The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Sioux County Iowa  1908

Part II  Section 1   Index.
  Part II Section 1.contains advertisements of area businesses and farmers,
and lists of farmers by townships. 

Indexed by Wilma J. Vande Berg of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society

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Valentine, John, sec1: p13
VanBeek, C., sec1: p25
VanBeek, G., sec1: p25
VanBeek, Henry, sec1: p15
VanBeek, Nick, sec1: p17
VanBerkum, John, sec1: p25
VanBerkum, Lukas, sec1: p25
VanBerkum, Teunis, sec1: p17
VanBuskirk, Roy, sec1: p23
VanDaalen, Henry, sec1: p15
VanDaalen, Samuel, sec1: p15
VandeBerg, Andrew, sec1: p11
VandeBerg, Arie, sec1: p7
VandeBerg, Ben, sec1: p25
VandeBerg, Ben, Adv-sec1: p21
VandeBerg, Chas, sec1: p11
VandeBerg, Dick, sec1: p7
VandeBerg, G. A., sec1: p11
VandeBerg, G. J., sec1: p25
VandeBerg, G. J., Adv-sec1: p29
VandeBerg, Henry, sec1: p7
VandeBerg, Lammert, sec1: p11
VandeBerg, Ralph, sec1: p25
VandeBerg, W., sec1: p25
VandeBerg, Wm., sec1: p25
VandeBrake, Evert, sec1: p25
VandeBrake, G. M., sec1: p25
VandeBrake, Hannes, sec1: p25
VandeBrake, Henry, sec1: p25
VandeBrake, John, sec1: p25
VandeBrake, Wm., sec1: p25
VanDeest, J. H., Adv-sec1: p29
VandeGarde, G., sec1: p21
VandeGreind, H., sec1: p25
VandeGreind, Jacob, sec1: p11
VandeHoef, Wm, sec1: p3
VandeKooi, F., sec1: p25
VandeLugt, H., sec1: p25
VandeMeer, R., sec1: p13
VandeMoere, , sec1: p9
VandenBerg, A., sec1: p15
VandenBerg, G., sec1: p25
VandenBerg, Johan, sec1: p13
VandenBerge, John, sec1: p15
VandenBosch, G., sec1: p3
VandenBosch, L., sec1: p15
Vandenbosch, T., sec1: p15
VandenBrink, A., Adv-sec1: p1
VandenBrink, Art, sec1: p7
VandenOever, John, sec1: p13
VandenOever, Peter, sec1: p13
VandenWal, I., sec1: p15
VandePol, O., sec1: p15
VanderAarde, B. Sr., sec1: p15
VanderBerg, C., sec1: p9
VanderBok, A., sec1: p17
VanderBosch, Leendert, sec1: p15
VanderBrink, Gerrit, sec1: p3
VanderGerg, W., sec1: p13
VanderHaak, Richard, sec1: p11
VanderHaar, John, sec1: p17
VanderHaar, Will, sec1: p17
VanderHamm, August, sec1: p17
VanderHamm, H., sec1: p17
VanderHamm, H. L., sec1: p17
VanderHamm, Henry, sec1: p17
VanderHamm, John, sec1: p17
VanderHamm, Louis, sec1: p17
VanderHamm, Wm., sec1: p17
VanderHarr, Ben, sec1: p10
VanderHoef, Wm, sec1: p3
VanderKooi, Dirk, sec1: p3
VanderKooi, John, sec1: p25
VanderKooi, N., sec1: p25
VanderKooi, Wm., sec1: p25
VanderMaaten, Frank, sec1: p11
VanderMaten, Beert, sec1: p3
VanderMaten, Frank, sec1: p3
VanderMaten, Gerrit, sec1: p3
VanderMaten, H., sec1: p3
VanderMaten, John, sec1: p3
VanderMeer, Cornelius, Adv-sec1: p8
VanderMeulen, C. H., Adv-sec1: p29
VanderMeulen, R., sec1: p11
VanderMeulen, R. F., sec1: p25
VanderNaald, , sec1: p7
VanderNaald, Fred, sec1: p13
VanderNaald, R. Mrs., sec1: p13
VanderPlaats, P., sec1: p15
VanderPlaats, S. G., sec1: p13
VanderPoel, Cornelius, sec1: p17
VanderPol, J., sec1: p15
VanderPol, Klaas, sec1: p7
VanderSchaaf, D. J., sec1: p13
VanderSchaaf, Fred, sec1: p13
VanderSchaaf, Innon, sec1: p15
VanderSchaaf, Isaac, sec1: p25
VanderSchaaf, Isaac, sec1: p25
VanderSchaaf, J. R., sec1: p25
VanderSchaaf, J. R., sec1: p25
VanderSchaaf, Joe, sec1: p11
VanderSchaaf, John, sec1: p13
VanderSchaaf, Ring, sec1: p5
VanderSchaaf, Ring, sec1: p15
VanderSchaaf, Wiebe, sec1: p11
VanderSchaaf, Will, sec1: p13
VanderSloot, Henry, sec1: p13
VanderSluis, C., sec1: p19
VanderStelt, A., sec1: p21
VanderStoep, R., sec1: p19
VanderTuig, G., sec1: p19
VanderTuig, Mike, sec1: p19
VanderVelde, Martin, sec1: p11
VanderVleit, H., sec1: p25
VanderVleit, H., sec1: p25
VanderWaa, H. J., Adv-sec1: p1
VanderWaal, E., sec1: p13
VanderWaal, M., sec1: p13
VanderWilt, Antonie, sec1: p3
VanderWilt, Arnold, sec1: p3
VanderWilt, G. J., sec1: p3
VanderWilt, Gerrit, sec1: p3
VanderWilt, Henry, sec1: p3
VanderWilt, Herman, sec1: p25
VanderWilt, Walter, sec1: p3
VanderZwaag, B, sec1: p7
VanderZwaag, E., sec1: p11
VanderZwaag, Frank, sec1: p11
VanderZwaag, Henry, sec1: p11
VanderZwaag, Peter, sec1: p11
VandeSteeg, C., sec1: p7
VandeSteeg, John, Adv-sec1: p6
VandeSteeg, John, sec1: p7
VandeStoep, Florus, sec1: p25
VandeStoep, L., sec1: p25
VandeStouwe, G., sec1: p25
VandeVegte, Albert, sec1: p15
VandeVegte, Nick, sec1: p15
VandeVegte, Richard, sec1: p15
VandeVelde, A., sec1: p13
VandeVelde, J., sec1: p13
VandeVelde, M, sec1: p13
Vandevliet, G., sec1: p25
VandeVliet, H., sec1: p25
VandeVooren, H., sec1: p15
VandeWeerd, Henry, sec1: p5
VandeWeif, O. K., sec1: p11
VandeWilt, Ant. Jr., sec1: p3
VandeWilt, J., sec1: p11
VandeZwaag, , sec1: p3
VanDiepen, John, sec1: p21
VanDike, A. J., sec1: p13
VanDoodewaard C., sec1: p17
VanDonselaar, P., Adv-sec1: p29
VanDrager, Klaus, sec1: p9
VanDriel, P., sec1: p3
VanDuyn, A., sec1: p9
VanDuyn, L., sec1: p23
VanDyk, Dreis, sec1: p13
VanDyk, N. Mrs., sec1: p7
VanDyk, Walter, sec1: p13
VanEldik, D., sec1: p15
VanEs, Gerrit, sec1: p11
VanEs, John, sec1: p7
VanEs, Peter, sec1: p11
VanGorp, P., Adv-sec1: p7
VanHolland, G., sec1: p15
VanHolland, Geurt, sec1: p5
VanHorssen, Gerrit, sec1: p19
VanIperen, S., sec1: p7
VanKlei, Cornelius, sec1: p7
VanKley, Florus, sec1: p25
VanKley, Hubert, sec1: p11
VanKlompenberg , sec1: p15
VanMaanen, B., sec1: p25
VanMaanen, G., sec1: p17
VanMaanen, H., sec1: p13
VanMarel, Gerrit, sec1: p11
VanMarel, Jacob, sec1: p11
VanMeer, E. D., sec1: p25
VanMeer, J. W., sec1: p25
VanMeeteren, A., sec1: p3
VanMeeteren, D., sec1: p13
VanMeeteren, Dirk, sec1: p3
VanMeeteren, H., sec1: p13
VanMeeteren, Klaas, sec1: p13
VanMeeteren, M., sec1: p13
VanMeeteren, Walter, sec1: p3
VanMeeteren, Wm., sec1: p3
VanMeveren, Gerrit, sec1: p11
VanMeveren, Wm., sec1: p11
VanNimwegen, Wm., Adv-sec1: p14
VanNyhuis, H., sec1: p9
VanOmera, J., sec1: p15
VanOort, J. H., sec1: p3
VanOort, J. H., sec1: p11
VanOort, Jacob, sec1: p3
VanOort, Jan, sec1: p11
VanOort, Johannes, sec1: p11
VanOort, John Jr., sec1: p3
VanOort, Wien, sec1: p3
VanOosberg, G., sec1: p9
VanOoterloo, H. S., sec1: p23
VanOoterloo, John, sec1: p23
VanOtterloo, H. J., sec1: p23
VanOtterloo, J. J., sec1: p23
VanPelt, Albertus, sec1: p19
VanPelt, L. D., sec1: p19
VanPeursem, Henry, sec1: p19
VanPeursem, Martin, sec1: p19
VanPeursem, Wm., sec1: p19
VanPeursem, Wm. M., sec1: p15
VanPutten, E., sec1: p25
VanPutten, G. W., sec1: p25
VanPykeren, G., sec1: p13
VanRees, A., sec1: p13
VanRoeke, John, sec1: p11
VanRoekel, Abrahan, sec1: p11
VanRoekel, Bert, sec1: p15
VanRoekel, Bert, sec1: p19
VanRoekel, Chris, sec1: p25
VanRoekel, Cornelius, sec1: p5
VanRoekel, Gerrit, sec1: p25
VanRoekel, Henry, sec1: p5
VanRoekel, John, sec1: p19
VanRoekel, Peter, sec1: p19
VanRoekel, Steve, sec1: p5
Vanroekel, Wm., sec1: p11
VanRooyen, C., sec1: p11
VanRooyen, Henry, sec1: p7
VanRooyen, Jacob, sec1: p11
VanRooyen, John, sec1: p7
VanRooyen, W. Mrs., sec1: p7
VanRuylder, Walter, sec1: p11
VanSchepen, E., sec1: p11
VanSchloten, John, sec1: p13
VanSchloten, W., sec1: p13
VanSerksum, John, sec1: p3
Vanserksum, Wm., sec1: p13
VanSloten, Wm., sec1: p13
vanSluis, K., sec1: p15
VanSteenbergen , Adv-sec1: p29
VanSteenwyk, A. Mrs., sec1: p25
VanSteenwyk, Gysbert, sec1: p25
VanSteenwyk, M. A., Adv-sec1: p8
VanStoten, John, sec1: p13
VanStryland, Gysbert, sec1: p3
VanStryland, L., sec1: p11
VanSurksem, J., sec1: p11
VantHof, L, sec1: p7
VanVeldhuisen Wm., sec1: p11
VanVeldhuizen H. J., sec1: p3
VanVoorst, R, sec1: p25
VanWegel, H., sec1: p15
VanWesterhuizen Joe., Adv-sec1: p26
VanWesterhuyzen Joe, sec1: p17
VanWoudenberg H., sec1: p17
VanWyhe, Derk, sec1: p13
VanWyhe, Jacob, sec1: p13
VanWyhe, Lammert, sec1: p25
VanWyk, A. M, sec1: p11
VanWyk, Arei, sec1: p15
VanWyk, J. M., sec1: p13
VanWyk, Libbie Mrs. sec1: p13
VanWyk, Michael, sec1: p11
VanWyk, P. H., sec1: p25
VanZandbergen H., sec1: p3
VanZanten, G., sec1: p15
VanZee, Henry, sec1: p3
VanZyl, C., Adv-sec1: p16
VanZyl, Roelof, sec1: p7
Veen, C., sec1: p13
Veenstra, Jelle, sec1: p11
Veldboom, Henry, sec1: p3
Veldhuisen, J., sec1: p13
Vellenga, Ring, sec1: p15
Venard, G. L., sec1: p3
VerBerg, Peter, sec1: p17
Verburg, Bert, sec1: p21
Verdoom, Dick, sec1: p9
Verdoorn, Joost, sec1: p17
Verdoorn, W. A., sec1: p3
Verhoef, Jas., sec1: p21
VerHoven, T., sec1: p3
Vermatt, A., sec1: p3
VerMeer, Evert, sec1: p25
VerMeer, Gerrit, sec1: p25
VerMeer, Henry, sec1: p25
VerMeer, Jacob, sec1: p25
VerMeer, Richard, sec1: p25
Verrips, Antonie, sec1: p9
Verrips, M., sec1: p9
Vershoef, John, sec1: p21
VerSteeg, Ben, sec1: p11
VerSteeg, C., sec1: p11
VerSteeg, Dirk, sec1: p25
VerSteeg, H., sec1: p25
VerSteeg, J. A., sec1: p11
VerSteeg, Klaas, sec1: p25
Versteeg, Nic, sec1: p21
Vickers, Geo. M., Adv-sec1: p1
Vickers, J. C., Adv-sec1: p1
Victoria, John, sec1: p13
VierHout, C., sec1: p25
Vis, John, sec1: p5
Vis, John, sec1: p25
Vis, Peter, sec1: p25
Vissar, Isaac, sec1: p19
Visser, A., sec1: p5
Vitzthum, J. G., Adv-sec1: p29
Vlieger, Jacob, sec1: p9
Vlotho, H. J., sec1: p17
Vlotho, Henry, Adv- sec1: p14
Vlotho, John, sec1: p17
Vogelaar, C., sec1: p15
Vogelaar, Peter, sec1: p19
Vogelzang, Frank, sec1: p9
Vogelzang, Frank, Adv-sec1: p16
Vogelzang, Frank, Adv-sec1: p29
Vogelzang, Simon, sec1: p9
Vonderharr, Ben, sec1: p7
Von Der Harr, Ben, Adv-sec1: p10
Vonderharr, John, sec1: p7
Vorthims, Ben, sec1: p7
Vos, H. P., sec1: p13
Vos, Jno, sec1: p3
Vos, P., sec1: p13
Vos, Rokus Mrs. sec1: p3
Vosburg, P. B., sec1: p7
Voskamp, Gerrit, sec1: p25
Voverka, Frank, sec1: p13
Vredeveld, Ben, sec1: p17
Vreeman, G. W., sec1: p5
Vrieze, J. Mrs., sec1: p15
Vrymoet, Ben, sec1: p11
Vrymoet, Johannes Mrs. sec1: p11


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