The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Sioux County Iowa  1908

Part II  Section 1   Index.
  Part II Section 1.contains advertisements of area businesses and farmers,
and lists of farmers by townships. 

Indexed by Wilma J. Vande Berg of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society

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Baack, Fritz, sec1: p17
Baack, H. F., sec1: p17
Baack, Henry, sec1: p17
Baack, John, sec1: p17
Baack, John W., sec1: p17
Baadte, A. F., sec1: p9
Baadte, Anton F. Jr. sec1: p9
Baadte, F. A., sec1: p9
Baadte, George W., Adv-sec1: p1
Baadte, P. J., sec1: p9
Baadte, P. J., Adv-sec1: p26
Baartman, Arie, sec1: p3
Baartman, B., sec1: p25
Baartman, H., sec1: p13
Baartman, Peter, sec1: p3
Baas, Jacob, sec1: p17
Baas, John, sec1: p11
Backker, B., sec1: p13
Backmann, Heinrich, sec1: p11
Bader, R. P., sec1: p23
Baerenwald, Aug., sec1: p9
Baetke, W. Rev., sec1: p19
Bajema, Wm., sec1: p23
Balkema, Peter Mrs., sec1: p7
Ball, E. R., sec1: p13
Ball, Theo, sec1: p13
Balster, Anthony, sec1: p13
Balster, Catherine, sec1: p13
Bamberg, Matt, Adv-sec1: p29
Bansema, Frank, sec1: p13
Bansema, Peter, sec1: p13
Barber, G. H., sec1: p11
Barclay, Jas., sec1: p3
Bartels, Henry, sec1: p15
Bartels, Peter, sec1: p15
Bartels, Ralph, sec1: p15
Bauder, Fred, sec1: p9
Bauder, John, sec1: p9
Baune, Karl, sec1: p13
Baysinger, W. R., sec1: p23
Beadle, G. E., sec1: p9
Beadle, W. T., sec1: p9
Becker, H. F., sec1: p17
Beckman, Henry, sec1: p5
Beckman, Sophia, sec1: p11
Beckmann, G., sec1: p11
Beckmann, John, sec1: p7
Beekhous, Jacob, sec1: p23
Beerman, E. A., Adv- sec1: p14
Beernink, John, sec1: p3
Beernink, S., sec1: p25
Beldt, Henry, sec1: p9
Belling, Andrew, sec1: p9
Belling, Fred, sec1: p9
Beltman, J. H., sec1: p13
Benit, C. P., sec1: p17
Benit, Henry, sec1: p23
Bennema, Peter, sec1: p25
Benson, E. W. , sec1: p5
Benson, J. R., Adv-sec1: p26
Benson, J. R., sec1: p17
Benson, Marion, sec1: p9
Berg, Henry, sec1: p13
Berghorst, Henry, sec1: p3
Bernard, Henry, sec1: p7
Bertram, Chas., sec1: p17
Bertram, Fred, sec1: p3
Bertram, Louisa, sec1: p17
Bertram, Wm., sec1: p17
Beukelman, Piet, sec1: p3
Beyenhof, B., sec1: p23
Beyenhof, Tony, sec1: p23
Beyer, Henry, sec1: p23
Beyer, Herman, sec1: p23
Beyer, J. W., sec1: p3
Beyer, Wm., sec1: p23
Bierma, G. Mrs., sec1: p15
Biever, J. Mrs., sec1: p13
Bishop, P. C., sec1: p9
Black, Morrie, sec1: p3
Blankers, L., sec1: p9
Blankespoor, Maas, sec1: p15
Bleek, Wm., sec1: p11
Bleienberg, A., sec1: p11
Block, L. W., sec1: p13
Bloemendaal, E. J. G., sec1: p7
Bloemendaal, G. J., sec1: p7
Bloemendaal, Henry, sec1: p7
Bloemendaal, J. H., sec1: p9
Blumeyer, C., sec1: p9
Bockelman, Frank, sec1: p13
Boehmke, Peter, sec1: p19
Boekhouse, H., sec1: p11
Boender, Huibert, sec1: p3
Boerhave, E., sec1: p13
Boersma, Harke, sec1: p7
Boersma, J., sec1: p.7
Boersma, L., sec1: p7
Boersma, Martin, sec1: p7
Boever, J. H., sec1: p5
Boever, Martin, sec1: p5
Boeyink, Albert, sec1: p3
Boeyink, R., sec1: p23
Bogaard, Dirk, sec1: p9
Bogaard, H. B., sec1: p9
Bogard, Art, sec1: p3
Boistorf, E., sec1: p13
Bolster, A., Adv-sec1: p16
Bomgaars, A. Mrs., sec1: p23
Bomgaars, Gysbert, sec1: p19
Bomgaars, H. H. , sec1: p3
Bomgaars, H. W., sec1: p3
Bomgaars, Joe, sec1: p3
Bomgaars, Nic, sec1: p23
Bomgaars, W., sec1: p23
Bomgaars, W. Mrs., sec1: p3
Bomgaars, W. W., sec1: p3
Bomgars, M. A, sec1: p13
Bonestroo, E., sec1: p17
Bonthuis, Aldert, sec1: p17
Boon, Arie, Adv-sec1: p1
Boon, E., sec1: p13
Boone, Arie, sec1: p11
Boone, G. E.., sec1: p19
Boone, Henry, sec1: p15
Borchers, Diedrich, sec1: p17
Borgman, M., Adv-sec1: p26
Borgman, M., sec1: p25
Borrink, H. Jr., sec1: p7
Borrink, H. Sr., sec1: p7
Bos, C. C., sec1: p11
Bos, C. K., sec1: p11
Bos, Dirk, sec1: p3
Bos, Jan, sec1: p23
Bos, R., sec1: p11
Boscaljon, Wm., sec1: p15
Bosch, J., sec1: p25
Bosman, G., sec1: p3
Boterman, , Adv-sec1: p16
Bottger, Henry, sec1: p19
Bouma, Bert, sec1: p19
Bouw, A., sec1: p25
Bouwma, O., sec1: p11
Bowen, C. L., sec1: p19
Bowers, D. A., sec1: p9
Bowers, R. L., sec1: p9
Bowman, Edward, sec1: p17
Bowman, Henry, sec1: p17
Brandt, T. C., sec1: p15
Brankhorst, Joe, sec1: p11
Bransen, John, sec1: p3
Braun, Alex, sec1: p19
Braun, Walter, sec1: p19
Breedeweg, S., sec1: p23
Brendle, Leo., sec1: p19
Brendle, Willie, sec1: p19
Breuer, Aug., sec1: p19
Breuer, C. H., sec1: p19
Breuer, J. H., sec1: p19
Breuer, Paul, sec1: p19
Brewster, Jas. Mrs., sec1: p9
Brewster, Lewis, sec1: p9
Brink, G. W., sec1: p19
Brink, Gradus, sec1: p19
Brink, H. W. Sr., sec1: p19
Brink, Henry, sec1: p5
Brink, Henry, sec1: p7
Brinkhorst, Henry, sec1: p3
Brinkhuis, A., Adv-sec1: p1
Brinkhuis, A., sec1: p7
Brinkman, D. H., sec1: p9
Brinkman, Wm., sec1: p9
Brinks, J. H., sec1: p9
Broek, David, sec1: p23
Broesder, Paul, sec1: p9
Brousma, P., sec1: p15
Brouwer, , Adv-sec1: p1
Brouwer, Andrew, Adv-sec1: p1
Brouwer, Andrew, sec1: p23
Brouwer, John, sec1: p7
Brouwer, John, sec1: p11
Brouwer, Peter, sec1: p11
Brouwer, W. W., sec1: p23
Brower, J. P., sec1: p15
Brown, C. R., Adv-sec1: p1
Brown, E. W., sec1: p23
Brown, Geo T., sec1: p3
Brown, J. L., sec1: p5
Brown, J. M, sec1: p17
Brown, R. C., sec1: p3
Brown, R. C., Adv-sec1: p18
Brown, R. C., sec1: p22
Brown, W. G., sec1: p3
Bruin, J. Dr., Adv-sec1: p12
Bruins, Dirk, Adv-sec1: p19
Bruins, K.B., sec1: p19
Brummel, A., sec1: p23
Brunk, E.E., sec1: p13,
Brunk, F., sec1: p13
Bruns, John, sec1: p3
Brunskill, F. E., sec1: p13
Brunskill, J. J., sec1: p3
Brunskill, John, sec1: p5
Brunskill, Ruth, sec1: p5
Brunsting, A., sec1: p23
Brunsting, Evert, sec1: p11
Brunsting, Henry, sec1: p23
Brunsting, Ralph, sec1: p11
Buck, Elbert, sec1: p17
Buck, Harold, sec1: p17
Buckley, D. C., sec1: p19
Buckley, Martin, sec1: p11
Budde, J. H., sec1: p13
Budden, Edward, sec1: p5
Bueltel, B. H., sec1: p7
Bueren, H., sec1: p9
Buffington, Andrew, sec1: p17
Buffington, Sam L., sec1: p17
Bulford, Sarah, sec1: p13
Bultmann, Geo. H., sec1: p23
Bunkers, Henry, sec1: p5
Bunning, John, sec1: p17
Burges, Walter, sec1: p3
Burlage, John N., sec1: p7
Busch, C. C., sec1: p23
Busch, Carl, sec1: p23
Busch, E. L., sec1: p23
Bushby, A. F., sec1: p17
Bushby, G. W., sec1: p17
Bushby, Levi, sec1: p23
Bushby, W. J., sec1: p17
Buurman, Johannes, sec1: p9
Bylsma, John, sec1: p13
Bylsma, O. J., Adv-sec1: p29
Byrnes, Lawrence, sec1: p5


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