The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Sioux County Iowa  1908

Part II  Section 1   Index.
  Part II Section 1.contains advertisements of area businesses and farmers,
and lists of farmers by townships. 

Indexed by Wilma J. Vande Berg of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society

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Salie , Case, sec1: p21
Salsma, Johannes, sec1: p3
Sandbergen, Manes, sec1: p3
Sandbulte, A. J., sec1: p5
Sandbulte, John, sec1: p15
Sanders, C., sec1: p17
Sas, A., sec1: p11
Sas, Walter, sec1: p11
Satterlee, J. A., sec1: p23
Satterlee, O. N., sec1: p23
Sauer, J. L., sec1: p7
Sawyer, C. N., Adv-sec1: p1
Schaap, C. J., Adv-sec1: p26
Schaap, C. J., sec1: p21
Schaap, Johannes, sec1: p25
Schaap, John, sec1: p21
Schafer, John, sec1: p3
Schalekamp, C., sec1: p15
Schalekamp, D. H., Adv-sec1: p29
Schalekamp, H. J ., Adv-sec1: p2
Schalekamp, Jake, sec1: p3
Schalekamp, Jake, sec1: p3
Schemmel, Wm., sec1: p7
Schenk, Bastian, sec1: p15
Schiebout, F., sec1: p15
Schiefen, Theodore, sec1: p5
Schiefen, Wm., sec1: p5
Schifen, F. W., sec1: p5
Schild, Fred, sec1: p5
Schilling, C., sec1: p15
Schilling, J. H., sec1: p13
Schilmoeler, Herman, sec1: p7
Schilmoeler, J. H., sec1: p7
Schilt, M., sec1: p15
Schimming, E., sec1: p5
Schimming, Fred, sec1: p5
Schimming, Frederick, sec1: p17
Schlichte, John, sec1: p.7
Schloetje, Henry, sec1: p21
Schlumbohm, Fred, sec1: p5
Schlund, J. J., sec1: p23
Schmedhans, Aug. H., sec1: p17
Schmedhans, Henry, sec1: p23
Schmidt, C. T., sec1: p23
Schmidt, Fred, sec1: p21
Schmidt, George, Adv-sec1: p10
Schmidt, H. P., sec1: p23
Schmidt, J. A., sec1: p23
Schmidt, John A., Adv-sec1: p22
Schmit, Peter, sec1: p7
Schnee, Joseph, Adv-sec1: p4
Schnee, W. F., sec1: p15
Schneider, Geo., sec1: p5
Schneider, John, sec1: p15
Schneider, John Jr., sec1: p7
Schneider, Jos.Jr., sec1: p15
Schneider, Mary, sec1: p7
Schneider, Nic, sec1: p7
Schoeneman, A. C., Adv-sec1: p12
Schoeneman, Claus, sec1: p21
Schoeneman, D. A., Adv- sec1: p12
Schoeneman, F. B., Adv- sec1: p12
Schoeneman, J. H. C., Adv- sec1: p12
Schoeneman, O., sec1: p13
Schoeneman, Robert, Adv- sec1: p12
Schoeneville, R., sec1: p11
Schoep, P. L., Adv-sec1: p8
Scholten, A. H., sec1: p3
Scholten, Bert, sec1: p15
Scholten, E. J., sec1: p15
Scholten, G. J. , sec1: p21
Scholten, H. A, sec1: p11
Scholten, H. J., sec1: p11
Scholten, J., sec1: p21
Scholten, J. A., sec1: p11
Scholten, M. J., sec1: p11
Scholten, Teunis, sec1: p3
Scholten, Wm., sec1: p11
Schorts, C.M., sec1: p5
Schouters, Wm., sec1: p11
Schreuer, Herman, sec1: p11
Schrier, Wm., sec1: p7
Schroder, John, sec1: p21
Schroeder, Michael, sec1: p15
Schueler, Jas., sec1: p11
Schuett, H. D., sec1: p21
Schuett, J. H., sec1: p21
Schuetz, D. E., sec1: p23
Schuiteman, Aart, sec1: p25
Schuiteman, G., sec1: p25
Schuler, K., sec1: p15
Schuller, James, sec1: p15
Schuller, John, sec1: p7
Schuller, Pter, sec1: p7
Schuller, Tony, sec1: p7
Schultz, Edward, sec1: p9
Schultz, F. W., Adv-sec1: p8
Schultz, W. W., Adv-sec1: p29
Schultz, Wm., sec1: p13
Schumacher, A. J., sec1: p13
Schumacher, D. H., sec1: p21
Schumer, Nicholas, sec1: p7
Schut, Dirk, sec1: p25
Schut, G. J., sec1: p15
Schut, P. S., sec1: p25
Schut, T., sec1: p25
Schutt, Elisa, sec1: p21
Schutt, H. D. , sec1: p21
Schutt, John, sec1: p21
Schuuerman, A., sec1: p25
Schuurmans, P. H. Rev., sec1: p7
Schwartz, Henry, sec1: p11
Schwartz, John, sec1: p11
Schwartz, John Sr., sec1: p7
Schwartz, Peter, sec1: p11
Schwebach, Eugene, sec1: p7
Schwippe, G. W., sec1: p9
Seager, Wm. C., sec1: p11
Searle, L. H., Adv-sec1: p28
Searle, L. H., sec1: p23
Searle, T. W., Adv-sec1: p28
Searle, T. W., sec1: p23
Serck, Adolph, sec1: p9
Serck, Nick, sec1: p23
Serck, Wm., sec1: p23
Shaffer, Alex, sec1: p21
Shaffer, Tim, sec1: p21
Sharp, C. G., sec1: p3
Sharp, C. G., sec1: p3
Sheldon, K. C., sec1: p11
Sherwood, A. E., sec1: p9
Sherwood, A. E., Adv-sec1: p26
Shimer, H. C., sec1: p17
Shimp, Wm., Adv-sec1: p1
Shoemaker, G. J., sec1: p13
Shoemaker, T. C., sec1: p17
Shreuder, J., sec1: p21
Shriver, J. F., sec1: p3
Siege, Henry, sec1: p19
Siegersma, T., sec1: p15
Siegs, Fred, sec1: p19
Siemen, Geo. D., Adv-sec1: p2
Siemonsma, H. R., Adv-sec1: p16
Siemonsma, H. R., sec1: p17
Siemonsma, R. R., sec1: p17
Siersema, J., sec1: p13
Sinke, Peter, sec1: p17
Sinkie, Jacob, sec1: p25
Sipma, S. R., sec1: p11
Sitter, C. C., sec1: p21
Skewis, J. R., sec1: p23
Slagle, F. M., Adv#1-sec1: p29, Adv#2-sec1: p29
Slikkerveer, H., Adv-sec1: p29
Slob, Albert, Adv-sec1: p2
Slothouber, A., sec1: p15
Slothouber, Gerrit, sec1: p3
Slothouber, John, sec1: p3
Smedley, E. D. Dr., Adv-sec1: p4
Smidt, S., sec1: p21
Smit, Albert, sec1: p3
Smit, Cornlius, sec1: p3
Smit, J. W., sec1: p3
Smith, A. N., sec1: p23
Smith, Bernard, sec1: p5
Smith, Emma E., sec1: p17
Smith, Harry, sec1: p23
Smith, Ira, sec1: p13
Smith, Melvin B., sec1: p17
Smith, S. S., sec1: p5
Smith, W. M., Adv-sec1: p1
Sneller, H., sec1: p25
Snieders, Steven, sec1: p5
Sohl, August, sec1: p11
Sohl, H. C., sec1: p9
Sohl, Wm., sec1: p11
Solon, John, sec1: p23
Solsma, Jacob, sec1: p11
Soost, C. K., sec1: p23
Soost, Wm. F., sec1: p13
Sorgdrager, Cornelius, sec1: p15
Sorgdrager, D. A., sec1: p15
Sorgdrager, John, sec1: p11
Sorgdrager, Peter, sec1: p3
Spaan, H., sec1: p11
Spavin, C. H., Adv-sec1: p16
Spkerman, Klaas, sec1: p7
Spoelstra, John, sec1: p7
Springman, Herman, sec1: p9
Stabenow, Fred, sec1: p13
Stander, Jacob, sec1: p15
Stange, Ed., sec1: p21
Stange, Fred, sec1: p21
Stanton, Frank, sec1: p9
Starkenburg, E. J., sec1: p11
Starrett, E. B., Adv-sec1: p14
Steele, C. R., sec1: p5
Steenhoven, Arie, sec1: p21
Steenhoven, John, sec1: p21
Stegeman, Herman, sec1: p21
Steichen, J. T., sec1: p7
Steichen, John, sec1: p7
Steichen, Nick, sec1: p15
Steintjes, Joe, Adv-sec1: p26
Stellingwerf, J. Mrs., sec1: p3
Stellingwerf, M., sec1: p3
Stensvad, Rud, Adv-sec1: p1
Stephens, John, sec1: p23
Stephens, Pat, sec1: p23
Stephens, Thos., sec1: p23
Stephens, Wm., sec1: p23
Sterken, Albert, sec1: p23
Sterken, Henry, sec1: p19
Sterkenburg, John, sec1: p11
Sterrenbert, William, sec1: p2
Stewart, Arthur, sec1: p9
Stewart, R. H., sec1: p5
Stieff, Peter, sec1: p15
Stieff, Peter, Adv-sec1: p26
Stientjes, I. J., Adv-sec1: p26
Stientjes, J. Jr., sec1: p21
Stientjes, J. Sr., sec1: p21
Stientjes, T. J., sec1: p21
Stiles, Wm. H., sec1: p23
Stoehr, Fred, sec1: p11
Stoehr, H. A., sec1: p11
Stoever, , Adv-sec1: p16
Stoll, F., sec1: p7
Stoll, Henry, sec1: p7
Stoltenberg, H. A., sec1: p5
Streff, Aloysius, sec1: p15
Streff, Felix, sec1: p15
Streff, Martin, sec1: p15
Streff, Matthias, sec1: p15
Strong, Samuel, sec1: p19
Strub, Frank, sec1: p19
Struck, Jos., sec1: p23
Struyk, A. Mrs., sec1: p9
Struyk, Cornelius, sec1: p9
Struyk, John, sec1: p9
Stuckenbruck, Jos, sec1: p15
Stuckslager, E. J., sec1: p17
Suber, B. F., sec1: p23
Sullivan, John, sec1: p11
Sullivan, Mary J., sec1: p11
Suter, E. C., sec1: p23
Swanson, Henry, sec1: p19
Swets, Neunis, sec1: p3
Swift, Hiram, sec1: p23
Swift, L., sec1: p23
Sykerman, Evert, sec1: p7


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