The Illustrated Historical Atlas of Sioux County Iowa  1908

Part II  Section 1   Index.
  Part II Section 1.contains advertisements of area businesses and farmers,
and lists of farmers by townships. 

Indexed by Wilma J. Vande Berg of the Greater Sioux County Genealogical Society

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Haack, August, sec1: p5
Haack, C. J., sec1: p5
Haag, Frank, sec1: p7
Haag, George, sec1: p7
Haarsma, Henry, sec1: p3
Haarsma, Peter, sec1: p17
Haas, Chas, sec1: p23
Hagenah, Geo, sec1: p11
Hagge, Cathrina, sec1: p11
Hahn, F., sec1: p13
Hales, Joe, sec1: p3
Halverson, Henry, sec1: p23
Hamilton, I. J., sec1: p3
Hammond, David, Adv-sec1: p27
Hammond, David, sec1: p17
Hannemaayer, Nick, sec1: p25
Hansen, E., sec1: p13
Hansen, E. Jr., sec1: p13
Hansen, Kate Mrs., sec1: p5
Hansen, P. N., sec1: p5
Hansen, Peter, sec1: p5
Hanson, H. H., sec1: p9
Harens, Mat., sec1: p7
Harman, H. S., sec1: p3
Harman, W. W., sec1: p3
Harmelink, Charles, sec1: p9
Harmelink, Gerrit, sec1: p3
Harmelink, Herman, sec1: p3
Harmelink, John, sec1: p3
Harmelink, John, sec1: p15
Harmsen, John, sec1: p15
Harnack, Wm., sec1: p9
Haupert, Math., sec1: p5
Haupt, G., sec1: p17
Haupt, Henry, sec1: p17
Haupt, Steintje Mrs., sec1: p17
Haveman, John, sec1: p11
Hawkins, B. F. , Adv-sec1: p1
Hawkins, H. J., sec1: p19
Hayden, John, sec1: p17
Haze, A., sec1: p9
Haze, Dues, sec1: p3
Hazlitt, Alfred, sec1: p23
Hebbelman, Herman, sec1: p5
Heemstra, Albert, sec1: p15
Heemstra, Albert, Adv- sec1: p24
Heemstra, Ben, sec1: p21
Heemstra, Chas., sec1: p21
Heeren, Harm J., sec1: p23
Heeren, J. F., sec1: p23
Heeringa, L. P., sec1: p11
Heidbrink, August, sec1: p17
Heidbrink, Casper, sec1: p17
Heidema, John, sec1: p23
Heideman, G. H., sec1: p3
Heikens, Abbe, sec1: p9
Heimenssen, H., sec1: p9
Heimenssen, John, sec1: p9
Heimstra, Robert, sec1: p11
Hein, Mary, sec1: p5
Heisig, Fred J., Adv-sec1: p26
Heisik, Fred J., sec1: p23
Heismeyer, F. L., sec1: p23
Heitritter, Fritz, sec1: p21
Heitritter, Henry, sec1: p9
Heitritter, Herman, sec1: p21
Helder, A. N., sec1: p19
Helgens, F. D., sec1: p23
Hemmen, Math, sec1: p5
Hemmen, Wm., sec1: p15
Hemmingson, Edward, sec1: p5
Hemmingson, K. J., sec1: p9
Hemmingson, K. J., Adv-sec1: p28
Hemmingson, Oliver, sec1: p5
Hemmingson, Oliver, Adv-sec1: p28
Henkels, Paul, Adv-sec1: p29
Henningfeld, Louis, sec1: p23
Hennrich, Edw. H., Adv- sec1: p14
Henrich, Bros, Adv-sec1: p22
Henrich, J. F., sec1: p5
Henrich, Louis, sec1: p19
Henrich, Mary, sec1: p15
Henrich, Nicholas, sec1: p15
Henrich, Peter, sec1: p15
Henrichs, Gerd, sec1: p17
Henricy, J. H., sec1: p15
Hensing, Wm., sec1: p5
Hentges, Chas., sec1: p13
Hentjes, John, Adv-sec1: p26
Herbps, Henry, sec1: p9
Herrig, Mat, sec1: p7
Herrig, Mike, sec1: p15
Heuer, Fred, sec1: p5
Hevern, Frank, sec1: p23
Heying, Jos., sec1: p7
Heynen, Wm., sec1: p23
Higgins, T. F., sec1: p23
Hiller, J. J., sec1: p23
Hillmer, Anton, sec1: p5
Hilton, Edgar, sec1: p9
Hinde, Richard, sec1: p15
Hines, N. J., sec1: p13
Hodan, A. G., sec1: p17
Hodapp, Mike, sec1: p5
Hoefakker, Ralph, sec1: p23
Hoefer, John, sec1: p7
Hoekstra, Gerrit, sec1: p17
Hoekstra, S. T., sec1: p15
Hoekstra, Teunis, sec1: p15
Hoekstra, W., sec1: p9
Hoeven, A., sec1: p2
Hoeven, J., Adv-sec1: p2
Hof, C., sec1: p23
Hofer, Sam, sec1: p9
Hoff, John, sec1: p11
Hoffman, M. R., sec1: p15
Hoffman, Math, sec1: p13
Hoffs, Adolph, sec1: p3
Hoffs, H. S. , sec1: p3
Hoffs, J. H., sec1: p13
Hofland, J. M., sec1: p9
Hofmeyer, Gerrit, sec1: p7
Hofmeyer, Gerrit, sec1: p15
Hofmeyer, Harm, sec1: p7
Hofmeyer, Henry, sec1: p15
Hogan, E. P., sec1: p11
Hogan, M. L., sec1: p11
Hollander, Chris, sec1: p21
Hollander, Henry, sec1: p21
Hollander, Teunis, sec1: p23
Hollenbeck, B. F., sec1: p13
Holster, N. J., sec1: p15
Holtdorf, Albert, sec1: p17
Holtrop, Fred, sec1: p11
Holzapfel, Fred, sec1: p5
Hommes, Jan, sec1: p15
Hoodland, P., sec1: p25
Hoogeland, A., sec1: p25
Hoogsterp, Bros., sec1: p7
Hoogsterp, Henry, sec1: p7
Hooschagen, Wm., sec1: p11
Hop, Henry, sec1: p19
Hoppe, Frank, sec1: p11
Hoppe, Friebert, sec1: p11
Horn, G. P., sec1: p3
Horn, J. W., sec1: p3
Horn, M. L., sec1: p3
Horner, L., sec1: p13
Hostetler, J., sec1: p13
Houlton, C. B., sec1: p5
Houtkoopen, A., sec1: p11
Houtsma, C. P., sec1: p15
Houtsma, H. H., sec1: p9
Howard, J. W., sec1: p5
Hoxbergen, Jacob, sec1: p23
Hoxbergen, John, sec1: p23
Hoxmeier, Theodore, Adv-sec1: p14
Hubers, A. J., sec1: p25
Hubers, John, sec1: p23
Hudson, John, sec1: p9
Huebregtse, John, sec1: p11
Hughes, Ed., sec1: p3
Huigens, John, sec1: p13
Huisman, Mattys, sec1: p9
Huisman, Willem, sec1: p25
Huiting, H., sec1: p25
Huizenga, Otto, sec1: p21
Hulshof, E., sec1: p23
Hulst, Derk, sec1: p7
Hulst, Harm, sec1: p7
Hulst, Nick, sec1: p7
Hulstein, Cornelius, sec1: p15
Hulstein, Gerrit, sec1: p23
Hulstein, Stephen, sec1: p15
Hulstein, Wm., sec1: p15
Humme, John, sec1: p11
Hundling, George P., Adv-sec1: p1
Hunt, Chas, sec1: p11
Husman, Fred, sec1: p15
Husman, Fred Jr., sec1: p15
Husman, Herman, sec1: p15
Huss, Anton, sec1: p5
Huygens, Bert, sec1: p3
Hyink, Ben, sec1: p3
Hyink, Henry, Adv-sec1: p16
Hyink, J., sec1: p13
Hyink, Jos., sec1: p8
Hymans, H., sec1: p21
Hymans, Henry, sec1: p21


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