWP        369
Ward, William              WASHINGTON TWP   057
Ware, Esther               BLOOMFIELD TWP   207
Warn, Isaac C.             LYONS TWP        392
Warner, Charles N.         LYONS TWP        384
Warren, Dennis             LYONS TWP        404
Warren, Lewis              LYONS TWP        349
Warren, Monroe             DE WITT TWP      160
Warren, William            LYONS TWP        375
Warslaw, Edward            CLINTON TWP      313
Waters, Charles            DE WITT TWP      176
Waters, James              WELTON TWP       197
Waters, John T.            DE WITT TWP      180
Waters, Maria              DE WITT TWP      170
Waters, Patrick            BLOOMFIELD TWP   204
Waters, Samuel             LYONS TWP        394
Waters, William            BLOOMFIELD TWP   204
Waters, William H.         DE WITT TWP      155
Watson, Edwin P.           LYONS TWP        384
Watson, James              ELK RIVER TWP    261
Watson, John               ELK RIVER TWP    260
Watt, William              CAMANCHE TWP     016
Watt, William              LYONS TWP        371
Watters, George G.         LYONS TWP        380
Watts, Moses               CAMANCHE TWP     017
Watts, Thomas              DEEP CREEK TWP   085
Wauin, Alfred              BERLIN TWP       499
Weand, David               OLIVE TWP        411
Webb, Charles E.           DE WITT TWP      171
Webb, Moses                LYONS TWP        363
Webb, Walter R.            DE WITT TWP      171
Webster, Birdsall          WELTON TWP       195
Webster, Herman            WELTON TWP       195
Webster, Orange            WELTON TWP       195
Webster, Stephen           WELTON TWP       195
Webster, William           WELTON TWP       193
Weed, John                 LYONS TWP        343
Wefrell, Albert            ELK RIVER TWP    258
Wehland, Henry             HAMPSHIRE TWP    269
Weibber, William           SPRING ROCK TWP  445
Weidling, Charles          SPRING ROCK TWP  441
Weilage, Harmon            LYONS TWP        356
Weirkoop, Charles          LYONS TWP        399
Weis, Lepold               DE WITT TWP      162
Weise, Henry               CAMANCHE TWP     021
Weise, Henry               CAMANCHE TWP     022
Weise, John                WASHINGTON TWP   066
Weise, Joseph              CENTRE TWP       073
Weits, Daniel              OLIVE TWP        427
Welch, Angaline            CAMANCHE TWP     030
Welch, Ann Eliza           CAMANCHE TWP     033
Welch, Eliza               CLINTON TWP      292
Welch, James               CLINTON TWP      298
Welch, James               HAMPSHIRE TWP    277
Welch, John                LIBERTY TWP      460
Welch, John                OLIVE TWP        411
Welch, Joseph              LYONS TWP        392
Welch, Maggy               CAMANCHE TWP     027
Welch, Patrick             OLIVE TWP        423
Welch, Thomas              WATERFORD TWP    103
Welch, William             CAMANCHE TWP     005
Welch, William             CAMANCHE TWP     034
Welch, William             LIBERTY TWP      459
Welch, William             SPRING ROCK TWP  445
Welks, John                BLOOMFIELD TWP   216
Wellington, James          BLOOMFIELD TWP   216
Wells, Benjamin            SHARON TWP       481
Wells, James H.            CLINTON TWP      313
Welner, John H.            LYONS TWP        357
Welsh, Manwell             DE WITT TWP      133
Welsh, William             CAMANCHE TWP     006
Wentworth, S. W.           SPRING ROCK TWP  431
West, Charles M.           DE WITT TWP      170
West, Edward               DE WITT TWP      149
West, S. M.                LIBERTY TWP      459
Western, Polly             CAMANCHE TWP     023
Westfall, G. C.            CAMANCHE TWP     015
Westfall, Henry            CAMANCHE TWP     019
Westfall, Mary             EDEN TWP         110
Weston, Amelia             DE WITT TWP      137
Weston, Hnery              DE WITT TWP      136
Weston, Thomas             DE WITT TWP      136
Westphall, Henry           CAMANCHE TWP     019
Wetherhead, John           CLINTON TWP      326
Weymoth, William           DE WITT TWP      171
Whalan, John               WASHINGTON TWP   052
Whalen, Bridget            LYONS TWP        381
Whalen, James              LYONS TWP        372
Wheaton, Dwight            DE WITT TWP      173
Wheeler, Edward            EDEN TWP         123
Wheeler, Edward H.         EDEN TWP         124
Wheeler, Jerome            SHARON TWP       487
Wheeler, Kirk W.           DE WITT TWP      178
Wheeler, Loring            DE WITT TWP      180
Wheellock, Charles A.      DE WITT TWP      135
Wheelock, Harrison         HAMPSHIRE TWP    276
Whisler, Jacob H.          SHARON TWP       482
Whistle, John              EDEN TWP         114
Whitaker, Ammas            CAMANCHE TWP     014
Whitaker, Charles          DE WITT TWP      171
White, CynthH.             OLIVE TWP        427
White, David               DE WITT TWP      158
White, Frederick           SPRING ROCK TWP  441
White, H. M.               WASHINGTON TWP   042
White, James               DE WITT TWP      128
White, James               HAMPSHIRE TWP    277
White, John                DE WITT TWP      151
White, Lewis               DEEP CREEK TWP   087
White, Lorenzo J.          LYONS TWP        404
White, Martin              CLINTON TWP      302
White, Mary                LYONS TWP        386
White, Philander           ORANGE TWP       225
Whiteman, Mary J.          CLINTON TWP      315
Whitman, George            HAMPSHIRE TWP    291
Whitman, Harvey E.         CAMANCHE TWP     034
Whitmore, Noah             SHARON TWP       481
Whitney, Dennis            CLINTON TWP      318
Whitney, Estilla           ELK RIVER TWP    261
Whitney, Hiram             ELK RIVER TWP    249
Whitney, J. A.             SHARON TWP       484
Whitney, Josephine         HAMPSHIRE TWP    265
Whitney, Willis            LYONS TWP        337
Whittier, George           ELK RIVER TWP    239
Whoiter, Emi               LYONS TWP        345
Wick, B. M.                DE WITT TWP      141
Wick, Horatio              WATERFORD TWP    105
Wick, Mary A.              WATERFORD TWP    105
Wick, William              OLIVE TWP        418
Wickeman, Maud             LYONS TWP        368
Wickmire, John             LYONS TWP        398
Wicks, Thomas              SPRING ROCK TWP  445
Wickuire, George           WATERFORD TWP    102
Wickwire, Charles          WELTON TWP       190
Wickwire, Louis            WELTON TWP       191
Wiece, Henry               CAMANCHE TWP     014
Wietmire, George           LYONS TWP        354
Wiggons, Frederick C.      HAMPSHIRE TWP    277
Wight, Weeman              CAMANCHE TWP     027
Wilbert, William           DE WITT TWP      176
Wilburn, John              WATERFORD TWP    105
Wilcox, Amara              WATERFORD TWP    099
Wilcox, Amos L.            SHARON TWP       489
Wilcox, Charles            WELTON TWP       194
Wilcox, Frederick P.       CLINTON TWP      310
Wilcox, Henry              BLOOMFIELD TWP   215
Wilcox, Inman              WATERFORD TWP    099
Wilcox, Isaac L.           DE WITT TWP      125
Wilcox, Levica             CLINTON TWP      296
Wilcox, Lyida              SHARON TWP       490
Wilcox, Sarah              WATERFORD TWP    099
Wilcox, William            WELTON TWP       194
Wilcoxon, J. W.            CAMANCHE TWP     015
Wilcoxon, Jenny            CAMANCHE TWP     016
Wilder, C. K.              SHARON TWP       470
Wildfaing, Yep C.          ELK RIVER TWP    245
Wilds, Edward              SHARON TWP       472
Wileton, G. W.             EDEN TWP         119
Wilkins, Charles           SHARON TWP       481
Wilkins, Edward            CLINTON TWP      319
Wilkins, Isaac             SHARON TWP       480
Wilkins, Lafayette         SHARON TWP       480
Wilkinson, Edward          CAMANCHE TWP     009
Wilkinson, William         WELTON TWP       196
Wilks, John                CAMANCHE TWP     031
Wilks, Robert              EDEN TWP         111
Willet, C. V.              EDEN TWP         113
Willheim, Adam             DEEP CREEK TWP   078
Williams, Doelly B.        ELK RIVER TWP    234
Williams, Francis          BLOOMFIELD TWP   201
Williams, Frank            DE WITT TWP      158
Williams, Horace           CLINTON TWP      334
Williams, James            BLOOMFIELD TWP   211
Williams, James            CLINTON TWP      331
Williams, James            DE WITT TWP      153
Williams, James            DEEP CREEK TWP   090
Williams, John             CLINTON TWP      289
Williams, Lewis            LIBERTY TWP      455
Williams, Margaret         DE WITT TWP      181
Williams, Margaret         LYONS TWP        340
Williams, Mary             DE WITT TWP      173
Williams, Oliver M.        LYONS TWP        401
Williams, Park             ELK RIVER TWP    249
Williams, Richard          WASHINGTON TWP   069
Williams, Robert           BLOOMFIELD TWP   210
Williams, Roswell          OLIVE TWP        415
Williams, S. R.            LYONS TWP        372
Williams, Sarah            ELK RIVER TWP    249
Williams, Thomas           CLINTON TWP      331
Williams, Traver           WASHINGTON TWP   058
Williams, William          LYONS TWP        339
Williamson, Anna           ELK RIVER TWP    241
Williamson, George         DEEP CREEK TWP   076
Williamson, William        DEEP CREEK TWP   076
Williamson, William        DEEP CREEK TWP   089
Williamson, William G.     ELK RIVER TWP    259
Willis, Amy                CAMANCHE TWP     020
Willis, Archible           CAMANCHE TWP     024
Willis, George             CAMANCHE TWP     030
Willis, Joseph             CAMANCHE TWP     030
Wills, John                EDEN TWP         109
Wills, Sarah C.            LYONS TWP        349
Wilsey, David S.           BERLIN TWP       500
Wilson, Carrel             SHARON TWP       484
Wilson, Chaney             CLINTON TWP      290
Wilson, Charles D.         HAMPSHIRE TWP    290
Wilson, Elias              CLINTON TWP      292
Wilson, Emeline            WELTON TWP       189
Wilson, James F.           LYONS TWP        405
Wilson, Johanthan          CLINTON TWP      312
Wilson, John               LYONS TWP        378
Wilson, Loar               WELTON TWP       188
Wilson, Martha             LYONS TWP        380
Wilson, Mathew             ELK RIVER TWP    259
Wilson, Moyes              CLINTON TWP      321
Wilson, Thomas E.          CLINTON TWP      289
Wilson, William            CLINTON TWP      294
Wilson, William            CLINTON TWP      297
Wilton, Peter              OLIVE TWP        413
Wimple, Edwin A.           SPRING ROCK TWP  446
Winchell, Sarah            LYONS TWP        404
Windom, Sterling           WATERFORD TWP    104
Winkler, Frederick         LYONS TWP        344
Winne, L. D.               EDEN TWP         114
Winslor, George H.         CLINTON TWP      315
Winslow, Clark A.          CLINTON TWP      316
Winsor, Mary               CLINTON TWP      316
Winter, James              CLINTON TWP      298
Winters, Henry             WASHINGTON TWP   056
Winters, William           LYONS TWP        405
Wirth, Anthony             DE WITT TWP      162
Wirth, Jacob               LYONS TWP        360
Wise, Peter                ELK RIVER TWP    253
Wiseman, James             DE WITT TWP      179
Wiseman, Mathew            BERLIN TWP       500
Wiseman, Robert            WELTON TWP       186
Wishman, John              SPRING ROCK TWP  439
Witmore, John              SHARON TWP       487
Wixon, Amsa B.             LYONS TWP        366
Wlaker, Jams               CLINTON TWP      298
Woebber, Charles           SHARON TWP       484
Wohlenberg, Henry          CENTRE TWP       073
Wohlenberg, John           ELK RIVER TWP    251
Wohlenburg, Charles L.     LYONS TWP        390
Wolber, Christina          SHARON TWP       486
Wolf, Christian            LYONS TWP        394
Wolf, Henry                DEEP CREEK TWP   090
Wolf, John                 HAMPSHIRE TWP    280
Wolf, Julia                DE WITT TWP      153
Wolf, Margaret             DEEP CREEK TWP   091
Wollbridge, Rosswell       DE WITT TWP      125
Wood, Ann M.               DE WITT TWP      152
Wood, Edward               DE WITT TWP      147
Wood, Elenor               DE WITT TWP      127
Wood, Elsa A.              ELK RIVER TWP    242
Wood, Enoch H.             DE WITT TWP      126
Wood, Eugene               DE WITT TWP      126
Wood, Evelin               SPRING ROCK TWP  434
Wood, James                DEEP CREEK TWP   085
Wood, John                 LIBERTY TWP      450
Wood, P. D.                DE WITT TWP      179
Wood, Sheldon              CAMANCHE TWP     001
Wood, William              DEEP CREEK TWP   084
Woodard, K. H.             SPRING ROCK TWP  441
Woodburn, Matilda          ELK RIVER TWP    254
Woodruff, John             CLINTON TWP      297
Woodruff, Margaret E.      CLINTON TWP      309
Woodward, Ethel            DEEP CREEK TWP   090
Woolf, George R.           OLIVE TWP        426
Woolf, J. H.               WASHINGTON TWP   055
Woolf, James C.            LIBERTY TWP      460
Woolf, John E.             LIBERTY TWP      454
Woolf, John R.             LIBERTY TWP      458
Woolf, Morris              LIBERTY TWP      461
Woolf, Solomon             EDEN TWP         108
Wooward, Jeramiah          LYONS TWP        362
Worden, Antonell           CLINTON TWP      298
Worden, Marcelia           CLINTON TWP      322
Work, Alexander            DE WITT TWP      149
Work, Alexander            DE WITT TWP      177
Work, Henry                DE WITT TWP      144
Works, William             WELTON TWP       191
Worth, Timtohy             CLINTON TWP      299
Wright, Alexander          DE WITT TWP      152
Wright, Edward             SPRING ROCK TWP  443
Wright, Edward F.          LYONS TWP        370
Wright, Fanny              WELTON TWP       196
Wright, Francis M.         ORANGE TWP       221
Wright, George             WELTON TWP       194
Wright, Henry J.           LYONS TWP        378
Wright, J. R.              SHARON TWP       493
Wright, James              ORANGE TWP       220
Wright, James C.           ELK RIVER TWP    240
Wright, Mary               DE WITT TWP      159
Wright, Mary               WELTON TWP       191
Wright, O. E.              SPRING ROCK TWP  430
Wright, Thomas             WELTON TWP       195
Wright, William J.         DE WITT TWP      135
Wyatt, William             LYONS TWP        341
Wyles, John M.             SPRING ROCK TWP  430
Wylie, Elizabeth F.        WASHINGTON TWP   042
Yager, Jerome              CAMANCHE TWP     020
Yakey, Hinson              DE WITT TWP      165
Yakey, John F.             DE WITT TWP      165
Yank, Bennet               CAMANCHE TWP     024
Yeager, Christian          WASHINGTON TWP   064
Yeager, Eliza              WASHINGTON TWP   065
Yeager, Isaac              OLIVE TWP        426
Yeager, Jerome             CLINTON TWP      310
Yeager, Magdalina          OLIVE TWP        427
Yolse, Jasper              SHARON TWP       490
Young, Frederick           WELTON TWP       197
Young, George D.           CAMANCHE TWP     033
Young, John A.             WASHINGTON TWP   059
Young, John Y.             LYONS TWP        378
Young, Joseph C.           CLINTON TWP      309
Young, Josephine           OLIVE TWP        420
Young, Josiah              OLIVE TWP        419
Young, William             ELK RIVER TWP    262
Young, William J.          CLINTON TWP      311
Youst, Ferdinand           ELK RIVER TWP    233
Zahuiser, Jacob W.         DE WITT TWP      140
Zana, Scilah B.            HAMPSHIRE TWP    280
Zent, George               CAMANCHE TWP     034
Zimmer, Louisa             LYONS TWP        344
Zook, A. M.                SHARON TWP       464
Zornit, Hans               SPRING ROCK TWP  439